American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - full transcript

Ally, Ivy and Oz meet the new neighbors. Kai runs for city council. Detective Samuels investigates a murder. A blackout terrorizes Ally.



Ivy, did you hear that?


There is a clown

in the bed with me!

No! We are calling
the police!

Oz is upstairs!


Stay behind me.

Where is it?




Where is he?

He was right there.


He could be in there.
Could be in there.

Is that...?

This can't...

This can't be
my imagination.

I'm sorry.

I don't know how much more
of this I can take.

Come here. Come here.

I think there might be
something wrong...

with me.

I don't know
what's real anymore.

I am.

You are.

What we have together...

this is real.




and I'll kill you.


Oz, Oz.

Wake up, honey. You're having
a night terror.

Oz, wake up.

Okay, hon.

Yeah, okay.

It's okay.

You're safe now,

The clowns are
gonna kill me.

Come here.
I want Mom.







Season 07 Episode 02
Title: "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"

A brutal attack
caught on cell phone video.

What started
as a grotesque example of crime

in a small Michigan town
has taken an unexpected

and political turn.

It was a week ago today
that local man Kai Anderson

was badly beaten
by migrant workers

outside of a local
hardware store.

The attack was filmed
by Meadow and Harrison Wilton

and given exclusively to us
here at Channel 7.

The video doesn't even
convey how awful it was.

Oh, thank goodness
for modern technology.

I just hope it helps
them convict those guys.

The attackers are being held

in an ICE detention facility,
while authorities decide

whether to make them
stand trial

or to deport them immediately.

I'm disgusted

and outraged.

When President Trump called them
criminals and rapists,

he was viciously attacked
by the PC police.

I grew up in this town,

and I remember
when our communities were safe,

but they're not anymore.

Look at my face.

Look at my face, Michigan!

I'm done complaining.

Which is why I'm here
at City Hall

picking up my paperwork
so I can officially run

for the seat on the city council
that was made vacant...

by the tragic murder
of Councilman Chang.

Just vote Kai Anderson. Vote for
the man

who can take your fear away.

They're out there.

More on the campaign
as it progresses.

Beverly Hope, Channel 7 News.

Bob, back to you.



Can I help you? Uh...

Ladies and gentlemen,
tonight we need to hum

like a well-oiled machine,
as Ivy is leaving early.

That means all stations cleaned,

all food prepped a half hour

before we open.
When Ivy is gone I am in charge.

That means when I talk,
you listen. Pedro.

It also means
we will speak English only

in my kitchen,
so we can all communicate.


Fuck you!
You get that cholo shit

out of my kitchen before
I shove this ladle up your ass.

- Bring it, pendejo. English, goddamn it!
- - Hey!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what the hell, you two?

Put it down, both of you,

Get back to work, Pedro.

You need to fire this

I'm not about to fire an immigrant
in this climate.

Where's Ivy?

You're lucky, bitch.



So, what, you're not
talking to me today?

I got homework.

Liar. You've been
throwing shade ever since

I picked you up from school.

Here. I got this for you.

Just don't tell your moms.

Look, Oz.

What did you tell my moms

about what happened
across the street?

They think
I made everything up.

No, they think
you imagined it.

It's a little bit different.

Are you making fun of me?

Look, Oz, people
are going to believe

what they're going to believe.

The trick is figuring out
what they want to believe

and then giving it to them.

What are you doing?

You're scared.

What if
they come back?

The ones who really did it?

They won't come
back for you.

How do you know?

I was a witness.

But nobody knows that.

Give me your pinky.


I'm going to show you a trick.

It's going to help you.

Come on.

Pinky to Pinky.

We're connected, Oz.

Flesh to flesh.

If you lie,

I'll know.

You're afraid of the house
across the street.

You wouldn't even look at it
when we got home.

I wish we'd never
gone over there.

Did you notice
somebody's moving in?

How did that make you feel?



Pinky... to Pinky.

Flesh to flesh.

You're going to give
me your fear, Oz.

I'm going to keep it for you.

It's gonna make us both




He's across
the street with the new neighbors.

I just came back
to grab a jacket for him.

He's there alone?

Yeah. They're
super cool.

Oh, my God.


Jesus Christ.


I know, right?

Ozzie, get away from there!

You could get stung.
We don't know

if you're allergic or not.
Come here.

Oh, no, no, no, it's
fine. They don't sting.

Not when they're
gainfully employed.

Moms, look at the honeycombs.

Oh. Is she okay?

It's too much sun.

I'm fine.

Hey, I'm Harrison.

Harrison Wilton.
This is my wife, Meadow.

I-I'm sorry,
I hope it's okay that we

invited the kid over to
see our little colony.

Children get such a kick
out of it.

