Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - Arrow - full transcript

Team Arrow uncovers HIVE's plan to take them out for good, leading Lance to wonder if Donna is better off without him and Oliver to consider telling Felicity about his son.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My name is Oliver Queen.

After 5 years in hell,
I returned home

with only one goal--
to save my city,

but my old approach
wasn't enough.

I had to become
someone else.

I had to become something else.

I had to become
the Green Arrow.

Previously on "Arrow."

Someone else is throwing their hat
in the ring.


Ruvé Adams.

I'm Oliver.

He can't know that
you're his father,

and nobody else can.

I know who Oliver Queen
cares about more than anyone.


His son...


Merritt Davis will be
moderating the debate.

There will be a podium there,
another one there,

and according
to tradition,

the selection's made
by some coin toss thingy.

Mr. Queen.

At last, we meet.

Ms. Adams,
I'm just curious.

Is Adams your
maiden name?

Oh, I'm not married


Well, I'm sure you just haven't met
the right person yet.

Well, it is lovely
to finally meet you,

an unconventional candidate
to say the least.

Bit of a dark horse

Just meaning that
your candidacy seems

to have come
out of nowhere.

Well, generally,
I prefer to keep

my philanthropic
works quiet,

but the city is
in simply too much trouble

for me to remain
in the shadows.

Yes, it is.

The people
destroying our homes

need to be fought
in the light of day.

Well, I hope that we
have a productive debate, Mr. Queen.

I look forward
to it...

Ms. Adams.

More like
Mrs. Deceitful-Darhk.

I feel like Adams
probably polls better.

It's not like we
can prove that Adams

isn't her
real last name.

How is our opposition
research coming?

Uh, nothing yet.

She's apparently clean,
but the more we do

digging into her
and her background,

the more likely she's
gonna dig into ours.

I think that's
our cue.

Wait, wait.

I really need you
to take a look

at these engagement party

My mom's been hounding me.

The envelope is
very pink.

Wait! Don't...

Open it.

Should have
totally seen that one coming.

I'm so sorry.
What do you think?

Maybe less glitter.

You look good
in glitter.

Yeah. Let's move out.

The valet's bringing
up her car.

All right. Laurel's
got the eyeball.

You should move.

Are you gonna be
all right in here?

Oh, yeah.
Great Wi-Fi.

Overwatch on.

I've got her
approaching 7th.

Think she's headed
to her house again?

Like she did the last
6 times we trailed her, you mean?

She has to be coordinating
with Darhk somehow.

We keep this up,
we learn how,

we find out
where he is.

I've run
out of roof.

I'm on it.

If she turns
left on Wilson,

she'll be headed home.

Then she's not.
Right turn.

Could be our lucky night.

Speedy, you're it.

Got her!

Green Arrow, you
ready for the handoff?

Already there.

I've got eyes on.

I lost her.

What do you mean?
That pursuit was textbook.

You had an appointment
with my husband

the other week.

He does not take
kindly to being stood up,

and he has a little
something to say

about you stalking
his wife, as well.

Are you all right?

She got away again.

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Code of Silence
Original Air Date on February 17, 2016

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Ok. So clearly,
we're not gonna find

Darhk by tailing
his wife.

Yeah. Well, it's not
like we have a lot

of moves left
to make.

Darhk has gone,
well, dark

ever since Machin
attacked his family.

But Darhk is not afraid
of Machin.

He's just--his plan's gone
to a new phase.

And how do you
know that?

Because HIVE spent
months trying to cripple

this city's

They discouraged
people from running for mayor.

They even tried to
co-opt my candidacy.

Yeah. Then Mrs. Evil
threw her hat in the ring.

There has to be
a reason.

Darhk did not
try and destroy Star City

so that his wife
could be mayor.

There's something
that we're not seeing.

Oh, I can see it
clear as day.

You on the podium
Thursday night vexing

Oliver Queen with your
political legerdemain.

Until we take him out of the game
completely, you mean.

Oh, you're not
reconsidering the plan?

Malcolm Merlyn
reached out,

gave me an early
birthday present.

