American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Neighbors from Hell - full transcript

The community turns on Ally, as she and Ivy are the target of a series of disturbing events; Beverly reports on a serial killer in the area.

ROSIE: The fear is always the same.
I lie down in my bed.
Mark leans over me.
I look into his eyes, and I feel safe.
And then he kisses me,
and the whole world...
goes black.
I'm trapped.
I... I can't breathe.
(screaming) I'm screaming as loud as I can,
but no one can hear me.
Except this time something changed.
It was a miracle, Doctor.
I conquered my phobia.
That is wonderful news, Rosie.
I'm so happy for you.
I know this journey
hasn't always been easy, but
you persevered. Takes a lot of courage.
That's my Rosie.
Strongest person I know.
Well, for so long, I thought I was crazy.
You had a condition: feretrophobia.
Remember, call it by its name. Take away its power.
My feretrophobia.
I bet not many of your patients come to you with this one.
MARK: I bet not many of
his patients were locked in a cupboard as a kid.
VINCENT: Rosie, your father's death opened up a lot of old wounds.
The terror that he inflicted on you as a child--
that kind of trauma lingers in your blood
long after the inciting incident has passed.
I didn't think I could bear to go to his funeral.
But you were right.
When the lid closed down on him,
I felt like I was finally free.
You fixed me, Doctor.
I remember, when you first came in here,
you couldn't even look at a picture of a coffin.
And look how far you've come.
You put in the work.
The many tough hours of systematic desensitization,
building from that image to the cemetery,
coffins under your feet, and then finally
stepping into that mortuary and facing
the real source of your fear: your father.
I'm so proud of you.
(Rosie chuckles)
I've got a surprise for you.
Be right back.
(muffled grunting in distance)
(muffled clattering)
No, don't... don't you touch her!
Mark! (screaming) Honey, it'll be okay!
No! No! Mark!
What are you doing?!
No, don't!
No! No! Just let her go!
Let her go! No!
Let her go! No! No!
(grunting, screaming)
Let me go! No!
No! No!
(power tool whirring)
No! No!
(power tool whirring)
(both screaming)
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
(sirens wailing, indistinct police radio chatter)
(floorboard creaks)
I'm in so much trouble, aren't I?
Actually, no.
We have a stand-your-ground law here in Michigan.
You saw a dark figure coming into your house,
you felt threatened.
You have every right to defend yourself.
(footsteps approaching)
Finally got Ozzie to sleep.
Is he okay?
He must be so traumatized.
I killed a man in front of his eyes.
In self-defense.
It was, it was pitch black.
You didn't know who he was.
The power grid is still down.
W-We may be under attack by ISIS, you know...
And the clowns.
They were all over the house, terrorizing us.
Ozzie will tell you that. Listen, Mr. Morales
was already a person of interest.
That's why we liked him for the murder at your restaurant.
So it's no surprise to me that that kind of man
would be a threat to a woman alone in the house at night
with a young boy.
Now, does that make sense?
(loud electrical thump)
(gasps) Oh, God, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Look, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, but I have to
take this gun in case the D.A. decides to press charges.
It's not your fault.
It is not your fault, babe.
I keep seeing Oz's face.
He was standing right behind me.
He saw everything.
Even with all the counseling in the world,
how is he ever gonna get over this?
I think what we hope for
is he finds a way to live with it.
My question is: Can you?
God, I'm so sorry.
I'm so stupid. No, no. Stop it.
It... I shouldn't have sent him over there
in the middle of a blackout.
I should have come home to you myself, and...
(crowd chanting)
CROWD: No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace!
Get down.
Bob, I'm outside local eatery The Butchery on Main,
where just a week ago one employee was found murdered.
Activists gathered earlier today
to protest the death of a second man,
unarmed restaurant worker and father of three, Pedro Morales,
who was gunned down Wednesday night by his employer,
restaurant co-owner Allyson Mayfair-Richards.
This latest scandal comes at a time of increasing tension
in this normally peaceful community, beginning with
the shocking murder-suicide of Councilman Chang and his wife.
Police are reporting a threefold increase
in calls to 911.
