Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 7 - Other Visits, Part Two - full transcript

Megatron boards the latest alien ship, using the golden disc to chart a destructive course back to Cybertron. With Optimus captured, the Maximals stand little chance alone against Megatron.

Subtitles by [email protected]

43 Other Visits - part 2.

Eh, I forgot how much
fun Energon surges are.

We survived it.

At least, most of us.

Ah, a show of massive force.

Direct and to the point.

I do like these aliens.

If we weren't altered
by that quantum surge,

your "friends" would have
us all in stasis lock.

Yes, I must talk to them about that.

Hmm... no reaction.

They must know we're here.

That surge used most of their energy.

We must act now before they power up.

- Boss you better...
- Silence you fool! This is crucial!

Better listen to him, Megatron.

I'm rather busy securing this
alien base at the moment, Primal,

but I'm sure I'll have time for you later.

Hit 'em hard!


Are we goin' in... there?

That is the general idea.

Megatron! Don't!

Their power is beyond what you can imagine!

You can't control it!

I AM power.

Oh, man, it looks like we
lost this one big time!

We lose when we quit,

and I'm not ready to quit.

I hate it when he talks like that.

Beast mode!

Cheetor, Silverbolt,
get Rhinox and Dinobot back to base.

I want them online as quickly as possible.

Can we take that web out?

Tricky, but do-able. And then what?

Megatrons's inside that tin shack,

and I'm fresh outta can openers.

Well, we'll think of something.
Let's do it.

Oh, WE'LL think of something, he says.

Now, isn't that just prime?


Oh boy.

This is some weird bunkhouse, boss.

Hmm... still no reaction to our presence.

Our beast modes hide
us from their scanners.

I am done hiding.

Megatron, terrorize!

Ah, my theory proves true.

The quantum surge which changed our bodies

has rendered us... invisible to the aliens.

More accurately, we are one with them now.

Well, it's your standard refractive web.

You can't blast it, so ya got to...
shut it off.

Which we do with these beauties.

One on this side, one opposite.

They hide like rats, these aliens.


The interface.

You've done well.

Quickstrike, keep an eye on our... ally.

Hold on, boss, I'll...

You do know, the web's the only thing
keeping that alien toaster quiet.

Blow it.

Eh, you're the big ape.

The Maximals have destroyed my web!

We must stop them from getting in!

What about Megatron?

He will survive...

or not.

The important thing is that this
base remain in Predacon control.

Now move!

Fightin' Maxis sounds good!

Ohhhh, yessss!!

Uh, your turn to think of something.

We could try knocking.

Yeah, like Megs is gonna invite
us in for oil and cookies.

Not that I couldn't use a snack.

Hoo hoo! Now this is the party I expected!

Let's mingle.

Right behind ya, big buddy!

That jar-headed gorilla
don't know when to lay down!

What in tarnation?

I'm outta here!

This... is bad.

Now ain't that a sight.




Where are the aliens?

I control their weapon.
It does not matter now.

You've succeeded.

My congratulations.


And having done so, our alliance is now...


And now, for the rest of my loyal troops!

Bring our honored guest inside.

There is great work to be done.

Oh, man. What else can go wrong?

I had to ask.

I know this place.
It's where I found the alien disk.

What are we doing here?

Why aren't we attacking the Maximals?

Patience, my dear spider.

Let them prepare the defenses.

It will give me time to
achieve my real goal.

Waspinator! Inferno!

I have a most important job for you.

Oooh! Finally Waspinator get important job!

I would have more luck finding
that alien horror with my nose.

I'm getting sick of waking
up in the slagging R-Chamber.

Better that than the scrap heap.

What is the situation?

Would you believe... we're not sure?

I'm scanning two units incoming.

One is Rattrap,

the other...


Waspinator not think this job so important.

Every job for the Royalty is a gift.

Ant-bot is major suck-up.

We're wasting time.

Give me access to your scanners
and I'll find that alien base.

Or make us vulnerable to attack by it.

I say eliminate him now!

If Megatron meant to attack,
he would have done so.

He wants you to remain here.

I want to know why.

Says you! I'm with Dinobot! Slag him!

Rattrap, you brought him in.

Eh, more like he brought me.

All I know is,
Optimus is inside that alien locker,

and right now that spider's our
best chance to get him back.


Do it!


Your scanning system is pitiful!

Did you learn nothing from the alien disk?

Huh, scan those fliers.

Transwarp signatures detected.

Slag! They're carrying transwarp cells.

We must attack at once!

Transwarp cells are hard-wired.


Optimus Primal!

How good to see you awake!

I wouldn't want you to
miss our voyage home.

Home? You're taking this thing...

Back to Cybertron, yessss.

You can't!

Who knows what the aliens might do
if they become aware of Cybertron?

Let them! In time, I will destroy them

as I will your precious Maximals.

And the Autobots, too!

The boss sure thinks big.

You're mad!

Optimus Primal, maximize!

There is no heroic escape today, Primal.

With you and this weapon as trophies,

the Predacon Alliance will finally see

that conquest of Cybertron
is the only true path!

Royalty! Maximals attacking!

Better cancel your appearance
before the Alliance.

Oh, on the contrary,
a few more captives can only enhance it.

Silverbolt, maximize!

Blast! There's too many!

Give it up, Megatron, you can't win.

We shall see.

Engage the Maximals at once!

Your comrades fight well.

Yeah, well you Preds give
us plenty of practice.

Now quit your yakkin' and get inside.

We've drawn them out. Fall back!

We got 'em on the run

Megatron must be holding
Optimus in the control room.

That way!

Lead the way. And don't try anything f...

Oh, slag!

So much for your Maximals.

Now to play my final card, yessss.

Lock in coordinates.

Begin teleport sequence.

In a few nano-clicks, we'll be on our way.

What, without saying goodbye?

Gee, I'm hurt.

I have no time for you, vermin!

MAKE time!

You should have made your shots count.

Oh, he did.

Your timing's perfect.

Can you stop the teleport sequence?

Teleport sequence?

Oh, man!

The control chair - destroy it!

Looks like we're goin' for a ride!

Download Datatrax Viron!

It's gonna blow!

This time you lose, Megatron!


Let's hit it!

Predacons! Retreat!

Fire in the hole!

Oh, man, when these alien gizmos blow,

they really blow!

What about Airazor and Tigatron?

If their sparks are still online,

we'll get them back.