American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 7 - The Lady in White - full transcript

A hidden chapter of Camp Redwood is revealed. The survivors help a stranded hitchhiker.

Three licorice.

That'll be a nickel.

It's a penny a whip
at the market, lavinia.

Well, you're not at the market.
You're at camp.

And here it's three
for a nickel.

Hey, why aren't you two out
playing with the other kids?

- They hate me.
- They do.

Hey, mom?

- Hay is for horses.
- Sorry.

Mom, is the refrigerator


Then you better go catch it.

You crack me up.

That's not funny.
It's stupid.

Refrigerators don't have legs.

What are you reading?

- Hmm?
- Show it to me.

True vice.

This gobbledygook
is poisoning your mind.

Maybe if you didn't have your
head in comic books all day,

you'd have more friends.

Do you want to be liked?

Do you?

Stop being so sullen.

Smile when you look at people.

Don't be a bump on a log.

Why can't you be more clever?

Like bobby?

Do you think I want to be
the camp cook?

I slave all day
putting food on the table

for a hundred kids... I do it
so that you can have a summer.

I sweat blood for you.
I will not tolerate sarcasm!

Can we go swimming?

Yeah. Yes.

Take that with you.

Go on.

I'll keep this.


Don't let bobby
out of your sight.

How's the water?

Cold, but you got enough blubber
to keep you warm.

Come on.

Come on. Let's go swimming.

I'm not swimming,
and neither are you.

What are we supposed to do?

Just... Nothing.

Well, that's swell.


Go sit down there.
Don't move.



Stupid kid.

Hey! Stop!

Stop the engine!


Bobby? Bobby?!
I want to see him.

- No, I want to see him.
- You don't... You don't want

- to see him. It was an accident.
- I want to see... My son.

What happened?
What did you do?!

What the hell happened,

What the hell
happened, benjamin?!

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Get off me! Get off!

- I'm sorry.
-so where...
Where's the lifeguard?

Where is that little shit?!

Where were you?!
Where were you?!

Where were you?!

You killed him!
You killed him!

You killed my baby.

You're all guilty.

Every one of you.

Every one of you!
Every one of you!

You killed my beautiful boy.

Baby? Bobby?





Oh. Oh.

Try to breathe.

You're gonna feel like

you want to die,
but you're not dead.

The drug I swapped for the final
injection is called baclofen.

Ran across it doing pharmacology
research at my old job.

It's prescribed
for muscle spasms and m.S.,

and does a bang-up job
for mimicking brain damage

if you o.D. Just right.

But it's gonna take a few days
to get out your system.

Get away from me, you bitch!

Listen, you're gonna
hurt yourself.

You need to trust me.


I don't know how so many bodies
get in here.

all right, vinnie!

It's okay. Just me.

Got you some food.

- I don't think I can eat.
- Well, you got to try.

You got to get your strength up.

That guy I told you about...

he's gonna have
your new passport soon.

You'll have a new name,
a new life.

You'll be finally free.

The world thinks you're dead.

Let me check your pulse.

Why are you doing this?

The last time I saw you,

you had me strung up
as serial killer bait.

Is this another one
of your sick experiments?

This is... Just me trying
to make it right.


Let's just say that...

I know there are things
waiting for us when we die.

And I'm just trying
to make sure

that I go
where the good things are,

not the other place.

You should have just
let me die.

Brooke, forget you saw that.

Margaret's putting on
a concert?

You knew about this?

Forget about it, brooke.
Forget about her.

I was wrong.

I do have a reason to live.

And it's to see her die.

I'm going back there.

Brooke, it's not worth it.

You're gonna have
a new life.

She stole my life!

1,825 days.

That's how long I spent
locked up in that hellhole.

I counted every single one.

I counted days, I counted
cracks in the ceiling.

I counted how many times
I blinked in a fucking hour,

just to take my mind off
everything I was missing

on the outside.

But you know what?

You can't not think about it.

Of the decade you never
got a chance to live.

The '80s was morning
in america,

and I spent my morning in lockup

because of this lying bitch


I can't turn back
the hands of time.

I wish I could.

But there is one place
the '80s will never be over...