Now it seems the collective rage and suspicion of this community
has a focus, and it's a woman whose critics are calling
"a lesbian George Zimmerman."
CROWD: No justice, no peace!
Justice for Pedro!
No justice, no peace!
ALLY: Ivy, just go,
before they see us. Go?
I can't go.
I mean, we still have a business.
We still have employees.
No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace!
No justice... I'm gonna sneak in the back.
No, no, no, no, no. Come on, come on, don't.
Just let's go home.
Just come with me. Let's just go. Ally, Ally, Ally.
Seriously, you go home.
I'll call you later.
I'm sorry, but, babe, I...
Okay? Okay.
I-I just want to tell you how incredibly brave
I think you are.
There's a lot of admirable traits
one can possess, but courage--
that has to be the most rare.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You were protecting yourself and your family.
Never apologize for that.
Forget about this mob.
I'm gonna take care of them for you. What?
Don't worry about... What do you mean?
Don't worry about that.
Just keep living your truth.
And, please...
...have a nice day.
¶ ¶
(knocking continues)
We heard about what happened.
Um, I appreciate your concern,
but I don't really want any company right now.
How does it feel to exercise your white privilege
and execute people of color with impunity?
I gave you a gun to protect yourself,
and you used it to commit murder?
You make me feel dirty.
Why are you wearing sombreros?
Why? Because this is obviously
how you see people of Latin descent.
Hey, did you know that I did 23andMe, and that
I'm ten percent Mexican? Does that make you want to kill me?!
I want my gun back.
The police have your gun.
You saw a beautiful brown face
and immediately thought "home invader."
(Harrison scoffs)
You're no progressive.
You people are insane.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Do you want to know what's insane?
Do you like Taco Bell?
Here, why don't you take these coupons, and you can wallow
in your white appropriation of Hispanic culture!
You don't belong here.
We want racists out of our neighborhood.
Your neighborhood?
We were here first.
Tell that to the Native Americans.
Get off my porch.
This isn't the end of it,
you bitch!
ALLY: I'm telling you, it was a threat.
I don't feel safe with those people across the street.
You didn't feel safe before either, baby.
Oh, shit. what officials are now calling
an act of self-defense.
But protests continue today
in front of the couple's restaurant,
The Butchery on Main.
Protestors demanding what they call justice.
New developments tonight in Redford,
as a young couple thought to be missing has been found dead.
Beverly Hope is live at the scene with the latest. Beverly.
Bob, the residents of this bedroom community
are in a state of shock tonight after the grisly discovery
of two bodies in this house behind me.
The owners of the home had not responded to calls
for over a week.
Police were finally summoned to the home, and what they found
has left law enforcement baffled and frankly frightened.
Two bodies in the early stages of decomposition
were discovered in the home, sealed in burial caskets.
Also found in the home, this disturbing symbol.
SAMUELS: We do know they were both alive when they went in.
BEVERLY: The symbol painted above the crime scene--
is it true that the same smiley face was found
in the home of Councilman Chang?
I can't comment on that.
BEVERLY: Were the deaths of Councilman Chang and his wife
really a murder-suicide,
or is there a serial killer loose in our midst?
Coming to you from a neighborhood gripped in fear,
this is Beverly Hope reporting.
The world is going insane.
(engine revving loudly outside)
(engine rumbling)
ALLY: What the hell?
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
Oh, my God.
(flies buzzing)
No, this wasn't one bird. This was 30, at least.
(man speaking indistinctly over phone)
N-No, it... (sighs) it looked like
a Chemlawn truck, but it was black.
We saw it last night.
Thank you.
The township says they didn't sanction
any chemical trucks last night, but they're looking into it.
Looking into it. Well, that's bullshit.
They're probably in on it.
Using citizens like lab rats in some sick
chemical weapons test, mind-control experiments.
(door opens) Ally? Ivy?
What the hell are you doing here?
IVY: I-I... I called her over.
Why? Why?
She abandoned me, Ivy.
I begged you to stay.
I know. And I'm really sorry.
I just kind of freaked, you know?
If I would've known what was going to happen, I would...
It... it was a terrible night.