Kind of makes us feel
like kids again.

How do you know
they don't sting?

I read about a beekeeper
in California who was killed

by his bees.

If there is a story about
something horrible happening,

Ally knows about it.

I'm sorry.
I'm Ivy Mayfair-Richards,

and this is my very
worried wife, Ally.

Oh, thank God.
I always say the best way

to bring up property values

is to have
some lesbians move in.


Usually one of you
is handy.

I'm guessing that would be you.

What was up
with you earlier,

Little Miss Snoopy-pants?

Uh, sorry, I, um...

I'm sorry. I just...
I was a little unnerved

by someone moving in
so soon after the incident.

Oh, you mean the murder-suicide?


I'm sorry.
It makes us

feel better to have
a sense of humor about it.

Truth be told, as soon as we saw
what happened on the news,

we called the owners
of the house.

The Changs were renters?

I didn't know that.

We had a feeling
the owners

would be motivated to sell.

And they were.

We've had some credit issues.

A foreclosure,
followed by the big B-word.

So, uh... it's been hard.

These owners just

signed over
the lease to us.

You guys are so...


Oh. Well...

it's the way
of the world now, right?

Lay it all out there.

You know?

fearless honesty.

Twitter, blah,
blah, blah.

"Everyone look
at me," right?

Excuse me, sir.

To answer your question
from before...

a hive is the perfect

natural community, because
every single member of the hive

is completely committed, 100%,
to a singular task.

There's no arguments, there's
no complaints, there's no "me."

I admire them.

Would you guys like
some Crystal Light lemonade?

I need to get out of the sun.

I can't drink this stuff
without thinking of Beyoncé now.

Thank you for coming in.

I have this ongoing
battle with the sun.

I used to love it.
I fried myself like bacon.

But then
I had skin cancer

a couple years back,
so I never spend

more than ten minutes
outside at a time.

I still get melanomas.

It's global warming.

We're all gonna get cancer.

Had to quit my job.

I was in pharmaceuticals.

I work from home now,
and Etsy is my life.

Big Nicole Kidman fans, huh?

the biggest.
We're co-Vice Presidents

of the Michigan chapter
of her fan club.

Have you seen
Big Little Lies?

She's transcendent.


your gay is showing.
Wait, I'm s...

You're gay?


We were besties in high school
and we made a pact:

if we weren't married by 35,
we'd marry each other.

He gets one night a week
in Detroit to do... whatever.

And the rule
is no making a fool of me

and take
your Truvada.

And, you know, Meadow doesn't
really like to be touched

because of her cancer, so...

kind of all works out.

Uh, you know,

we have just blathered on,
haven't we?

Tell us about you.

We need to go, um, actually.

We need to get Oz into the bath.

Oh. But thank you so much

for your hospitality.

Well, drop by anytime,

if you want to hang
or watch Bravo or something.

I watch all the Real
Housewives, even Atlanta.

- Hey, do you go to SoulCycle?
- And, if you ever

want a real workout,
I'm a trainer

over at Funtime Fitness
in Northville.

Oh, I'm addicted
to Pilates.

Doesn't it upset you?

To be here so soon
after what happened?

We don't scare easily.

It was nice
meeting you.


Yeah, they're eccentric,

but they seem nice enough.

Ivy, come on...
The barrels?

What is that about?
What could they possibly

be storing
in such mass quantities?

What they do is none
of our business.

You aren't at all suspicious?

Why not? It's so str...

- Moms.
- Hi, honey.

- I can't sleep.
- Sweetheart,

we told you not to eat chocolate
before you go to sleep.

- I didn't.
- Ozzie.

I don't want to sleep
in my bedroom.

I'm scared.


Come here. There's
plenty of room.

It's a California king.

Come on.
Get in here.

Get in here! Oh!
Oh, my goodness,

there's so much tickling!

And there's chin tickling
and there's... Shit.

What is it?
What's the matter?

Something tripped the security
system at the restaurant.

That thing is so faulty,
I'd rather just get it replaced.

You're leaving?

Yeah, bud,
but I'll be right back.


I can go.

It's totally fine.
Uh, are you sure?

Yeah. Um...

absolutely. You...

you stay here.

I... I won't be gone very long.

It's only just...
You know, I'll be about an hour.


Okay, the disarm code's
Oz's birthday.

If it looks like there's been
a break-in, don't go inside.

- Don't go inside.
- Okay.

I've got this.

Hey, guess who happened to be
in the neighborhood.

Ally, how are you?



Just plain.

Would you like a cup?

Uh, no. I've got to...
pick some herbs

from the backyard
for the restaurant.

But, um...

you guys can talk.

Not very subtle, but...

I guess she meant well.

