American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Winter of Our Discontent - full transcript

Ally confronts Kai meanwhile Winter must choose between Kai and Beverly when he makes a questionable decision.

¶ ¶
VINCENT: Congratulations on your big win, Kai.
I couldn't be more proud.
I have to stay sharp.
For the men.
How's your leg?
It's, uh, it's stiff.
But it's good.
I'll live.
I got your edible arrangement in the hospital, by the way.
It was very thoughtful.
I figured the reason you didn't come visit me yourself
was because you were ashamed.
I mean, it was your patient who colluded with the woman
who tried to murder me.
Allyson Mayfair-Richards is a sick woman.
But you're not far off, I was ashamed.
I mean, you've accomplished so much, Kai.
Running for office, starting a whole movement.
And I didn't know about any of it.
I'm just proud of you.
I don't need you to play Dad, Vincent.
You're just as bad at it as he was.
I look after myself.
You think that I want to be
like that prick, Kai?
I'm-I'm trying to apologize.
Listen, what you are doing here--
organizing all of these people,
making a difference-- it's awesome.
You think so?
And I want to help you get your message out.
With the right strategy,
this could be a national movement.
-Yes. -Yes.
You know, I was thinking about making some videos
for social media.
-(snaps fingers) -That's genius.
And I-I could film it.
Thanks, big bro.
Of course.
Oh, there's just one more thing I need from you.
From now on, call me Councilman.
¶ ¶
(low chatter)
-Enjoy your meal. -(spits)
I'm not eating this shit.
Kai told us to start making you healthy food.
(laughs) You bitches are so sensitive.
You know, your bangability
would go way up if you just smiled.
(knife clatters)
GUTTERBALL: She does have a nice ass, though.
I can't put up with this shit much longer!
I'm being treated like a servant in my own restaurant.
How did this Handmaid shit even happen?
48 hours ago, we were on the verge
of toppling the patriarchy!
That's before he had a goddamn army.
That's not an army!
That's a bunch of dude-bros
with too much time on their hands.
Yeah? Tell that to
the other city council members.
You weren't at that meeting last night.
That's six votes in favor.
I understand the appeal of private security,
but we already have a police force,
not to mention countless community
neighborhood watch groups.
Do we really want to spend taxpayer money
to put more men with guns
on the streets in our neighborhoods?
That makes me uncomfortable.
I know you live in a gated community.
Not everyone can afford that.
And even your two beautiful daughters have to leave
those gates to go to school, don't they?
12 and 16, am I right?
Now, just how comfortable
would you feel if something terrible
were to happen to them?
You'd never forgive yourself, would you?
I vote yes.
KAI: And with that, the motion passes.
(gavel bangs)
BEVERLY: We let this shit go too far already.
But I've been thinking about this.
Those boys are just grunts.
They don't so much as take a shit unless he tells them to.
But if we cut off the head of the snake,
the entire army falls.
You can't go after Kai. It'd be a suicide mission.
And I don't just mean us, I mean the movement.
We need him.
Why do you keep on defending him?
Look, I'm not happy about being put on kitchen duty, either,
but it's all part of his larger plan.
There is no plan.
He is not fit to lead.
-You don't know him. -You have to decide
if you are with us or against us.
You think big brother's gonna spare you?
Reward your loyalty?
Wake up, little girl.
Kai's gonna do whatever he needs to do
to get what he wants,
even if that includes sacrificing baby sis.
He does not give a shit about you.
You're wrong!
Kai would never hurt me.
I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for him.
WINTER: It was two years ago. Halloween.
We were doing what we always did:
trolling the social justice warriors.
But that was too easy.
"Why should we allow abortion
"for the health of the mother
"when the baby is the only part of that duo
without sin?"
KAI: "Kill the mother, save the baby."
WINTER: We hit the jackpot in the Dark Web.
We would pretend to be one of the true believers,
then we would go farther than anyone could possibly go.
Wait, I got one. Okay...
"Man can never escape from temptation
"because, in birth, he passes through the vagina,
"which has been desecrated by the filthy act
of sexual intercourse." (smacks lips)
-(laughs): Get out. -(message alert chimes)
That was when we got a private message from someone
named Pastor Charles.
"You are worthy of an invitation"?
-Wait, from who? -Yes!
These people are dangerous, Kai.
KAI: They're posers.
Messing with them in person
will be a million times more fun.