But it wasn't Winter's fault.
I'm sorry.
It's probably better that you weren't here.
She's here now.
She's here for our son.
So I'm not fired?
Of course not.
Oh, thank God. When I saw that guy outside,
I figured you were interviewing for my replacement.
What guy? I don't know.
He said he was here because of an ad.
I let him in. I hope that's okay.
You let him in?
Winter, go find Oz.
Oh, my God!
(gasps) Hey, ladies,
oh, I hope you're hungry.
(groans) I'm calling the police.
Whoa! Oh, uh, hold on.
Your ad said that you wanted this.
Our ad? What ad?
Yeah, you-you guys have to be the horny lesbians, right?
I mean, I-I know this is the right address, so...
Put your goddamn clothes on and get the fuck out.
Oh, shit, I get the-- I get it.
This is your thing?
You lure men over here just to get them all... all amped up,
and then you humiliate them?! (claps)
Stay away from us, fucker.
I came to get my dick sucked. So who's first?
Get out, or I will kill you!
(clothes rustling)
God, you bitch!
(door slams)
"Searching for stud with stamina to satisfy two horny lesbians."
Ivy, this is our address.
What kind of monster would do this to us?
"Caucasians preferred.
Latin lovers need not apply."
You know exactly who did this.
VINCENT: Yeah, here it is. "Searching for stud with stamina
"to satisfy two horny lesbians.
"Don't call. Don't write.
Just show up hard as a rock and ready to fill our guts."
ALLY (over speakerphone): Yeah, we keep taking it down,
and they keep putting it back up with slightly different text.
Look, I know that I am supposed to be responsible
for all of the positive and negative energies
that come into my life. Who told you that?
ALLY: Well, I don't know. Instagram?
My point is that my side of the street is clean here.
How can you be sure
they placed the ad? ALLY: Because I just know.
They're not well. Mentally, they're fucked-up.
Well, this is awful.
I want to acknowledge the trauma that you're going through.
Oh, I appreciate that.
After the election and everything that's happened,
I just don't have the buffering capacity to handle this.
Well, we need to make a plan here.
First, I will help you get on the phone with the company
to get the ad taken down.
Second, you need evidence that these people are doing this
so you can press charges.
This is harassment.
At least file a police report right away.
Any idea why they're targeting you?
Well, yeah. They think I'm a racist.
Everybody thinks I'm a racist.
Do you understand the specific pain of someone like me
being accused of that?
I mean, I remember when I was eight--
or I don't know, maybe it was nine-- yes, it was nine,
because that was the year we moved from Tampa...
I'm sorry. We're out of time. ALLY: Wait.
Dr. Vincent, I...
I think we should maybe have an emergency session tomorrow.
I'm concerned, Ally.
Your phobias are at least
partially responsible for your actions
the night of the shooting.
And as your stress increases, they will increase.
And I want to make sure that you
and the people around you are safe.
Well, what are you suggesting?
Maybe an inpatient facility
for a couple weeks till things calm down?
Purely voluntary-- it won't be something
you have to disclose.
Absolutely not. I have a son to raise, a wife,
a business. I am dealing with this.
In my own way, not perfectly, I know.
But I-I am about to go speak to the protestors.
No. Terrible idea.
Why is that a terrible idea?
These are my people.
I understand why they are so upset.
I think once I clear up this misunderstanding about Pedro...
I was just, I was actually calling you
so I could go over what I was going to say.
People are projecting a lot of their own anxiety
and anger onto you.
Just be careful.
Thank you.
Talk soon.
(crowd chanting)
MAN: Look, there she is!
CROWD: No justice, no peace!
MAN: That's her! No justice, no peace!
Justice for Pedro!
I am not the enemy! I am one of you!
CROWD: peace! No justice, no peace!
I am one of you! No justice, no peace!
Please move! No justice, no peace!
(horn honks)
Move, motherfuckers!
(horn honking) Come on!
Justice for Pedro!
Move! Move! (horn honking)
Justice for Pedro! Move!
No justice, no peace! Justice for Pedro! Enough.
(chanting stops abruptly)
¶ ¶
I told you I would take care of you.
