American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - Chapter 10 - full transcript

Lee Harris, the lone survivor of Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, agrees to an interview live on television, the Lana Winters Special.

Their nightmare was our dream.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready

for the cast and producer
of My Roanoke Nightmare?!


Shelby, what was it like
seeing yourself

portrayed by someone else?

Um, it was weird, at first,

but then somehow cathartic.

We love you, Shelby!

Oh, thank you.
That's really sweet.

Are you sure it's not me you love?

Sidney James,
My Roanoke Nightmare was

one of the most successful
television shows of all time.

A ratings phenomenon.

- Thank you.
- Can we expect a second season?

Well, that story has been told,

but we have some ideas.

Well, I would love to come back
because I think we've just

only scratched the surface of
what makes The Butcher tick.

Well, The Butcher seemed
to have scratched everybody's surface.

Especially me.

The bitch impaled me!

We can take some
questions from our audience.

This question is for Rory.

Um, what's your favorite color?

Hey, I see the world in the full
spectrum of colors, you know?

Rory, can I get a hug?

You bet your sweet little ass!

What about me?
Do I not get no love?!

My name Bristol Windows

and I flew all the way out here
from London.

No shit.

It's been a really hard year

and My Roanoke Nightmare is the
only thing that's kept me going.

I need to say I totally identify
with Lee, who I feel

has had some really nasty and
unfair things said about her online.

Lee, I made you something.

I'd love to give it to you.


All right, so it's been a year

since the end of series one

of My Roanoke Nightmare.

Everything's just gone to shit.

You know, I-I thought
the second series was just

really exploitative,

turning what was a real
artistic achievement

into something quite crass.

And yes, I know, okay,
Three Days in Hell

was even more popular
and got bigger ratings,

with reddit threads
that went on for ages

about was it real or was it not,

or were the spirits faked?

Did anybody really die?

They did die, didn't they?

Now they want to put Lee
on trial for murder.

I mean, why'd you have
to go back, Lee? Why?

Courts won't do shit.

Polk family ain't never got justice

in all our history.

She took my babies.

Killed my kin.

Well, if the law won't
deal with her...

I sure will.

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Lee Harris.
Decorated police officer,

loving wife, devoted mother.

She was a woman who had it all,

until she cracked.

Lee Miller was
a shy girl, gifted.

She had big dreams,
and in the fall of 2005,

it felt like all of her dreams
were coming true.

Lee fell madly in love
with a charismatic engineer

named Mason Harris.

And soon after came
Lee's greatest joy, Flora.

But little did Lee know
that her happy life

was about to spiral out of control.

A custody battle...

a kidnapping,

a murder.

A hit TV show.

Millions of Americans
met Lee Harris in 2015...

Can we stop for a moment, please?

...when a sleeper hit,
My Roanoke Nightmare, first premiered.

She was a woman of many secrets.

Dangerous. Deadly.

Put down the gun!

The police long suspected
that Lee was responsible

for the death of her husband, Mason,

but the evidence was
purely circumstantial.

Well, we have no smoking gun,

but I knew,
without a shadow of a doubt,

Lee Harris killed
her ex-husband in cold blood.

So I had to wait and watch

while this murderer
became a celebrity...

We have the pleasure
to sit down with Lee Harris...

...profiting from her crimes.

It's shameful.

The prosecution
didn't have to wait long.

The following year, the next
installment of the series aired,

setting an all-time
ratings record.

Lee committed not one
but multiple homicides.

On camera.

We had her.

Monet Tumusiime's sister
sat in the front row

every day of that trial

to remind me that my job
was to speak up for the victims.

But the defense
had a plan up their sleeve

to render the mountain
of evidence irrelevant.

The strain of marijuana
recovered from the Polk residence

was highly unusual.

It tested positive
for hallucinogenic properties.

It was obvious that that magic pot
was messing with her brain.

She was seeing things.

They played
on the jury's emotions,

forced them to watch the
recording from the Polk farm

in its entirety.

The guy pickled her ear,

at chunks out of her body,

carved her up like a Christmas ham.

