American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Devil's Night - full transcript

John receives an invitation to attend an exclusive Devil's Night Soiree. Alex tries to diagnose Holden's strange condition.

How may I he...?

Devil's night.

I have a standing reservation.

Of course, Mr. Ramirez.

Well, my pleasure to welcome you
to the Hotel Cortez.

Uh, this is your second year joining us?


I died in 2013.


Let me show you to your room.

I was hoping Manson
could join us this year.

Charlie hasn't shuffled
off this mortal coil yet.

He's still serving life in State prison.

Aw, that's too bad.

Your room, sir.

The master has left a couple of treats

on the pillow.

I don't need a key.

Shut up!

Swear to Satan you won't scream

or I'll kill you.

I said swear to Satan!

I swear to Satan.

You liar!


Help! Help me!

There's a killer after me!

And a killer before you.


Found your presents.

Tourists from Arizona.

Marriot was full.

Come, finish her off.

# American Horror Story 5x04 #
Devil's Night
Original Air Date on October 28, 2015


Hey, Dad.

Hey, sweetie.


How was Disneyland?

It's pretty cool.

I was just on my way out.

Uh, I'll be over at Grandma's
in about an hour.

We've got some Halloween shopping to do.

I don't really feel like

going trick-or-treating this year.

Oh, um, okay.

We can do something else.


Grandma was gonna teach me

how to make banana cream pie.

Kind of takes a while.

Oh, you want to stay
over there for a lit...

a little while longer?

If that's okay.

Look, things are a little bit...

weird right now, aren't they?

A little bit.

I got to go.

Bye, Dad.

Bye, Scar.

I love you.

I don't like my costume.

Come along, Albert.

Here, put this on.

I don't like my costume.

Nothing's good enough
for you, Mr. Bellyache.

There are places
in the country where they

put paper bags over the children's head

and call that a costume.

Shake a leg.

I like to be punctual.


look at you, Molly Wilkins!

You must've been sewing for months!

Pulled out all the stops, didn't
you, with that expensive lace?

Oh, goodness, I wish I'd had
time to sew a proper pattern...


You're a scary little ghost. things with your time,

while I'm taking in the laundry

and mending clothes.

But I'm so envious.

You look so lovely.

I do feel bad for little Albert.

He wanted an African cheetah costume,

but I just never found the time.

Where is he, the little rascal?

No! Please stop!

Who is it?

It's John Lowe from downstairs.


I'm busy!

I'm working on these sheets!

What happened here?
Was there an accident?

It happens every year.

At this time.

I-I lost my boy on Halloween.

So every year I go a little mad
and I make a mess of everything.

And I can't get a-a handle
on the sheet situation.

You lost your boy?

You mean he died?

Not right away.

How did you lose him?

I didn't see!

I wasn't paying attention!

It was my fault!

I should've made him a proper costume,

like all the children.

I know how that feels,

especially around the anniversary.

I-I made him wear a plain old sheet.

Just a plain old sheet.

Why didn't I pay more attention?!

I'm not really sure.

I feel like I'm living

in a walking nightmare.

Would you like a sherry?

I'm okay, thank you.

I'll let you get back...

Will-will you pour me one?

Talking with you

is a comfort to my soul.

They searched the city for days.

But he wasn't in the city.

His killer... took him to his ranch

up in Wineville.

Oh, God, help me!

He haunts my dreams.

His woeful eyes pierce me
with accusations.

Why weren't you careful Mommy?

Didn't you love me, Mommy?

Of course I loved him!

At least you know
what happened to your boy.

But I don't.

Not really.

This is all we found of your boy, ma'am.

That sicko disposed

of all their bodies in quicklime.

And then he scattered
their bones in a mass grave.


They never were sure exactly

how many children there were.

That is a terrible story, Ms...


Hazel Evers.

You can call me Hazel.

I'm John.

I know.

I have a confession to make, John.

I've known for a while
that we were kindred spirits.

Oh, my!

