American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Mommy - full transcript

John deals with marital issues. Donovan is targeted by a dangerous rival of the Countess.

I don't know if you can hear me.

I got to admit,
you freaked me out before.

I didn't understand you, but...

I get it now.

Come on, man, talk to me.

I know everything about you.

I'm a fan.

Your name

is James Patrick March.

You were born October 30, 1895.

You're a Scorpio,

which explains a lot.

You're the greatest
serial killer who's ever lived.

How do you know all this?

I Googled you.

That sounds obscene.

You were right, man.


is awesome.


Good. You've found your calling.

Then you can appreciate
what I've built here.

Secret rooms, hinged walls,

acid pits, asphyxiation chambers.

Are you familiar with my Black Closet?


There are places in my murder palace

that have sat in cold neglect
for far too long.

You can put them to good use, old boy.

I'm listening.


- Now...
- My God, look at this.

The whole floor needs to be torn out.

This space is perfect for my atelier.

It's gonna be sensational.

And wait until you see this room.

What are you doing here?

Visiting a friend.

I was told that nobody lives
on this floor.

You're a squatter.

Tristan, you clean up pretty well.

I barely recognized you.

Thank you, Claudia.

What happened to your cut?

Get your paws off.

I'm not here to be a deposit

in your spank bank.

Owned, Dad.

Get out.

I'll call the cops if I
see you in my hotel again.


Tear this floor out?

Where will I launder the linens?

He can't be allowed
to touch a single room.

Don't worry, dude.

I got this.

# American Horror Story 5x03 #
Original Air Date on October 21, 2015

It's hard to believe now,

but raising kids was never
a part of my hopes and dreams.

My friends with babies
only made me more resistant.

Their lives seemed

kind of dreary, to be honest.

I wanted to save kids,
other people's kids.

If I'm honest?

Being the best pediatrician possible

was my only real dream.


We're going to get you to the hospital

and put you on a big fat IV

of antibiotics.


We just need his slippers and his coat.

Wait, wait, wait, hospital?

This kind of pneumonia,

the one we associate with,
the measles, is something

we like to treat,


I don't understand why
you didn't you call me

the second his fever went over a 103.

I... I guess I felt ashamed
after our last conversation.

You made me feel pretty terrible.

Please just tell me
he's gonna be all right.

I hope so. Upstairs.

By the way, I'm not unaware
of the obvious clich? here--

I wanted to save kids
because I felt I needed saving.

But in my case the clich? is dead on.

Suffice it to say,
mine was not a happy childhood.

Then Holden showed up.

It was a tectonic shift

where everything I thought
I knew about myself

got rearranged.

It was like I finally
fell in love for real.

All the cracks and
missing pieces came together.

I felt whole.

I'd found my soul mate.

I couldn't stop smelling his head.

It made me feel drowsy and giddy,

like we were in the middle
of a lavender field

in the south of France.

The smell was real.

He truly smelled like fresh lavender.

It was and always will be
my drug of choice.

I even wondered if I truly loved John,

because my feelings for him

were never as powerful
as my feelings for Holden.

And I've always felt guilty

because I never quite bonded
like that with Scarlett

when she was a baby.

It was a special kind of love.

Maybe a once in a lifetime thing.

And then he disappeared.





At first, every time you hear the phone,

you think they've found him.

Your heart pounds.


Then after a month or so,

the phone is just the phone.

You do whatever

you need to do to soldier on,

because, you tell yourself,

time is on your side.

And then a year has gone by,
and you understand

that the next year
will not be much different.

This feeling will never go away...

...'cause there is no getting over it,

there is no getting to the other side.

I do carry on.

Mostly for Scarlett.

But there are many days
when I don't really know why.

Some days are bearable.

Today is very hard.


You with us?

We haven't heard a lot from you, Alex.

I don't know what to say.

I'm afraid the truth

about how I'm feeling
wouldn't be very helpful.

This is the right place
for you to speak your truth.

And the right time.

Honestly, I'm angry.

I mean, I don't understand, Scarlett.

It's like you're trying to hurt me.


I don't have the sense that
Scarlett holds any ill will.

