American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 4 - True Killers - full transcript

Mr. Jingles closes in on the one who got away as the counselors rally to escape Camp Redwood.


(sniffs) Ah!

Let's hit it, boys.

-("Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol

Come on.

Shut up and dance.

Kick. And jump.

Two, three.

And other side.

Thrust. And thrust.

Hips, and roll it.

And touch that hair.

And roll that pussy.


Come on, yeah.

* Last night a little dancer *

* Came dancin' to my door *

Two, three.

* Last night a little angel *

Pas de bourrée,
and thrust that ball...

* She said, "Come on, baby *

* "I got a license for love *

* "And if it expires *

* Pray help from above" *

* Because in the midnight hour *

* She cried more, more, more *

And thrust.

* With a rebel yell *

* She cried
more, more, more, wow! *

-* In the midnight hour, babe *

-* More, more, more *
-And punch.

* With a rebel yell *

* More, more, more,
more, more, more *



* She don't like slavery *

* She won't sit and beg *

* But when I'm tired
and lonely... *


Keep it going, boys.


Hey, Rambo.

My class isn't for posers.

This is aerobics; it's serious.

Billy Idol's the truth, man.

Grapevining in full combat gear,
that's a choice.

I'm training.

You gotta stay ready.

The world's a shit place.

-And everyone's gone soft.

I'm just saying, if you're
really trying to make a move,

you'd have something more studly
than a Buck 119 in your holster.

Bubble Gum Barbie's into blades?

what's with this metal shit?

I'm trying to get shredded,

Why can't you play something
fun, like Cyndi Lauper?

* With a rebel yell *

-* She cried more, more, more *

-* In the midnight hour *
-(music gets louder)

-Suck it, Rod, hard.
-ROD: Wow.

Suck it hard.

Everybody else down!

Wow. You know what?
I'm-I'm telling Rudy.

-Rock and roll is dead.
-MONTANA: Get on the floor!

-Bitch! (groans)
-Fuck you!

* More, more. *

Love you, too, baby!

(liquid dripping)

You know what?
I'm-I'm telling Rudy.

Suck it, Rod, suck it hard.

You like my surprise?

You did this?

I didn't like
how he talked to you.

Or his lack of appreciation
for Billy.

And rock and roll in general.


That's the most fucked up thing
anyone's ever done for me.

That's... so...




We can't leave that there.

I got a class at 7:00
in the morning.

Don't worry, baby.

I know how to clean up messes.

I was a janitor once.


Have you killed
a lot of people?


Would you kill me?


Would you kill for me?

You gotta ask?

There's this girl.


She took away the only thing
I ever cared about.

The only person
who ever loved me.

My brother.


Sam was my everything.

He was Billy Idol-cool,
but he had a heart of gold.

It wasn't even his damn wedding.

Joey was his roommate
in college in Florida.

I never even knew the guy
or Brooke.

But I know Brooke fucked
my brother and lied.

And now he's dead.

Why does she get to live
when he's gone?

Just tell me where she is.

She won't see any more sunrises
after I find her.

Promise me she'll suffer.

I want it to be painful.

I promise.

I do.



(music slows, distorts)

(film projector clicking,
then shuts off)


Why the hell
haven't you killed her yet?

I-I almost had her.

-(Ramirez yells, grunts)


You need to get
your shit together.

There's another killer
running around,

-and if we don't get her...
-Wait. Wh-What do you mean?


The Mr. Jingles?

He sliced up two guys
right in front of me.

We need to get to Brooke first,

kill her,
and get the hell out of here.

Two guys? At the same time?
Is he a ninja?

Ricky, you need to focus.

I need this, babe.

That bitch has got to pay
for what she's done.


-You're gonna be okay.

Here. Careful.

I don't feel so good.

Is this what dying feels like?


You're gonna be okay.

-Trevor knows what he's doing.

Oh, shit.

Chet. Chet. Chet.

-God, he's lost a lot of blood.
-He's dead.

Not quite.


-Whoa! Whoa! What are you doing?
-Whoa, wh-wh-whoa.

It's epinephrine for, like,
peanut allergies and shit.

It-It's, like, pure adrenaline.

You sure it's gonna work?

It's not gonna make him worse.

(crickets chirping)

(Trevor grunts)

It didn't work.

-(all screaming)
-Oh, my God!

-XAVIER: What the fuck?

What just happened?

Feels like my heart's
beating out of my chest.

(Trevor groans)

(Chet groaning)

At least it's beating there.

-Oh, God.

We need Ray and Montana
to get here with the cops now.

Ray's a choad.

He left me to die.

The cops are looking for him.

He told me he killed someone
in college.

I thought making porn was bad.



Oh, my God!

Porn! Blake!

The guy with the spike
through his eye.

He-he drove here
in his Cadillac.

The keys are still in the car.

It's parked right by
the showers.

We have a way out!

Okay. Okay. Let's grab Margaret
and Bertie,

a-and then
we'll head to the car.

What if we're too late?

-All right, let's go.
-Hey, no, no, no, no, no.



Don't be an idiot.

You're way too messed up.

You lie low.

I'll go get Bertie.

