Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Australian Survivor - full transcript

Paranoia starts to set in across both tribes with rumours of contestants having idols, but are they real or fake? The tribe sent to Tribal Council face some big questions about their leadership.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
endurance athlete Sam
made the early running at Asaga.

I am a control freak.

While she formed a strong bond
with ex-soldier Mark...

If I met her on the outside and she
was single, I'd definitely be keen.

..Henry and Jacqui
see her as a threat

and want her gone.

I need to get rid of her sooner
rather than later.

Those plans have been frustrated
by Asaga...

Asaga takes immunity!

..winning four straight
Immunity Challenges,

despite Henry's best efforts
to lose.

I did everything in my power
to throw this challenge.

At Samatau, wedding DJ AK
played too hard at the start.

I'm literally vomiting and
he's still asking me if we're OK.

The man has to go.

The game's biggest strategist
changed tack,

working hard to mend bridges and
become part of the core alliance.

If we stay strong...
Yes. I agree.

But it was all part of his plan.

So, we need to make a move tonight.

AK picking the perfect moment
to recruit a new alliance.

Fifth person voted out from
Australian Survivor - Aimee.

And in the game's first


..he seized control of the tribe.

Aimee, the tribe has spoken.

19 are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

Last night at Tribal Council,
Aimee went home,

which was the perfect scenario
for our alliance of five.

The power shift within the tribe
is fantastic.

Everyone used to know that Locky
had Pete and Anneliese

and Aimee and Tara by his side,

but Pete flipped and we got them
with five votes.

Ziggy, Jarrad, myself, Tessa, and it
was the Pete vote that decided it.

I think you can say that
the misfits alliance is no more.

The walking back into camp vibe

was pretty bad for me and Tara,
I guess.

We're on the outs now,
so gotta work our way back in.

Well done, guys.

Yeah, it was actually pretty good.

That was insane.

No, don't be sorry.

I was just...
Own it. Own it.

Be proud.

I am pissed off!

Feel really,
really gutted about Pete,

because I kept saying to Locky,
"I have to keep Pete protected."

I'd rather go out proud, knowing
that I stuck to my word when...

Yeah, no.

When Locky came up to me and said
he wants to be part of my group...

Locky, what did I say?
"I have to bring Petey with me."

That was about a week ago.


You know, own it.

What I'm trying to tell you...

AK, anything you say right now
is nothing to me.

You are... You guys are all puppets.

He's the mastermind
and you're the puppets.

Tara's reaction was perfect for us

because she did nothing to make Pete
want to go back and join her.

We know this is going to be
a line through the sand.

Which way are we gonna go?

So we're actually playing Survivor
now. This is what I've come to do.

I've come to blindside people,

I've come to get people on my side,
to do it with me.


That is a dream result for me,
'cause believe it or not,

I've gone from the bottom to the top
in 14 days.


Go, Ben.

9 out of 10! 9 out of 10!

14 days in, we definitely
seem to have developed

a bit of an Asaga routine.

Oh, I don't know
whether I can do that.

And it's getting a little bit
too comfortable.

I'm thinking
something's gotta happen soon.


Look at Ben.

We're just happy to not be going
to Tribal Council.

And the fact that we don't have to
backstab each other

every couple of days

is really good for morale,
turns out.

I'm sorry, kids. I'm losing her!

I'm starting to care
about some of these people.

I'm still gonna lie and cheat
and backstab,

but, like, it's gonna actually be
a lot more difficult

than I even thought
it ever would be.

It sucks.

Just sick of all this.

I came out to Survivor
to make big moves and blindside,

but instead
I'm just sitting on a beach.

From day 2, I thought,
"Let's get a plan against Sam."

Sam and Mark, the power couple.
They're big threats.

Mark's a physical threat,
Sam's a strategic threat.

They've gotta be split up.

I want me and Jacqui
to be the power couple.

I want to take them down.

Me and Jacqui
are a really strong twosome,

and Kent's on the bottom,
so we brought him too,

and there's our three.

Who would think me, you and Jacqui
would be a power alliance?


No-one has even thought of us
as a power trio.

But we are.

And that's ideal.
That's what you want.

It's ideal.
How classic is it, though?

We've planted seeds in all of these
people's heads to get rid of Sam,

and we've just been waiting
to go to Tribal.

Yeah. The only thing is
the Survivor gods...

Oh, sorry.

..the minute you get control,
they mess you up.

I hope that Mark and Sam...
Yeah, they are just so...

They're too close.

Too... They're flaunting it too.

He's a big threat.

After not being able
to go to Tribal Council

and getting rid of Sam,

I thought there was a lot of time
for her to work her magic,

so I just want to
strengthen my numbers

so the next time we go to Tribal,
we can get Sam out of here.

Sam's out there with everyone,
getting information any way she can.

It's always switched on for her.

That's the same as me, but I don't
want her to play that game anymore,

'cause that's for me to do.

So, I just need her to go.

