Andi Mack (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - Something To Talk A-Boot - full transcript

Andi makes a big decision about her future; T.J.'s act of kindness toward Buffy lands him in trouble; Amber asks Jonah for some space.

Previously, on
"Andi Mack"...

Shadyside Academy
of Visual Arts.


I think you were
right about this place.

I really wanna go here.

You still think
I can get in, right?

Of course.

Amber figured out that I'm
not giving you chess lessons.

Great. Okay, now I need
some other excuse

why I can't hang out
with her.

I have an idea.

- Amber!
- Amber!

Why don't you just
break up with me?

I hope we can still
be friends.

What are you,
reading from cue cards?


- Marty.
- Are you okay?

I'm fine. Just a cramp.

We did it.


What's up with the limp?

It's getting better.

Who are you texting?

It's the name and number
of a foot doctor.

I don't need to see
a doctor.

Well, you do.

Did someone text Buffy?

Yes, she's on her way.

She said she's coming
from an appointment.

An appointment?
What kind?

Her hair appointment
isn't until next week.

And she just had
her teeth cleaned.

You guys are really close.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


- When did you?
- How did you?

What is that?

A stress fracture,

That sounds bad.
How did that happen?

They're very common.

People get them all the time
from repeating movements

in their everyday lives.

But I did this to myself

by running a marathon
without training.

You're an overachiever even
when it comes to your injuries.

So what about basketball?

Are you still going
to be able to play?


- Great.
- Good.


Next season.

♪ I'm standin'
on the edge ♪

♪ And everything I know-oh-oh
is blown away ♪

♪ Life is upside down ♪

♪ But any way it goes
I'll work it out ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh ♪

♪ Here we go ♪

- ♪ One, two, three ♪
- ♪ I'm ready for tomorrow ♪

♪ Tomorrow starts today ♪

♪ There ain't a map to follow ♪

♪ But I'm with you
all the way ♪

♪ I'm ready for tomorrow ♪

- ♪ Tomorrow starts today ♪
- ♪ Hey ♪ "Andi Mack"

- ♪ There ain't a map to follow ♪
- - ♪ Hey ♪ "Andi Mack"

- ♪ But I'm with you all the way ♪
- ♪ Hey ♪ Season 03 Episode 18

♪ All the way ♪
Title: "Something to Talk A-boot"


Hey, speedy.

What are you doing,
you weirdo?

Giving you a ride
to class.

I heard about your foot.
That's rough.

It's okay.

Tell your face.


It's not okay.

It's the worst.

The Spikes have one more game
this season and I can't play.

I can barely walk.

I just got passed
by a caterpillar.

So hop in already.

Second bell is about to ring.

Do I wanna ask
where you got this?


Fasten your seatbelt.


It was so nice of him.

I mean, T.J. used to be
the worst.

- And now he's the best?
- Hmm.

And who was perceptive enough
to see the good in him first?

Don't pull a muscle patting
yourself on the back, Cyrus.

I'll do it the normal way,

when I floss.

Looks like Amber
is still struggling.

Because of me?

What else could it be?

An existential crisis?

A what?

It's when you write
a lot of bad poetry.

Whatever it is,
it's coming our way.

Could I talk to you
for a minute?

Amber, I'm sorry I did
such a bad job breaking up.

- I didn't mean to...
- Stop.


It's done.

There's just one thing
I need from you now.


I need you stop coming
to The Spoon.


Look, it makes me sad
to see you.

And even sadder to see
other people seeing me sad.

Also, let's face it.

Nobody tips a bummed-out

Okay, sure. I'll...

I'll stay away.

It won't be for long.

I hope.

I'll leave now.

Is everything okay?

Amber needs some space.

From me.

They kill me.

"Oh, hello."



Something on your mind?

I finished my application
to SAVA.

- Andi, that's fantastic.
- But...

I'm not sure I'm going
to submit it.

That seems like an important
step in the process.

What if I'm not one
of the five percent?

What if they're not dazzled
by lamps made out of old CDs?

I don't respond to
ridiculous questions.

What do you think?

Hey, I get it.

I trust your judgment.

"You trust my judgment"?

And I not supposed to?

You're supposed to say
that I'm talented.

And that you believe in me.

And that this school would
be crazy not to want me.

Well, of course
they'd be crazy.

Well, there's the right answer.

Or it would have been.

Seven seconds ago.

Hey, if they
don't accept you,

it's because
they're pretentious

and stuck up and wrong.

So you don't think
I'll get in?

That's not what I said.

But it's what I heard.

Why didn't you just tell her
she's gonna get in?

Because what if she doesn't?

As the man said
to the horse:

Why the long face?

I got a summons to appear
in Student Court tomorrow.

What's Student Court?

And why wasn't
I asked to be on it?

