Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Australian Survivor - full transcript

When winning a reward also doubles as winning immunity, all bets are off, especially when the winners will also score champagne and bar snacks. With both tribes attending Tribal Council, fireworks ensue.

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tonight. We'll see you tomorrow.
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Previously on Australian Survivor,

out walking with Rachel,
Laura found a hidden treasure.

Oh, just so happy.

But her discovery
didn't go unnoticed.

Oh, she's found an idol.

Drop your buffs.

..tribe swap turned the game
on its head.


At the immunity challenge...

..they all fought to find their feet
in their new tribe.


But it was the new Brawn...

..who brought it home.

After a short stint with Brawn,

Cara was swapped back
to the Brain tribe.

My guardian angel is here
and she's brought some friends.

If you wanna be a part
of our group...

I would love to help you.

I'm feeling brawny already.

With a 6-3 majority,
George had a plan to split the vote.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.

Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.

Even if they play the idol,
the idol will be out,

it's impossible mathematically
to lose.

At tribal council...

LAURA: Usually, I'd be risk-averse.

..Laura did play her idol...

I'm gonna play this for Rach

..but when Cara messed up her vote...


..the minority suddenly
had the upper hand,

sending Big D packing...

..with a massive blindside.

Big D, the tribe has spoken.

17 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

That was fun.

It WAS fun.
Well done.

Fun and games.

One more day, maybe.

I wanted to keep
the Brawn tribe strong

and...Daini represented brawn.

To see him go, and we're
one down Brawn is hurtful.

I'm very emotional about this.

Oh, my God. I can't believe
that happened.

The plan was very obvious

and we went through it
time and time again.

Three on Georgia and three on Rach.

I don't know where
that got mixed up, ever.

Wasn't me. I voted Rach
'cause that was the plan.

I voted Georgia.
So did I.

So who voted Laura?
Totally ruined it.

Did you vote Laura?

Did you vote for Laura?

So you sent Big D packing?!

No. That is why...
No. That's not true.

So you wrote Laura?
I wrote Laura.

Somehow, that plan just got
mixed up in Cara's mind.

Do you know what, Cara, if the three
ladies on my left voted for you,

you, by accident, would have sent
yourself home.


It's an iconic
Australian Survivor moment.



I just feel really drained
from last night.


Oh, my goodness, last tribal
with my vote, I just messed it up

and Big D went home.

GERALD: Lucky you sent him home.

I'm pretty sure that I will make
the Guinness Survivor Book of Records

for the dumbest move ever
in writing down the wrong name.


I didn't send him home.

I'm gonna do everything I can
to protect and help Cara.

I'm a spin doctor, that's what I do.

And by the way,
I didn't put his name down.


In the Labor Party, if somebody
blew their vote like that,

that is the worst thing
that could possibly happen.

Manslaughter, not murder.

I don't want the ex-Brawn alliance -
Emmett, Gerald and Kez -

to turn on Cara, 'cause Cara's
my closest ally in this tribe.

But she dropped the ball
on this one, big-time.


Oh, my goodness!
At tribal council last night,

Laura, Georgia and myself
voted for Big D.

As it turned out,
there were three votes for me,

which didn't count because Laura
played her idol and saved me,

which meant that Big D went home.

That would be...
How cool would that be?


It's a pretty interesting feeling
because even though we're elated

that Big D has gone home,

the three of us know we are still
outnumbered five to three.


But last night,

Cara actually proved that she's
a bit of a liability to her alliance.

So I think maybe
swapping Cara out for us

might be a good idea for them
right now.

If they all end up at the end

they're gonna have to
pick each other off so...

Yeah. That's right.

Laura, Georgia and myself,
we've got a lot of work to do

to try and find a weakness
in their alliance.

But I'm really worried about Georgia.
She's quite ill.


And she seems to be going downhill
quite rapidly.

It's still there?


We don't know what's wrong
and I'm increasingly worried.

I'm gonna get you some...

All I can hope is that
she's gonna be OK.

Ooh! Ooh!




Whoo! Yes.

ALL: Wow.

I never expected I would be on the
Brawn tribe in Australian Survivor.

The Brawn have been
all about keeping strength

so it's not good
that we're outnumbered.

When it's a good bite,
pull really hard.


There are five original Brawn -

Flick, Shannon,

Dani, Chelsea and Simon.

And four original Brain tribe -

Wai, Andrew, Baden and myself.



So those numbers don't stand up
very well for me.

Luckily, I have an idol that
will get me a little bit further.