KAI: Whoa! Judgment House?
We're going.
WINTER: Judgment House turned out to be a farm in Wixom
near Highway 96.
Time to see the animals in their cages.
Where's everyone else?
(door creaks)
Hello, brother.
Pastor Charles, I presume.
I brought my sister, Winter.
What is this place?
Oh, it's a house of mirth to some.
The portent to those whose eyes are open but cannot see.
Once you enter, you agree to never share the provenance
of what you've seen inside.
Our secret to have and to hold.
Till death do us part?
Punishment is your everlasting soul.
(door creaks shut)
I'm the watchman.
This way.
(door closes)
(door slams shut)
Shit. The door's locked.
...only one way to go.
(flames whooshing)
(recording of baby crying)
PASTOR CHARLES (over speaker): Who shall speak for the unborn?
(recording of baby crying continues)
WOMAN (moaning): Help me. Help me.
I killed my baby.
Now I'm bleeding to death.
(quietly): Help me, please.
He kidnapped me. He's making me do this.
This isn't a show.
(cries): This is not a show.
-What the fuck? -She's really good.
-(whimpering) No, no. -You're good.
-(sobbing) -This... Jesus Christ.
This is real blood.
(sobbing): Help me.
Help me.
PASTOR CHARLES: Wide is the gate
and broad the way
which leadeth to destruction.
WINTER: We got to get out of here. Come on.
KAI: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
(woman whimpering)
-Shit! -(panting)
WINTER: I knew after the first room,
that what we saw was real.
Not actors in a haunted house.
It smells like death in here.
PASTOR CHARLES: Behold the whirlwind of the Lord.
It shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked.
KAI: He's alive.
Hey, man.
-(screaming) -Aah!
No more.
He's corrupted me by the drugs of my choice:
ecstasy, cocaine, opioids.
My body is a bag of mush.
I'm dying from the inside out.
WINTER: Oh, my God.
Get the fuck out of here.
What of the sodomite?
(loud bang, door creaks open)
MAN (sobbing quietly): Help me, please.
you got to get me out of here.
The seducer of the innocent...
toward the wicked filth
of strange flesh.
-Did the Lord not say... -Come on, Kai, we have to go.
-No! -that man shall not lie with man as with woman?
-He can't do this to people. -It is an abomination!
The blood shall be on their heads.
The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
with fire and brimstone.
Behold, His judgment is...
it is ever swift and divine!
And in uncertain times,
-what vengeance -When he finishes talking...
shall mark their days?
...knives will burst through my chest.
PASTOR CHARLES: A plague to slow their way...
MAN: I saw it happen to the guy before me.
...or the strike of swift justice!
-Holy shit. -I don't want to see this anymore.
No, we have to get him out of here.
-PASTOR CHARLES: His judgment is ever swift! -Help me!
PASTOR CHARLES (softly): His punishment
a slow... burning...
(trembling breath)
MAN (whimpering): Oh, my God. Hurry.
(man trembling, panting)
Go get help. We're getting everyone out of here.
Come on.
(quietly): Shit.
¶ ¶
Yes. I see in your eyes
a true connection
to the wretched souls in here.
I think you need to be in the show.
-(thump) -(grunts)
(gasps softly)
KAI: Okay, you sick bastard,
this girl you kidnapped after her appointment
at Planned Parenthood,
and all she had was a UTI.
This guy, you took from rehab
when he was trying to sober up.
And my friend here was at an AIDS clinic
volunteering his time.
How many people have you condemned
for no reason?
I do not answer
to you or your laws.
GIRL: We're gonna call
the police, and then you're going to prison.
KAI: That's not justice.
He doesn't deserve anything less
than what he was willing to put you through.
I say we do what's right.
(Pastor Charles mumbles inaudibly)
Kill the motherfucker.
WINTER: Everything changed after Pastor Charles.
He started popping Adderall, went deeper into the Dark Web,
but he realized he can't save everyone.
Better to burn it all down and build a new world.
I know you guys hate him right now,
he's lost his way,
but we can put him back on the right path.
I'll go to him.
He'll listen to me.
(softly): I know, baby.
You're right.
We'll try it your way.
But come the end of the week,
if I'm still in this goddamn kitchen,
I'm coming for your brother.
And you better get the hell out of my way.
¶ ¶
KAI: So...
the girls are restless.
WINTER: No. We just feel kind of left out.