Sorry, back to your thing.

It's a group of students
who figure out your punishment

if you did something wrong.

Mr. Bag is making me go.

Because you took his golf cart?

It's a long walk
to the P. E. field

and I guess he really
depends on those cup holders.

But you just did it
to help Buffy.

You were being a nice guy!

Yeah, a nice guy
who might now get suspended,

or even kicked off
the basketball team.

It's that serious?

Then I'm gonna be your lawyer.

Well it's not
that type of court.

People don't have lawyers.

They do now.

- But you're not gonna...
- Listen,

I'd love to keep
arguing about this,

but I gotta pick out a suit.


What was that?



I have to make a decision.

Ugh. About what?

Well... I don't
want to tell you,

because it might not happen.

And if it doesn't,

and everybody knows,
it'll be that much worse.

This probably
makes no sense.

Makes perfect sense.

I have those conversations
with myself all the time.


Well, in that case...

without knowing
anything about it,

should I do it or not?


Without knowing
anything about it?

Except that it seems
to make you tense and nervous.

I'd say...


You would?

If you wanted to say yes,

you wouldn't be asking me
this question.



I think... I think
you're right.

I feel less stressed already.

I'm going to do it.

You really helped.

- I did?
- Now, you need to go

so I can not do it.


Oh, no.

I did it.

So it's true.

You have broken foot?


I have a mild narrowing
of the second metatarsal,

indicative of
a stress fracture.

Which means the chances
of winning our last game

have majorly narrowed to zero.

We were getting so close!

I thought that this time
we actually had a shot.

We do.

Kaitlin, the team is light years
ahead of where they used to be.

Plus, I made this.

- What is it?
- A playbook.

It's my way of helping out
from the bench.

What are all
these circles and letters?

The players.

Am I on here?

I know it looks confusing,

but once we run
the drills, it won't be.

Buffy, I know this team
is important to you.

It's important to us,
too, but...

I don't know what this is.

Only that it's not gonna be the
same as having you on the court.

You won't even
give it a shot?

I'm sorry.


The court will come to order.

Wait! Wait, wait!
Wait, wait, wait!

What is all that?


Actually, old phone books.

It's an intimidation tactic
that I learned on TV.

I'm not letting you
get kicked off

the basketball
without a fight.

We're all here?

Let's begin.

The court is in session.

Lead council
for the defense,

Cyrus Goodman, Your Honor.

You've retained counsel,
Mr. Kippen?

This is highly unusual.

One moment.

We'll allow it.

Thank you, Your Honors.

T.J., a complaint has been
filed against you for...

"Grand Theft Golf Cart."


Why don't you tell us
what happened?

Well, I saw Buffy Driscoll
limping across the athletic field

and I wanted to help her.

A testament
to his character.

So then I saw
Mr. Bag's golf cart...

Unclearly marked...

And, you know, figured he wouldn't
miss it for, like, ten minutes...

Only seven and a half
according to key witnesses...

So I borrowed it to get Buffy
to class on time.

In accordance
with the school's

attendance policy,

which, I think
we can all agree,

is a crime in and of itself.

I think we have
everything we need.

We'll go think about this

- and we'll get back...
- Ahem!

Hold on.
I'd like to call a witness.

Mr. Goodman,
you're showboating.

Thank you for noticing,
Your Honor.

I call to the stand...

- myself.
- Oh no.

Mr. Goodman,

where were you at the time
of the alleged incident?

Well, I wasn't there.

But I know that T.J. only
did it to be a good friend.

So you're a witness,

but you didn't see
the crime in question?

I'm a character witness... sir.

Can we speed this up?

I don't think so.

Come in.

- Hey!
- Hi! - Hi! - Hi! - Hi!

What's going on?

We're having
our end-of-season party.

But the season hasn't ended yet.

Well, after we get creamed
at our last game,

we may not feel like partying.


As your team captain,

I find that attitude


As a human being,
I find cupcakes delicious!


These look so good.

Cupcake down! No!

Guess what came
in the mail?

I'll return it.

I just wanted to see
how it looked on me.

Uh... okay.

But I meant this.

A postcard from SAVA.

It says they received
Andi's application.

Oh, she did it!
She applied!

She's going after
her dreams.

More importantly,

I didn't destroy
her self-esteem.

Less importantly,
but still important.

I wonder why
she didn't tell us.

She didn't want us to know.

But we do know, huh?

Yeah, but she doesn't
know we know.

Put it back in the mailbox.
We'll let her find it.

We pretend
we never saw it?

If she wants us to know,
she'll show it to us.

And if she doesn't?

Well, like I said...

I might have dented her self-esteem,
but I didn't destroy it.

Who wants to watch some video
my mom took at our games?


Seriously, they're hilarious!

- Sure.
- All right.