It would be a shame
not to make use of it.

Ah! My buddies!

Let's get the rest
of the organization on the line.

and gentlemen,

I am giddy to
report that

phase 4 is
proceeding on schedule.

There's still some concern about
the Star City operation.

Enlighten me.

Phase 5 requires control
over city hall,

yet somehow we've found
ourselves mired

in a petty political race
to see that happen.

We didn't exactly
plan on

Oliver Queen,
did we?

No one ever does.

I think what Mr. Armitage

is too polite to say

is that phase 5 now rests
on your wife's

political acumen.

Tomas, how is Madrid
this time of year?

I remember taking
a siesta in your office once.

I can practically picture
the room right now

as if I'm actually in it.

Ok, then. Anything
else to cover.

Well, there is the matter
of Quentin Lance.

He's clearly been aiding
the vigilantes.

I can confirm as much.

Oh, don't worry.

That loose end is
about to be well-tied.


Hey. Time for my
8:00 feed already?

Funny. I thought you
could use a little pick-me-up.

I think you used
that excuse last week

to check up
on me.

DA's office never worked with my
department so much.

I'm just--I'm
worried about you.

No kidding.

No, Dad, seriously,

Darhk has to know
that you're the one

that gave up the
Ghost base of operations.

And I go to work
every day surrounded

by men and women
with guns.

It is all right,

It's all right.
Hello. Lance.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right. I'll be
there in 10.

Got a possible 602.

Isn't that a little
below your pay grade?

Uh, yeah. That's how
short-handed we are.

Good. I'll come
with you.

I'll wait in the car,
and then we can go for dinner.

I got--I got plans
with Donna.

That's even better.

I've been wanting to
spend some time

with the woman that won
over my father's heart.

Oh, wow.

Oh, I knew we
should have had Slade Wilson

do the party

Hey, guys.

I, um--you know,
I--I don't know

how I'm gonna get
everything done in time.

Maybe we should cancel.


I think what Felicity
is trying to say

is that we--we
just don't--

we don't want you
working too hard.

I don't consider
this work.

I--I think of it
as a dry run

for your wedding.

So listen. We are
gonna have party favors

over in that corner.

We're gonna have
a champagne tower right here.

Hoo hoo!

And we're gonna
play games

over by the fireplace.

Oh, oh, oh.
I brought my favorite--

Pin the Junk
on the Hunk.

Sorry. Is this
bad timing?

For who?

Is everything ok?

Yeah. We got to,


Uh, ha ha!
Where you going?

Duty calls.
Sorry. Sorry.

Ahem. Is
everything ok?

So Alex got
a phone call

from one
of the lawyers

doing research
on the opposition,

and it looks like they might have
found something.

On Ruvé?

On you actually.

In 2013,
Homeland Security

did a tax audit
after the Undertaking,

and looks like mom wrote
a million-dollar check

to some woman named
Samantha Clayton.

I mean, Alex flagged it
as something

potentially weird
for us.

By weird he means?

Well, the check was
never cashed,

so why would mom
write a check

for a million dollars to a woman
young enough to be her daughter,

and why would that woman not
cash the check?

I don't know.

Should I look into this
Samantha person?

I don't really
see the point.

I mean, whatever was
going on with this Samantha person,

clearly she wanted
nothing to do with mom,

and either way,
I don't--just--

I don't see how something like this
would blow back on me.

Thank you.


Everything has unfolded
according to Providence.

What do you think
is under there anyway?

Power, Mr. Queen.

I'm glad you have

We have much to
accomplish together.

Reiter's pet.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

I know you
killed Vlad.

I watched.
We all did.

What are you
going to do,

kill him right in front
of Reiter's men?

They don't care
what we do to him.

They remember
what he did to Conklin.

Maybe you men need to go
for a drink or something.

A 602's breaking
and entering.

Why would they need backup
in the form of a police captain?

I told you.
We're short-handed.

Don't worry.

It's not a job
for Black Canary.

SCPD. Anyone here?

Yeah, this is Lance.
Get me dispatch.