I'll get Margaret.

Then we'll circle back around
for you, okay?

We'll all meet at the car.

For protection.




They're dead.

Jingles killed them.

He's here.

Jingles did this?

Come on. We have to get the fuck
out of here.

-Fuck that.

This place is a killing field,
Margaret. I mean, look.

Who knows
how many more dead bodies

are out here in this camp?

Come on.
There's a car by the showers.

Oh, no, I'm not going anywhere.

Did you hear what I just said?

There is a school bus full
of eager campers

coming here at sunrise,

and they will be perfectly safe,

because I have a gun.


Okay. Okay, Margaret.

You know, I-I'm gonna go back
to the real world now.

(insects chirping)

(Stevie Nicks'
"Leather and Lace" playing)

(keys jingling)


Kitchen's closed, hon.

Unless you're looking

for a little midnight snack.


Do you have any idea
what's happening here?

Yeah. I'm making sandwiches.

Kids'll be here
in a couple of hours.

They're gonna be suffering
from acute homesickness.

And nothing cures
acute homesickness

-like a bologna sandwich.
-You don't understand!

We're all gonna die.

He's slaughtering everyone
like dogs.


What is it about this place

that makes everybody see
the bogeyman?

Calm down, take a breath.

I am gonna heat you up
some Swiss Miss.

No, Bertie. Jesus Christ.

-You got to listen to me, okay?
-(keys jingling)

It's him.

* Still I carry this feeling *

-(keys jingling)
-* When you walked *

* Into my house *

* That you won't be walking
out the door *

* Still I carry this feeling *

* When you walked
into my house... *


Well, what are you doing here?

I-I didn't know
they let you out.

They didn't.

Hmm. All the same,

it's... nice to see you
in my canteen again.

* My city, your mountains *

* Stay with me... *

I'll bet you're hungry.

Why don't you sit down?

I'll fix you something.

Peanut butter and jelly, right?

I was just about
to start making those.

I never forget a sandwich order.

* My lace. *

Why'd you come back?

When Margaret told me
she was reopening this place,

I thought she'd lost her mind.

I mean, who the hell wants
to relive that night?

And then it hit me.

She was still living it.

That horrible past
was her prison.

And if coming back here
is what she needs

to finally turn the page,
I wanted to be there for her.

She was a weird kid, but...

she always meant well,
far as I could tell.

We can't fix
what's already done.

But we always got a say
in what happens next.

-(loud thud)

(Bertie gasps)

You always hated the crust.





(Mr. Jingles shouts)







Hey. Hey!

Ah. Hey-- hey!



-(bangs on door)









Help! Help!




I knew you'd go left.

(Brooke gasps)

Textbook victim mentality,

seeking safety in numbers.

The other path would have led
to the road.

You'd have been home free.

(clicks tongue)
Actually, no.

I set bear traps there, too,
so, same result.

-Rita, why?!
-Not my name.

I told you.

I'm not the nurse.

I'm a psychologist.

After I set Jingles free,

I took Nurse Rita's place

-so I could be with him here.

-You brought Jingles here?

It's not what you think.

I'm doing this for science.

I've spent my life studying what
makes men like Benjamin kill.

But there's only so much

that you can learn
from a caged animal.

I needed to study
an apex predator in the wild.

(Rita chuckles)

Will Jingles take up a life

that's served up to him
on a silver platter?

Or does he need the thrill
of the hunt before he kills?

You're hanging up here to answer
that very important question.

Fuck your research!

You're nothing more
than a killer, just like him!

I'm a scientist,
and you're my lab rat.

Victims of serial killers
are overwhelmingly female.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

I promise you'll be remembered
as a feminist hero.










(Bertie wheezing)


I'm gonna go get help.


What is it?




I, I can't.


(both screaming)




Brooke, are you out here?

BROOKE (in distance):


Oh. Oh, Brooke.


Brooke, are you out there?


I'm over here! Help!



-Oh, Montana!
-How-how the...

did you get up here?

God, please, just get me down
from here. Please!

Don't worry.
You're gonna be okay.


And look out for Rita.


She's with Jingles.
She set this whole thing up.

I mean, she's insane.


Damn it!

(Montana grunting)

It won't give.
What should I do?

Go get something sharp,
something to cut this down.

I shouldn't leave you.

No, it's fine. Just go.


you're so brave.

I just want this to be over.

It will be, soon.

I promise.



What are you making, Benji?

A present.

For me?

Just something
to watch over you.

It's a bear.

They're strong, loyal.

They mate for life.

Oh, my God.

-It's true love.

-HELEN: Aw, looks like

the two freaks found each other.

(Midge laughing)

-So cute.

I hate them so much.

They don't deserve
to be here with you.

-(inhales sharply, grunts)
-(Margaret gasps)

Are you my bear, Benji?

I'd do anything to protect you.



VOICES (echoing):
Satan. Satan. Satan. Satan.

What the hell are you doing?

Seeking guidance from the master

to point me towards the girl.

Your prayers have been answered.

-You found her?
-She's fully helpless.

Good to go.

I need room to work.

There's no way
I'm not watching her die.