Did she tell you
I'm coming unglued?

I was the one
who reached out

when you missed
your appointments.


Ivy told me about what happened.

About the murder in the
restaurant last week.

Did she tell you
I was the one who killed him?

Roger was still alive...

when I found him.

I tried to help him, but...


you didn't kill him.

You tried to
save his life.

It's the truth, and the
police certainly know that.

The police.

They just wanted me

to pin it on the usual suspects.

The busboy, what
was his name again?

The one who had
the argument?

It was Pedro Morales.

Is there anything else you
want to tell me about him?

He's not the killer.

Well, according
to your... wife,

Mr. Morales pulled a
knife on the victim

hours before he
was murdered.

That is because Roger
threatened him first.

You said that he
wanted him fired.

So far we don't have
any direct evidence,

but we do have motive
and we have access.

I've known Pedro since we
opened the restaurant.

He didn't do this.

What exactly is

Mr. Morales'
immigration status?

He's American.


let's talk about how you
feel in the present.

I f... I feel like
I've been vindicated.

My phobias were
a perfect reaction

to what I instinctively knew
was true.

My entire being
was telling me this.

The world is fucked up.

And the election made it worse.

I'm gonna do
whatever it takes

to keep my family safe.

I know exactly what you need.

He's been buying guns
since Obama got elected.

Yeah. It
was a matter of time

before he came after our
Second Amendment rights, so...

I got one, and then it was
like potato chips, you know?

I had to have another.

I find it
very phallic.

You think I need a gun?

It's the only thing that's
gonna make you feel safe again.

What about this?

You can stop
the zombie apocalypse

with an AR-15
and a full magazine.


I don't think I could handle
something that big.

Well, I've heard that before.


You can have
any one of these...

except that one.

Oh. That's the pistol Nicole
used in Cold Mountain.


Ally, this is
not like you.

I seriously
think you sh...


I seriously think
you should reconsider.

Are you talking
as my therapist,

or as a knee-jerk liberal?

Because that was
my first reaction, also,

until I started
to reason it out.


Then this is definitely something
you want to tell your wife about.

Absolutely not.

And you're not gonna
tell her, either.

It's doctor-patient


Call me.

So, what's the verdict?

Well, considering
what she went through,

I think fortifying
the house

is in the realm
of a normal reaction.

It's proactive.

Makes her feel like
she's more in control.

So... nothing
to worry about?


I do worry that she's exhibiting
early signs of agoraphobia.

I'd keep an eye on her.

I-I can't. Um...

I mean, one of
us has to work.

But I, um...

I just hired a
full-time nanny,

so maybe she
can help, um...

Is there... anything else
you need to tell me?

No, nothing yet.

That's not...
completely reassuring.

It's the best I can do for now.

Thank you.

I can't believe you did that.

I'm worried about you.


You should be.


Hello, ma'am.


I never know what's right.

Everything seems
to offend nowadays.

I recognize you from
television. Yeah.

You're that asshole who threw
a latte on my wife and me.

Is that right?

Was that you?

I'm so sorry.

Okay? I-I'm Mr. Clumsy,
you know, just...

Mr. Butterfingers.

I don't think
it was an accident.

I'm sure you've made
a mistake or two

in your life you'd want
to be forgiven for.

What do you want?

I'm running for
city council.

My hope is that I can get elected
and be known and remembered

as the man who made a real
difference in this town,

rather than the one who was
savagely beaten and humiliated.

Or who accidentally
spilled my latte on you.

You see... you need
to give a humiliated man

some way to redeem himself
in his own eyes,

or else he's at risk
to be drawn into darkness.

Like Germany after World War I.

May I come in and speak to
you about some of my ideas?


No, you cannot.

When was the last time
you felt really safe?

Like, can you remember
when you weren't scared

all the time?

I'm sorry, um...
what does that have to do

with you running
for city council?

Did you know that
you are 40% more likely

to be the victim
of a violent crime

committed at the hands
of an illegal immigrant,

and that the murder
and rape rates

are the highest
they've ever been?

That-That's not true... those
numbers don't seem right to me.

Where are you getting
your information from?



Okay, well, you might want
to recheck the veracity.

There are no political
parties anymore, ma'am.

It's just... miss...
It's just them and you

and the people like me who are
willing to stand between you.

I am interested
in reaching out to people,

making contact
with other human beings,

building bridges,

not walls.

What's that
behind your back?

This door is new.


Why would you need a
strong door like this?

Bars in the windows?

Why would you need a
knife to answer the door?

Are you gonna melt
all this metal down

and build a bridge?

I'm gonna need you to leave now.

Mm. It's so hot out here...
Can I come in

for a glass of water? Please?

No, you cannot.

