Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 9 - Code of Hero - full transcript

Dinobot's sudden change in allegiance causes Rattrap to distrust him even more. When Megatron and Rampage discover that a valley with early anthropoid humans exists he decides to destroy the valley and everything that was in it to prevent the human race from existing long enough to interfere with the wars between the Autobots and Decepticons. Dinobot realizes that Megatron's powers will be limitless if he doesn't stop him from destroying the valley. Dinobot then radios Optimus for help but finds that he must make things right.

Subtitles by [email protected].

Code of Hero.

So what is it?

Remember that transwarp cell explosion?

Okay, stupid question.

Anyway, I've been calculating its path.

The temporal wavefront is moving

into the future at an accelerated rate.

It'll reach Cybertron in
approximately 2.218 decacycles.

They're going to know where we are.

The question is,
has Megatron made the same calculations.

If I was a bettin' rodent, which I am?

Oh, yeah.

We'd better start increasing
the base defenses.

Well, if it ain't th' irascible raptor.

The base remains infested
with vermin, I see.

Yeah, funny, ya know,
not much changes around here.

'Cept maybe the occasional allegiance.

Found any golden disks, lately?

Passed 'em on to any Predacons?

I don't need to explain
my actions to you, mouse.

Yea, that's right. Ya don't.

'Cause they pretty much
speak for themselves.

Go ahead, rodent.

Push it one more inch.

Y'know, I useta figure I had you pegged.

"He's a slag-spoutin' saurian,
but at least ya know where he stands."

Guess we live an' learn, huh?

The rodent's words

give off the stench of truth.

Destiny has one great
Test in store for us all.

Has mine already come

and have I failed it?

A deed, once done,

cannot be undone.

But perhaps it may yet be mitigated.

Cat patrol to bot-base.

Got a blue-plate sighting in Tengu Sector.

Crab Legs and Crabby. All you can eat.

Whooo! But be warned -
this plate is HOT!

Cheetor to anybody - come in!

This is Dinobot.

Speak, feline.

I'm teachin' a solo lesson
to Megatron an' Rampage.

Trouble is, they're slow learners, an'...

Cheetor! Are you injured?

Yeah, I'll survive...

But someone's got to follow up on
Megatron - - find out what he's up to.

Fear not.

Someone most assuredly will.

Ahh. Dinner is served.

Sickening spider.

Your base was betrayed by the
stench of your perversions.

The Golden Disk.

I need to know what
information it contains.

I can't tell you that.

I don't know I don't know!

There's no more copies Megatron
won't risk a security breach again.

Only the original Disk,
and he keeps it with him!

Then I shall go to Megatron.

Good luck catching up to him.

He's miles away.

You'll pay for this, lizard.

Shut up and accelerate.

The mountain.

That will serve our purpose, yess.

You've brought us all this
way to look at scenery?

I don't care for your tone, Rampage.

Soon, very soon,
I expect a visit from Cybertron.

I eagerly anticipate your
imminent demise, then.

A likely outcome, I admit.

But only if reality remains as it is.

This disk contains images
recorded in the future.

One future, anyway.

My dear Rampage. If you please.

You presume to order me...

Yes. Yess!

Oh my crazed crustacean,
do you realize what this means?

When reality alters,
the future alters with it!

With the Golden Disk,
Megatron's power is limitless!

Now. According to this disk,

the human race is destined
to emerge from this valley.


Thanks to their interference the
Autobots defeated the Decepticons,

and thus it is the Maximals which rule us.

But no longer. Noo.

Destiny is about to undergo an improvement.

Dinobot to Optimus Primal -ARGH!

Shouldn't take your eyes off a spider.

They tend to be venomous.

But they still squash.

Optimus here. What is it, Dinobot?

Code Red... situation extreme.

Destroy this valley and everything in it.

The human race will never have existed!

We'll be there as soon as we can.

In the meantime, fall back and wait for us!


The question that once haunted
my being has been answered.

The future is not fixed,
and my choices are my own.

And yet, how ironic...

For I now find I have no choice at all.

I am a warrior.

Let the battle be joined.

Oh man, no matter how soon we get there,
it's gonna be 'way too late.

Do you always have to see the bright side?

Dinobutt against six Preds?

There won't be enough left
of him t' make a toaster.

One lonely turncoat,
battling on against impossible odds.

I'm almost touched.

Fortunately such moments pass quickly.

Quickstrike - scrap him.

And just to tilt the odds even further...

Welllll, howdy!

Don't bother gittin' up -
Ah'll jist kick ya while yer down.

Warning. Systems failing.

So. What's a warrior without weapons, eh?

A warrior still!

Warning: Power reserves
96 per cent depleted.

Stasis lock commencing.


Repeat: Power loss critical.

Further expenditures will
result in loss of Spark.

Stasis lock MUST commence!




Hmm, my ears are burning, yes.

Why, Dinobot! What a delightful surprise.

Let's see, where are we now?

I have the Golden Disk.

I have the power to change the future.

And the only remaining obstacle in my
path to unimaginable glory... is yourself.


Damaged beyond recovery.


Not... just... yet.


One more step, and it's raining
bits of early anthropoid. Yess.

Oh dear, how positively Maximal of you.

You were weakened before you
started, Dinobot

weakened by compassion.

Really, Dinobot.
A stick? Against a Transmetal?

I think not.

Final warning. Power failing.

Jeopardy extreme. Repeat, extreme.

Oh please.

Face it, Dinobot.

You're old technology.


What can you possibly do?


So close!


There's got to be somethin' we can do!

He's too far gone, even for stasis-lock.

Well fought, my friend.

You saved the valley.

You saved the lives of those who live here,

and of those who are still to come.

Then... there is nothing to regret.

Like I said.

Yer just a blasted
slag-spoutin' saurian, but...

but... it's nice t' know where ya stand.

Upwind of you for preference, vermin.

Tell my tale to those who ask.

Tell it truly -

the ill deeds, along with the good

and let me be judged accordingly.

The rest... is silence.

He lived a warrior...

and died a hero.

Let his Spark join the Matrix
with the greatest of Cybertron.