Arrow (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Arrow - full transcript

Peter Declan has been charged with murdering his wife, and only Oliver believes he's innocent. Arrow asks Laurel to look into Declan's case. Meanwhile, Walter investigates a warehouse that Moira mysteriously bought with the company's money.

My name is Oliver Queen.

For 5 years, I was stranded

on an island
with only one goal--


Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill
my father's dying wish...

You can survive this.

To use the list
of names he left me

and bring down those
who are poisoning my city.

To do this, I must
become someone else.

I must become something else.

Previously on Arrow...

How am I supposed
to stay away from you

if you won't stay away from me?

John Diggle. He'll be accompanying
you from now on.

I think I'm just beginning
to understand

the kind of man you are.






You're that vigilante.

Easy, Dig.

You were poisoned.

Son of a bitch.

Oliver: Come on.

Come on.

I could have
taken you anywhere,

could have taken you home.

I brought you here.

You really did lose your mind
on that island.

Found a couple things
along the way.

Like what, archery classes?


Starling City is dying.

It is being poisoned
by a criminal elite

who don't care who they hurt,

as long as they maintain their
wealth and power.

What are you gonna do,

take 'em all down
by your lonesome?


No, I want you to join me.


Special Forces out of Kandahar.
It's perfect.

- You're a fellow soldier.
- Oliver, you're not a soldier.

You're a criminal.

And a murderer.

An Innocent Man

Original Air Date on October 31, 2012
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[Door opens]

Where were you?


What are you doing here?

I heard about the shooting,

and I wanted to make sure
you were ok.

You did?


I knocked on the door,

and I found a family
terrified for you.

They had no idea
where you were.


Oliver, are you
so self-centered

that you don't think that people
who care about you

are gonna wonder where you
are after you all got shot at?

You're right.

I made peace with your
selfishness a long time ago,

but Moira, Thea, and Walter,

they don't deserve that.

They deserve better,

someone who doesn't care
only about himself.


thank you for coming.

I care about the lives
of other people, Oliver.

Maybe you should
try it sometime.

Oh, man.

That was harsh.

You ok?


Second time tonight
that a friend of mine

has taken me to the woodshed.

Kind of tires you out.


Good night.
Good night.

[Bird chirping]


What am I supposed
to do with that?


Does that mean "bird"?


I don't speak Chinese!

I'm sorry, Laurel.

I'm so sorry.

[Wind blowing]

Reporter: There were
no signs of forced entry

or any evidence of a struggle,

but, hours later, the police found
that the bloodstained

kitchen knife in the trunk...

Couldn't sleep, either?

Forensic analysis verified...

What are you watching?

Peter Declan.
Blood on the blade...

Peter Declan's fingerprints...

A guy who killed his wife.

Despite the growing
list of evidence...

Right. This guy
killed his wife

in their baby's room.

Camille was everything to me.

I couldn't kill her any more than I
could kill myself.

So why can't you sleep?

Bad dreams.



So why don't you make a play?

I mean, she did come over here

just to make sure
you didn't get shot.

There are reasons.

Mm, what are they?

Besides you sleeping
with her sister

and her sister dying

and her father hating your guts

and you basically being a jerk

to everybody since
you've been back?

Those are the top ones.

I know that it might not seem
like it sometimes, but...

I'm not the same person
I used to be.

So show her.

Be yourself.

I mean your new self.

How did you sleep?

Just fine.
Thank you.

We have a visitor.

Hmm. Mr. Diggle's


Yes. He tendered
his resignation this morning.

Did he say why?

He said he didn't approve of the way
you spend your evenings,

particularly given that they always begin
with you ditching him.


Mr. Queen,
Rob Scott.

I'll be your new body man.

That's a firm grip
you got there, rob.

That's 5 years SWAT
with Monument Point M.C.U.

I feel safer already.

Ah, thank God we
don't have to hear about

this awful man anymore.

Declan's execution is set for
midnight 2 days from now.

Camille Declan's
former employer,

Jason Brodeur, released
a statement saying, quote,

"I hope this gives Camille
the peace she deserves."

Jason Brodeur?


The dead wife worked
for Jason Brodeur.

Apparently so. What--


No reason.

Say, Rob, I want
to go into town.

Could you please
get the car for me?

No offense,
Mr. Queen,

but I have been filled in
on your tendency

to slip the leash.

If it's all the same to you,
I'd prefer

keeping you in my sights
at all times.

We're 20 miles from the city.

If you don't drive me,

how else am I gonna get there?


I like him.


Oliver: They say Peter Declan
murdered his wife in cold blood.

