Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Australian Survivor - full transcript

Plans start to unravel at camp, which leads to an epic Tribal Council that no one sees coming, and leaves everyone shocked.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
power couple Henry and Jacqui
were sitting pretty at Asaga,

secretly sharing an Immunity Idol
and controlling the numbers.

And we'll show how powerful we are.

Over at Samatau...

I'm not exhausting myself.

..AK made the most of his position
at the top of the tribe...

Ohh! He's so arrogant.
It's killing me!

..while Locky scrambled for numbers.

To make it further in the game,
I need to get Ziggy on my side.

But at Tribal Council...

I'm not gonna, like,
beg for someone to save me.

..Ziggy stuck with AK.

That's four votes. That's enough. out Tara.

The tribe has spoken.

But you will not be leaving alone.

And then
in a surprise second vote...

You need to bring me your torch.


You have been voted out of the
tribe, but not out of this game.

..only to discover they weren't
leaving the game at all.

Because you will be spending
the night on Exile Beach.

I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to feel.

The game has so many twists
and here I am on Exile Beach.

17 are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

Day 21 and I have woken up on Exile

with Anneliese.

Oh, my God.

It was a tough night.

How are you feeling?

We had no-one
to help us build a fire,

we had no shelter, we had no food.

I just curled up in a ball
and just cried myself to sleep.

I don't know how to feel
at the moment.

I got voted out last night
by Samatau.

I was processing me seeing my kids,
the look on their faces...

I didn't think I missed them
until last night. Ohh!

I'm gonna leave my last tears
here on Exile.

I just gotta remember why I'm here,
and that's to be a Sole Survivor,

to make my kids proud.

In the last 12 hours,

the game has been completely
flipped onto its head.

But I think if I play this right,
this could be an advantage.

I'm really keen to get started.

I feel like we go into this,
we give this a good hot crack.

Exactly. I'll do everything I can.

Just be wary
of how things are perceived,

because that's...that's, like,
the currency in this game.

When you're a barrel racer,

you don't breed expensive horses
just to come second.

You do it to win.

I'm just excited,
because it's like a new chapter.

I can start with a new tribe.

I have no idea what to expect,
but bring it on.

It's gonna be great
going to a new tribe.

I'm ready.

You must feel different.

It's bloody well day 21.

Can you pass me one of those waters?

Sweet. Thank you.

I'm coping a lot better
than what I thought.

Because, you know,
I love my champagne... my hot baths,
and I bloody love my husband.

Have we got a coconut
we can eat now?

Nah, not yet.

I'm missing all those things,

but I'm sitting comfortable
in the tribe.

Just keep going. Just a bit more.

Give me a stick.

As far as alliances go,

there's definitely Henry, Kent,
Sarah, myself and Odette.

I think Odette's strong with us.
Yeah, yeah.

And that's all we wanted, so...

Henry and I are the power couple,
the king and queen,

and we're running the show.

And we do have an idol.

Henry's keeping it safe.

I know that I can fully,
explicitly trust Henry.

But some people in the group
really bloody grate on my nerves.

Oh, I can't believe how much
she talks and how little she does.

The fries! The seasoning
on the fries! How good are they?

Yeah, oh, absolutely.

I don't know how she operates in the
real world. I'm sorry, but I don't.

Don't poke the bear!

Been out here
for three weeks now.

There's cracks starting to appear,

because everyone's starting
to get a bit narky.

We're starting to actually see
the real personalities come out.

Jacqui's just constantly, like,

moaning and groaning
about everything.

Oh, man, she just carries on
like a pork chop.

I've gotta get away from that.

Hey, Jacqui, because I worked
so hard on the fire last night,

you reckon you could
bring my rice over here?

Jacqui obviously has some
sort of frustration towards me.

She's not exactly
my ideal mother figure -

even though
she's got the same name as my mum.

She just seems to be very stern
and short-tempered with me.

It's almost as if
she doesn't want me around.

