Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Australian Survivor - full transcript

The Contenders play hard in the challenges, desperate to prove they've got what it takes to win. Tensions are high at Tribal Council with one player taken down in an epic blindside and sent home.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You've got to listen, man.

I was!
No, you weren't!

..tensions were building
at Samatau...

I'm trying to help you out.

I make one mistake,
you crucify me for it. Tara and Tessa
clashed over loyalties.

Are you sending me home tonight?

I hear you're sending me
home tonight.

I am so ready to fight.

While at Asaga...

..Sam became paranoid
about her place in the tribe.

It was too much for Henry,
who hatched a plan.

Today I'm going to throw
this challenge.

Despite Henry's best efforts...

Everyone's in sync for Asaga,
except Henry.

..Asaga won immunity...

Asaga takes immunity.

..sending Samatau to
a brutal Tribal Council.

Step out or flip.

Tara and Tessa...

..duked it out.

I did the right thing for me.

But in the end, neither went home.


Tarzan using his deciding vote
to get rid of Kate.

The tribe has spoken.

21 are left,
who will be voted out tonight?

Bit of a surprise at
Tribal Council tonight

and I'm still in this game.

I think that this has something
to do with Tarzan,

which surprises me that
he would try so hard

and go out to bat for me
like that, but...

No, I think it's a little awkward.

I slung a lot of mud Tara's way.

I've made my general apology
to the tribe.

I actually don't think
I owe any apology,

I only spoke the truth.

But Tara,

she's exactly the type
to hold a serious grudge,

so think I can expect a bit of
a frosty night's sleep tonight.

Our magician.

Oh, my gosh.
That Tribal Council was brutal.

I have never felt so...

Oh, my gosh.

I was at completely shocked
how Tessa was speaking.

She didn't back down and
she wasn't going anywhere

until she had her final say.

She's out for blood.

I'm ready to fight.

Cool. Yeah.

Good morning, Vietnam!

I'm alive. I survived Day 10.

Oh, yeah, Day 9.

I'm feeling skinny as.
My arms look like twigs.

We've been here for 10 days now.

The clothes are already looking
like we've been here

for about 55, you know? So...

Around the gut as well.

There's no more luxuries,
you know, hot showers, hot food.

Oh, rice! Hot rice.

But there's no more luxuries.

To be honest, I would be stoked
with a coffee and a cake.

A brownie?
I want a brownie!

Me and Jericho,
I think we're the best mates.

You know what I mean?

He's like a little brother.

I reckon reward will be a lot
of food that you can just eat.

Well, it's a beautiful
morning in Samoa.

It is sunny!



I'm stoked to be here.

So, I grew up as a Christian,

someone who would sacrifice
everything for people.

Look at his hair.

Every single one in this tribe,

they think that I'm this naive,
young and innocent angel kid.


But the Jericho in Survivor
is completely the opposite.

I came into this game
leaving my morals out the door,

but they don't know that.

Jericho's just too nice.

Too nice doesn't seem...

You don't trust anyone when you
wake up and you see a smiling guy

just two inches from your head,

Whether it's lie, cheat and steal,

I'm here for that title
of Sole Survivor

and I'm willing to do
anything to win this game.

I'm going to kill some tribe mates.

Alright. Ready, guys?


How many words?

Two words.

I absolutely thought
I was going home last night.

This is like a second lease
on life for me today.

Tarzan saved you, like,
he told us why, like...

Now maybe this should
be the alliance now.

Let's get through the day.

Tarzan is such a sweetheart.

He is like a dad, very much.

Well, thanks again for
putting for me last night.

That's all right.

Just as well you came down and had a
yak with me that afternoon, eh?


And I know you didn't ask me to,
but in honesty, I didn't,

you know, what I did for you,

I don't expect you
to align yourself to me.

I mean, I did that just as a,
like a personal thing,

more so than a game strategy,
it was...


Well, for real people,

I think everything's
a personal thing, isn't it?

Yeah, yeah, that's right,
got to keep it real.

But, yeah, you never know,
you might have my back one day.

I hope so.
Very nice.

Who knows what's going
to happen today?

I don't know.

I know that Tarzan
has had my back in this game

and I know that he would do pretty
much anything to keep me in it.

This sunrise, though,
it's beautiful.

So it's nice to have someone
out there on your side.

At Tribal Council last night,
Tessa said I was a flipper.

I don't like it.

I mean, I don't want to
be known as the flipper

because no-one will trust me.

But I just need to get her onside
because I might need her later on.

I just wanted to let you know
that I didn't take offence.

I mean, I didn't come up to you
later on because I was just tired.


That's really, like,
graceful of you.

'Cause I was, like, swinging at it

and I know that you were, like,
all the ammunition that I had.

I don't trust her.

She's messing with my game plan.

I know that's part of the game

but part of my game
is getting rid of Tessa.