Her stories strike me as being

more about wanting to
alleviate your pain,

wanting the family whole again.

You're both wrong.

It's not about my mother or the family.

It's what happened.

Scarlett, tell us the story

exactly how you remember it.

Tell us everything.

Well, there's a room where
they all play Nintendo

and there are these big glass
things full of jelly beans.

That sounds like a fun place.

And he sleeps in the bottom

of a glass coffin

in the bottom of an empty swimming pool.

That's when I first saw him.

He was just waking up.

And when you first saw him...

and what did he say exactly?

Does he talk about us?

No, he was different.

He didn't have normal feelings.

And he smelled like


You know,

like those candles we have at home.

Yes, dear.

Yes, the change of scenery
was good for Will.

He was getting too stale in New York.

Yes, Jess.

I'm losing you.

Can you hear me?

Claudia, Claudia... Yes.

We need to get Mario Testino
out here to do a shoot.

Did you hear that? Jess?



No! No!

Help me! No!

I got the guys checking
on Islamic terrorist groups

active in the area.

You know, this could be another

Charlie Hebdo thing.

This is a gossip site.

He stopped their tongues from wagging.

Thou shalt not bear false witness.

These people trafficked in lies.

They broke the commandment.

Have ballistics run a check
on the casings at the scene

with casings from previous murders.

All of the cases?

Yeah, all of them.


There may be a previous
commandment murder

that we missed. We'll cross-reference.

I'm not sure, but I think...

Help me.

Help me.


How the hell did you get in here?

I picked the lock.

When I was first starting out modeling,

I made extra scratch as a thief.

I'm not the waiting tables type.

I did six months for
breaking and entering.

Did you know that?

Look, I'm sorry about the show.

I'm clean now, I swear.

You and I used to get along
great when I was clean.

You thought I was hilarious.

Every beautiful young thing

is hilarious.

And then you get old
and you don't understand

why everyone isn't still
laughing at your jokes.

How did they fix that scar?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

What are those?

They're the original plans
for the hotel.

Well, they're the ones that
are registered with the city,

but they're not
the plans for this hotel.

How do you know?

Well, for one thing,
there's that hallway on three

with no doors that goes nowhere.


according to these plans,

there's rooms off of them
and access to the stairwell.

So I think somebody
submitted these plans

to get through inspection,

but then just built how they wanted to.

Man, you smell good.

You know that's actually the worst part

about being in jail?

It's not the food

or being locked up like a dog.

It's the smell.

Everyone smells like shit.

Doesn't stop you from doing
stuff, though, you know?

Man has needs, right?

What is this?

What is happening?

What are you doing?



Another time.


Looking at an O.D. here?

You'd think so,

but everything's telling me withdrawals.

I don't think this man's had

a needle in him in a few days.

At least.

The blood? Not his.

Let's get him sedated.

No! Please! I'm sorry!

I didn't mean it! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Please. I'm sorry.
Wait, why are you sorry?

Detective. I didn't mean to kill her.

Wait, wait, who-who did you kill?

I thought it was the other one.

The junkie whore. Sally? Sally?

She did this to me.

She lied to me.

She said that I'd be free.

Okay, got to go.

Got to go!

We're losing him.

I hear she checked out.

Who did?

That shit-don't-stink fashion editor.

Guess this place wasn't up
to her standards.

Not everyone can appreciate it here.

All this lovely darkness.

You know what I mean.


I really don't.

Why don't you tell me about your friend?

Which one?

The one at St. Vincent's.

Junkie, covered in blood, not his.

Well, junkies.

You can't believe a word they say.

Who was he?

How the hell should I know?

Why are you wasting
your time on junkies?

We only hurt ourselves.

It's not like breaking
one of the Ten Commandments.

What did you say?


Didn't you go to Sunday school?

How about "Thou shalt not kill"?

Well, that commandment
is always translated wrong.

It should be
"Thou shalt not commit murder."

Killing can be a righteous act.

You've been in my room.


But if that's an invitation...

How about this for an invitation?

You're under arrest.


I know you sent me that text.

I don't know how deeply you're involved,

or if you're working with someone,

or maybe just starved for attention.

I am starving.

You're starving, too.