I'm well and truly on the bottom.

To be honest, that has me worried.

Are they gonna have seconds
before we have firsts?

We never do stuff like that. It's...

You know what? It's clear sides now.

It's clear sides.

Jacqui thinks
she's ruling the roost with Henry.

Me, Michelle and Jerry,
we want Jacqui gone.


As soon as I get the chance,
I'm making moves.

- Is that Tara?
- Yeah.

Who's the other one?

Come on in, guys.

Whoa. What is going on?

Alright. Let's get straight to this.


You're here today because
last night at Tribal Council,

Tara and Anneliese
were voted out of their tribe.

Oh, my goodness.

they'll be joining your tribe.


We'll take 'em.

But you don't get them for free...

..because this is a tribe swap.


Which means two people from Asaga

will be swapping out today
to Samatau.

Oh, my God.

And you'll be leaving right now.

OK, we didn't know that.

You will need to decide as a tribe
which two people you want to swap.

You have a few minutes.

Oh, man.

Does anybody wanna go?

I'm happy to nominate myself
for this.


Because obviously two of us
have gotta go.

It could...should it be a bloke
and a girl?

Yeah, but they're giving two girls.

Yeah. But should we...

Just let me process it for a bit.

I'll go.

But...but you are our powerhouse.

Don't go, Henry.

Oh, my God. What the freakin' hell
are you doing?

You have a choice here.

And...why aren't you staying
with your alliance?

I'll go. I need to step up for it.

I seen Jacqui start squirming.

I was like, "Ahh! He's gonna
leave you high and dry, girl!"

So I butted in.

I reckon straight up if youse two
both wanna go... Yeah. That's it.


He's gone.

Alright. Asaga,
have you worked it out?


Alright, Asaga.
What's your decision?

Me and Ben.

Alright. Ben and Henry.

Tara and Anneliese, drop your buffs.

Here are your new buffs.
Thank you.

Here are your new buffs.

Henry and Ben, you guys
need to switch positions

with Tara and Anneliese.

Good luck.

Some people might think
this is a massively risky move.

But I feel safe as, because I hold
the Hidden Immunity Idol from Asaga.

Well, the game of Survivor
is always changing,

and the best players
learn to change with it.

Good luck in your new tribe.

Head on out.

Thank you.
Thanks, Jonathan.

Good luck, guys.
Good luck! You'll be great.

Asaga strong, guys.

Asaga strong.

I've got 100% control
at Asaga

and I chose to jump ship
to gain some control at Samatau.

If I can get to the end
with control on both tribes,

I'm a great chance to win this game.

You know, I might look like Jesus

but I'm playing like the devil
right now.

Hello, Samatau.

Oh, wow!

Oh, shit!

Oh, yeah!


What have we got? What have we got?
What have got?

The whole tribe
was just sitting around

and then Yoga Pants
and Sideshow Bob - Henry and Ben -

walk up the beach.

Oh, my God!
What happened?

Oh, so you guys...

Your tribe had to mutually agree
to send two people?

I am so shocked that Henry's here.

It takes a lot of balls
to just swap tribes.

He was clearly
their best challenge asset,

so there's got to be some strategic
value in sending Henry here.

Did either you feel like
you were on the outs

and it was like a good move to do?

I don't buy it for a second.

He's here for a reason
and I want to know what it is.

Oh, that's alright.

This looks like a home,
to be honest.

This is great.

Making this decision to come over to
Samatau is a huge moment in my game.

I've got 100% control of Asaga.

That's not going to change.

But right now I've got zero control
at Samatau... I've gotta go to work.

I know!


I'll flirt, I'll charm

and I'll use that charisma
to get control over this camp.

Me too.

Henry is extremely smooth.

He's here to play
and he's here to play his way,

which is charming people.

And he's doing a great job of it.

To me that screams alarm bells.

He could potentially
break up my alliance.

Here's to the new Samatau.

Couldn't be more happier
with you boys.