Tessa needs to go.

I just don't want it to be awkward.

We need to move on,
get the tribe building back up.

On-board with that.
Yeah, yeah, same.


For my part,
there are still hard feelings.

She really did break my trust,

whether we're talking
about flipping,

stepping away from an alliance,
outright frank betrayal,

it's all one and the same thing.

She flipped and I'm not going
to lie down and do nothing.

I didn't come here to
bow out gracefully.

Yeah, I'll snap anyone's torch
to stay in this game.

Come on in, guys.


..take a look at
the new Samatau tribe.

Kate voted out at
the last Tribal Council.


How was the tribe
feeling this morning?

Um, I mean, it's not a good feeling

when you've lost another
tribe member, obviously,

but we've got to keep moving
forward as a tribe

and we just can't have any, um...
Bad blood.

Bad links, yeah.

Do you think it's going
to make you stronger?

Um, I hope so.

Henry, how's the food
situation over at Asaga?

Yeah, it's pretty rough
at the moment.

We're just on coconut and no-one
could stomach that this morning.

So we're just here, hopefully,
to progress to a bit of flavour.

Anything just to get our
taste buds going again.

Are you guys ready to get to
today's Reward Challenge?


Alright. Today's challenge...

..I will release hundreds
of coconuts into the water.

You'll race out and fill a raft
with your tribe's coconuts.

You will then use that raft
to surf in two tribemates.

Once you're back at the beach,
they'll use those coconuts

to smash three targets.

The first tribe to smash all
their targets wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

Bring it on.

You are playing for...


..taste bud delights.


Tea. Sugar.

Salt and pepper.

Fresh herbs.

Everything you need to spice up
your life out here.

- Worth playing for?
- Yes.

Alright, Asaga,
you have an extra player,

you're going to need sit someone out.

It can't be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it going to be?

It'll be me, Jonathan.
Ben, OK, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, get a minute
to talk about it.

Get to it.
Alright, yep.

I'll throw. Can you throw?
I can throw, yep.

I'll throw.

Are you going...?
Are you better at balance?

We need someone
that is a good thrower.

I'll do whatever you want.

Mate, I think you'll be
too heavy on the boat.

No, I know I can balance,
I know I can throw.

You surf in and you
pass the coconuts to him,

so it's just him fixing his aim.

Oh, shit, look who they've got.

I knew I should've done it.
Go on, then. Go.

Surfing for Asaga,
we have Henry and Luke.

For Samatau, we have Locky and AK.

For reward...

Survivors ready?


Everyone racing in.

Marky powering ahead.

Hard to get through
that knee-deep water.

What are you doing?
You run, you swim.

Ziggy doing the butterfly
in the water. Nice.

There you go, Zig.

Need to get all your
coconuts into the raft.

Asaga working away now,
filling up their raft.

Need to collect all your coconuts.

Sarah clocks Jericho
with a coconut.

Ziggy launching those coconuts
all the way

from the other side into her raft.

She has a hell of an arm on her.
Look at that.

This is all you, Zig!
This is you!

Keep going!
We're done, we're done.

Asaga have all the coconuts.
Go, Asaga!

Collect your first surfer.

Right up to Henry. Turn it to Henry.

Samatau, you have them all.
Go, go, Samatau.

There it is, OK.
Let's go.

You need to be standing
on your board.

Asaga arranging their coconuts
to help the surfer

who needs to ride them
all the way in.

Jump on.

Henry's first on for Asaga.

Let's go. Let's go.
Yeah, let's go.

Right, take your time.

Asaga's opened the lead here.

Yeah, keep going, guys!

Locky trying to get on.
Alright, go, go.

No, I'm sinking, I'm sinking.
Grab the board out the back,

out the back, out the back,
out the back.

I thought it would hold up for sure.

Locky is a heavy guy, he's sunk
straight through the coconuts.

You have to pile it on one side.
Pile it, pile it.

Samatau rearranging their coconuts.
I know it's a lot,

I know it's a lot, just keep going
because I sank straight through.

Keep going, guys, keep going.

There we go, there we go.

Locky trying to get on.
Can he stay on?

I'm going under.
Can't quite get on that surfboard.

Grab it. I'm too heavy,
grab the board.

Locky's the biggest guy
on their tribe.

Maybe he wasn't the
right choice strategically

for this part of the challenge.

Asaga working well together.
I'll come back your way.

Henry looking rock solid.

Quick, I'm almost there.

Pull. I'm there, I'm there.
Alright, Henry, go. Go, go!

Alright, Asaga, go pick up Lukey.

Come on, guys, here we go.

Locky's going to try again.


Now he seems to be steady.

Here we go. Nice and steady, guys.

Someone might need...
Keep going.

Luke coming in now for Asaga.

Asaga has a clear lead
in this challenge so far.

