Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Arrow - full transcript

As Slade continues to uncover clues about his son's last few years, Oliver makes a big decision. Meanwhile, the Green Arrow leads the team into battle against "The Dragon," a villain who is stealing valuable tech in Star City.

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Previously on "Arrow"...
I need you to help me find my son.
The men your son investigated,
when they discovered his arrest,
they broke into prison, take him.
They are called the Jackals.
You let my boy go.
We need your son.
After all, he's our boss.
Hello, Father.
It's been a long time.
You should have stayed dead.
I heard you were in trouble, kid.
And so I thought I'd offer my help.
My old man here to save me.
Last I saw, you weren't
all that concerned with saving anyone.
Apple doesn't fall that far.
What do you think?
He's seen our operation.
It makes him a liability.
Yeah, you can have that choice,
but I'll give you another one.
Let me join you.
If I wanted a family reunion,
I would've sent an invitation.
Maybe you did,
but you just haven't realized it yet, kid.
See, I came all this way to speak with you,
and I will kill anybody who gets in my way
because I got nothing left to lose, only you.
So go ahead and make a decision.
I'd be lying if I said
I wasn't swayed by the poetry of it all,
but can I trust you?
Trust is built upon honesty.
I am sure you have a lot of questions to ask me,
and I've got a lot of questions for you, Joe.
That's not my name anymore.
Your mother named you something different
to keep us apart.
Guess we got some catching up to do.
I'm not leaving you.
How are you feeling?
How did I get here?
Evac found you washed up
on the Philippine coast.
They said you were barely conscious,
just muttering someone's name--
Who's he?
S--someone that owed me a debt.
Everyone left you for dead...
But I knew you'd come back.
I will never leave you again, Joe.
I promise.
Wild Dog, Terrific, you ready to do this?
Always. But I got bad news.
These guys aren't just thieves.
They killed a security guard.
Make that two.
These guys aren't playing around.
Neither are we.
Incoming! Fall back!
Curtis, you were right.
The thieves were after the components of a 3-D printer.
Two innocent people get killed
because some psycho wants to print plastic toys?
This wasn't a consumer 3-D printer. This was military grade.
You saying there's a printer that can print weapons?
Or drones or chemicals.
Sorry I missed the fun. Anyone want to catch me up?
Break-in, Cadmus Tech.
You're thinking Cayden James?
That's what we were assuming, but this crew
doesn't look like the type he usually runs with.
That would track with some new street chatter
SCPD's been hearing lately.
- What kind of chatter? - New player.
No idea what his game is.
All we have is a street name--Dragon.
Dragon. Heh. That's colorful.
Tomorrow's problem.
Why don't we all get some rack time,
hit this fresh in the morning?
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Excuse the poor accommodations.
I don't plan on staying
in this stain of a country too long.
Well, there's a reason why they say
the money is in the muck.
I did bring one luxury, however.
Oh, there's a blast from the past.
My favorite.
I never realized you'd acquired
a taste for it, too.
Like you told me, always drink good booze...
And only look out for yourself.
Well, the Jackals are an unruly bunch.
Must have been hard trying to keep A.S.I.S.
in the dark for so long.
It's amazing what an agency overlooks
when it's willing to leave its own men for dead.
So what kind of operation
are you planning on running here?
Drugs? Weapons? Perhaps a military coup.
Let's call it
a reassignment of resources.
A lucrative one.
Hey, babe.
I didn't want to wake you.
I'm still on Vlatava time.
Besides, I heard a rumor
that the Green Arrow was going to be here,
and I never miss a chance to see him.
You know, when you took this on,
I think I got a pretty good sense of how you felt
when I took Amanda Waller's place at Argus.
Not that bad, I hope.
But seeing you like this, being the Green Arrow...
It suits you.
Let's go to bed.
Hey, hey.
Let me clean up first.
Don't be too long.
So you and your boy,
one big happy family again, huh?
That's none of your business,
but he told me about your new job--
the reassignment of resources.