So psyched to see you guys.


Now he's in my tribe, I need to
assess how conniving Henry can be.

That's the thing.
I haven't really opened up yet.

It is pretty...

The way the votes has gone
has been pretty...

It's been pretty simple.


One thing I know about
people in Survivor

is what they tell you at face value

isn't necessarily true,

And I have no problem
lying to Henry.

There's a whole bunch of minions

that all work well together
out there

and they aren't scared of
picking off the bigger people.

I'm definitely at the bottom -
my name keeps coming up -

but for some reason they're
really good at making me believe

that I have a relationship
with them.

I told him some information
about Samatau

but I left out the fact
that I've been calling the shots.

Henry can't be trusted.

I'm going to get him
before he gets me.


Being on the bottom, having two
outsiders come in is great for me.

I need to get Henry on board
to see AK as a big threat.

Not yet.



Just a little bit. Just, like...

But he was telling me,
like, all along,

that he's on the bottom
or something.

He said HE'S on the bottom?



I'm on the bottom.

They're all pretty tight
and it's just me.

Is it?

AK's the smartest Survivor player
I've ever seen.

Yeah, alright.

But Henry's a big threat
to AK's game play.


Right now,
AK is definitely running the show.

But this is the game of Survivor.

It doesn't really take much
to fall from the top to the bottom.

I know. Me too, man.

Me and Henry together
would be unstoppable.

We could take out the big dog.


Home sweet home.

We're in trouble.
Oh, no!

Welcome to Asaga.

Welcome home!


Guys, honestly,
how do you feel about Henry leaving?

Is that a bit of a hit?

Yeah. We'll miss him.

I'm definitely gobsmacked
that Henry's gone.

The fact that Henry has the idol
and we found it together

and he's taken it to now Samatau

is just really...pisses me off.

So why did Henry...

I don't know. We were supposed
to be a power couple.

At this point in time I'm feeling
a lot more vulnerable.

There's bigger targets on my back

For my game I need to make sure
that the tribe stays Asaga strong.

The next two votes, it's got to be
one of the Samatau girls.

Anneliese or Tara.

And then I'm safe.

Do you need firewood or anything?


Do you want to give us a hand?

We'll grab that big log up there,
that small one,

so we'll make it a seat?

We'll make it a seat?

Coming into Asaga, Tara and I
quite firmly on the bottom here.

Everyone knows when we get
to Tribal Council

there's an easy vote out -
Tara or myself.

You know, we're bitter because
we've been voted out,

so we're not here to, like,

get as much information
from you guys and then pass it on.

I definitely want Asaga to know
that Samatau is finished for me,

because they didn't want me.

The way I've been treated
the past couple of days

I just was, like, unhappy.

I'm coming brand spanking new.

I'm wearing the blue buff

and I'm, you know, trying my hardest

to, you know,
chat with all these people.

If there is alliances already built,

I'm gonna have to dig deep
and find them.

Samatau, they are all..., strategists.

So you don't get a chance
to just mingle

and talk about quite random people

because they are already
planning the next step.

So you guys are pretty chilled?

I don't believe there's
any real alliance in our group.

There's not an obvious alliance,
like you guests have got.

I like Anneliese and I like Tara.

I think both of them are mouldable -
mouldable into my game.

They just want to survive, you know?

So they're going to cling to
whoever they're most comfortable to.

And I'm a comfortable guy.

Jacqui's nice.
Talks to you, great, rah, rah, rah.

All of a sudden you're not doing
enough, she's going to whinge at ya.

And also she's going to tell you

there's no alliance, it's all fake,
blah, blah, blah,

because now she's lost Henry.

As soon as I heard, like,
"We're all good.

"There's no alliance,
there's no power couples,"

I'm thinking,
"What, a perfect little tribe?"

On day 20?

Well, I just sat there,
Anneliese looked at me and went...

We were, like, "Well, obviously
we'll be going."

Can I tell you something?