No wonder she thought
everybody was after her.

I would have lost my damn mind.

Hallucinations, trauma,
extreme duress--

this is the textbook definition
of diminished capacity.

She didn't know what she was doing.

She knew exactly what she was doing.

In a stunning turn of events,

Lee Harris was acquitted
of all charges.

It was an abomination.

There was no way I was gonna stand by

and watch this woman
elude justice-- not again.

So I played the only card I had left.

Went after her
for her original crime--

the murder of Mason.

I killed Daddy.

That's on me, and me alone.

No one else helped me.

It's nobody's fault except mine.

I had her
on tape, confessing.

We had Matt's security footage
clearly revealing

Lee leaving that house
at 10:13 p.m.

And phone records revealed
a call between Lee and Mason

at 10:19 p.m.
that lasted six minutes.

And it was our contention
that Lee Harris

was arranging a rendezvous
with her ex-husband.

And the reason we thought that...

The prosecution calls Flora Harris.

We had an eyewitness.

You were in the woods a long time.

That must have been scary.

Now, when you were out there,

did you see anything strange?


Who'd you see?

Mom and Dad.

And what were they doing?

They were fighting.

It was about me,
as usual.

My dad, he said my mom
kidnapped me at school,

and she was hiding me.

So he wanted to tell the cops.

So your father threatened
to involve the police.

What'd your mom do next?

He walked away...

and she picked up a rock.

And what did she do
with the rock, Flora?

She hit him.

He fell,
and she hit him again,

until he stopped moving.

You killed Daddy.

Flora, did your mom or
your dad ever see you that night?

No. I was hiding.

No further questions.

Your father thought
your mother was hiding you.

But that wasn't true, was it?

You chose to go out
into the woods, didn't you?


Why didn't you go
to your mother and father?


I didn't want them to find me.

- Why not?
- Because...

I felt safe.

You felt safe?

Alone? In the woods?

I wasn't alone.

I was with Priscilla.

Priscilla. The ghost
girl from the TV show.


You felt safer in the woods

with a dead girl's spirit

than you did with your own parents?

I was much happier with Priscilla
than I ever was with you.

♪ ♪

The words
of an imaginative girl,

from a broken home.

Her mother an addict, her father
an angry man with an explosive temper.

Is it any surprise
that this poor child...

...invented a friend
with whom she felt safe?

Where'd she go?

Lee's taped confession.

I killed Daddy.

An obvious attempt by Ms. Harris
to stop the abuse of her kidnapper.

For all we know,

Flora, this impressionable child,

may have seen that tape

and built false memories around it.

Her testimony may condemn
Ms. Harris as a mother,

but it does not prove
that she is a murderer.

It was 16 days before
the jury reached a verdict.

We were split, on Flora's testimony.

I understand the jury
has reached a verdict.

- What say you?
- I know the Roanoke show

was a popular show.

We find the defendant...

But I couldn't send a woman to jail

based on ghost stories.

...not guilty.

Well, I'll tell you one thing.

Lee Harris must be
one damn good actress.

Maybe even better
than the woman who played her.

You know, in my entire
legal career, to this day,

that verdict
was the hardest to swallow.


Flora. Just talk to me, please.


You know, it's easy

to break this kind of thing
down to winners and losers.

But nobody won here.

I mean, sure,
Lee Harris dodged a sentence.

I think she lost a lot more.

Lee Harris. Equally reviled
and celebrated.

She is one of the most provocative

and polarizing figures of our time.

Lee endured and survived
a harrowing experience

that would've destroyed most people.

She rose from the depths
of her torture and wrote

a bestselling book,
became a highly-paid speaker,

but some would say Lee never escaped.

That in fighting monsters,
she became one herself.

I killed Daddy.

That's on me, and me alone.

No one else helped me.

It's nobody's fault except mine.

The murder trials of Lee Harris

captured the hearts and minds
of an entire nation.

And when it was time
to announce the verdict,

it seemed as though
the whole world stood still.

It was the second time
Lee successfully navigated

a journey of horrors.

Acquitted of all charges,

exonerated by a jury of her peers,

and yet questions remain.