He had no alibi,

and all the evidence
pointed toward him.

He was tried, convicted,
and sentenced to death,

an open-and-shut case,

except for one thing.

Declan's wife Camille
worked for Jason Brodeur.

And Jason Brodeur
is on the list.

Mr. Brodeur.

Admiring your handiwork?

You should have just let me
kill both of 'em.

Peter Declan is
worth more alive.

"Husband kills wife" is
a much better headline

than "whistle-blower uncovers
toxic dumping," don't you think?

Either way, 48 hours,

all this'll be over.

Oliver: The odds are good that
Brodeur is involved in this woman's murder,

which means an innocent man
is facing execution.

He'll need a good attorney.

So I take it there's
absolutely no point

in asking if you'd
like to grab a drink?

I can't. I have to go over transcripts
for the Fernands case.

You know, if you go somewhere
that's not work or your home,

your odds of meeting someone
increase by, like, a gazillion percent.

Oh, that's not true.

I could still get mugged
on the way home.

In that case, I hope
he's cute and single.

Good night, Joanna.

[Wind blowing]

Hello, Laurel.

Don't move!

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Stay back.
My father's a cop.

You are making a huge mistake.

I'm not the person
you think I am,

and I need your help.

Peter Declan is gonna
be executed in 48 hours.

I think he's innocent.

Declan's wife was gonna blow
the whistle on Jason Brodeur.

Brodeur had her murdered.

There are a thousand lawyers
in Starling City.

Why me?

We're both trying to help.

What makes you sure
I'm gonna help you?

Because I know
you'd do anything

to save the life
of an innocent man.

[Cell door clangs]

A jury has charged you
as guilty, Mr. Declan.

The evidence was
stacked against me,

but I didn't kill my wife.

I didn't take my daughter's
mother from her.

The murder weapon was a knife

from your kitchen
with your prints on it.

It was found,
along with Camille's blood,

in the trunk of your car.

Your neighbors said they heard
an argument that night.

We had a knockdown fight
over Jason Brodeur.

Camille worked for him,

and his company had been
dumping toxic waste into the Glades.

Now, Camille told me that she'd
gone and told a supervisor about it.

I was afraid for
my family's safety.

And we argued

very loudly, yes.

Izzy started crying,

so Camille went and
stayed in her room.

In the morning,
I went to apologize,

and that's when I found her.

So I just grabbed Izzy,

and I ran outside,
and I called 911.

I'm innocent,
Ms. Lance.

Well, it looks
like someone forgot

a lunch date with his wife.

What do you mean?

Lunch isn't
for another--

45 minutes ago.
I'm so sorry.

It's all right. The restaurant
is holding our table.

Is there something wrong?

Compliance department
has tagged something,

$2.6 million withdrawal

from one of our
Vancouver subsidiaries.

What--you mean--
are you saying that someone

embezzled $2.6 million
from the company?

Well, it's probably
a bookkeeping error,

but compliance
is understandably

worried about an irs audit.


But don't worry.

I'm sure it's nothing.
Come on.

We're gonna be late.

On our way.

Well, I wasn't
the lead on this,

but from what I recall,
we had fingerprints.

We had blood.
We got motive, everything.

Brodeur seems
like the type of guy

with resources
needed to frame someone.

Laurel, in 24 hours,
Peter Declan is lying down

with a needle in his arm,
and he's not getting up.

If I thought for a second we didn't
have the right guy,

do you think there's anything
else I'd be doing right now

except trying to get at
what really happened?

Declan said his wife
went to her supervisor

with allegations that Brodeur was
dumping toxic waste.

Yeah, but that supervisor,

he said that never happened.

Let me see.
What was his name?

Here you go.
Istook, Matt Istook.

He said he didn't even
see Camille that day.

Happy now?


You know, I thought
it'd be a cold day in hell

before you started
defending criminals.

I'm not so sure
Declan's a criminal.

Like you said, he's on a clock.

Can't leave any stone unturned.

Oh, yeah.

So when are you gonna tell me?


About what happened
to your arm.

Oh, it's my shoulder,

and it's--it's fine.

I knew that Queen guy
was trouble.

Hey, I never said this happened
protecting Queen.

Oh, yeah?

Then what's he doing here?

Area is secure, sir.

Thank you very much, rob.

Hello, Diggle's
sister-in-law Carly.

I'm Oliver Queen.
I know who you are.

No, you really don't.


I couldn't help but notice

a distinct lack of police cars
when I got home.

I knew you wouldn't
drop a dime on me.