I don't know if this is again
a trust thing

but everyone at Samatau thinks
that Jacqui is running the show.

Jacqui and Henry.

I want Jacqui gone.

Just need to get Tara onside.

Trust me.

When you talk about people
that are strategising,

Henry and Jacqui go hard.

My pockets are full of people
that are willing to run my way.

Jacqui's going down.

Come on in, guys.


How does it feel
standing over here in Asaga,

in direct competition
to the tribe that voted you out?

Yeah, I mean...this is a game

I say bring it on.


Are Ben and Henry a welcome addition
to the tribe?

Uh, I mean, Henry's a beast. Like,
he's dominated nearly everything.

I think everyone can agree on that.

So, having Henry on our team
is a huge plus.

Henry, how was the welcome?
Oh, it was great.

These guys are so loving and caring
and brought us in,

and we feel part of the team.

So, you know, the decision I made, I
stand by it. It's been great so far.

Alright. You guys ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


First things first.

Thank you, Jericho.

Once again,
immunity is back in play.

For today's challenge,
three members from your tribe

will race through the water
to get a ball,

while three members
from the other tribe

will try to stop you
any way they can.

Once you get the ball, then pass it
to a fourth tribe member,

standing on a platform, who will
attempt to kick it into a goal.

First tribe to score three goals
wins immunity - safe from the vote.

Losing tribe, you're gonna see me
at Tribal Council.

Someone's gonna be the eighth person
voted out from this game.

Asaga, you have an extra player.

You're gonna need to sit out a girl
today. Who's it gonna be?

Yeah. I'm out.

OK. Tara, you're sitting out.

Everyone else, a minute to talk
about it, then we'll get to it.

Alright. Sitting out for Asaga,
we have Tara.

First match-up - Kent, Anneliese,
Michelle and Jericho

taking on Ziggy, Locky, Tessa and AK
for Samatau.

For immunity. Survivors ready?

Go, Kent!
Go, Locky!

Kent and Locky making a play
for that ball.

Locky gets there first.

Go, Locky!
Here, Locky!

He takes a long pass to AK.
Can he reach it?

AK has it. He needs to take a punt.

Stay by the goal!

Takes a punt.

Locky and Kent going at it.

Ziggy has the ball now.

Michelle trying to take her down.

Locky breaks away from Kent finally.

Ziggy slips by. She passes it to AK.

AK's gonna take another punt.

Taking his time.

Ziggy, get back to the rebound!

Take her out now, Michelle.

That's in!

AK scores for Samatau!

Samatau leads one-zip.

Alright, next round.

We have Luke, Kent, Jericho
and Jacqui for Asaga

taking on Ziggy, Henry, Pete
and Ben for Samatau.

Yeah, Ben!

Samatau leads one-zip.

We are playing to three.
Survivors ready?

Yeah, boy!

Go, Luke!

Everyone racing out.

Henry's trying to get there before
Luke. And he does.

Luke has the ball now.
He's trying to tap it away.

Henry takes him down.

All tribemates
going head to head here.

Go, Jericho! That's it!

Luke and Henry
really battling it out.

Henry not giving up that ball.

He pulls it away from Henry.

The ball is loose!

Go, Jericho!
Who's gonna get it?

Luke's trying to get it.
Henry's holding him back.

Go, Luke!
Luke gets the ball.

And Luke throws it to Ben,
giving him a free kick.

He's just gonna nail it.

Get back, get back.

Takes his time. Punts.

You'll never get it!

Ben lines it up.

And he misses! We're still in play!

Luke has the ball now.
Long shot to Jacqui.

She picks it out of the water.

Jacqui takes her time. She lines up.

Jacqui takes the kick.

She's short.
Right into Ziggy's hands.

Kent's on her, though.

Ball is free.

Luke has the ball now.

He passes it to Jacqui.
She's gonna take another shot.

Has not been successful so far.

You've got this, Jacqui.

Can she pull it off this time?

No, she's short again.

