Band of Brothers (2001): Season 1, Episode 4 - Band of Brothers - full transcript

Easy Company's stay in England is far too short when they are ordered to participate in operation Market Garden. This major engagement is to thrust north into Holland seizing the bridges along the way with a view to giving the Allies a clear route into Germany. The men of Easy Company are told that they will be leaving for good and they parachute into near Eindhoven, where they get a huge welcome from the war-weary population. With significant losses in Normandy invasion, Easy also has to welcome new recruits who, in the eyes of the now veteran combat soldiers who have survived, as much a liability as a benefit. The battle is not easy with the Germans putting up fierce resistance. The situation is particularly dire for Sgt. Bull Randelman who is separated from the rest of the Company and is forced to hide out in a local barn overnight as the Germans move in. The battle was not a success and did not shorten the war as had been hoped.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The Toccoa men, that's the ones that was there at the very beginning.
They are very close and...
...they accept people coming in like myself... a replacement.
But you also had to prove yourself.
Most of them were, we know were qualified parachutists.
They had to be.
A lot of them were awfully green...
...and we knew that.
We just... We hoped we could keep them alive...
...or they could keep alive, a lot of them didn't.
But, well, all right, they eventually blend right in.
I think maybe they were trying to...
...impress the older guys people like me or Shifty.
I don't know why but I got right there to where...
...I didn't wanna be friendly with replacements coming in because...
...God, I didn't like seeing them get killed.
I just, it just tore me up.
We were in awe of them.
They were wearing infantry badges, you know the uniform.
They had a star on their jump wings.
They were like heroes to us, you know?
That's how we looked at them.
And they were good. Furthermore, they were good.
We had good officers, for the most part...
...but we had excellent NCOs.
They looked... They looked after you.
Lieutenant, nice and easy. We've still got a shot.
Tough break, you're having a tough night.
People have tough nights.
I'm sorry, George.
It's all right.
Nice shot, sir.
Thank you, Bull.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Finish me up.
Here we go.
Double seven.
You're embarrassing the Lieutenant here.
Have a drink.
Don't mind if I do, Sarge.
Better start winning money soon.
I think your buddies miss you.
Yeah, they do look kind of sad, don't they?
They're just serious fighting men, that's all.
Well, I think I'm gonna go introduce myself.
Careful what you say now.
Don't take much to set my guys off.
Yeah, and you got some wild-eyed killers right there.
It's a good thing we weren't gambling.
Boy, we would've gotten killed.
Wanna bet? What?
You wanna bet?
No, I'm not much of a gambling man.
Hey, come on.
First one to hit the bull's-eye?
Yeah, one shot. One shot.
Two packs.
All right, two packs, here we go. One shot, very good.
Hey, fellows.
What do you hear? What do you say?
Actually, that's Babe's seat, Private Heffron's.
Is that right?
I don't care if it's fucking Eisenhower's.
Who are you?
Private Miller, James Miller.
I'm in Sergeant Randleman's squad.
Us too, I'm Les Hashey.
Garcia, I know who you are.
Old Gonorrhea don't miss nothing.
Lieutenant, are you gonna shoot lefty all night?
Hey, come on.
Just curious as he's right-handed.
George. What would I do without George Luz?
Goodness gracious.
Two packs, gentlemen.
I know you got them, pay up.
So, Heffron tell you about Doris yet?
Well, then I'm gonna educate you.
We're about to get on a plane...
...for that first frog town we never jumped into.
All of a sudden, Heffron stops dead in his tracks.
Bing and a bang and a boom everybody banging into each other.
Heffron's just staring up at the plane's nose, because...
...on it is painted this beautiful pinup.
And written underneath: "Darling Doris".
Doris just happens to be the name of the skirt who just...
...that day, sent Babe one of them letters.
You know the...
What do you call them letters that the broads send?
Dear John letter.
That's it, a "Dear Babe" letter.
