Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 11 - Other Victories - full transcript

Deep within the depths of outer space an unknown enemy exists. Tigatron and Airazor are in a state of suspended animation and are transformed into a new entity known as Tigerhawk who serves as an emissary of the alien race known as the Vok. The Vok set out to destroy Megatron. In a state of panic Optimus Primal goes out to try and set the Vok straight and prevent the destruction of the time flow.

Subtitles by [email protected]

50 Other Victories.

There has been a serious
disruption in the time flow.

Location, Nexus Earth.


That nexus is closed,

the experiment has been terminated.

The nexus is gone,
but the danger still exists.

If we are to restore the
damage to the time flow,

we must send a new agent.

Let the trial commence!

Waspinator will speak for the defense.

Waspinator likes defense.

A little more defense and maybe Waspinator

not get blown up all the time.

Looks like this is my last round-up.

Two-head throw Megatron into lava pit.

Megatron angry,

think Two-head traitor,

want to slag Two-head.

Waspinator down with that!

Defense take a rest.

Ahh, brilliant as always, yes.

Predacons, your verdict?

Anything to say before
sentence is carried out?

I - I know I done you wrong, boss,

Gimme another chance - I
swear I'll make it up to ya!

Very well.

Tell me why Tarantulas
tried to destroy the Arc.

I plain don't know.

But I do know that dang spider
double-crossed both of us

I'd be happy to track him down for ya -

and - and kick his keister!

'Dang spider'...

I applaud your good intentions.

But we are through being
lenient with traitors!

Priority alert Priority alert.

Hold your fire.

Alien signal detected:
Approaching planet.

Blast Megatron!

He's ruined my plans!

And those of the
Tripredacus council as well.


Alien energy signature detected
vector 9-3-7.

So, those meddling aliens return.

How fortunate.

Impact with base in 4 cycles.

Battle stations!

What of the traitor, Royalty?

I have decided to spare him...

For now.

"Thanks boss! Ya' won't be sorry!"

Yes, well, if I am... you will be sorri-er.

Now get to your post.

Well, if its not a comet,
what is it?

Something I thought we'd never see again.

Rhinox to Optimus.

Impact with base in 1,4 cycles.

All guns, open fire!

Our fire is having no effect!

Alien radiation: Discharging.

All primary circuits affected.

External shields: Failing.

NO! Not now!

Royalty! It will destroy the colony!

Oh, Megatron, what should we do?
What should we do?

Abandon base.

Looks like the Beast Wars are over...

for the Preds!

Hey, what's wrong with you guys?

We should be celebrating!

That flaming hunk of space junk
just solved all of our problems!

That's no comet.

It's power reading are of the scale.

And they're alien.

They're back.

Just like Tarantulas always said they'd be.


I am Tigerhawk,

emissary of the Vok.

Your form's changed,
but I know you Megatron.

The Vok charge you

with the willful disruption
of time and space.

Surrender to me, immediately.

Violence will not be tolerated

Megatrons do not surrender.

We conquer.

Predacons, attack!

At least this time Waspinator has company!

It's power is awesome.

Man, oh man!

Whatever he is, he's making
circuit salad out of the Preds!

So now can we par-tay?

Rhinox, call Cheetor at his coordinates.

And tell him NOT to
engage until I get there.

I just hope I'm in time


Am I missin' the interface here?!

You're jumping in to HELP Megajerk?!

Megatron is carrying the spark
of the original Megatron.

If he's destroyed there'll be a time storm

which could wipe out
Cybertron as we know it.

And when that flying tabby

finishes with my old pals,

where do you think he's coming next?

Just when things are finally looking up...

We're all gonna die

Megatron, I give you a final chance.

Surrender, or be terminated.

I give you...

No chance at all!

Gallopin' galaxies, what's going on?

Something you have no part in.

Let the power of the Vok end this!

This is my world now.

You have no place in it!

So much for the mighty Megatron.

Now it's my-


This should prove interesting.

I am Optimus Primal
leader of the Maximals.

I mean you no harm.

The Vok know you well, Optimus Primal.

We'll speak when my primary
programming is completed.

I cannot let you destroy Megatron!

His disruption of time and space must end

before the damage grows greater.

Destroy him,
and you'll only make things worse.

Interference will not be tolerated.

A curious species.

Now, you're mine!

Where am I?

Tigatron! Airazor! You're back!

No, no, wait!

Must have been a... huh?

That's no dream!

Stars of the nebula!

Ah, you're awake.


The Vok know you all to well!

The Vok?

A simple name for so arrogant a race.

Keep struggling if you like!

In a few clicks my datatrax will destroy

the alien influence within you.

And then you will serve me!

I'll never serve one as evil as you.

You have little choice.

And while you deal with the Maximals,

I will complete the destruction of the Ark.

You can't!

The time storm from such an action

would wipe out your entire race.

Only those descended from
Autobot and Decepticon.

But I, and the Tripredacus
council, have different origins.

Under our rule,
Cybertron will conquer the Universe!

And your precious Vok.

You're insane.

So they say!

Load datatrax Zenon and execute.


Something is wrong.

No! Stay away from me!

WoW! Talk about your wild parties!


Power overload imminent.

Time for these cats to scat!



BigBot? How did you get here?

You left a pretty big trail.


What is it?

Old friends.


What has happened to me?

Tigatron and Airazor have come home.


Yes, this is home.

I remember now.

Things have changed.

What have I become?

Ha! You're Tigerhawk now.

A Maximal, like us.


I like the sound of that.

There's a lot of questions
still to be answered...

for all of us.

But for now, welcome home.

Things HAVE changed...

A lot!