Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Arrow - full transcript

Felicity and Curtis learn that Prometheus's victims have a mysterious link to Oliver's past that could up-end his new team.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What's the status
on Church's cell phone?

It's holding still
at Aparo and Puckett.

This is one
well-traveled phone

considering its owner
was killed

on the other side of town
last week.

Prometheus is trying
to bait me.

Yeah, that's the general
point I was trying to convey

and also that this is
probably a trap.

You should have let me call
in the rest of the team.

- No.
- Why?

Because it's
probably a trap.

We've got this,

Who is this?

That's a lot of trouble
to go to for a prank.

"And So it Begins?"

Whoa. Who knew
Prometheus was

a "Babylon 5"
fan boy?

Don't judge
until you've seen it.

So what begins?
That's the question.

That's a good point.
It would seem like

he has already
started, considering

he's dropped
two bodies.

I get killing Conahan.
He led the ACU team

to help the Green Arrow
rescue the city councilmen,

but why take out Church?

According to
Detective Malone,

it's because Church
got in between

and his real target.

- The Green Arrow.
- Yes.

So Church goes
after you,

goes after Church,


What? That was
my throwing star sound effect?

Why? What does
yours sound like?

I just don't understand.

A person that leaves
a trail of dead cops

just to kill a guy
who's after you

because he wants to
kill you himself.

Well, I'll say it again.
This is serious enough

to warrant telling
the rest of the recruits.

Who--Curtis and 3 people
we barely know,

one of which gave up
your identity to Church,

who we can only pray
didn't share

that information
with Prometheus?

Well, for the record,
Rene didn't give up

Oliver's identity, ok?

He was tortured.

That's exactly why
we have to keep them out of this.

I don't want to put
the recruits in harm's way

until we know
exactly what it is

we're dealing with.

Ok. Once you have
wires attached--good.

Take the other one
and attach to battery

and the other one
to the igniter.

I failed chemistry
in high school...twice.

Then learn like I did

in--how you say--school
of, uh, hard knock.

I don't see
the point of this.

I'm here in Russia
to take out

Konstantin Kovar,
not to learn

how to make a bomb.

You must be like
sponge, Oliver,

making bomb, working
with electronic,

welding metal.

Bratva spend off hours
learning many trade.


Attach one end
to igniter,

other one
to battery terminal.

Careful. Do not
touch circuit board.

Is ok, Oliver.

First time I try,
I nearly lose finger.

What the hell
was that?

Declaration of war
against Bratva.

By who?

Your friend...Kovar.

I'm proud of our
new zoning ordinance

along with the work
that's being done by the ACU.

Our citizens need to
feel safe,

but they also need
homes and jobs.

Thank you
for joining us.

I, uh, overslept.

What are you gonna do,
dock my pay?

No, no. It's
just--it's not the first time

it's happened
this week.

Is there something
you want to tell me?

If that's code for
"are you still drinking,"

then my answer
hasn't changed

since the last 50 times
you asked me.

What the hell is he doing
talking with her?

It was his idea.

She rakes him
over the coals

about making me
deputy mayor,

and now he gives her
an interview.

Well, for all accounts,
she's actually going

pretty easy on him.

Thanks for taking
the time.

Thank you for giving me
a chance to explain

my side
of the issues.

Well, I said I'd give
you a month

without any negative

Clock's ticking,
and it's ticking

on the other thing, too.

Right, um, the--

Ticktock, Mr. Mayor.


You were not
actually flirting

with that woman.

She can literally
ruin your career.

I haven't done
anything yet.

I hate that you
just said, "yet."

Ok. Come on. There's something
I want to show you.

What is this?

This is a music
and arts festival.

Seattle's been hosting
one for decades.

I mean, they are
great for publicity

and--and tourism,
tax revenue.

Except revenue is what
you're gonna need

to pull that off, and we don't
have revenue to pull that off.

Yes, we do, because
the mayor's

chief of staff is
a former night club owner,

and all the right
people still owe me

the right favors,
so--I mean,

I may not be able
to get all these bands there,

but enough to draw
a crowd.

Speedy, this is--
this is good work.

Well, I--I still
need a venue.

Let's put together a list.

I will make whatever calls
you need me to make.


Actually, I might have
an in at the Rockets arena.

Deputy mayor Lance.

Hold off on giving me
keys to the city.

I just know a guy.

I'm just trying to do
whatever I can to help.

