American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Chapter 4 - full transcript

Shelby and Matt are saved from someone who could help them find Flora. More is learned about the colonist and the Witch.

Shelby had totally lost it.

I saw you with her, Matt.

Who was she?

So many deaths and disappearances
around the same time of year...

...going back decades.

Show yourself to me!

This is our land.

I will soak this earth with our blood...

...and tether us to these grounds forever!

Shelby had totally lost it.

I mean, suddenly...

...Lee and I were conspiring against
her for some reason.

I saw you with her, Matt...

...up against a goddamn tree.

Her turning Lee in wasn't
the hardest part for me.

It was that I couldn't remember anything...

....about being out in those woods.

I don't know what you're talking about.

- Y-You... Do you not believe me?
- Believe you?! Why?!

Why should I believe you
when you've been lying to me?

You and Lee went behind my back..

We just tried to make a
deal to get Flora back.

That's it! I'm sorry, Shelby,
that we didn't tell you, but you know what?

- I knew you wouldn't go for it!
- I... am your wife.

How am I supposed to trust
anything you say now?!

My, God, Matt, who is she?

- Who?
- Who is who, Shelby?

- Who was she, goddamn it? Who was she?
- Stop saying this to me.

Stop saying these things to me!

I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't remember, okay?!
I don't remember!

It's like a part of my
brain was carved out.

And-and-and I-I just don't remember!

Help me, Shelby,
'cause I'm telling you the truth!

- I don't remember!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- I don't remember.
- Look at me.

Look at me, look at me, look at me.

- I don't remember, Shel.
- I believe you.

I believe you.

I'm sorry.

I know what I saw.

It was real.

But I could see in his eyes that...

...he wasn't culpable.

Matt! Matt!

Oh, no!



He'll be back.

S06E04 "Chapter 4"

It was the man from the video.

I had thought back
then that he was insane.

Meeting him did nothing
to dispel that impression.


That's the third time
I've heard that word.

I-I don't understand.

Croatoan was a message left
at Roanoke for the others... they could find the lost colony.

It is actually a word of dark power...

...and blood magic.

You're the professor on the tape.

Used to live in this house.

Well, technically, I only
stayed here for six months...

...but I've been the owner for years.

No one who knew the history
of this place would touch it.

You can search the title, and
within months of taking possession...

...everyone who ever owned it was
either dead or had gone missing.

I became its guardian.

I couldn't live in the house,
but I kept it... others wouldn't
make the same mistake...

...and then a slight reversal of fortune...

...made me a little short when
property tax time came around...

...and you two were unlucky
enough to buy it at auction.

I'm important to you...

...for your survival.

You want me here.

No, actually,
I want you out of my house.

No. I saved your asses!

I'm trying to help you.

I know things! Mr. Piggy!

That wasn't the first time he showed up...

...and it's not gonna be
the last time, either.

Elias was right.

I'd seen the pig man before...

...when I was lost in the woods.

There was a ritual, human sacrifice...

...and he was being burned alive.

What else do you know?

I want to show you something.

Ah, careful.

You've got your hands
on decades of my life.

I mean, I'm not saying I've
got it cracked completely...

...but this is the entire list
of the paranormal activity...

...within the house and the
surrounding environment.

Trust me, there will
be a book... day.

1973, the Chen family.

Yes. They, immigrated from Taiwan with
the thought of living the American Dream... know? Full immersion.

They adopted American names.
They spoke only English in the house.

♪ I can feel your heartbeat ♪

♪ And you didn't even say a word ♪

♪ I can feel your heartbeat ♪

♪ But you didn't even say a word ♪

♪ Oh, I know, pretty woman
that your love can be Heard ♪

♪ Ah, ah, ah ♪

♪ We paint the night... ♪

I don't understand those pants.

English, Daisy.

I hope Mama is not divorced.

Americans like to get divorced.

Her husband is dead.


Is Amy upstairs?

Amy! Wait!

- Amy, wait!
- Amy!

They were immigrants...

...and nobody told them
the history of the house.

They didn't have a clue what hit them.

Oh, honey.

So, the Chens fought back
the only way they knew how.