Henry goes for the ball.


Henry passes it to Ben for Samatau.

Samatau's gonna take another crack.

But Kent is a nice block.

Ooh! Henry tries to take Kent out!

Just grab him! Grab him!
Just hang on!

Opening the door for Ben.

Ben's gonna take his time.

Ben takes another punt.


Samatau leads, two-zip!

Alright. Next round.

We have Jericho, Sarah, Odette
and Luke for Asaga

taking on Jarrad, Ziggy, Tessa
and AK for Samatau.

Samatau leads, two-zip.

They can win it right here.
Playing to three.

Survivors ready?

Go! Go, go, go, Odette!

Ziggy and Sarah racing to the ball.

Ziggy taps it over to Jarrad.

But Odette is right there.

Odette is all over him.

Go, Jarrad! You got it!

Odette and Jarrad battling it out.

Jericho and Tessa battling it out.

Sarah and Ziggy
having their own battle over there.

Odette has the ball now.
Come on!

She's gonna run straight over to
Luke. Everyone else is tied up.

Just hands it to Luke.

Luke can get Asaga
back on the board here.

He takes a punt.

And he's just short.

Come on, Odette! That's it!

Odette and Jarrad wrestling it out
over there for the ball.

Jericho and Tessa in a lock.

Everyone's tied up.

Dig deep, Zig, dig deep!
You got this!

We have a Mexican stand-off here!

Jericho breaks away.

He's going for the ball.

That's it!
Jarrad breaks away.

He goes for the ball.

Go, Jericho! You got it, mate!

Jericho has it now. Long pass to AK.

Giving him a free kick!

Alright. Come on.
Come on, mate.

Come on, mate, come on!

AK can win it for Samatau
right here.

Fall short!

Can he do it? Takes the punt.

No! It's short.

Everyone tired now.

Jericho gets the ball.

Go, Jericho! Run it down!

Tessa's right on him.

Jericho passes the ball
but he's short.

Luke can't quite reach it.

Jericho back in there.
Passes the ball to Luke.

Luke can put Asaga on the board
right here.

Come on. You have to get this,
Lukey boy.

A lot of pressure on Luke here.

They wanna stay in this challenge.

He takes a punt.

He does it!

Luke puts Asaga back on the board!

Samatau leads, two-one!

Alright. Next round.

We have Sarah, Luke, Kent
and Jericho for Asaga

taking on Ziggy, Henry, Locky
and AK for Samatau.

Samatau leads, two-one.
Playing to three.

Samatau could win it right here.

Survivors ready?

Go, Locky!
Oh! Luke gets taken down.

Henry scoops up the ball.

Passes to AK. It's wide.

Locky bulldozes over Kent.
He passes it back to AK.

AK can win it right here
for Samatau.

No! Luke blocks it!

Nice block.

Henry takes out Luke.
The ball is free.

Come on, Zig. You got it!

Sarah and Ziggy at it again.

Locky by himself. He sprints out.

Punts it over to AK.

Every time AK misses,
he opens the door for Asaga.

Here we go, AK.

AK can win it right here.
He takes a shot.

And he's wide. It's still in play.

Henry grabs it.
Luke is on him like white on rice.

Luke taps it over to Ziggy.

Ziggy's tied up by Sarah.

She taps it away.
Locky casually scoops it up.

Passes it to AK.

Right into Luke's hands!

AK's gonna try again.

Can he win it for Samatau?
He takes a punt.

Oh! So close!

Go, Luke! Go, Luke!

Luke passes it back.

Jericho can't quite reach it.

Locky dives on the ball.

Passes it to AK.

Come on, AK.

Pressure's getting to AK.

Is he psyching himself
out of this one?

Go, go, go, go, go!

That's it!

AK does it!

Wins immunity for Samatau!

Samatau. Congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Zig. That's all you, Zig.

Aww. Thank you.

No Tribal for you tonight.
You guys are safe.