It is for this fascinating woman,

that I have come out of retirement.

Lee Harris has agreed
to do an interview

to tell the world her side

of an extraordinary story,

unedited, unfiltered,

live on television.

Welcome to The Lana Winters Special.


Thank you for agreeing
to this interview.

There are so many questions
I want to ask,

so much everyone is dying to know.

I will start with the most
important question first.

How are you?

- You had me there.
- Well, I honestly want to know.

You have been through hell and back,

and so many people
would've simply given up.

This I know.

To what do you attribute
your resilience?


-'s good to have a goal in mind...
- Mm-hmm.

- ...something to hope for.
- Mm-hmm.

- For me, that's Flora.
- Your daughter.

It's always been about her.

At my darkest times,

she kept me alive.

The thought of Flora
being alone in the world,

the joy of seeing her again, and...

to watch her grow up.

It's kept me going.

How is your relationship
with your daughter today?

At the moment, spare.

I can only imagine

how painful that must be for you now.

Having to go back
into a courtroom yet again,

this time to fight for custody.

Mason's family have decided
that I'm not a good influence

on my own daughter.

Even though I've been
acquitted of all charges.

You have to admit,
those horrible images remain.

The public will always
associate Lee Harris

with the deaths
of three innocent people.

Not to mention your husband.

Flora's father.
And by acquitting you,

the jury,
and basically half of America,

are calling Flora,
your daughter, a liar.

I did not come here
to be put on trial again.

But why are you here, Lee?

Why did you agree

- this interview?
- What do you mean?

Well, I know for a fact that
you turned everybody else down.

Diane Sawyer.

Barbara Walters.

Because of you.

Because of... who you are.

And what you've been through.

I mean, Jesus.

You killed your own son.

Bloody Face.

I killed a psychopathic murderer
before he could kill me.

I did what I had to do.

Exactly. You know there
are extenuating circumstances

- every action you take.
- Of course.

- That's why I agreed to talk to you.
- Well, It's not really me...

you came here
to talk to, is it?

Your daughter has refused
to speak to you

since your acquittal,
isn't that right?

I'm praying she's watching,

and that she'll somehow see this

so I can tell her
what she needs to know.


this is your chance.

Tell her.

Flora, I'm gonna tell you something

that maybe you already know.

But you need to hear
it from my heart.

I love you, baby.

And I'm never gonna give up.

Never stop,
until we are together again.

You feel better?


Where is she, Lee?



- Where is she?
- Is that some sort of trick question?

Flora Harris was reported

missing by her grandparents
an hour before we went on the air.

- Where is she? Lee?
- What are you talking about?

I know that our viewers
will understand the desperation

of a mother separated
from her daughter,

but if you have abducted her again,

Lee, now is the time to come clean
before things spiral out of control.

- My God, Jesus.
- Lee.

- Please sit down.
- I have to find my daughter.

What the hell was that?

That's a goddamn
assault weapon.

Lee, sit down.

Sit down, goddamn it!

Oh, God.

Oh, my God. It's Lot.

I bet you I'm the last
guy you expected to see.

Please, please, please, please.


My name is Lana Winters.

Do not do anything you regret.

You are on live television.

I could give a shit about your TV.

- What I'm about to do is justice.
- No, this is not justice...

- ...this is revenge.
- She killed Jether.

It's her fault my mama's dead.

The world is watching you, young man.

Millions of people.

You have an opportunity
to tell your truth.

I can see the pain you're in.

I know that pain.

I know what it's like
to so desperately want

to correct an injustice that
you are driven to violence.

You loved your mother.

She was everything to me.

Killing Lee will not bring her back.

It won't ease the
burden on your soul.

Put the gun down.

Put it down.

She talks too much.

Time's up, Lee.



Tonight, an
extraordinary special edition

of Spirit Chasers.

We investigate the Roanoke house,

the disturbing location of the deadliest
paranormal phenomenon in America.

Was The Butcher real?

Were the settlers just a fabrication?

Man, I haven't been this freaked out
since we were in that asylum.