I cannot believe how one
Tribal Council has flipped my game.

I literally thought I had
everything in my hands and power,

and now it's just completely
done a twist.

I'm not...I'm not confident.
I feel gutted.

Aimee went home,
I can sort of live with.

But I brought Peter
into a very strong alliance

with Aimee and Locky,

not even giving one thought
that he would flip on me,

and he broke my heart.

Yeah, I suppose
I've got 'strength and honour'
written on my chest,

so loyalty would have to come
pretty close to that.

So, that's why I'm pissed at Pete.

Like, I put all my loyalty in him,
and we had a solid four,

and then he goes and betrays that.

It just really pissed me off.

See, look - Pete's getting in.

He would be, on that alliance.

And AK's just loving it,
because he's like...

Yeah. Mm.

What made me really happy
about last night

is that I felt like I was just
kind of floating along

other people's games,

whereas now I kind of took
a step for myself and went,

"You know, I can make moves myself."

Tara is playing the game super hard,

and I think she saw me as an easy
number more so than a friend.

The move has kind of
shuffled the camp around.

People who were, you know,
feeling on the top

are now feeling
a little bit unsteady.

Myself was probably
in the middle bottom,

I'm now kind of lifted up
a little bit.

I feel good. It's nice
to get kind of in the game,

and I feel like if we go to Tribal,

Tara's the number one to go.


..take a look
at the new Samatau tribe.

Aimee voted out
at the last tribal council.

Oh, baby, baby!

Sam, what did you say?

I said, "Oh, baby, baby!"

I think we're all surprised by that.

Tara, so how was the feeling
back at camp

when you guys came back
after Tribal?

Yeah, there's definitely
a change now, so...yeah.

Let the game begin.

Tessa, how's the food situation
over at Samatau?

A lot of rice.
A lot of rice.

Luke, you've been out here
for two weeks.

What do you miss eating the most?

Probably take-away.
Just something delivered.

Yeah, brother.

You know, pizza or something.

Pizza for you, huh?

You guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?


Alright, for today's challenge,

both tribes will line up on
balance beams over the water.

One by one,
you'll make your way across the beam

and around your other tribe mates.

If you fall in,
you go back to the start.

If you touch two people at once,
you go back to the start.

Once you reach the platform,
the next person will go.

The first tribe to get all their
members on the finish platform

wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?


Today, you are playing for...

Oh, a meat bag.

..a good old-fashioned
Aussie barbecue.


Meat, sausages, prawns, hamburgers,

onions, buns to make the hamburgers,

tomato sauce and...

What's in there? barbecue is complete without... beer.

Worth playing for?


you have three extra people.

You're gonna need to sit
three people out today.

Keep in mind, it cannot be the same
people in back to back challenges.

Who are they gonna be?

Who's sitting out? Hands up.

Alright, Michelle, Mark, Kent -
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, we'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

For reward. Survivors, ready?


And first up for Samatau,
we have Anneliese.

Can you step around?

For Asaga, we have Sarah.

You lean back.

Good work.

Sarah and Odette really struggling
to get around each other.

Oh! That's it. Odette's in.

Alright, Odette,
you're the crosser now.

You need to go back to the start.

This challenge is all about keeping
your centre of gravity on that pole.

Anneliese loses it.
Odette's through her first person.

Now she's trying to work
her way around Ben.

Ben doesn't seem to be doing

I'm not sure
if he's helping or hindering.

Do you want to
grab onto my arms or...?

Odette goes in again for Asaga.

Oh, let's switch orders.

Half of Asaga jumps in the water.

There's definitely a strategy
that's involved here.

The tribe that works it out
walks away with that barbecue.

Tessa going now.

Sarah onto Ben now.

Tessa's made her way around Tara.

Now she's trying to make
her way around big guy Locky.

Ben looking very awkward.

Ben goes in. Sarah stays up,
Ben needs to go back to the start.

Like, you've gotta lean into...
you've got to trust each other.

This is trust exercise.

Tessa is one person from home.

He does not look comfortable.

Is she gonna make it across?

And she does. Tessa's across!

Samatau leads, 1-0.

Jericho and Jacqui doing the tango.

Ziggy going now.
What do you want me to do, babe?

I need you to, um...
Someone taught me...

Samatau finally getting a rhythm.

Asaga yet to get someone across.

Ziggy just has to get around Peter.
She does!


Sam taking charge for Asaga,

quickly making her
way around Jericho.

Sam seems to have worked it out.

OK, so I need... Yep.

Sam trying to make her way
around big guy Henry.

Working her
way around under his arms.

Sam is now one away from home.

Anneliese is on the platform.

Sam is on her platform.

Samatau still leads 3-1.

Ben going for Asaga now.

Ben making his way around Jericho.

so I'm gonna put my left foot...

That's it, Ben.

Stay, stay!

Ben and Jacqui go in.

The only thing that stands between
Locky and the platform is AK.

No matter what's going on at camp,

you really have to come together
to win this challenge.