So have you
considered my offer?

Offer. [Scoffs]

That's one hell
of a way to put it.

It is an offer.

It's a chance to do
the kind of good

that compelled you
to join the military.


You were born with a platinum spoon
in your mouth, Queen.

What, you spent 5 years on an island
with no room service,

and suddenly you
found religion? [Scoffs]

This was my father's.

I found it when I buried him.

I thought you said your father
died when the boat went down.

We both made it to a life raft,

but there wasn't enough
food and water

for both of us,
so he shot himself in the head.

And as much as he was doing it

to give me a chance to survive,

I believe that he
was also atoning for his sins.

I need to right
the wrongs done by my family,

and I'm offering you the chance

to right the wrongs
done to yours.

Oliver, what are
you talking about?

The police never caught
your brother's shooter.

Hey, you leave Andy
out of this.

The bullets were laced
with curare.

Floyd Lawton's M.O.

He is the sniper
that I stopped.

Are you trying to tell me

that you took down
Andy's killer?

I'm--I'm giving you
the chance,

a chance to help
other people's families.

Do you remember when the people

in this city helped each other?

They can't do that anymore,

because a group of people,

people like my father,

they see nothing wrong
with raising themselves up

by stepping on
other people's throats.

It does need to stop,

and if it's not
gonna be the courts

and it's not gonna
be the cops...

Then it's gonna be me.

And, I hope, you.

I'm gonna go
to the washroom, Rob.

Oh, that boy's long gone, man.


You still following
the money trail?


Don't we have accountants
for that sort of thing?

They're being singularly ineffective
in this instance.

Well, then...

it's fortunate that
I've solved the mystery.

I think I'm the culprit.

2.6 million is
a rather specific figure.

That's the exact amount
the company invested

in a friend's start-up venture
3 years ago.


I will call accounting.
They'll clean it all up.

Then there's nothing
to worry about.


You really are putting a lot of hours
into this Declan thing.

You actually think
he's innocent.

Someone does.

So you said,

but you didn't say who.

The guardian angel.

The guy in the hood?

Look, you're--
you're kidding.

He tracked me down and asked me
to look into the Declan case.

But you've met him?

But he goes against everything

that I was ever taught
to believe in.

He breaks the law
and God knows what else.

How are you not afraid
that he is gonna do

God knows what to you?

He won't.

I don't know.
I can feel it.

You know, when I told you
to meet someone,

this is far, far away
from what I meant.

I got your message.

Is there a reason
we can't do this face to face?

You've met with Peter Declan.

You were right.

He might be innocent.

Declan said his wife
blew the whistle on Brodeur

the day she was murdered.

Then we need to get whoever

she told about
Brodeur to testify.

He already has.

Matt Istook,
Camille's supervisor.

Only, he says that she didn't say
a word to him.

He could be lying.

Well, if he is,
then he's very convincing.

He had the jury
and police believing him.

He hasn't been
questioned by me.

I didn't become a lawyer

to break the law
or hurt anybody.

I do what's necessary,

what people
like Peter Declan need.

If what you're doing
isn't wrong...

Then why are you
hiding your face with a hood?

To protect the ones
I care about.

That sounds lonely.

It can be.

But not today.

[Elevator dings]

I've got one question.

Why am I being fired?

Ms. Smoak, isn't it?

And I am without a doubt

the single most valuable member
of your technical division.

That's including
my so-called "supervisor."

Letting me go would be a major
error for this company.

I agree, which is why you're
not being fired.

Uh, I assumed when
you brought me up here,

it was because...

It's because I wanted
you to look into something for me.

A variance
of $2.6 million

on a failed investment
from 3 years ago.

It was authorized by my wife.

I was hoping you could find out

some of the details
of the transaction for me.

Find out...

Dig up discreetly.

I'm your girl.

I mean, I'm not your girl.

I wasn't making a pass at you.

Thank you for not firing me.

[Alarm beeps off]

[Whoosh] Ahh.

What the...

[Train whistle blowing]


Matt Istook.

You're him, that hood guy.

You're the guy
that's been terrorizing the city.

Peter Declan,

your lies helped
put him on death row.

Now, either it's time
to tell me the truth,

or it's time
for the 10:15 to Blüdhaven.

[Stammers] O-ok.

Ok, I--
Brodeur paid me to--

to say that Camille
never spoke to me,

but I didn't have anything to do
with her death.

Oh, God, please.
I'll do anything.

Y-you could
have the file.

What file?
Camille gave me a file

of evidence
against Jason Brodeur.

