American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 9 - Final Girl - full transcript

Camp Redwood draws in a lost soul looking for closure.

♪ I walked along the avenue ♪

♪ I never thought
I'd meet a girl like you ♪

♪ Meet a girl like you ♪

♪ With auburn hair
and tawny eyes ♪

♪ The kind of eyes that
hypnotize me through... ♪

Looks like we can't
go any further.

You sure this is where
you want to go?

My gps shows
there's nothing up there.

Yeah, it must be where
the access road used to be.

Looks like I'll have
to hike it from here.

Thanks. I'll find it.

- What are you looking for?
- Camp redwood.


♪ Night and day... ♪

Don't forget to give me
five stars!

What's that?

In your hand.

Uh, it's my phone.

That's not a phone.

Are... are you amish or something?

Can I?

S... sure.

Oh, shit.

That's rad.

What year is this?

Are you serious?

Just tell me, asshole.

It's 2019.

Oh, my god.

You're the first new guy I've
seen here in, like, forever.

After that shitshow in '89,
I began to notice

a lot less people
were coming into camp.

Not even the hard-core
death tourists.

Few years later, nobody.

We were forgotten.

Something else must have
gotten their attention.

- Now I know what.
- I'm sorry.

Were you even alive in 1989?

And-and you said "we."

who-who else is here?

You got to get out of here.
You're in danger.

Everyone you see here
is likely to kill you.

Including you?

Can I keep this?


There's no reception
up here anyway.

And I'm not leaving,
not until I get some answers.

I'm trying to find out
what happened to my father.

I know he was here.

Your father?

My name is bobby richter.


You're mr. Jingles' son.

I've done a lot
of research on this place

and everything
that happened here.

I know this sounds crazy,
but you look just like...

Ah. Yep. That's me.

It's a headshot I did
for the aerobics studio.

They put all the instructors'
mugs on the wall.

That's impossible.

Montana duke died.

And even if she didn't,

she'd be in her 50s.

What's going on here?

I'll tell you, but you first.

What's going on out there?

We don't have tv here,
so we have no idea.

What's the music like? What do
people do to stay in shape?

Who's the president?

Uh, what did people
think of the '80s?

Did judd nelson
ever get his oscar?

Uh, no. I don't think so.

Um, I don't know. The '80s are
having a little comeback now.

I mean, people like the clothes

and the music, but aerobics
is kind of a joke these days.

Oh, come on, man.

You break into this camp
just to break my heart?

That is the saddest thing
I've ever heard.


trevor kirchner.

You're the guy who was married
to margaret booth.

You-you have, you have
an enormous, uh...

Personality? Hey.

This doesn't make any sense.

He's mr. Jingles' son bobby.



I was raised by my aunt.

She died last year,
and on her deathbed

she told me the truth
about my father.

She said someone
murdered my mother

and he came here
to avenge her death.

She kept it a secret
so I'd be protected,

but he was never
heard from again.

I've also been receiving checks
all my life sent anonymously.

And I think it's him.

I think he's been sending me
money all these years

and I just,
I-I have to talk to him.

I'm sorry, dude.

Your dad's dead.

Well... are you, are you sure?

'Cause there-there's so much
about him that doesn't fit.

I mean, the guy who worked
at videoshack is not

the same killer
that I've read so much about.

Who was he?

I don't think we'll ever know.

He came back here to do good,
but dark forces took him away.

The last time I saw him,
he was dragged into the lake.

Haven't seen him since.

None of the ghosts have.


Yeah. We're all dead.

This is such bullshit.

- Ooh. Smart.
You brought protection.
- Hey! Hey... Hey.

- Here, shoot me.
- In the head.
I got shot in the pecker once.

- It stung like a bitch.
- Mm.

No, I'm not gonna shoot you.

You're such a pussy. Come on.

Me next, me next. Come on.

Oh, come on...
What else you got?

Here we go. Aw, a knife.

Stab me. Come on.




What is happening?

This doesn't make any sense.

What's going on?

It's a long story.

It was Halloween 1989.

Margaret booth had
everything lined up.

The stage was set
for a massacre.

The talent was supposed
to be here 45 minutes ago.

You're my attorney.
I want you to call their reps

and find out
why they haven't shown.