I can taste it on you.

Come on, Detective,

show me right from wrong.

Let me help you.

I wish you could.

You'll see.

You and I...

we're meant to be.


I've been waiting for you.

Look, you need any, help packing?

I, um, I printed out some Craigslist ads

for apartments for us.

Some nice two-bedrooms.

And this one... this is...

Get this, this is the
building in Santa Monica

where they captured Whitey Bulger.

Just look at it-- it's glamorous, right?

I will live with the addicts
in shitter's alley

in a box in MacArthur Park,

covered in the piss and shit
of this horror of a city

before I even consider

living under the same roof as you again.

You're a drama queen.

Baby, this is our chance.

This is what we've been waiting for.


Don't touch me.

She never loved you.

She was just using you.

I knew that cold snake would get bored.

Not because of you.

You know, because that's
just how snakes are.

You really have no idea how
much I hate you, do you?

And I get that you never wanted to take

any authentic interest
in me or my needs,

but I have worked so hard
over the past few years

to get you to notice
how much I despise you.

Now, you hold on a minute.

I gave my life to you.

You have no clue how hard
it was for me to raise you

and the sacrifices that I made.
Name one,

one that didn't serve your
perverted view of yourself.

Your father.

You think it was an easy
choice, kicking him out?

Becoming a single mother at that time?

Nobody did that, but I did,

because he was nowhere near
man enough to raise you.

My father was the best thing in my life.

I once hid out
in the trunk of his Buick,

and he made it all the way
to Bakersfield

before he noticed and took me back home.

Imagine that.

He didn't even know his own son
was in the trunk of his car.

The guy was an asshole; he was a moron.

Do you know, when you kicked him out,

he sat me down and asked me to promise

that when I was old enough
I would run away?

I had a plan.

She had a plan.

I went to an AA meeting once,

and after I stood up
and shared about you,

people came up to me, hardcore addicts,

and they were like,
"Wow, man, no wonder you use."

Every choice you made

was a disaster.


that insane vegetarian cult.

The "Breatharaians" were cutting-edge.

They were using food as medicine.

I had so much fiber in my diet,
I shit my pants at school.

Fine, you make a list

of all the ways I have failed you.

And you know what I say to your list?

Shit on it.

Because my list beats yours.

Item one, I gave you life.

Item two, I saved your life.

I wanted to die!

Coke, crack, heroin--
none of them could do it,

so I decided death was my
only way away from you.

I chose it.

You hated me like that?

And you let me stay here
looking after you?

A real mother would have
let her son die in peace.

She would have buried me.

And grieved.

What mother wouldn't have
wanted her son to live?

Wouldn't have done everything
possible to save him?

You didn't bring me back for me.

You brought me back for you.

I'm leaving here.



...what am I supposed to do?

I don't know who I am
if I'm not your mother.

Honestly, if that is really true,

you should kill yourself.

You should do it even if it isn't.

? Listen to the girl ?

? As she takes on half the world ?

? Moving up and so alive ?

? In her honey-dripping... ?

? Eating up the scum ?

? It's the hardest thing for ?

? Me to do ?

Are you having some car trouble?

Picked a pretty shitty place for it.

? Just like honey... ?

These streets can be dangerous.

? Simple death ?

? Feels infinite ?

I didn't mean to just show up like this.

I tried calling.

I kept getting your voice mail.

Yeah, the service in here
is pretty much shit.


Soda pop.

? Dangerous religion ?

? All we have left to learn... ?

Am I interrupting something?

You're fidgety.


I'm just... I'm just a little
preoccupied with a case.

You look terrible.

When's the last time you slept?

I'm fine, Alex.

Maybe you should get a real drink.

I mean, it's obvious you need one.

Why would you say that to me?

You're not in AA-- you don't
have a drinking problem.

You need to give up this
obsession with control.

I need to stay sharp.

Well, you might need one in a minute.


What is this?

I don't expect you to
sign them right away.

I know you were gonna
want to look them over.


Alex, not now.

John, we have to.

For each other, for our daughter.

I think this is why Scarlett
is telling these wild stories,

'cause we haven't moved on.

I mean, a divorce?