Where is it?!
Let me go,

and I'll tell you.

[Whistle blowing]

Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
Don't go! It's in my desk!

The file, it's in my desk
at the office!

You can have it!
Get me out of here!

What is that?

I'm so hungry.

It smells really good.


Hey, fine. Don't share.


[Bird chirping]


I'm not gonna kill the bird.


Oliver: Compliments
of Matt Istook.

What's in here?

Leverage on Jason Brodeur,

enough to help save
Peter Declan's life.

As an attorney, I never would have
gotten a file like this.

I always thought the law was sacred,
I-it fixed everything.

And now, Laurel?

Now what do you think?

I think there's
too many people in this city

who only care
about themselves...

people who are selfish.

I think they need
someone who cares

about the lives
of other people...

someone like you.

♪ God, give me your shelter ♪


[Door opens, closes]

Oh, my God.

What is wrong with your face?

What do you mean?

There's something
really weird on it,

like this thing
with your mouth.

It--it looks like
it's in the shape of a smile.

That's cute.
So why are you grinning?

I took your advice with Laurel

to be myself.


It's helping.

Got mad relationship
skills, bro.

Let me know if you
need trendy places to propose.

I think you're getting
a little bit ahead of yourself.

Little bit.


You gotta keep up.

Hey, you look busy.

Is that the Declan case?

You know, it was a funny
development on Matt Istook.

He, uh, filed a police report.

He said the hood
harassed him last night.

And that's funny,

because I gave
my daughter Istook's name.

He's a vigilante.

He's a damn criminal,

and you working with him,
that makes you an accessory.

I am trying to save
an innocent man's life.


You're breaking the law.

Well, I wouldn't
have to if the police

would have done
their job right in the first place.

I asked you
how you got this case.

You lied to me
straight to my face, eh?

I thought you and I
didn't do that.

Guess I was wrong.

The mere existence of the file

proves that Mr. Istook
perjured himself

for Jason Brodeur's benefit.

That's slander.

Jared Swanstrom, Your Honor.

I represent Jason Brodeur
and Brodeur Chemical.

The interest of justice
requires you

to stay the defendant's

pending exploration of the
newly discovered evidence.

Ours isn't a court of justice,
Ms. Lance.

It's a court of law,

and under the law,
I don't think your evidence

is sufficient to warrant
a stay of execution.

Your motion for habeas corpus
is denied.

This isn't over.

I've got the loose end now,

and no matter what happens,

I am going to pull on it until
your whole world unravels.

Brodeur: Declan's lawyer's
pulling me into this.

I'm gonna go to prison,

if not for murder,

then this--
this dumping thing.

That won't happen.

There are steps we can take.

You saw her.
She's going after me.

[Sighs] She's gonna want
to meet with her client

after what happened
in court today.

We have friends
up in Iron Heights.

Prison can be
a dangerous place.

We're not done yet.

I'm an attorney.

Trust me.
We're done.

What do you need
to free Peter Declan?

At this point,

nothing short of a signed
confession from Brodeur.

Where are you going?

To get a confession.

The company Mrs. Queen--

or Steele.

Mrs. Queen-Steele.

She hyphenate?

She seems like a woman
who would hyphenate.

[Clears throat]


The company she invested in
doesn't exist.

I don't understand.

There was no investment.
The money was used

to set up an offshore
LLC called Tempest.

I don't recall that name being under
the Queen Consolidated banner.

'Cause it's not.

There's nothing registered with
the Secretary of State,

no federal tax records,

no patent applications filed.

But in 2009, Tempest purchased
a warehouse in Starling City.

Enough moping.


You quit. It's done.

My advice would be to move on.

Well, if it were
only that easy.

Except it is.

Personal security is dangerous.

Your nephew already
lost his father.

He can't lose his uncle, too.

Does it ever bother you

they never caught
the guy who killed Andy?

You know, when I was
in Afghanistan,

I had a job, and I did it.

And when I could,

I would help out
the people there

so that, in some small way,
when I left,

I could believe I left it
a better place.

But ever since I've been home,

all I do is protect punks

and spoiled one percenters.


I miss feeling like I'm making
a difference in the world.

Then get out
of personal security

and go do something
you believe in.

Yeah, what if it's wrong?

John, if you
believe in something,

how can it be wrong?

What do you want?

You're gonna confess
that you arranged

to have Peter Declan's wife

What, so I can
take his place in prison?

So you can avoid
the death penalty.

Except if I'm dead,

well, then, you've got no one
to pin Camille's murder on.

You need me to exonerate
Peter Declan.

