Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Arrow - full transcript

Black Siren launches another attack on Star City just when Oliver has gotten things in order.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My name is Oliver Queen.
After 5 years in Hell, I returned home
with only one goal-- to save my city.
But I couldn't honor that commitment
and honor the promise I made to the mother of my son,
so I asked the best man I know to help.
His name is John Diggle,
and he is the Green Arrow.
Previously on "Arrow"...
Could you tutor me some more before the test?
See you soon.
She's pretty cool.
His life will be better with you in it
just like mine.
Cayden James--he's the most skilled hacker the world has ever known.
8 months ago, he was scooped up by Argus,
and now he's being held without cause,
being tortured, who knows what else?
Helix is about to extract Cayden James.
- 1... - 2...
Bad Laurel-- she wasn't dead
when we found her back on Lian Yu.
Buy you a drink?
Whiskey, neat.
Are you waiting for someone?
Is it too cheesy if I say you?
I'll let it slide this time.
What about you?
Let me guess. You're a numbers guy.
You sit in front of a computer all day,
and you came here to blow off some steam.
You got me pegged.
I think the bartender forgot your order.
I have a better idea.
Uh-oh. Looks like I know your dirty, little secret.
Oh, it's...
I won't tell if you won't tell.
All right. You know my secret. Now...
Tell me one of yours.
Only if you promise not to tell anyone.
Cross my heart and hope to die.
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Well, William did an excellent job picking out your tie.
Yeah. He was very excited.
He wanted to come to dinner.
I told him that Raisa was his date tonight.
Oh. Well, she's a lucky woman.
Has it, um, really been 3 years
since the first time we did this?
Yeah. Let's just hope that this date goes
better than that one.
I think it will.
Don't jinx it.
Masked gunmen could come through the door,
and it would have been better than our first dinner.
Only because we were not being blown up.
Well, you know, also because I wasn't ready,
not the way I am now.
Well, now the time is right.
Mr. Mayor.
- Yes? - I--I'm sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to say that I'm voting
against that awful anti-vigilante referendum.
Oh, that's very nice to hear.
Are you two back together?
Such a sweet couple.
Uh, well, enjoy your dinner.
Thank you. Don't forget to vote, ok?
You pay her to say that?
I had absolutely nothing to do with that.
Hmm. Well, I am the mayor's girlfriend now,
so does that get me a break on my taxes
or maybe a pass on jury duty?
I mean, I--I was gonna offer to bring you
to a fundraiser.
I can not tell you what it is
if you're gonna keep making that face.
No. Sorry. It's just, you know...
With Overwatch
and the startup with Curtis
and, you know, our old but new relationship,
maybe we could...
Ease into some of the things.
Of course, of course.
I love rolling to those things solo.
Yeah, you're lying.
I'm kidding. I'm--I'm really happy
that you're busy, and I'm especially excited
for--for this thing with Curtis
because it-- truth be told,
it is important that you have something
in your life that is not just the--
The team.
No. I mean...
The team.
This is how it felt to be you, isn't it?
Oh, yeah.
I'm sorry.
What's going on?
Body dropped outside of a bar.
Dinah's on the scene with SCPD.
The Vic was dead on arrival.
Paramedics are calling it internal hemorrhaging,
but I'd recognize this kill from a mile away.
Sonic scream did this an inch from his ear.
- Ouch. - Laurel.
Witnesses saw the Vic leaving with a woman, a brunette.
Maybe Laurel got a wig.
According to witnesses, they were very handsy
with each other on the way out.
What do you guys think?
Black Siren turned black widow?
You know, because she mates and then kills.
Dinah, thanks. We'll take it from here.
Victim was an accountant named Jackson Klimavich.
No criminal record, boring job,
really boring Upswipz profile.
Well, he was married, so maybe not so boring.
Boring and scummy.
Sorry. Had to help Lance finish up the polling analysis.