Tell me about that.
Well, if the boss didn't think to tell you,
then that means it's none of your business, Kamrat.
Meeting hall, 30 minutes.
What are you doing here?
You should have gone home.
I don't abandon people,
even when they leave me drugged.
Now, what is
this reassignment of resources
that your son and his men are planning?
You overheard that.
Just like I overheard
you're planning to join his unit.
Your son is dangerous, Slade.
He's just a younger version of me.
No. You were never a gun for hire.
But I was a killer.
Listen, kid, you'd better go home
before you find yourself in trouble
you can't get out of.
I can't walk away from this.
Can you?
Feeling at home yet, Slade, hmm?
Or should I call you Deathstroke?
Slight change in plans, gentlemen.
40% of our Semtex was compromised during transfer.
Conveniently, however, the Kasnian army
is doing some transferring of its own.
I'm gonna take a small team to intercept.
Does this jeopardize our timeline?
Not with the infamous Deathstroke backing me up.
What do you say, Father?
Interested in showing us how it's done?
As long as your dogs can keep up.
I'll go pack some gear.
Hey, kid.
Comms are working.
Kane has me making a run for Semtex.
That's a high-yield explosive.
Yeah, with Nylander involved, I should've expected it.
Well, he'll probably be handling the detonator.
If you can find the receiver,
perhaps you can corrupt it.
It might be in Nylander's gear.
Yeah, I'm on it. You good?
Just find the receiver.
Keep varying your pace.
My pace is fine, old man.
So you say.
Dead. Come on. Get up.
How are you better with one eye
than I am with two?
You must learn to move with your mind,
not your eyes.
Come on.
Let's go again.
Hold on a sec.
Here. Happy "One year back from the dead" day.
Well, don't look too excited.
I can't believe it's been so long. Thank you.
You might change your mind about staying home
after you see this.
New prototype.
Should be ready in a year.
That's got to be tempting, right?
Not in the slightest.
Enough distractions.
Let's train.
Come on.
Damn it, Father!
I'm sorry.
I think we're done with training today.
You tried to forget me.
But you can't, my love,
because you made me a promise.
You want more drugs? You got to talk to the boss.
All right, man. Make the introduction.
Who the hell is this?
A loyal customer.
Is this the guy you were telling me about?
Ricardo Diaz.
So you're a bouncer, something like that, right?
That's right.
You're huge.
I wouldn't want to mess with you.
I'm just playing with you.
Till we get our FDA approval,
we got to be careful with the rollout.
You understand.
I get it. I'm just trying to make it through a day.
Aren't we all?
Hook him up.
Sure thing, Mr. Diaz.
I always knew you'd end up wearing this.
Kill the lights.
We don't leave witnesses.
Hey, anybody in the mood to stress-eat?
Always. What you got?
Quadruple cheese. Must be serious.
What's going on here?
Trying to get a line on this Dragon guy,
find out what he and his crew are up to.
Well, at least we know where they are.
Just got a security alert--
Palmer Tech, bio division.
Good. Suit up. Stay sharp.
Remember, these guys aren't afraid of dropping bodies.
We got company! Go!
I've got the SUV. Cover me!
You ok, Hoss?
I ran facial recognition
over John's body cam footage.
Meet Ricardo Diaz and his extensive criminal record.
Does anyone want to guess what his street name is?
Anyone want to guess?
You guys are no fun. His street name is Dragon.
This jerk-wad's been out of prison less than a month.
He's already racked up a body count.
This guy was doing double jolts of life plus one.
- What's that? - Life without parole.
What's he doing walking around?
State supreme court overturned his convictions due to technicalities.
But before he was on the inside,
he was running with a group
called the Scorpions in the Glades.
John, do you know anything about the Scorpions?
John! John! Earth to John Diggle.
The Scorpions?
The Scorpions? Yeah. I know them.
But Diaz is on something different--
new muscle, new crew.
They're way too organized.
I wonder when he got himself a new crew
and how he got to be the boss of it.