Maybe you could try to force me

to sign a confession
or something.

That might be difficult.

[Cellphone ringing]

My hand!

Just answer it.

It's Ankov.

It's going down, one hour.

What's going down in an hour?


Let's just say...

Peter Declan's execution,

it's getting moved up.


We still have a shot.

Do you remember
the friend that I mentioned,

the one who believes in you?

He is working on something.

I told you,

Jason Brodeur is powerful.

Time to unlock the cages.

I've been here before.

These lawyers holding out
these little nuggets of hope.

[Alarm blaring]


[Alarm blaring] Secure all corners
in cell block "C".

The warden's setting up

a secure perimeter
in "C" block.

Stay here,
Ms. Lance.


There's Lance.

[Arrow thunks]

Let's go.


[Guards yelling orders]
Get down!

Get down!
Get out there!

Stay down!
Stay down!

Don't move!

[Vehicle sirens wailing]

[Sighs] Laurel.


What are you--

I'm all right.

You sure?

I'm sorry about
what I said to you.

Yeah, well, you were right.

Ankov just confessed
to Camille Declan's murder.

We got the wrong guy.

Now, listen to me, Laurel.

I'm right, too, about him.

He's dangerous.

He's outside the law.

I know.

He's a killer.

He would have killed that man.

I looked in his eyes,

it's like he had no remorse.

[Bird chirping]

Hey, please.

I'm starving.

I never killed anything before.


I'm sorry.

[Bone cracks]

[Sirens wailing]

Quentin: Let's get you home,

How'd he get into
that prison, anyway, huh?

A grown man
in an outfit and a hood,

that kind of stands out a little,
doesn't it?

He actually wasn't
wearing the outfit this time.

He was
in a prison guard uniform

and a ski mask.

- What?
- Nothing.

I just had an idea.

Get in the car.




[Door unlocks]

Ok, here's the security footage

from the Exchange
building shooting,

but I've already
scrubbed through all of it.

Yeah? Well,
we're gonna do it again.

So, listen,
when you went through

the camera security tapes,
you were looking for

a guy in a green outfit
and a green hood, right?

What do you want me
to look for,

a man in a wig and a tutu?

I want you to look for anything

that's out of the ordinary,
ok? Just look.

[Tape fast-forwards]

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait. Wait.

Go back 10 seconds.
What is that?

I'll be damned.

Play that again.

Thank you, Laurel.

Don't thank me.

Thank Brodeur's bodyguard
Ankov for flipping him.

I think there's someone
that wants to see you.


[Peter crying]

Reporter: At least 5 federal, state,
and local agencies

are seeking millions of dollars

in fines and
environmental cleanup costs

from Brodeur Chemical,

new facts have come to light that
Brodeur Chemical employee Camille Declan

had discovered Brodeur
was illegally disposing waste

and had collected
a file of evidence

against her employer
before her murder in 2007.

Peter Declan, who was
convicted of killing his wife,

has been released,
and the case has been reopened.



Bird. I know.

not mean "bird."

mean "survive."

You speak English.

You want survive this place,

bird not last thing you kill.

And forget her.

You look at that all day,

you not survive this place.

You wanted to see me?

You look nervous, Moira.

Hmm. Do I have
a reason to be?

We all do.

A modern-day Robin hood.

What, are you worried that your
net worth makes you a target?

Jason Brodeur, Adam Hunt,

Warren Patel.

Tell me you see
a connection, Moira.

He's not targeting the rich.

No, he's not.

He's targeting the list.

[Clears throat]

You here
for the bodyguard position?

'Cause the new guy just quit.

No, I'm not.

I'm here about
the other position.

Just to be clear,

I'm not signing on
to be a sidekick.

But you're right.

Fighting for this city
needs to be done,

and you're gonna do this
with or without me.

But with me,

there'll be fewer casualties,
including you.

Diggle, I'm not looking
for anybody to save me.

Maybe not,

but you need someone
just the same.

You are fighting a war, Queen,

except you have
no idea what war does to you,

how it scrapes off
little pieces of your soul.

And you need someone
to remind you

of who you are,

not this thing you're becoming.

[Siren blares]

[Tires skid]

[Door opens] Oliver Queen.
What is this?

You can't just barge in here.

Yeah? Well, I got a badge
and a gun that say different.

Hey, what the hell's going on?!

Detective Lance--

Oliver Queen,
you're under arrest on suspicion

of obstruction of justice,
aggravated assault...

What is going on?
Walter, stop them!

acting as a vigilante...

Are you out of your mind?!

And murder.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Give up that right...

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