Well, anyway, lucky for Babe, Patton overruns our drop zone.
Mission cancelled. In other words...
...Babe don't have to risk getting inside old Doris again.
Hey, Bull, your squad listens up real good.
Yeah, they're being polite like whenever Bull opens his mouth.
What are you saying?
Bull's boys are humoring him?
Like whenever he gives out some of his folksy wisdom from back down on the farm.
Probably think he's a fucking hayseed.
They're right.
What are you laughing at?
You new boys, you pay attention to Sergeant Randleman.
Got that?
That's the smartest man in the company.
Where'd you get that?
It's a Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation.
For what the Regiment did in Normandy.
That's right, for what the Regiment did.
You weren't there.
Hey, hey, ease up, Cobb?
It's a unit citation.
Shit, Cobb.
You didn't fight in Normandy neither.
I got hit in the plane before I got a chance to jump.
Hey, you all, listen up.
I got us an announcement to make.
This here is Carwood Lipton.
He's already married, Smokey.
This here is Carwood Lipton:
The new Easy Company 1st Sergeant.
As befitting his position...
...he says he has to make an announcement.
Well, hate to break the mood here, boys, but...
...we're moving out again.
As you can see...
...this is called Operation Market-Garden.
In terms of airborne divisions involved...
...this one's even bigger than Normandy.
We're dropping deep into occupied Holland.
The Allied objective is to take this road here...
...between Eindhoven and Arnhem... the two British armored divisions can move up it...
...toward Arnhem.
Our job is gonna be to liberate Eindhoven.
Stay there, wait for the tanks.
The entire European advance has been put on hold to allocate...
...resources for this operation.
It's Montgomery's personal plan...
...and we'll be under British command. Yippee.
The good news is, if this works...
...these tanks will be over the Rhine and into Germany.
It could end the war and get us home by Christmas.
It'll be a daytime jump.
Intelligence doesn't expect much opposition.
They think the Krauts in Holland are mostly kids and old men.
And we should take them by surprise.
In any case, say goodbye to England.
I don't think they're gonna call this one off.
What are you doing?
Look at Cobb, man.
Watch and learn, kids.
You wanna live?
Jump ready to fight.
They let you out of the hospital like that, boy?
They didn't let me out, I busted out.
I didn't wanna get reassigned to some other unit.
Can you make the jump?
Sure I can, Lip, I just can't sit.
Welcome back, Popeye.
Thanks, Bull.
Popeye went AWOL just in time to jump.
What's he doing here?
Who, Sobel?
Well, he's the newly appointed regimental S4.
Supply officer?
Yeah, you got it.
He picked me up in Aldbourne...
...trying to find you guys.
He know you went AWOL?
He knows.
He just said I was lucky...
...I could sit out this jump if I wanted.
I said I didn't want to.
So he says, "Hop in."
"Hop in"?
Yeah, I know, I couldn't believe it either.
Maybe he's gonna court-martial me later?
Let's get you some gear.
Hey, Mal.
Over there.
Son of a bitch.
Sergeant Malarkey.
You thought you'd get away with it?
What do you mean, sir?
Sergeant, that motorcycle is United States Army property.
That may not mean anything to you...
...but it means something to me.
Where'd you find it?
That's him all right.
Who is he, Sarge?
He was our first CO.
What happened?
He got promoted.
Just tap my leg, Sergeant.
Lieutenant, you'll be in the doorway.
Yeah, I know, but...
Look, Sergeant, you'll be the man behind me.
When the green light comes on if you could just tap me, all right?
The green light will be next to you, sir.
Just do it, that's an order.
Come here, come here.
Sling it around, and when you land...
...your knee'll hit the butt.
The business end'll break your jaw.
Lose your reserve, you don't need it.
We'll jump low.
Take your belly band and wrap it around you. Fine.
I'm sorry, Sarge.
Don't be sorry.
Grab your rifle, let's go.