And I did.
Have a nice day.
OZ: Mom. Okay.
Mama, look. (Ally sighs)
Oh, sweetie.
How cute.
Uh, Winter, I'm sorry.
I don't think we ever had the conversation,
but we have a strict no pets rule in this house.
Ally's very sensitive to dander.
Well, we all are.
So I think it's best if you,
you know, just take him back home.
He's not my guinea pig,
he's Oz's.
His name is Mr. Guinea. ALLY: Sweetie.
Come on. You know we don't like cisnormative pet names.
Why do you have rules about pet names if you never have pets?
It's the principle.
But he's a boy.
IVY: This was a very nice gesture,
but, uh, I really wish you had asked us
before bringing Oz a gift like this.
I didn't give it to him; the lady from across the street
with the funny hats brought him over.
She said to tell you it's a peace offering.
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you? I know.
Ozzie, seriously, you're not keeping him.
You're not gonna keep him. Put him down.
Put him back in his cage.
Sweetheart, you just have to trust mommy on this one, okay?
Okay? Please say your good-byes.
I wish I could say my good-byes to you.
IVY: Hey, Oz.
IVY: He didn't mean it.
Those people are psychopaths.
They know that it was an accident!
I'm the least racist person they've ever met!
I know. I-I'm calling them right now.
Give me the phone. I'm gonna do it.
I am doing this.
I'll be damned if they're gonna do this to us.
WOMAN (over TV): Hey, what the...?
MAN: He's not invited back.
Not after what he did to you.
WOMAN: You don't know him like I do.
(phone vibrating, beeping)
Listen, asshole!
I know what your game is giving our son that rat.
Yeah, it's not that complicated.
I don't like you, but I like your kid.
Yeah, that's really charming,
but you knew I wasn't gonna let him keep it.
So you're trying to drive a wedge between us,
and it's not gonna work. His name is Mr. Guinea.
That boy needs a man in his life,
and some diversity.
He's drowning in white privilege and estrogen over there.
Oh, my God.
I mean, it's fine to have two moms, but at least get him
a manny. Give me the phone.
Hello, lez.
I think you're a horrible racist.
(line beeps)
That bitch hung up on me.
(truck engine rumbling)
You got to be shitting me.
(door opens)
Stop! Stop!
Stop! I am a citizen of the United States,
and I demand to see your permit!
What chemicals are you spraying into our air?!
The public has a right to know!
IVY: Ally!
Ally! Ally!
Ally! Oh, my God.
Breathe. Okay, okay.
Breathe, breathe.
Did you see that?
Those assholes were gonna run me over.
you're bleeding.
¶ ¶
Pinky up.
Tell me what you're afraid of.
Can I be honest?
I'm afraid that Sonja
on The Real Housewives of New York
has a drinking problem.
Are you going to waste my time?!
Do you understand how valuable my time is?!
How much it means that I'm here doing this for you?!
This is a revolution!
I'm sorry.
I hide behind my humor.
Stop anesthetizing yourself.
Know your pain.
Now tell me, are you afraid
that you're 40 and childless?
Are you afraid that you will die unloved?
Are you afraid
that you will never be penetrated by a man again?
All of it.
I'm afraid the man I love is turning against me.
He is.
I would.
You're so fucking irritating.
He has a friend now.
And they whisper about me and share looks.
You're afraid you're nothing.
You're afraid you're shit.
Stop saying "sorry."
For anything.
That makes you nothing.
Everything is somebody else's fault from now on.
Do you understand?
You want to be somebody?
You want to matter?
Then you make the world wrong.
When do you get the results back from your blood test?
They said a week.
I'm sure they'll be fine.
I don't know.
I swallowed a mouthful of whatever they were spraying.
I can still taste it.
Well, this should take care of that.
Just try to leave your worries and the world outside the door.
Tonight's about our family, right?
(laughter, indistinct conversation)
ALLY: Wow.
(both laughing)
No. You already had that one.
Yeah. Well, I'm gonna try it some more. Mmm.
Why isn't anybody trying the mint green tea?
Because it's mint green tea.
Very right.
You are so my child.