Star City stands at 70% against
the anti-vigilante legislation.
That's 70% for us, accounting
for the double negative you just used.
Yeah, but after everything this team has done for the city--
- You'd think it'd be higher. - Yeah.
What'd I miss?
Evil Laurel seduced a guy
and then killed him.
That's what we have to figure out,
but first, we have to find her.
Laurel's been in the wind way too long.
We're on it.
Speaking of being on it, did you mail out
our articles of incorporation? Heh.
For our startup. The documents required
to, you know, start it up.
Oh, my God. They are in a Manila envelope
on my countertop with every intention of mailing them.
I was just telling Oliver how I'm being stretched too thin.
Wait a minute. What do you mean by just?
We were at dinner, and then I got your text.
- Felicity. - No. It's the job. It's ok.
No, no, no. This is all on me.
I 911ed you over one dead body.
Can you still make it out to dessert?
Well, no. We have to find evil Laurel.
No, no, no. I will find evil Laurel.
You go out there and take your ass back
and get your man.
- Are you sure? - Are you kidding me?
I was, like, you guys' bigger shipper.
I feel like the reconciliation taking effect
is, like, kind of on me.
- You're amazing. - All right. I'm terrific.
- Well... - Is that getting old?
- I kind of like it. - You like?
- Yeah. Oh, I need this. - Still cool. All right. Go, go.
Finally. I thought you were gonna keep me waiting here all night.
Patience is how wars are won, miss Lance.
Well, first battle's already over.
Look. I don't know
if this is your first clandestine meeting,
but at this point, most people would say "thank you."
For foe item or for leaving a body
for the police to find?
Better than a witness to question.
Any reservations,
concerns about what comes next?
Of course not.
This one shouldn't be a problem.
Glad to hear it.
Till we meet again.
I'm so sorry that I had to bail on dinner,
but I'm--I'm home now if you want to, uh, come by
for some dessert.
Yes. Yes. That was intentionally suggestive.
Ok. Uh, well, good. I'll see you soon.
Nice try, but I wasn't born--
- Alena. - You always announce
your attacks like that?
What are you doing in my apartment?
You think a computer hacker would know better
than to install a smart-lock on her door.
I mean, what are you doing... here?
I need your help.
You you or--or Helix you?
- Does it matter? - Let's pretend for a second
that it does.
Who gave you that?
Cayden James.
He's working on something terrible,
something that will hurt the entire world,
and I need your help to stop him.
I helped you break Cayden James out
of Argus custody.
I went against my friends, I went against my team
because you told me that Cayden James was a good man.
You did it because Cayden could help you find Adrian Chase,
and he delivered.
So at what point did he become a criminal mastermind?
I don't know. At some point
during his 8 months in Argus custody.
They held him in a glorified shipping container, Felicity.
Nutrition withholding, sensory deprivation.
They broke him.
Well, in that case, he should be
in a funny farm somewhere.
He shouldn't be planning the end of the world.
Actually, how do I know that you being here
isn't part of his plan?
Because I could never go along with what
I suspect he's planning, Felicity.
I am a hacktivist, not a monster.
You say he has plans to hurt the world? How?
I don't know exactly what he is planning,
but I saw a casualty estimate,
and the most conservative estimate is 4% collateral damage.
4% of what?
The world population.
That's almost 300 million people.
If we try and hack his servers,
we might be able to figure out what he's planning.
Ok. Where is he now?
Corto Maltese, but I came here because...
I didn't know who else to reach out to.
Will you help me?
We set Cayden James loose, Alena.
Of course I'm helping.
Looks like the same M.O.
Did Laurel also make out with this one first?
It's a legitimate investigatory question.
Cause of death was the same.
This was definitely Laurel.
Yeah. Victimology was similar, too,
insofar that this woman is just as boring as the first guy.
College librarian may even be more boring.
Maybe Laurel's killing for sport.
Doesn't sound like her.