I mean, Jesus, Kai, you have us working in a kitchen.
Well, I was gonna put Harrison in the kitchen, but...
somebody killed him.
You're still mad about that?
No. Actually, I'm not.
Come here.
Sit with me.
(breathes deeply)
Total honesty.
Absolute truth.
Do you love me?
Will you always be loyal to me?
You make it so hard sometimes.
It's time for you to understand
your place in the bigger picture.
I must have your vow.
-Yes. -Yes?
(laughs, sobs)
Kai? What's wrong?
I've never seen you interrupt a pinky-power before.
(Kai sobbing)
I just love you so much.
Our family.
-You love our family? -Yeah.
The one we're going to make.
The work we've begun
is the work of generations, Winter.
We're just the seed.
And from that seed,
from the blood we share,
a savior will arise
to carry on our mission.
...will be the mother of our messiah baby.
Kai, we can't have a baby.
That's incest.
No, no, no.
I'm not suggesting that at all.
-Samuels. -Samuels?
He's beautiful, don't you think?
He will be the instrument of our union.
Our union?
As he enters you,
I will enter him.
That way, I will be the father,
but you will remain pure and unsoiled.
You cool with that?
ALLY: I need you to leave.
Okay, if we, if we can just sit for a second.
I don't care to sit,
and why are you still in my house?
-You're unhappy, I get it. -Unhappy?
Why would I be unhappy?
Because you had me locked up in a psych ward for three weeks?
I told you why, Ally. It was to keep you safe.
Since when have you given a damn about my safety
or the safety of my family?
I have been coming to you for months,
begging for your help, telling you exactly
what's been going on.
Did you even listen to me?
You never believed a word I said, did you?
-Did you? -I do now.
I do now.
All of it. And the man
that has been terrorizing you is more dangerous than you know.
(scoffs) What do you know about him?
He's my brother.
He's my little brother.
ALLY (quietly): Wait a minute.
This-this is my nanny.
Wait, is Winter your sister?
-Yes. -Oh, Jesus Christ.
Your sister is screwing my wife!
I'm sorry I wasn't listening, at least not clearly enough.
It-it never occurred to me
that you were talking about my brother.
Oh, my God.
That's how he did it.
That's how he got inside my head.
-It was you. -No. No, no.
-No, no. No. -I told you everything.
-About the clowns, the holes, all of it! -Absolutely not.
What was I, some kind of amusing conversation at a family dinner?
VINCENT: He must've broken into my office
and accessed my case files.
This is all your fault.
I want your license.
-I want your goddamn license! -Okay.
You have ruined my life!
-I need you to trust me! -Trust you?!
How the hell am I supposed to trust you?
You spent years under the same roof,
and you're just now realizing
-your brother's a psychopath? -I know.
You have taken everything from me!
-You are the reason I lost my son! -Ally. Al...
-All right, I know. -You understand that?
-I know. I know. -Goddamn you!
I'm sorry. Ally...
I am going to put you back together with your son,
if it is the last thing I do.
I'm gonna get Kai off the street.
I'm gonna have him committed,
or prosecuted, if it comes to that.
But you will have your life back.
I promise you that.
This is important work we're doing.
Maybe the most important thing we'll ever do.
I guess.
I can't believe I was at the Women's March three months ago.
KAI: My children.
The time of anointing is at hand.
¶ I swear ¶
¶ By the moon and the stars... ¶
What the fuck is this?
Language, sister.
This is a holy space now.
And this is a holy song now...
¶ Like the shadow that's by your side... ¶ the Lord's Prayer.
From this day forward,
it shall be played whenever a messiah is conceived.
Isn't the whole point of a messiah that there's only one?
KAI: Shh.
¶ I know what's weighing... ¶
Let us remove our garments.
They will be burned once the sacred copulation is complete.
¶ I know my part ¶
¶ 'Cause I'll stand beside you ¶
¶ Through the years ¶
¶ You'll only cry those happy tears... ¶
¶ And though I make mistakes ¶
¶ I'll never break your heart... ¶
You may lay down your receptacle now.
¶ I swear ¶
¶ By the moon and the stars and the sky ¶
¶ I'll be there ¶
¶ And I swear ¶
¶ Like the shadow ¶
¶ That's by your side ¶
(Samuels moaning)
¶ For better or worse ¶
¶ Till death do us part... ¶
KAI: Mount her.