And if you hydrate properly,

and put some food in your system
like a good little badass,

I'll take you there.

I didn't think
they still had these places.

They don't, really.

Not anymore.

Only a few left in the state
like this one.

Dying breed.

Come on.

- You looked pretty good
out there.
- Yeah?

My back skate could use
a little work,

but, uh... Thanks.

I needed this.

It's not too late.

You don't have to go back
to redwood.

One day in the sun doesn't erase
five years of darkness.

I'm going back.

I have to.

Oh, hi.

Excuse me. Um...

I overheard you guys saying
you're going

to the festival at redwood?

My car broke down trying to get

to my girlfriend's house.

It's on the way;
I'll pay for gas.

Sorry. I got a policy
about strangers.


Everybody's a stranger...
'til they're not.

- I'm bruce.
- We've got to go.

Come on.

- Better luck.
- Yeah.

No problem at all.

You guys have a nice day.

Do we even know

- what we're looking for?
- I know the battery

and the dipstick.

Do you want me to take a look?

I've fixed a few clunkers
in my day.

Well, let's see
what's going on.

Oh, I think I might see
the problem.

Loose distributor cap.

Will one of you
try starting it up?

How about now?


Good to go.


Glad to help.

I, uh, I believe in karma.

What goes around comes around.


Get in.

What about your stranger policy?

Once a guy's gone under my hood,

he's not a stranger anymore.

- How far do you have to go?
- Huh?

To your girlfriend?

Just up a ways.

I-I'll know the exit
when I see it.

Is she expecting you?

Sure is.

Then why didn't you call her
and have her pick you up

from the roller rink?

She doesn't like to drive.

The roads scare the hell
out of her.

I heard about this on the news.

It's happening all over.

So, you're driving at night,

and you see a car
coming towards you

with his headlights off.

As a courtesy,
you flash your lights

to let him know
to turn on his headlights.

That car then makes a u-turn.

They follow you home...
And kill you.

There's true evil out there.

No, I think you're just
trying to scare us.

I've dealt with people like you
every day

for the last five years.

They use fear to try
to control others.

It's not gonna work with us.

We made a mistake.
Your ride's over.

Whoa, whoa, I was just
making conversation.

I'm sorry if I said something
that got under your skin.

Donna, pull over.

Just-just trying to be nice.

Shut up.

Sorry, dude, you gotta get out.

Do I...


It's an oven outside.

I could get heatstroke.

You wouldn't want that
on your conscience,

would you, donna?

We're not gonna ask you again.



Everything okay?

There's no services
out here for miles.

Everything's fine, officer.

You guys together?

Actually, we just met him.

Talked us into
giving him a ride.

Haven't you seen the posters
of the girls

that have gone missing
along this highway?

I'm gonna need to see some id
from everyone.


Go, go, go, go!

Fuck you!

Oh, come on.

Oh, come on.


What the hell, dude?!

What's your major malfunction?

I've met you before.

Why are you still
dressed like that?

I'm dead, man.

And in these woods,
I'm not the only one.

Guys, he just wandered over
here. I think he's harmless.

- It's mr. Jingles, dipshit!
- This prick slaughtered us!

I totally recognized him.

Wait! Montana said no killing...

Till the festival.


Fine. I guess we're
taking him to go, then.

You left this place.

And to willingly come back?

Well, that makes you even
more deranged than we thought.

He gave me no choice.
You need to let me go.

I came back here
to kill richard ramirez.

But he's already dead.

I saw you murder him.

Ramirez has the devil
on his side,

and he's on his way
back here now.

Who gives a shit?

This motherfucker
cut off my head.

- He needs to answer for that...
- Ray!

Don't make me gut you again.

I don't understand.
You're-you're all ghosts?

Are you brain dead?

You killed half
of us here, remember?

You and margaret
are both psychos,

and we got caught
in your crossfire.

None of this makes any sense.

We spent the first few months
after we died

sort of just wandering around,
feeling confused and angry.

Time doesn't really exist
for us here,

so years went by like minutes.

What does being a ghost
feel like?

It's actually not that bad.

There's a constant feeling
of emptiness and longing,

but that's pretty much how
I felt when I was alive, so...