Whoa, whoa!

The Chasers are
joined by Ashley Gilbert,

the star of My Roanoke Nightmare.

His familiarity with the
house will guide our team

to capture evidence
of spectral visitations

during the cycle of the blood moon.


Yo, I'm Bob Kinnaman.

And I'm Dave Elder, the
hosts of Spirit Chasers.

The Roanoke house is the
Holy Grail of spectral phenomenon.

It's either the greatest modern day
proof of paranormal activity...

Or the biggest fraud
since Bernie Madoff.

Every show on TV wanted to
do a segment on location here.

60 Minutes.
Good Morning America.

- They all got the same answer we did.
- Permission denied.

In fact, they put up a steel fence
around the entire property

- keep the riffraff out.
- So we came up with a new strategy.

We don't ask, dude.

Not only are we here
without any authorization,

but we're here in the
middle of the blood moon.

Dave, are we insane?

To tackle the Roanoke House...

We needed backup.

You called, and here I am.

- Ashley, welcome to the show.
- Y'all ready to catch some ghosts?

We spared no expense,
rigging the house

with full spectrum cameras,
capturing ultraviolet to infrared images.

They'll be the most helpful
in the dark.

We're here.

You're back.

You were excellent in
My Roanoke Nightmare.

Why weren't you involved
with Return to Roanoke?

Sidney James did not deign

to ask me to participate.

And as it turns out...

...fortunately so.

Everything is in place

as the Spirit Chasers await nightfall

and the arrival of the blood moon.

But what they find
takes everyone by surprise.

I've never seen a reading
like this before. It's off the charts.

I can feel the hairs standing
on the back of my neck.

There was trauma here.

Look at the blood stain on the wall.

This is where Rory died.

That was crazy.
The air is completely still.

Oh, shit!

- What was that?
- Look!

I almost peed my pants.

Whoa, whoa!


The energy change from day
to night is unbelievable.

Oh, I mean it's intense.

It almost feels like I'm
standing next to a Tesla coil.

Oh, my God.

I've seen this before.

A bonnet.

Like the one we had on the show.

But this is the real McCoy.

I can sense in the fabric
the desiccation and pain.

There's something outside.

I don't see anybody.


That was totally unexpected,
but so awesome. I was so psyched.

To have Lee Harris
show up at the house

in the middle
of the night? What?

What the hell are you doing here?
With all this crap?

Are you people crazy enough to
be shooting another show here?

- I could ask you the same thing.
- I'm looking for my daughter.

And I'm running out of time.
I can sense it outside,

the blood moon is rising.

- The others will be here.
- That's so perfect!

You stupid.
You deserve to die.

Lee, what would make
you think Flora's here?

I've been searching everywhere
for two weeks.

This is the last place I want to be.

But I saw Priscilla come in here.

She took Flora from me before.

I found that on the floor.

Lee! What happened to you
after the Lana Winters thing?

Why the would I tell you?

Come on, Lee,
let us help you find Flora.

We got all this equipment here
just waiting to be used.

We can work together
to contact the spirits.

Believe me! They will find us!

And if you had any brains at all,
you would get out of here now,

because this house has a strange way

of ripping that frat boy smile
right off your face!

Oh, dear!

Oh, my God.


What is it?

That's a thermal capture.

You see that blue?
Whatever made the cabinet fall

is colder than everything
else in the room.

The Chens.

I recorded an audio file
from the master bedroom.

That is creepy.

That's Priscilla.

Listen to me. You still have time.
Leave all your shit

- and get out now.
- Are you kidding?

Ch-Chasers don't run.

Follow them!


She's there!

Straight ahead.

Did you see her?
She was right in front of you.


Go! Go! Go!

Go. Go. Go.


It's okay.

We're okay.

No! No!


Where did she go?
Did you see where she went?

Let's get out of here.
Let's get...

We're done, we're... let's...

Get the out of here!
Go! We have to get out of here!

We have to get out of here!


We've got to get out of here!

Oh, thank God!

Help us! Over here!
Help us!



Get back in your car!
Get back in the car!