Oh, my, it's so late and I'm so behind!

There's so much to do
before the shindig tonight,

and so little time!

The master will be

very very upset if his
table isn't perfect.

His autumnal banquet
is the event of the year.

These particular guests,
they're very demanding.

Refills, refills, refills!

My feet are swollen up
like puff pastries

by the end of the night!

Jasper, stop that.

Come here, come here.

Jasper, come on.

In here.

He's a sweet dog.

He just doesn't know who you are.

We got him two years ago.

Your sister was lonely.

I'm gonna do an exam.

It'll only take a minute, okay?

It's too bright.


I'm sorry. Come over here, baby.

Can you sit still for me?

Do you feel cold?



Do you know where you are, baby?

Hmm? Do you remember this house?

You're home.

You're finally home, baby.

Oh, I've missed you so much.

I'm thirsty.

Of course you are.

I'll get you some juice, all right?

Be right back.

Holden, I've brought you an apple juice

and an orange juice.

Wasn't sure which one...



What is wrong with you?

I don't feel good.

I need my mommy.

Baby, I am your mommy.

My other mommy.

It's confirmed.

Blood on your junkie wasn't his.

So we're looking for a body now.

You don't think we have enough bodies?

Hey, how come I've never heard of a town

where 20 kiddie murders

and abductions supposedly took place?

Are you talking about the
Wineville Chicken Coop Murders?

They changed the name of the town.

Bad publicity.


Hell, 60 years ago?


85... years...

The crimes took place in the '20s?

Does this have something to do
with our Bible-thumper?

I don't know.


John, you okay?

You must have a lot of questions.

I have answers.

It must have been a shock for you

to see your boy.

I imagined you'd lost hope long ago.

I never gave up.

No, you didn't.

Your devotion moved me.

I could feel your longing.

Holden felt it, too.

That's why he came to you.

You stole my son.

I saved him.

Like I save all my children.

From what?


I could see where they were headed.

A tragic, wasted life.

I opened my heart

and the children came to me willingly.

I never neglected my son.

Can you say the same about your husband?

Here you go.


Yeah, I'll meet you
at the station later.




I brought them here to keep them safe.

The world can be such a dangerous place.

I've had enough of your bullshit.

What did you do to my son?

You're a doctor.

I'm going to put it to you

in a way that you can understand.

Holden has contracted an ancient virus.

A blood disorder.

The effect of the disease is health,

vitality and everlasting life.

Whatever you did to him...

...change him back.
Is this why you came up here?

Change him back or I'll kill you.

There is no going back.


I'm his mother.

We'll find a cure.

There is no cure.

The only way you can truly be
with Holden is to join him.

Alex, I'm offering you eternity

with your great lost love.

What I wouldn't trade
for a chance at that.

And what are you asking me
to trade for it?

What's the price I have to pay
to be like you?

Your undying loyalty.

You'll be working for me.


Take this. It will calm your nerves.

You're insane.

You're going down.

I'm getting the police.

Let her go.

She said she's gonna go to the cops.

She won't.

She would never risk
losing her one true love.

Wait, you're banging her, too?

What'll it be, soldier?

Ginger ale?

Shirley Temple?

My soon to be ex-wife

says I was never an alcoholic.

According to her,
I'm just a control freak.

I'll have a double martini.

That's my boy.

Control... is an illusion.

Tonight I surrender to the illusion.

Hey, sailor.

Didn't see you come in.

I will stand on my head in a skirt

for a ciggy and a beer.

No need for acrobatics.

Drinks are on me tonight.

Now, Aileen,

you be nice to Mr. Lowe.

This is, what,

your tenth year with us at the hotel?

Lucky 13th! Ooh!

Since 2002.

Do I know you?

I don't know.

You ever picked up a hooker
along I-95 in Florida?

No, I think I'd remember that.


is a police officer...

and a special guest

of the hotel.


A cop.

Man! Man.

Man, are you lucky
that I haven't had a beer

in over a year,
or there is no way in hell

I would let you buy me one.