Go, Samatau!
Go pick up AK!

Let's go.

That's it.


Luke's on the beach. Start bringing
in your coconuts, Asaga.

You need to fill up your whole crate

before you can start shooting
at the targets.

Samatau's close behind with AK.
Let's go, Samatau!

OK, AK, go, go!

AK trying to high step
through the water.

OK, push, push!

Right, Samatau, start
bringing in those coconuts.

Samatau trying to pick it up now.
They want to get in on this.

Let's go.
Asaga, your crate is full.

Come back!
Quick, quick, quick!

You have to bounce the coconuts off
the trampoline and hit the target.

Take your time.

Take your time.

OK, just slow, just slow.

Luke shooting.

That's it.
You've got this, Luke.

Samatau is on the mat.
Start firing.

Luke focusing on one at a time.

That's it.

Luke smashes the first
target for Asaga.

We're away, Lukey boy.

You got it, Locky.

Samatau smashes one!
We are dead even.

Luke is getting close to another one.

Hey, and that's it -
Samatau takes out another one,

putting them in the lead.
They have one target left.

Unbelievable comeback.

Oh, and that's it,
Asaga takes out another target.

We're dead even.

This is it.

Both tribes down
to their last target.

One more, Henry.

One more coconut winner right here.

Oh, very close again for Asaga.

They really want to get this reward.

Locky working on that last target.

Can he take it out right here?

Locky takes it out
and Samatau wins the reward!

Patience is a virtue.
Patience is a virtue.

Everyone did a bloody cracking
effort, guys.

OK, remember the training - if
we lose a reward, we win immunity.

That's all we care about.

Samatau, congratulations.

Come grab your tasty reward.

Should make your food out here
a little more interesting.

And the table?

No table.

Alright, head back to camp, enjoy.

Oh, I forgot my coffee.

Asaga, you know the drill,
I've got nothing for you.

Grab your gear and head back to camp.

We lost the reward again.

But as long as we keep winning
every single immunity challenge,

I don't care if I eat
the same thing every single day.

I don't need variety,
I just need immunity.

Good work, everybody.

Got tea...
Oh, espresso.

That was a seriously hard challenge.

That is so big.

So we win this reward challenge,
then we've got spices

and herbs and coffee, tea,
salt, pepper.

So how many...

How many cups?

Just rice and then go to town
on whatever you want.

And then add...
We'll go four cups of rice?

Four cups.

Everyone's a bit excited and we're
all looking really forward to

cooking up some rice
and adding a bit of spice to it.

So, you know, I kind of think to
myself, I'll try and boost

the morales even a bit more and
I'll go and look for a bit of fish.

Bloody hell.

This is a moral dilemma.

"On this table, I've got two things,
firewood and food.

"You have a choice.

"Take this firewood back
to your tribe...

"..or keep this stash of food
secret from the tribe.

"Choose wisely."

Oh, man.

Yeah, I don't need firewood.

But I want cookies.

It's food, mate.

I'm bloody hungry, man.

And they'd go well with coffee
and tea this arv.

I'd be glad to share 'em.

But I get the deal.

You know, you got to hide 'em.

I'd rather everyone had some.

When you don't have any food,
or not much of it

and you don't have any friendship...

..all you really have got
is yourself.

I just don't know.

Sorry about the loss, guys.
Nah, it's alright.

We've lost
the reward challenge.

I know how a good fire would be...

And just to make it worse,
we don't have fire.

Wash some firewood, huh?

Firewood, guys, is a priority.

I'm just going to go and look.

So I decided to go
and get firewood one way.

As I got to the end of the path, I
saw this small, like, little stand.

Oh, my gosh.

What the heck?

A clue.

Oh, my gosh.


I knew there was this little twist,
that I had to make a decision.

"This is a moral dilemma.

"There are two things -
there's firewood and food.

"You have a choice - take this
firewood back to your tribe

"or keep this stash of food
secret from the tribe.

"Choose wisely."

I don't know what I'm going to do.

I came into this game
leaving my morals at the door.

Do I go and revert back
to my unselfish Christian ways,

or do I stick with the Jericho
who's actually playing Survivor?

We can sit around this fire camp
and play Kumbaya...

..or actually have
this jar of cookies.

Of course I'm going to
take these cookies!

"Thou shalt not steal"
is one of the greatest Scriptures

from the Bible,
but I feel like I didn't steal.

I just completely decided
to selfishly hide something.

It was a jar of cookies
all for myself,

and of course
I was going to get the cookies.

Like, there's chocolate chip
cookies, gingerbread. Like...

Oh, my goodness.

You know what?

Having this jar of cookies
is not just a jar of cookies,

it's opening Pandora's box.

I can use it to gain people's trust.

There's no more firewood
for "the tribe".

There is only one real tribe,
and that's me.

I'm going to make sure
I start building my tribe,

and that I stand on this pedestal...

..with this jar of cookies.

Oh, wow.

Where did you get that from?

Have I got a surprise for you.

What are you doing, Mark?

Well, I went spear fishing...
Watch your toes.

..and I found this note.

"This is a moral dilemma.

"You have a choice...

"..take the firewood
back your tribe

"or keep this stash of food
secret from the tribe."

Thanks, Tarzan.

Thanks, Tarzan.
Good on you, mate.

What kind of food was it?
Yeah, what was the food?

It was a jar, this big, by that,
full of biscuits.


Would have went well
with that coffee and tea.

You could have had it!

How the hell could I sleep at night,
eating those bloody biscuits?

Oh, my God.
With a full belly!

They all said I should've taken
the bloody cookies!

And I thought, "And you would've!"

Should I carve into all that?
Well, we've all eaten,

so chuck all the herbs on
to your heart's content.

Careful, it might be hot.

That, you know, for me,
was just a real uplift.

Because being true to myself...

..for me, was everything.

And I'll take that to the grave.

I am the brown Cookie Monster today.

I'm going to use these cookies
to start building my tribe,

to make sure that
I end up ruling this game.

Spill with me tonight, OK?

Spill with me around midnight.
Yeah, yeah.

OK? Midnight. Remember?

Yeah, yeah. Sweet.

You're going to love it,
you're going to be smiling,

you'll be laughing, I tell you what.


Luke, to me, it is definitely
the closest person in this game.

Yeah, brother.

So, tonight, I'm going to share
this jar of cookies with Luke.

But, right now, I'm going
to use them to get Henry.

Henry's slowly separating
away from Sam,

and he's starting to become
closer to me.

Pretty exhausted, eh?
Are you?

How badly did you want that coffee?

'Cause you know how we were
talking about coffee this morning...

So much. I wanted it so much.
Did you?

That's one thing I think
I miss the most, actually.

I've been craving something sweet,

Yeah, same.

Brownies, cookies...

Yeah, anything sizeable,
I'd be stoked with.


Um, OK, can I tell you something?

Yeah, sure.

How much do you trust me?

I trust you so much.

OK, if you do,
I want to tell you something.



So I just found a clue -

not to an idol,
I'm not sneaky like that.

Yeah, yeah.


..I get to bring back four cookies,

and I want to share it with you.


That's so good.

So we'll have two each.

Thinking I was going to share it
with Luke, but I thought...

Like, I thought, like,
the last couple of days, like,

"Maybe I actually will..."

Yeah, yeah, no,
I feel the same vibes as you.

Are you all good with that?

I'm so good with that.

Come here. Made my day better.

I know.

Obviously don't want to tell
Henry the big stash,

because he's not
completely trustworthy.

I want to give him
just enough to trust me.

I hope it's a mixture, eh?

That would be great.
Chocolate chip.

Chocolate chip!
I hope it's a chocolate chip!

He doesn't know that
he's just one of my pawns.

The game's just started.

I am still completely on the line.

I'm absolutely in damage control.

I'm doing my best just to be
friendly with everybody,

and helpful around camp.


..if we lose another immunity
and have to go to Tribal Council...

..I can't see what gets me
out of being the next person to go.

Dig in, guys.

Locky definitely holds
the power in this tribe.

He's got a trail of girls around him
who follow his lead

and look up to
his big, broad shoulders.

Aimee first of all,
Tara, Annaliese, even Ziggy.

'Cause you're, like, so respected
and everyone, like, talks...

like, values your opinion
but then 'cause I know that you...

Whether I can play this game
with Locky or not,

if it's in my best interests,
I definitely can.

Right now, this is my best chance.

Guys, I want to stay
more than anything.

'Cause I will try my guts out.
I know.

I know you're, like, in a
sucky situation, alright? But...

It's just so hard
when the numbers lack.

I know.

As much as I, like, love having
you around and everything,

I can't put anything to you.

Like, 'cause if I flip
or, like, anyone flips,

then we've just got
a target on our back.

I'm just going to chuck
one thing in there,

and then you can ask me
as many questions as you like.

If you don't vote for
the weakest person in the tribe,

you're making another big mistake.

And your weakest person,
without a doubt, is Annaliese.

That's it.

It's as simple as that.

That's... That's killing my game.

how is she so crucial in your game?

She votes with me. Like...

So? I can vote with you.

Yeah, I know, but she's loyal.

What am I?

I am happy for youse two

to go around and talk to everyone

I've made my pitch to Locky,

I know that overselling it's only
going to push them further away.

So, at this point,
the only thing I can do

is search absolutely everywhere
for an Immunity Idol.

Oh, man.
We've just had a big feed, guys.

Everyone knows that the
Cookie Monster in Sesame Street

doesn't share his cookies,
but I'm Jericho who's playing a game

and I think that this is going to be
the gamechanger for me.

I'm going to share these cookies to
Henry and Luke separately,

making sure that their main
alliance is with me.

Alright, guys, dessert time!

Do you see down there?


That has made my day better.

Being Cookie Monster
is hilarious,

but it's more hilarious when
you have Elmo next to me

and Luke
has become my Elmo in this game.

..and I want to share it with you.

When he handed me the
cookies, man, a whole jar!

There's probably about
200 cookies in there.

And I put my hand in there and it
just feels like warm cookie dough.

I got Henry's trust
and I got Luke's trust.

With this jar of cookies,

I am going to create
my own little army of soldiers.

I will make my own empire.

And I will stand there
with my throne, ruling this game.

Come on in, guys.


What's up?

You guys have lost two
Immunity Challenges in a row.

What does it feel like walking away
after losing immunity?

It feels terrible 'cause
we pretty much won every reward

and then we lose the big one

so it's never good walking away
losers and then knowing

we have to get rid of someone,
but, yeah, we feel pretty confident.

Full bellies so, yeah,
feeling really good.



The flipside to that is how does
it feel to win

and take that idol back to camp?

Losing the rewards is always tough,

but the immunities are the big ones
so you really want to take them.

We're ready for Round 3 today
so keen to get another win.

Fighting words right there.

You guys ready to get to today's
Immunity Challenge?


Alright, first things first.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, your tribe
will split into two groups -

builders and runners.

The builders will build an obstacle
course for the runners as they go.

First, over a cargo net,
then across stepping poles.

The aim is to keep
everyone off the ground.

Finally, the runners,
you'll carry sandbags across a ladder

and use them
to knock a block off a rail.

The first tribe that
knocks their block off wins immunity,

safe from Tribal Council.

Losers - date with me,
somebody going home.

Asaga, you have an extra player.

You're going
to need to sit someone out.

Keep in mind, it cannot be the same
person in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it going to be?


Alright, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
you get a minute to talk about it.

Get to it.

OK, for Samatau, the builders are
Tara, Locky, Pete, Tarzan and Aimee.

The runners are Anneliese, Ziggy,
Jarrad, Tessa and AK.

For Asaga, the builders are
Mark, Ben, Michelle, Sarah and Luke

and the runners are Henry, Jacqui,
Jericho, Sam and Odette.

On the bench, we have Kent.

For immunity...

..Survivors, ready?


Help each other, guys.

You need to get
everyone across the net

to the other side before you can
move on to the next obstacle.

Go, go, go!

One at a time!

make sure you pull that rope tight.

The tighter you keep the net,

the easier it's going to
be for your tribemates.

Two at a time! Two light people.

Divide your weight.

Asaga has two people on the net.

Samatau has two people on the net.

Not in the middle, Jarrad,

not in the middle.
Not in the middle.

If you touch the ground,

you've got to go all the way
back to the start of the obstacle.

Jericho, go. Go, Jericho.

Jacqui's struggling.

She's got her foot stuck in the net.

Go, Jacqui!

Samatau powering through.

Roll! Turn sideways and roll!

Samatau has an interesting technique.

Tessa is rolling on the net.

Good work, guys!

Asaga has three people across.

Both at the same time, go!

Samatau has four people across.

Go, Anneliese!

Anneliese rolling over the net,
powering through.

Concentrate on us.

Samatau's across.

Alright, you can
start working on the next obstacle.

Asaga close behind.

Henry last to come off.

Go, Asaga!

Start working on the stepping poles.

Sit on it, sit on it,
sit on it, sit on it.

Sit on it, sit on it!
Sit on it.

One, two, three... Go.

Samatau are carrying Jarrad across.

I've got it.

Yeah, I'm just helping your balance,

This is not how this part of
the challenge was designed,

but, hey,
if you want to innovate, innovate.

Go, go.

Michelle, Michelle...

Mark and Luke of Asaga
doing the same.

Here, take this one.

Tessa going across for Samatau.

Locky and Tarzan are single-handedly
carrying everyone across.

This was the best move, mate.

Jericho across for Asaga.

Two people across.

Ziggy going across for Samatau now.


I've got the bottom,
I've got the bottom.

Ready? Go.

Mark and Luke carrying
everyone across for Asaga.

Odette going across now.

Samatau ahead -
they've got four people across.

One more to go.


Hang on. Steady, steady...

We've got you. We've got you.

I'm staying behind you just in case.

Locky and Tarzan are machines on
this section of the course.

Locky, you're killing it.

Mark and Luke powering across.

Samatau almost have AK across
and that's it,

everyone's across for Samatau.

Start working on your sandbags.

Put it on my shoulders!

Come on, Asaga,
you need to pick it up.

Two, three...

You've got to get
all your sandbags across

and everyone needs to be
across before you can start firing.

Oi, swap, Tarzan, you and I.

Everyone's across for Asaga.

Go, Asaga!

Alright, guys, I'm coming. Ready?

Builders, you need to stay
strong on the ladders

so everyone can get across.

You got me there?

Yep, I do. I've got you.

You've got to get across
with the sandbags.

That is a lot of extra weight.

Oh, sorry.

Can't get any friggin' sandbags!

Anneliese has a huge stack
of sandbags in her T-shirt.

Guys, are you ready for me?

Are you ready? Yes?

Yes, let's go, straight across.

Will you be able to carry me?

Jarrad carefully going across.

Oh, he falls and he drops sandbags!

They stay on the ground.

Jarrad, pass me sandbags.
Pass me sandbags, Jarrad.

Jarrad really struggling here.

If you fall, you've got to go back.

All your sandbags and all
your people need to be across.

Go, Zig!

Ziggy has two in her mouth, carefully
making her way across on all fours.

Go, go!

Go faster!

Henry just walked straight across it,
not a problem.

Everyone's across for Asaga.

You can start firing Asaga. Go!

Make them count, Jericho!

Wow, Asaga were behind,
but they've caught up.

They're ahead.

Guys, are you all braced?

Go, go!


AK, ooh, very unsteady.

If he falls, he's going
to lose a lot of sandbags.

Pass them on, pass them on,
pass them on.

Got 'em. We need to get
the ones on the floor, too.

Samatau back in this.

Builders on the mat.


Take your time, guys!

Ziggy and AK throwing for Samatau.


You've got to hit that target
and push it off the rail.

Every hit gets you closer to the end.


More accuracy.

Jericho, yes!

Henry hits.

Ziggy takes a shot.

AK takes a shot.

He hits.

Come on, guys.


Jericho shoots.

He misses.

We need the bag.

AK hits again.

They're neck and neck here.

Come on, guys!

Who's going to take this out?

Immunity on the line.

If you can take shots in between
without interrupting his flow.

Someone's going home tonight.

You don't want it to be you.

Slow and accurate.

Come on, AK.

Another hit for Samatau.

Jericho shoots. He hits.

Henry hits again.

They're getting close
to the end of the rail.

Come on, guys, you've got this.

Another shot for Samatau.
We're neck and neck!

Another one for Asaga.

Another one for Samatau.

Another one for Asaga.

They're an inch away!

One good hit will do it.

And that's it!

Henry takes it for Asaga!

Asaga wins immunity, sending
Samatau back to Tribal Council.

We had it, guys.

Asaga, congratulations again.

Immunity is yours.

Everyone is safe, no-one going home.

Well done!

Grab your gear, head on out.

Well done, guys.

Well, I'm going to see you guys
tonight at Tribal Council

where somebody's going to
be the fourth person

voted out from this game.

You'll have the afternoon to
work out who that's going to be.

I'll see you tonight at Tribal.

I needed this win
more than anything.

There's no chance of someone else
going home other than me.

I need an idol.

As soon as we lost the
Immunity Challenge today,

I knew that it's my head
on the chopping block again.

I can feel that
I have no power in this tribe.

I just don't want to go home.

I'm not ready, I'm here to fight
and I'm here to play.

Uh, you might need to do
a bit of a scrounge around

to get a bit of timber up.

The second that I put my bags down,
I start looking for that idol.

I want an idol,
and I want it more than anything.

This I think the consensus is
we stick to what we're doing.


You're able to see someone's kind of
swaying out of the alliance.

I think
it's always good to just check in

and say, "Hey, are we all sweet?"

Who's voting what?



Clearly she doesn't have an idol.

Shall we keep an eye on her?

I think, keep an eye on her,

grab firewood and
stay strong as a team.

The alliance of eight
seems pretty strong,

but the only two people that
are on the outs

are Tessa and Tarzan.

We need Tarzan for the challenges,
so, the obvious vote is Tessa.

Tess was looking for the idol,
but to no avail, so...

I don't know, it just dawned on me
that I should go and have a look.

I have been looking
in the mangroves,

just to see if I could
find the damn thing...

..and I'm thinking,
there's one tree

that's got all these nice little
holes in it all over the place,

and I thought I'd go
and have a look.


Ha, ha!

Bugger me.

This'll get 'em.

That'll have to do.

God, I love this game!

Ha, ha, ha!

They all want Tarzan
to keep lighting fire.

Well, I'm ready to light a few more.

Oh, happy days.

After I found the idol,
I went straight to the tent,

talked to Locky - and I wanted
to make sure nothing's changed.

It's amazing how
I just keep finding this wood.

Well, I may as well
just play ball, mate.


I mean, be honest with me, man.

I'm being honest with you,
man, I can't...

All I can say is that
we're all gonna vote Tessa.

No, I don't think she's got an idol.


Well, I may as well
make it unanimous, then.

Why would you say that now?

Tarzan doesn't just roll over.

Oh, mate, I suppose
that I was starting to get

into the swing of the game,
and I thought, like you said,

when we move on from here,
who have I got?

If you've got me back... much as you can.

As much I can, man.

Yeah, yeah, I get it.

We should put this rice on,
just anywhere.

The game Locky's playing is,
you know,

"I'm sitting back
because I know I'm in control,"

and, you know, all the servants
that are beneath him

are kind of feeling that presence,

that, "We're safe,
as long as we're with Locky."

Well, that's got to come to
an end sometime,

and today is the day.

This is the plan, this is the plot.

AK is at the bottom in the Alliance.

If I can swing Tess and AK,

we've now turned the tables.

There's a nice, big ton, there.

We should come back for that
another day

and just all lug it up, there, eh?

Yeah, sounds great.

Oh, well.

I couldn't blame you, I suppose.

How's your firewood
scrounging going?

I'm just looking with Tess.

Are you?

Are you happy to do that?

Would they?

Well, you know,
the thing I found in life,

if you wanna get trust,
you have to give it,

and that is the risk.

If I'm gonna trust you, that's it.

I'll put it all on the table -
and that's what I did with AK.

I put it on the table.

Don't go too far, mate. Tess.


Well, this might sound ridiculous,

and it may not be to the
benefit of us as a tribe, but...


And we'd go with every challenge
handicapped, I know,

but you'll just absolutely
stuff that alliance

and I'm happy to go head-to-head
with those other jokers.

You were saying
Anneliese before that.

I just...

I think this occasion deserves
someone higher

up the tree.

Everyone's looking at me
like I'm a complete bloody idiot.

They tell me...

If I vote with you guys tonight,
we need six tonight...

No, all you need is this.

No way.
Stick it in your pocket.

No, I'm not.

You're a rock star, Tarzan.

I just wanna see you stay in it.

I went from certain that
I was going home

and there was nothing I could do,

and then Tarzan came up to me
with the gift of a lifetime.

Tarzan, you are just my hero.
Thanks, mate.

I just did not expect to find
someone like you here.

Honestly, I don't know what I've
done in this game to deserve this.

I just hope it hasn't left him

Now, you keep that a secret
and I'll look forward to tonight.

Now I'll look for firewood.

Now, listen...


Are you on our side with this?


This is your chance,
he will get rid of you next, mate.

I know, I know.

Sometimes, you know,
you just got to...risk it all.

I know, mate.

I'm here to play big,
I'm here to make moves whenever

the moves are there to be made.

You know, I do want Locky gone,
I've just got to work out

when that's going to be.

I know I've got to strike
while the iron's hot.

I think I've got it pretty
clear in my head

what the smarter thing to do
is tonight.

I've never believed in luck.
Fortune is more my thing.

And a man makes his own fortune.

Tarzan's found
a crack in their lives

and the fury of the god has
come upon them.

Well, Samatau,
welcome back to Tribal Council.

Third time in a row.

Let's talk about the challenge

Ziggy, you and AK were on the
throwing part of the challenge.

Do you feel responsible?

Oh, definitely.
I definitely feel responsible.

Feel responsible, AK?
Yeah, no doubt.

We were even with them
when we got to the throwing part

and, you know, I fell short again

and I take that full responsibility
upon myself.

But one thing I won't do,

is I won't shy away from
stepping into that moment.

I'm not going to be
a person that goes, "No,"

because I don't want to be
scrutinised if it doesn't go my way.

I'm happy to step up
and be that person.

Tessa, you escaped the last Tribal
Council by the skin of your teeth.

You think you might be in trouble
again tonight?

Seems like I'm always in trouble.

I mean, I can't seem
to get off the bottom here.

There is a big majority alliance
in this tribe

and it seems like
once they're through voting us off,

there's only me and Tarzan left
at this point,

I think it's time to start thinking
about what happens next.

Are you saying Tarzan's
in the same position that you are?

Well, Tarzan's
a huge challenge asset.

I don't think anyone can miss that.

He's also the fire master
and a very good guy.


So, not quite the same boat as me.

I think I'm a much juicier pick-off
to go first.


After tonight's vote,
the tribe is going to be nine.

If what Tessa is saying is true,
you have an alliance of eight,

so one more easy vote.

Then after that
it gets really tough.

You're going to have to start
cannibalising each other.

Yeah. Definitely.

We just have to
take each day as it is

and they're on the outs
at the moment,

so we can deal with that now

and then when something else comes
up we have to deal with that then.

Easy to say that when you're on top,

Me on top?

Alright. If you say so.

I think there are people here who
should be feeling pretty vulnerable

very, very soon.

I mean, it's so easy to say,
"We'll just have to see what comes

"and then we'll hopefully
just keep winning."

But if you're sitting on the bottom,

this is the time
when you still have numbers to use

and you can actually make a move
and take control

and not just leave things
up to chance.

This is a game and we all need
to be actually playing this game,

not just riding the majority.

So, you keep telling us
to "play the game, play the game".

Like, we played Adam, like,
a professional poker player.

He didn't even know it was coming.

Jarrad, do you know where you sit... the tribe?

Uh, I don't think I'm at the bottom.

I think somewhere in the middle
I think is probably...

Everyone here thinks
they're somewhere in the middle.

It's a big middle.

It's not possible, right?

I mean, if you're on the bottom
you probably don't know it, so...

That's just bad Survivor.

The people who win this game are
the people who make a big alliance

feel that nobody is on the bottom.

It's really good game playing

but someone needs to take
a good, hard look at themselves

and figure out where they stand
and what they can do.

Anneliese, I think
what Tessa's trying to say

is if you're on the bottom
of your alliance,

you can use them to flip the game
to your advantage.

Yeah. I mean,
she definitely has a point.

They will be loyal
to whoever wants to make a move.

That's where
I definitely doubt that.

I think I showed some loyalty

with the biscuit challenge.

You know? I mean, I pride myself
on loyalty in everyday life.

And the people around me who
do trust me know that implicitly.

I don't trust you anymore.

You've said to Anneliese, like,

"I will never write your name."
Yeah. Two days ago.

You came to me,
"Anneliese needs to go."

And I was like...

And I don't want to work with them.

Anneliese, I promise you,
I ain't voting for you tonight.

AK, where do you think you sit
in your alliance?

I believe
I'm at the bottom of the eight,

but the reason for being
is none other than my own fault.

And that's the way
I came out of the blocks.

But, again, I'm proving
by my actions, repeated actions,

that I can be someone
that can be trusted

and maybe I will be worth
taking forward in this game

because everything that I've said
back at camp

has all lined up at Tribal Council.

Tessa, do you agree with AK that
he's in the bottom of his alliance?

I'm very much on the outside. It's
very hard to tell from out here.

But there are eight people here who
are not playing Survivor right now,

they're just riding majority.

I know you know
what I'm talking about, AK.

I think there are some other people
here who do too.

Tessa is an extremely smart,
logical player.

Thanks, AK.
And I think that...

I don't get many compliments
around here.

And I think
that she understands the game

and to move forward she might knock
out someone that's not expecting it.

No-one here's going to crack,

We're all tight.

Aimee, do you agree?
Bloody oath.

Tara, alliances are all about trust.

Do you think you can trust everyone
in your alliance?

For me at the moment, I feel
comfortable with this alliance.

Locky, what should the tribe

when they go and vote tonight?

Just stick to the plan
and see what happens.

Well, I say it's time to vote.

Well, I say it's time to vote.

Tessa, you're up.

I really do hope
you don't have an idol.

I'll count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Here's mine.

Thank you.
Thanks, Jonathan.

This is in fact
a hidden Immunity Idol.

Votes cast against Tessa
will not count.

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final, person voted out

will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...Tessa.

Does not count.

Tessa, does not count.

Locky, it's one vote Locky.


It's one vote Tarzan,
one vote Locky.


That's two votes Tarzan,
one vote Locky.

Fourth person voted out from
Australian Survivor, Tarzan.

You beauty.
That's three votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.
Cheers, guys.

Thanks for having me.

Bye, buddy.


..the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Do a chest beat.


Give us a hug, mate.

- Hooroo.
- Bye.

Win the next one for me.

We will.

What a blast.

Well, tonight this tribe chose
alliance over strength,

but if you keep losing challenges,

we're going to find out just how
strong this alliance really is.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time, on Australian Survivor...

Survivors, three, two, one.

..the season's first
endurance challenge...

Pain is starting to set in
in the shoulders now.

..puts bodies...
Push. Push. Push.

..and minds to the test.

This is classic Survivor right here.

Can Samatau avoid
four straight Tribal Councils?

Lift it up! Lift it up!

Please give up!

Or is it time for AK
to make his move?

Bloody hell. What a big finish, eh?

What happened?

Well, we were going to
knock Locky off,

but looks like AK, you know,
did the old turncoat on us

and looks like I'm going home.

I genuinely hope
that you play the idol tonight

and I can work with you
in the future days.

Well, I think the sole survivor
in my opinion,

I think young Tessa's got
just as much chance as anyone,

so I'm really, you know, hoping that
she's going to pull it off.

Well, the message I have
for the tribe is, you know,

the god of the universe kind of
tends to look after me in a big way.

And, you know, it's started to rain

so hopefully
by the time they get back to camp

it's absolutely pissing down

and then they'll be rueing the day
they got rid of Tarzan,

I can tell you.

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