Come on!

Thought I told you
to stay in the car.

You're welcome.

Get out!
Go, go, go, go!

Go! Run! Go! Go!
Get out!

Get out! Go, go,
go, honey!

Come on!

Go, go, go!


Get up! Go!

Are you ok?

What the hell
was that?

I don't know. It's like the building
attacked me or something,

but that's not
possible, is it?

Captain, you move

and it's gonna leave
an even bigger scar.

What happened?

Ugh. Your guess is
as good as mine.

It's like
the big bad wolf

huffed and puffed
or something.

This wolf
being Darhk.

Why do you think they
went through so much trouble

to make it look
like an accident?

They didn't want to take
the heat of killing a police captain.

Thanks for
the needlepoint.

are you going?

Yeah. If Damien Darhk
has you in is gunsights,

it might not be
a good idea

to show yourself
in the open.

Uh, I'm meeting
with Donna.

Oh, she's fine.
She's probably just playing

Pin the Junk
on the Hunk or something.


Do not ask. Do not ask.

Stay here for a minute
and let us do what we do.

Look. I'm gonna check
with Andy,

see if he's ever seen HIVE
use these tactics before.

Besides, I'm
on daddy duty

now that Lila's
the head of Argus.

I'm gonna try
and backtrace the call

that supposedly came
from dispatch.

I am--

Going to go work
on your debate prep?


Debate prep. Just took the words
right out of my mouth.


This man deserves to die.
He tortured us!

And he saved me.

At great risk to himself,
he kept me alive.

I have more reason
than anyone to hate this man,

but he's our best chance
of going home.

He killed your brother.

Yes, he did.

Tell them why.

The guard Conklin,
he put Vlad up to it.

I was defending

He attacked me.

Now I--I know that
you have no reason to trust me,

but I am not
your enemy.

All I want to do
is stop Reiter

and get all of you
out of this place.

So prove it.


Kill Conklin.

Aside from
my brother,

have you
killed before?


There was a man
in Hong Kong,

and I did terrible
things to him,

and that made me
a monster.

And you're afraid
killing Conklin

will make you into
this monster again?


Good. It takes a monster to
fight monsters.

I like this midday summons.

It's very mysterious.

Very sexy.

Boobear, what
happened to you?

It's nothing. Listen to me--

No, no, baby,

it doesn't look
like nothing.

Oh, my gosh.
Come sit down.

Oh, oh, my big, tough
police captain, baby.

Can I make it
all better?

No, no. Listen to me.
We can't see each other for a while.

- What?
- Yeah.

It's--it's a thing
I got into.

I--I owe some guys
some money.

You gamble?

Mr. Straight
and Narrow?

Yeah. It helped me,
uh, cope

after I quit drinking,
and I've pissed off

some pretty tough
customers, and--

Wait a minute,
wait, honey.

Please, please,
I'm a Vegas girl, ok?

Whomever you owe
money to is gonna have to get up

pretty early in the morning
to take me on,

so don't worry.

Donna, it's a little
more complicated than that.

Just for a few weeks.
That--that's all.

That's it.

You know...

How about we
make it longer?


My ex-husband was
a lying son of a bitch.

Only two good things
came out of that marriage--

my daughter
and my B.S. detector,

which is flawless,

and right now,

yeah, it's--it's

Donna, please don't be--

Don't Donna--oh, my God.

Don't Donna me.
You know what?

This is actually
very simple.

You either respect
me enough to tell me the truth,

or you don't.

Clearly you don't.

Donna, please.

Hey, mom.

Oh, hey, hon.

I'm--I'm--I'm fine.

What did you do?

you think it was me that did something?

Because you're a man.

I'm trying to put some
distance between us

in case Darhk
is after me

because I can't stand
the idea of anything

happening to her,

Yeah? Well, she looked
pretty upset.


Oliver's not here.

I was looking for you.

I found something.

The 602 didn't come
from SCPD dispatch at all.

Someone just made it
look like it did.

That someone being HIVE
you're thinking.