They call me a serial killer?

Greatest serial killer
of all time is the cops.

I know who you are.

That is an outstanding costume.

Holy shit, you look just like her.

Her who? Aileen Wuornos.

Just saw a documentary about her.

She killed seven men.

Shot them in cold blood.

Sometimes even I think that's true.

I wasn't more than four or five

when the world started taking from me.

You know what you do

when all you know is people taking?

You start to give, give it away

before they can take it from you.

Give it all away for free,

and that way,

you can pretend that it doesn't hurt.

Those seven men? We had a deal.

We had a deal.

Then they got greedy,
started taking things

didn't belong to 'em.

Here's how it is, Detective:

you try and take anything

from Aileen Wuornos

and I swear to Jesus H. Christ

I will take everything from you.

This is what I say to you, Aileen:

That's bullshit.



Most of those men didn't have a history

or record of violence or assault.

I don't know, I don't know their,

I don't know their history.

I only know

who they were on that day.

I only knew them on that one day,

and on that one day,
they were who they were.

Haven't you ever had
a day like that, huh?


Where-where all you were,
all you ever had been

your whole life don't mean
nothing to you anymore?

And all of a sudden...

you're just a different person, huh?

Yeah. Yeah?


When was the last time
you got laid, huh?

When was the last time a chick really...

really turned you inside out?

You don't know screwing
until you spend an hour alone

with a batshit crazy hooker.

I got a room.

Where I can roll.

Darling John,

you're too drunk to see
how ugly that woman is.

I'm too drunk to care.

You asshole.

Goddamn cops.

You can't trust any of them.

Stop taking from me!

I'm tied to a chair!

Well, I ain't no liar.

Ten women this shit
country put to death,


And I was number ten.

Stop it! You're insane!

You're not Aileen Wuornos!


Look at me.

Look at my eyes.

Look at 'em.

This look like a Halloween
costume to you?

Welcome to Devil's Night
at the Hotel Cortez, John.

Ain't you...

Yeah, you like that?

Die, you pussy boy!


Get... get back here!

Bite your damn dick off!

Bring it on, baby!

Let's see who you really are.

Can I help you?

Excuse me.

Is there a problem?
Yeah, there's a problem.

That skank up in my room
tried to kill me.

Skank? You'll have to be more specific.

You know, that nut job

up at the bar pretending
to be Aileen Wuornos.

She's leaving here in cuffs.

Yeah, I wouldn't bother with that call

you're trying to make.

Even if you got through,
dollars to doughnuts,

you won't find anyone in your room.

Mr. March is very protective
of his invited guests.

Mr. March?

James Patrick March?

The very same.

His annual Devil's Night soiree
is the event of the season.

What the hell is Devil's Night?

Oh, sweetie.

Devil's Night is the real
holiday around here.

Halloween, that's plastic
pumpkins and paper costumes,

but Devil's Night...

is when the real ghouls
come out to play.

A night of mischievous
criminal behavior,

which is why every year at this time,

Mr. March holds his annual dinner event.

The guest list is tres exclusive.

Well, that's unusual.

Now, how did I miss this?

Lucky you.

You've been invited.

The key to a really good subfloor

is containing the moisture
below the floor.

See, you need to make sure
that there's a-a... a layer.


Hey, John.

Hey, listen, I-I want to apologize

for what happened, man.

I wasn't mad at you, it's just...

it's just cops in general.

Men in general, right?

Hey, hey, come sit next to me.

Between you and me,
you don't want to sit

next to Jeff or John.

They like 'em young and cute, like you.

Just keep your distance. Aw...

Enjoy your last night of freedom.

You're leaving here in my custody.

Hey, come on.

I'm sorry about what happened, man.

Just sit... you sit here. No, Aileen.

John will sit where his name card is.

You know we like to do
things formally around here.

Hey, suck my left tit, Clark Gable.

Ah, we're all here now.

Let's sit-- only so many
hours in the night.

