Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 8 - Bad Spark - full transcript

The dark secret of the Axalon's original space mission was to dump Protoform X, a Transformer with an indestructible spark. Now Protoform X has awakened, taking a new form.

Subtitles by [email protected]

34 Bad Spark.

Long range recon report.

This kitty's keen sense of discovery
has uncovered a mondo stasis pod,

but it's thoroughly trashed.

It plowed into a big load
of residual Energon...

and it's branded with a
big, bad-lookin' "X".

Just hang on. I'm on my way.

Silverbolt, you're with me.

Primus help us all if that thing survived.

A big stasis pod?

Hmm... a big soldier, yessss.

Blackarachnia, Waspinator,
prepare for recruitment drive.

Whatever this protoform is,

I want it flying the flag of the
Predacons, not the Maximals.

Always eager to welcome
a new comrade-in-arms.

Spiders spin their webs, yessss.

But I spin them larger.

So, the treacherous female
is undertaking a journey.

Hmm... tsk, tsk, how dangerous,

especially if I catch her first.

Perhaps it did expire.

What is this thing, Bigbot?

The dark secret of Axalon's journey.

It was originally an attempt

to replicate Starscream's mutant,
indestructible spark with a Maximal.


'Fraid not.

Well, it was a mistake to even try.

Though brilliant,
it was hopelessly treacherous,

and incapable of being recycled.

It was put on the Axalon
for what reason, Optimus?

To dump it.

Somewhere far.

Some place barren.

Oh, sorry.

My Transmetal bod's been soaking up so
much Energon, I'm about to blast one off.



It wasn't me!


Predacons claim that Protoform!

This is unnecessary.
Its spark is extinguished.

We were too late.

Pardon me if I don't buy that load, monkey.

Silverbolt! Widow alert!

Come on! Fight back!

How far will you carry this silly chivalry?

'Cause this dark damsel is not impressed!


What are you doing here?

You've got information I want.

Yessss, let's hear it.

Fine, Tarantulas. Here's the scoop.

Megatron is a slag-suckin' saurian. Got it?

She'll pay for that.

Foolish spider.

Let's see if playing my shield
will improve your sense of reason.

Though threatening your own comrade

is no doubt business as usual
in the Predacon Guide to Villainy,

it is simply unacceptable behavior

in my book.

Are you... damaged?

Just enough to make me... interesting.

Well I suspect Tarantulas
will still come after you.

Well, I expect you're right.

Well, I... I will not let him harm you.

I'm counting on that.

Now why don't you make like a
hero and fly me out of here?

I'm unable.

My wing mechanism is offline.

We must journey by foot to that
mountain peak above the storm,

where we can contact our respective bases.

Uh! Not my first choice, but...
lead the way.

Optimus to Silverbolt.

Do you read?

It's like I said, Bigbot.

Not fur nor feather of him anywhere.

Come on, we got to log some
cycles in the CR chamber,

or we're no good to anybody.

Wherever you are, Silverbolt, keep safe.

And watch your back.

I consider myself a creature of darkness,

but this place is even
making my skin crawl.

- Tarantulas!
- Where?

Do not worry...

he has... been disarmed.

To say the least.

They... they laugh together?

Don't underestimate her.

With Tarantulas gone,

she may reconsider the
Maximal's usefulness.

Across here.

Behind you!

Don't be pathetic.

I understand.

You are, after all, a Predacon.

Are ya... damaged?

Just enough to make me... interesting.


Why did you save me?

Well uh, there...
might be other... creatures.

Eww, yuck.

Forget the rescue plan, Optimus,

and start devising an attack plan.

Megatron has lost two.

We have only lost one.

I'll remember that...

next time you're missing
in an Energon storm.

Victors do not spurn opportunity.

It may yet be up to me.

Lest you forget,

you were originally a Maximal protoform.

Don't even go there.

But saving me was indicative
of your more noble heritage.

So obviously...

I said, drop it!

Just admit there is a spark
of goodness deep inside you.

And then...

Shall I... elaborate?

Ehh, perhaps not.

He's gone into stasis lock.

That explosion didn't do this.

No... this is the work of...

Of what?

Protoform X.


I thought it extinguished.

Apparently it did not.

And apparently it may never.

Interesting, hmm...

computer, fashion for me a blade,

curved, very sharp,

and composed of Energon.


You're... you're leaving him behind?

I want out of here... now!

Down there.

Optimus to base.

Silverbolt and Protoform
X have been located.

I'm transmitting coordinates.

Coordinates intercepted.


Time now for my...
surgical strike.

Oh, is that fear you are feeling, Maximal?

Mmm... yes. My spark... it feeds on terror.

Let it grow, let it consume your circuitry.

Feel it, yes, feel it, feel the fear!


It's... it's unstoppable.

Your persistence is futile.

I rise again.

In that case,
let us give you farther to fall.

Come on, wings, work!

Come on, work, blast you! WORK!!

Not too... shabby.

But don't expect any gushing gratitude.

I do not.

You are, after all, a Predacon.


let her go.


What about old crab legs?

He's not going anywhere.

I'll need to confer with
Rhinox on how to handle him.

Come on... let's get back to base.

Ah, you're much more than a
Predacon, my lady.

Some day, you will come to realize that.


Like I needed him to catch me anyway.


Using an Energon blade on any other spark

would have destroyed it.

However, it seems you cannot be terminated.


or is it?

Welcome to the Predacons, Rampage.

You shall be an honored member,

so long as you never forget
one important fact about your new life.

It's mine.

Welcome, my new servant, yessss

welcome to the Beast Wars!