Alright - one, two, three.

Locky and AK precariously balanced
on the beam. Can they save it?

That's the way, that's the way.
You've got it, you've got it.

I'm down.
Oh, and they do. Great save.

Take your time!

Samatau lead 4-1.

Odette has really struggled
with this challenge so far.

Samatau's opened up a huge lead.
AK, your way's perfect.

Jarrad makes his way around AK.

Samatau have another
one on the board.

Alright, come on, guys.

Odette trying to get
under Henry's arm.

Perfect. Very good.

Odette is one away
from that platform.

- Good, Odette!
- Yeah!

Samatau still leads 5-2.

Samatau have three left -
Tara, Peter and AK.

Tara and Peter
looking very uncomfortable.


Oh, and that's it. Peter goes in.
You need to go back to the start.

Guys, don't rush,
don't rush, don't rush.

Relax, just relax.

Peter and Tara are struggling
to work this out.


Trust me. There you go, Petey.

Tara and Peter have finally
found a way to work together.

And she falls in at the last minute.
She needs to go back.

Very frustrating for Asaga.

Again, Ben is proving to be
an obstacle.

This challenge is frustrating.

I've got you, brother.

Peter is one away from making it
to that platform.

I've got you.

Once he's across, this could
really open things up for Samatau.

Peter gets across.

Samatau leads, 6-2.

Samatau has two left.

They get the last two across
and that's it.

Tara and AK now.

Can they come together to win
this challenge for Samatau?

Come on, guys.

trying to inch her way around Ben.

Oh, Jacqui goes in.

Ben goes in.

You take a big step.

That's it.

Where am I going? You're in my way.

I've got you, I've got you.
I've got you, I've got you.

Samatau's really widened the gap,

putting the pressure on Asaga.

When she's across,
AK just needs to walk across.

That's it! Samatau wins reward!

Samatau, congratulations.

Your Aussie barbecue will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Swim on out and enjoy the afternoon.

Asaga, this is a tough one to miss
out on but...I got nothing for you.

Head back to camp.

Ben really struggled

and he's probably one of our
weaker physical assets.

So if we lose immunity
and go to Tribal next,

I think the feelings are that

Ben and Michelle are probably
offering the least at this point.

So, we won reward
and we won a barbecue feast.

It is more than I thought
we could ever get.

Oh, there's lamingtons!
I'm so proud of us all right now.

There was prawns
and then you lift up the tea towel

and there's three trays of meat.

Bucket loads of beer.

Oh, dude, I can't do that
with my teeth.

There's so much.

Winning the barbecue reward,
with our team so fractured,

the barbecue was perfect.

Alright, guys, we've got round one
of cooked food.

I have, like, never been so excited
for a meal.

I love standing in front of
a barbecue, cooking it,

having everyone eating
and just cracking a beer.

The whole time, I didn't think
about the game once.

Guys, I hope you're still hungry.

I felt great.

I mean, I was on the bottom,
but I felt on top.


This is a legit reward.
Makes me so happy.

One of the great things
about Samatau

is that we really do work well
as a team when we're called on.

We've done really well
with reward challenges so far.

I'm feeling ecstatic.

Things worked out great for me,
and I'm in the majority at last.

It's exciting. This is why I'm here.


It was just great. Laid-back.
Exactly what we needed.


..of course, AK has to say...

Then paranoia sets in,

and everyone's running around
looking for a bloody clue

on a table full of food.

- You reckon there was something?
- Yeah, I know there's something.

It might be just a nice family meal.
Yeah, far out.

Just relax, Jarrad.

AK is leading the camp
to the perfect game for AK,

so it frustrates me that the other
tribe members don't see that.

He's not doing it for the tribe,
he's doing it for himself.

We've hit two weeks so far
playing this game,

and we haven't won one reward.

But our tribe's done pretty well

when it comes
to the immunity challenges.

We haven't had to go to tribal.

We haven't had to test alliances,
we haven't had to test friendships.

I have a trust in my alliance

of Sarah, myself, Henry, Jacqui
and Mark.

I think Mark and I are fortunate
that we can lean on each other,

which probably puts a little bit of
a target on my back

because people might presume that
we're a power couple,

but I don't really see us that way.

I actually just see it

as, like, two mates who have
each other's backs in this game.

We're a close pair.

Sam and I always talk quite a bit
about...just about life in general,

but about the game as well.

Like anything in the game,
you don't trust anyone 100%,

but I trust her
as much as you can in this game,

considering the circumstances.

Sam and Luke and I were out,
we were setting a couple of traps

and just having a poke around
'cause it was a nice day.

It was really beautiful.

And all of a sudden...

..Sam got swept out.

Oh, shit.

Obviously rips and currents
are dangerous.

You know, it takes seconds
for people to drown,

or drag out there,

so I just grabbed her arm,
reefed her onto the rocks.

I suppose it was a bit of a tense

She needed a hero,
so that's what I was, you know?