John, you're by the other John.

John, you're here.

Ricky, here.



Our customary libation.

To our special night and our new guest.

What is this?

Who are you?

I'm March, I built this hotel.

The man who built this hotel
died more than 85 years ago.

This is my problem with police officers.

All you care about is evidence.

Evidence, evidence, evidence.

Until that evidence no longer fits

the narrative you need to be true,

at which point the evidence
becomes an illusion, a mistake.

A trick.

You've lived in my hotel
long enough, John,

seen enough evidence to know
that what is impossible

becomes very possible here.

You're late!

Too busy writing letters.

I don't get you, man.

The real fun starts
after you get caught.

Don't you know that?

And giving yourself your own nickname?

Not cool, dude.

It's not cool.

Now, let's all introduce ourselves.

I'm John too, John Gacy.

I'm from Norwood Park, Illinois.

I own PDM Contractors.

Uh, PDM stands for Painting,
Decorating, Maintenance.

And I'm also a member of the Moose Club.

I mean, just because you got

30 bodies buried in your crawl space

don't mean you can't have
a really terrific rec room

and be a respectable business man.

Uh, my turn?


I'm, uh, Jeffrey Dahmer.

From Milwaukee.

Oh, John, I think he likes you.

And that is bad news for you.

That's how he picks 'em.

He finds the hottest guy in the room

and the next thing...


All right.

Zodiac, they never caught you

but I assume you'd be dead by now.

Dickheads like you don't just
retire from being assholes.

Gacy, you were killed by lethal
injection over 25 years ago.

Dahmer, you were murdered in prison.


Aileen Wuornos, put to
death in 2002 in Florida.

And I know you, 'cause
you're from my hometown.

Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker.

You just died of cancer in
your cell a few years back.

What is this?

Some kind of Halloween trick?

What, are you actors?

I invited you here tonight

to help you, John.

I've watched you, and it makes me sad.

Because greatness is about vision.

And you have made yourself blind

to everything but what
your eyes can see.

You need to listen to this dude, John.

He... is the master.

I mean, he taught us all.

He's a genius, like Galileo
or Peter Frampton.

That's why we come
here every Devil's Night.

It's, uh, like a tradition.

It's a real honor to be invited.

Only the ones of us who really
took the master's advice

gets an invite.

Do you know why it took so long

for the little piggies to catch me?

Because one night
I stumbled into this place,

and I spent a few nights,

and the master, he came into my room,

and he beat the crap out of me, eh?

And he told me that if I wanted
to be a volume operation

that I needed to be
indiscriminate-- kill anyone.

Your pattern needs to be no pattern.

Guess I was out sick that day.

It's not funny, Gacy!

We are the Mount Rushmore of murder.

We have reputations, codes of conduct.

I've told you how many times?

Leave no evidence.

I covered 'em all with lye.

It's not my fault that
the cop who used my bathroom

was very familiar with the
smell of rotting bodies.

I told them-- it was
my Lhasa apso who piddled

on the kitchen floor,
but they didn't believe me.

Murder is one part perspiration,

ten parts preparation. Mmm.

I built this hotel for the sole purpose

of hiding the evidence.

All of my chutes and ladders,
have you seen them yet, John?

Miracles of modern engineering.

Mr. Gacy here came to the Hotel Cortez

when he was just a young man.

18 or 19.

I was living in Vegas,
and I wanted to see the Pacific,

so I got in the old Buick
and drove out for the weekend

and stayed here-- six bucks a night.

I showed him my secrets,
he was good, very good.

But imagine what he could
have accomplished

had he really listened to me.

33 bodies.

He could have had 333.

Huh? That's my trick.

Once I have them cuffed,
it's pretty much all over.

No need to worry, John.

It's the absinthe, dear boy.

When I was 19,

trucker picked me up hitchhiking.

And that was before I knew
how to take care of myself.

That dick cheese drove
me all the way to L.A.

Bought me In-N-Out.