Where'd you get that from, Hoobler?
I think I love Holland.
Where'd you get these?
That farmhouse over there.
Just sitting out in the open.
I don't know, maybe they were expecting us.
Made it.
I wonder if they hit anything.
Goodbye air support.
There's some kind of holdup ahead.
We're going in through this field here.
Move out, let's go! Let's go, move it, move it!
You won't be able to shoot as straight with that thing on.
Okay, hold your fire.
Hey, kid.
Bull, you seen Captain Winters?
No, why?
Keep your squad moving.
Where are all the Germans?
They could be anywhere.
Keep moving!
Keep moving!
Pardon me.
Come on, lady.
Dick, clock's ticking.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
Very kind.
What's up, Welshy?
We've gotta get to these bridges.
Sergeant Talbert.
Let's move, we've got work to do.
What did they do?
They slept with the Germans.
They are lucky.
The men who collaborated are being shot.
Mr. Van Kooijk here is with the Dutch resistance.
We've been waiting and hoping for this day...
...for almost five years.
Says he can help us secure the bridges here.
Together we can push the remaining Germans...
...out of Eindhoven.
And that's just the beginning.
Any idea where they might be?
Well, we're still working on that right now.
Pius and his friends here are getting information as we speak.
His contacts, a couple of towns down...
...saw the British 2nd and Guards Armored pass half an hour ago.
They're kids.
These are reliable reports.
Anything we can do to help you, we will do.
Right on time.
I'll be happy to show you the quickest route to the bridges.
I'd be happy to have your help.
Get scouts to the edge of town... case we're here for the night.
Hey, Van Klinken.
Sleeping outside is for suckers, guys.
Better be good, I was almost asleep.
Heraus, Hande hoch.
Mach schnell.
Niederlander. Niederlander.
Sprechen Sie English?
A little bit.
What were you doing down there?
It's an air-raid shelter.
My family has been in there...
...ever since the first plane flew over.
We're Americans.
The Germans...
...are gone?
Think so.
You see any, you let us know.
Are you here to stay?
As long as we have to.
Yeah, they don't tell us very much.
Or feed us much.
Please wait here.
You see that?
I say screw Paris.
Hey, don't talk about screwing, all right?
They all speak English.
They all love us.
What a fantastic country.
Hey, take a look.
Here, take.
Are these olives?
Thanks, danke.
Ja, komme wieder, es ist gut.
He never tasted chocolate.
It's pretty good, isn't it?
Oh, man, you know what?
I hate this!
Here, Sarge, you can have this one.
Vincent van Gogh was born in Nuenen.
So what?
Sure teach a lot of useful stuff at Harvard.
Hey, get a load of General Patton.
What the hell's he doing?
Makes quite a target, don't he?
Clear the track!
Move it!
Come on, come on!
Medic up front, medic up front!
What should we do?
Keep down, stay still.
Keep moving!
Get up!
Keep moving!
Keep moving!
He's shooting stationary targets!
The farmhouse, deploy right.
Take the right side.
Go on.
God damn it, move!
Go, come out, come out!
Away, away, away!
What's he saying?
He said:
"Away, away,"...
...which either means that the Germans have gone...
...or he wants us to go.
I don't know.
Go, go!
Beat it!
All right, fellows, set them up.
Heffron, on me.
Stay low.
You got a can opener, Babe?
Afraid I don't, Sarge.
We've got a Kraut tank...
...100 yards on the left.
I don't see him.
Put some shells through that building... gonna see him real good.
I can't.
My orders are no unnecessary destruction of property.
I'm telling you, he's right there.
And I believe you.
And if I can't see the bugger...
...I can't bloody well shoot him, can I?
Are you staying or going?
He's gonna see you real soon.
What the hell's he doing?
Forward, roll tank!
Fall back!
Pull back, pull back!
Take cover!
There's a ditch on the other side.
Follow me through.
Van Klinken!
Rifle grenade!