- Do you feel pain?
- Yes.

- And fear.
- But we can feel pleasure, too.

As you know, killing people is
totally tubular.

Especially when there are
no consequences.

Which is why we're gonna kill
every motherfucker

who steps foot in here
for margaret's festival.

That's insane.

Why would you do that?

So we can get the hell
out of here.

I mean, two dead bodies recently
got this place some press.

An entire music festival
viciously slaughtered?

Well, that'll draw every
paranormal p.I.

And ghostbuster wannabe
from across the globe.

And one of them's bound
to figure out how to beat

what's got us kept here;
this fucking curse.

Don't you understand?

You're away from the horrors
of the world.

Not really.

You think we're alone
in these woods?

We're not alone.

there's someone else.

A woman.
She wears a white nightgown,

and she's constantly
terrorizing us.

No one knows who she is or why
she hates us so much.

I do.

She's my mother.

1970 wasn't the first massacre.

There was another one
20 years before.

If anything, that's when
this blood curse began.

When it first opened, this place
went by a different name.

Camp golden star.

A little flower blooming
in the wake of a war

that took
400,000 american souls,

including my old man.

the new camp was hiring.

The work was hard
and the pay was shit, but...

Free childcare was a benefit

a widowed mother
couldn't turn down.

She hated it.

She was always so angry.

When I looked in her eyes,

I didn't see love.

Only hate.

And then...

Bobby died.

I wanted to go home,
but my mother,

she wouldn't leave.

I couldn't understand why.

Until that night.



It had to be done, benji.

They needed to pay
for what happened to bobby.

It's okay, honey.

Come to mommy.

You never listen, do you?

He was your baby brother.

You were supposed
to take care of him.


Oh, I'm gonna get you.



Come here!


I'm sorry.

Camp golden star was shut down.

But ten years later,
camp redwood opened.

They may have changed the name,

but they couldn't erase
the evil.

Her blood had poured
into this ground,

with her pain and her rage.

Maybe that's why
you're all still stuck here.

It's definitely why
she keeps coming after you.

She hates counselors.

The only person she ever loved
was my brother.

Do you know
where my mother is now?

Xavier will take you.

Why me?

Send chet.


...Never going back
to that place.


I'll take you.

I'm not going any closer.

I've outrun her once before.

I don't want to find out
what happens if she catches up.

Hello, benji.

Look at you. All grown up.
Tall as your father.


It's okay, honey.

Come to mommy.

You've been here
this whole time?

Poor benji.

I can see the wheels
turning in your head.

And bobby's here, too?

Don't say his name!

I miss your brother so much.

Every day, I-I search for him.

Sometimes, I can hear him,
scared, but I...

...I never find him.

So I'm stuck here, tortured,
in this place,

like the goddess whose child
was swallowed up

into the ground.

I've tried to destroy myself.

Always I'm reborn
to this cursed place.

And then, one day...
I felt something.

A vibration, something primal.

My baby.

But it wasn't him.

It was you.

I saw that look in your eyes.

Like you wanted to stop time.

A mother knows.

You were happy.

Pathetic, really,

the way you mooned
over that girl.

What are you saying?

What did you do?

You should have known.

That girl was already
wrong in the head.

I just needed to give her
a little push.

No. No.

Why are you telling me this?

Why are you appearing to me now
after all this time?

Because I don't like you.

But now, finally, it's time.

I want you to know it was me.

I took the one thing
you cared about...

And I used it to destroy you.

Why do you hate me so much?

Because the wrong son
died that day!

It should have been you!

I know that.

Do you have any idea
the guilt I've felt,

what it's done to me?

Of course I do.

It's turned you into a monster.

You saw that?

I saw everything.

I saw you kill them all.

But one was reborn.


He killed my wife,
the mother of my child.

Your child?

Yes, a son. I have a son.

He's the only thing
that matters to me now.

As long as ramirez is out there,
my son will never be safe.

I need to end this.

This will never end.

Because I will spend
every moment

from now to eternity
making sure you burn

in excruciating agony.

Suffering as I do.

It's what you deserve.

I know you, benji.

I know you...
Better than you know yourself.