¶ Every beat of my heart ¶
-¶ And I swear ¶ -¶ And I swear ¶
¶ Whoa, oh... ¶
(Samuels panting, grunting)
Oh, shit. I-I can't get it hard.
The leader must be the last to penetrate.
I must enter you both when you are joined as one.
I can't get it up with girls anymore. You know that.
You proved it to me yourself.
KAI (sighs): This isn't sex.
This is a spiritual journey.
Maybe the pressure of creating the messiah baby
is causing your impotence.
-(grunts) -Get the fuck off.
No. Get back on the bed!
This is too screwed up, even for you.
I feel like I'm being raped.
Maybe I can-I can cum in a cup,
and we can turkey baster it into her, or something.
No! It must be done like this.
This is the holy ritual!
That you came up with this afternoon.
It's all bullshit.
KAI: No one
is above the law.
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
(knocking on door)
(utensil clatters)
Hello, Councilman.
Come on in.
Dinner's almost ready.
Leftist salads with quinoa and green goddess dressing?
I'm making sloppy joes.
'Cause a sandwich is a sandwich,
but a Manwich is a meal.
I thought so.
Last I heard, you were in a psych ward.
Last I heard, you were an asshole.
These men pledged loyalty to me, and they're armed.
If you asked me here to take me out, you're not gonna get far.
I didn't ask you over here to kill you,
but to offer you something.
How about you keep your hands where I can see them,
just in case?
And Speedwagon here
is gonna taste my food before I eat it.
Well, that's fine.
But do you think they could give us a minute,
so we could speak privately?
Oh, come on.
You're not scared to be alone with me, are you?
(door opens)
I know something that you are going to want to hear.
But I'm not giving it to you for free.
You have something that I want.
Your wife?
I want my son.
I miss my son.
I am his mother, and I want him back with me.
What's in it for me?
Do you promise, after I tell you,
that you will give me what I want?
You act as if I have any control over the affairs of your family.
I'm just a city councilman, trying to make a difference.
I am going to need your word.
Your brother's trying to get you committed.
He told me himself.
Committed for what?
Like I said, I'm just a simple city councilman,
-trying to save this community. -Yeah,
you and I and Vincent know that that isn't true.
So if, for some reason, your plan to take over the world
doesn't work out, your stink will be all over him.
Unless he can prove that he tried to stop you.
I know you're not stupid.
Do you think that all this shit you're doing
isn't causing him any trouble?
There's something different about you.
Did you get a new haircut or something?
After months of you terrorizing me,
forcing me to face my phobias,
you did the one thing that my wife,
or your brother,
or all the meds in the world, couldn't do.
You cured me.
I'm not afraid of anything anymore.
You don't need Aerosmith to...
check it for poison?
I want every delicious bite all to myself.
¶ ¶
(sighs) Thank God for air conditioning.
This stupid dunce cap makes my head, like, 20 degrees hotter.
That's your penance.
And here's your lunch, servant.
Oh, there's another bag of recyclables in the trunk
-when you're done. -What the fuck?
Kai wants you to put the garbage back where it belongs,
because he doesn't believe in global warming.
I meant why are you calling me "servant"?
I'm just following orders.
(scoffs) This is gruel.
This is what I had last night.
Can I have that?
Kai isn't going to know.
You're not a puppet-- he doesn't control you.
Were you always his bitch?
When I first met him, he was mine.
KAI: Don't go to the same pharmacy.
There's no refills.
You need more,
come to me.
Fuck. (groans)
-(pants) -Dr. Vincent Anderson, huh?
Let me see your medical license, Doctor.
Prescription fraud's a felony.
Four years in prison, $30,000 fine.
I could take you in right now.
I could be your partner.
Suck my cock.
70-30 and I want the money at my house every week.
WINTER: You blackmailed my brother.
You're not a cop-- you're a criminal.
SAMUELS: I didn't know what I was.
("Pleasure Through Pain" by Excessum playing)
-(Samuels panting) -(woman moaning)
(woman moaning)
WOMAN: Why is it soft?
(both grunting, moaning)
(loud moaning)
-(woman grunts loudly) -(crashing)
(sobbing): There's something fucking wrong with you, asshole!
Miss, you okay?
No! I'm not okay!
That limp dick in there can't get it up
unless he puts his hands around my neck!
(door slams)
¶ Filled with my lust ¶
¶ And my hate ¶
¶ I suffocate ¶
¶ So I will... ¶
(music stops)
(Samuels panting)
I can get any girl I want, you know?