Head on out,
enjoy the afternoon off.


Nice work, everyone.
Well done, guys.

Well, Asaga,
it was a great effort today.

Sadly, one of you will be

the eighth person voted out
from Australian Survivor.

You'll have the afternoon
to work out who that's gonna be.

Head on out. I'll see you tonight.

We're gonna stay
Asaga strong,

so Tara or Anneliese
are gonna go home.

They're nice girls

but if I have to throw someone under
the bus to save myself, I'll do it.

We had an Immunity
Challenge today and we lost.

They had the stronger team,
you know what I mean?

They had more boys than the girls.

It means we have to go
to Tribal Council tonight

and it's very uncomfortable
for myself and Tara.

'Cause we're quite firmly
on the bottom here.

It's Asaga strong
that these two go first.


Unless something
dramatic changes,

it'll be either Anneliese or myself
going home tonight.

As much as they're nice girls,

I think that your loyalties
don't lie with them.

Of course.

Since Henry left for Samatau,
I've had bigger targets on my back.

But I've got a plan in place.

Keep it Asaga strong
and get rid of Tara and Anneliese.

Yeah, OK.

Kent's on a bit of a mission.

He's going to do the ground
and leg work for me.

This is all done.

I've just checked
with every single person.

It's pretty easy, really.

We got two outsiders. Vote 'em out.

Easy as pie.

Are you in agreement with that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Two minutes in, it's all sorted.

And I guess it makes sense, as long
as everyone is not full of crap

and they actually are Asaga strong.


As much as everyone's saying
Asaga strong,

I don't trust Jacqui and Kent.

What's happening?

You got Kent. He's rapping,
"Asaga blood! Asaga blood!

"Vote out the easy girls first."

No way.

It's all about my game.

Me, Michelle and Jericho are tight

and if we get
Tara and Anneliese onside,

it's Jacqui that's going down.

I can't wait!

Yeah, I know they're tight

but I can't believe
they're ruling the roost.

Yeah. Either can I.

I feel closer to you two
after one day

than what I have to Kent and Jacqui
the whole game.

Wow. Well, that's nice to know.

'Cause, yeah, we're here.
I can relate more with you two.


We are freelance, so, you know,

we don't have a say
in who goes tonight,

Anneliese and I -

we're just, like, a number.

So wherever you want us to go.


I need Jacqui gone.

I thought these guys were close-knit

and me and Anneliese
are going to try and, like,

crack into some sort of an alliance,

but things aren't so tight at Asaga.

I need to just chat with you because
I've also been thinking about

how this game is going to play out.

Up until this point
I've been playing both sides

but the power really is
up in the air.

Right now this is the most
pinnacle point of our trust.

Kent and Jacqui, they always
will have an animosity against Luke.

The game's starting to heat up
and I have to choose a side.

So we're voting out Jacqui?

Yeah, that's fine. She's annoying.

She annoys me anyway
with all her complaining.

- What's happening?
- Everyone agrees with Tara.

I don't know.

They do not have the power.

If youse are just down there
talking about

which Samatau person's going home,

it'd take you five minutes.

So straightaway, alarm bells.

What's the big chat for?

Why can't they just...

It hasn't got to be
a big scramble decision.

I actually trust
Tara and Anneliese more

than what I trust Kent and Jacqui.

I've worked out this game.
You've got to be quick.

If you see something happening,
no point being a spectator,

otherwise you're roadkill.

Kent, Kent, sorry...


Is it OK if I have a per..., private chat?

Sarah, she has been a schemer
from day one.

Plays the innocent model

My spider sense is tingling.

This is what's breaking Asaga up.

This shit.

You gotta get in
before they get you.

So let's cut off
the head of the snake.


Look at her out there.

That is just so not what
the Asaga vibe was originally about.

Yeah, well, that's that.


I was at the fire and
Kent summoned me over into the woods

and he just said...

You are to stay and Tara's to go
but Sarah's playing tricky games.