But I need to think
about my long-term game.

Don't catch me with my hand
in the cookie jar.


It's like you're in someone else's
house when they're not home.

Eating their food,
looking at their pictures.


While they plan your demise.

My strength coming into this game

is that I am able to manage
my threat level.

People look at me and they don't
think I'm a really strategic player

but I'm switched on all the time.

How are you finding the group?

Um, yeah, there's not many of us
and there's a lot of them. (CHUCKLES)

But otherwise,
the people are awesome.

I solidified my alliance
with Wai and Baden...

..when we voted together
to get rid of Joey.

But I broke Andrew's trust.

And I need to turn his mind around.

Can we... We merge our bond?

After our... After...

Well, I think every single day
is a new day.

I know you're very smart and I know
you're very forward-thinking.

'Cause we're four in a minority,
we have to stick together

and crack open the Brawn.

Would you like to kind of stick
together and find a crack with them?

Like...would you be into that?
Yep, yeah.

Yeah, 100%.

In the new Brawn tribe,
Brawn 2.0, we're in a majority.

I'm gonna be loyal to Brawn...

..and we can knock out the Brain.

But I'm still gunning for Simon.

I wanna chop the head off the snake.

Let's go.

Immunity is back up for grabs.

I will get Simon
if it's the last thing I do.

Simon, for me,
has to be out before I am.

JONATHAN: Come on in, guys!


She's a warm one.
Sure is.

MAN: Who's not there?

Brawn getting your first look
at the new Brain tribe.

Big D voted out last night
at tribal council.

You're kidding!

You're joking, right?


Chelsea, you had a big reaction.

How do you feel about
Big D being sent home?

Oh, God, I'm devastated.

Big D was such an awesome,
big personality.

We had a really close friendship.

And it's sad.

I'm so sad that Big D's gone.

It was my fault.

I voted for Laura and
I should have voted for Georgia,

and I gave the power to the ladies
and they picked off Big D.

So it was my error that did it,
but it was them that voted him.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

First things first.
Thank you.

Once again, immunity is
back up for grabs,

but..., we're not playing
for tribal immunity.



You guys are playing
for individual immunity.


Oh, shit.

Two people from each tribe
will have an opportunity

to win one of these today.

Both tribes are coming to
tribal tonight...

..both tribes are going to
vote someone out.



Now we're talking.


the four winners today...

..will enjoy a champagne reward.



Here's how it's going to work.

On my go, you're going to
race through a high step

and over a wall.

You then need to find a buddy to
help you make your way over a beam... a gate...

..and get across a tightrope.

Finally, each player will attempt
to land two sandbags

on a table with your name on it.

First two people from each tribe

to land two sandbags on their table

wins immunity and reward.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight

where everyone's
going to be vulnerable.

Alright, I'm going to give you guys
a minute to strategise.

Get to it.

So, guys, I'm 100% committed
to the team.

This should be a good team unifier

and I'll be really proud of us
if we get there to the end.

So let's focus on getting
everyone to the end.

Alright, here we go.

Sorry, guys, I'm out for this one.

I can't do this.

As I understand it,
you haven't been feeling well.

How are you feeling today?

So I'm just gonna sit it out.

Well done.

Alright, come on down.
Take a seat on the bench.

Alright, here we go.

Double tribal tonight, two people
are going to be voted out,

individual immunity on the line.

Survivors, ready?


You need to get those legs high
to get through those ropes.

Gerald almost trips, saves himself.

Everyone charging.

OK, mate, go. You go.

Simon first up for Brawn on the wall.


In this challenge,
you'll have to decide,

do you work as a team...

Get on my shoulder.

..or do you break away and
go for that individual immunity,

saving yourself at tonight's tribal?


Gerald gets a grip on the top of it.

Brains taking their time.

Everyone looking out for their tribe.

You right?
Yeah, I'm good.

Shannon's the last one
to go up for Brawn.

Grab onto our hands. Yes!

Shannon's over for Brawn.

Baden. Baden. Baden.

Baden and Simon first
on the beam for Brawn.

Are you good?

Push on me. Push on me.

Everyone's paired up
on Brawn except Wai.

Here we go, baby.

Last man there for Brains.

Emmett grabs the top of the wall.
He's over.

Wai trying to get across that beam
by herself.

Simon and Baden
first across for Brawn.

They start working on the gate.

You need to work together to hook
that latch, to open the gate.

Both latches need to be hooked.

Alright, Chelsea.