I don't want a divorce,
I-I never did-- I-I love you.

And I love you, too.

But it's not enough, not anymore.

I know it's been rough with me
out of the house, but...

It hasn't been rough.

It hasn't been rough at all--
in fact, it's been great.

I didn't think that I
could do it, but I can.

I don't think you should come back.

It'll just make things
harder for everyone,

because, in the end, this
is what we need to do.


Please, please don't
tear this family apart.

I'm not the one tearing
our family apart.

Someone else did that
when they stole our son.



Stay. Stay.

Something's wrong with me.

I-I think I'm going crazy.

I feel like I'm seeing things.

Let's get you back to your room, okay?

I'm so sorry.

That's clumsy of me.

You never need to apologize

for pouring a glass of Chateau Margaux.

I was afraid you'd think
this was too much.

You mean the dress?

The night out on the town?

This nightcap?

You know I'm gay. I'm not stupid.

We're destined
for something much more...


What if I told you...
Will Drake had to die?

Then you know the truth.

The well is dry.

Just yesterday I drew a pair
of Bermudas in cannabis print.

So much for the West Coast influence.

I happen to think you're a genius.

But you've been comfortable
for far too long.

You need to burn...

so you can rise from the ashes.

Kill Will.

You're giving me dangerous thoughts.

All great ideas are deadly.

I feel the same way with you right now

as I did when I kissed my first man.

How many times have you been
with a woman?

A few.

But they all ended...


No danger in that tonight.

What is this shit?

Where did you get the balls
to eat out of my dish, man?

I'll call you later.

By the way,

you're hard.

So that's it.

It's just over between us?

Don't be such a child.

What am I suppose to think?

I mean, I don't even get it.
All he has is money.

Then you do get it.

What? You're rich.

I used to be.

And then I met Bernie.

Madoff was very good

at separating people from their money,

because he'd make you beg

to give it to him.

All my rich friends got richer,

20% return every year.

But he wouldn't take mine,
not until he could get it all.

The stocks,

the bonds,

the hotel.

Bernie went to prison,

and I lost everything.

So that's why you didn't
want me to kill Drake?

Will Drake can't die

until after I marry him

and take every goddamn penny.

Jesus Christ.

It's no wonder you're in such a state,

sleeping five feet away from all this.

I don't do much sleeping anymore.

Which is why you're gonna take these.

Drink them down.

You don't have a fever.

You just need some rest.

A few hours sleep,
and everything will be clearer.


I'm so sorry, Alex.

I'm sorry I couldn't keep
our family together.

I'm sorry...

I couldn't bring
your boy back home to you.

I know.

It's not your fault.

I know how much you loved him.

More than me,

more than Scarlett.


It's okay.

I never minded.

That's how I love you.

Let's have another baby.


What am I doing?

We still love each other.

The divorce papers are here.

If you have any questions,
just call the lawyer.

Is this hell?


If this were hell, I'd be the one

in that awful Zara knockoff
that you're wearing.


Hi, Mommy.

Get the lead out, will you?

I'm terrified of needles.

I just want this over with.

First, you need to tell me

why I should be doing you this kindness,

when I could just push you
right out that window,

even things up.

Come on.

You're not gonna torment me now.

I think it would be good for you

to talk about why you want to die.


Entertain me with your self-loathing.

It's not about why die.

It's about

why continue to live.

I can't think of a single reason.

I guess I'm just not lovable.

Now, what's to say.

My own son hates me.

He always has.

You know, I see people
laughing and smiling

and I cannot for the life of me

understand why.

I just don't get the joke anymore.

I am the joke.

Hang on.

We are going total bye-bye,


You swear

you don't have
any unfinished business here?

Because I am stuck
in this place, thanks to you,

so I want to be one 100% sure
that when I do this,

I am done with your miserable old ass.

In other words,

don't haunt my hallways, bitch.

I want nothing more

than the dark silence of death itself.

Well, you've come to the right girl.

How many junkies

did you feed on, Donovan?

You're no good to anyone

in this condition,
so I'm gonna clean you up,

get that poison

out of your blood.

And then we'll see

if you can be of any use to me.

Who the hell are you?