There's an encryption on it
that uses the same cipher

of a HIVE Sat phone
that Merlyn gave us.

One more time.

They lured you
to the hotel.

Do we know where
the call came from?

Price and 14th.

A bunch of other calls
came from there, as well.

I'm guessing it's their
base of operations.

Ok. Contact the team
and have them meet me there.

Split up.

Job seems easy enough.

Don't get cocky. Darhk won't tolerate
another screw-up.

Where's Jack?

Patrolling. Why?



Blow it! Go, go, go!

They're demoing
the factory

just like they did
the hotel.

You guys go get
Spartan, ok?

I'm gonna get
the laptop.



Hey! Can you walk?



Don't have much
of a choice.

Where's Speedy?

She's right
behind us.

Please tell me that
the nails are the clue

and not what's
on the laptop's hard drive

because there are 3 nails
running straight through this thing.

Yeah. The bad guys
went a little crazy

with that nail gun.

Yeah. According to Andy,

they're called
the Demolition Team,

former GRU, IRA,
and Mossad.

They're experts
at precision demolition.

Now they work
for HIVE.

I got a look at the laptop before
it got shot up,

and there were
blueprints on the screen.

So they are gonna
take down another building.


I know.

The first time we met,
the first thing you asked me

to do was pull data
off a damaged laptop.

It's kind of romantic.

In case the laptop
is a dead end,

I am going to work up a list
of potential targets.

Yeah, and Andy's
supposed to get some more Intel.

I'll see if he's made
any progress.

Huh. Mom.

Wonder what
took her so long.

What was that about?

Donna called it quits.

Oh. I'm sorry
to hear that.

Yeah, yeah, me, too.

You're lucky you're
with someone you don't need

to keep secrets from.

Are these
really necessary?

Can't risk you jeopardizing
your life again.

You're much
too important.

You know, you keep
saying that to me,

but I have no idea
what you mean.

Do you believe
in destiny, Mr. Queen?

I prefer the idea
of freewill.

This map conceals
deeper truths,

secrets I couldn't uncover
without more information

until you brought
these to me.

Except I didn't
bring them to you.

Conklin took them.

Destiny, Mr. Queen.

With the survey map's

I was able to decipher
the inscriptions on this,

which you also
provided me.

Are you beginning
to see it now, the pattern,

the trend of Providence?

Legend tells
of a hidden place

within which lies
a device of untold power.

The quest to find it
requires one who has been granted

passage by the Gods.

I believe
that person is you.

Hey. You're needed

Keep Mr. Queen company
till I return.

We still have much
to discuss.

All this magic
mumbo jumbo.

Way it saved your neck
with Reiter,

maybe I ought to start
believing in it myself.

Ain't easy when it
looks like toilet paper.


Boy, you got
some balls.

I'm gonna enjoy
watching you die.

I--ech--I didn't
want to bother you

when you walked in on us
at Oliver's campaign office,

but I--

It's o--it's ok.

No, honey, no, no,
it's not.

It's actually
not ok.

It's ok.

After your father,
after all these years,

I thought I finally
found the one man--

Who wouldn't lie
to me, ok?

Well, maybe he's got
a good reason.

Yeah. Right.

Honey, I want you
to know that I'm really sorry

that I've been going
all momzilla

for this
engagement party.


Do you want to
know why I push

the tiaras
and the 10-tiered cake?

Well, that's because
you've loved princesses

since before you
could walk.

Yes. That and, um...

I've been living
vicariously through you.

You and Oliver are
one of those couples

that everyone
believes in.

You don't lie
to each other ever,

and he's gonna be the best daddy
in the whole world

when that time comes.

Ahh. Heh heh.

You know that,
don't you?

In my bones.

And when I see something
that beautiful

and that rare
and that romantic,

it also reminds me
that, you know,

I'm never gonna find
a love like that.

Yes, you will.

You have it now
with Captain Lance.

No, honey, no, not if
he's hiding something from me.

Maybe he's doing it
to protect you

because he loves you,

and you need to
return that love

with a little bit
of trust.

I love you.

I love you, too.

healthcare, taxes,

business incentives.

