Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 5 - Maximal, No More - full transcript

Dinobot hands over one of the golden discs to Megatron, betraying the Maximals.

Subtitles by [email protected]

31 - Maximal, No More.

Confirming known Predacon installations...

So Megatron, your plan
proceeds even without the disk.

If it is successful what will become of me?

And of Cybertron.

Am I really willing to betray my
Predacon heritage for these...

these Transmetal Maximals?

If not...

what would your reaction be?

Report to the Command Center immediately.

I need you to lead a mission
into Predacon ground.

On my way.

Nothing like traveling,
Transmetal First Class, eh?

Care for a cushion, maybe a little hot oil?

This is a stealth mission, vermin.

For once in your miserable life,

keep your mouth shut.

You really get off on this
Commander gig don'cha?

Predacons live to command.

You're a Maximal now, remember?

And this is a recon job,
not Great War Three.

We're on Predacon ground.

There is always battle here.

SilverBolt to Commander...

Report to commander.

There's a jamming station here alright.

But I am not scanning any
Predacons in the area.

Move into back-up position and hold.

Rattrap and I will go in first.


Oh man...
Great place for an ambush.

All the more reason to cease your babbling

and concentrate on the terrain.

Gimme a...

A traitor and a rat.


Ants! This I don't need.

Rattrap, Maximize!

Holster it, rat face.

I wouldn't want to backshoot
a hot pistol like you.

Stand your ground traitor!!!

You're on my ground, insect.

Inferno! Dinobot will need my help.

Waspinator gives Doggy-Bot surprise!


Beast... Mode...

You have served the
Royalty well Waspinator.

Waspinator not serve.

Waspinator Rules!

I will bring the traitor to the Royalty.

You bring the Fuzor.

Where is that low down Maximal varmint?

He got me with a cheap shot.

And when I find him...

Never mind the Rat.

We have better prizes for our Queen.

Return to the nest.

That bot sure does talk peculiar.

Two head help Waspinator.
Fuzor hard to carry!

I look like a pack bot to you bug eyes?

Oh man... This ain't good...

Hey bug eyes,

Huh? Two head???

This here'll help ya...

How this help?

Just push the switch ya tin horn idjit!

Waspinator not... BZZZZ.

I love that guy...

He's dangerous. Finish him now.

And miss the chance to chat with
our dear old comrade in arms?

I think not.

Wake him...

Impressive as always.
But ultimately futile.

Damage me and you'll be
scrap in a nano-klik.

As might you be,
if your "loyal" troops open fire.

But that would be a waste
of two good Predacons.

Predacon? I thought you were a Maximal now?

Times have changed.

I cannot believe I blundered so badly.

We must rescue Dinobot.

Keep your fur on Rin-Tin-Tin.
You're in no shape for action.

Besides, I need you to fly past Megs's jamming
curtain and call in the heavy hitters.

I'll tight beam ya when I find Chopperface.

Why should I believe this is anything other

than a transparent ploy
to save your own hide?

You know me better than that.

So I thought.

Before you chose to fight
at Optimus Primal's side.

I thought you'd led us to the wrong planet.

And you betrayed me.

Treachery keeps the wits sharp.


And yours are razor sharp.

Which is why I believe victory
will soon be in your grasp.

I would share in that victory...

Computer, Voice Code Dinobot.
Change activation code.

Activation code change: Complete.

From this moment on,

I am Maximal no more...

This proves nothing.
Anyone can change their codes willingly.

Let me verify Dinobot's programming.

I don't think Dinobot would
approve of you loose in his circuits.

Nor would I.

Still, Tarantulas has a point.

How do we know your
heart is truly Predacon?

How about a Predacon challenge?

I bet Quickstrike can show us
whether Dinobot is worthy or not?

Couldn't you, sugar-bot?

If you'd like to see me whup his sorry
butt, I'll be glad to oblige, ma'm.

I could use some fun.


Dinobot, do you accept the challenge?

I'd hardly call it a challenge.

But I accept.

Simple rules: Survivor wins.

On my mark...


I'm faster than you thought fossil face.

This is getting quite amusing.

Lights out time!

Nobody bites my tail and gets away with it.

Quickstrike, Terrorize!

That all you got pardner?

No it isn't...

It's over.

Finish him.

He is a good fighter.

Under my training he will serve us well.

Perhaps you're right...

Inferno, aid Quickstrike.

Yes My Queen.

I was not aware you had
given yourself a new title.

The ant has some faulty programming.

But his loyalty is without question.

Now that you're one of us again,

there's this little matter of the
Golden disks you stole from me.

I assume you still have them?

I gave the Alien Disk to Rhinox.

Unfortunate. And the Other?

Hidden. From both sides.

Where, exactly?

Maximal ground. I'll get it for you.


I'm afraid that won't do.

I went to a lot of trouble
to steal that Maximal relic.

I want it back. Now.

Rattrap, Maximize...!


Talk about lucking out.

Where is it?


With this little bauble we will write
a new chapter in the history of our race.

Or destroy it...?

Either way I will know the truth at last...

I assure you all will
happen as I have calculated.

Not that it will be any concern of yours.

Looks like I got here just in time.

Wrong as usual...

Did I miss something?

Welcome home Dinobot.

Rattrap might have back up.

We should go.


As soon as you exterminate the vermin.

He is defeated. It is unnecessary.

Call it a final test of loyalty...

I always knew you was a stinking Pred.

Rattrap, this is Silverbolt.

Optimus and I are on your position.

See you in a few nano-kliks.

Make it faster than that!

Your ambition has made you insane Megatron.

It will destroy both Maximal and Predacon.

And all who came before.

Then return to your Maximals.

If they will suffer a traitor
like you in their midst.

Dinobot! You're alright.

What's the situation Rattrap?

Well, you just missed Megatron.

Oh, and the ole Chopperface here
decided to play Predacon again.



It's true. I have betrayed you.

How could you?

Your honor...

Is not Maximal honor.

It is Predacon honor.

I am Predacon.

Megatron is close to
achieving a great victory.

I foolishly believed I
wanted to be part of it.

And now...

I wish to fight with you
until we win the Beast Wars

or are destroyed trying.

If you will not have me,

I will fight Megatron alone.

I was a Predacon once.

You gave me a chance.


Oh for booting up cold!

You know how I feel about lizard breath.

You can't trust him. And he smells bad.

Then there's the teeth,
you ever see him eat...

By the Pit, how much of
this drivel must I endure!

But I guess I've kind
of gotten used to him.

You better change your
activation code back.

I am grateful.

Activation code change: Complete.

I must discuss something of
great importance with you.

Time enough for that back at base.

See you there.

Maximal Taxi on the way home. Need a ride?

So... I am to be punished after all.

You know I thought you were really
going to scrap me back there.

How come you didn't?

Consider that a rehearsal
for the real moment.

A moment I will choose.

Glad to have you back, Dino-Butt!

The pleasure... is all yours... vermin.