(footsteps approaching)



You, little girl,

are as slippery
as a handful of water.

(keys jingling)

Shit. (chuckles)

You really shouldn't have
crashed this party, man.

(Ramirez laughs)

Now I'm gonna have to kill you.

(Ramirez laughs)

A campfire legend

in the goddamn flesh!

(Ramirez panting)

You don't want to do this.

Oh, but I do.

I-I do.

The blood you've spilled
at this place--

it's eternal.

See, that-that's the thing.

(chuckles softly)

Your reputation's solid.

Set in stone.

And I'm still trying
to build something here.

No matter which way

you slice it,
Mr. Jingles lives forever.

Now it's my turn.


(both grunting)


I don't know
who the hell you are,

but you sure as shit ain't Rita.

I saw that nurse--
the one you hog-tied

and left in the boathouse.

(both grunting)

(Brooke screaming, whimpering)

(Mr. Jingles
and Ramirez grunting)



(Brooke screams, whimpers)





You fucking bitch!

(both screaming, grunting)

-(Ramirez grunts)
-(Mr. Jingles screams, groans)





(keys jingling)

(wood creaking)

Almighty God,

I am no stranger to your mercy.

14 years ago

I vowed in a baptism of blood

to give you my devotion

and follow
wherever you may lead.

I reopened this camp

to revel in the glory
of your light.

To walk

the straight and narrow path.

But darkness has descended.

Give me the strength

-to do thy will.
-(keys jingling)


You're the answer to my prayer.

Why did you come back here?

Finish what I started.

What you started?

Aw, you poor man.

You never had a chance.

I-It wasn't me.

I didn't hurt them.



It wasn't me.

Of course it was.

You're delusional, Benjamin.

You've lost your sense
of reality.

The things

that you were exposed to
in the jungle...

Your memory can't be trusted.

(machine whirrs)

You may not know what you are...

...but I do.





Whatever they did to you,
it made you forget.

You were there.

You saw me.
You told 'em.

I was the killer.

You've forgotten everything,
haven't you?

Like you forgot your promise.

You told me you'd stop them.

You were going to protect me,

but you were too weak.

-(counselors laughing)
-You didn't do a thing.


And they kept at it.

Every day.

-Bullying me.

Making my life miserable.

Do it.

Oh, no.

Okay. Who am I now?

(clears throat)

-You guys...

it is 8:30.

Our curfew is 8:00 p.m.

You have to go to sleep.

You don't understand.

I'll be really tired
in the morning.

So I made it stop.





It was me.

The ears from the war.

-That was me.

The stories about you
in Vietnam--

it was too good.
I had to use that.

And I made you
keep your promise.

You finally protected me

when you took the fall.


Do you understand now, Benji?

What happened

in 1970--

it was me.


No, it was me.

It was me.

I tried to put it behind me.

I thought I could come back here
and do some good.

You know, maybe be an example
for the kids, but then...

Well, then you showed up
and made sure

that could never happen.

Do you see now?

Benji, we've come full circle.

You did this.

You told the world
that I was the killer. You...

had me locked away
in that asylum.

I was tortured with electricity,

shot up with drugs

till I believed...

what you said I was.

And now...

you tell me

that I was never that.

Well, fuck you, Margaret.

I am the monster
that you made me.

You were just a guy

who was in the wrong place
at the right time.

-(gunshots in distance)
-What was that?


-She said she had a gun.
-(rustling nearby)

Wait. Shh.
What is that?


Oh, Jesus, Montana.

You look fucking gorgeous.

Where have you been?

Looking for Brooke.

We got separated.

Did you hear those gunshots?


I think Margaret's in trouble.

I got to go back for her.

Take Chet.

-He knows where a car is.

I'll meet you guys there, okay?

I'll miss you.

-You look like shit.

Well, I've never felt better.

Okay. Here we go.

You were always so sweet to me.

And now I get to lay my sins
upon you one more time.



Thank God.

You're okay.

Shit. Shit, you did it.


You actually killed him.

Right after he killed you.



Oh, that feels so good.

I haven't done that in 14 years.


-Oh, it's so strange.

Benjamin and I lost sight
of who we really are,

but the balance is now restored.

God has given me the strength

to accept my true self.

-(chuckles softly)

(keys jingling)






It was never me.


(screams, gasps)

What happened to you?

It was Jingles.

He was j-just here.


Right here.

Okay, never mind.
We-we have to go.

(explosion in distance)


Come on. Come on.

Come on.

That was our way out.

Where did you go?

I'm so sorry.

I went back to get you,
but you were gone.

What happened?

It was on fire when we got here.

It was so awful.

Jingles was attacking me.

I thought I was dead.

And Trevor...

He was so brave.

Jingles killed him.

VOICES (echoing):
Satan. Satan.

Satan. Satan. Satan.

Satan. Satan. Satan. Satan.
Satan. Satan.

Satan. Satan. Satan. Satan.

(voices fade)


VOICES (echoing):
Satan. Satan. Satan.

Satan. Satan. Satan. Satan.

-(slow inhale)
-Satan. Satan. Satan.

Satan. Satan. Satan. Satan.



(Ramirez laughs)

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