American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - Holes - full transcript

Beverly's journalistic integrity is called into question; Kai plans to broadcast a gruesome murder committed by the cult; Ally's phobias reach a new low.

BEVERLY: A severed head.
A brutal attack.
People are being targeted. Chem trucks are invading
our neighborhood in the dead of the night.
Our own government is poisoning us.
What has happened to our great nation?
BEVERLY: Are our children safe?
Is there a serial killer loose?
Family members remain hopeful tonight
that Meadow Wilton will be found alive.
But with crime on the rise,
authorities are warning the public to stay inside.
Lock your doors.
This is Beverly Hope, reporting to you
from a neighborhood gripped in terror.
Back to you, Bob.
What the hell is this shit?
Crime is the lowest it's been in years.
The number of 911 calls have gone down.
There's all sorts of goddamn holes in your stories.
And how is it that you're always the first one on the scene?
I'm not revealing my sources.
My sources are telling me that you're full of shit.
I talked to the chief of police. He says
it's way too early to use the words "serial killer."
Make us look like we don't know what the fuck we're doing.
When do we work for the cops?
The public deserves to know the truth.
You're scaring the shit out of people.
Stop editorializing.
Stop reporting fake news.
And stop giving airtime to that nutjob
who's running for city council.
Nobody gives a shit about the zoning board.
The world isn't all about butterflies and puppy adoptions.
People would know that if you aired the tape
of what happened to Serena.
That's not news. That's sensationalism.
You sure there isn't another reason
you're sitting on the tape, Bob?
Well, her parents are suing us because we didn't protect her,
but... they don't need a visual.
Not to mention you were fucking their dumb-as-shit baby girl.
You shut your goddamn mouth, Beverly.
In fact, screw it.
You're fired.
You sure you want to do that, Bob?
You sure you want to force me to call a press conference
and talk about the many times I saw you
sexually harassing the dead girl?
Get the fuck out of my office.
Have a nice day, Bob.
There's no official polling for the city council race,
so Kai asked me to do my own unscientific poll around town.
Needless to say, voter awareness is pretty low.
Most people don't know about the special election
or who is running
or what the city council even does.
Why are we even trying to win some stupid election?
Who cares if Kai's on city council?
Because the perception of credibility
leads to the perception of power.
Because people don't follow experts anymore,
they follow titles.
And when we get our shit together,
and cause enough panic
and fear, the sheep are gonna turn to their leaders
to save them. And because city council
is the only goddamn election available...
that leader is gonna have to be
a goddamn city councilman.
HARRISON: People aren't scared enough.
You'd think a serial killer leaving smiley faces everywhere
would make people crap their drawers,
but it's pretty much business as usual.
We need to make the murders scarier.
Throw in some satanic stuff
like that movie Paradise Lost I saw on HBO once.
BEVERLY: It doesn't matter if the devil himself
rises up from hell and starts killing people around here
as long as no one sees him do it.
The world isn't "tell me," it's "show me."
People aren't scared because they haven't seen
the goddamn clowns.
We are pulling off the cinematic Clockwork Orange shit,
and it's like we're putting on a show for ourselves.
You're the one who couldn't get your boss
to air the Serena tape.
That was a work of art, man.
He'll never air it.
And he's beginning to catch on
that my impartiality as a reporter...
might be compromised.
then I guess we're just gonna have to kill Bob.
In the most horrible,
-satanic way possible. -(door opens, closes)
And you're gonna film it.
You're late.
What'd I miss?
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
ALLY: I woke up and saw
that I scratched myself raw.
VINCENT: Black bugs.
-That's never happened before. -No.
I've always been afraid of...
...the holes.
But this time...
...the holes were on my skin, and...
This isn't a surprise to me.
Your trypophobia isn't simply a biological revulsion.
It's deeply rooted in your subconscious.
You're afraid of falling into
the darkness of your life.
Metaphorically, the holes were created
by everything that's happened.
Ally, you've been through a lot.
Oh... God.
When Ivy took Oz...
I thought it would be hard.
But it's been unbearable.
I realized I have a biological need
to see my son.
Every day.
And when I couldn't, it was...
it was another hole I couldn't fill.
And I'm heartbroken.
And angry.
And not just at her, but at me.
For letting this happen.
being tempted.
I'm so glad to hear you say that.
You're taking some responsibility.
That is the first step to conquering any fear,
because it's up to you to pull yourself out.
Yeah, well, she's clearly not gonna help me.
She's made it so I have to stay in that house alone.
By myself.
A house that was marked by a serial killer.
They told me that I would have
police protection.
I have seen one police car
drive by in three days.
Is there any way that you can stay in a hotel?