We have signed contracts, yes?

Well, see to it that those
contracts are executed,

because if they aren't,
you will be.

Wait. Does that mean
I don't get to kill

debbie gibson?

I don't care

about the openers.

But I was promised billy idol.

If he doesn't show, I'm going
to be very, very upset.

I think I know
why the bands aren't here.

And? Spit it out.

It's trevor.

He's blocked the road.

He's turning people around,
sending 'em away.

I think he's trying
to shut us down.

I personally had to say goodbye
to belinda carlisle.

And why would he be doing that?

Because he hates you.

And he roots for your failure.

And maybe I might have
accidentally told him

about kajagoogoo
getting murdered.

You are the world's
worst assistant.

Well, I wouldn't say
"the worst..."

clean this up. I have something
I have to go deal with.

♪ I'm working hard... ♪

Yeah, I'm-I'm so sorry,

but the fire department
has shut us down.

I'm so sorry to say
the festival has been canceled.

♪ Turn up... ♪

Sorry, ladies. The fire
department shut us down.

You're gonna have to get
the beat somewhere else.

Yeah, the water main blew,
so the whole place is flooded.

Sorry, no refunds.

Sit and spin, asshole!

♪ Now listen. ♪


What the hell are you doing?!

I know about kajagoogoo.

- That wasn't me.
- Either way, you're complicit.

Am I supposed to be afraid
of that knife, trevor, huh?

Death is our business,

a business you had
no moral objection to

when it paid
for your porsche 928

and enough coke to keep
an elephant up for a week.

Show's over.

You are true evil.

And I let myself be
corrupted by that evil,

but this is my redemption song.

For the first time in my life,
I have found real love,

and it has freed me.

I'm shutting you down, margaret.

I'm going to the authorities,

and I am filing for divorce!

Trevor, darling,
haven't you heard?

People can run from me,
but they never get away.

I should've shot you
when I saw you

rolling around with
that truck stop cyndi lauper.

You murderous bitch.

You'll never get away with this.

Oh, yes, I will.

Look around, ding-dong.

You're not in
camp redwood anymore.

You're on the other side
of the property line.

So if you die here,
dead is all you'll ever be,

and you will never see
that bitch again.

Thanks for nothing, fuck-face!


And I should've died,

but fate had other plans for me.

No! No!



Trevor, can you hear me?

- Montana...
- Trevor, please get up.

- Please.
- You can't die out there.



trevor! Come on, baby,

you can do it.

You can do it, baby.

Come on, trev.

Trevor, come on, baby,
just a few more feet.

Just a few more.

Come on. Trevor, you can do it.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't you dare
fucking touch him.

- You're not gonna make it.
- Leave him alone!

You already took my brother!
Don't you dare take

the best dick
that happened to me!

Come on.

No, trevor.

Okay, come on.


Why would you help me?

Because I'm not like you.

It's okay, babe.

You can go. You can go.

You saved me, babe.

Wait, so...

Brooke thompson escaped
death row?

I'd hated her for so long.

And she knew it, too.

But she saved him anyway.

And that simple act...

It changed me forever.

She was right.

All that hatred had turned me
into a terrible person.

And I didn't want to be
like that anymore.

I decided all the killing
had to stop.

The ghosts we could reason with.

We all had our differences,

but we shared the same fate.

You know?
So it bonded us.

We became a community.

It was margaret's bloodlust
that we needed to end.

Problem was, she was working
with two very dangerous men.

You're my seventh solo kill.

Die, bitch.

Looks like
it's only gonna be six.

Sorry, hombre.

Bitchin' 'stache, but I can't
have you die on this property.

You're gonna rot
in the angeles forest.

Public land.

Killing that asshole was easy.

No muss, no fuss.

But... Ramirez was
a different monster.

Ricky. Is that you?


Holy shit, babe.

I can't believe
you're actually here.

I haven't been able
to stop thinking about you.

I've missed you, too.

But the festival seems
like a bust,

so I'm gonna go kill
this kid in alaska.

That's too bad.

'Cause there hasn't been
a real man up here in so long.

Not here.

I got a better place.

Get ready to lose
your shit, babe.

'Cause billy idol

wants to meet you.

- He's a huge fan.
- Mm.

I know about the roadblock.

I know that idol isn't here.

Dude, he freaking
made it through,

because billy idol is
a survivor!

Come on, think about it.

You can't sing "rebel yell"
and not be a rebel.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

Babe, sorry.

Everybody's always coming
for the king,

so I got to be on my guard.

I get it. Come on.

Billy's waiting.

So, where's billy?

He's coming.

Aw, fuck me.

This is my redemption, dickwad.

I'm gonna be the one to end you.

- You bitch!
- And you're a sick fuck

who gets his rocks off
slicing up grannies.

Does that make you feel
like a man? You're pathetic!

We're gonna make you pay
for all of eternity

for all the fucked-up shit
you've done.

You're not supposed to be here!

- Whoo!
- Yeah!

I'll come back.

I'll come back...

For all of you.


I'm counting on it.

But why didn't you make sure
that he died outside of camp?


Trap his soul in here
with all of you?

Ramirez already died once
back in '84,

and the devil
brought him right back to life.

In minutes,
he was flesh and blood again.

As in, he could moonwalk
right out of this place,

- go anywhere.
- If we were gonna keep

beelzefuck from fully
reincarnating the prick,

ramirez was gonna need to be
under constant supervision.

So for 30 straight years, that's
exactly what we've given him.

A literal death watch.

There are over 40 souls here.
We all take turns.

The second he wakes, we're
on him like flies on shit.

Good morning.

Dark father, heal my wounds.

Give me strength

to devour...

from here on out, all
you're ever gonna feel is pain.

We're constantly coming up

with new horrible ways
to kill him.

After all the dreadful shit
he did to so many people,

he deserves to suffer.



That's how we've been able
to keep him at bay.

We're doing this
to keep you safe.


You're the first person
he'd come for.

The son of jingles
he swore to kill.

The boy in alaska.

And he wouldn't just kill you.

He'd make you suffer.

Your dad wanted you protected
from ramirez,

- and so we took up the mantle.
- Wait.


all this time,

all these years, you've...

You've been saving my life?


Thank you.

It's no big deal.

What really matters is
that we get you out of here.

This is the worst possible place
you could be.

Well, I appreciate what you've
done for me, but you're wrong.

I mean, if no one dies here,

that means
I can actually talk to my dad.

What part of "we haven't
seen him" don't you get?

He's been mia for, like,
30 years, dude.

I'm not leaving.

Not until I find him.

Seems like
he's taking longer to wake up.

Probably get another round
of pictionary in.

What do you say
we make it interesting?

Like, um...

Loser has to strip?


You can't be serious.

As a heart attack, stud muffin.

Now, pick a card,
start scribbling, and...

Maybe you'll get lucky.

Not like I don't know
you swing both ways.

Why would you say that?

Because you sleep with everyone.

What can I say?

I'm an equal opportunity lover.


All the years we've been here,
you've never...

Thought about...

with someone more mature?

Someone who could teach you
a thing...

Or three?

What are you afraid of?

That you'll open pandora's box,

which you will never want
to close?

Vengeance. Vengeance.


Seems like you two opened
that pandora's box after all.

Oh, shit.

I mean, if no one dies here,

that means I can actually
talk to my dad.

What part of "we haven't seen
him" don't you get?

I'm not leaving,
not until I find him.

Okay, I understand
your need for closure.

But even if you do find him,

I'm not really sure
that mr. Jingles

is gonna give you
the warm and fuzzies

that you're looking for.

I have to try.

Run, bobby, run, he's the night
stalker! Come on!

The fuck, dude?

Shit! Somebody fucked up.

- Keep it moving, sweetheart.
- Die, motherfucker!

Run, bobby, run!


you're just like your dad.

You fight like a pussy.

Your father betrayed satan.

I'm here to collect his debt.

It's going to be lots of fun.

Not so much for you.

- Get him!
- Listen to me.

- Run and never come back.
Come on.
- No.

Go to red meadows asylum.
Find the medical director,

and you'll get your answer.
Go, bobby!

I need to see
the medical director.

Yo, you're
in the wrong kind of hospital.

- This ain't no er.
- I'm fine. Please.

It's very important.

She's kind of indisposed
right now.

Maybe I could take a message?


I'm sorry.

I've-I've had a very long day,
and I just need

a few minutes of her time.


Okay. No problem.

Have a seat over there.

I'll see what I can do.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Hi. It's jess.

I got a guy here in the lobby.

Someone that needs
your attention.

Thank you.

Take it easy now.

Just gonna get you cleaned up.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I'm not...
I'm not here for that.

I'm just here
to get some information.

You're in good company.

Lot of people here
looking for information.

Frequencies. Chupacabras.

- Fun group.
- Listen, it's about
benjamin richter.

Wait. What about richter?

He was my father.

I knew your father.

You did?


How doesn't matter.

What matters is
that you know this.

When they locked him up in here,
they locked up an innocent man.

But, uh,
there was so much evidence.

Evidence planted
by the real killer.

Margaret booth.

Margaret booth.

But she-she was...
She was a victim.

She testified at the trial.
She was missing an ear.

She was thorough.
I'll give her that.


Smart. A straight up psychopath.

Put all that into a blender,

and you got one of
the most vicious serial killers

of the 20th century.

And she almost got away with it.


Until that Halloween night

- in 1989.
- No.

No, no, no.
I cannot wait any longer.

I need someone to come.

I need someone
to move that bus right now.

Hel... Hello?

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Margaret booth.

Oh, shit.

What the fuck
are you doing here?!

To kill you, you crazy bitch.




- Take her.
- No, no, no, no, no!

We can talk about this.
Just tell me what you want.

Your head on a stick.

Hold her steady, boys.

You can't kill me here.

You'll just turn me
into one of you.

Way ahead of you, mags.

Shoot her
over the property line.

Oh, my, my.

This is so gratifying.

Is there a puree setting on it?

You're too late.

I'm already dying.

Actually, the brain

can live on for about 30 seconds
after decapitation.


What the fuck?

Margaret finally got
what she had coming to her.

I just wish brooke
was alive to see it.

So, then, brooke...

Was a patsy just like my dad.

I tried to do right by her.

Give her a new life.

But she just couldn't outrun

what happened to her
at that camp.

It pulled her back in

and eventually it killed her.

So you were the last one.

The only one.

The final girl.

I went back a few times

to check in, pay my respects.

But it was hard for them
seeing someone like me

that could change, grow old.

Someone with a life.

Thank you.

Telling you the truth
is the least I can do.

I mean for the money.

The checks.

All this time, I thought
it was my dad sending them,

but it was you, wasn't it?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I never sent you anything.

Well, then, there must be
someone else who knows.

Someone else who made it out.

Maybe you weren't
the final girl after all.


Oh, christ.

Oh, I could never live here.

Changed my socks twice already.

Recognize anyone?

Any chance
we have the wrong address?

No chance.

The routing number
on your checks

is a small savings and loan.

Only one branch,

and it's right here
in prineville, oregon.

Why are you doing this for me?

Who says I'm doing this for you?


Bogey coming in.

Oh, my god.

What took you so long?

Here we go. Sorry,
I don't have real sugar.

Just splenda.

Black's fine for me, thanks.

Is that how you stay
looking the way you do

after 30 years? Splenda?

Turns out leaving behind

a life of hostility

and revenge
does wonders for your skin.

And having
a dermatologist husband

doesn't hurt either.

I took all the stress
that was pumping through my body

and swapped it
for premium fillers.

I'm kidding. Kind of.

Looks like you broke yourself
off a nice slice of life here.

Doctor husband,

good-looking kids.

Donna, I-I know I...

I owe you an apology.

Do you have any idea how much
guilt I was carrying around

after I left you at that place?

How could you not let me know
you were alive?

I did. I-I called.

I just...
Could never say "hello."

as soon as I heard your voice,
I'd start shaking.

The memories of redwood
would come flooding back in.

I hung up every time.

But there wasn't a day
that went by

that I didn't think of you.

And I'm sorry.
I just... I didn't know

any other way to move on.

I'm not mad at you
for having a good life.

I just wish
I could've been a part of it.


And I'll be damned if I can
figure out how you got out.

I watched you die.

No, brooke. No.

You're alive.

Ah, the bullet
went right through.

Okay, just keep pressure here,

Hold it tight. I'll get you

- some bandages.
- And iodine.

