American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Tupperware Party Massacre - full transcript

Jimmy wallows in self-pity, and Dandy sets out to destroy the man who deprived him of the twins. Meanwhile, Desiree meets an old flame, and Elsa and Stanley track the Tattlers.

We've met before.

I don't think so.

I never forget a pretty face.

Your voice sounds so familiar,

I can almost place it.

Is that enough to start?

For five dollars,
you can ask me anything.

I've had a few recent

misadventures with the fairer sex.

You're a heartbreaker.

That's not hard to see.

I've hurt someone badly.

And the person
I always counted on for help...

can't help anymore.

And you're afraid
this time you'll have to pay.

Avon calling.

Is the lady
of the house available?

Do come in.

Mother would love
to have some company.



Now you're my puppet mother.

Let's play a game.

Mother, you be Dot.

Avon Lady,
whose name I don't know,

you get to play the part
of Bette!

You can rest easy.

The ball is clear as day.

Your indiscretion will
soon be forgotten.

What about, uh,

trouble from my past?

Oh, there is someone.

A dark cloud on the horizon.

There will be rain,
but... it'll pass.

And you'll go on
just like before,

breaking hearts.

I can't tell you

what it means
to hear those words.

You are my savior.

A hundred thank-you's,

Please, come back for a reading
any time.

You have true talent.

It would be a shame

to waste the powers
inside of you.

Ima, I've never seen
anybody like anything

more than you
and a mouthful of food.

I want to see it again.

Oh, you're
too good to me, Jimmy.

You find the twins yet?

I see you been doing
a lot of looking.

I've been busy feeding Ima.

Eat up, baby.

If you want it long and hard,

I need you soft and wide.

Jesus, Jimmy,
you are stinking drunk.


Wait up...!
What'd you do with the twins?

What'd you do with the twins?

Last I saw, they were with you.

But if you see Bette and Dot,

I'd be happy to take them back.

No questions asked.

I would never let them near you.

I know exactly who you are.

You were behind that mask.

You were the other clown.

Are you with this drunk?

Hey, come on, Jimmy.

Let's stand to one side,
let this...

No! No!

You're a murderer.

There's nothing worse

than an alcoholic
with bad hygiene.

Such a waste.

I'm gonna put you away if
it's the last thing I do!

God, you're pathetic.

And if you hadn't stolen
the twins from me,

I would leave you
here in your filth.

But you took away my
last chance at happiness.

And for that,

I must have revenge.

I'm your god, Jimmy.

And I've decided
that you need to suffer.

I'm going to destroy you

and everything you love.


it will be so much fun.

What do we do?

Oh, meine Liebchen!

Thank goodness
we have found you.

But look at this.

Living like animals.

But how wise of Ethel

to have hidden you away.

Where is Ethel?
What's going on?

There's a mob out there
hunting freaks.

Yes. More than a mob,
the entire town.

These Floridian rubes have
finally turned against us.

No freak is safe.

Ethel was the first to go.

Ethel's dead?

They tore her head off.

Imagine what a crazy mob
would do

with your two heads.
How did you find us?

It wasn't difficult.

I have my connections.

Are you sure she left a note?

Yes! Why would

she make up such a thing?

She was about to plug me good.

Ah, here!

A motor hotel
in West Palm Beach.

That's where
she stashed the twins.

She instructs Jimmy
to go find them.

We have to get you
someplace safe.

Not back to the camp.

No, no, no,
but we have a place in the plan.

I don't believe you.
Why should I trust anything you say?

Because I have done
what you asked.

The surgeon you wanted,
the one who separated

the Brodie Twins...

he is on his way down here.

Your every wish is about
to come true.

We already
looked over here.

All we did was call out
"Bette and Dot"

a couple of times.

Well, hello.

Who are you?

What do you want?

I came to see Miss Desiree.

The most beautiful woman

in the world.

Well, you come back
at show time,

like everyone else.

Uh, but we have a rendezvous...

You better scram, pal.

Or you'll have a rendezvous
with a black eye.

I'm a big girl, Maggie.

Go on.



I'm sorry, but I
could not stay away.


You better get
ahold of yourself,

Angus T. Jefferson.

Who was that?

My beau.

And you say anything, you gonna
be the one with the black eye.

I wouldn't dream of it.

Ain't that a sight?

Are you... serious?



Goddamn it, I was
so close to a nut!

Well, let's leave the pigs
to their rutting.

Shall we?

Sure knows how to ruin a party.

Let her go, honey.
You got me now.

He'll put it in anyone!
He's drunk!

Leave her out of this!

She's nice.

And soft.

No, don't go, don't go!

Don't touch me, you asshole!

She begs me to touch her!

Look at these knockers!

And I swear, she tastes
like a lemon lime lollipop.

Hey, you keep your hands off of him.

Or I'll jump on your ass
and I'll flatten you like a cracker!

You're nothing!

You could be a pillow!
A donut!

A sock!


You did?

My goodness!
What-what did it taste like?

I don't know-- like skin, but

softer and saltier, I think.

You are so liberal.

Well, all I know

is that someone got
a new stove delivered

from Sears and Roebuck
this afternoon.

Are you okay?

He's drunk.

He kept... missing.

I just paid him and left.

Who's next?

Goddamn starving.

You're disgusting.

I'm rolling over in my grave.


I gave birth to you,

squatting by an oak tree.

Nearly killed me.

The worrying,

the sacrifices,
and all for what?

I'm sorry, Ma.

Why'd you do that to yourself?

Why didn't you come
to me for help?

I didn't have
much time left anyway.

No one was gonna preserve
Ethel Darling

and keep her around
past her time.

How did you store leftovers
in your day, Ethel?


Is that what these are for?

Keeping old food fresh?

I'm confused.

I need you!

When you protect the past,

you lose the future.

You're wasting
your life grieving over me.

You were supposed
to redeem our sorry line.

To think,

I wasted all my hopes and dreams

on another

no-good drunk,

like his father.

Oh, Ethel,

you're a delight.

I'm so sorry!

I'm so sorry.

♪ What a wonderful holiday ♪

♪ With bells on every sleigh ