Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 16 - Australian Survivor - full transcript

The Survivors enter one of the biggest Tribal Councils of the season as an unexpected move turns the game on its head.

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Previously on Australian Survivor...

Oh, man! Tribal was a circus.

Reduced to just five members,
Asaga was a tribe divided.

TARA: After last night,
I don't think there is an Asaga.

It's a tribe
but it's completely washed out.

While at Samatau...

..Peter was back with his old tribe
and in the majority alliance.

PETER: It was beautiful
waking up at Samatau today.

I feel like this is the place
where I have options in this game.

But in a tribe of eight,

that pushed others
further down the pecking order.

Pete coming over here was great
for everyone at Samatau but me.

The big boys are having trouble
with this challenge.

When Asaga lost yet another
Immunity Challenge...

Jericho comes out!

Ziggy wins immunity for Samatau! was Sarah and Tara
versus Luke and Jericho...

I might even just flip a coin,
if I had one.

..with Odette in the middle.

That makes me
the most powerful person.

At Tribal, Asaga finally found
something to agree on...

12th person voted out from
Australian Survivor -


..both sides joining forces
against Odette.

The tribe has spoken.

12 are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

SARAH: Wow. God.

At Tribal, I got Odette sent home.

I think Odette felt pretty
certain that she wasn't going home

and that she was a power vote.

I feel though even that was simple,
that was still crazy.

Odette was completely blindsided

Now that there's only
four people left,

we almost have to
just unite together.

We're completely fine.

I trust you guys.

I think people will assume

that the dominating team
will just rule the world.

Right now,
Asaga is the underdog in this game.

It's so much more fun
when you support the underdogs,

because when they come up on top,
man, everyone is off their seats.

Morning, Tara.

Looking back at day one
feels like a lifetime ago.

LUKE: So, how many days now?
Well, it's day 35.

Oh, yeah.

I definitely sense that
there's a merge in the wind.


We're merging!

I feel like I definitely have
a lot of options if we do merge.

They're already sussing out
who they wanna get rid of,

and it doesn't involve us four.

And keeping the ears out
at all those different people -

like, you talking to Henry...
You talking to Locky...

You talking to Locky.

But you've got a good thing
with Michelle.

Yeah, Michelle.

We do have a lot of ears everywhere,
and we could use that so well.

Anything could change, and this game
is gonna really start ramping up,

so I gotta get my war paint on
and really start fighting.

If anyone who wants beans
wants to come and get some...

JARRAD: Day 35. You know,
we're over the hump.

There is a pathway to the end.

Within Samatau, I'm feeling great.

I've got a real strong alliance,

which is myself, Petey, Ziggy,

Anneliese and Tessa.

Right now on the bottom
are Michelle,

Locky, then Henry.

Henry, I don't trust him,

and is too tight with Locky.

HENRY: I think it's a good strategy
to keep Locky on my side.

Oh, really?


I'm always worried about Locky and
where he sits within this alliance.

He is somebody
who thrives on attention,

who likes to be in charge.

He's somebody with an ego
that needs to be watered.

So, it's important for him
to feel like he's not at the bottom

and to feel like he has control.

Come on in, guys.

take a look at the new Asaga.

Odette voted out
last Tribal Council.

LOCKY: Odette?

Jericho, Asaga's down to four now.
Samatau still has eight.

Are you looking over there
and thinking,

"Wow, we could be in trouble?"


I mean, there's one third of us
that makes up everybody here,

so, um, this tribe
is pretty much unrepairable.

Well, for 35 days, you guys
have battled it out as tribes... some of the closest
challenges ever.

LUKE: Yes!

And you have fought hard
to keep your tribe strong.

But that's all about to change.


Asaga and Samatau are no more.

We are merging.


Whoo! Oh, my God!

You look absolutely incredible.

It is time to drop your buffs.


Here are your new ones.

Ahhh! (LAUGHS)

Put them on.


I am super excited.

This means
it's now an individual game.

JERICHO: When you make the merge,

it's literally the best of the crop.

This is where the war
really happens.

It's fighting against royal knights.

When you're a part of this war,

you know that you're one of the
bad-asses that you wanted to be.

Now, even though
things are changing,

remember that your goal
is still the same.

You all have a one in 12 shot
at taking that half million dollars

and the title of Sole Survivor.

So...may the best player win.

Alright, you guys ready

to get to your first
individual reward challenge?

- ALL: Yes!
- Alright.

Today's challenge, you'll swing
a long pendulum around a bottle

and through a frame.

If at any point you touch the frame,
the bottle will fall -

you're out of the challenge.

Last person with their bottle
still standing wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

ALL: Yes!

Winner of today's challenge will get
a merge rejuvenation package.

It's a chance to get clean
from top to toe.