I started charging out there.

Lucky I could rely on these
bad boys, you know, right here.

I just knew that
these two propellers

wouldn't get caught in no rip,
you know?

I'll play that card.

You want the shelter, I'll save you
when you're swimming -

what else...what else
do you want me to do?

I have hope.

I think AK's going to self-destruct.

It's only day 14

and we've never felt more divided
than we do right now.

Sparks are flying and
they're trying to still function.

Yeah. He'll get bored again.

There's a new line that
has been drawn in camp,

and there's a new alliance now
with five people

that includes Tessa, Ziggy, AK,
Jarrad and Peter,

and on the outside, there's three -
including myself, Tara and Locky.

It's so unfortunate that our team
had to self-destruct like this.

Tara, you alright?

Yeah, she's alright.

The enormity of the game got to her.

I just want to let it out.

Let it out.

Do you want to
sit on the beach or something?

I know.

No, don't be sorry.

No, it doesn't.

I just felt really alone.

It's just so frustrating
that it makes me sad,

it makes me angry...

You know, I...I just don't want to
be that far down the bottom yet.

You just sacrifice so much

and you just have one lazy shit

that's just going to
destroy it all for me.

I know.

I'm just so...

..genuine and let everyone know
I'm a bitch,

I'm just laying it out there,

and he gets to just walk around.

And I know it's the game, but... just got to me today
when I had no-one left.

You've still got me.
I know I've got you.

But they're not going to
get rid of you.

It just hit me.

As soon as I saw her upset,
it made me upset

'cause I am close with her.

They can all see he's untrustworthy,
he's lazy,

he's doing all that,
but they all just fear him so much

and there's nothing we can do.

Look at me. Look at you.

When you're on the bottom,
you've gotta suck it up

and realise that
that's the nature of the game

and only one of us
is going to win this thing.

And she's gotta work out
how she can best work her game

rather than playing the victim.

Don't just sit back,

because otherwise I'll want to
write your name down.

It's the game.
Like, this is hardcore.

Like, so much harder than I thought.
Like, it's...

It's a hard game and, to me,
you've gotta be yourself

and that's pretty much showing
some sort of emotion.

They've all said how scared
they are of him

because he's such a mastermind.


Survivor means, to me,
to prove myself,

that I can overcome all these
physical, emotional stages.

It has been a roller-coaster
of highs and lows -

excited, scared -
but I'm a pretty competitive person.

And AK's a threat.

But if we make a move,

we have the power to
just get rid of him completely.

The hardest thing
about Survivor,

you sacrifice a lot to get ahead
in this game.

Henry, back home, is just
this caring, loving guy

who does anything for anyone.

But you come out here in Survivor,
I don't think you can win

being this, you know,
honest, loyal guy.

So, I think that's a big reason
why I came in, lying,

as a yoga instructor from day one.

Shutting your eyes and...

..inhaling in at the top.

So I can switch on to the game.

For 55 days, it's a game. And then
after that, I can go back to life.

And then exhaling, everything out.
Empty your whole lungs.

That's the game I'm playing.

If I can keep them convinced
I'm this yoga loyal person

that people get drawn to...'s such a powerful tool for me
right now, and it's working.

Each day, more information
gets revealed

about the people that we're,
you know, sharing this camp with.

And twist that back.

I feel, for the most part, people
have been pretty honest

about what they do.

But I don't believe
Henry is a yoga teacher.

Sam echoed a suspicion
that I've had from day one.

I didn't buy that
Henry was a yoga instructor.

Legs crossed. Almost finished.

It makes sense to tell people
you're a yoga instructor

because then people think,
"Oh, he's chilled.

"He doesn't care about this stuff."

Sam did some digging, as she always
does, and she doesn't buy it either.

And he's telling a bit of a fib.


Yeah, alright...

I was asking Henry if
he had done yoga teacher training.

He said that he's actually not
qualified as a yoga teacher.

And, like, it was just like
a little alarm bell.

I haven't, from the very beginning,
trusted what he says.

But if he thinks someone's
catching him out on something,

you don't know
what that might make them do.

Sam's out there
with everyone,

getting information any way she can.

And she's figuring out things
about my game play.

You know, picking up on little cues

about how I'm more strategic
than I'm putting across.

I just need her to go.

But this time, I'm going to throw
the challenge.

I've tried it before and it failed,

but this time, I need that control
to get rid of her.

I'm going to do everything I can
to make it happen.

It's my chance. I gotta take it.

Come on in, guys.

Sarah, what do you think
has made Asaga unbeatable

in the last four
immunity challenges?

I think it
just comes down to teamwork.

We're all pretty athletic.

We've all got a lot of variety
of different physicalities.

And I think that
at the end of the day

that kind of helps us out
in these challenges.

I know what it is. It's Henry.


He takes it home
every single immunity challenge.

Like, he's a finisher.

And, like, I think nearly every one
has come down to him

throwing it or lifting something.

