American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Room 33 - full transcript

Ramona and Donovan enact their plan for revenge; Liz Taylor finds true love; the resident of Room 33 is revealed.

Mrs. Johnson,
may I ask how you found me?

I was given your name through
my friend Margaret Gibson.

She and I used to be
in pictures together.

She said you were able
to help her with her...

- problem.
- Margaret...


She's a lovely girl.

I'm married, you see.

My husband doesn't even know
that I'm expecting...

Mrs. Johnson, you don't need
to explain anything to me.

I'm here to help you.

So, how far along are you?

Three weeks.


Just through there.

Doctor, there must be something wrong

with this thermometer.

It says her body temperature
is 75 degrees.

Can that be right?

Don't be a fool.

She'd be dead.

All right, my dear,
I want you to breathe in

and count backwards.

There you are.


Very good.


There you are.

Get me the big knife.

Ready the pan.

Closing her up.

Nurse, dispose of that.

I think it's still alive.

Congratulations, it's a boy.

# American Horror Story 5x06 #
Room 33
Original Air Date on November 11, 2015

Hi, Daddy.




# Depeche Mode's #
# "One Caress" plays #

# Well, I'm down on my knees again #

# And I pray to the only one #

# Who has the strength
to bear the pain #

# To forgive all the things
that I've done #

# Oh, girl #

# Lead me into your darkness #

# When this world
is trying its hardest #

# To leave me unimpressed #

# Just one caress #

# From you and I'm blessed... #

Why is it so good with you?

Because you're an orphan.

Orphans love girls like me

because it's like Mommy
and Daddy are both in the room.

Loving you to pieces.

# Every avenue #

# Take one more look #

# At what you found old #

# And in it you'll find something new... #


I got you something.

Just to get you started.

The basics... Bronte and Wilde.

Oh, you're gonna love Wilde.


Thanks, Liz.

I don't think I've
read anything in years

that didn't have the month and a picture

of Jennifer Aniston or
Kim K. on the cover.

I never did any real reading
till I moved out here.

Part of it was all
the free time at the desk,

but I also think you can't
shut down one part of yourself

without shutting down the whole thing.

And when I let the Liz out,

I could see and feel

and... taste.

And love.

Do you love me?


I don't know.

I think so, but...

goddamn it, who can tell
when you're so damn handsome?

I think I love you.

Don't tease me. I'm serious.

When I come down to
the lobby and see you,

it's like... you're
genuinely happy to see me.

I believe you.

When you come down,

it's like...

it's like it's Christmas morning for me.

I mean, no one's ever felt
that way about me before.


No one's even thought I was smart enough

to give real books to.

And you want to know the weirdest part?

When we screw, I swear,

I've never come harder in my life.

It's so bizarre.

Uh, I'm not gay or anything.

You're not gay for being with me.

I'm a girl.

I'm a hetero girl.

Thank you... for seeing the girl.


Why are you crying?

Because I do love you.

And I know this doesn't end well.

And it shouldn't.

Not after what I've
done to The Countess.

She gave me everything.

- It's wrong what we're doing to her.
- Hey.

How can love be wrong?

If she could just see us together,

she'd understand.

Do you want me to do
something different?

This always happens to me with women.

I love them.

I love their bodies and...

and their femininity...

and their sex...

but my cock and my mind
operate separately.

I'm very embarrassed.

Hardly embarrassing.

This isn't a crisis.

It's a...

invitation for an adventure.

I'm sorry.

I got to go.


don't talk to her about
us... just yet, okay?

Let it be just ours...
for a little while longer.

# It's the mood that I am in... #

I love you.

# That's left us back where we began #

# Oh, girl #

# Lead me into your darkness #

# When this world... #

What's this?

I need some help with Mr. Drake.

I'm not gay.


A few weeks ago, you were in my office

telling me about all the
dick you took in prison.

I was messing with you, man.

I made up all that jail stuff.

I had my reasons.

Just fluff him up for me a bit, baby.

I'll finish him off.

I don't want to.

I'm not into it.

# Into your darkness #

# When this world
is trying its hardest... #

You are for the next hour.

# To leave me unimpressed #

# Just one caress #

# From you and I'm blessed. #

I need your help.