Chelsea goes back for Wai.

Yeah, thank you.

Oh, sugar.

Yes, here we go.
Simon hooks a latch.

Dani hooks a latch.

Brains making their way
across the beam.

Laura goes back to help Cara
for Brains.

Simon and Baden have their gate open.

Now you need to put
tension on that rope

so your buddy can get across.

They're breaking away
from their tribe.

Dani, just go.

Simon helping Baden and Dani.

Baden just moves on
to the bag toss.

All by himself,

leaving Brawn to fend for themselves.

You need to get two
to stick on your table

to get immunity.

Very close for Baden. On and off.

Simon, Dani, Baden

leave their tribe in the dust.


They're not playing as a team.
Just have a look.

They're not all waiting
for each other.

We've got one. We've got one.

Finally, George and Emmett
have their gate open.

But they're not coming through.

Waiting for the rest of their tribe.

That's the team spirit.

Brains working together as a tribe.

Brawn, it's every man for himself.

Andrew and Hayley
getting in on it now.

Two people from each tribe
will win immunity today.

That's it, go! Go, Emmett.

There you go.
Alright, let's go, guys.

Brains have all their gates open
and now they're all on the tightrope.

I've got the first pull here,
someone take it.

Everyone helping each other out
on the tightrope over at Brains.

Brains working together well today.

Oh, Andrew gets one to stick!

Emmett's the last person to
come across on the tightrope.

Brains are sticking together
on this one

but you're competing against
your own tribemates today.

Hold on, team.

Everyone tossing.

Bags going everywhere.

You need to get two to stick
on your table to get immunity.

Kerryn gets one.

Gerald on and off.

Baden gets one.

Gerald has one now.

Dani lands one!

Wai lands one.

Go, Wai.

Wai, Andrew, Baden, Dani

each have one.

Oh, no! Knocked one off.

Dani knocks off her first bag.

You're gonna have to
start all over again.

Kez knocks off her bag!

First two people from each tribe

to land two sandbags on their table
wins immunity today

and a very nice champagne reward.


Chelsea has one now.

Who's going to get two bags to stick?


And Andrew gets two to stick.

Andrew gets the first
individual immunity.

Good job, Andrew!
Well done.

One spot left for Brawn.

Come on, Brawn!

Wai! Yes!

And Wai gets her second one to stick.

Oh, my God.

Well done, Wai.
Yes, Wai!

Andrew and Wai both get
individual immunity for Brawn.

This is amazing!

Who's going to get it for Brains?

Gerald is the only one
that has a bag on his table.


He knocks off the first one,
he's going to have to start again.

No-one with a bag in Brains.
It's wide open again.


And Cara gets one to stick!

And Emmett gets one to stick.

Can he get that second one
to stick?

Oh, and Emmett gets two to stick.

Emmett has individual immunity.

Thank you! (LAUGHS)


One more immunity left!

After admitting her mistake
at last night's tribal,

Cara would love some immunity

And Cara knocks her first bag off.

She's starting all over again.

Kez has one now.
Kerryn! Yes, Kezzy!

And now Rachel lands one.

It's between Rachel and Kez now
for that final immunity.

Who's going to get
that last immunity?

Just one good one, Rach.
I'm feeling it.

I can get it.


And Rachel does it!

Emmett and Rachel have
individual immunity for Brains!

Celebrate, babe.

You deserve it after last night.

I'm just going to give you...

Wai and Andrew, come on over.

Well done.

Congratulations. You guys both have
individual immunity.

Rachel and Emmett, come on over.

Yeah, guys.

Congrats, you guys both have
individual immunity.

BOTH: Yay!

Andrew, Wai, Rachel, Emmett,
you guys are safe tonight.

A very nice champagne reward
is waiting for you. Enjoy.

Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Well done.

As for the rest of you,

you're all on the chopping block

Both tribes coming to tribal,
both tribes voting someone out.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.


Individual immunity is
exactly what I need right now.

I think it might give me
a little bit of power,

but I'm still worried about Georgia.

She's been taken away to be
given some medical attention.

All I can hope is that
she'll return to us really soon.

Oh, my God!


Oh, my God!

Knives and forks.

Oh, my God!

Are you serious?

Oh, my God!

So, today, not only did
Emmett, Andrew, Wai and myself

get to win a reward, we also managed
to win individual immunity,

which just felt amazing.


Let's get into it.
Yeah, let's do this.

All that I'm thinking about
is food, man!

Get me anything that isn't
rice and lentils or rice and beans.