Put down Sarah's name.

I thought, "That is brilliant.

"Here's another name that's not me."

If you put down Sarah's name
and Tara puts down Sarah's name,

you two are in.

Now, are we good?

Then we shake on it
and look each other in the eye.

I won't go back on it.

As many names as can come out
of this that isn't me,

I'm just going to keep going with
and keep fuelling that fire.

Alright? You good?

Yeah, I know.


For a moment there I felt
I was back at Samatau.

Like, everyone just
spreading out like wild geese

and chopping each other's heads off.

We have Anneliese and Tara.

So then over here
we have Jericho, Luke, Michelle

and over here we have
Jacqui, Kent and Odette.

The thing is, wherever we choose,
we have the majority.

At least they're not Samatau.

Myself, Jericho, Michelle and Sarah,
we want Jacqui gone.

Now I got Tara and Anneliese

I'm taking Jacqui out of the game.

I'm taking her out bad.

I am so not ready to go home.

Kent, Odette and myself decided
that Sarah's gotta go.

And we've taken in Anneliese
and Tara to get rid of Sarah.

She's goneski.

I've got one pulling me this
way and one pulling me that way.

I have a pretty big decision
to make tonight.

I can either vote Jacqui out
or I vote Sarah out

and then, you know, I guess I've
decided what alliance I'll be in.

Well, Asaga.

It's your first Tribal Council
as a new tribe.

I want to talk about that swap.


Were you surprised how quickly
Ben and Henry volunteered

to swap to the other tribe?

Yeah, I think everybody
was surprised.

Caught us off-guard.

Do you think they made
a good choice?

Um, maybe for themselves, I suppose.

If they did have any alliances
with anybody here,

would that person feel
like they're drowning?

I don't know.


Last time we were here
at Tribal Council,

you were accused of being
in a power couple with Henry.

What has the swap done to your game?

Well, if we were the power couple,
Henry wouldn't have left.

It's amazing how people can hear
something and then think,

"Well, that must be right."

And it just proves it wasn't.

Because he left?


You could also look at it
another way.

He feels so strong
in the Asaga tribe

that if even if he did go across and
make alliances with the other tribe,

he feels so safe here that everyone
here would still stick by him.

I think he'll be quite safe
over there,

and if he's safe there
and safe here,

that puts him
in a powerful position.

So he's playing a super-long game.


Anneliese, as a newbie
to this tribe,

do you feel like
you're a potential target tonight?

Oh, definitely.

It's just... It's Survivor 101.

These people have been together
for three weeks

and I've known them for 24 hours.

But I feel like Tara and I
sitting here

actually have a pretty solid case
going for us.

The other side doesn't like us...
At all.

..and they've made that...
they've made that pretty clear.

It's not like I can
head on over to Samatau

and somehow form an alliance
with AK.

Like, that's just
not going to happen.

They do not want to work with us.

They voted us out.

And I don't want to
reflect too much on

maybe that hurt, maybe that didn't,

because I'm here now
and I need to remain positive

and I need to give this tribe
my all.

Jericho, you're nodding.

Yeah, I feel like we've just gained
two really awesome girls

and I don't look at them as Samatau.

I feel like they're Asaga and you
know they're going to stick with us

because I feel like
when they came to us

we felt their pain

and their wounds will heal over time

but wounds also leave a scar

and I think that
they'll always remember

the people that voted them out.

Good answer!

So, Sarah, do you see Tara
and Anneliese as the easy vote,

or easy numbers?

I'm gonna be honest -
when they first came,

I was thinking, "Great.
Easy vote. They're not Asaga."

But, you know, I think
you'd be a fool to say

you didn't notice
the scrambling going on today.


It was plain to see
that, as soon as we got back,

people were dividing into groups
and talking and...

..paranoia had kicked in a little.

Tara, when you got back to camp
after the challenge,

did you notice people breaking off
to have discussions?