Black Siren's not the Laurel you remember, remember?
Any word on tracking her down?
Nothing useable from the CCTV cams
we found on either crime scene.
Forensics is a dead end, as well.
- And Felicity? - I tried texting her,
but she hasn't hit me back.
Fine. Let's hit the streets.
Someone has to be able to help us find Laurel.
What about me? Um, I want to hit the streets, too,
and maybe a couple of bad guys.
Curtis, with Felicity AWOL, we need tech.
Keep working that angle.
I--I've been working that angle.
Another dead end.
Did you try spoofing the subarray?
- Yeah. - Ok. What about the--
Yeah, but these firewalls are crafted.
I mean, the protection protocols are just...
- Art. - Well, I was gonna say
impenetrable, but yeah, that, too.
Cayden'd be the only one who could get onto Cayden's system.
Oh, my God. You're a genius.
You're a genius.
We need to convince Cayden's system that we're him.
That's like saying all we need is a trillion dollars.
No, no, no. We have to work off Cayden's system.
I told you he's in Corto Maltese.
Yeah, but Helix is right here.
We cleared the place out, Felicity.
- It's sanitized. - But what about the wiring,
the digital infrastructure?
That's proprietary, Cayden's own design.
We left that in place.
That'll work. Let's get the gear.
Does that include a ghost drive
because we're gonna need that to get into Cayden's system.
I know a guy.
Whoa! What's all this?
Oh, just some stuff for a startup
that Curtis and I are trying to start up.
Oh, good for you.
You guys are funded?
Well, seed money from our reputation
of being geniuses at Palmer Tech, though I'd feel
more like a genius if I knew what we were starting up.
We're thinking something in the smarthome area.
- You're joking. - No.
You left Helix--
I was kicked out of Helix by you.
To make home appliances?
I thought you wanted to change the world.
I thought you wanted to change the world,
and look where you ended up.
Sorry. That's-- I didn't--
No. We should go.
We should go.
Ok. We good?
Hi. What are you doing here?
You invited me.
That's right.
What is she doing here?
Hi. Heh.
I'm just gonna go over there.
Ok. Come in.
I know how much you love to say, "I told you so"--
- No, that's you. - So consider this
an early Christmas gift.
Cayden James is a bad person,
and he's planning on doing a bad thing.
Are you sure that you can trust her?
I wouldn't exactly use the word "trust."
Then wherever you're going, I'm going, too.
No. This isn't your life anymore. No.
At least tell the team what you're doing.
I will tell them. I will call them on my way,
and then when I am done, we can finish dinner, starting with dessert.
Didn't you know you guys were back together.
Sure are.
Excuse me.
Here you go.
I'm such a klutz.
Don't worry. Me, too.
I love your shoes. They're so cute.
Girls can rock limited edition kicks, too, right?
Absolutely. I'm Dinah, by the way.
It's really nice to meet you.
I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.
Laurel's cry resonates in the terahertz range,
which can be triangulated according to geography.
Was I supposed to understand a single word of that,
or are you talking to yourself?
Sorry. Short version is I think I figured out a way
to find evil Laurel by tracking her Sonic cry.
Meaning if we she uses it we can find her.
Yeah, only problem being it means someone's
probably in trouble--whoa!
Talk about timing.
Yeah. So that means she just used it, right?
- Mm-hmm. - Where?
A parking garage between Marleau and Hainesly.
- I'll tell John and Rene. - Mm-hmm.
Nothing on level C.
D is clear.
A is empty, except for a sweet-ass Corvette
someone left overnight.
We're too late.
Actually, you're right on time.
My mistake for dawdling, I guess.
It's just--it's just she's so, so pretty.
I really wanted to hold her hand
until the end came.
You are one twisted bitch.
That really hurts my feelings.
- She's gone. - Good work tracking her down.
Don't give me points for being late.
Call it in.
Ok. You couldn't have told me to change?
