Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 9 - Crossing the Rubicon - full transcript

Hoping to modify her body, Blackarachnia uses the Transmetal driver on herself...only to end up damaging parts of her programming in the process.

Subtitles by [email protected]

48 Crossing the Rubicon.

Energy grids holding.

It's no quantum surge,
but it should do the trick.

On line!

Energy surge detected at vector 0-1-0.

Hit me... with your best shot!


Silverbolt! NO! You...

Way to go, bowser.

You just blew a deca-cycle of hard work,

and I'm still the same old me.

What in the name of Matrix are you doing?

Going transmetal.

And if you hadn't disrupted the energy flow

from that alien gizmo,
it might have worked!

Are you mad?

You could have damaged yourself!

Or worse!

I figured if Megatron could use it

to create the transmetal, so could I.

It's not like I haven't... AAARGH!


What's wrong?

What is it, Rhinox?

The Pred shell program they
implanted is deteriorating.

If it continues, it will infect
her maximal core consiousness.

Sounds... serious.


Guess using the Transmetal driver on myself

wasn't such a good idea.

I thought you were smarter than that.

And how did you get the driver?

I... kind of... borrowed it.


Transmetals have more power.

I wanted it.

Then you should have told us.

We could have help.

Oh yeah, sure.

Like you were gonna help
the Pred get more powerful.

Maximal or Predacon, you're one of us.

You should know that by now,


Our only concern now is
Blackarachnia's well-being.

You're right.


I can't stop the deterioration.

But I could try severing the pred
shell program from her core consciousness.

The only problem is...

it's never been done before.

And if we don't try?

She'll go insane, and eventually,

her entire core will be wiped.

She'll be a blank.

Great choice.

Be a Maximal,
or drool oil for the rest of my life.

They want to save your life.

It will take a little time
to get the probe ready.

We'll let you know when we're ready.

Are you alright?

I always figured if anyone survived
the Beast Wars, it'd be me.

Looks like I was wrong.

You mustn't say such things.

Rhinox will find a way.

Trust in him.

Trust isn't easy for a Predacon.

You're only Predacon because of Tarantulas.

Inside you're a Maximal.

When this is over, you'll be one again.

As you were meant to be.

Easy for you to say.

You enjoy this hero stuff.

Me? I'm a bad girl at heart.

Oh, I know your heart.

And when I look into it I see no evil...

only love.

Sappy as always.

What did I ever see in you anyway?

Oh yeah... I remember.


How do you feel?

Like someone's been playing
'squash the spider' with an energon ball.

Then we better start.

Are you ready?

All except for one thing.

Decrypt datatrax Widow's Edge.

Prepare for direct download.

The Arc's access codes.

I figure you have the best chance
of keeping them away from Mega-Ego.

You couldn't pay me to let
that spider inside MY processor.

Shut up, Rattrap!

Listen to him, rat,
if you value your spark.

Was that a treat?

Count on it.

Thanks for all your help,

Spare me the Maximal mush and
let's get the ball bearing rolling.

See ya soon, boys...

If you're lucky.

Engage remote network.

Lock down.

Power up transmission warp.

Return to me soon, beloved.

Shut down on my mark...


Stasis lock disabled...

Begining program removal...


Shell program T70 in jeopardy.


Tarantulas to Megatron.

Ah, lieutenant.

What news?

I've just learned the Maximals are tampering
with Blackarachnia's shell program.


They wouldn't chance that, unless...

Unless she's passed the
access codes onto someone else.

Optimus, no doubt.

Of course.

Which fits in nicely with
our little plan for him.

But what of Blackarachnia?

She'll never survive the attempt.

The shell I implanted in her
has certain... safeguards.


But just to be on the safe side.

I believe we'll give the Maximals
something else to worry about, yesss.

Slag! This is Tarantulas's work.

We have to intercept it before
it reaches her core consciousness.

Not to shabby.

What a slaggin'...

Alert. Power disruption.

Systems: Destabilizing.

Rhinox, do something!

Quit yelling and man (???) console.

I need back-up.

Rattrap, report!

Oh, we got Preds poppin'
up from under every rock!

I'm brining the autoguns on-line.

Increase emergency power flow to 9,6.

Yes... yes, it's done.


I can't get a good bead
on them with the autoguns.

They're shooting from cover and

as far as I can tell
they're aiming at the walls.

They're trying to disrupt our power.

Somehow they know what we're doing.

We've got to engage them.

Optimus Primal, maximize!

Spread out!

Draw their fire away from the base.

Ignore the Maximals,
continue to target the base.

Systems are stable.

Keep the power level up.

You can relay on me.

This is more fun than
strippin' a Maximal's circuits!

Fun's over, slime-bucket!

Here, tankie, tankie, tankie,

Pop goes the -

-crab cake.

Let the traitor be destroyed!

Your power is useless
against the royalty, fool!

Target acquired - Huh?

This is the last one.

Keep the power steady.



We got trouble.

Good bye, my treacherous creation.

Gotcha now...

System disruption.

What happened?!

I've got to get back in, before...


Rhinox, what happened?

Reprogramming aborted.

To late.

I'm... sorry.


I'll let Optimus know.


The traitor is done for...

Back to base!

Hold your fire.

They're withdrawing.


Did we whipped their tails or what?

Tell me about it!

No, something is wrong.


I never thought I'd say it, but, uh...

I'm gonna miss her.

I know I will.

She was something special.

We should have trusted her more.

If only because Silverbolt loved her.


Where is the bird-dog anyway?

He couldn't have...

Oh no.

Tarantulas... she's gone...

and it's all because of you!

"Silverbolt, MAXIMIZE!"

You've twisted your last
innocent life, spider!

Ah, the avenging hero.


Ah, such pain,

I must help deepen it.

Now that's not very Maximal of you.

Hmm. This will hardly be any fun at all,

Yeah. For you, creapazoid!

Blackarachnia, maximize!

Love the new look,


You missed.

AND you're ugly.

Some crabs never know when to let it go.

Hmph. Not too shabby.


You're not gonna quit on me now, bowser...

not when I had my nails
done and everything.

I wish I could explain it.

One minute I was tumbling down a dark pit.

The next there was this... light!

Then I saw Silverbolt in danger.

And rushed off on your own, as usual.

Not a very Maximal approach.

Even if I'm good, I'm still bad.

And still as welcome as a moonlight.

When I thought you were gone, I...

You don't get rid of a prize
like me that easy, Jojo.

But if I keep having to save you

when you're trying to save me

my future may be in doubt.

So - knock it of!

I'm sorry,

but I will ever be your champion, m'lady.

Ah. The way you talk...

Transmetal power.

Better get used to it