Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 11 - The Agenda: Part 1 - full transcript

The transwarp explosion wavefront heading to Cybertron is diverted by the Tripredacus Council so the Maximals can't detect it. They send Ravage, their own operative, to find and capture Megatron.

Subtitles by [email protected].


Transwarp explosion wavefront
should be entering Cybertonian space now.

They'll be detecting
it within a few cycles.

This is it! We're going home!


We're goinig home, little buddy!

The home I have never known.

Oh, yer gonna love it!

I know this little place

where ya can get dirty mech-fluid
mixed with just a touch o' radium.

Take yer head right off!

Not only THAT...

But the servin' bots are walkin' around

minus their torso plates,
y'know what I mean?


Obviously a veritable nexus
of culture and refinement.

How can I refuse?

Hey! If ya took that broomstick outa
yer tailpipe every once in a while,

ya might have some fun for a change!

Aw, forget him, big R.

You and I can go to the Six Lasers
Over Cybertron amusement park!

There's the Space Slide,
and the Galaxy Coasters...

Kid, don't make me hurt ya.


What news of the early humans?

Our interrupted attack on the valley
caused several tribes to scatter, Royalty.

It will be impossible to find them now.

Hen I have but one other
high-risk option remaining.

And that is...?


And hope that the dice roll in my favor.

I think you're carrying a
graviton generator, Maximal.

Hand it over... or else.

Why the weapon?

I thought it might make
things easier for you.

Nothing about this is easy.

You brought it!

This is not necessary.

Cybertron is coming.

Join with us. You could be reprogrammed.

Remember, your protoform was... a Maximal.

Sorry, chunk-style,
but I like being a bad girl.

And you know something else?

Somewhere, deep beneath this
squeaky-clean armor plating of yours...

I think you like it too. Hmmm?

Warning! Circuits disrupted!

All systems offline!

Predacon Command Outpost One: Inoperative.

Emergency power: Activated.

Tripredacus Council now in session.

The Transwarp wavefront that disrupted
this station has been identified,

Signature matches that of
the ship stolen by Megatron.


I thought we'd heard the
last of that renegade.

His ship and the Axalon both
vanished last megacycle.

The Maximal probes never found them.

Yes, but remember, WE paid the
price in diplomatic repercussions.


Ever since the Autobots defeated
our Decepticon ancestors,

we Predacons have worked secretly

toward the day when we might rise
up to take what is rightfully ours.

Megatron is brilliant, but a rogue.

He causes too much trouble.

And apparently he may be
up to his old tricks again.

If he is, we have to
handle the situation first.

Before the Maximals find out.

I have already sent a signal to
one of our Cybertron satellites.

It will "accidentally" explode,

blocking the Maximal sensors fron
detecting the Transwarp wave.

And I have arranged for a covert operative.

You know the one.

He has been given our secretly
developed Transwarp cruiser.

He will trace the transwarp
wave back to its source.

If Megatron is discovered
still operating his own agenda,

what are the agent's instructions?

With extreme predjudice.

About time you got back.
Sentinel's on full alert.

Is there trouble?

It's now or never for Megatron.

- If Cybertron shows...
- You think he'll try to take hostages?

I'm prying that's all he does.

So, Where were ya, bird-dog?

Scout patrol.

Oh yeah, yeah.

Scouting th' enemy, yeah.

Find any new positions?

Why you...!


What's going on here!?

How should I know?

This hotheaded hound
just went postal on me!

My... apologies.

I over-reacted.

Believe me,
I know Rattrap can have that effect,

but now is not the time.

Back to your posts.

Think I touched a noive.

I want you all to stay alert.

Report any motion, any unusual readings.

The attack will come.
But it may be sudden.

Like I said... Sudden.

Shields at forty percent and falling!

External autoguns online!

NOW wadda we do?

Given our proximity,
I breathe through my mouth.


Shields at twenty percent and falling!

We're losing weapons systems power!

Backup grid online, but it won't last!

Any sign of Cybertron ships?

Nada! Ain't a blip on the' boards anywhere!

Then stand ready, team. We may have to...


What in tarnation!?

Whar's thet firepower comin' from!?

Royalty! I cannot see
a target for my flame!

No, you can't, can you?


All Predacons! Return to base!

It is time to increase my wager.

What th' heck just happened?

We had... help.

Oh, no way!

I was scannin' across th' board!

Wasn't nothin, nada, (???) out there!

Then what would you call this?

Lower the shields.


Oh, please tell me that new brain
o' yours is still under warranty!

That ain't no Maximal ship!

If it wanted to attack us, Rattrap,
it would have done so already.

Lower the shields.

Sentinel standing down.

Strange. One would think a
greeting would be the next step.

Tried all the hailing frequencies.
No response.


Nothin' up there!

Nothin! Oh man,
this is gettin' weirder an' weirder...

I smell something.

Someone's here!
Someone we can't see!

What do you think it is, Big Bot?

Not what. Who.


After the Great War,
a few Decepticons were granted amnesty.

Most have retired,

but rumor has it that one was
reprogrammed and rebuilt -

- as a Predacon!


You will pardon my shooting
the weapons from your hands.

I only wished to avoid any
regrettable - accidents-to my person.

Yeah? Well next time try th' front door!

Rattrap, please.


Oh, for bootin' up cold!

Th' only thing worsen' a stinkin' Pred
is a stinkin' Decepticon!

Shut UP, Rattrap!

Forgive us.
We've been fighting Megatron a long time.

For which the Predacon Alliance
is deeply apologetic, I assure you.

This is why I am here.

Covert Agent Ravage,
at your service.

Wait a cycle. What about the Maximals?

I'm afraid the transwarp
wave was very weak.

Only the Predacon sensors detected it.

You understand we would prefer to
handle this situation... discretely?

I must say, some of you look...

different than I was expecting.

We've had some interesting times.



Uh oh.

Sounds like old purpleface
has a bug up his duct about something.

Rampage. Position yourself
in Subsector Hooks.

I know I can count on your...
best efforts. Hmm?

You bellowed?

I did, yes.

We missed you at the battle
today, Blackarachnia.

Well, I was... occupied.


Well. So long as you're here,
get to your battle station.

I anticipate an attack at any moment.

Yes, Megatron.

Ahem! Waspinator!

I have a special assignment for you.

Oh, goodie!

Yess. I need you to journey to
the following coordinates...

This is it!

So this is it?

We just blast our way in
and finish this thing?

Fast and final.
I don't want Megatron going anywhere.

The ship is our advantage.

Cloaking now.

Oh man...

I hope this is enough!

Oh, we have one other advantage as well.

Activating scanners now, Royalty!

Don't bother.

Let's do it!


Optimus Primal, flight mode.

Silverbolt, flight mode.

Jets, maximum...

All right, that was impressive.

Return fire.

You're mine, bug-boy!


Take her down!

Silverbolt! DO IT!

If she's headed where
I think she's headed...

No! Keep fighting!

Backup autoguns online!

Backup autoguns acti...


All systms off line...



Greetings, Megatron.

In the name of the Pax Cybertronia

and the Predacon Alliance -
you are under arrest!