Can I use your phone?

My car broke down.
Pretty please?

I'm gonna need you
to get off my property.

Can I use your restroom? Can't
you see I'm an injured man?

Aren't a vulnerable
class now?

I am going to call the police!

It's so easy...

until it's you
they're coming for.

Cops came to my house, asked me
a bunch of questions, like...

I was a suspect.

Scared the shit
out of my daughter.

Asked to see my papers.

I was born in San Diego.

Okay, all right.

Uh, take it easy.

I had... to take out a second
mortgage on my house

to place this order.

Had to toss everything
that was here when...

You know me, Ivy.

You know I didn't
do this, right?

Pedro, you're a good man.

Everybody who works here
is like family.

It's scary to be brown
these days.

Mama's not gonna put me
in bed, is she?

I told her I'd do it.
She's checking the alarms.

You don't need me to tuck you in
or any lame shit

like that, do you?


Cool. Good night.


Maybe we should do
the pinky thing again.


I'm worried about those things
coming back.

In my dreams, I mean.

I don't even know
if I'm awake or if I'm asleep.

Well, if you're not sure,
just ask.

Oh, my God.

You seem even
more uptight than usual.

I'm supposed to take these.

Promised Ivy I would,
but I don't want to.

Make me feel foggy.

There are other ways to unwind.

Like meditation?

I've tried it.

Well, I was thinking
more like red wine

and bath salts.

You don't have to do that.

It's fine.


I can take it from here. Okay.

Well... it's perfect.

I'll go check on Oz.


It's perfect, right?


Just lean forward
a little.

What if Ozzie needs something?

He's sound asleep.
We'll hear him.

Come on.

Let's get you relaxed.

How does that feel?



Just release that tension.

Just let it all go.

Don't stress.

I won't tell your wife
you didn't take your meds.

This is between us.

Oh, shit. Shit.

Am I asleep?

Or are you real?

You're asleep.

Did you check on Oz? Is he okay?
He's passed out.

Did you see? The power's out
on the whole block.

- Yes.
- Help me set up some candles.

I have no idea
how many we have,

but maybe we can put
two in each room.


We're under attack.

- What?
- The blackout. It's terrorism.

I just heard it on the radio.
Eight states just went dark,

all at the same time.
That doesn't just happen.

Buddy of mine used to work
at the power company.

There's a whole
network of safeguards

in place, backup systems.

Something this big takes
planning, it takes organization.

It could have been the Russians,
could have been the Somalis,

could be those crazy
freaks in North Korea.

Holy shit.
What should we do?

Make sure you keep
your doors locked.

People are gonna panic.
Here, take these candles.

Organic beeswax
from my honeybees.

They'll last you
a couple of days.

At least until the rioters
have come and gone.

Stay inside.

Please don't go!



Winter, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

He said people are gonna
attack. I'm not gonna wait

for some asshole to smash
my windows and take my shit.

You heard what he said.

You cannot go out there.
It is not safe.

I've got to get home.
My laptop's there,

my ceramics, my entire life.

You can replace all of that.

You have to stay here.

We are protected here.

Please. Oz needs you,
I need you.

It's not always about you.

Winter... please don't go.

Please don't!

Ay-ay-ay. Ay-ay-ay.

Hey, babe. Is the
power out there, too?

Yes. Yes. Oh, my God, Ivy.

What if it's the Russians
or-or-or ISIS?

Okay, calm down.

You got to relax, okay?
You're freaking out.

I can't calm down.
We are by ourselves.

We're by ourselves,
and my battery is gonna die.

When are you coming home?

Yeah, I-I don't know,
because I've got

to get a backup generator going,
or we'll lose everything

we've got in cold storage, okay?

I am really feeling paralyzed

Please. I need you.

Ivy? Hello?


Was that mean?

Did-did I sound awful?
- No.

I talk to my
wife like that.

Her phone just died. Um,

could you do me a favor
and, um...

bring this charger
over to her?

You know what? Actually, would
you bring all this stuff to her?

I'll get some water.

♪♪ Ice cream truck music playing...


Come on.

What happened
to the battery backup?


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Ozzie, wake up! Come on, baby.
You got to wake up!

Is it morning?
No. Come on.

My glasses. Grab them.
Grab them, Ozzie.

Come on.

- Where are we going?
- Shh!

Ozzie, shh!

Come on, take my hand.

Is that a gun? I'm scared. Shh!

Ozzie, please,
not another word.

Okay, okay.

Come on. Here.

Right here.

Ozzie, I need you
to listen to me.


- Okay.
- Okay.

When I open this door...

I need you to run.

I need you
to run like the wind.

Okay, we're gonna run
to the neighbors.

And do not let go
of my hand.



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