Clean clothes, clean teeth...

Clean clothes!

..a massage...


..and...a three-course meal.

ALL: Ohh!

And if that wasn't enough, you'll
also win what's inside your bottle.

Letters from home.


Just one. One person?

- Yeah.
- LUKE: Oh, that's torture.

- That's huge.
- Wow.



What's going on?

Oh, I don't know. I...I don't know.

It's whenever family is...comes into
the picture, you think, "Oh, cool.

"That'd be nice, to get in touch,"

and then you think about it
for, like, two extra seconds

and then you realise
how important that actually is.

What about for you, Luke?

Getting a letter would be...
I don't know, pretty crazy.

Whoa! Goddamn. (LAUGHS)

Yeah, yeah, nah.
It's tough, you know?

Family's... Having your own kids
and wife and...

It's hard. Like, you're not just
coming out here by yourself,

you know, doing your own thing.

It's, uh...
you're leaving people behind.

It's tough.

- Goddamn.
- Good luck, everyone. Good luck.

Yeah, good luck, everyone.

- Worth playing for?
- ALL: Yeah.

Alright. We'll draw for spots
and we'll get started.

Alright. Everyone take your rope.

Start your swing.

This challenge is now on.

This is your first challenge
as individuals,

which means only one can win.

You need to find a rhythm.

Keep that pendulum moving
through the frame.

If you touch the frame,
that bottle will fall off.

Michelle is out of the challenge.

Nice and steady wins this one.

One lapse in concentration
and you are out.

Ooh, Jericho touches his frame.
Not hard enough - he's still in it.

Henry taps the frame, bottle drops.
He's out of the challenge.

Very easy for your mind to
drift off, lose focus.

- Tara.
- (TUTS) Shit.

Tara hits her frame. She's out.

- Ahh!
- Ziggy hits her frame. She's out.

We are 10 minutes
into this challenge.

Come on, guys.

We are now down to eight.
It's very hot out here.

Sure is.

LUKE: I could use a jumper.

Makes it hard to concentrate.

Luke already sweating.
That is not gonna help.

Tessa has been so focused
in this challenge.

your stare is putting me off.

I'd like it if you would move on.


# I know a song
that will get on your nerves

♪ Get on your nerves. ♪ (LAUGHS)

Luke is so comfortable down the end
there, he's singing.

Everybody stop!

Luke cracks a joke.

No. What?

Hits his frame
and knocks off his bottle.


- Luke is out of the challenge.
- Damn.


30 minutes and still seven left.

Fighting it out
for a very nice reward.

News from people you love

is right there in front of you
in that bottle.

A lot of strength can be had from
that for the next 20 days out here.

Tessa has lost her rhythm, but she's
still in it. Great recovery.

Ooh, shit.

At some point,
that rhythm becomes very hypnotic.

Very easy to lose focus
at this point.

After 30 minutes,
Locky knocks over his bottle.

He's out of the challenge.

Six people out of this challenge,
six people still in this challenge.

Who's gonna take it?

Another tap from Peter.

Anneliese touches her frame -
not enough to knock the bottle off.

Sarah's frame
is precariously angled now.

She knocks it.
She is out of the challenge.

Everyone's starting to get tired.

- Ohh.
- Jarrad hits his frame.

He's out of the challenge.
We are down to four.

Hey, Sarah.

You were pretty emotional

when you found out
what was inside that bottle.

- Yeah.
- Was it tough to lose this one?

(TEARFULLY) It's all good.
I'll see them soon enough. (LAUGHS)

You guys have been out here
for an hour.

We have four left.

Anneliese, Tessa,

Peter, Jericho.

Great effort.

Must be asking yourself
at this point, though,

"How long can I keep this up?"

Peter is out of the challenge.
We are down to three.

SARAH: Good job, Pete.

A tap from Jericho.
He gets his rhythm back.

Tessa slowly but surely
stirring her stew.

After an hour, Anneliese
is also out. We're down to two.

Two warriors - Tessa and Jericho -

battling it out for the best
reward in this game so far.

There's only so much in the tank
after 35 days.

Not much food, not much sleep,
and no word from home.

This reward could take care of
all those things.

Jericho has proved
that he is a challenge beast.

But is Tessa
just gonna give it to him?

I don't think so.

Tessa and Jericho, you guys have
been out here for 90 minutes.


ZIGGY: Good job, guys.

This is where I'm gonna make it
a little more difficult.

I'm gonna count you down from five,

during which time
I want you to switch hands,

but this is a live transition,

which means you need to
keep the pendulum moving.

If at any point your bottle falls
during that transition,

you are out of the challenge.

Alright, here we go.





- Oh, Jeri.
- Tess!