I'm absolutely starving out here!
Give me some food!

Oh, raspberries.

Dig in, guys.

Dig in.

Get it while it's hot.
We'll talk later.


Oh, my God. Amazing.

This bread is everything.

This bread, oh, my God.
A flavour sensation.

I have food. I have cheese.

After being voted for last night,

this is exactly what I need.

It's a fantastic opportunity

to build some further bonds
with Emmett.


Last night, Cara actually proved
that she's a bit of a liability

to her alliance, and she
put a vote on the wrong person.

Everybody was shocked
to see Big D go home.

Alright, cheers!
Well done.

Well done.
To us.

The tribe is completely shaken up,

and I am absolutely going to
use that to my advantage.

They need to think carefully
about whether or not

they want to keep her.

So, what do you think?

Who's the vote, Rachel?

I honestly would like to try
and vote Cara or George out tonight.

I think in terms of staying
challenge strong,

I think George actually brings a
little bit more strength and agility

than Cara does.

So if we needed to look at it
from that perspective, well,

then I think Cara first.

My first vote.
So Cara's your first vote.

Cara would be my first vote.

Let's aim for Cara.

This is exactly the change
in the wind that we need right now.

Emmett's on board.

Kez, Emmett, Gerald, Laura and myself

will be able to put our votes
on Cara tonight.


Oh, my God.

I'm so full!
I know.

I bet Rach is enjoying
that champagne right now.


She deserves it.
Yeah, I'm glad she got it.

I'm really happy
that Rachel's safe tonight.

But at the reward challenge,
Georgia was taken away by the medics.

I haven't heard an inkling about her
and I'm really concerned.

Yay! Beans again!

Am I being a pig
if I have another serve?

No. It would be rude not to.

Hey! You come to get some beans?!


Alright, well, I've just come here
to talk to you about Georgia.

Now, the medical team have decided
she needs further assessment,

so they've temporarily
pulled her from the game.


Now, as per the rules, she can
leave the game for 24 hours

without forfeiting her position,

which means she's not going
to be at tribal tonight.

Which also means
you can't vote for her.

Now, if the medical team deem that
she's fit to come back, she will.

If not, she'll be leaving tomorrow.

Georgia will be out
for at least 24 hours.

I really hope that she's
going to be alright.

But right now I'm really worried.

I gave you mine.

The pecking order of our tribe
at the moment -

Emmett and Kez and Gerald
sit at the top

with Cara and George...

..and then Rachy, Georgia and I
sitting on the bottom.

Tonight, Rachel has immunity,
Georgia isn't here,

so it's me.

GERALD: Well, if you grab the front,
I'll go in the middle of the beam.


Right now I'm really putting
all of my effort

into building new relationships
with Kez and Gerald.

I want to see if I can find
any open cracks in this alliance.




Oh, my God! (LAUGHS)

Hello, family!

Hey, fam-bam.

Tell us.
Yes, tell us everything.

It was beautiful. Rocked up
at, like, a beautiful...

It was just like...

There was so much to get through.

Yeah, so much to get through.

The food was nice,

but the best part for me today
was that feeling

of encouraging each other.

And, like, I feel
so uplifted by that.

And that is not
the champagne talking.


When I got back to camp,
it was a bit tough

because I realised
that Georgia wasn't there.

She's not going to be present
at tribal council,

so Laura and myself are outnumbered.


But Survivor is all about
remembering that you've got

a fire in your belly
and fighting your best fight.

So we're going to keep doing that
for as long as we're here.

I feel pretty excited.

Tonight could be a complete
game changer for the both of us.

The plan's pretty clear that we're
going to vote Cara off tonight.

The truth is, it doesn't matter
whether it's Laura or Cara tonight.


I think we're stronger,

and keeping that sort of strength

and trying to get rid of
the other Brains...

Don't doubt me. 100%.

Mate, my blood is running super red.

I'm representing the OG Brawn tribe.

My number one priority,

getting rid of as many Brains
as possible before we go to merge.

You know, whether Cara stuffed up
the vote intentionally

or accidentally doesn't matter
too much.

Big D's gone.

Definitely has me questioning
her integrity in this alliance.

I've learnt that having one plan
is never really the safest option.

But tonight, I really only do
have one plan,

and that's trusting Emmett
to vote Cara out.

Anything could happen in this game

and hopefully I'm not
the one on the bottom tonight.

Yeah! (LAUGHS)

I feel like I'm in a pretty
good spot with the OG Brawn.