Oh, this was
last week's game.

I'm so terrible.

Maybe this was
a bad idea.

Wait, that wasn't terrible.
That was really close.

In fact, most of
your shots are close.

But look, go back.

See? You close your eyes
when you shoot.


I never noticed that.

Stop doing that,
and I guarantee

your shooting percentage
will go up.

And Maria...

so, you're great
at getting open.

But you never call out
to let your teammates know.


You guys are better
than you think.

With or without me.

The Spikes are a good team.

Good enough to win
our last game?


But if you want it,
you have to fight for it.

Are you ready to fight for it?

- Yeah! - Yeah! - Yeah!
- Yeah! - Yeah! - Yeah!

All right,
show us you playbooks.

One for you...

One for you...

Yeah, they're
really heavy, I know.

Win or lose,
we are warriors.

And what are we
gonna do today?

- Fight. - Fight. - Fight.
- Fight. - Fight. - Fight.

I can't hear you.

- Fight. - Fight. - Fight.
- Fight. - Fight. - Fight.

Yeah, we are!

♪ Yeah, I ain't
playing around ♪

♪ I'ma take your crown ♪

♪ Man, better run
I'ma hunt you down ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm gonna
hunt you down ♪

You got this, Spikes.
Come on!

♪ I'ma take your crown ♪

Let's go, girls!

Come on, you got this.

Get in!

♪ I'm gonna
hunt you down ♪

♪ Yeah, I ain't
playing around ♪

♪ I'ma take your crown ♪

♪ Man, better run
gonna hunt you down ♪

Keep those eyes open, Kaitlin!

Only two, guys!

Come on, Maria!


♪ Aim for the stars
never settle for the moon ♪

I'm so proud of you guys.

- You did it!
- Buffy!

- You did it!
- Congratulations.

- Amazing!
- What a good captain.

Thanks. This is
the best game I ever...

Never played.


The court reached a verdict.

Will the defendant please rise?

Not you, Mr. Goodman.

I think you know me
by now, Your Honor.

We find the defendant,
T.J. Kippen...

guilty on all counts.

The system is broken!

We demand an appeal.

- Dude, stop fighting.
- I'll never stop.

You did your best.

This part I have to face
by myself.

We hereby sentence you to the harshest
punishment allowable by this court.

I'm ready.

Lunchtime detention
on Monday.

That's it?

That's the harshest punishment
you're allowed to give?

Guys, it's just student court.

We don't even have the authority
to touch the thermostat in here.

Will you visit me
while I'm on the inside?

I'll bake you a cake
with a hall pass in it.

Court is adjourned.

We have to get these robes
back to the choir.


When I said don't come
to The Spoon,

I kinda meant
this patch out here, too.

I'm not gonna stay.

Just... Something happened.
I really wanna tell you.


My dad found a new job.

A pretty good one.


That's great.

And my parents
rented an apartment.

We're moving in next week.

I'm really glad for you.

I know how tough it's been.

You were the one person
I wanted to tell.

You got me through this, Amber.

You were there
for me, too.

I'm gonna go.

Hey, Jonah.

You want a milkshake?


Wait here.

I'll bring it out to you.

Want a ride?

Well someone learned nothing
from his time in the system.

What can I say?
I live on the edge.

Well, I live in the middle.

Cool. I'll drive you there.

What happens
if we get caught?

You know what happens.

I guess I could skip a lunch.

- Buckle up.
- Yeah.

♪ ♪

All right, let's go fast.

Let's go.
Drift, drift, drift!

Here she comes.

She's got the mail.

And she found the postcard.

Okay, places.

I love this episode.

"You gotta see the baby!"

You guys watch
a lot of TV.

No we don't.

We'd rather talk to you.

How was your day?


Anything happen?
Any news?

Usual, usual.

Oh, wait.
Something did happen.

The Spikes won
their first game ever!

Buffy couldn't play,
but she was an awesome captain.


Call me when dinner's ready.

- Uh-huh.
- Yep.

She didn't tell us.

It's not your fault.

That's just the way it is.

Kids don't tell
their parents everything.

We didn't.

I know.

I just thought
we were different.

I guess we're not.

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Next on Andi Mack...

I can't believe!

This is the first thing
I've ever won!

- Thank you.
- What did you win?

Oh, a car!

- Flying lessons?
- It's not flying lessons.

- All-new furniture?
- What's wrong with our furniture?

A Hawaiian vacation?

Stop guessing.

You're gonna make the thing
I actually did win

seem not as cool
as it is.

You gonna be okay
for tomorrow afternoon?

I wanna be, but
my dad got a new job

and we rented
an apartment.

We're moving
tomorrow morning.

And I don't know
how long it's gonna take.

We'll help you.

Buffy! Buffy!
You gotta see this.

You were doing so well.