After an epic battle, 90 minutes,

Jericho's out of the challenge,

and Tessa wins reward!

- Good job.
- Good girl!


Tessa, congratulations.

You have won the best reward
in the game so far -

a letter from home, plus total
rejuvenation of mind, body and soul.


..I'm gonna give you a choice.

You can give up the meal,
the clothes, the massage -

everything except the letter.

You still get to keep that.

If you want to give up that stuff,
everyone else can get their letters.

That's up to you.

Total rejuvenation,
or letters for everyone else.

Um... Oh, my God.

I know how much those letters mean
to some people.


Take the reward if you want.

- You did amazing.

Like, you deserve it.

If you want the reward,
take the reward.

We're not gonna guilt you into that.
No, definitely not.

The letters are gonna be such
a huge thing for everyone,

and I'd just die of guilt
if I don't take the letters, so...

OK, so you want to take
the letters for everyone?


- Give up your rejuvenation?
- Yes.

Well done. It's a big sacrifice.

- Thank you, Tess.
- Thank you, Tess.

- Extra rice for you.

SARAH: All the rice.
Take all the rice!

Jarrad will give you a massage.

Yes! Jarrad's a really good
masseuse, anyway. (LAUGHS)

You can still have
a good day tomorrow.

That was lovely.

Alright, well, nobody's getting
a three-course meal today,

but thanks to Tessa, everyone's
getting food for the soul.

Tessa, come over. Come grab it.

Well done. There's your letter.
Thank you.

- And there's everyone else's letter.
- Oh...

Oh, they're all super cute
and different.

Yeah. Good choice. OK.

- Thank you so much, Tessa.
- Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks, Tess.

Oh, you're a legend.

So, wait till you get back to
the beach to read them,

but enjoy the afternoon.

Well done. You can head on out.

Thank you so much.

PETER: Thank you so much, Tessa.

I'll take your bag for you.

TESSA: The rewards today just
sounded, like, too good to be true.

The flip side of that is that I'm
actually still a human being,

and I know
how much those letters meant.

I actually just couldn't
take that away from them.


This is amazing!

Man, it feels good to be here,
you know?

We've made the merge
and can't quite believe this beach.

I mean, we heard stories about how
much better it was here at Asaga.

- WOMAN: Wow.
- WOMAN: Oh, my God.

This is paradise compared
to the prison cell,

the swampland of Samatau.

You literally wake up
and view the ocean.

- Yeah.
- MAN: This is insane.

Oh, wow.

This camp is so different
to Samatau.

- Oh, my God, that's your shelter.
- WOMAN: Yeah.


This is amazing.

I'm so pumped to be here.


The game definitely threw me a twist

and Jonathan did
an absolute dog move on me.

I would exactly call it
emotional blackmail.

Oh, my gosh.

WOMAN: Oh, yum!

- Oh, my goodness!
- MAN: Oh, my God!

But choosing to share my reward
and give everybody their letters

was definitely the right move.

WOMAN: Let's put a bit of jam down.

Oh, my gosh. How nice.

So you got strawberry, raspberry...

What Tessa did
to give up her reward package,

it was in her best interest
to let us all read the letters.

Smart move.

Because she would've been
the next one voted out.

Oh, that is so nice.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my gosh.


We had muffins and cookies.

Congrats, everyone,
for making the...

- Congratulations!
- So incredible.

Ooh, I'd love a cup of tea!

We all sat around, we all got
to know each other's family.

Oh, this is my mum.

"We are so proud and happy for you
to even make it this far

"and wish you all the luck
that you make it to the end."

I bet they want a slice of the pie,
that's what!


ALL: Aw!

That's nice. That's very, very nice.


My mum's the best mother
in the world.

I left her with three children
ten and under.

"Dear bub, well, things are going
really good at home.

"The boys are amazing
and we're all fine here.

"I'm so proud of you, bub,
and miss you heaps

"but we're all doing better
than anyone expected.

We have dinner together at the table
and every night the boys say..."

"..a prayer for Mummy.

"When you come home again,
you will light up our lives."

(TEARFULLY) "Love to your Poppy Star
and back. My sweet bubba."

Poppy Star is the first star
in the sky at night,

which is my dad, who passed away.

"Love you heaps, Nashy, Xi, Jetty
and Nenny slash Mum."


I miss my family bad.

And hopefully, you know,
I'll do 'em proud.

MAN: Yeah, what's yours, Petey?

I didn't even expect...

- He gets you!

I never even...

And he's like...

I feel like he struggles with me
being gay a bit,

so for him to write
on something so colourful...

Oh, that's sweet!

My dad's always struggled
with me being gay.

He's not fully accepting of it

but he's really trying
to be accepting of it.

"Dear Peter, son of mine.

"I'm still amazed that you are doing
this Survivor thing."