Well, you look great.
We here for a GMD or an acid trip-techno freak show?
Both if you want.
Ok. So the dealer's name is Amnesiac,
but I have no idea how to find him.
Whoa! Ok. Rude.
Maybe that door guarded by the 3 scary dudes with chains for brains.
They look friendly.
- You lost? - No. We're here to see...
- Amnesiac. - Mm-hmm. Yep.
Ok! That turned!
I don't think we should go in here.
Hands off! Easy, chrome dome!
Forgive my thuggish compatriots.
I pay them to uphold a certain aesthetic.
You're Amnesiac?
Your shock is exactly what this establishment
aims to cultivate.
Now what brings you here?
We need a ghost mirror drive.
- What for? - That's our business.
And selling illegal tech is mine,
and I only get to stay in business by avoiding
legal entanglements.
Everything about you two screams narc.
No, no, no! Don't shoot. It's me!
Are you ok?
No! What the hell are you doing here?
Trying to keep you safe.
I saw the guys take you!
Yeah. Those guys were taking me to this guy,
who was gonna give us what we needed to stop Cayden James,
but now they won't because you kicked the crap out of them.
You screwed up everything.
He said he thought you were police.
You know, me not wanting your help tonight
doesn't have to do with me just needing to do this alone.
It has to do with me wanting to protect you.
I was trying to protect you.
You are under 24/7 surveillance
from the FBI right now.
What if somebody saw you?
I can handle it!
What I cannot handle and will not stand for
is you going off after a criminal without backup.
I get that, but I don't need that right now.
What I need...
What I need is a ghost mirror drive,
and I need to get Alena out of here before they all come to.
- Felicity. - We will talk about this later.
Another boring person.
Disrespect the dead much?
He's right. No connections, no money to speak of,
no apparent benefit to killing 3 different people at random.
They weren't random.
Autopsies finally came back on all 3 victims.
Apart from all 3 being thoroughly unremarkable,
they had one other thing in common.
All 3 had traces of Dimotex 75 on their hands.
Dimotex is an adhesive polymer.
It's used on the streets to rip off fingerprints.
Laurel was stealing fingerprints.
Why would somebody want to collect
the fingerprints of 3 nobodies?
And I disrespect the dead?
They're not nobodies.
They're invisible. Boring jobs,
no connection to community.
What makes them remarkable is just how
unremarkable they are.
What are you saying, Hoss--I mean, boss?
What if these people's backgrounds are just a cover?
They're boring by design to be invisible.
So you're saying they're all some kind of covert operatives?
They could be anything,
but whatever they're dealing with is big enough
that they needed a cover.
Be nice to know. Then we could figure out
who Laurel's going after next.
Anybody got a crystal ball?
I might not be able to figure out where she's headed,
but I might be able to figure out where she was.
Now, Sonic cries leave ripples in the air.
I might be able to backtrace where Laurel's been
and maybe even find out a pattern,
maybe even determine where she's operating out of.
I heard two mights and two maybes, but I'll take it.
In the meantime, I'll try to raise Felicity.
If anyone can hack through these covers
to these people's real identities, it's her.
Wow. Love what you haven't done with the place.
The cat-5 hookups are there and back there.
Yeah. One sec. Hey, John.
Hey. Did you decide to take a vacation?
Uh, no. Sorry. I just have a situation here.
Yeah. Well, Curtis told me about the startup.
No. This isn't about the company.
This is about Cayden James, and I don't have time to talk to you about it
right now, but you were right,
and I was wrong about breaking him out of Argus.
- Felicity, listen. - I'm in Helix right now.
I'm just gonna clear up the situation real quick.
I will be back at the bunker before you know it, I promise.
All right, but get back here soon. We need you.
I'm on it.
Got it! The mights and maybes have paid off.
Ok. Backtracing Laurel's sound waves produced
a probabilistic curve of geolocations, which I canvassed
by means of cameras of various sorts.
