Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 8 - Go with the Flow - full transcript

Megatron plans to use the early humans to help finish a new weapon.

Subtitles by [email protected]
(with little help from Cradok)

47 Go with the Flow.

Cheetor, maximize.

Wow, totally ambushed!

Oh yeah, I'm doomed now
OK, you got me.

Chee-tor - Una!

Exellent hammer-lock!

But here's a tip.

When you're battling
bots, hack at the hinges.

Chak, my man!
You ready for lessons?


Give it up, will you Blondie?

These kids are primitive.

They're way out of their league.

Hey, they're smart!

Besides, I don't remember
inviting you along.

Hey, I've got orders to watch your back.

Yuck. These arachnoids are
crawling all over the place.

Ol' Pop-Op figures Prune-face
is up to somethin' major.

Whatever. Just sit down and be quiet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Story of my life.

Now, today's lesson for the
advanced anthropoid are:

The lever


The pulley


Yea, educational stuff.

Me, I'd rather watch things explode.

Right there.

Quickly, get those
shielding plates attached!

Predacons, retreat!

The bipolar energon source
affects all Cybertronians. Yess.

The Ark is protected by Teletran One...

but the Maximals are not.
Oh, yess.

My disruptor ray will destroy them.

However, I need a non-Cybertronian
to finish the job.

The early humans would be perfect...

Were they capable of
following instructions.

Interesting you should say
that, mighty Megatron,

for I may have discovered just
the anthropoidal upgrade you require.

Ok, cool.

Now you've shaped your stone,
you attach it to the stick with a vine

and you've got a useful, non-violent tool.

Hey, this bot tries for
positive programming.

Time to change channels Friskie.

These Preds are demanding
some entertainment.

For the Royalty!

Get to safety, kids!

This cat got butts to scratch.

Waspinator sees helpless target.
Oh, happy day!

Beast mode.

Una! No!

Optimus to Cheetor.

Sensors detected a lot
of fire-power up there.

What is situation?

Waspinator took Una.

I have to go after him.

Forget it, Cheetor,
you've sustained to much damage.

You just get Chak home safely.

Rattrap and DepthCharge will
have to retrieve the girl.

- But...
- Trust me on this, Cheetor.

It's the only way.

Hey, ah...
Don't get your spots in a knot, kid.

We'll bring her back in one piece.

Knock yourselves out -
I've got a Preds to catch.

Oh, not alone, you don't!

Get off me, mouse!

Eh, you gonna talk, you gonna rock.

Now get going!

Una, Una, Una!

She'll... be OK, Chak.

I hope.

♪ When you're battling
bots, hack at the hinges ♪


Waspinator to Megatron.

Waspinator has female fleshy bot,

but there is problem.

She'd better not be injured.


She injuring Waspinator.

Ah, situation normal then. Yess.

Well, make sure she arrives safely.

Megatron out.

Waspinator want to renegotiate contract.

Waspinator deliver fleshy
bot safe and sound.

Royalty! The Maximals are approaching!


Activate the disruptor ray.

What? Without shielding
or stabilizer circuits?

The whole thing could blow!

A low power test. Short range.

And quickly.

Wait a cycle!

What the slagging binary bucket is that?


What is happening?

Curcuits overloading!
Going to blow!

Shut it down! Now!

Oy, what are ya doin'?

Energon circuits... fried!

No power.

Oh, then, switch to...
glide mode or something!

I don't have a glide mode, mouse!

Gotta do something!

I'm open to suggestions.

Oh, okay!

How about we crash down into the mountains

and die horrible, agonizing deaths?!!!

Pull up! PULL UUUUP!

I ain't dead!

This day's just full of disappointments.

Sa, ah, how you doing there Charlie Tuna?

Them energon circuits still sizzled?

They'll recover Just dig me out.

And leave you exposed to Pred fliers?

No way! You just lay there
and get your juice back.

Where you're going?

Hey, this is STILL a rescue
mission, remember?


What are YOU looking at?

I detect no Maximal energy signatures.

They may have been destroyed!

I'll take no chances.

You there.

Ah, yes.

Finish installing that shielding plate.

There, put it on those bolts.

No, no, there, y.. Y, yes, there!

Oh, for the lof... NO! There!

Do you understand?

Yes, There!

Now, use the wrench to fashion it down.


No, the wrench, you imbecilic anthropoid!


Yes, yes, that thing.

Use it.

Oh, whatever.

Yes, ah, yess!

Now, for the final step.

Instal the stabilizer crystal.

Oh, cease the the simian simple-headedness
Install the crystal!

There, right there.

Yes, yess!

It is done!

My disruptor ray is complete.

Triumph is before me!

And the rat is behind ya!


Oh no.

Tarantulas, it seems the
anthropoid has suddenly become

shall we say... obsolete, yess.



Look out, you fool!

Oh no!


I gottcha, kid!

Oh blast! After them!

An' you, get that compression
tower back up right!

Once those others have located our targets,

it would be time for a final test

at full power!

Oh man! Are you SURE you can't move?

Shut up and push

to the water.


If only we had the simplest
piece of standard equipment

a hover-wrench, even a grav-thruster.

Lev-er! Ooooo!


Quarry detected, grid Joona.

All Predacons, attack!

DepthCharge, beast mode.

Let's haul some keel.

Still can't move.

Well, then, just make like a
boat and float, you big mackerel.

'Couse we are outta here!

Hurry! The rodent and
DepthCharge had been spotted.

Once we destroy them,
this cannon's next target

will be tha maximal base itself.

Ow. Careful, you moronic mouse!

Hey, if you could ride a little steadier,

maybe I could steer better!

You couldn't steer a garbage scowl.

Yeah, like a floating
flounder's any better.



Huh? Oh, yeah, got ya, sister!

Oh, Waspinator cannot see!

Fool! Your pitiful patch-ups
are no match for me!

Targets immobilized,

preparing to terminate!

Oh no...

All predacons, return to my coordinates!

The disruptive cannon is now operational.

And, as it happens,

our targets are right in
line with the maximal base.

We shall destroy both in a single,

glorious, onslaught of energon devastation.

All power to maximum.

Prepare to fire!

Oh-oh. BigBot!

Battle stations!

Oh no...

You better bail sister.

The ray won't hurt you...

but our exploding bodies might.

Yee-ha! Lucky going!



What? No, no!

Una, pretty.

A stabilizer crystal!


You OK?

You know,

those Preds are probably
slagged and helpless back there.

We oughtta go finish 'em off.

In case you haven't noticed, Scales,

we're not exactly in
fighting trim ourselves.

I say we go home.

Why am I not surprised?

Say, Una...

Cheetor ever showed you my
recipe for fried flounder?