(SNIFFS) "You always do like
to prove me wrong.

"The house is definitely more alive
when you're around.

"I'm sure you have the same impact
on those around you now.

"We're all backing for you.
Love, Dad."

WOMAN: Oh, that's nice!

That's beautiful.

And he wrote on butterfly paper.
I know.

With a butterfly.

He's done so much effort.

Your dad loves you, Peter.
That's for sure.

For me, this was, like,
really, really big.

You know, it shows that he's proud

and he's OK to let other people know
that he's proud of me being gay,

so, this moment right now
is truly, truly special.

Oh. I'll try and get through it.

Um... It's from Dad, so...

MAN: Far out.

"While we all miss you greatly,
we are so proud..."

(TEARFULLY) "..that you are
taking up the challenge."

- Ooh!

"It would have been so difficult...

(TEARFULLY) " leave home."

"It's such an emotionally
challenging time."

Mum has been battling cancer
for three years

and she passed away
just before I came out here.

"You've demonstrated
all your life...

"..the inner strength and courage

to overcome the obstacles
that you will face.

"You've had several inspirational
people in your life

"with strength and character you can
draw on when the going gets tough.

- "Love you always, Dad."
- ALL: Aw...

Beautiful. Your dad's good
with the words, isn't he?

This letter right here
and the words inside it

have given me the strength
to keep going

and not only push forward
but to...power forward.

Go like a steam train.

It's from John.

"Hey, babe. You did it.

"You're actually on Survivor.

"Enjoy it while you can
because once you're back in my arms,

"you're never leaving me again.

(TEARFULLY) "I think about you
every second of every day

"and I know you are..."



Receiving a letter from home
is an insanely big deal out here.

"I can't wait to relive this journey
together with you

"as we watch it on TV with Nanna."

"Madame Bonk, which is my cat..."


It has been five entire weeks

knowing absolutely nothing
of the life that you've left behind.

"I keep thinking how insane
what you're doing is

"and how amazing our life together
will be,

"as long as we stay that
crazy forever."

You know that life
is still functioning

and you know it's still going

but you can't reach out,
you can't touch it.

"To my little bro, Jericho,

"you have already achieved
everything you wanted.

"So whatever happens,
you have already won."

(TEARFULLY) "I instinctively try
calling you

"because I have so much for us
to talk about it

"before it suddenly dawns on me
that you won't pick up

"because you're hashtag killing it.


JARRAD: "There is no-one I know
more capable and determined

"and strong-willed as you

"to achieve absolutely anything
that you set your mind on."

To know that maybe someone
from your life has sat down,

written you something
to tell you things

and then wanted to give it to you,

it's so important to be able
to have access to that.

"I'm sure you have charmed everyone
and made lots of friends

"but just remember
not to trust anyone."


Because that could give you
that extra push

so you're strong enough
to make it through to the end.

"Dear Luke, attempt number 12,479."


Just tough being out here with kids
and a wife that, uh...

..I don't know, that are loved
so much, I don't know.

I can't...

MAN: You're right, bud.

(TEARFULLY) "I think
in the last seven years,

"you and I haven't gone
more than two days

"without talking to each other,
so it...

"..for an understatement of the year

"to say this has been
difficult for me.

"However, this is a dream for you
and I'm happy for you.

"I hope this experience
is everything you wished

"and imagined it would be and more.

"We love and miss you
more than you can imagine...

"..and there is a big hole
in my heart when you're away."

Ah... Far out.

WOMAN: Oh... That's...

Sorry. I don't cry, really.

I think I've cried once in front
of her in the whole of seven years.

This has easily been
the best day for sure,

and it's all due to this, you know?

It's all due to this.


The merge definitely is
a whole new ball game.

It's individual,
everyone for themselves.

This beach is just
full of dangerous people.

This is like piranha beach.

Although I'm actually
pretty comfortable

with my alliance of eight

against four old Asagas,
with Sarah, Luke, Jericho and Tara.

I need to make sure that nobody
has any good reason to flip.

- How are you, Hen?
- Good. How are you going?

- Good! I'm Tara.
- I'm Hen.


TESSA: The thing about Tara is that

she doesn't seem to have
any sort of self awareness.


And I'm very conscious of
her relationship with Locky.

I see them whispering quite a lot.

How you been, girl?
You look fantastic.

I can't believe
I've gone through so much.

I know.

Tara just idolises him and a guy
like Locky loves to be idolised.

Locky swears black and blue

that he's not interested
in going to work with Tara.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And everyone's like, "Mm, no."

So for the moment
I'm willing to put my trust in him.

I'm keeping my friends close
and my Taras closer.

JERICHO: I kind of look at this
like a David and Goliath story.