From the moment you were born,

I knew you were a parasite,

sucking me dry.

A poison that taints and rots

everything you touch.

And so, I pity your son.

I do.

Having you as a father,
he's better off dead.

I never thought I'd say this,
but my mom was right.

Never talk to strangers.

What the hell happened here?

Karma's a bitch, girls.

Rise and shine, little one.

You were so close.

A few more exits,

and you would have made it
to the festival.

Where's donna?

What did you do to her?

She's fine.

See for yourself.

No. No.


You have two choices before you.

Either you put it in drive,
hit the gas,

and live to see
the great billy idol in concert,

or I could shoot you in the face
and drag her myself.

Concrete is so unforgiving.

These old roads
are like cheese graters.

Rip your clothes clean off
at 40 miles an hour.

At 50, human skin sloughs off

like wet paper.

Bones are ground into nubs

as you try to hold your face up.

But one little bump...

And you're bouncing.

That's when pieces of you
start falling off.

How many people have you killed?

Five so far. But I hope

to catch up to ramirez
by christmas. He had 13.

One day I hope

to surpass bundy himself.

So, I die,

or I drag my friend
to her death.

Is that about right?

That's the ticket.

You know what?

Fuck her.

She should never have given you
a ride in the first place.

I'm starting to like you.

What are you waiting for?

Do it!

Donna, wait!

Hell no! I'm choking
this motherfucker out.

You don't want to do that,
trust me.

Can't just let him
get away with it.

Who said anything about that?


I didn't think it was possible,

but it looks worse
than I even imagined.

What have you been doing?

You announced the festival
so quickly,

we barely had time
to do anything.

We haven't locked in a caterer,
and do not even get me started

- on hydration.
- Just give 'em

a slice of wonder bread
and a dixie cup of water.

You can't do that, margaret.

People are paying
a thousand dollars a head.

That's how I make a profit,

And don't you contradict me.

- Remember who you are.
- I'm your husband.

You're a glorified assistant

with no discernable talent
or purpose.

I know. The boys' restroom
is covered in pine needles.

Why don't you take that pendulum
you call a dick

and sweep up the mess?

At least it'll be good
for something, hmm?

What fresh hell is this?

So, where do you want
the talent?

- Who are you?
- Oh, that's kajagoogoo,
you idiot!

Limahl, are you gonna play
"too shy"? I love that song.

Oh, that's the only song

we're going to play.
It's our biggest hit.

It's the only song
anyone wants to hear.

Wait, just one song?

What about "neverending story"?

Oh, it's from my solo career.

I wouldn't dream of playing it
with the band.

One song... what are you doing?

- I...
I'm gonna go sweep up.
- Okay.



I-I thought you were dead.

I am. I'm a...

I don't care what you are.

I'd forgotten what I was missing
until I saw you.

I know what I was missing.


Your hitchhiking days are over.


What are you doing?

This is as far as you go.

Redwood's close enough.

I can walk it
the rest of the way.

You've done more than enough.


I'm coming with you.

I need to see this through
to the end.


Who the hell are you?

I'm your biggest fan.

What, you want a...

An autograph or something?

- We already have it.
- We?

When you sign a contract
with the devil...

...You better understand
the fine print.

Oh, shit.


I brought you some goodies.

Oh, god.

You shouldn't be here.

You don't deserve to sit
in the place where he died.

You've already taken
so much from me.

I won't allow you to take away
my place to mourn him.

You don't get a claim
on missing him.

I miss him all the time.

I think about him every day.

I even named my son after him.

Bobby. He's...

He's gonna grow up to be
headstrong, just like bobby.

You should go
and be with your son.

I can't.

- I need to face ramirez.
- You're a fool.

He's in league with forces...

You cannot match.

I know.

But... What kind of man
would I be

if I didn't do everything
I could to protect my son?

You made a deal with the devil.

And ramirez is here to collect.

If you die by his hand,

he'll make sure
you don't come back.

But if you die by your own...

...You'll come back forever.

If you truly want
to protect him...

...You'll do
what has to be done.


I know you're out there.

If you can hear me...

I'm sorry.

And I won't curse my son

the way I cursed you.

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