You've actually
pretty much nailed them all.

Stop sounding so
surprised, please.

I mean, you did spend
your education nailing chicks,

not doing
social studies.

Ahh. Ok. I'm sort
of wiped.

Can we wrap this
up maybe?

Um, yeah, I did just have
one more question for you?


Why didn't you tell me
you went to college

with Samantha Clayton?

I was with
Samantha Clayton

while I was
dating Laurel,

and I'm not proud
of that, so--

So why did mom pay
her a million dollars?

Thea, I told you.
Mom is--

Ollie, I, um--
I looked her up.

Right after you guys
broke up,

she moved
to Central City.

She's got a son
named William

who's about as old
as that check is.

Ok, Thea.

When we were
in Central City,

I--I knew something
was bothering you.

I knew it just wasn't
Vandal Savage.

I mean, now it
makes sense.

William's your son,
isn't he?

Yes, he is.

Why haven't you
told anyone?

Because Samantha said
that the only way that I could see him

is if I promised to
not tell him

or anyone else
that I'm his father.

God, that's--
that is brutal.

Are you ok?

I thought I was doing ok.

I spent a lot of time
convincing myself

that I was--that
I was trying to do the right thing,

but then, you know,
you brought this--

the--the thing
with the check in.

I'm not--it's not
your fault,

but it's--you bring it
up right when we're

trying to plan
an engagement party,

and so I'm left
to think,

"how can I marry
Felicity if there's

this lie between us?"

It's not a lie, ok?

It's a--it's a promise
that you are keeping

to the mother
of your child.

That doesn't
make it right, Thea.

Look at it
from Samantha's perspective.

As far as she knows,
you are a rich playboy

who slept
with a bunch of women

and got her pregnant.

I'm not that person

Now you're
the Green Arrow.

Anyone who comes
into your life is

automatically a target.

What Samantha is asking
for you to do,

as hard as it may be,

it is the right thing
to do.

I know you want to
tell Felicity,

and trust me,
I would love to be an aunt,

but you have got to do
the right thing

for your son here.

As hard as this
may be for you, Ollie,

keeping William a secret
is keeping him safe.

Yes, John.

Andy did a little digging
on the Dark Web,

found out
the demolition team

uses a specialized
acid that can

building structures.

Only one warehouse
in the city stocks it.

Text me the address.
I'll be right there.

I'm coming with you.

No. Just it's--
it's a long shot at the best.




Thank you.

For what?

Just saying what
I needed to hear.

I'll clear the area.

We're too late.
They cleaned this place out.

Yeah, took 100 gallons
of that acid with them.

Whatever they're
planning on taking down...

It's massive.

Hey! Uh, hope I'm
not bothering you.

I, um--uh, Curtis,
why is my face your screensaver?

At the risk
of early termination,

um, none
of your business.


Please don't ask.

I'm, like, superbad
with secrets.

Ok. It's an early
wedding gift,

but it's really bad luck
if you see it,

so please stop
trying to see it.

Ok. I think you're getting
your wedding traditions confused,

but fine,
I will let it go.

Lucky for you, I have
more important concerns.

I maxed out the computer power
in the lair again,

and I was hoping maybe
your mainframe might have better luck.

I'll do my best.

Thank you.

Really? Me
on a screensaver. Hmm.

Whatever this surprise,
it better be good.

Oh, it will be.

Well, that's not your
typical nighttime suit.

Well, you're the reason
I'm wearing it.

Inspiring me to save
the city in the light of day.

Fine inspiration
I turned out to be,

hiding down here
in the dark.

For your protection.

You haven't told
Donna, have you?


How you kept this up
for 4 years, huh,

this double life, these secrets,
lying? I mean--

I'm trying not to live
that way anymore.


You know, in AA,
we say you're only

as sick as
the secrets you keep.

You're looking pretty
healthy these days.

Let's just hope I can
get back to that place with Donna.

For what it's worth,
you're in a tough spot,

and you're trying
to keep her safe.

You know, sometimes
a lie isn't wrong

if it's for the good
of someone that you love.