Tossed me to the curb.

It wasn't until I stumbled
into this place...

and met the master that I knew,

I knew I was really worth something.

It's the first man that ever
treated me with respect.


You're even more quiet
than usual tonight.

I'm just hungry.

Ah, Ms. Evers.

It's always a delight.

Ladies first.


I don't eat salad.

Jeffrey likes dark meat!

Miss Evers, bring out

the amuse-bouche now, would you?


# Wouldn't turn around and break it #

Thank you, John.

# And anyone who's ever played a part #

# Wouldn't turn around and hate it #

# Sweet Jane

See, Jeffrey?

Don't I always take care of you?

# Sweet Jane Don't I?

Oh, I'll help you there, boy.

# Oh, sweet, sweet Jane

Please don't ever leave me.

I'll get my drill.


No, no...

# Waiting down

# On the corner

See, I want to control them.

I want to make them


Make them part of me.

I want to make them

a part of me.

Never freaking works though.

They always die,
like, ten minutes later.

Oh, poor, sweet Jeffrey.

When we met he was on a detour
on his way back to Ohio

from Miami where he ended up

after being kicked out of the Army.

I told him if you want
to be a great killer,

you must understand people.

To hunt them,

you must be able to
get into their minds.

I didn't think he would
take it literally.

I listened to you
about burning the flesh

off the bones with acid.

Yes you did, dear, yes you did.

# Oh, sweet Jane

I said stop!

Nice shot, copper.

Don't you get that we're already dead?

# La, la, la, la, la-la-la

# La, la, la, la-la-la

# Sweet Jane...

You think they'll grow up to
be porn stars or strippers?

My money's on stripping.

It's free drinks.

Those girls?

They'll end up choking
on their own vomit

before they hit 25.


It's for losers.

Grown adults acting like fools.

Playing pretend.

I like my life.

I got a job that flies me
business class to L.A.

Puts me up at the Bonaventure.

I don't need a Batman
costume to have some fun.

And what's your idea of fun?

Whatever you're selling.

You should both be dead.

Oh, no, he's not dead.

He's the undead.

I made him a zombie

when I poured acid in his brain.

You're not gonna run
away from me anymore.

I'm yours forever, Jeffrey.

This, this isn't happening!

I'm afraid we've lost our detective.

I thought he would appreciate
this dark evil,

given the line of work he's in.

But John is clearly

not yet our kind.

Forget him. I want to drink.

To the master!

Ah, thank you.

Thank you all for being here
on Devil's Night,

but it is I who should be
the one celebrating you.

I look around

and I see the definition

of American success.

They write books about you.

Make movies of your life.

Johnny Depp likes my paintings!

Years after your death,

people continue

to be enthralled.

You've made your mark in history.

Like the Iliad,

your stories will live on


I consider you all my equals.

Nothing would please me more

if you could stay and join me

for dessert.

Dessert, almost forgot.

I'm gonna go put on my makeup.


He's flying on an eight ball

of China White.

This will buy me a year
of being left alone, right?

As always.

To us,

the greatest killers of our time.

This sacrifice bonds us together.

For eternity.


No! No!


John? No! No!

John! John! John! John!

John, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

I need to help him! Help who?

The man you brought in for them to kill!

There's nobody here, John.

I don't understand.

I came in the room and you were alone.


Have you been drinking?

A little... at the bar.

And they gave me absinthe.

Oh, well, that explains everything.

You chased alcohol with worm wood, John.

You're hallucinating.

Is anything real?

I am.

You have to trust me.

I'm your protector.

You disappeared on me last time.


I'm not going anywhere.

Come on.

Let's get you back to your room.

The transition will not be easy.

Birth is a painful process.

As a mother, you know this.


I can't lose my boy again.

You must surrender completely.

And allow yourself to be ripped apart.


You will feel like you are dying.

And maybe you are.

But from blood comes life.



More glorious than you
could've ever imagined.

And you will rise.

And be reunited with your child.

For all of eternity.