Yeah, he does well.

Is that true, Henry?
I'll take it.

You'll take it?
I'll take it.

It's definitely a team effort
here at Asaga.

It's definitely how we balance it.

I mean,
that's how we've been winning.

It's just to do with the challenge.

They've won just as many challenges,
just not the right ones.

So they can have the barbies
and we'll take the immunities.

Alright. You guys ready to get
to today's Immunity Challenge?

First things first, who has it?
I do, mate.

Ben, thank you very much.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

one by one, you'll race through a
series of obstacles in the water.

First, a high tower,

then a slide,

and finally a net crawl.

Once the entire tribe is on shore,

you'll then use a machete
to hack through a pole

releasing puzzle pieces.

Two of you will then use those
pieces to solve a puzzle.

First tribe gets the puzzle right
wins immunity.

Losing tribe, you know the drill,
a date with me at Tribal Council,

somebody's going to be voted out.

Asaga, you have to
sit out three people today,

cannot be the same people
in back-to-back challenges.

Who are they going to be?

Odette, Jacqui, Sam,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, you get a minute
to talk about it. Get to it.

Strongest go first and last?

Yeah. And I'll just assist you,
I reckon.

I'll say it to you but I won't...
Like, I'll just listen to you.

This is ours, man.


- Good luck, guys.
- Good luck, guys.

Alright. Here we go. For immunity.
Survivors, ready? Go!

Mark first in for Asaga.
Locky for Samatau.

This is the battle of the big boys
right here.

Both on the ladder. Locky
is flying up. He's down the slide!

Mark's trailing behind.
He's down the slide.

Locky is first to the net crawl,
making short work of it.

Mark close behind.
Who's going to get here first?

You have to get on your mat
before the next person can go.

And here he is. Go, Samatau!

Go, Asaga!

Michelle in the water for Asaga.
Tessa for Samatau.

Go, Tess! Good work.

Tessa's at the top of the slide,
so is Michelle.

Michelle's made up
some great ground here.

Go, Mish!

Michelle gets here.
Go, Asaga. Go, Samatau.

Kent's in for Asaga.
Anneliese for Samatau.

Anneliese is up and over,
down the slide.

Kent's struggling at the top there,
taking his time. Down he goes.

Nothing graceful about that.

Anneliese digging deep.

Go, Anneliese!

Kent's not far behind.
Dig deep! Dig deep!

Go, Samatau!

Peter's in for Samatau now.
Kent struggling up that ramp.

We're good.
Go, Asaga!

Ben in for Asaga.
Samatau has a very small lead.

Pete makes quick work
of the net crawl.

Ben just behind him.

Still Samatau, but not by much.
Bring it home.

Go, Samatau!
AK's in for Samatau now.

Ben's still struggling,

got to get all the way up here
before the next person can go.

Go, Asaga!

Luke's in for Asaga now. He's got
some ground to make up here.

Luke is catching up. He's closing
the gap. He whips down the slide.

Go, Lukey!

Luke had a huge gap to close and
he's taking over Samatau's position.

Well done, Luke. Good ground.

Big effort from Luke here.

Really digging deep here.
Alright, go, Asaga!

Jericho's in for Asaga.

Yeah, good job, AK. Well done.

Go, Samatau!
Jarrad's in for Samatau.

Nice, Jarrad! Good.

Jericho makes short work
of that net crawl.

That's it, Jeri!

Jericho flying through the course,
maintaining that lead.

Go, Jeri!

Go, Asaga!

Sarah's in for Asaga now.

Jarrad's almost back.

Nice work, Jarrad. Well done.

Go, Samatau! Tara's in now.

Sarah still has the lead.
Good, Sarah. Good work.

Samatau trying to avoid
its fifth Tribal Council in a row.

Let's go! Let's go!

Tara struggling
to get up on the pontoon.

Opening the door for Asaga.
Go, Sarah!

Go, Asaga!

Henry's last in for Asaga.

Got to be all the way on your mat,
Tara, before the next person can go.

Push through. You've got this.
Dig deep.

Henry whips down the slide.
Asaga have a huge lead now.

Go, Samatau. Ziggy's in now.
She's bringing it home for Samatau.

Come on, Samatau,
you need to pick it up.

Come on! Dig in!

Asaga's almost completed this part
of the course.

OK. Go, Asaga,
start working on the pole.

You need to get all the way through
the pole to cut the rope

to release the puzzle pieces.

16 days out here. Gonna see
if you know how to use that machete.

Ziggy making up valuable ground
for Samatau.

Good work, Ziggy!

Locky's on the pole now for Samatau.


He's working away at it
like a madman.

But there's not much happening
over there.

You need to pick it up
if you want to stay in this.

Mark is almost there.

Asaga have their puzzle pieces.
Go, puzzle makers.

Henry and Sarah on the puzzle
for Asaga.

You got this!
You got this, Locky.

You're doing great.
Locky using brute force.

Almost there.
Nice job.