Now, that's the wrong question.

What you should be asking is

who was I?

Somebody order room service?

I was the queen of them all.

No, we ordered hookers.

Get on your knees.


I don't get on my knees for no man.



Okay, guys.

That looked good.

I had come to Hollywood

with barely a high school education

and no prospects.

It wasn't long before I was a star.

My pictures grossed ten,

15 times what they cost to produce.

Somebody was making money.

It just wasn't me.

They call what we did B-movies.

I wanted more.

A chance, Mr. Samuels.

That's all I'm asking.

Before you cast Jane Fonda,

just let me read.

The role of Sally Hyde
is going to require...

A white woman.

A serious actress.

I'm very serious.

I'll tell you what.

I've taken a room at the hotel.

Why don't you come up for a drink,

and we can talk more about it.

Ramona Royale.

What an honor.

I've seen all your pictures.

You should go.


What did you just do?

Saved you from making

a humiliating mistake.

All she'd done

was look at that producer,
and he'd turn tail and run.

Now she was looking at me.

But I didn't feel like running.

She was this rarified,

timeless creature.

She knew everything

about art, literature, fashion.

This was the world I wanted to live in,

and she promised I could--


It was glorious.

She taught me I could be a lady

and badass.

There was nothing I couldn't be...

...except hers forever.

Prophet Moses was in the vanguard

of those early, heady days,

back when Tupac and Biggie
were making some noise.

But he hadn't broken through yet.

Which is why the record company

put him up at the Cortez
and not the Four Seasons.

Mo was a poet.

And he was, without exception,

the most beautiful man

I had ever seen.

I always thought

she was the great love of my life.

I was wrong.

It was Mo.

And I aimed to be with him forever.

You ready, baby?

I'm ready.

It's sad.

He could have had a future.

Who the hell are you?

Mo, Mo!

No, don't.

She must have really loved you.

What she couldn't have,

was one of her creations

creating something else.

There can only be one queen.

She took away from me

the only thing

that I ever really cared about.

And I plan to do the same thing to her.

You think by killing me

you'll get your revenge?

Not you, fool.

Those babies she made.

But I need access.

Someone on the inside.

And that someone

is gonna be you.

She dumped me last Tuesday.

You can go.

I thought you'd left us

for good.

It's a pretty humbling feeling

when you realize you have nowhere to go.

And what's out there for me?

I've got no money,

no friends I can crash with.

Pretty hard to explain away
a 20-year gap in my r?sum?.

And I've got a floppy
appendage between my legs

which keeps me from
wearing pencil skirts.

We all have our flaws, kitten.

I thought you were an actor.

You don't have to have a r?sum?

to be beautiful
or talent to be an actor.

Just ask Laurence Harvey.

I'm not an actor.

Four years of auditioning

and I booked one

under five on The Colbys.

Here's some moonshine for you.

I did get to work
with Charlton Heston, though--

not everyone can say that.

I don't even have a room at this hotel.

I have got nothing.

No one.

For eternity.

No pity party in my bar!

Especially when the guest of honor

can't see that he's the luckiest man

who ever checked into the Hotel Cortez.

You think you've tasted humility

out there on the streets?

You ain't tasted shit, young man.

I know,

because I have.

You should be ashamed of yourself

for abusing your mother. I abused her?

I do not deny that that woman
is horrible. Horrible.

But in the next hundred years of living,

you may find someone
who treats you better,

who screws you better,

who makes you laugh more than cry.

You'll never find anyone

who loves you as much as she does.

I'm not dead.


You're unbelievable.

I gave you enough to kill
an entire marching band.

Plan B.

Jesus, Iris.

Shouldn't be long now.




Ma, it's Dono.


She's resting.

Come back later.
I need to talk with her.

You leave her alone.

She's finally at peace.

No, Ma, no, no.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

Nothing she didn't ask me to do.

No, no.



She can't be dead.

She's all I've got.

Come on, man.

You told her you wanted her dead.

You bitch.

What are you doing?

No, don't do that.

Come back, Ma.

Come back to me, Mommy.

Come back to me.

There you go, there you go.

Yeah. Yeah.

Now there's some twisted poetic justice.