Schmitz, MG-42.
Ten o'clock, nail them.
You had to leave him.
He's still alive!
Who's hurt?
Van Klinken.
Other side of that hedge.
Oh, shit!
Okay, ready.
Fall back, fall back, fall back!
Pull back, Alley, pull back!
Pull back!
Take over.
Yeah, where?
We have to get him to the rear.
What are we gonna do, Lieutenant?
I'm not sure.
Sir, they're about to unflank us.
We gotta get out of here!
We have infantry everywhere.
Repeat, Arnhem has cut the road.
We are covered in infantry.
We are pulling back.
Luz, fall back!
Luz, fall back!
Hash, where's Randleman?
I don't know, Sergeant.
Get out of here!
Come on.
Hashey, let's go!
Get down!
Go, get a medic, keep moving!
Hey, doc. Lieutenant.
It's gone right through.
Side to side, both cheeks.
Malarkey, get them out of here, go!
Leave me here for the Germans.
You nuts? We'll carry you.
Are you kidding me?
I weigh more than both of you two guys combined.
Come on.
What the hell are you doing?
Help us!
Get back to the tank!
Keep moving, keep low!
Let's go, let's go.
Over you go.
One bullet, four holes.
Yeah, it's almost a miracle.
Lip, I don't think we know where Bull is?
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Keep moving, keep moving!
Move them out, let's go!
Hurry up, let's go!
How bad?
I don't know yet.
I'm all right, I'm all right.
Am I all right?
Yeah, you feel all right?
Yeah, quit looking at me like that.
Captain, we got four dead.
Eleven injured.
Okay, let's move them out.
And, sir, Randleman's missing, too.
Yes, sir.
Okay, let's go.
Where's the Bull?
Don't know.
I never fired a shot, the whole time.
Find anything out?
About what?
What we're doing next.
I did hear one thing.
Lieutenant Brewer's gonna make it.
Lieutenant Brewer's gonna make it.
There's no way.
He's headed back to England.
They'll probably send him home.
How is that possible?
He did turn his head at the last second.
When Sergeant Randleman called out to him.
Just pull...
Just pull it out.
Go, go!
Any news of the Bull yet?
If there ain't no body...
...then there ain't nobody fucking dead.
Understand me?
I'm gonna look for him.
Not by yourself you're not.
I'll go with you, let me get some ammo.
That's okay.
I'll go.
Me, too.
All right.
Go get him.
All right, what the hell...
I ain't going back up there.
Webster, us or them?
Not us.
Stupid. Stupid.
They're bombing Eindhoven.
Come on, Nix.
We'll dig in for the night.
Won't be waving so many orange flags at us tomorrow.
Where the fuck you been?
Glad to see you boys.
Not as glad as us.
Bet you thought we'd given up on you there, boss?
Shut up, Cobb.
I think we should go back now.
Hey, Johnny, look.
Hey, Johnny.
Get a little lost?
Something like that.
It's good to see you.
me too.
I don't know whether to slap you, kiss you, or salute you.
I told these scallywags you was okay.
And they didn't listen?
These salty bastards...
...wanted to do a suicide run... drag your ass back.
Is that right?
Yeah, I told them, "Don't bother."
I never did like this company none.
So, they found you.
Wait, what did you say?
Johnny, don't irrigate me!
"They found you"?
I don't know who's more stupid, you or the hick.
All right, mount up!
Hup hup, let's move out!
Grab your gear, let's go!
2nd Platoon, grab your gear!
Let's go!
1st Platoon!
Let's start falling in now.
Cobb, move it.
Dukeman, round them up.
1st Platoon.
Grab your gear, let's go!
Van Kooijk says the Germans are concentrating...
...their armor up near Veghel.
We may be heading into some more tanks.
Well, as long as it's only old men and kids.
I don't like retreating.
First time for everything.
How are the other divisions faring up north?
I think we're gonna have to find another way into Germany.