Thank you.

Take whatever you want!

Just don't--look.
I have two children.

Could we get the room
for a minute?

Neat trick.
Must come in handy

when you lock yourself
out of your place.

I'm Adrian Chase.
I'm the new D.A.

I thought crime scenes were
below a D.A.'s pay grade.

I'm not
that kind of D.A.

What's your excuse
for being here?

Radio call mentioned
the murder weapon.

Like Church
and Lieutenant Conahan.

What do you have
on the victim?

Gay Eked, divorced
mother of two,

and before you ask,
her ex has

an airtight alibi,
and Ms. Eked's criminality

is limited
to 3 parking tickets.

What do you know
that I don't?

The killer calls
himself Prometheus.

And why would
this Prometheus target

an average housewife?

Another body
just dropped.

Another throwing star murder.

Peter Meld,
38, cab driver.

He was killed while filling
his taxi up with gas.

Oliver's headed
to the crime scene now.

Ok. Any connection
between Meld and Gay Eked?

Just the same M.O.--
killed by throwing star.

You know, Felicity,
it sure would be nice

to get our hands
on one.



Why are you looking
at me like that?

Because I'm not the one
dating a detective.

Oh, no. Well, Billy
doesn't know

that I work with
the Green Arrow,

and I'm not crazy
about overlapping my work

and my personal lives
like that,

and even if I was, what
am I supposed to do,

steal it
off his desk?

Felicity, you're one
of the smartest people I know.

I'm sure you'll
thank of something.

4 bodies so far.

We have to do whatever
we can to make sure

it doesn't become
number 5.

Ah, and that sounds
like an argument

in favor of looping
in the recruits.

When there's a reason to,
we will.

This is the reason.
We should do it now.

What'd you find?

Nothing but
the victim's blood.

No fibers, no shards,
no prints.

So how the hell are we
supposed to find this guy?

Apparently we're not.

Oh. You
do not look happy.

Is it because
I'm not bearing Americanos?

No, it's not the coffee.
It's a case.

The throwing star

Kind of hard to miss,
although apparently

this guy didn't.

Ooh. That was
unexpectedly morbid.

Coffee? Which actually brings me
to why I'm here.

Not the coffee.
The morbidness.

I was friends with one
of the victims in your case.

Well, more like

You know, friend
of a friend of a friend.

Is this the, uh, same
friend whose housekeeper

got their towels stolen?

It wasn't a towel.
It was a rag, and no.

Totally different friend.

Wow. Another friend

in a random crime
in the city.

You must run
in a pretty rough crowd.

You have no idea.

I'd have a better one
if you'd just cut the crap

and tell me whatever it is
you're not telling me.

What?! There's no
deception here.

I actually was kind of
sort of friends

with one of
the victims--Gay Eked.

"Kind of sort of"?

Pike wants us
in his office.

We'll talk later.

Ok. So we got a problem
with your girlfriend.

- Who?
- Susan Williams.

Detective William Malone,

who is believed to be
in charge of the investigation,

could not be reached
for comment.

This is a disaster.

Nor has SCPD issued
a statement on the matter,

but it is believed that
this throwing star killer

is responsible for a total
of 4 deaths so far,

including that of reputed
crime lord Tobias Church.

Throwing star

You have to admit it
has a certain flair.

I don't need
to be the one to tell you

that having
a citywide panic

is, like, the worst thing
that can happen

before this festival.

No, Thea. You don't
have to tell me that.

Anatoly, why didn't
you tell me

that Kovar was
making a move

against the Bratva?

You know he's the reason
that I'm here

in the first place.

I told you Kovar
has army.

Who did you think
his enemy was?

You told me I could
get at Kovar

by joining
the Bratva!

Yeah. It looks like
you're going to get your chance.

Now the Pakhan is
going to be here any moment.

He will explain

Tidy yourself up.
Show him your respect.

Ah. The puppy speaks.

The infamous Oliver Queen.

What? Did you think that we
would not learn of your past,

that we would allow
a rich American

into this organization
without special circumstances?

I've earned my place

So I hear.

So why don't you tell me
what the hell is going on?

Oliver, respect.

It's Okay, Anatoly. Ah.

I appreciate
his eagerness.

Kovar decided to
expand his territory,

a casino.

What happened here tonight,
this is just warning

for us to stay away,

but we are not going
to do that.

So what are
we gonna do?