I've got all these old Brains
faces piled up in front of me,

and I just need to decide
who's going home next.

I'm just going through,
going, "Rachel, tick.

"Laura, tick.

"Oh, George, time to go. Tick.

"Cara, see you later. Tick.

"Let's go. We're through." (LAUGHS)

Good job, guys.
Good job, everyone.

I do like the fact
that we still beat Brains.



Double elimination, hey?

HAYLEY: There's five original Brawn,
four Brain.

Right now, we're outnumbered

and their plan is
to pick us off one by one.

And so today's challenge could not
have worked out any better at all.

Alright, I'll get the rice on.

Wai and Andrew just
won themselves immunity...

..I have an idol...

..and I've got this idea of...

It's a big gamble...

..but if it works out,

the original Brains might actually
have a whole lot of power

on this tribe.

Mm-hm, I wanna say something
quickly to the group,

just while we're all here.

It's clear there was
a five-four split in this swap.

And you guys have made us feel
really at home,

but the four of us have talked

and we do wanna stick together
with our vote.

Now that we have
Wai and Andrew immune,

I've got an idol that's burning
a hole in my pocket. (CHUCKLES)

And I definitely plan to use it

And so, just to be transparent... plan is to do
scissors, paper, rock on the spot...

..and play it for me or Baden.


..kind of gives you a 50% chance
of hitting us.

It's only me and Baden
that they can vote for

so it means they only have a 50%
chance of getting their vote right.

Otherwise, whichever one of them
the four of us vote for... gonna go home.

So if there's any other plans

we're both here to talk about them.

ANDREW: Holy shit.

Hayley has dropped
an absolute bombshell.

Well, yeah.


Like, there's a 50-50 chance

that we send one of our own
tribe members home.

And 50:50 odds are not good odds
in the game of Survivor

this far out from the end game.

So what I'm hoping
is in the next hour...

They crack.

They crack.




It will be interesting.
I'm sure they're all gonna talk.

Oh, who should we vote for?

I think we have to see
who comes to us

and we can decide together.

Let's do it.
Let's do it.

ANDREW: That makes it interesting,
doesn't it?

They, um... Yeah.

Good times.

The plan was simple -

stay Brawn strong.

But after Hayley's big move, this
is my chance to control the votes.

And I'm here to take it.

So who do you think
they're gonna vote for?

They're gonna put their vote on you.

Yep. For sure.


Dani's gonna kill me if I vote...

In the Brawn originals, there's
a pyramid with Simon on the top

and then you've got
Dani and Chelsea underneath.

I've had my target set on Simon
since day one

so if I can knock out a chunk of this
triangle and flush Simon's idol,

I can get a step closer to Simon.


Yep. Done.

Tonight's vote to get Chelsea out
is the start of a big game play.

I'm gonna have Simon's trust,
I'm gonna have the Brains' trust.

I'm feeling invincible,
if this all goes to plan.

I'll go up with these guys.


We had an initial plan
to keep Brawn strong.

The tables really turned
when Shannon came to me

and she wants to send home one of my
close alliance members in Chelsea.

Yeah, that's a no from me, Shannon.

Shannon's gonna try to flip...


And then boot Chelsea.

No way.
I had to sit there and agree.

I'm so sorry.
(LAUGHS) That's OK.

In my Brawn five, I still have
a very strong alliance

with Dani and Chelsea.

They have put their necks out for me
and saved my life in this game

and I will never betray them.

I disagree completely.
What do you think?

Now is definitely the time
to make a big move.

Shannon is a great gameplayer,
she came out strong

and this is the perfect opportunity
to get rid of her.

Because it comes down to it,
Shannon's not gonna get rid of you,

because she doesn't have
the physicality.

She's gonna come after us two next.

And so if it's do-or-die,
then we're doing it.

When it comes to the new Brawn tribe,

we have a new-ish
kind of pecking order.

Simon's at the top and I'm his 2IC.

But really,
I'm kind of calling the shots.

Game's gotta be played.
So... OK.

Ooh. Let's do this double.

I'm excited.

So what are you thinking?
So I'm just thinking...

..we're a two and we're just trying
to play them off.

'Cause our vote is very much...
We need to...

We need...
We want Simon gone.

I've wanted Simon gone
for a long time.


I don't think this is
the right time to do it.

Our best bet to get someone out
is Chelsea tonight.

I needed them to think
that they had no options.

That's good, yes.

It looks like it worked.


Um, if you guys are onboard with us,
we've got the numbers.