Judging by how fast you put
your nose up in the air

when I offered you an evening
of backgammon and ros?...

to welcome you, no less...
I'm really not your girl.

John somehow discovered
the sleeping chamber.

Where is he now?

I gave him two milligrams of Versed

to keep him out for a couple of hours.

He can't know about Holden and me.

I almost died when I lost him.

I get it.

That once-in-a-lifetime love,

it's the only thing that can gut you raw

and make your world
pyrotechnic in color.

Everyone's entitled to one true love.

There's a broom and a dustpan

in the cleaning closet, Nanny McPhee.

We got to get rid of those coffins.

Where am I?

I just saw you.

In a coffin.

You called me, John.

You said you were having visions,

and you were afraid,
and you asked me to come,

and so I did.

I found you lying in the
hallway outside your room.

No, I was asleep.

Holden... came in

and woke me up

and told me to follow him
down to the basement where...

Where there was an empty swimming pool?

Filled with sleeping
children in glass coffins?

You realize this is exactly
what Scarlett told us.

Her exact memories.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

They become your own... visions.

Alex, I'm telling you what happened.

I think you're having a psychotic break.

I think you've been heading
this way for a while.

You need to get out of here,

and you need to get professional help.

No, I'm going down to that room.

I'm gonna see it for myself.

You can come with me if you want.

Hello, my love.

Darling, I wanted to say good-bye.

Mama's going to Paris.

And when I get back,
I'll have so much money,

I'll never have to leave you ever again.

I promise.

What are you doing?

She's gone.

We can do anything we want.

So what?

You want to trash her penthouse?

You know why we're here.

Going to the basement.

Take care of those kiddies.

What's the matter?

You going soft on me?

Why? Because I don't want
to murder some children?

Oh, well, I might tear up.

You don't give two shits
about those kids.

It's not about them.

But you know when I stab
at their little hearts,

I'll be stabbing at hers,

and you're still not over her.

And you are?

You're obsessed.


You go... sniff her panties.

I'll take care of this myself.


Well, son of a bitch!

Where the hell are they?

How should I know?

You been flapping that mouth?

Hell, no.

I was ready to do this.

Well, guess you were.

Damn, woman.

What's got into you?

About six pints of O-negative

from a couple of
smart alecks in room 36.

It's a whole new you.

Damn straight it is.

That boy of yours
pussed out, but not you.

You must really hate the little shits.

Nah, I don't hate 'em.

Maybe even love 'em a little.

It's her I hate.

That's why those kids
have got to go first.

They're her reason for living.

That's cold.


It's a kindness.

This is no place for children.

Come on, let's go find the kids.

No, no, no, no.

You find them,

'cause it sounds like
you know what to do.

But even with that done,
she'll still have

one little reason to go on,

and I'm gonna tend to that.

So give me the key to room 33.

Excuse me.

Can you show us to the line

to the "Fast & Furious Supercharged"?

We are lost in this hotel for so long.

It's like a maze.

You're never going to see
Vin Diesel in 3-D

because you can't leave this hotel.

You understand?

I told you, Agnetha,

we are dead.

Why do you think you're dead?

Because everything I put in my mouth

tastes like chalk. I love food.

Don't listen to him, Vendela.


We'll find a way out.


Vendela's right.

Until you find a purpose,

you'll both be stuck
in an unbreakable chain,

repeating yourselves
over and over again.

How hard is it

to get some goddamn kale around here?!

It's the power of the hotel.

Makes you lose your compass.

Your sense of yourself.

Of anything.

But there are those who have
broken out of that cycle.

Her name was Cara.

She was an elementary school teacher.

She had so much love to give

but nobody to give it to.

She came to the Cortez to end it all.

I love the bouquet of rotting flesh.

Cara was sitting in that tub for months.


Never drink the water
from the fifth floor,

unless you want a taste of Cara.

She was like us?


Leaving wet spots on the floor.

Until she found her purpose.

Cara enjoyed terrorizing
the hotel guests.

She was quite fond of the pool
until they drained it.

So if we find our purpose,

we can leave the hotel?

You don't get to leave.

All you get is a reprieve
from the hamster wheel.

Eternity can be tedious

without something enjoyable
to break up the day.

What about you?

What's your purpose?

I lost mine when I lost her.

Oh, Bartholomew...


where are you?

Aw, come on out, love bug.