(grunts) I couldn't have said it
better myself.
You guys, it's good.
Okay, you know... What? It's yummy.
Let me try it. Okay, thank you.
(laughs) It's...
That's delicious.
All right.
So good.
Okay, all right.
I mean, you guys...
Actually, really, I mean it.
Why don't you try it? (chuckles)
(both laugh)
See? Pretty good stuff. It was good, it was good.
Pretty tasty, right? It's good.
I'm sorry about what I said.
I know we can't keep Mr. Guinea,
but can we just find him a good home?
He already has a good home.
With you.
You mean...
I can keep him?
(whispers): Yes.
Do I not get any sugar for that at all? Nothing?
Thank you, thank you!
You're welcome.
I'm gonna tell Mr. Guinea we're gonna keep him.
That was pretty great of you.
What changed your mind?
Must have been the ice cream.
I realized I was licked.
(both laugh) No.
I thought that was pretty good. No.
I thought it was pretty good.
OZ: Moms.
(door opens)
Wait. Ozzie! Oz!
Oz! Oz!
Mr. Guinea, I can keep you.
(microwave beeping)
Oh, no.
OZ: Mr. Guinea!
(Ally and Ivy scream)
IVY (quietly): Ally. Ally.
Ally, what are you doing?
OZ: What's going on?
Ozzie, it's okay.
IVY: Ally, what the hell are you doing?!
(calls): Hello?
I know you're here. Your car's outside.
IVY: You can't just walk into someone's house!
You are scaring Oz.
The cops are gonna arrest you for breaking and entering.
HARRISON: What are you doing?
(grunts) Oh!
Oh, my...!
HARRISON: Oh! That's assault!
What the hell are you doing?!
You want some, too, bitch?! IVY: Hey!
Hey! You're acting like a goddamn lunatic!
How the hell did you get into our house?! Huh?
What is your game here?
Look, I know that you want to punish me.
You think I'm a murderer, you think I'm a racist.
You come over to our house in sombreros.
You put our address on Craigslist.
A small part of me feels like I deserve that.
But this?
Look at my son!
Look at him!
What kind of sick people
gives a sweet, innocent boy a new pet
and then just kills it right in front of him?!
Did something happen to Mr. Guinea?
I am not going to roll over and take this anymore.
I am done telling myself to calm down,
that I am damaged, crazy.
I am not crazy and I am not weak.
You people are terrorizing my family,
and it stops now.
You have some nerve waltzing over here,
viciously attacking my husband,
and then telling us that we're terrorizing you?
I should have you arrested! Go ahead and try.
I can't wait to show the cops
that creepy smiley face you painted on our front door
after you broke into it.
You found a smiley face painted on your door?
You've been marked by the killer.
ALLY: Oh, please.
OZ: Mama, is that true?
ALLY: No. No, sweetheart,
it's not true.
These people saw that face on the news
and then painted it on our front door
just to scare us.
We did not, Ally, believe me.
Listen to me, sweetheart.
If you come to my house
and bother me or my family again,
I will kill you both.
You have lost your goddamn mind.
What were you thinking, hitting him?
Threatening to kill them?
If they sue us, we are screwed.
We could lose everything.
This is exhausting.
Ally, this...
this thing you're becoming, this is not the person I married.
I don't know what you want me to say. I...
I-I have been sensitive to your fears.
I've dealt with the mental imbalances.
I even tolerated the fact that you voted
for Jill fucking Stein instead of Hillary.
You said you weren't gonna bring that up again.
But-but this is...
this is affecting our child.
That I will not tolerate. OZ: Moms.
Should we tell them?
They probably painted it themselves.
What if something happens?
Oh, fuck them.
Oz, let's go back inside.
¶ ¶
(truck engine rumbling)
(brakes squeak)
Hey! What the hell are you doing?!
Get off my property!
What the hell are you spraying on my lawn?!
Who the hell are you, asshole? Show your goddamn face!
Take off your goddamn mask and show your face!
Hey, who do you work for?
Monsanto? I want to speak to your supervisor!
Who the hell are you people?!
¶ ¶
KAI: What was your first homosexual experience?