Samatau, that is eight strong,

versus Asaga, four strong.

My alliance still sits with Asaga,
that, you know,

was basically being dismantled
before merge.

It is a sad joke.

JERICHO: We need numbers so bad.

We hope to sway Michelle
and Henry coming back to us.

And possibly Locky, who has
a close relationship with Tara.

If we don't, then we're gonna be
picked off one by one.

We welcomed everybody into our home
and then they kick us out.

They're the ones,
they're gonna evict us.

Into our own home.

- That's a joke.

Yeah. Squatters.

I just thought you hadn't spoken to
her since we merged.

SARAH: I've really got to start
looking at

how I'm gonna get Michelle.

Michelle, at the moment, I know is
at the bottom of the Samatau tribe.

I don't think Michelle knows
where she sits in that anymore.

Michelle is old Asaga

and I've got to convince her
that she needs to stick with me

and she needs to trust me the most
because we're powerful together.

There's a massive potential
that even Jericho, Luke, you and me

will be a four again.

Massive potential.

We'll try...

- The four of us just did so well together.
- Uh-huh.

And that's why when you guys
started fighting, I was like...

It was was all fake.

Why would I want to walk away from
Samatau, where the majority lies?

I'm not that dumb.

I'm sorry, Sarah.
That is not happening.

- Yeah, I know.
- Even talking and doing whatever.

Yep. No, honestly,
I do not doubt you for one second.

- OK, good.
- Yeah.

HENRY: A merge is huge.
It is so pivotal in this game.

I've had a tough little 10 days or
so, when I jumped ship to Samatau.

Now we've merged, I've just
got to start making decisions.

You know, if I stay
with this Samatau strong eight,

I'm on the bottom.

No point.

I need to reconnect with my Asaga
members and make my game better.

Yeah, and same with me.

And, you know, with Jericho, Sarah,
Luke and Tara as well,

we can come together and be this
kind of merge of an alliance

and then we can start
picking away Samatau.

And that's how I move forward.

The Samatau five
will be voting strong.

Myself, Ziggy, Pete, Tessa
and Locky,

with the added bonus
of Anneliese and Michelle.

They're great numbers.

And we've hit the merge,

so the big moves are gonna
have to start happening.

I've wanted Henry out
for a little while now.

I think Henry has flipped.


Well, I definitely didn't expect
that name to be thrown out

this early but...

Henry's a massive threat. He is
good at all aspects of challenges.

He's very likeable.
Never had a vote against him.

He's playing the perfect game.

Say I do make it to the end,
I want to be the one that says,

"I took out the biggest player,
the biggest threat."


This is the perfect time.

He won't see it coming at all.

I'm keen...I'm keen to do it
because now it's getting real

and that would be a good move.

I'm definitely keen.

Tonight is all about me
taking him out. (CHUCKLES)

Come on in, guys.

Anneliese, first things first -
what is the tribe's new name?

We are called Asatau.

- Asatau?
- Asatau.

What does it mean?

It's a combination
of Samatau and Asaga

put together into
one mega super tribe,

which is what we're working as now.

Alright, very good.

Jericho, in 36 days out here,
in one tribe,

is it nice to have
some new people to talk to?

Yeah, um, I was looking forward to,
you know, seeing Locky and Jarrad

and Ziggy and Tess.

They're the four faces I haven't
actually properly got to meet.

And so I spent a lot of, like,
last night chatting with them

and getting to know them
because we're gonna be spending

the rest of the time here
with these guys and... It was good.

Sounds like one big, happy family.

- Yeah.
- Yep.

You guys ready to get to your first
Individual Immunity Challenge?

ALL: Yes!

First things first - I've got to
take something back. Who has it?

- Here it is.
- Ah, Henry.

Tribal immunity is no more.


From now on, this is what you want.

ALL: Oh!

Individual immunity.

With this around your neck,
you cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed safety at Tribal Council.

Without it, you're at risk.

today's challenge is very simple.

You will balance between
two rails in a plank position.

As the challenge goes on,
your body will tire

until eventually you fall off.

Last person still balancing between
the rails wins individual immunity,

guaranteed another day in this game.

Everyone else
vulnerable at Tribal Council

because someone's going to
become the 13th person

voted out from this game...

..and the first member of our jury.


Alright, we'll draw for spots
and we'll get started.

Alright, here we go.

For first individual immunity,
I'm gonna count you in.

Three, two, one.

This challenge is on.

Very simple.

You just need to balance there in
a plank position as long as you can.

This will get
very painful very quickly.

Just like that,
Anneliese is out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

First Individual Immunity Challenge
with a big Tribal Council looming.

The only way you can guarantee
your safety tonight

is to have this necklace
around your neck.

The first Tribal Council after
the merge can be a dangerous one.