Curtis, less how, more what.
I found a probable location
for Laurel's base of operation.
Tasking a keyhole satellite.
When was this?
10 seconds ago.
Anybody know that guy?
How about that one?
Never seen him before.
I have. We should go. Felicity's in trouble.
Every file in here is labeled Arclight.
Must be a code name for whatever James is planning.
Now the question is, what is the plan?
You're supposed to be in Corto Maltese.
This is Cayden James?
No, miss Smoak.
I'm Cayden James.
Very nice to finally make your acquaintance.
In case you're curious about why I'm here,
it's not nostalgia.
It's you. We never finished our conversation
in Corto Maltese, which is
where you thought I was,
because you've been pinging my cell.
I was hurt, truly.
Not the betrayal so much as the naivete
of someone I thought had potential.
I'm sorry, miss Smoak.
I'm afraid you're what's known as collateral damage.
Horrible waste of talent.
Make it as humane as possible.
One shot. You won't even know.
Get down! Get down.
How'd you guys know we needed you--
not that I'm complaining.
Oh! Alena!
Call an ambulance!
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Stay with me. Alena.
It's bad. It's really bad.
How is she?
The next couple hours will tell her story.
Um, I air-gapped her IC room just in case.
If Cayden tried to kill her
by hacking her hospital equipment, he can't.
Hey. You all right?
Am I all right that I broke
a genius madman out of prison
who's apparently working
with the psychopath version of Laurel?
Am I ok that I didn't see what was right in front of my face
and now Alena might die?
What the hell do you think?
Sorry. It's not you I'm mad at.
I know that, but right now, we need you.
I know. Curtis.
All set. Did everything just like you told me.
I softened the beach, so now you can, you know, do your thing.
Well, I couldn't do that before because of Cayden.
All right.
I'm in.
Oh, John was right.
They were hiding their identities
because they are really important.
John thought they were some kind of spies or something.
More like something.
All 3 are access managers to the IDND, International Domain Name Directory.
Let's just pretend for a second
only you and Felicity know what that is.
The Internet is run on domain names.
You start messing with them,
and you start collapsing whole parts of the Internet.
So Laurel's stealing fingerprints?
To gain access, I guess.
But why steal 3 sets of fingerprints?
Wouldn't one do the job?
No. The Internet is divided into sections
so not one person can take it down all at once,
and each manager controls a section.
And all 3 would be needed to access the master vault,
which oversees all sections.
All right. So Cayden James wants to take down the Internet.
Can he actually do that?
If you destroy the vault, yes.
And then what, I can't send an e-mail?
I mean, so what?
No. The Internet controls everything now--
electricity, water supply, hospital equipment.
Also planes, trains, and automobiles.
Alena said that Cayden's casualty estimate was
300 million people.
Actually, that sounds low.
Yeah. I don't disagree.
This is all my fault.
All right. Let's keep our focus here.
So James and his people want to hit this vault.
Do we have a location on it?
The location is so classified
that they don't even have a word for how classified it is.
Be that as it may, I have a hack running
that will give us the location soon.
Good, which means you can get home,
take a shower, clear your head maybe.
I'm fine.
It's not a request, Felicity.
- Hey. - Hey.
John told me what happened.
Hmm. So I'm guessing this little visit
is his idea of therapy.
Actually, I'm thinking that he probably
wanted you to speak to one of the world's leading experts
in guilt and regret.
What's happening now is not your fault.
Is that what I sounded like all these years?
No. You sounded smarter.
How did you do it?
How did you balance being the Green Arrow,
the mayor, a boyfriend, a brother?
How did--
How did you do it all by yourself?
I--I d--I didn't do it all by myself.
I had you.
Yeah. Well, I know you're just saying that
to get boyfriend points, and it's working.
I'm being serious, Felicity.
Even if we weren't together,
you were always there with me,
always there to talk me out of stuff,
to help me being the Green Arrow.