Ivy canceled all the credit cards.
Everything I have is tied up in the restaurant.
I own the building, which means I'm strapped for cash
until I sell.
I mean, I have enough to live.
It was like she prepared.
She closed down everything...
so fast.
Did you have any idea that your relationship with Ivy
might be tenuous?
-I'm tired. -I know.
I know you've been working hard.
Yeah, we...
-we had three cancellations tonight. -Mmm.
On a slow night, that's the profit margin.
Do you know that? Three tables.
We are digging ourselves into a hole, financially.
I have a surprise for you. (chuckles)
-(chuckles) -Whatever it is,
-we can't afford it. -Open it.
Come on.
Jesus, Ally.
(scoffs) What were you thinking?
Uh, I was thinking that we might have fun.
Like a happy, loving couple.
I was thinking that you might give a shit.
ALLY: I thought it was because of the election.
But now I don't know.
Every little piece of my life has fallen apart.
Can I make a suggestion?
You can only work on things
that you are personally in control of.
Ivy's out of the question.
What can we do that will help you today?
ALLY: Ivy convinced a judge to allow
only supervised visits with Oz.
And I was so nervous.
I didn't even know how to act naturally.
You know what, I almost forgot.
I brought you something from home.
So you aren't stuck scribbling your masterpieces
on hotel napkins.
Do you have any favorite things you like drawing these days?
I don't know.
Ooh, I know.
You used to be obsessed with pirates.
Maybe you can draw me one.
I remember when you were little, and...
you'd make me put on that eyepatch.
Do you remember?
And I'd chase you around the house, and...
you'd wave your plastic sword at me and I'd be like,
"Aye, aye, Captain Ozymandius,
"who shall walk the plank today?
you're being weird.
I'm sorry. (chuckles)
ALLY (crying): I need you
to help me not lose my son.
-Did you eat? -OZ (over phone): Yeah, we had pizza.
Is it okay if I watch Guardians of the Galaxy with Jeremy?
There's some cussing.
What does Jeremy's mom say?
She says, "Fine."
Okay. Don't stay up too late.
And you listen to what Jeremy's mom says.
And I will see you tomorrow.
I love you.
Love you, too, Mom. Bye.
WINTER: So, he seems okay.
(chuckles) He gets to sleep over at Jeremy's house
on a school night.
And he loves being at the motel.
Vending machines.
No, Oz is great.
Has he asked about Ally?
In a way.
He wanted to know if you were gonna be his third mom.
I'm sorry he had to be the one to find the video, Ivy,
but it had to be that way.
I get how this works,
what needs to be done, and I've been doing it, haven't I?
It's just... things are about to get really real.
This isn't knitting a pink pussy hat
and marching with a clever sign.
This is radical action.
Radicals are the only people
who've ever gotten anything done.
I'm ready.
I hate this country.
What it's become.
I hate my fucking wife for letting it happen.
The only thing I love right now is my son,
and I will do whatever it takes
to make the world a better place for him,
even if it means burning it all down.
Then you'll do great.
We're here.
Make a right there.
KAI: It's time.
Here, use this phone.
It's top-rated for low light photography.
And, remember, on the kill shot,
everybody chant "Ave Satanas."
Wouldn't it be better if we said "Hail Satan" in English?
So that people understand.
Not that I ever feel the need to explain myself,
but it's about spreading terror.
Latin is inherently scary.
(phone beeps)
(bowl clinks)
(Bob grunts)
What do you want?
I-I have money.
KAI: That's not gonna help you now.
Fuck you.
You gonna kill me?
ALL: Ave Satanas.
Ave Satanas.
No one will take care of it!
I have a gimp in the attic!
-KAI: No more talk. -No!
(soft creaking, clinking)
Now I've seen it all.
What are we gonna do with that?
Kill the gimp.
He doesn't even know we're here.
He can't see us or hear us.
If it can't hurt us, I vote we cut it down and let it go.
We don't take votes.
-(gasps) -(muffled shouting)
(muffled moaning)
It's different when you see it in person.
(muffled groan)
(muffled groaning)
(muffled): No! (whimpers)
KAI: Get him.
(muffled whimpering)
KAI: Any last words?
(muffled shouting)
Just like I thought,
all show and no substance.
ALL: Ave Satanas.
-(muffled whimpering) -Ave Satanas.
-(panting) -Ave Satanas.
(muffled shout)
(muffled groan)
-(panting, groans) -Ave Satanas.
-Ave Satanas. -(muffled groan)
-(panting, groaning) -Ave Satanas.
-Ave Satanas. -(muffled groaning)
BEVERLY: Get that thing off my face.