And that's it!
Samatau now have their pieces.

Anneliese and Tessa on the puzzle
for Samatau.

If you haven't already guessed,
this is a vertical puzzle.

Asaga had a definite lead coming in,

but the puzzle always in Survivor
is the great equaliser.

The more you do, the easier
it'll get. Remember that.

Immunity on the line here.
No-one wants to go back to Tribal.

That's it, guys, take your time.
Slow and steady.

Anneliese, she gets another one in.

They were way behind in the obstacle
part of this challenge,

but they seem to have made up some
serious ground here on the puzzle.

Yeah, there.

Henry was making quick work
of this puzzle from the get-go,

but he seems to have stalled.

Struggling now.
Samatau clearly pulling ahead.

Don't panic, guys.
Take your time.

Henry's pulling pieces out now.

Just casually strolling through it
over there.

Anneliese and Tessa
working quite well together...

That's it, Anneliese.
That's perfect.

..trying to avoid
their fifth Tribal Council.

Turn it around. Turn it around.
Henry looking a little confused now.

I'll take it. I'll take it away.

Sarah taking a lead now on the
puzzle. Henry taking a step back.

Yes. Good work, Sars.

Come on, Asaga,
you need to pick this up.

There's someone going
to Tribal Council tonight, guys.

Nice. Nice.

Another piece in for Samatau.
Nice and calm. Nice and calm.

Five pieces left for Samatau.
Yes, in there.

They're very close
to finishing this.

Come on, guys.

Asaga, you need to pick it up.
Perfect, Tessa.

Samatau has another piece in.
They have three pieces left.

Yes. In there. Good. That's it.

Asaga starting to look frustrated.

Henry looks quite tired.
He's walking through like a zombie.

Tessa thinks she has another piece.

Will it fit? Last piece.

Is it going to fit the top there?
Get on the mat! Get on the mat!

And that's it!

Samatau wins immunity,
sending Asaga to Tribal Council.

We killed it!
We've broken the curse.

Well done, guys.


Samatau, finally.
You get the Idol back.

Thank you.
Well done.

No-one going to Tribal Council
tonight, all you guys are safe.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Enjoy the afternoon off.

Well done.

Enjoy it, guys.
Good luck tonight.

for the first time in 13 days,

no immunity for you guys.

You'll be seeing me tonight
at Tribal Council.

Someone's going to be voted out.

You have the afternoon
to work out who that's going to be.

Grab your gear, head on out.

We weren't going to win
that challenge

because I didn't want
to win that challenge.

So I believe I've got control,

and after tonight,
I'm going to have even more control.

So, lost the challenge today.

It's the first time
we've lost an immunity challenge

in quite a while.

Again, it's the final task
that always gets us,

and this time it was a puzzle, so we
weren't able to get across the line.

Well, we had a good run
of not having to go here.

Yeah, four in a row.

13 days.
That's an unlucky number as well.

Oh, it is too.
I'm going to get some coconuts.

Sorry, guys.
Absolutely choked.

So, we lost today and...

..I haven't had a bigger grin on my
face, walking away from that arena.

Well, we were doing alright...

So, I chose to jump on the puzzle

because the first part of
the challenge,

I figured you couldn't really
throw the challenge

without being noticed.

We almost needed just one.

And just kind of stand there,
staring at the puzzle.

No matter what,
I wasn't going to make us win.

Yeah. Same.

Now I've lost this challenge,
I can make my move finally.

I can't have my number one threat
out here any longer.

I've got to get rid of Sam.

I'm just going to go do the rounds
and make sure everyone's...

I've got to convince Sam and Mark
that we're gonna vote with them

and split it with Michelle and Ben.

It doesn't matter
who goes, really.

Because last time I didn't
and it didn't work,

so I prefer to be in control.


Definitely. All sorted.

I've got to convince the rest
of the tribe to do what I want -

vote for Sam.

All good? Just confirming.


You right?

We'll just get it done.

It'll be tough, but...

It's bittersweet, you know.
It is.

But yeah.
Stick to the plan, we'll be right.

Sam's just gone to

asking for information,
trying to play this game too hard.

You're never guaranteed
anything in Survivor,

so I need to make sure I've got
the numbers to get Sam out.

A couple of days ago, I feel
I had the votes to get rid of Sam.

Right now, I'm not too sure,
so I need to make sure.

I had another one with Sarah.

I'm in a very complicated

I'm telling Michelle one thing
and Mark a different thing

and Jacqui and Henry
another different thing.

I need more time
just to think about it.

Who's the best person
to vote out?

My understanding is that all
the females in our tribe

are putting down
Michelle's name, as well as Mark,

and all the guys
are putting down Ben.

Michelle thinks Ben is going home

and Ben thinks Michelle
is going home.

But this is a game
that includes paranoia and...

..I don't feel safe.


Ben and Michelle have had
their names on the block

for the last eight or nine days.