And iodine.

I remember.

Come on.

It's all right.
It's all right.

- All right.
- I don't want to die here.

You're not gonna die here.

You deserve better.

You always have. Come on.

All right, come on.

I can't help you any further.

You got to get across
on your own.

I'm sorry you have to stay here.

You don't deserve this, either.

Thank you.


I woke up in a white room.

I thought it was heaven
until I felt all of this pain.

I guess someone called
from the camp pay phone,

and paramedics got me
to the hospital.

As soon
as I got my strength back,

I got out of there,
headed north and kept going.

You've always been a fighter.

I should've known better

than to count you out.

No, but I still
don't understand.

I mean, what...?

After all my father did to you,
why did you help me?

Why did you seek me out and
send me money all these years?

I-I know
it's-it's hard to understand,

but... I needed to believe

that a normal life was possible
after camp redwood.

A glimmer of hope
after all that darkness.

Your dad was that for me.

He moved to alaska, got married,

had a baby.

He was on his way,
and the camp pulled him back,

just like it pulled me back
when I had a chance to be free.

And I knew that eventually

it would pull you in, too,

so I did what I could
to give you

a chance to be free
of that awful legacy.

So I guess, in the end,

I did it for me
just as much as for you.

Thank you.

Donna, I hope
some day you can forgive me.

We're bonded for life.

We're the ones that got away.


I guess
we're both the final girl.

Come on.

- I'll buy you lunch.
- Nah, it's okay.

You're going back
to that camp, aren't you?

I felt something
when I was there,

Someone watching over me.

Um, I don't know.

Maybe it was him.

Brooke was right.

Once that place has a hold
on you, it never lets go.

You're not gonna find
what you're looking for.

Thanks for all your help,


I'm sorry. Did I scare you?

I know you.

Does anyone really
ever know anyone?

You're margaret booth.

You framed my father.

You're jingles junior.

Did you come back here
to find your father?

I can take you to him.

They said no one's seen him
for 30 years.

Well, not everyone can find him,
but we have a long history.

I don't trust you.

Okay, don't see your father.

I don't care.

They told me they killed you.

So you couldn't come back.

Well, technically, I died

a second
before the chipper spit me out

on the other side,
so I've been here all along.

But I've been hiding.

- And waiting.
- For what?

To kill you!


You always found a way
to hurt me.

You think
I would let you hurt my son?

She'll be back.

We have to get you
out of here now.


Why did you come back here?

I was never a parent to you.

You're wrong. You-you...

You did what
all good parents do. You...

You sacrificed yourself
for your child.

I just had to come back
and say "thank you."

you are worth it.

Every bit of it.

Now forget this place

and go live.

And know I will always love you.

That's all that matters, okay?

Don't you get it?

This is how it has to be.

I win! I am the final girl.

I am always the final girl.

Leave him alone.

He deserves a happy ending.

Why? Because he's innocent?

Please. There is no such thing.

So handsome.

Just like my bobby would have
looked if he'd grown up.

Take her.

Get out of here
and never come back.

But don't forget us.

Tell our ghost stories
to your children,

and we'll live on forever.

The '80s will never die.

Now get out of here.

Go, bobby, go.

♪ Every generation ♪

♪ Blames the one before ♪

♪ And all
of their frustrations ♪

♪ Come beating on your door ♪

♪ I know that I'm a prisoner ♪

♪ To all
my father held so dear ♪

♪ I know that I'm a hostage ♪

♪ To all his hopes and fears ♪

♪ I just wish
I could have told him ♪

♪ In the living years ♪

♪ So say it ♪

- ♪ Say it, say it loud ♪
- ♪ say it loud ♪

♪ Say it clear ♪

♪ Come on, say it clear ♪

♪ You can listen ♪

♪ As well as you hear ♪

♪ It's too late ♪

♪ It's
too late ♪

♪ When we die ♪

♪ It's too late when we die ♪

♪ To admit ♪

♪ We don't see eye to eye ♪

♪ Hey, so say it, say it ♪

- ♪ Say it loud ♪
- ♪ say it loud ♪

♪ Say it loud ♪

♪ Say it clear ♪

♪ Come on, say it clear. ♪

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