(Bob panting, groaning)
Ave Satanas, motherfucker.
BEVERLY: This is Beverly Hope,
first on the scene.
It is with a heavy heart I report
that Channel 7's own Bob Thompson
is the latest victim in the string of unsolved murders
that have rocked our community in recent weeks.
Details of previous incidents have been sparse,
left to speculation and hearsay.
But tonight I received an e-mail
containing exclusive footage of the murder as it happened.
If you are squeamish, please change the channel now.
I am warning you.
-This video is extremely disturbing. -Ave Satanas.
BEVERLY: The other night with Bob
and that gimp,
you notice anything bothersome?
That action could've gone more smoothly.
I didn't expect a woman who deals with dead flesh all day
to be quite so squeamish.
That was Ivy's first time at the dance.
I don't mean her.
you were the only one that impressed me.
All the others, they...
all ask too many questions.
That's it.
But we can bring them to heel if we go after the weak link.
Oh, shit, this thing's heavy.
Oh. Stop whining.
You usually have, like, six guys to carry one of these.
That's when there's a body in it.
Bend at your knees.
(soft groaning)
(drill whirring)
They aren't spaced out equally.
Move the one on the left a foot towards the doors.
You really think the thing that's gonna upset these people
is the asymmetry of the coffins we're about to put 'em in?
It's not them you should be worried about upsetting.
Kai says they just left Vincent's office.
We got 12 minutes. We got to get into position.
Here you go.
Don't you touch her!
-Don't you... -(Rosie screaming)
Oh, my God!
(gasps, screaming)
(scream echoing)
(drill whirring)
(Rosie screaming, coffins rattling loudly)
MARK: What do you want?
-Just tell us what you want... -(Rosie screaming)
Christ, how long are we gonna leave them in there?!
Oh, really? You want to go against the man
who gave us our lives back?
No. No, of course not. I'm sorry.
She's right, man. This is messed up.
Like, next level twisted. We should let 'em out of there.
You wanted to make the news.
Stop being a bitch.
His weakness is a cancer.
Then we need to cut it out.
(car door closes, Ally gasps)
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
(quietly): Help me.
Help me, please. (cries)
(door closes)
(groans, whimpers)
(door squeaks open)
(door slams shut)
(keys jingle)
FEMALE VOICE: You have reached the 911 dispatch center.
We are experiencing an unusually high volume of calls.
Please stay on the line. An operator will be with you
-as soon as possible. -Come on, come on, come on.
-Please stay on the line. -Oh, shit.
(phone ringing through)
IVY: You shouldn't be calling me, Ally.
Ivy. Ivy. I need you to come to the house.
I need you to come to the house. He's gonna kill her.
-IVY: What the hell are you talking about now? -Meadow.
-What? -Just listen to me, goddamn it!
There is a hole, and he put her in it.
IVY: Holes again?
I can't deal with this shit, Ally.
(loud banging on door)
(banging continues)
-IVY: Ally, what's going on? -(Ally gasps sharply)
Someone's at the front door, and I think he's gonna kill me.
-(banging continues) -Hang up and call 911 now!
ALLY: Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh.
IVY: Ally? Ally, what's going on?!
(whispering): No, I think he left.
(panting quietly)
-(Ally gasps) -Please, Ally, please. Please help me.
(crying): They're coming for me. Please.
Please. Please. The police are on their way.
Please. The police are on their way to...
It's a cult, Ally.
It's a sick cult, and everyone's in it.
The police, my husband, your baby-sitter.
Your wife! No, no. Please!
Please! No!
IVY (over phone): Ally?
(door opens)
Wait. One more. One more?
-Oh! -Oh!
-(laughter) -Oh!
-Where's Meadow? -(door closes)
She's with a friend.
Is this meeting gonna be long?
I have to call the baby-sitter.
BEVERLY: Hell if I know.
He sounded weird when I talked to him.
Weird or... singular, as in one-of-a-kind?
Winter, tell them the good news.
I just did a new straw poll.
Ever since the clowns made their debut on the news,
we're up ten points.
Kai's ahead of all the other candidates.
-Yeah. -(whoops) -(clapping)
Am I happy?
It's an amazing achievement.
We made the biggest jump in the shortest time ever
in the history of the polls.
Is it enough?
Not even close.
Because unless I get more than 50% of the votes next week,
there's going to be a run-off.
And I'm not doing a fucking run-off!
Now, I've started to think about how far we've come.
(Kai sighs)
We've done some great shit together,
and we're gonna keep doing it.
-Yeah. -Yeah. -(applause)
KAI: But I feel...
I feel...
dissension... in the ranks.
If we're going to win,
we can't close our eyes to the problem.