And why he needs a weapons-grade 3-D printer.
I think I have the answer to that.
Drugs, high-end ones.
I cross-referenced the two models that were stolen.
What they have in common is
their capacity to simultaneously print
inert polypropylenes
and soft material catalyst composites.
Did anyone understand a word of that?
You think Diaz is making reactionware?
Anyone normal.
With this equipment,
Diaz cuts out the middle man.
He can make designer drugs more cheaply and efficiently
than anyone else on the street.
Yeah, well, the hell he is.
Whatever science experiment he's got going on, we're shutting it down.
Curtis, let's work up a location for Diaz's operation.
You ok, chief?
Yeah. Been a while since a perp
got the drop on me, that's all.
We'll make sure Diaz pays for that.
So what are you planning with all these explosives?
I'd like to know.
You missed your kill shot with the soldier back there.
Well, when I lost this eye,
I lost my depth perception.
Most of my men think you joined me
under false pretenses.
There's nothing false about trying to find my son.
But if they doubt me...
Then maybe I don't have your trust.
Of course you do,
which is why I got you a little gift.
And you told me not to worry, brother.
Nylander found him with my detonator.
Some might see this as coincidence,
but I see it as fate.
It's time to collect on that debt
he owes you, Father.
Oliver Queen,
I've waited a very, very long time for this.
An eye for an eye.
You're lying to yourself, Slade.
You know he's alive.
You've always known,
but still you do nothing.
You know what he did to me.
You know what he took from us,
and yet here you are hiding like a coward.
Weak, pathetic.
Give me what you promised.
Give me what you promised.
Get out of my head!
Not until Oliver Queen is dead.
He is dead.
He died on the Amazo.
Oliver Queen is alive.
The Starling City resident was found by fishermen
in the North China Sea 5 days ago.
Listen, love, you're the only one who can avenge me.
Avenge me.
You're the only one who can make him suffer.
You know why?
I keep my promises.
Sir, is everything ok?
Come on!
You're telling me you became the Green Arrow
after you knew about the tremor.
I was gonna tell Oliver,
but then he asked me to take over for him.
I couldn't let him down. I--
I couldn't let the team down.
But you were physically compromised.
I came up with a temporary solution,
an experimental steroid.
Lyla, I wanted to tell you so bad.
I know it was the wrong call.
I'm sorry.
I'm just glad you finally told me.
Well, then now that I have, I need your help.
Is there anything, anything that Argus is working on
that can help my condition?
I thought it was just some kind of steroid.
Yeah, we found out that the manufacturer
is involved in, uh... criminal activity.
He and his crew have killed at least two people.
I don't know. Maybe more.
Right. So your experimental steroid is
actually an illegal drug.
Look, if this is what it's taken for you
to come clean
and get this guy off of the street,
then I guess I should be grateful.
You're still using the drug.
And I guess that means
that the drug dealer is out there, too.
To be Green Arrow means I have to be physically capable
of protecting the city no matter what.
Lyla, you make the same choices at Argus
all the time.
Choices you've condemned me for making.
I know I'm wrong, but I couldn't let Oliver down.
So you let yourself down instead.
I mean, Johnnie, you--you are
the most moral man I know.
I can't even begin to fathom how you could do this.
As soon as Argus has a solution, I will get my guy off the street.
Until then, how many more people is this guy going to kill?
Lyla, it's not that simple. It's not that simple!
No. You're the one who taught me that it is.
Lyla, just wait for a sec--
No, I just--I want to be alone right now.
Years ago, I made you a promise.
Do you remember?
I promised that you would suffer
the same way that I suffered.
What are you doing?
You are not this person anymore.
What I am is a father...
reunited with my son.
I made him a promise, too,
and I'm not going to break it again.
We made each other a promise, Slade...
To save our sons--
to save Joe, to save William.
He has a son.
I'll make sure he suffers, too.
Do it.
That was a little too convincing.
We got to go. Come on.
There's no way out.
We'll make our own way. Come on!