So there have been two plans
presented to us tonight.

Alright, well, we're sorted.

And the four of us original Brain
get to just choose

which side we wanna work with.

As hoped, both sides
come and pitched to us.

Do you have a preference?


We could go with Shannon and Flick
and vote out Chelsea.

The benefits of voting Chelsea out

would be that we get to break up
Chelsea and Dani

and they're really tight.

Ooh, it's gonna be spicy.

# A little bit spicy
# Spicy. #


Or we could go with Dani and Chelsea
and Simon and vote out Shannon.

I see that Shannon is
a bit of a threat

but I don't mind keeping big threats
in right now

'cause they're kind of making me
seem a little bit smaller.

So tonight, I'm basing my vote
on wanting the four Brain alliance

to feel like this is a democracy.

What have you got for me?

How was it?

WAI: It was good. It was good.

There were sandwiches. It was nice.

So what's happened?
Need to know everything...

How about we... We'll go have a chat.

I came back and said the four of us
Brains are gonna stick together.

We are solid, we don't wanna split
and we know we're in a minority.

Andrew and I walked back into camp
after our reward

and Hayley filled us in on
what the conversations have been.

So it would be stupid for them
to stick as a five

because there's a 50% chance
whoever we pick goes out.

And I am so impressed
with her strategic mind.

So after I said that,
they cracked immediately.

They split straightaway.

Gives us a lot of power.

Think the vote is either gonna be
Chelsea or Shannon

and you guys choose.

So look, the ex-Brains
have come together.

Old friends.

Then we'll reassess.

That's dangerous, because, you know,

our biggest muscles
are the ones which are up here

and we're gonna be using them

Tonight's the first tribal
with this new Brawn 2.0.

There's a chance that the original
Brawns are gonna stick together

and actually put all their votes
on me or Baden. But...

..from what I've seen this afternoon,

I don't think that
that's what they're doing.

And so I might not need my idol.

It's that risk that I'm
playing with tonight.

Oh, it's a bit tight in here.

It is.

Hello, family.

Hi. Full house.

Alright, so, in case
you guys haven't noticed,

Georgia isn't with us tonight.

She's with the medics.

The rules of Survivor allow someone

to leave the game for 24 hours
for medical reasons.

So if she's able to return
to the game, she will.

But that doesn't change
the business of tonight.

So, here we are.

Both tribes finally together...

..for some real family therapy.

So, Cara, today at the challenge,

you were very open and honest
about your role in Big D going home.

Why was that?

Because it was a genuine,
stupid mistake,

and that's just what
I wanted everyone to know.

But why did you want
everyone to know?

Because it was important
to me that they didn't think

that I was voting him off.

So, Emmett, speaking of sharing
information across the aisle,

you went on a nice reward today
with your fellow winners -

Andrew, Wai and Rachel.

Did you share information
across the aisle?

It was hard to get a word in
between stuffing our faces

with everything that was
on the table, mate.

Because we're all safe as well,
mate, so, you know, we're chilling.

Rachel, he brings up a good point.
You're safe tonight.


Are you amazed how quickly
things can shift in this game?

Last night, you thought
you were going home

and here you can sit back
and relax tonight.

Yeah, I can.

But I'm also still invested
in the conversation

and what's happening to all of
these lovely people around me.

That's super important

because, you know,
that's what's going to help

all of us move forward together.

So, Laura, it feels like it's
a better atmosphere tonight...

..with the Brains tribe.

But, still, someone's going
to go home.

Are you worried about
your position tonight?

Of course, after last night.

You know, Rach and Georgia
and I were the bottom three

and one of us was going to go home.

And, you know, tonight, Rach is
immune and Georgia's not here,

and I'm probably a sitting duck
just over here by myself on the end.

So, Emmett, there was a clear error
from your alliance last night.

Are you worried there might be
another one tonight?


Nah, man.

I'm confident in our alliance.

It's going to be another opportunity
for us to execute a plan together.

And if it all goes to plan,
then we will become stronger.

So, Cara, are you worried
that the error you made last night

may have put you in
the hot seat tonight?

Potentially, yes.

You just never know
what's around the corner.

You just never know.

So yes is the answer.
Yeah, but people make mistakes.

We're human. And I know
what Cara's values are.

She's extremely loyal,
she's extremely selfless,

and she's willing to sacrifice
her game for others.

Plus I just think Cara's an icon.

So it was an iconic Cara moment.


So, Dani...