We need to be strong, and vigilant!
-And ruthless! -Yeah!
Now come on.
We're going to take care of a problem right now.
KAI: We have an opportunity to ascend to greatness.
But a group is only as strong as its weakest link.
You got to be fucking kidding.
RJ's one of us.
KAI: He's an anchor,
and he'll bring us down to the bottom.
We need to sack up and admit we were wrong.
He should have never been a part of this.
RJ will turn on us the minute
-we take our eyes off of him. -(RJ whimpers)
He knows who we are.
All it takes is one phone call.
He's complicit. He was there at the murders.
No, he'll testify against us for immunity.
KAI: Beverly...
you know him better than we do.
You saw him with the gimp.
He's never one to do the hard thing.
(grunting, panting)
(soft clattering)
(muffled wailing)
Kai, don't.
(wailing continuing)
If I remember correctly, Ivy,
you ran away before we killed Bob.
That showed an appalling
lack of solidarity.
You can make it up to us and be the first.
The world record
for nails in the head before death
is 13.
(RJ whimpering)
We'll take turns.
Please, Kai.
If that insults your delicate sensibilities...
pick the right spot
and put him out of his misery with one nail.
I can't.
Are you with us...
or are you against us?
And all that we stand for?
(muffled grunt)
(muffled whimpering)
HARRISON: You have to put it
right up against his head or it won't work.
I'm sorry.
(muffled whimpering, moaning)
(Ivy whimpers)
We could go another round and try for a world record.
But I think we've all proven
our loyalty and fidelity.
The medulla oblongata
is the body's on-off switch.
Good night, sweet prince...
...and the flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
I need to know what scares you the most.
I'm not interested in that.
I want to know who you are, for real.
Like you said.
I'm whoever you want me to be.
I come into this house,
I see pictures on the wall
of family.
Where's your mother and father?
On a Mormon mission to Mars,
or did you kill them, too?
There it is.
The man behind the mask.
The boy behind the man.
What happened to them?
I don't talk about it.
Secrets are what make you weak.
I know you told everyone a different story
about who you are.
I want the real one.
They died.
Three years ago.
My father was the man of the house.
He was a lawyer. Silver-tongued.
Firm but reasonable with my mom and us.
He rode Harleys with some other pretenders on the weekends.
One day he got cut off and spun out.
He became a grade-A cocksucker once he was in that chair.
MAN: You go out and look for work today,
or sit around in my basement,
pulling your prick and playing your video games?
I don't just want some crap job making lattes
or being in a cubicle, processing numbers.
Is that what I got a degree for?
A degree in religious studies.
That I paid for.
Tomorrow you go out and find some way to contribute.
Taco Tuesday.
Goddamn it!
I told you a million times--
spicy food gives me reflux.
You want the only parts of my body I do feel to be in pain?
It's not spicy.
I use mild salsa.
Who are you fucking?
Scott. Kai's here.
Yeah, well, he should know whose dick
his mom is bouncing up and down on
now that his dad's doesn't work.
(muffled shouting in distance)
(shouting gets louder)
-(gunshot) -(Scott moans)
Oh, oh... oh, God!
(panting): Kai.
(moans) Oh G... Oh, help.
(gun cocks)
It's the only way out.
BEVERLY: And what happened next?
Did you call the police?
I never heard of any murder-suicide.
I called my brother.
What do we do, Vin?
(Vincent sighs)
Put 'em in the bed.
We'll cover them in lye for the smell
and we'll padlock the door.
Are you crazy?
They'll naturally decompose over time.
It'll be like a mausoleum.
It's disrespectful.
These are our parents.
You have to get your shit together.
Winter just started college.
My practice is in its infancy.
You ever heard of the death tax?
Dad got almost a million dollars in the accident settlement.
The government will take 40% of that.
We will have to sell this house.
Mom's pension, Dad's disability checks-- gone.
We need that money, and I don't want to have to explain
to new clients why my parents killed each other.
This'll make the news.
VINCENT: It's time for us to grow up.
This is our family now.
What about Winter?
Tell her when she gets home for Thanksgiving.
That entitled bitch never calls for anything but money anyway.
How could you not tell me?
You're both such fucking assholes.
This is bullshit!
I'm turning you both in!
Then who pays for Vassar?
This is the end.
But it's also the beginning of something.
The Omega...
and the Alpha.
We're free now.
Are they still there?
I visit them sometimes.
I miss you.
To talk to my mom.
I love you.
I still hate you, asshole.
It gives me pleasure to see you literally rot
and decay into nothingness.
I'm gonna be something someday.
For you.
I'll make you so proud.
I promise.