But my spider senses are telling me
this just isn't clear-cut,

and I don't know why,
but if Sam's feeling it too,

then something is definitely
not right.

During my time in war zones,

one of the key skills we learn
is to be able to read people

and understand what their intentions
are based on only a few seconds.

How they stand,
how they look at you.

I'm going to talk to people
and watch people talking.

I'll know when they're lying.

There's no-one behind you.

Sarah is a bit of a chameleon.

She's playing both sides
and lies well,

so I don't know where she sits,
so I'm just testing her.

Um...because I'm not sure
I do trust...

..Jacqui and Hen.

I trust them for this vote.
I think that's solid.

Which way is it going?

Um, Michelle and Ben, yeah?


Are you sure?

Mark's scary.

He's onto something
and that stresses me out.

What do you mean?

Something's not right.

As in, you know,
or you just think?

Going into tribal, I think that
I know what's going to happen,

but, uh...oh, it's scary.

It's a scary place to be.

I then went and spoke to Jacqui.

I just have that feeling
something's not right.

Feet wet. I just fell in.

I think at the moment Jacqui
and Henry are pulling the strings.




We're not changing it now.

No. I'm going Michelle.

Yeah. All good.

Oh, my God.

I think Mark suspects that there's
maybe something a little bit amiss.

That's always
an element of concern.

Mark is a massive threat
in this game.

Mark is like a bulldog.

He's pretty fearsome.

If we vote out Sam, the reaction
from Mark might be savage.

So, when Mark's
come up and asked me...

..I'm thinking, "Oh, God."

I don't know which one's going,
but I know one of the two's going.

And to be quite honest,
I don't care which one.

And I'll be honest,
no-one's been chatting to me.

Mark knows I was lying to him.

People aren't clear exactly
what Mark's feelings are

and how he will react if his
number-one buddy disappears.

You've got to be happy today
that, you know...

Because Mark's so aloof
and calculated.

I'd want Michele gone before Sam.

Surely, right?

It's one thing to have an enemy,

but it's another to have
a traitor on your hands.

So, if Henry and Jacqui have made
a move to oust the pair of us

and on their first opportunity
turn on their own alliance...

..I'd put both their necks
on the block and start chopping.

welcome back to Tribal Council.



..13 days since you guys have
been at Tribal Council.

What effect has that had
on the tribe?

Well, it's good, because no-one
likes Tribal Council, usually.

I came to Tribal Council last time
and saw my name written up.

So, that was a little wake-up call.
Everyone can spell my name.

But yeah,
it's been nice having the break.

But we're here to play Survivor,

so it's probably good
that we do turn up occasionally.

So, you're saying that
sometimes it might be good

to come to Tribal Council?

Most people want to avoid
Tribal Council.

True, but sometimes it's good
to actually use your brain a bit

and think, "Oh, well,
coming to Tribal.

"I wonder what's...
going to happen here."

I'll tell you right now,
what's going to happen.

Someone's going home.

And I don't know who that is.

I want to talk about
the challenge today.

So, Mark, you guys have dominated
the immunity challenges so far.

What went wrong today?

It's a tough one.

It normally comes down to
the last activity

and I think we were neck and neck
most of the way.

They just got an edge on us
on the last puzzle piece.

It was actually pretty close.

You're a very diplomatic chap,
aren't you?

No, but seriously,
do you think everyone is

pulling their weight
in terms of the challenges?

I actually think so.

Every person here has actually
put a really solid effort in

on the challenge,

and that's why our strike rate
on immunity challenges is so high.


Locky from Samatau,
he singled you out as the reason

that you guys have been
so successful so far.


But today you were on the puzzle.

What happened?

I choked, basically.

Today I blame myself.

That was 100%... I put my hand up.

Today I just choked, so yeah.
I'm copping it.

What's happening?

I see you smiling over there,

chomping at the bit
to get in on this.

Oh, man. I don't know what
the rest of them are thinking, man,

but Sarah and Henry
ruined it for us today.

Yeah, massive blame
goes to them, hey?

Sam, what about camp life?

Is everyone pulling their weight
in this tribe?

Oh, I just think
there are some people

who naturally fit into
a higher contribution role

and yeah, there are probably
some people who...

..I don't actually think they know
that they're not contributing.

It's probably just
a default position

of what they might do
back in their home life.

I think everyone's trying
where they can, though.

I'll be the first to say I know
nothing about camping.

Camping, for me,
is going to a three star hotel.

But you just pitch in where you can

and I do honestly think
everyone is trying.

Ben, how are you finding camp life?

Oh, look, I'm probably
in the category

of maybe not contributing
as much as others.

I'm a bit like Michelle.

I've got really no experience
in a survival sense.

I still do live at home,
so I mean, like, I'm used to,

like, yelling out to Mum
to make me dinner.

But, um, so, um... But I...I'm...

I feel that I've been
finding my niche in camp life.

Luke, do you think there are
some people playing this game

a little harder than other people?

Oh, I suppose so.

Kent, where do you stand on that?

