Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 6 - Other Visits, Part One - full transcript

Tigatron and Airazor discover a new alien artifact, which abducts them and becomes the new prize for the Predacons.

Subtitles by [email protected]

32 Other Visits - part 1.


Map known Alien sites in
relation to our position.

A definite pattern.

One we can use to find
more of these things.

If any still exist...

Better for us if they don't.

We were fortunate to survive
the alien's last visit.

Scan by Grid to maximum range...

Probable locations of
alien construsts: Complete.

Tracking these ruins is a waste of time.

Megatron is the greater threat.

Giving him back the
Golden Disk didn't help.

I had my reasons, as I told Optimus.

Sometimes Optimus trusts too much.

Alien signature detected.

Location - Grid Zeiram.

Slag! Tigatron and Airazor
were heading for that Grid.

We must contact them at once...

If they trigger alien defenses...

All com channels are blocked.

Megatron's built another jamming station.

Rhinox to all field units...

Rattrap and I will destroy that station.

Almost done.

Of course I could have done
it faster with a little help.

But they're all "too busy"
with Megatron's scheme.

- Even that vile...
- Alien energy matrix detected.

At last!

I knew some trace of my prey would be left.

Monitor duty again!

Being loyal to Megatron sure is boring.

Hmmmmm... Looks like ole
gruesome has finally surfaced.

Where -?

The Royalty asked you a question. Answer!

Grid Vaxon. Moving fast too...

Megatron to Tarantulas! Reply at once...

Blast that scheming spider.
Again he defies me.

Say the word My Queen and he shall burn.

Not just yet.

And for the last time,
STOP calling me that.

As you command, My...

Stay on him Blackarachnia.

And scan that entire Grid.

Let's see what he's in such
a hurry to get to, yess.

Plant life.

The first I've detected
since the alien attack.

We must find it.

Optimus to Cheetor...
Have you found them yet?

Can hardly hear ya big bot.

Megs is jamming the entire grid.

Slag! Rattrap and Dinobot haven't
taken out the jamming station yet.

Maximum Burn!

Odd. This canyon looks fresh.

By the Matrix!


I've never seen a plant like this before.

Better scan it.

I'd forgotten what beauty
this planet once offered.



Wherever we go,

my Spark will find yours.

And mine... yours.



By the Pit. An alien signal!

So that's what Tarantulas is after...

And it looks like he's there.

And so is a Maximal!

We could have warned them.

If that stinking Megatron hadn't jammed
us, we could have...

Well, you didn't!

Welcome back...

So much for the Maximal...

He must have activated the alien site...

I have been careless.

I'm picking up two more Maximals
headed for that position.

Do we help Tarantulas?

Royalty, Waspinator and Quickstrike report
a Maximal attack at jamming tower 3.

Shall I reinforce them?


With most of the Maximals in the field

and considering the circumstances...

It's time we retrieved the Alien Disk.

Optimus Primal! Beast Mode.


Airazor, Tigatron!!!

Where are they Cheetor?

They were inside that crazy plant.

It, it sent them into space.

Rattrap to Fearless Leader.
Mission accomplished.

You reading me TransMonkey?

Loud and clear.

Sorry it took so long.
We ran into a little opposition.

Who we nailed.

Waspinator pinned like iron butterfly.

So get on the horn and warn
the Lady and the Tiger...

- Too late...
- What?

Make sure that station is down
for good then return to base.

Yeah. Will do Fearless Leader!

Optimus to Rhinox!

Optimus, did you see it? The signal...

No. But Cheetor said it
took Tigatron and Airazor.


See what you can find out.

We'll be there soon. Optimus out.

Freeze image.


Perimeter attack. Predacon Unit Megatron.

Autoguns online.

I, er, I come in peace...

You're about to leave in pieces.

No need for violence Rhinox.

I merely wish to talk.

Go ahead. It's a free planet.

I'm busy.

Agggh. Stubborn Maximal fool!

He'll soon regret this impertinence.

Done! Ready to rock and roll insect?

I don't rock and roll.

I Burn!

Looks like we'll have a little
chat after all Rhinox. Yesss!

Back-ups on line. Restore shields.

Rhinox to Optimus...

Rhinox to Optimus, Code X.

Optimus here. Come in, Rhinox.

Come in, Rhinox.


I'll get the Disk.

The Royalty said we were
not to touch it until he...

That hurt!

You don't wanna try it.

The disk...

I believe that belongs to me.

The advantage is mine again.

As it was destined to be.

Reinforcements coming Chief.

Then let us return to base.

We have no time for Maximals now.

When do we ever?

Except maybe for that hunky Silver...

I can't believe I let
Megatron sucker me like that.

Let it go big fella.

We have important matters to discuss.

Yeah, like how do we save
Tigatron and Airazor?

They are casualties of war.

Better to concentrate on saving
ourselves when our alien enemy returns.

Just what I'd expect from a Predacon...

Maximal or Predacon,

what difference does it make?

These aliens seek to destroy us all

I've already faced the void once
fighting these aliens.

And if that's the price
we have to pay, then we'll pay it.

It's like I always say,

we're all gonna die.

I know, I know - "Shut up Rattrap".

How's this disk supposed to help us
survive beings who can scorch a planet?

It has secrets, I alone know.

But which I alone can implement...


He is mine.

You've done well.
This will make things easier.

I am tired of your insolence
and your scurryings in the dark.

And I am tired of your infernal chattering!

I am no longer part of your command.

That bot's cold slag.

I'm going to extinguish your
Spark one atom at a time.

Losing your only chance to
survive the alien return?

I think not.

What if the aliens never come?

They will come. They always come.

And this time it will be soon...

We must take the Beast
Wars to Megatron now.

We may need him and his bozos

to take out whatever those
planet busters are sending.

I agree with Dinobot.

Our last truce was a joke.

Megatron must be stopped now.

We can't fight him and the aliens.

Warning. Spatial anomaly detected.

Looks like we don't have a choice.


But I'm curious about one thing.

If you are no longer part of my command

why do you aid me now?

I have my reasons.

He hates the aliens.

He wants to destroy them. Totally.

How do you know that?

We shared minds remember?

You'd be surprised what I know about you.

So you act out of hate! Excellent.

That's an emotion I can trust.

Is all in readiness?

This time, the aliens
will get a welcome they didn't expect


Leave here Primal.

I will deal with this.

Like you did last time?

Dream on.

All units, MAXIMIZE...

Predacons, TERRORIZE!


The inveders come, Royalty!


To Be Continued