Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 10 - Transmutate - full transcript

A damaged stasis pod reveals a deformed, monstrous robot - dangerous to both Maximal and Predacon. Nevertheless, both Rampage and Silverbolt cultivate a friendship with her. However, the Maximal/Predacon war soon tears the lifeform apart.

Subtitles by [email protected].


Did you really think
to catch me so unaware?

I think you need a reminder, yessss.

You've... made... your point.

Never forget who holds
the essence of your spark.

And thus is your Master!

That, I promise you.

Oh man...

There's a whole lotta
shakin' goin' on around here.

It seems unlikely Megatron would build

a jamming station in
such an unstable region.

You mean it's no "fault" of his.

Get it?


Earthquake? Hallo?

Yes, I see. Haha. Most amusing.

Maximal Units detected in Grid Deltron,
coordinates 8-3-6.

They're after my new jamming station.

I believe we can put your
delightful rage to good use.

I'll scout those peaks.

Cheetor, perhaps you and Rattrap
can cover those crevasses.

We're on it bird-dog.

Hey, wait up!

More tremors...

And they're building in intensity.

Our team's close to the epicenter.

And with Megatron jamming us...

I'm going after them.

I'm not in the mood to
lose any more friends.

K-k-k-k-k-itty C-cat!

Air Cheetor to the rescue!

Priority alert!

Seismic activity has uncovered
stasis pod in Grid Deltron.

Coordinates 9-1-7.

Stasis Pod! Megatron to Inferno...

Yes, Royalty?

Proceed to coordinates 9-1-7 at once.

There's a stasis pod there and I want it.

Then you will have it.

For the glory of the colony.

Where is that bug going?

Cheetor, Rattrap, are you alright? Come in?


And he's headed right toward my comrades!

I will retrieve it before the other comes.

Then I will stand again
at the Royalty's side!

DNA scan... malfunction...

datatrax off-line...
Cancel... Cancel.

Something is happening.

Inferno to Megatron...

Back off, villain!

Megatron will not twist this
innocent to his dark designs.

I will not allow it.

You will be too busy burning to prevent it!

This won't save you Fuzor.

And this won't hurt you Predacon.


What are you?

Another like me perhaps?

Stand away Monster!

Fire and you'll destroy
what you seek to save.

Overload! Overload!
Deconstruction imminent!

Yes, yes, I feel your
pain, your desperation.

Your Spark is powerful!

Fight your way free! Fight!

What in the name of my great
aunt Arcee is going on here!?

A Stasis pod.

We must not let Rampage
have the new Maximal. Hurry!

Let's hit it!

Hey, hey, hey!!!

Lemme down, ya chrome hairball!!!

Whatever you say...

Very funny!

Now where's this...


Man, I'm tellin' ya,

the things coming out of these pods
is just getting weirder and weirder.

We should welcome what is
different, not fear it.

Thank you, Mr. Sunshine,

but this ain't exactly a tea-party
we got breaking out 'ere.

They are your enemies.

Join with me and destroy them.

He lies. The Predacons will only use you.

We extend the hand of friendship.

That creature is the
property of the Royalty!!!

Do not speak.

None shall hurt you now.

Come with me. Come...

I will protect you.

I am your friend.

Your only friend.

We must save It.

Save "It"?

Get real Bolt.

We're lucky to be in one piece.

Optimus. Thank the Matrix...

Partially Transmetal,

but otherwise a mutant form

a Transmutate.

Do you have a name my twisted friend?

Stand aside.

I will bring this prize to the Royalty.

Have I told you how much I like ants, eh?

Especially fried in a subtle blend
of mech fluid and grated gears.

Stand down!

I will speak with this newcomer.

It has power, but does It have a brain?

You, what is your name?



An ugly name for an ugly creature.

I wonder what it could possibly turn into?

Let's see, shall we?

Inferno Transform.

As you command... Beast Mode.

Now you do it. I command you.

Beast... Mode.

Try! You MUST do this! Try!

Beast Mode!

It cannot even transform.

This thing is useless.

Get rid of it.


My, what a short memory we have.

It's... HASTY to waste so much power.

Give it a chance to prove itself.

Very well, one chance.

Have it bring me the heads
of the Maximals invading our territory.

But if it fails... destroy it!

Rattrap, You and Cheetor return
to base and fill Rhinox in.

Silverbolt and I will track this new life.

If you're up to it?

Absolutely... And thank you.

We'll cover more ground if we split up.

But stay in touch.


We will serve for now.

But soon we will find a way
to destroy our oppressors. Together.

Speak up. I won't have you freaks
plotting behind the Royalty's back.

I was explaining what it
means to be a Predacon.

Deceit, treachery...
mindless loyalty.

Loyalty comes first.

Where are we going?

To let the Maximals find us, of course.

I see.


Optimus, I've found It!

It looks injured. I'm going down.

Don't be afraid, I've come to help you.


We'll keep the head for the Royalty.

Transmutate, destroy the rest.

You must do it, my friend.

Channel your pain at him. Then, Release it.

The Royalty was right.

It is useless.

I approve.

But this Maximal must still
be dealt with. Allow me...

No, allow me!

No, stop...!

We... are... your friends.


Yes, he is hurt. Badly.

But, I can help him.

I must get him to the base to be repaired.
And you too...

Give him to me,
I'll fly him to be repaired.



Now isn't that just Prime!


No, you will not have It Optimus.

The darkness of Its Spark echoes my own.

It belongs with me.

That will do for now.

Wonder what fearless Leader
found out about the Fireplug?

Uh, ratface.

Uh, no offense. Whatever you are?

What did the tests show?

Well, Its datatrax are scrambled beyond
recovery, Its structure is a nightmare

and Its logic circuits are
barely at the level of a drone.

Coupled with Its sheer power.

It's a danger to Itself
and everyone around It.

Best thing for all of us would be
to put It in stasis lock, immediately.

Are we Predacons now?

Do we destroy whatever does not
fit our definition of perfection?


It is me, your friend.

I'm very near.

Follow my signal.

Come to me. Come...


Alert! Hull breach in section 7.

Whoo-oh! Looks like the nutty
erector set took a walk!

Fool! You're all fools!

Silverbolt, wait...

Maybe it's better if he cools off.

But I want Transmutate found.
Let's move it.

I knew you wouldn't fail me.

We are two of a kind.

We belong together.


This one is not for you.

It is only for me!

No hurt...

Time to go back to the Matrix, Hero!


Primus, NO!


Stop! Stop!

Friend... good...

friend... dark...

I... am...


I'm sorry.

It's over. It's gone.

We extinguished Its Spark before
we ever saw it's true light.

You better return to base.

Cheetor and I will take care of Rampage.

No. Let him be.

For the moment we are brothers.