It's Auntie Ramona.


I've missed you.

Auntie Ramona's here.





I've got a surprise for you.

I left his door open and the dish out,

so it's possible he may
just crawl back in there.

He can't have gotten far.

We need to find him before
the Countess gets back,

or there'll be hell to pay.

You want some more ice for that?


Mmm, naw.

It'll be all healed up in an hour.

Did you find it?

It's being taken care of.

That thing

should've died way back
when it was supposed to.

Same thing could be said

for a lot of people around here.

Which is why

I have to ask you to leave.

- Oh!
- Not that it's not been

nice having you here.
It is, I have missed you.

All the other girls around here
are either dead or dumpy.

But I can't have any upsets.

Not now. Why?

What's going on?

Come on, spill the tea.

I'm in love.


and for the first time in my life.

Well, I'll be damned.

I sensed a glow.

Yeah? Who is he?


Not one of them rough trade corner boys

- you always liked too much?
- No.

His name is Tristan.

He's young.

He's beautiful.

He's... exquisitely damaged.

He's mine.



Isn't that the name of
the Countess' new squeeze?

She doesn't love him.

Of course she doesn't.

You think that's gonna matter?

Look, if you really
want to be with this boy,

what you need to do is run.

Tristan is a passing fancy for her.

If I am really honest with her,

if I tell her from the heart

what we mean to each other,
she will understand.

Oh, she will rip that heart
right out of your chest.

Just know when it's time to run.

We just wanted to stop walking.


I can't hear...

Tino, you're breaking up.

Come on, man, it's going to be epic.

Okay? I need my wingman.

I got a room.

Will Drake's hotel downtown.

Gotta be a ton of models hanging out.

Hello? Tino?


Are you lost?

I'm looking for a ride.

Maybe you found one.

Fast & the Furious.

I can do that.

Or it can be... slow

and sweet.


Who the hell are you?

That's my friend Vendela.

I want to play.

Oh, I get it.

This is some kind of scam.

You two are pros.

I'm getting double-teamed
and then you make me pay.

No way, Jose.

Mr. Woo does not pay for pussy.

I'm gonna take a leak.

You two better be gone when I come out.

No more hallways.

Go after him!

Who are you?

A friend.

My name's Alex.

Who is he?

Just some stupid guy with a big hard-on.

We were trying to find our purpose.

So you're not upset because he's dead?

Killing him was nothing.

That's the problem.

I sort of feel sorry for him.

Me, too.

We can't go back to the hallways.

You don't have to.

You can find your purpose
without killing them.

What do we do?

You can break their minds.

I have the perfect idea.

I know this guy.

He's always wanted two girls.

Excuse me a second.


What are you doing here?

It's another one, isn't it?

- How was the victim posed?
- Who called you about this?

I have a police scanner in my room.

It's a Commandment murder.

Nothing's been determined.

We just began to process
the crime scene.


Don't pull this shit on me now.


All right, come on.

- Come on.
- Yeah.

It all fits.

A televangelist. He's preaching

the gospel of prosperity.

He used the word of God

to make money. It's another commandment.

Thou shalt not take
the Lord's name in vain.

I can be useful to this case, Andy.

We don't need you, John.

We got somebody in custody.

Plenty of seats down at the bar.

What are you doing up here?


Looking for some... one.

You okay?

I love my kids.

I love my wife.

It's not my fault
I'm so shitty at it, is it?

Why don't I help you to your room?

Get to bed.

No telling what kinds of undesirables

you're going to run into
out in the halls.

Those undesirables should be worried

about running into me right now.


Come on.

- Come on.
- No.

No... don't take this from me!

This is my breakdown...
I'm gonna have it.

I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Are you looking for Liz?


We are looking for you.

# Nick Cave's #
# "Jack the Ripper" plays #

# I got a woman #

# She rules my house with an iron fist #

# Hey #

# Hey #

# She screams out "Jack the Ripper" #

# Every time I try to give
that girl a kiss #

# Hey #

# Oh, yeah #

# Hey #

# Oh, well, I got a woman #

# She strikes me down
with a fist of lead #

# Hey #

# Oh, yeah #

# Hey #

# She screams out "Jack the Ripper." #

Looks like that breakdown is going well.

Is that your blood?

I don't know.

Where are the girls?