There are definitely people
playing the game harder
than others.

Definitely people who are
switched on more than others.

Sarah, do you think being perceived
as playing the game hard,

do you think that
puts you at risk?

I think it's a classic
Survivor error.

I think we've all seen
at least one season

where someone plays too hard
too early and it freaks people out.

It's like putting a fox among
the chickens and people go crazy.

You don't want people
to be paranoid

and you want people to trust you

and if you're talking strategy
all the time,

trust kind of...wears
away at that point.

But I think everyone
is playing the game

in the way that they know.

I personally just connect with
people, have a laugh, have a chat.

Um, yeah, I guess it can be seen
as you're too sociable, um,

but I think it's equally as much
as a strategy

to be playing under the radar
and not talking to as many people.

I don't feel, at this point,
being sociable

is probably as much of a reason
why you would be voting someone out.

I mean, from my opinion,

it's still about keeping
the strongest possible group of
people together

to win as many challenges
and go further in the game.

It's all well and good
to be the best at challenges

or the best around camp life,

but are they going to take you
through to the next round?

Sarah, we're 16 days in.

How important are the bonds that
you formed at the start of the game?

You meet people day one
and you think, "Oh, no.

"I'm not going to get along
with that person."

Like, for example, Michelle.

To be quite honest,
I was like, "No.

"Don't think we'll get along."

And now we spoon together
every night. So...

It's funny
how relationships change.

If we had have lost
two Tribals ago,

it might be someone different
going home.

What about you, Mark?

How important do you think
those bonds are

that you form at the start?

In this game, it's important
to have someone you can trust.

It's not only for the strategy
side of it, it's just the...

..the short circuit of being able
to speak to someone about stuff

completely outside the game

and just the peace of mind
that can give you.

I think it's really important.

But you also want to
include everyone

because at the end of the day,
we're a tribe right now.

Jacqui, is it dangerous
having a super strong bond

just with someone
that everyone else knows about?

You know,
if you're spending some...

..X amount of time with someone,

other people can see that as,
"Oh, they're talking strategy."

They could be talking about bloody
quinoa recipes or whatever.

I know, but there is a high chance

that you guys will vote together,

Yeah, but it's like a game
of Monopoly, isn't it?

You know, you can be playing
with your best friend

and as soon as you hit Mayfair, you
don't go, "Oh, I won't buy that."

You just buy it.

And then you put hotels on it
and wipe her out.


Just gonna throw myself on the fire
right now.

But do you know what I mean?

I'm not saying that
that's how I'm playing the game.

I'm just saying that
we're playing Survivor.

Sam, how important do you think
loyalty is in this game?

Oh, I think it's huge.

I think, you know,
early on, you might create, um,

relationships with people and...

..our friendships
haven't been tested

because we haven't had to
go to Tribal Council.

The first one I think was different.
It was an anomaly.

We didn't really know each other.

This time now, you're testing
the strength of people's word.

And I think the vote today will
kind of tell you if that is true.

how safe do you feel tonight?

I'm just doing everything I can
to stay in the game another day,

and rather than
think of that 55-day mark,

I'm just thinking of day 17.

How confident are you
that you'll be here day 17?

I feel pretty safe.


..who knows.

Alright. Let's vote.

Ben, you're up.


There's no doubt that
you're a mover and a shaker.

And you moved and shook this game
far too quickly for my liking.

I think we've, um,
struggled to get along

and I really hope that
it's your name brought out tonight,

as opposed to mine.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright. Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out

will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



We're tied.
Two votes Sam, two votes Michelle.


That's three votes Sam,
two votes Michelle.


That's five votes Sam,
two votes Michelle.

The sixth person voted out
from Australian Survivor, Sam.

That's six votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Sam, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good luck, guys.

- See you, Sammy.
- See you, Sam.

Well, in Survivor
you should always remember

strategy may not be the topic
of every conversation,

but every conversation
is strategic.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

I'm kind of pissed off
at half of my tribe.

So I'll make these people pay.

With Sam gone...

I was the genius behind
getting rid of Sam.

..Mark is on the war path.

Revenge is really important and I
kind of want blood, to be honest.

And new battlelines are drawn.

The next four days,
it's going to be Henry versus Mark

and I'm the referee.

Obviously disappointed.

I think the social game
is why I've gone out.

The fact that I just felt open
enough to talk to many people

made people think, "Oh,
she's talking to lots of people
about the vote."

Sam, I told you 10 times
that we're not voting you off.

Well, I'll tell you for the 11th
time, we're not voting you off.

I presume the one vote that wasn't
for me that I saw today was Mark.

I think it might be a bit
interesting for him

to go back to camp tonight,

but I hope me being out allows him
to kind of flourish in the game now.

Yeah, it's disappointing to be out,

but playing out here,
the game of Survivor for 16 days,

certainly reminds me that mentally
and physically I'm very tough

and probably taught myself
that I really can't play small,

even though I am very small.

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