They prayed to their ancestors
and they made offerings... protect them from evil.

But their ancestors were no
match for what was already here.

I guess they never had a chance.

But you do.

Oh, my God.

- These go back to the 1700s.
- Yes.

The house was completed in 1792
by Edward Felippe Mott...

...who was the first who disappeared.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

You've seen the sisters
before, haven't you?

They were the ones in my dream.

Or what I thought was my dream.

At that point,
I didn't know what to believe.

Or what his angle was.

The Jane sisters were psychopaths...

...who tortured and murdered
their patients, but...

...what is even more frightening
is in this house...

...even those killers
were terrified.

So your research told you they
were killed by the spirits here.

No... they told me themselves.


I was hiding in the woods
when they found me.

- I had no choice but to hear their story.
- We thought we were safe.

They planted it so deep in my head...

...that I can't forget the horror of their
deaths at the hands of the Butcher.

Thou hast chosen to remain
on these hallowed grounds...

...despite our warnings.

For these sins, thy blood
shall sanctify the land...

...thy body to enrich the soil...

...and thy soul to serve me
for eternity and a day.

- Pull!
- No!




Evil whore...

...thou shall not want
for lack of company.

And then, there were the others.

Here, look.

October 3, 1952. Three
hunters staying in the house.

Something made them turn their rifles
on each other and blow their heads off.

October 19, 1973.

The Chens are discovered missing.

Oh! October 29, 1989.

The sisters are found to
have abandoned the house.

Different years, but every death,
every missing person...

...takes place during the
same lunar cycle in October.

The Native Americans called
it the Dying Grass Moon.

It's six days, six blood-drenched days.

From the first quarter
moon, to the blood moon.

Now, the spirits can
haunt you at any time.

They can show themselves or
not, but during this period...

...this is when they can kill.

So. Now you understand the danger.

The first quarter moon rises tonight.

We have to leave, right now.

It was hard to argue with the man.

So many deaths, and-and disappearances...

...around the same time of year?

Going back decades?

Here was a guy who admitted
that he'd lost the property...

...because he couldn't pay a tax bill.

Maybe he just wanted the house back.

We're not leaving
without my niece.

Heard about that on the news.
I'm so sorry, but if the Butcher...

- ...has your niece, she's already dead.
- No...'s not the Butcher.
It was a little girl.

Flora called her Priscilla.


You know her?

I know where she likes to play.

I felt horrible about Lee.

The only reason the police were
questioning her about Mason's death...

...was because of me.

I figured the only real
way to clear Lee's name...

...was to find Flora, alive.
If we didn't...

...nothing would save my sister.

Your little spirit kidnapper
likes to hang...

...on the periphery, with the others.

- Others?
- Yeah, the other spirits.

They're all victims of the Butcher's.

They're bound to the land, for whatever
reason, I don't pretend to understand...

...I-I know what I know.

I actually couldn't believe
that we were...

...back out in those woods again.

And with this stranger
we'd seen ranting and raving...

...on those videotapes.

I trusted him.

He knew things.

He knew about Priscilla.

When he described her to us, this...

...this... dead girl
playing in the woods...

...I realized we'd seen her, too.

She was the one who led us
to the root cellar.

To the videotapes.

To Elias.

And now, maybe he was
leading us back to her.

And back to our niece.

Don't listen to it! Keep moving.

The hell is that?

I don't know what possessed me.

Something about those woods...

...made you lose control.



That's... that's not gonna work.

Come on.

It was a six-day cycle, he said.

And once it started,
the spirits slipped the veil...

...between the
shadow world and ours.

It was...

...impossible, what I was looking at.

But there it was.

She had been out there for
days, and we were so close... getting her back.

- Flora!
- No! No, no...

- Flora!
- Listen to me. It's too dangerous!

The little dead girl knows me.
I need to do this!




It's Elias. You remember me, don't you?

You need to let your
little friend come with us.

Yeah? She needs to come home.


Come on!

She was gone...

...and I still didn't know
if she was alive or dead.

And was she really one of them?

All I knew was that we
couldn't stay out there.

You two look a fright.