Look at the right old mess you've made.

This much blood
will take three washings.

The sheets will lose their thick pile.

Mr. Man, thank you.

You're much better
than a Universal Studio tour.

Fast and furious.

We have a purpose.

Get out!

Get out of my room!!!


Those Nordic types,

they have no respect for fresh linens.

It's not in their culture.

It's a well-known fact.

You, too.

Get out of my room!!!

I haven't collected
the pillow cases yet...

Get out of my room!!!


Good to see

you're finally, truly

checking in to the Hotel Cortez.

You haven't said a word to me

since I picked you up at Dinah's.

Where's your mom?

How should I know?

Do you know how embarrassing it is

when your friend asks
what time you're going home

and your mom doesn't
even answer the phone?

I'm sorry, honey.

I'm sure there was
some kind of emergency.

She hasn't called me for two days.

Are you leaving now?


You don't live here anymore.

No, I'm staying here

until we sort this out, okay?

I'll never leave you alone.

I know things seem crazy,
but you have to believe me,

I... I'm gonna make things right again.

You can't.

Not by yourself.

I will talk to Mom.

Is that blood?


you're scaring me.

No, this is nothing, uh, um...

It's an accident at the,
uh, at the hotel.

I'm gonna go put it
in the laundry, okay?

Scartlett, are you all right?

You stay away from me!
Stay away from me!

Ooh, look at that.

Is there anything more beautiful
than a sleeping child?

You last night.

I love you.

I'm gonna put him in bed.

I fear I may pass out as well.

One too many Klonopin on the flight.

Yes, sleep, my love.

Rest those two beautiful heads.

Sounds like the trip went well.

I enjoy him.

You seem anxious.

I can hear your heartbeat.


There is...

something I'd like to
speak with you about.

Do you want to have the surgery?

Because I'm happy to pay
once Will and I finalize things.

No, no. No, not that.

Never that, I think.

Um, you see, this is...


difficult for me and I know
that it may not mean something

to someone like you who
does this all the time,

but it seems,

for the first time, I've fallen in love.

Well, why would that wonderful
news make you worry?

It's Tristan.


How long?

Not long.

A couple of weeks.

I know he's your current

mild obsession,

but I don't think you love him.

Not like I do.

You know me.

You made me.

I belong to you.

But this is my one chance at it.

I don't share.

Maybe when I'm done with him.

But time passes for me.

You measure decades
by the changes in hemlines.

It means nothing to you.

You know as well as anyone

that we all just get

one great one in our lives.

Let's talk to the boy.

Thank you.

Thanks for calling me first,
Andy, I appreciate it.

He's in bad shape, Alex.

He's talking about monsters.

Claims that's what he's firing at.

So, what do you think?

You want to try to speak to her again?


No, I think it's best if you
get her to her grandma's.

No problem.

Take care of him.

I will.

She's afraid of me.

My own daughter.

Maybe I am going crazy.

I thought maybe if we got
out of that place...

You are out of that place.

That's all that matters.

You just need some sleep.

In your own house.

In your own bed.

It's your bed, too.

You're going back there, aren't you?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Still playing that game?


How was your trip?

Welcome home.

Sit, love.

Who needs a drink?

I'll get them.

No, let me.

You two sit.

When you are what I am,

you don't feel things
the way normal humans do.

An emotion is like a flavor in my mouth.

I can taste it.

Joy tastes like strawberries.

Hate is like ice chips in a Martini.

And love is...


I enjoy them all except for one.


That has the taste of the char
on a piece of burnt meat.

You told her.


The one in the dress...

has more balls than you... babe.

What do you expect?

I'm just gonna spend my life

crying over your broken promise?

I know I'm dumb

and I'm just a model,

but I know you.

It's not that you get bored and move on.

Moving on is the point
of the whole thing.

That is your orgasm.

You collect us

and create us and get us addicted

to the light of your love

just so you can take it away.

You feed off the heartbreak.

Knowing we're out there,
suffering over you.

Well, not me!

I was made for more than that.

For a real love.


After all I've done,

let me just have this one.

Is this what you want as well?


You may have him.

He's yours.

Bury him.


He was hurt.

He got out?

Yes, but I found him.

He lost a little blood,

but he's gonna be just fine.

You saved my son.

You saved mine.