..Cara's admitted to
her mistake last night,

and it doesn't seem to be so much
of an issue over at Brains.

If it happened over at Brawn, what
do you think the response would be?

Oh, just kick them out straightaway.


You didn't even think
about that for a second.

I don't have to.

You come in here to play a game,
you got the information.

If you're in an alliance,
you know who's going home.

If you don't, it's probably
your name on that piece of paper.

It's lucky you're not
in that tribe, Cara.


So, Cara, is there a plan tonight
and are you going to stick to it?

Yes, yes. 100%. Of course.

So, Shannon, the Brains have... know, they've been here
since the swap.

They've had a chance to figure out
where everyone stands in the tribe.

You guys haven't.

Are you kind of keen to figure out
where everyone stands in Brawn?

Yeah, I'm excited.

With Brawn, we're very much strong
and united and, you know what?

We'll wake up tomorrow
with a whole new idea

on how to move forward
and, yeah, keep going.

So, Hayley, if Brawn
are staying strong tonight,

Wai and Andrew have immunity,
so it's only between you and Baden.

It would seem that way.

But I happen to have what I like
to call a public immunity idol...

..because I found it
in front of everybody here.

And this idol is for me
or for Baden...


..which means that if the Brawn do
want to stay as a strong five,

then they've only got a 50% chance
of hitting us at the right spot.

Well done, Hayley.
I like your style.

So, Flick, the old Brains seem
to hold some kind of power tonight.

Two of them are immune
and one holds an idol,

so things could play out in
a pretty spectacular way tonight.

I mean, it sure could

and, you know, we have a 50% chance
of getting it right.

And if you don't get it right...

Yeah, that doesn't look
so good, does it?

It doesn't.

One of you could be going.
I know. Well...

Cross our fingers.

So, Simon, Flick doesn't seem
that concerned.

You seem concerned.
I'm terrified!

You're terrified.
I am...I'm terrified.

I hate the thought of it.

And, you know, whether it be me
or whether it be one of my... know, one of my tribemates...

And know,
I don't want that to happen.

The old Brains don't seem to
have an issue voting out muscle.

Do you think you could be
going tonight?

I still think it would be suicide

to vote out your strongest team
member at this stage in the game...

..because, at the end of the day,
we still need numbers to merge.

You still need that power
and you still need to avoid

coming back for a little bit
of family therapy.

Do you think they're buying
that pitch?

They're pretty smart,
so I don't know.

Uh, if I could speak
for Simon right now.

I think it's pretty obvious
that he has an idol...

..and he also has the power to have

a one-in-five, you know, gamble
for these guys,

to get it right.

OK, so Simon's safe tonight.

That's up to him.
Yeah, whoever he plays it for.


But, Dani, does it have to be divided
down old tribal lines?

I mean, don't new people
represent new opportunities?

Absolutely. I think anything
could happen in this game.

What I know for sure is that

"Brawn strong" is going to take on
a new meaning tonight.

It's going to be about uniting

and showing everyone what Brawn
actually stands for.

What about you, Shannon?

Do you have an idea of what's
going to happen tonight?

I'm feeling pretty good
about this one, yeah.

You know, I'm true to my word,
and I'm not deferring from the plan.

Hayley, your eyes went
in opposite directions there.


No, I feel OK. I'm nervous.

It's hard because
we have not been tested.

This is a new tribe coming together
for the first time...

..and we have all this history,

and you want to hope that the
conversations you've had were real.

You've just got to trust.
My conversations were very real.

I thought that once too.

Just saying.
Just putting that out there.

I mean, Dani, that's a good point.

People have conversations with you,

but how do you know
they're telling you the truth?

Well, you don't.
You just have to trust someone,

and you can trust me.

So you're sticking with the people

that you've had the longest
relationship with.



Potentially not.

Hayley, is it good to hear that?

Um, uh...

I'm just really happy that me
and Baden have the shared idol.

That's how I feel.

So, Baden, after tonight's vote,

will the division in this tribe
be down old tribal lines?

Uh, maybe not.

What do you think, Hayley?
Maybe not.

Don't make me say it.

I'm not going to make you say it.

You look worried.

My plan hasn't changed
walking in here, so...

DANI: Neither.

Well, I think it is time to vote.

Alright, Laura, you're first up.

Tonight, I'm voting for Cara
and, hopefully,

I'm with the majority
of the new Brains tribe.

You're a very formidable opponent

but yesterday's plan B
is today's plan A.

Brawn, you're up.