I'll send out the dogs.
We've got the Op.
That's where they'll be.
You sure?
That my father would try to stop us?
That's what fathers do.
And that's why I'm gonna kill him.
Before they captured me,
I saw what Kane was going after.
They're attacking the water supply.
It's a death sentence for half the country.
If we move now, we'll be able to stop them.
If that's what you want.
I spared your life back there.
I know. But back there it didn't feel like an act
the same way it did with Chase back on Lian Yu.
Because when I saw my son,
I was tempted.
I would've done anything to keep us together.
But when you mentioned William,
I realize that's not my boy.
It's Kane.
But what I fear is there is
only one way to stop him.
There are other ways to deal with this
that don't involve killing your son.
Deep down, he's your boy, so you have to reason with him,
and I swear he will listen to you.
But I didn't tell you what happened
after Lian Yu.
I went home to my son,
and I promised him I would stay
and never leave.
And I broke that promise.
No, you broke the promise because of the Mirakuru.
The Mirakuru faded for a while,
but when it came back, it was like a storm
I could not control.
And that monster is what my son is
trying to emulate,
but it's not Mirakuru with Joe.
It's anger and resentment,
and I don't know how that can be redeemed.
Well, I didn't think that you could be redeemed,
but I'm here miles from home,
miles from my son, trying to help you save yours.
And I can do that because I knew the man that you were
before the Mirakuru.
That is who your son needs to see.
He needs to see his father,
the man you are right now, tonight.
Drop your weapon.
No, not until you tell me what you're doing.
They were trying to stop me.
What the hell are you talking about?
Stop you from what?
Keeping my promises.
Stay out of my way.
He doesn't show up on traffic cams.
He doesn't leave a paper trail.
Ricardo Diaz is good.
How's the research on his old associates going?
Going lousy. Everybody mentioned
in his arrest records is
either missing or dead.
That explains why no one's willing to talk
to the department about Dragon.
I got something-- Diaz's address,
his base of operations.
How the hell did you get that?
It's a contact.
That's all I can say.
I got it.
Thermal imaging shows a lot of activity inside.
Got to figure Diaz is in there.
Even if he's not,
we can still disrupt his drug operation.
Let's take this guy down.
Suit up.
Green Arrow has found us...
And his friends, too.
Clear out our stash!
Nothing gets confiscated. Go!
We got to move!
Arrow, let's go!
Arrow, let's go!
Where are we?
All charges are set.
Feels like it should be you.
I hired you to pull the trigger.
Move out. Get to a safe distance.
Semtex makes for a pretty big bang.
You're not coming with?
- I want a good view. - You're crazy. I love it!
Don't forget what you said about the Semtex, huh?
I knew you'd show up.
I think it's time we had ourselves
an honest talk.
"Trust begins with honesty."
That's what you said to me, but you lied!
You know life is not that simple, Joe.
That's not my name.
And how could you forgive Oliver Queen
after what he did to you?
Because he forgave me for far worse--
sins that I have to carry to the grave,
a curse I didn't want to pass on to you.
All of this anger and resentment--
it's time to bring it to an end, son.
This is just the beginning.
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah...
You used to be ruthless. What happened?
What you saw was the Mirakuru.
Stop lying!
I saw you kill before the Mirakuru.
Milford Sound,
that little father-son trip,
the one you promised
would be all about you and me.
I saw what you did to that Chinese spy.
I was on a mission for A.S.I.S.
Well, here's something you don't know--
something Mother never told you... I have a brother.
His name is Grant.
Mother didn't want him in this world.
But me, I'm my father's son.
I made my first kill
6 months after our camping trip.
And I slit his throat
just like you did.
I wanted to be exactly like my father,
like Deathstroke.
I am not Deathstroke anymore.
Then you're not my father anymore.
You're just in my way.
Don't move!
Slade, you all right?
Oliver, lower your gun.
I wish that you'd stayed dead.
He's gone.
Thank you.
I spoke with our friend, the warden.