Kovar needs money
to expand, investors,

like, say,
rich American.

- Uh-huh.
- Come on.

You can get meeting
with his people.

When you do,
you're gonna get inside,

and you're going to
blow his new casino up.

And you
thought making bomb

was waste of time.

What you say, Oliver?

Ready to play
rich American playboy again?

Your new girlfriend
certainly knows

how to whip a city
into a frenzy.

Excuse me?

Thea might have
mentioned something

about you dating
Susan Williams.

I'm not dating
Susan Williams.

Did the person that
you're dating actually give you that?


I might have stolen
it off his desk.

- Are you kidding?
- I generally don't kid

about something that could get me
10 years at Iron Heights.

Well, I hope
it was worth it.

Yeah. So far,
not so much,

and here I was just
so happy Curtis got

our gas chromatograph
working again.

I'm hoping to have
better luck with this.

I plugged the 4 victims
into an algorithm

that ViCAP uses to
track serial killers.

The computer can tease
out connections between the victims

that the FBI generally
doesn't make.

- Well, that's smart.
- And I cross-referenced in

our own database
along with SCPD's

to hopefully get
better results.

- What is that?
- News alert.

Reports are
just coming in

that someone spotted
the throwing star killer

at an outdoor shopping mall,
inciting widespread panic

that is threatening to spill
into nearby streets and homes.

Well, I hope your
new girlfriend is happy with herself.

Let's call the team
and have them meet me there.

- All of them?
- All of them.

They deserve to know
that this has escalated.

Stop calling
Susan Williams my girlfriend.

Yes, sir.

There he is!
I see him!

Look out!
He's over there!

Right behind you!

Watch out!
He's over there!

I see him!
Look out! He's behind you!

I got him!

Who the hell
are those guys?

just shooting into the dark.

It's because
they're scared.

Prometheus probably
isn't even here.

Our job here
is to keep the peace.

Me, Spartan, and Ragman
will handle the shooters.

Everyone else get people
to safety.

Why's Ragman get
to have all the fun?

Because I said so.

I never get tired
of this part.

Oh, no!
Make it stop! Mom!

- No!
- Hey, hey, hey.

You're safe
with us, ok?

Come with me.

You saved us.
Thank you.

Come on.

Whoa, whoa!
Hey, man! You all right?

Here. I got you.
Let's get you out of here.

You're safe. Come on.
Come with me.

There's no threat
here. Go home.

He's up there!
Get behind me!

The killer isn't here.
You're safe.

Go! Move, move.
Now, now, go, go!

Put your weapon down!

I've got a right
to protect myself.

Hey. That's
my property.

Not anymore.

The throwing star
killer isn't here.

All you are doing is
causing panic.

Go home...


Well, if Prometheus wanted
to push the public

into a frenzy,
mission accomplished.

Well, I'm guessing we're
not gonna like his encore either.

Heh. I will stop

Ahem. We need
to canvass the city.

Felicity can coordinate.
We need to help

the SCPD maintain order.

Hold up a sec.

More like back up,
way up.

Tonight's the first

we're hearing
of a serial killer

in the city.

He calls himself Prometheus.

He's the one who killed
Tobias Church.

Did you know
about this?

He knew about this.

Why didn't we know
about this?

You know
about him now,

so let's get to work.

These throwing star
killings are some kind of message

that Prometheus
is sending to Oliver.

He's calling him out.

Sounds like--and I'm

you and Blondie have
known about this a while.

Yeah. That's not
insulting at all.

Evelyn, this isn't about
feelings or ego.

We had to vet
the situation.

He means
the "A" team had to

make sure the "B" team
was worthy enough

for being kept
in the loop.

All right.
The only team here is team Arrow,

and I actually agree
with you guys,

but the whole city is going
nutso crazy right now, so--

She's right.
There's plenty of time

for this later.

Except for Curtis.
I need your brain

on this victimology

- Sir.
- Victimology algorithm.

This is just like

and I'm
Jake Gyllenhaal.

Wait. Wouldn't you be--

Don't take
this from me.

Ollie, where are you?

This place is going
through 5 kinds of hell right now.

What do we have?

You guys, uh, think you want to
clear the room for us?

Seriously, bro?

and Curtis found something.

We want to know
what it is.

We're a team,

or at least we were.

What do we have?

At first, not much
of anything.

No links between home addresses,
personal histories,

favorite colors, Nada.