Just so you know,
after I'm done with you,

I'm gonna gut that slave girl
just for kicks.

All the rest
of them, too.

You're never hurting
them ever again.

There he is.
There's the killer.

You stupid
son of a bitch.

Reiter's gonna
kill everyone

no matter what you do.

So Ruvé's probably
gonna question you

on your party boy past,
but if she does, we just got to--

oh, if she does,
just steer the conversation

back towards the issues.

I've got it.

Alex's mom kind of
picked the wrong week

to go in for surgery,
don't you think?

I couldn't agree more.

We got about 20 minutes
until we're live,

so how are you feeling?

Are--are you
nervous at all or--

You know,
I don't think that nervous

is in Oliver's vocabulary.

Yes, but translucent
matte powder should be.

You don't want to shine
under those big, bright lights.

Ha ha ha!

Hey. Why do--no.
Why do we even need makeup?

We're not even gonna
be onstage.

Reaction shots,

Plus I just--
I love makeup.

Ok, mom, mom,
mom, mom, mom.


I got to take this.

Oh, ok. You know what?
I'm gonna be right back.

I hate this.
It's a horrible powder puff.

It's just--it's awful.

That was fast.

You sound surprised.

I don't know whether
to be flattered or insulted.

Ok, Curtis.
What did you get?

Not much. Just
a set of blueprints.

Pretty underwhelming

I'm uploading it
to you now.

Curtis, I got to
call you back.

Oliver, I need you.

What's wrong?

I know what building
HIVE is planning on taking down.

It's this one.

Ok. I have a million questions,
but first,

why would HIVE try to
attack the debate?

To take me out, discourage anyone
else from running.

Ok, but Darhk's wife
is here at ground zero,

so it doesn't
really make sense--

unless Darhk's Demolition Team
is gonna wipe

everyone out
except Ruvé.

Leaving Mrs. Darhk
a sympathetic survivor

instead of the pot
of evil stew that she is.

Can you identify the likely areas
the bombs would be?

Yeah. According to the schematics,
it's these 3 points,

but this building,
it's huge.

Which means split up and cover
more ground.

Ok. Good thing we brought
a change of clothes.

Call Laurel
and Diggle.

Can you hack
the fire alarm?

We need to evacuate
the building.

It's an old system.
It might take me a minute.

Yeah. I--I learned that
in high school.

So we can...

Listen to me
very carefully.

Change of plans.

Do not let Oliver Queen
leave this building alive.

Copy that.

Oh. I finally
found it.

Where's Oliver and Thea?

Oh, they're probably
just inside,

making sure everyone
gets out ok.

You left them inside?

Honey, come on.
We need to go help them.

Let's go. Excuse us.

Captain Lance, you're
supposed to be not here.

What kind of cop
sits on the sidelines

when people's lives
are at risk, huh?

You stay here.

I count
3 charges but no demo team.

What do you see?

Same here.
No hostiles.

Lots of ticky-tocky

More charges down here.

See the countdown?
13:25 until detonation.

That's two minutes
after the debate starts.

We need to disarm
these things.

Disarming one now.

Hope this
neutralizing agent works.

You ok?

Yeah. This place
is booby-trapped.

Be careful up there.

Or don't.
It's not polite

to touch things
that ain't yours.

You're not the only
one with tricks.

Watch out!


We're clear.

It's clear
down here, too.

Top is clear.

Thanks. Sure you should be
out in the open?

Don't you have somewhere
to be right about now?

I checked the cafeteria,
the green room, everywhere.

Everywhere except
for the bathroom apparently.

Sorry. A--ahem--
nervous bladder, I think.

Oh, that was something I
never needed to hear ever.

Um, are you ready to go?

More than ever.

Captain Lance never lets
his man get away.

You shouldn't either.

That's nice

It's enough to bring
the house down.


Good luck!

Despite a bomb threat,

tonight's mayoral debate

then went on as scheduled

with Mr. Queen being
declared by most pundits

the clear winner.

Ha! Of course
he's the clear winner.