The Jackals are in custody,
and he is very relieved.
You all right?
My son...
He saw me kill a man before the Mirakuru,
before Deathstroke.
He followed in my path, Oliver.
No. Don't blame yourself, Slade.
It doesn't help.
You know why I do.
"Never give up on family." That's what you told me.
It's time for you to go home.
Where will you go?
I'm gonna keep searching for my son,
both of them.
I can't give up.
You ever need my help again, you don't hesitate to ask.
You have your own son to protect.
I'm not gonna put that at risk again.
You've seen what can happen.
Thank you, kid.
I just saw a news report of a lab explosion.
Looks like you took down his operation
with plenty of collateral damage.
Yeah, well, that part was all Diaz.
He was willing to blow up the works,
kill all of his men.
So you didn't mean to destroy the drugs.
I planned to take as much as I could carry.
When I realized I was losing the very thing
that would allow me to put on that hood,
I wanted to run straight into the explosion.
I was a hypocrite, and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry. Be safe.
Are you ok?
I'm trying.
Hey. Come here, you.
I missed you.
I missed you, Daddy.
I have, uh, one more stop tonight.
There are some other people...
Who deserve an apology and an explanation.
I'm gonna win.
Nope! Oh, I almost got you.
Come on! Gah!
- Yes. - No!
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- Rematch? Rematch. - All right.
I got you on this one.
- Hi. - Hey.
Hey, buddy, come here.
Ok, ah, you weren't gone that long.
I know. I know. I'm happy to see you.
It's allowed.
So what happened with your friend?
- He found his son. - That's good.
So what'd I miss?
Well, Raisa made me clean my room...
Felicity and I ate ice cream for dinner,
and I got an "A" on my science project.
- You got an "A"? - Yeah.
That's fantastic. Is it here? Can I see it?
Yeah, sure.
It's a bottle rocket.
Went 300 feet, the farthest in the whole school.
- Unbelievable. - I'll go get it.
All right.
Pretty cool.
I hope you don't mind that I'm here.
I mean, William said that he was kind of getting sick of Raisa.
And the ice cream for dinner?
It was Rocky Road, so, technically,
the nuts should count as protein and--
I'm so happy you're here.
Me, too.
Slade got his happy ending?
Not... Like that. Ha ha.
It's a long story. It's a...
It's a sad story.
I'm sensing a "but."
- I learned something. - Hmm?
I made the right decision
to not be the Green Arrow
for William and for me.
If we can go up to the roof,
I can show you how it works.
- Yeah. Yes. - Yes!
Let's go.
The moment I hesitated,
even as the flames grew closer...
That was my rock bottom.
I should've told you all about the tremor
from the beginning.
I'm truly sorry I didn't.
So you're saying the tremor started
before Black Siren showed her face in Star City?
And that's why, Rene, I owe you
the biggest apology of all.
You should've known what was going on
before we ever got to that bridge, man.
My pride almost got you killed.
I betrayed your trust,
put your lives in danger.
All I can ask is that you forgive me,
but I understand if you can't.
Well, getting shot wasn't great,
but if I'm counting the times you've saved my life
against the times you almost got me killed,
you're still ahead.
I, for one, am incredibly offended...
And you have every right to be, Curtis.
That you didn't come to me first
for help treating you.
I mean, I--I created a chip to help
a woman walk, people.
He's got a point, John.
It might be time to outsource
this little problem.
Yeah. Yeah.
So have you already had an electromyogram? Wait.
What am I talking about? We need to start off with an NCV test first.
Curtis, it's been a long night.
Is there any way we can do this in the morning?
Sure thing. It would be my honor.
It would be my pleasure.
Kiss ass.
What the-- I'm trying to...
You waiting on a special apology?
Because you deserve one.
No. I'm just waiting to make sure you're ok.
- Really? - Really.
Well, I'm gonna give you one anyway.
Dinah, I lied to you, and I'm sorry,
but I'll make you one more promise--
there'll be no more secrets between you and me.
No more secrets.
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