Everyone comes together but no-one
quite knows where the truth is.


- Sorry.
- Tara is out.

She's out of the challenge.

In the first three minutes,
we're down to 10.

Everyone stretching it out,
trying to get comfortable.

Really gonna start to feel it
in your shoulders and your wrists.

Oh, yeah. Feel the burn!

- Luke really starting to struggle.
- Oh, not even!

Nah, nah, yeah, I am.

You can really get to
size each other up here.

Who's got what it takes?

- Good, Mich. Bad luck.
- Michelle's out of the challenge.

- Good girl, Michelle.
- We're now down to nine.

This one should be
right up Henry's alley. Yoga master.

- Ahh!
- Come on, Lukey.

Oh, God!

Luke has looked uncomfortable
very early in this challenge

but he's not gonna give up.

- Come on, Lukey.
- Argh!

- Come on, Lukey.
- Oh, God!

Pete starting to shake.
Tessa starting to shake.


- Ohh!
- That's it.

- Well done, Lukey.
- Luke is out.

We are down to eight.

This is what we came for, guys -
individual immunity.

That's right. No-one's gonna
get this one without a fight.

(GROANS) Come on, Lock.

You're gonna have to work hard
for this one.

It could be a perilous
Tribal Council tonight.

Only way you can guarantee safety
is with that necklace.

You've really got to ask yourself,
"How safe do I feel tonight?"

Bad luck, Sar.

Oh, and Sarah's out.

- Peter's out.
- Well done, Pete.

Starting to move fast now.
We're down to six.

Tessa, Henry, Locky,
Ziggy, Jarrad and Jericho

battling it out for that necklace.


You guys have been up there
for 15 minutes.

- Whoo-hoo!
- I'm amazed I've lasted this long.

The person who takes it today
will make their mark on this game.

Everyone really
starting to sweat now.

That sun is blistering yet again.

Ziggy rolling her wrists,
trying to get that blood flowing.

Your entire body weight
is on your arms and your wrists.

Oh, man!

How long can you keep it up?

Pff. Oh, I'm dying.

- Yay!
- Well done, Lock.

Good job, Locky.

25 minutes into this challenge,
Locky drops out. Well done, Locky.

100 bloody kilos.
I don't know how you did it.

And we still have five left.

Tessa, Henry, Ziggy,
Jarrad, Jericho.

Five people proving that they
are a force to be reckoned with.

Good work.

Jarrad's arms
really starting to shake now.

Jericho trying to take some pressure
off his palms by using his fists.


Ziggy has outlasted everyone before.
Can she do it again?

Oh, bad luck, Jer.

And after a great fight,
Jericho drops out.

- Well done, Jericho.
- Thanks.

And down to four.

Tessa, Henry, Ziggy and Jarrad.

One of you will be safe tonight.

- Half an hour, guys.
- Well done!

- That's amazing.
- Well done, guys.

Jarrad really starting to struggle.
Nice recovery from Jarrad.

Good boy, Jarrad.

Jarrad really digging deep.
This is quite the battle.

This is what Survivor's about.

You got to dig deep if you want it.

The question is,
how badly do you want it?

Tessa starting to struggle
a little bit now.

First Individual Immunity Challenge
with a big Tribal Council looming.

Oh, bad luck, Jarrad.

Good work, Jarrad.
Jarrad drops out.

And now we're down to three.

Tessa, Henry and Ziggy.

- Good, Zig. Good, Tess.
- Good job, Tess.

Thanks, guys.

Three people left but
guaranteed immunity for only one.

How much do you want it?

How safe do you feel?

What's keeping you up there, Tessa?

I can't drop.
I can't stop something once I start.

- Henry, what's keeping you up there?
- Everything yesterday, I reckon.

That's why I'm out here - my family.

- You're doing it for them.
- Bloody oath.

Family's the most important thing
in life.

What about you, Ziggy?
What's keeping you up there?

I think Henry's right.

I think the letters yesterday

made me way more emotional
than what I thought I would be.

And it is family and loved ones,

You guys have been up there
for 40 minutes.

-Go, Tess.

Good girl!
That was amazing.

Tessa drops out.

Henry and Ziggy battling it out.

Epic battle between Ziggy and Henry.

Who's going to take the first
individual immunity?

One of you will make it to day 37.

No such guarantee for anyone else.

This challenge
is designed to really test you.

Hard to get comfortable
when you've been up there that long.

Really digging deep.

That's it.

Henry drops off.
Disappointed with himself.

But Ziggy wins first
individual immunity.

- Well done.

Oh, mate.

Good job.

Well done, mate.

Ziggy, come on over.


first individual immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight.
Cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed one more day
in this game. Well done.

As for the rest of you,
no such guarantee.