You ready to do things my way, now?

I mean, I can't tell you
how low we felt.

We feared the worst.

Dead? No, no, no, no, no.

That sweet little girl is not lost.

Now, sit just yourselves down
and set your minds at ease.

I feel Flora's life force,
and I feel it strongly.

I'm not pointing fingers, but you
more than likely would have her back now...

...if you hadn't made a liar out of me.

I told that butcher you'd leave,
and you sure as hell didn't.

We will do anything to get her back.

- You tell the Butcher that.
- Yeah...

Well, about that...

After my little contretemps...

...I did seek her out again.

But mama was in no mood.

Be gone.

Another warning thou shalt not receive.

I ask only for your patience.

My interest in bartering has
ended, and so has my mercy.

I need none of thine aid.

All power now is from the moon.

Honestly, I'd murder for a Coke Zero.

I got to get my wits about me...

...and figure out exactly what
it is we're dealing with.

If I can understand their strengths...

...maybe I can suss out a weakness.

You're going back out there?

I have to get it from the
horse's mouth, darlin'.

Being unable to take action
was torture.

I started to worry
that we'd lost him, too.

But when he came back... look at his face
and there was no doubt...

...that he'd been through
something hellish.

How long was I out there?

- Hours.
- What the hell happened?

I met her...

...and I lived to tell the tale.

But there were moments
I felt my survival was in doubt.

- The Butcher?
- Oh, no, darlin'.

I meant the bitch with the real power.

Show yourself to me!

The day of reckoning is upon you!

¿Where is your light, little man?

My eyes!

What have you done to me?

Losing your sight... the least of your problems.

You're wrong.

I can see.

You are the master...

...behind all of them.

The Butcher and her wraiths.

And your power grows with
each phase of the moon.

As do your needs.

What needs?

Those of a woman.

It's inevitable.

I offered her the only thing
I knew she wanted...


- You what?
- I had to give her something.

And you were the only thing she needed.

Oh, don't look at me like that.

It's not like you have to
actually sleep with her.

I just put it on the table
so I could get her to talk.

And she told you why all
of this was happening?

Oh, honey, she did more than
that. She showed me.

She took my hand,
and the black veil was lifted.

But I was no longer in the forest.

She had hurtled me
centuries into the past.

Smack dab in the middle
of one of the greatest...

...unsolved mysteries there ever was.

Your house, this land... the site of the true...

...lost colony of Roanoke.

But they were never lost.
They came here.

And they were living
in the horn of plenty.

But there was a price
to pay for all this bliss.

Human sacrifice.

They were practicing devil worship.

Not devil worship.

There are older religions...

...more cruel than anyone could imagine.

But not all were on board...

...for this little turn to the dark side.

The Butcher had a son.

Oi, oi, Mother.

Thou hast turned thy
back on the true faith.

Thrown us in league with Satan...

...under the dark sorcery
of that witch of the wood.

She hath poisoned thy
mind with foul treachery!

I heard nary an objection when
you were cold and starvin', my son.

Only men with full bellies
have the luxury of conscience.

A conscience we should abide.

I confess...

...I stood in silence while thou
didst welcome evil into our midst.

But I know now there is
only one thing I need fear.

The eternal wrath of our
Almighty Lord in heaven!

I pray for thee, Mother...

...that He will be merciful
come Judgment Day.

We shall return from whence we came...

...and await Father's
ships to take us home.

Ungrateful wretches.

My hardship and sacrifice
are met with mutiny?

Cast out the traitorous,
petulant babes!

They are all children
in need of discipline.

Bend them to thy will.

Shed their blood.

Release the power of the Blood Moon.

Thou shalt have their
souls enslaved to thee...

Thy servants...

...for eternity.

I near fell prey to
the witch's seduction.

This brave new world
hath tested our devotion...

...our faith.

But God hath spoken to me...

...and I wish to repent.

The Lord preaches forgiveness
for those who repent their sins.

This is joyous news.

Praise be to God.

Praise be to God.

As a token of my repentance...

...let us mark the new days ahead...

...with special fruit.

A symbol of the New World's
benevolence unto us.

In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.