You were literally in my ear
every second that I was in the field,
and that's why I followed you
to the club tonight-- because I--I wanted
the chance to be there for you
the way that you've been there for me.
Well, then what would I say to you
in this situation?
You would tell me that when I--you--
ahem--freed Cayden James, "I did it" because
at the moment, at that time in your heart,
you thought it was right.
But you would tell me not to live in the past.
You would tell me to make it right in the present.
You would tell me to trust myself.
Well, I am very smart, apparently.
So smart.
Sorry. This is becoming a habit.
It is, and I am incredibly proud.
I have a wife and two little girls.
Shh. I know. I had a family once.
I appreciate your zeal, miss Lance,
but we just need people down, not dead.
Do I question your method?
Oh, a little gratitude, please.
Were it not for me, you would have either starved
or bled to death on Lian Yu.
The pre-Socratic philosopher Thales of Miletus,
known as the father of science,
believed that for any event
there was a natural cause, even if we couldn't see it...
And he thought that with perfect knowledge
man could control anything...
You're just full of surprises, aren't you?
Oh, I'm just beginning.
Welcome to the inner sanctum.
He's gone.
Biometric hand scanners.
So cool except for the dead body part.
Stay sharp.
This place is huge.
Yeah. Well, it has to be big to hold,
you know, the whole Internet.
This way.
Cayden's overclocking the vault CPU.
- English, Felicity. - He put a virus in the system
that's gonna make the whole thing explode.
That's a bit too much English.
How much time do we have before the vault goes boom?
6 minutes. I think I can stop the virus.
I just need... I just need one-- I just need one minute.
There's no way Cayden James and Laurel are gonna let you
just stand there and do that.
You weren't wrong.
Your men have engaged the targets.
Our men, miss Lance.
This partnership is a democracy after all.
Oh. Miss Smoak just appeared on the server.
Clever girl.
Her ingenuity never disappoints.
I'm coding a little something to occupy her...
While I take my leave.
Do the same for her friends, would you?
No, no, no, no, no.
"No" is not what we want to hear right now.
Cayden just used the processor's firewall to block me out.
I can't take down the virus remotely now.
I'm gonna have to do it on site before he turns this whole place into an ashtray,
not to mention, you know, the Internet.
- Where's the processor? - Northwest quadrant.
Fine. We'll cover you. Delta formation.
Fall back!
We're outgunned here.
We've got you covered. Can you handle this?
I can handle it. Just keep them off me for 4 minutes.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Maybe doing this solo wasn't such a good idea.
Good thing you're not alone.
- Oliver? - Well, technically,
if I'm in this chair, that makes me Overwatch.
- You're in the bunker? - I am. You ok with that?
I am all right with that. I am so all right with that.
I'm epically all right with that,
especially if you have eyes on this complex.
I think I do. You've automated the system
to the point that William could basically operate it.
Do you see the room in the far northwest quadrant?
I do, but I also see 10 hostiles between you and it,
so let me put you on the safest path.
Take the corridor to your left.
Are you sure about that?
Sorry. Right. Right. My left. Your right.
There's a little bit of a learning curve here.
Overwatch, sitrep.
Overwatch, what's your situation?
She's fine.
Go right.
Under the door.
3, 2, 1.
Coast is clear.
I'm in.
Cayden's not here.
Time to get to work.
Company, nine o'clock.
I knew you would be around here somewhere.
Well, I couldn't stay away from you
except for you've changed something about yourself.
I just can't quite put my finger on it.
Here. Let me help you with that.
So it's a crossbow. That's cute.
Two more hostiles inbound.
Oh! Thank you for that!
Just wanted to give you a little time.
Yeah. Well, I'm gonna need it.
I have to break through the processor's
protective firewall to stop Cayden's virus,
and the fact that the processor is exponentially overclocking
and he's disabled the cooling system.