Someone's going to be the
13th person voted out of this game

and first person for our jury.

Grab your gear and head on out.
I'll see you tonight at Tribal.

JERICHO: These are the
royal knights and the warriors

that are left in this game

and this is
the start of a massive war.

And tonight it's gonna be hectic.

People are already
out to kill each other.

Henry and I put up a massive fight
against Ziggy at today's challenge.

But she won.

Amazing work.

JERICHO: It's not great for Asaga,

because we're really
in the minority.

And we have to recruit new guys.

We're gonna need Locky as a number.

And Michelle.

If we all want to survive...

..that's the only option.

The plan was all set for Henry.
Everything was great.

We come back from the challenge.
Henry didn't win.

Awesome. Now we can get rid of him.

The original plan was vote Henry.

Our original plan
had been to blindside Henry,

and Jarrad was really
driving that plan,

which I was OK with

because I do think Henry's
a really big threat.

He's close with Asaga,
he's sold us a lot of porkies.

But I'm not sure
it's the safest move

because there is a chance
that Henry has an idol.

I think if an idol is played

and we've stacked all our votes
on Henry,

it's relatively likely to
rebound back on myself or Petey

or someone that I really need
in this game.



TESSA: I'm voting Luke tonight

because I believe
he's the safest vote,

and the least likely to cause
real harm to my alliance.

- Write down Luke's name.
- Write down Luke's name.

- OK. Alright. Done.
- Good.

As it stands right now,
I've reconnected with old Asaga.

You right?

No, I need a drink.

I need a (BLEEP) drink.

Someone'll be getting
a drink tonight.



Everyone wants Ziggy out
at this moment, and so do I.

But she won the challenge.

So, right now, I just shift my focus
from Ziggy to Jarrad.

The reason
I want Jarrad out tonight is because

Ziggy is his second-in-command.

They are a tight two.

So in my alliance of the old Asagas,

we will vote Jarrad tonight.

But we need majority.

We still need numbers.

We still need Michelle.

And we still need Locky.

Mm, yeah.

Locky and Tara's relationship
is really good.

We need him.

I need to get into Locky's mind

that we've got to work with
the Asagas to get forward.

We've got to.

So who's going Jarrad?

Ehh. It's a sucky situation.

If I side with Henry,

that would expose me to Samatau
as a double agent.

At this point,
I don't think it's beneficial for me

to get rid of a Samatau.

Working up a sweat.


I feel quite safe tonight.

I don't think there's much danger
for me.

The Samatau alliance
are all voting Luke

and one possible play could be
to try and get Jericho as well.

JERICHO: Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, sure.

I'd love to put up a facade
of working with Jericho.

That's what I'm trying to get
out of tonight.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

I've told Jericho to underline
his vote tonight, just as a code,

and I'll do the same.

So at least I get some intel
out of tonight's vote.

My core alliance at the moment
is with Ziggy, Jarrad and Petey.

Anneliese, she's on board.

I also, funnily enough right now,
trust Locky.

And then the last layer
of the alliance, there's Michelle,

who was the last on board

but actually has been adamant
that she is voting with us.


It really bothers me that Samatau
weren't even including me

in conversation.

And it makes me nervous.

And I approached Tessa and said,
"Look, I'm not being included."

Yep. Yep.


I'm the last one in.

I spent 28 days as an Asaga.

And then they go and do something
silly like not include me.

It makes me not trust them.

I literally don't know.

I have no idea
what I'm going to do tonight.

I can side with Samatau.

We've got the numbers.

We dwindle away the old Asaga.

I can side with Asaga,
but that's a massive move.

Shit, I'm gonna have to come up with
that decision at tribal.

I don't know what I'm gonna do

I'm scared about my long-term game.

Because I feel like tonight's
decision will really align me

with one side or the other.

I am so indecisive in what I'm gonna
do, and I think Locky's the same,

so our votes will go this way,
this way, I'm not sure.



- It's a big tribal again.

Yeah, there's a lot of us here.

Well, the merge changes everything

and you kind of have to switch up
your own game.

So, Locky, how do you think
it changes after the merge?

I mean, it's crazy, like, it's
an individual game after the merge.

But like, with that said, you still
need numbers to move forward.

Whether you stick with
your original tribe after swapping,

but, like, so many people have gone
so many different places,

so you just wonder
where all your alliances are

and just hope that the people
that you have trust in

are still, like, there for you.

It is individual
but right now you need people.

You know, we've had 30-odd days out
here to figure out who we can trust

and who we can't.

Luke, I mean, it is about trust but
you've only known them for a day.

Yeah, one day. Um...

Yeah, so obviously it's
our first tribal as a merged group

and...I don't know what to expect,
to be honest.

I really don't.

Are you worried about
tonight's vote?