I sort of felt like I was coming
back to Samatau, a little bit,

um, just getting approached
real quickly

and I just wanted to get
a drink of water.

I'm still processing
the whole change and move.

We've gone through
the worst, I think,

that this game
can throw at us - I hope.

Now I have to trust,
you know, eight people again,

and it's starting to really get
hard, because I was burnt, you know.

And I've heard like two or three
different names today,

and I'm really torn.

You know, I feel for these girls

that have come in
from another tribe.

Watching all the scrambling this
afternoon, it makes you question

whether what our tribe says
is actually true.

Do you think everyone
that you've spoken to today

has told you the truth?

No, I don't. I don't at all.

What about you, Kent?

I think you'd be naive
to think that.

The game is designed for deceit

but to succeed as an individual
you have to trust.

I think, for the new girls,

I can imagine their head
must be so scrambled,

because, you know, everyone's had
a conversation with them

and they've got to process that
in their own head

and go, "Well, is that right?"

Or, "He's a good bloke, so I'll go
with what he said," or whatever.

But I think you've got people that
have enough guts to play Survivor,

and then you'll have floaters
who just ride on people's coat-tails

and hope they'll be used
as a swing vote

and, "Oh, well, we know we've
always got her,"

or, "We know we've always got her."

I don't think that's playing at all.

And people that are floaters
can win this game.

You've got to make a decision

whether you're gonna be in
a relationship with a floater

or you're going to give the game
the respect it deserves.

But, I think, if you get to the end
and you won it,

you're sitting back in Hawaii
with $500,000, sipping cocktails.

Whether you rode
someone's coat-tails,

whether you sat back and you were
the mute and didn't say anything,

you somehow made some move
to win that game.

And if someone didn't vote you out,
THEY didn't make the moves.

Sarah, what should the tribe
remember as they go up to vote?

You can say all the fluff
that comes into your head,

but at the end of the day
it is a gut feeling

and the gut feeling comes from the
connections you make with people.

And, um, you know,
you could be dealing with

some really, really good
liars and manipulators

and you would have no idea.

So, sometimes when you don't know
what's up and what's down,

you've just got to go with your gut.

But many people in this game
have trusted their gut

and have ended up blindsided.

Uh, it's a risky thing to do,

but sometimes it works out
and sometimes it doesn't.

Alright, well, we're gonna find out.

It's time to vote.

Alright, it's time to vote.

Anneliese, you're up.

I really hope I'm on
the right side of this one.

I never thought
I'd write your name down,

but there's a lot of things
that just don't add up

and I'm going with my gut.

When you don't succeed,
you try again,

and I can't wait to see
Henry's face tomorrow.


- You're up, Sparkly.
- Yep.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out

will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote -



We're tied - two votes Jacqui,
two votes Sarah.



We're tied again -

three votes Jacqui,
three votes Sarah.


That's four votes Jacqui,
three votes Sarah.

Eighth person voted out
from Australian Survivor -


That's enough votes.
You need to bring me your torch.

Jacqui, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, there was a lot of talk
about Asaga blood tonight.

But maybe it doesn't run
quite as thick as some of you think.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

Survivors ready? Go!

..a challenge with
more than meets the eye.

Nice and easy, boys.
Other way, Jarrad!

And a new tribe,
but old ways, for Henry... he plays both sides
of the fence.


It's a bit of a bittersweet moment.

Like, it's a bloody tough game,

and I'm proud of the way
that I played.

Sorry, Mama Jaqs - majority rules.

I would have loved
to have made merge.

The Michelles and the Bens
and like-minded people,

I would have obviously preferred
that they went before I did,

because I think I'm
a stronger player than them.

But obviously I'm not,
because I'm sitting here.

The only person that
could have saved you tonight

abandoned you
and went to another tribe.

Sucks on you.

I think some of them
hit the nail on the head

as to why Henry
did the move that he did.

I hope Kent wins it.

I wish him the best,

and it'd be great to see someone
like him take out the half-mill.