So the victimology
algorithm moved on

to crazy Zodiac killer
kind of stuff.

Such as looking
for anagrams

in case Prometheus was
sending a message

in the names of the victims
he's been choosing.

- Is he?
- Kind of.

First 4 victims--

Tobias Church, Sam Conahan,
Peter Meld, and Gay Eked.

Victims 3
and 4 were not random.

We think Prometheus
is using those names

as anagrams to spell
out other names.

Adam Hunt, Ted Gaynor,
Palmer Cokes, Sachi Beech.

Those names supposed
to mean anything to us?

They do to him.

Care to enlighten?

Those names are
on the list.

What the hell
is the list?

Let me
get this straight.

You got a "To Kill" list,

and I'm
the out-of-control one?

I haven't used
that list,

I haven't looked at it
in 4 years.

Wait. 4 years?
I thought there was

some other guy
in the hood.

No. That was Oliver.
The Hood, the Arrow,

Green Arrow--
all him.

That notebook
belonged to my father,

and when I was first
starting out,

I thought that it was
my way to save the city.

Well, I think
we now know the message

Prometheus is
trying to send.

You do?
Because I don't. Do you guys?

He's saying you're
the serial killer.

Harsh, but feeling
pretty accurate.

I was trying to help
this city.

Prometheus isn't.

convinced me

to not get revenge
on Ruv? Darhk for my parents

because killing
would tarnish

the Black Canary's

How are you anything other
than a hypocrite?

First, it would have
tarnished her legacy.

Second, you knew that I was a killer
when you came on board.

Not a serial killer.

I know some
of these names.

You've got
bankers in here,

a city councilman.

You need to anagram
the names on the list

against Star City's population

because that should point
us toward Prometheus' next targets.

I know is not much
to look at now,

but with
your investment,

we can make it
a premier destination in the area.

Yeah, look. As long
as you have craps in here, right?

I am awesome at craps.

You got to fill
this place with girls.

Tons of girls.

I'm sure you will
be very pleased.

All of your requests will be

I'm convinced,
but my associate

would like to see
the blueprints

just to make sure you're
all buttoned up, yeah?

Here you are.

I can have copies
sent to your hotel,

but first...


You want to see
the money. Ha ha ha!

Not to be rude,
but yes.

That's fine.
That's fine.

Show the man
the money.

This will do just fine,
Mr. Queen.

If you don't mind
my asking,

uh, why you have not
returned home?

Supposedly, you are
big deal.

All right.
We want to set

the charges
there and there

for maximum damage.


You play--what's
American term--

douche--very well.

Let's get this
over with.



You home?


Ohh! God!

- What are you doing?
- God.

What are you doing?

What--what are you
trying to kill me or something?

Where the hell
have you been?

The whole city
is in crisis.

Well, yeah, my stomach's
been on a--a tear since lunch.

I--it must have been.
Some fish.

It was the fish.
It was that fish.

Yeah. Probably didn't
wash down well

with all the whiskey.

When did you relapse?

You didn't.

You--you've been
drinking the whole time.

You lied to me.

Well, I'm a drunk, Thea.
That's what we do.

Yeah. Ok. I'm taking
you to a meeting.

Mmm. You can't help
a man who doesn't want to be helped.

Watch me.

I am not giving up
on you,

and I'm not letting you
give up on yourself.

Well, I don't think
that the deputy mayor

being seen
at an AA meeting

is exactly what
your brother needs right now.

The second "A" stands
for anonymous, right?

What the hell
is this thing?

Oh. Uh, thanks.
What is this?

Regan family
schnapps recipe.

It's strong and a little sweet
just like you.

I thought we could
use some considering the circumstances.

Would you care for some?

Uh, Rory, she's 17.

So? My dad was giving me
this stuff when I was 11.

And what a fine weirdo
you turned out to be.

Mmm. Look. If this
little meeting

is because we learned
Oliver is a killer, I got news for you.

It's not news.

Look. Killing Damien Darhk
and Church's guys

is one thing, but having
a secret kill list--

Yeah, that
he never even told us about.

It's something
completely different.

Well, what's not
different is him not telling us stuff.

Haven't you noticed
when it comes to information sharing

there seems to be
two different teams?

It's only gotten
worse since Diggle's been back.

Make up your
mind, guys.

Are you pissed because
Oliver killed people

or that he doesn't
tell us everything?

How about both?