My older sister's boyfriend.
She was passed out, and... he came into my room,
and we jerked each other off.
Why didn't you blow him?
I did a few days later.
And then I prematurely ejaculated.
What's your biggest regret?
That I married my fag hag.
Do you wish she was dead?
That's horrible.
I love her.
I mean, I'm afraid I'm going to have
to spend the rest of my life with her,
but I don't want her to die.
Just say it.
Feel how it feels.
I wish she were dead.
¶ ¶
Don't you see that it is all connected?
The clowns in the supermarket.
Roger's murder.
Then the accident with Pedro.
Those disgusting sex ads on Craigslist.
Then Mr. Guinea in the microwave.
It's the neighbors from hell.
They're responsible.
Has your partner exhibited
any recent signs of psychosis?
Don't talk to her as if I'm not here.
You can ask me.
And the answer is no, I am not crazy!
And I will prove it.
is what's left of Mr. Guinea.
(phone vibrating, beeping)
We have a problem.
I sent a picture of the Smiley Face graffiti
to our forensic team, and it appears to be authentic.
So we've been marked?
I'm concerned.
But I do feel like we have
to set up some surveillance, just as a precaution.
OZ (in distance): Shit! Shit! Shit!
Excuse us.
You okay? Oh, God.
I'm sorry, I did something terrible.
Oh, sweetie, you scared us.
I clicked on a link.
Oh, honey. That's not a big deal.
I set the parental controls. I unset it.
I saw you type in the password: "Clownz"
with a "Z."
Okay, well, thank you for being honest,
but you can't do that.
Okay? You're grounded.
Turn it off, and no computer for a week.
That's the problem-- I can't turn it off. So, sweetie, you have a virus.
It's not the end of the world. What were you looking at...
Come on, honey, we need to see it.
No, you don't.
Let us see it.
(whispers): Ivy.
Ivy, Ivy...
Ivy, wait.
Jesus Christ!
You're having an affair with the babysitter? No.
No, I am not.
(trembling): It's on video!
She's fingering you
in the tub. Ivy, I would never do that to you.
Okay? Don't you see that someone was in our house?
Someone put a camera in our bathroom.
I told you it is all connected.
What if Winter is working with the neighbors?
What if it's a setup? I am telling you,
they are trying to tear us apart. It is them!
No, it's you!
You cheated!
You betrayed our family. No, no.
Listen to me! Is there a problem here?
ALLY: Uh...
it's-it's really
none of your business.
I'm fine.
I'm leaving, too. With Oz.
I'm not spending another night here with you.
I'm not... I'm not... Ivy, Ivy, I'm... Please!
(whispers): Listen to me.
Please don't go.
Please don't leave me here alone.
You should call Winter.
And if that smiley face on the door is what the cop said,
you'll have plenty of company.
(door slams)
Let's go, Oz! Ivy, please,
(whispers): please, don't do this.
(footsteps approaching) (mouthing)
Why isn't Mama coming with us?
Uh, she needs to stay home and do some thinking.
It's my fault,
isn't it? No.
No, it is not your fault.
And I will see you really soon.
Okay? So don't worry.
(sirens approaching) (whispers): I love you.
(tires screech)
(siren chirps) HARRISON: No!
I told you, I don't know what happened!
I didn't do anything! I was asleep!
Ozzie, we need you to stay here, okay?
Just stay right here. I will be right back.
That's bullshit!
I told you, I don't know what happened!
I was asleep!
And I roll over,
and then I'm wet and sticky, and then I...
I get up, and then I'm covered
in blood! Sir, try to calm down.
No, I can't calm down!
You need to calm up!
You need to get to my level!
You need to get agitated!
She's the one.
She's the killer.
What did you do, you crazy bitch?
What kind of Gone Girl shit are you up to?
Why don't you stay away from me, you maniac! Oh, yeah?
Where's Meadow?!
What did you do to my Meadow?!
No! No! Let me go!
Let me go! It's her!
It's her! We should...
we should go back inside.
Where's Ozzie?
Ivy, where's Ozzie?
HARRISON: Let me go!
Ozzie! Ozzie!
¶ ¶