He's marrying
my daughter.

I think you're
a little biased.

Did Alex call
with the new poll numbers?

Well, Bethany Snow's right.
He doesn't have to.

Experts are saying
that you already won.

Experts aren't
the voters.

Ok. Well, you at least
have one voter in your camp.


Only one that matters.

Hee hee hee.

Conklin may have had
his difficulties,

but he was a good man.

Yeah. He was
a good man

who attacked me.


As it was
with her brother?

I'm not saying
it lacks irony.

I need you a live,
Mr. Queen,

but there are different
forms of alive.

Don't test me again.


You did it.

What was that for?

Thank you.

I don't need thanks,

Before he died,
Conklin told me that Reiter

was gonna kill
everybody here.

We don't have much time.

John, could
I introduce you to Laura Hoffman?

- Laura.
- Ooh. Don't mind if I do.

John, hi.

Laura was our neighbor
in Ivy Town.

She drove all day
to get here.

Please. The drive
was nothing.

I've been waiting
5 months for this moment

to finally arrive.

Oh, hey. Have you started
your wedding register yet?

Because I may very well
have the perfect

gift idea for you.

Oh, let me guess.
Slow cooker.

How did you--how
did you know that?

I'm telepathic.

Excuse me. Sorry
to interrupt,

but I need you both.

is here.

Did you invite him?

Who, me? Uh...Ppfff.

Sorry. Could I--
could I talk to you for--for a minute?

- Yes. Absolutely.
- It's not really a good--

- Felicity.
- What?

The photographer's
right over there.

We will make it there
just fine by ourselves.

Captain Lance.

Nice to see you.

Ahem. Please.
Please, please.

It's quite the party
you got going on here.

What? What? What do you want to
talk about, Quentin?

I came here to apologize
because you were right.

I...lied to you

because I was afraid
how you would react to the truth.

The thing that I was
worried about...

It wasn't
a gambling problem.

It was--it was--
it was HIVE,

the same people that--

The same people that
hurt my baby.


Why wouldn't you
tell me that?

Because I'm not in their gunsights
because I'm police.

I'm in their gunsights
because I stopped working for them.

You were working
with Damien Darhk?

He threatened Laurel,

and the truth is I'm glad Darhk
came after me and not her

because if he'd done it,

you were
protecting her

just like you were
protecting me.

Oh, baby.

I'm so sorry.

Ahh. Aah!

Is it possible to go blind from
too many flashes?

Take a little bit
of a break just for a moment.

I literally can't see
a thing right now.

I think the cure
for that is champagne.

Ahh. Dr. Queen, I do
believe you are right.

Curtis, Paul, so glad
you guys could make it.

Quick! Grab a glass
filled with champagne.

He might drink the entire bottle.

I like my bubbly.
What can I say?

Mixing a downer

with all the coffee
you've had

in the last
72 hours,

your head
might explode.

Yeah. I have been
pulling a lot of crazy hours.

After my surprise
was blown on my gift,

I wanted to finish it
as soon as possible.


We forgot to register
for, uh, microchips.

Actually, it's neither
a micro nor a chip.

It's an implantable

And why would I need
an implantable...


For walking.

Excuse me?

In a perfect world,
it will work in time

for you to walk
down the aisle,

I mean, but it's
pretty cutting edge,

so I can't
promise anything.

You're telling me that this little piece
of technology's

gonna help me
walk again?

After it's implanted
in your spine, yes.

He's been trying
to crack it for a while,

but he needed
a power source,

something that would
last a lifetime.

Palmer Technologies'
power cell.

Once I solved that,

I knew this
might actually work.

Oh, my God.

I don't know what to say.

I do.

Curtis, you're terrific.

Thank you.

Well, don't thank
me yet.

Still has to work.

It will work.
I know it will.

You come with me.

We're about to make
my mother very happy.

Hi, daddy.

Hi, sweetie.

Nora, honey, there's
someone I'd like you to meet.

Nora, this is William.

William's mother asked us
to look after him.

He'll be staying
with us for a while.

Nice to meet you,

Want to play?


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