Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 10 - Master Blaster - full transcript

One of Tarantulas' bugs is implanted on Optimus, which allows Quickstrike to control him remotely. Megatron thinks of a way for his powers to be on par with Optimus.

Subtitles by [email protected]
(with little help from Cradok)

49 Master Blaster.


You will be subcommander for this mission.

Dispose of the sentry

and draw out Optimus Primal.

We will follow.

Oh, Waspinator make Megatron proud.

Yes, I'm certain you will.

Oh man!

Why am I haulin' scrap,

while Fish-face and Legs are out

having all the fun?

Predacon unit detected
vector 3-7-7.

Autoguns on-line.

Now this kind of scrap I don't mind!

Silverbolt, flyer incoming,
watch your back.

Cheetor, Rattrap, with me.

Doggy-bot no match for Waspinator.

Waspinator, terrorize!

Predacons, attack!

Where Waspinator's troops?

Sometimes deception is
the better part of valor.


Hey, you OK, BigBot?

Sure thin'...

I mean... No problem.

Rattrap, take Silverbolt to the CR-Chamber

I'll help 'em.

No, I've got another job for you.

Always collecting scrap...

I must be a pack-rat.

Rhinox, have all field units
return to base immediately.

What do you want me to do, BigBot?

Take a rest.

Something's not right.


♪ Bridge ♪

If this is a surprise party,

somebody's going to be eating cyber-venom.



Are you counter-circuited?

I almost slagged you.

What's going on?

Power failure.

Where's DepthCharge?

I ordered both of you back to base.

Still working on the scanners.

He'll be back when he's finished.


What's gotten into you?

Ah, what's gotten into him indeed.

I'm glad you finally made it.

We've been waiting for you.


Surprise, Sugar-bot.

You... Your voice!

Couldn't play the monkey
forever, li'l darlin'

How 'bout a little kiss, Sugar-bot?

Let go of me, you metal monkey!

Hmm, Six little Maximals...

Well, I've almost collected the whole set!

Rampage, see to the traitor.

But boss, you said...

Silence, fool!

I need you for more... important matters.


Dinobot, DepthCharge is
still out there somewhere.

Find and dispose of him.


Inferno, guard our guests.

As you command, Royalty.

The Arc awaits!

Download the access codes to me now.

All right, got 'em!

Download aborted,
maximal energy signature required.

So, Optimus has taken precoutions.

But no matter.

The key is in my hand.

command Teletran 1 to stand down.

You'll live to regret this, Crab Legs!

I regret everything, my sweet.

Struggle as much as you like...

I enjoy it.

You'll enjoy this even better!

Sleep tight, Crab-cakes.


The sanctuary of the autobots is mine again


Greatest leader of the Decepticons.

My namesake.

Yours is the first chapter
in the history of Cybertron.

The chapter that is about to be...

Something don't seem
right about this, boss.

Fool! Optimus gained his
power from Prime's spark.

Imagine what I will gain, when I mingle

my spark with his.

He's done it.

Just like you figured he would.


But we haven't much time.

Take him now!

What are you doing?

I'm taking over... Boss.

Oh, I've got to get the gang back on-line.

- Hey, crombre!
- Huh?

Wanna play hide and seek?

NO! You can't!

Oh, yes I can!

Happy trails!

The Arc is mine!

Along with the destiny of Cybertron itself!


give me direct access to Teletran 1.

Access granted.

We have really pulled it
of, didn't we, pardner?

I couldn't have done it without you...

Now finish the Maximals,
while I secure the Arc!

Ha ha! Time to open me
up a can of kick keister!


Systems overload

100 kliks to core implosion.

And now for the Grand Finally...

She's escaped!


Let me in!

The only thing worse that a salesman

is a pushy Predacon.

Autoguns, on-line.


50 kliks to core implosion.

By the Pit! You live!

I am not so easily destroyed.

And, thanks to your treachery,

my power is greater than ever!

Let me... THANK YOU.

Oh no!

I knew old Crab-cakes
couldn't do YOU in, Sugar-bot.

Guess I'll just have to finish you myself!

What in tarnation?!


Are you... you again?

Yes. But we haven't much time.

Tarantulas has betrayed Megatron,
and got control of Teletran1.

I don't know what he's planning.

But it isn't good.

I can suffer your treachery, Lieutenant,

but not your incompetence!

Treachery requires no mistakes.

Yes, Megatron...

No mistakes.

Seems quiet enough.

Enter of the Dragon!

By the Matrix!

Get to Teletran1, quickly.


Primal! It's you again!


25 kliks to core implosion.

That crazy spider is trying
to destroy all of us!

This should... AAA!

- 20 kliks to core implosion.
- Huh?

Yield, Megatron!

We're all in danger!

Megatron does not yield.

He conquers!

You're a sneaky one, Tarantulas,

but I can play your game too

15 kliks to core implosion.

Only problem is, game's almost over.


Teletron1, upload and run datatrax Viron!

Come on, work, you slaggin'...

8 kliks to core implosion

00:24:22,796 --> 00:24:23,796

00:24:24,089 --> 00:24:25,089

00:24:25,382 --> 00:24:26,382

00:24:26,925 --> 00:24:27,925

00:24:29,636 --> 00:24:30,636
Core implosion aborted.

All systems normal.

Have a nice day.

Did you think you can
stand against the fury

of BOTH Megatrons?

Farewell, Optimal Optimus.

It seems I have again
been cheated of victory.

But beware the dragon's wrath!

Vengence will be mine!

WoW! Talk about a make-over!

It's no joke, Rattrap.

What Megatron's done,

has just made more important than ever

for us to win this war...

And win it soon