Oh, yeah, yeah, I am a little bit.

Because it is the start
of something new.

It's getting down to
that pointy end, they say,

and, you know, everyone is
a threat in their own way.

Jarrad, how do you think the game
is different post-merge?


Is it one big melting pot now
of possibilities

or are people falling back into
their old tribal alliance?

It's hard to tell.

It's easy to say Samatau, Asaga,

but you can't think along
tribe lines anymore.

What about you, Henry?

You spent time with both tribes.

Yeah, it's interesting because
you spend three weeks on Asaga

and then two weeks on Samatau,
so I had a bit of everything

and you question
both groups of people

and where you stand in the game,

but you've just got to base it on
the people that you trusted

and have shown you loyalty.

Locky, if you haven't spent time
on the other tribe,

how can you trust the people who
have spent time on both tribes?

Yeah, you're right.
Like, you don't have that trust.

It could be there, it couldn't be.

So, what I am going on is
the trust I've built.

So, hopefully that will take me
further in the game.

Peter, how do you know
how to move forward now?

It's really difficult.

You hear a lot of different things
from a lot of different people

and I think you've just got to
kind of just gotta go with your gut.

But you don't know until you get to
tribal and stuff goes down.

Michelle, do you know how
this is gonna play out tonight?

Do you know what?

If you had asked me yesterday,
I would have said, for sure.

Look how many Samataus there are.

This afternoon, no,
I couldn't tell you.

I'd like to think I know, but
in all honesty, I don't think I do.

- What about you, Jarrad?

I'm very confused about
what's going on tonight.

Do you think whatever decision
was in place before you got here

has changed?

Um... It hasn't, for me,
and it hasn't for...

I don't think it's changed for...

..the people I've been talking to,
but, ah...'s all a bit, um...

- ..all the bit funny right now.
- I know!

do you know what's going on tonight?


Absolutely not.

If there is a decision to be made
by some people...

There is something big going on
that I definitely don't know about.

Is that a little unsettling?

My heart is just racing. (LAUGHS)

Did you know what was going on
before you got here tonight?

The numbers made sense for tonight.

And now I think that
old Asaga is maybe...

..doing something. (LAUGHS)

Jericho, should Tessa be worried?

I think everyone should be worried.

We're heading into a war right now

and you want to make sure that
you're on the right side.


Oh, God!

Ziggy, what's going on?

I'm so glad I have this necklace on
right now because, honestly,

it feels right now that
anyone could be going home.

It's crazy.

Locky, do you think a line's gonna
be drawn in the sand tonight?

Oh, definitely, like...

After every tribal, you kinda know
where everyone sits,

like, there will definitely be
a line in the sand,

just whether you're on which side
is the outcome, I guess.

Uh, tonight will determine so much.

It'll determine where people lie,
who they vote with in the future

and it will possibly determine
their fate in the game.

I think tonight...

..could potentially be
the half a million decision

where if you choose that wrong side,

you've screwed yourself
to get to the end.

It's a whole new game now.

Well, I really want to find out
how this is gonna play out.

It is time to vote.

So it is time to vote.

Luke. You're up.



I guess you can say
payback is a bitch.

I honestly just wanted to do
the safe thing tonight

and now I have no idea
what's going on.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright. Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out

will be asked to leave the
Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.




That's three votes Luke.




We're tied.

Three votes Jarrad.
Three votes Luke.


That's four votes Jarrad,
three votes Luke.

Luke. We're tied again.

Four votes Jarrad, four votes Luke.


That's five votes Jarrad,
four votes Luke.


We're tied again.

Five votes Jarrad, five votes Luke.

Jarrad. That's six votes Jarrad,
five votes Luke.

One vote left.

The 13th person voted out
from Australian Survivor,

first member of our jury.


You need to bring me your torch.

Good work, guys.


Jarrad, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

See ya, Jarrad.

See ya later, guys.

Well, it's clear a line
has been drawn in the sand

and after tonight's vote

some of you must be wondering
who crossed it and why.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.


Next time on Australian Survivor...

A broken Samatau looks for answers.


They believed me
hook, line and sinker.

I think I was the first one
voted out because, you know,

it seems like Locky and Tara
probably led the charge.

The cuts ran deeper
with Tara and Locky, you know.

They were kept on the bottom
over at Samatau.

(WHISPERS) Why did you have to
go after Henry?

Sorry, bro.

It probably didn't help
that I was close to Ziggy,

and Ziggy, everyone knows that
she has some secret power,

plus immunity,

so then it falls to
the right-hand man.

I completely misread the situation

and was too caught up
in my own grand plans.

The message to the remaining players
- keep going hard because it's...

(LAUGHS)'s a crazy game.

I feel very privileged
to be a part of it.