How about I'm pissed
that the guy

who only shares
the important information

with his inner circle
used to be a serial killer?

Which, again,
he didn't tell us about.

Look. We all want to believe
in Oliver's crusade,

but how are we
supposed to follow him into his battle

when his first instinct is to hide
the truth from us.

First it's "I used
to be a serial killer."

What's tomorrow's
revelation gonna be?

I don't know how to operate with that
in the back of my mind.

Wow. Haven't
seen you do that in quite some time.

Wanted to take my mind
off things.

Yeah. I don't think they make enough
tennis balls for that.

Where's Felicity with the list
of potential targets?

She's working on it.
It's a big city.


Something tells me

that's not the only
thing weighing on you.

How are the recruits?

Taking a little timeout.

I expected them to be upset with me,
and that's fine,

but, John, they
seemed horrified.

No. I wouldn't
call it that.

Just a bit surprised.

Look on the bright side.

It does show how far
you've come.

I haven't seen that guy
in a long time,

and the way
the kids reacted,

I think it proves
how much you've changed.

Except I haven't.

I killed Damien Darhk,
and I haven't stopped since.

Yeah. Well, don't
forget who you're talking to, man.

I know firsthand what it's like
to be a murderer.

I know the difference
between a good kill

and one made out
of pure rage.

You killed Damien Darhk, Oliver,

because you had to.

You took down
Church's men

because you had to.

The list was
something different.

You were targeting
lawyers, stockbrokers.

You were killing
as a first resort, not a last.

Well, Prometheus is just
dredging all that up again.

I want to move forward.
I'm trying to move forward,

but I...

I feel stuck.

I think you're being
hard on yourself,

which is a bit annoying
because that's usually

mine and Felicity's job,

but, Oliver, in that
official capacity...

I think you are
moving forward.

I think you're evolving.

I think
you're growing.

What makes you so sure?

Because that guy
with the list wouldn't

have even thought to
ask the question.

I need
a cleanup on aisle 12,

and also, I got a list
of potential victims.

I know you're all
upset with me,

so thank you for
showing up despite that.

Well, we were
afraid you would kill us if we didn't.

Heh. Too soon?

I was able
to cross-reference the list

with the city census,
nailing it down

to 6 potential targets.

How do we know
who he'll hit?

We don't. In order to cover
that much ground,

we have to split up
and each take one potential target.

We run surveillance.
Whoever spots Prometheus first,

call it in,
and we all converge.


Is everything ok?

No, it's not.

For a long time,
I blamed you

for my parents

that you were responsible for leaving
them to suffocate

in one of Damien Darhk's
testing chambers.

I know.

It took a lot for me
to come work with you.

Knowing all this...

It doesn't make it
any easier.

Evelyn, are you sure you should be
out there tonight?

Yes, I am

because I'm doing this,
protecting people

for me, not for you.

I've got eyes
on target number 4.

Copy that!

You know, it seems we have
a minute alone.

Is there anything
you want to talk about?


Are you sure?
Because I'm kind of an expert

when it comes to
finding out ugly things

about Oliver's past.

Actually, I'm the--
I'm the leading expert.

- Overwatch?
- Yeah.

I really don't
want to talk about it.

Oh, my God.

Get back!

What the hell?

Get out of here!
Go call 911!

Stay away from him!


We got a problem.
Artemis seems to have

disconnected her comms.

- She in trouble?
- I don't know,

but I'm worried she
wouldn't tell us if she was.

Do you have here 20?

When Wild Dog was kidnapped,
I put trackers

in all their suits.

I'm sending you
the information now.

She's moving.

She's on a subway
that's moving.

The train's a few
blocks from here.

I will go check
on her.

You tell everyone
else to hold their position.

Hey. Hey. Come on, man.

Come on. Please!

- You ok?
- Yeah.

What the hell
was that?

Stop the train.


You all right?

I wasn't gonna be.


Gone. Whatever
he's planning,

it wasn't to engage
me tonight.

Hey. We got a problem.

We got a big problem.


We don't have time
to disarm that.

We're getting off the train.
Come on!

You're joking, right?

Because now's a really
bad time to be trying out jokes.

Trust me.

Good as new.

What's gonna happen
to the train guy?

This morning,
Mayor Queen is gonna

put him and Prometheus'
5 other targets

into witness protection
until this is over.

Won't Prometheus just
find another way to go after you?

Probably, but
when he does,

we will deal with it,

and I promise you
will find out right when I do.