Something is going on!

Take it easy.


I just want to keep you safe.


It is hour 14 of Lee Harris's standoff
here at what may be the most famous,

or should I say infamous house
in the country.

We are currently considering
this a hostage situation.

Uh, we have several conflicting
reports saying that she

has her daughter
and another child in there.

Maybe our negotiator
can make some progress.

When you look at what's happening,

can you tell us, what do you know
about her? What's she like?

Uh, well, you know,
we worked together.

Uh, a quick hello at the
premiere was our only interaction.

I remember she wears Shalimar.

You decided not to go back
to the reality show, Return to Roanoke.

Yeah, I mean, I was asked,
of course. I want that on record.

There's have been a lot of
conflicting reports out there,

but you know,
I have the e-mail chain.

Well, if anyone can give us
a better sense of who Lee Harris is,

it's the last person
who interviewed her.

And we have her here exclusively,

for her first interview since
she was brutally attacked by Lot Polk.

National treasure, Lana Winters.

Lana, let me be the first to say

it's good to have you
back on the air with us.

Looks like you're home
from the hospital, resting comfortably.

Yes, indeed.

You and Lee Harris are two women

who are extremely
hard to keep down, apparently.

If this is a doubles match,
trouble is losing badly.

Well, in many ways,
I understand Lee Harris.

We are two women for whom
trouble just seems to walk alongside.

Which is why I think your rather
crude analogy is actually quite true.

Both Lee and I have
the capacity, or the curse,

depending on how you look
at it, to be singular of thought.

"Dogs with bones," as they say.

When we latch onto something,
it becomes our destiny

and we will do anything
to see it through.

And what is that thing for Lee?

Her daughter, of course.

It's always been about Flora.


Flora, Flora, Flora...

If those settlers didn't
want anybody bothering them...

they shouldn't have chosen such
a pretty place to make their home.

Can I have another bar?


You must be starving.

What did you eat
out in the woods all that time?

Priscilla showed me stuff.


You know when you're
drawing a cat or a house

and you picture that
cat or that house

in your mind

and it looks so perfect

but you just can't get your hand

to live up to that
picture in your head?

That's what it's like to be a parent.

You picture how you want to be

and it's so wonderful

and flawless...

...but you can't ever
live up to that picture

you imagined.

You killed Daddy.

With a rock.

I saw you.

He was gonna take you away from me.

A girl needs her mother.

Your daddy never understood that.

I am so sorry

for the things I've done,

but I am your champion, Flora.

I don't care what the
world thinks about me.

To tell you the truth,

the only damn thing I have to
live for is to look after you.

So please, Flora,

walk out of here with me.

Give me a chance to make that
perfect picture with you.

I want to stay here, with Priscilla.

She needs me.

That's not gonna work, baby.
What are you gonna do for shelter?

You can't grow big and
strong off of a few berries.

I can if I'm like her.

I could keep her safe
from The Butcher.

Burn this place to the ground.

No, you can't do that.

You have to come with me.

- In time you'll understand.
- No! Never!

Flora! Flora!

I won't let you do that,
you have to live your life.

With or without me.

I made a great big mess of my life,

but those are my sins, not yours.

Why won't anyone listen to me?

This is what I want.

What do you mean why
won't anyone listen to you?

Priscilla won't do it,
she's afraid, but I told her it's okay.

I'm gonna get one
of the other ones to do it.

No, you will not.

I am still your mother,
do you hear me? And I forbid it.

I don't care!
I'm gonna do it and you can't stop me.

What if I stay
and look after Priscilla?

I fought off The Butcher twice.

I could do a much better job
of protecting her.

The Butcher would get you eventually.

Not if I'm like her.

Not if Priscilla did to me
what you want her to do to you.

You can go live
with your grandparents.

I know you like them.

Priscilla needs a mommy.

Let me do that for her, and for you.

You can come visit us

when it's not the blood moon.

And in time, you may feel
differently about me.

Please, let me do that for you.

What do you think?

Shit, smoke!

Shit, I smell a gas leak!

Get back! Get back!

It's gonna be okay.

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