I've got the looks, I've-I've got the badge.
They feel safe with me.
They feel like I can protect them.
I just haven't found the right one yet.
That's because you hate women.
Oh, you eat shit and die.
I go through three, sometimes four in one night.
They make you weak.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Every time you have sex...
they take your power.
Deep down you know that, and you're trying to stop them.
But you can't get power by giving it away.
You have to take it yourself.
Yeah, I...
I get that, but... how?
You don't need more women.
You need a man.
No, I'm not gay.
There's no such thing as gay or straight.
You have to lean into your masculinity.
it's like electricity.
The positive and negative, the flow.
When the circuit is complete,
the power flows.
You become stronger, plugged in.
With a man...
there's no energy drain.
You're building on one another, exponentially.
You've been giving it up your whole life.
It's time you get some back.
SAMUELS: Kai was right.
That's why I follow his rules.
(laughs) Dude, you're totally gay.
You're wrong.
You're missing the goddamn point.
It's much more complex than that.
It's as simple as you like dick!
What are you doing?
I'm gonna impregnate you, like Kai wanted.
I'm not gonna have sex with you. You can't even get it up.
Oh, I know how to get it hard.
What the...
Fuckin' piece of shit!
Aah, aah!
You son of a bitch!
Valerie was right!
You're like every man.
-You're a turd. -Be careful with that.
Say it!
-"I'm a turd." -No.
"I'm a lowly, abject turd!"
Fuck you!
When Hillary lost, I did, too.
I should have fought back.
I should have gotten angry.
I joined this thing and it's too late for me.
And it's too late for you, too, turd.
MEN (chanting): Divine ruler. Divine ruler. Divine ruler.
KAI: Bring the betrayers to me.
MEN (continuing): Divine ruler. Divine ruler.
Divine ruler. Divine ruler.
Divine ruler.
Divine ruler. Divine ruler.
Divine ruler.
Divine ruler. Divine ruler.
¶ ¶
Flesh and blood first.
Kai, what are you doing?
Untie me. Let me go.
Let me go.
You were supposed to protect me.
You were supposed to help me.
I'm trying to help you.
You know you can always trust me, Kai.
I know what you've been up to.
You were trying to lock me up in the loony bin, traitor.
Please, I was just concerned. You...
We can talk about this.
It's not too late.
Look at what you're doing. This is not a healthy path.
I've been chosen, Vince!
People are counting on me to lead!
To light up this cesspool and usher in a new beginning!
VINCENT: Kai, listen to me.
All I want is to see you succeed.
No matter what happens, you are my brother and I love you.
I love you.
Do you remember when you taught me about pinky-power?
Yes. It was our own private world.
And when we were locked together...
didn't matter what we did.
All would be forgiven if you just told the truth.
That's right.
(Kai exhales)
We never lied to each other.
That's what made it so special.
(Vincent screams)
Get him out of my sight.
What the fuck is going on?
KAI: Beverly Hope.
I had such plans for you...
and you pissed it all away.
What are you talking about? What did I do?
You know what you did.
Samuels deserved a lot better than a cheap bullet to the head.
Winter told me everything.
SAMUELS: You've been working hard.
I'm sure one apple wouldn't hurt.
No. This is my punishment.
I intend to honor it.
Tell your brother he's next.
Pack of lies.
Bitch is full of shit.
I chose you, Beverly!
I trusted you! I made you my equal!
Why did you betray me?!
You betrayed me!
One day you promise me equal partnership,
the next you have me in a gulag baking fucking cookies!
Your promises mean shit!
You're a fake.
You don't stand for a goddamn thing.
I'm standing up for millions of people
who are finally being heard!
Everything I do is in service to the greater purpose!
It's bigger than anything in our lives and you are fucking it up!
Nothing is bigger than your ego.
You don't know what the fuck you're doing
from one minute to the next.
You're incompetent, Kai.
Just another attention whore.
And if you're insecure enough to believe Winter, well, then,
just kill me now.
Put me out of my misery.
Because the biggest mistake I ever made
was believing in you. Turd.
You were my favorite.
But death is too good for you.
I want you to suffer.
Take her to the isolation chamber.
Rot in hell, you son of a bitch.
must be absolute.
Without it, we have nothing.
Now we can move forward.
Let's all welcome our newest member.