- Amen.
- Amen.

Fat, lazy ingrates!

Reeking with the stench of piety.

Hast thou no loyalty?

I bled for thee!

And thou wouldst reward my devotion...

...with apostasy...



If thou wishes not to
follow me in this life...

...thou will follow me in the next.

We shall never leave this place.

This is our land.

I will soak this earth
with our blood...

...let it mingle with the soil...

...tether us to these grounds...


It was a blood sacrifice
to the ancient gods... offering so great it
consecrated this ground...

...bonding them to all of it for eternity.

That's why every year,
on the anniversary...

...of the slaughter...

...these spirits go from being...

...merely loathsome to lethal.

But we can't just pack up and leave.

Flora is still out there.

You won't have to.

Not after what that
witch woman showed me.

I know a spell that can put...

...the Butcher and her spirits
down for good.

After they come here tonight....

...I'll put an end to this.

Oh, that's my Uber.

Well, now, wait-wait a damn minute.

You just said you can put an
end to this and you're leaving?

I have to go back to my hotel
room to get a few things I need.

Sage, sacred herbs.

Pocketbook of chants.

Stay put. I'll be back.

Once he told us that he could
bring an end to all this... was all we wanted to hear.

We just had to hold out
until he got back.

- Where to?
- The Royal Crown Motor Hotel.

Tell me, young man.
Have you ever heard the term...

..."gay for pay"?

Lord have mercy...

He'd been gone for hours.

There was no answer
when I called his motel.

I was starting to worry.

Oh... hey.

He's still not here?

He will be.

I should stay awake.

They come when you sleep.

They come either way.


Come on, I'm here.

Come on, Shel.

I was losing all track of time.
The days were bleeding into nights.

I heard noises.

Whispers all around me.

They weren't words...

...exactly, but they drew me.


Someone was down there.

For a moment I thought maybe...

...maybe it was Elias. Maybe...

...he hadn't died in the woods.
Maybe he'd dragged himself back there.

Back to where he'd once been safe.


But it wasn't Elias.

My treasure.

Stay away from me.

What do you want from me?

Debts must be paid.

I tried to resist, but it was impossible.

I was all alone when I woke up.

I had never been so
scared in my life.



I was under some spell.

She was opening herself to me.

Not just her body, but who she was.

Through her words and her touch... all came rushing at me...

Her experience, her story, her pain.

It was the most intimate connection
I have ever experienced.

She had been an English girl, once.

A descendant of the Druids
and their Roman conquerors.

My people worshipped the old gods.

I left England a stowaway.

The voyage was plagued with misfortune.

Many men died.

I was discovered upon landing
in this New World.

The soldiers blamed me
for the tumultuous journey.

No! No!

They believed it angered
the sea gods... travel with a woman on board.

It was decided I would be
burned at the stake... a witch.

But there were other gods
demanding blood.

More ancient and thirsty gods.

The massacre of the white soldiers
was blamed on the Indians...

...and she escaped into the wild.

The old magic and New World...

...created something new.

Something original.

Why do you think
she showed you all this?

She wanted me to understand her.

She wanted me to join her.

And I would have.




- Shelby!
- Matt!

They were everywhere.

Matt, they have her! They have Flora!


Give her back to us. That's all
we want. And then we'll leave.

Time for bartering has ended.

It's time for the land to be reclaimed
and consecrated with fresh blood!



Run, Matt!


Evil child!


I don't think this is her blood.

Honey, look at me.

Are you hurt?

The man.

Sweetheart, what man?

- The man.
- What man, sweetie?

The man...


Oh, Matt.


There was a reason
he hadn't come back.

He hadn't gotten very far at all.

I picked him up around dawn, I guess.

He kind of stuck out, you know?

Tell me, young man. Have you
ever heard the term...

..."gay for pay"?

It was just a question!

Lord have mercy...


Come back!

Punkin', come back!

I waited around and...

...he never came out, so I left.

You know, I just prayed to God
everyone was all right.

That poor man.

And there was nothing that we could do.


Step back!


Step back!

I had heard about disemboweling, but... see it?

Her message was clear.

We were next.

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