Did not understand a single word that you just said.
Oh, well, you understand blaring noises
and really scary lights, right?
I know this.
You can do it.
I believe in you.
Time to go.
- Thanks. - No problem.
If this place is gonna go boom,
let's not be here when it does.
Overwatch, how we doing?
Good job.
And we're not dead.
Told you.
You know, if this whole role reversal thing sticks around,
you're really gonna have to adopt my saying
of not saying "I told you so."
You tell me you told me so.
Yeah, but not all the time. Heh.
Thank you.
Well, I'm just glad I found a way to help.
Heh. You always do.
Thank God we saved the Internet.
My fantasy football team was killing it this year.
So this new partnership--
is it permanent?
Certainly hope not.
I think mayor Queen's probably too busy
to be moonlighting as tech support.
Besides, after all those years in the field,
it'd be a shame if you went down for carpal tunnel.
All kidding aside-- ahem--
we need to focus on why Laurel has aligned
herself with Cayden James.
Those operatives, they were the same ones
that we took out last month.
Sorry. Old habits.
I will leave you to it.
I'll come with you.
Gonna go tell Alena the good news.
Thank you.
No, no. No need to thank me.
Saving the world is kind of what we do,
that and fixing our mistakes.
None of this is on you, Felicity.
I vouched for Cayden.
You were just backing my play.
Yeah. Well, like you said, he changed.
Now that you're no longer working
for an evil uberhacker-- I'm just assuming--
Do you know what you're gonna do when you get out of here?
Oh. I'm gonna take some time
and gain some much needed perspective
and then maybe, if you'll have me,
come work for you at your startup.
Yeah. That'd be great.
- Yeah? - Yeah, you should.
I mean, maybe in a year or two,
Curtis and I will actually have an idea of what to develop.
Oh, I actually--I have a pitch for you on that.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Why did you get fired from Palmer Tech?
Well, besides me being lousy at balancing my time
and working with the team,
the board actually violently resisted my--
efforts to replicate your spinal implant.
You've been looking for something to work on,
something that would change the world,
and you've literally been sitting on the right idea this whole time.
I couldn't figure out a way to affordably
mass produce the implant at Palmer Tech.
Now you have Curtis and no board oversight.
You know, Curtis and I have actually had a really hard time
coming up with a name for the company,
almost as hard of a time as we've had for a concept,
so I was wondering how you would feel
about me appropriating the name Helix?
Well, I think you don't generally need to worry
about criminal hackers coming after you
for trademark infringement...
That's true.
And I think it would be really nice
to see something good come out of that name.
Helix Dynamics.
That rolls off the tongue nicely.
Cool logo possibilities, easily engravable on a Nobel medal.
Funny. Those are Curtis' criteria, too.
- Heh heh. - It's possible.
A reward for a job only half done?
A means of preventing them from tracking you
by way of your Sonic scream,
and the job was done to perfection.
I thought the objective was to take down the Internet.
No. The objective was to take down the firewall
protecting the vault,
and miss Smoak was most adept in complying.
Why couldn't you find a way to do it yourself?
I've been doing this too long to leave trails, miss Lance.
Much safer to have miss Smoak's digital fingerprints
on the processor, not mine,
and once she had taken down the firewall,
I was able to upload a critical piece of code
to Arclight.
What happens now?
We take the next step.
Mmm. Dinner went better than expected.
Can't believe we got through the whole thing, no interruptions...
No armed assassins...
I, um...
I still have room for dessert.
So do I.
Wait. That's ok.
- Oh, sorry. - It's ok.
- Sorry. - That's ok.
- Sorry. - Ok. Oh!
Sorry. Not mine.
- Thank you. - Oh.
- One sec. - Yep.
I'll be there.
Uh-uh. All right.
That didn't sound like John or the team.
It wasn't.
What's going on?
That was Slade Wilson.
He needs my help.
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Greg! Move your head.