I was a jerk...

And I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry
for your parents.

I'm sorry that I'm
not the man you thought I was,

but John reminded me,
as he does,

that I'm trying
to be that man...

And I might actually
be getting there slowly.

In the meantime,
I would really appreciate

your patience.

Sounds reasonable
to me.

When I was a boy,

my mother told me
a story

about her

She said he grew
a turnip so large

that he could not pull
it up by himself,

so he asked his wife
to help,

but together,
they could not do it.

So he asked my uncle,
my aunt, everybody to pitch in,

but yet they could not
pull the turnip out of the ground.

And so I said,

"mama, mama,

did he ever pull
the turnip out of the ground?"

And she said yes,

but only--only
after they called

everybody in the village,

every man, woman,
and child,

every farmer, every vagabond,

every animal even--

the dogs and the cats--

and finally together...

They wrestled it free.

Does your story
have a point?


That without unity one cannot
accomplish anything in life.

As I got older, I realized it also
meant something else,

that scum never
amount to anything without help,

that the Solntsevskaya
Bratva can pull

at the turnip
all they want,

but they will never,
ever, ever

set it free.

Yes, that and...

Don't become
a damn farmer.

Oliver Queen.

My name is
Konstatin Kovar.

I've been looking forward
to meeting you.


Oh. So what latest
crime or criminal

do I owe the pleasure
of this visit?

I thoroughly
deserve that.

Is there somewhere
private we can go chat?

Step into my office.

Oh, yes.
The interrogation room.

How appropriate.

Felicity, I was just
giving you a hard time.

I figure whenever
you're ready to tell me

whatever's going on
with you,

you'll tell me.

I am gonna tell you now.

I have this friend--

- Hmm.
- Yeah.

Who I just watched
for the umpteenth time

not tell the people
he's closest to

what is going on
with him.

I don't want to
be like that.

I don't want you
to be like that.

So what is it? Are you,
like, a serial killer or something,

the throwing star

true crime groupie?

I got a million
scenarios running

through my mind,
like you're--

I work for
the Green Arrow.

That wasn't one of them.

It's why I keep
odd hours,

and why I disappear
at random times,

and it's why I keep
asking you for favors,

and in case
you haven't noticed,

that's why I stole
evidence off your desk.

You know, I looked
everywhere for that.

It goes without saying
that me being like a criminal

probably isn't good
for our relationship.

You're not like
a criminal, Felicity.

You are one.

But it's
for a good cause.


You're not, like, mad

or hurt or feeling
a lack of trust.

I'd be a jerk
if I did,

and, Felicity...

You're helping
save the city.

Wow. That went a lot
better than I expected.

I just got
so many questions.

Do you know
where he lives?

Is--is his face
all scarred or something?

Is that why
he wears a hood?

Billy, Billy, Billy.

Shut up.

Yes, ma'am.

Thanks for putting
this together, Speedy.

Well, I can't
take all the credit.

Lance did come up
with the venue.

Shouldn't he
be here?

Uh, yeah. He, uh,
came down with that flu

that everyone's
been catching,

so he just decided
to sit this one out.

Oh. Hey.

Well, if it isn't
my favorite chief of staff.

How you doing?

Still not

It's cool, man.

Nobody saw you
get completely shot down.

You know, because
we did see you get shot--

everything looks
really nice, Mr. mayor.

Thank you, Curtis.

Yeah. I can't
remember the last time

I saw a concert
or danced.

Or smiled

- Ok.
- Come on, Rory.

Just follow
our lead.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Can I talk to you

Yeah. Give us a second,
please, guys.

What's going on?

You remember
the throwing star that I stole

from my boyfriend-- from my--
from Malone?

You remember--
you remember this?

You said it didn't
turn anything up.

Pretty sure I used
the word "yet."

Ok. So now?

The alloy is very

with trace quantities
containing dozens

of different
genetic markers,

and I was able to nail
the forensic evidence

to coming within
the past 4 years.

What are you
trying to tell me?

This is gonna
sound crazy,

but so is Prometheus.

I think that Prometheus
has gotten his hands

on the various arrows
that you've used

over the past 4 years,
melted them down,

and fashioned weapons
out of them.

But if that's true,
that--that would mean--

that would mean that Prometheus
has access to SCPD lockup.

Oliver, I think we have a real lead on
who Prometheus is.

He's a member
of the SCPD.