Shannon, you're a smart girl

but I can't believe
you tried to sell me a plan

which involved flushing my own idol.

Sadly, tonight,
I'm putting your name in the urn

because you're too close to Simon.

And my end goal is to get Simon out
before I go home.

I'll go count those votes.

If anyone has a hidden
immunity idol...

..and you wanna play it,
now would be the time to do so.


Not tonight.

Not tonight?

Not tonight, it is.


I'll read the Brain tribe votes.

First vote,


Laura. That's two votes Laura.


Two votes Laura, one vote Cara.

Cara. You're tied.

Two votes Laura, two votes Cara.


That's three votes Laura,

two votes Cara.


That's four votes, that's enough.

Now I'll read the Brawn votes.

First vote,



That's two votes Shannon.



We're tied.
Two votes Shannon, two votes Chelsea.


That's three votes Shannon,
two votes Chelsea.


That's four votes Shannon,
two votes Chelsea.

That's five votes, that's enough.

Alright, so...Laura and Shannon...'ve both been voted out
by your tribes...

..but only one of you...

..will be going home tonight.


Alright, this is how it's gonna work.

Andrew, Wai, Emmett and Rachel,

because you guys won immunity today,

you guys hold all the power tonight.

You four will decide...

..which of these two will go home...

..and which of these two will become
the eighth player

to be voted out of this game.


Alright, this is how it's gonna work.

Andrew, Wai, Emmett and Rachel,

because you guys won immunity today,
you guys hold all the power tonight.

So you four...

..will decide which of these two
will go home

and which of these two will become
the eighth player

to be voted out of this game.

If you cannot reach
a unanimous decision...

..then we're gonna leave it up to
the Survivor gods

and these two will go
to a fire-making challenge.


Andrew, what are your thoughts?

I bring this back to...
a core part of who I am

and that is my connection
with nature.

And based on the fact
that I've seen, um...

..Laura also have that
same connection with nature,

I think that's probably where
my heart would lie, with the vote.


..saved me last night.

So that's where my vote is.

Oh, this is so hard.

But I wanna move forward
as a united, strong tribe.

So, I...

..I, at this stage, say I wanna, you
know, kinda keep Brawn 2.0 strong

and keep Shannon

and I couldn't possibly
send her home today.


Sorry, Laura.

Well, I wanna see fireworks

and I wanna see these girls
battle it out,

womano versus womano.

And, uh, make some fire.

But if you would like me
to choose...

..then I would obviously choose
Shannon to stay.

Because she is part
of the Brawn tribe.

The Brawn team,

you screwed up whatever you're
supposed to be doing over there

'cause you ended up voting...
You don't know the half of it, mate.


Shannon was the first one,
as soon as we got back to camp,

to try and rip it all apart.

Shannon tried to flush my idol
and vote out Chelsea.

And...I in no way

would leave someone who has saved
my life in this game.

You know, ultimately, I want Brawn
2.0 to be as strong as possible

and I think that
if that's the case...

..I'm gonna back Laura.

Yeah, I respect that too.
And Shannon, that's not cool.

It looks like you're going home.

OK, so, let's make it official.

Andrew, who do you wanna save?








OK, so we have a unanimous decision.

Laura, it's your lucky night
tonight. You're safe.

What the hell?!

Nothing is ever normal
in this place! (LAUGHS)

you need to bring me your torch.


Shannon, both tribes have spoken.


Time for you to go.
Thank you. Thank you, guys! Bye!

Good luck!


Well, with a new Brawn tribe
and a new Brain tribe,

it's inevitable that new friends
will be made.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Oh, my God!

Too special!

Oh, my God.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

Yeah, yeah.

..the wheels of deception
are rapidly turning.

We're with you, I promise.
Yeah, OK.


Oh, my God! fear and paranoia take hold...

I'm no longer in the majority

and that's a dangerous position
to be in.

..who will be the next to strike?

It's not over
until that torch is snuffed.

ALL: Game on, moles!

I...went in there, played the game
that I wanted to play

and it bit me in the arse.

But it was my dream come true.

It's been really wonderful
getting to know you

these past couple of days.

Um, this is just to keep
my old Brains strong.

I went in overly confident
with a plan,

hoping that forming new alliances
with the Brains

was gonna work in my favour,
and Simon saw right through it.

Tonight, I'm voting for Shannon.

You think you're the queen
of this game

and that I'm some silly little pawn.

Guess what, checkmate.

If I could have got Simon, that would
have been me winning Survivor.

Captions by Red Bee Media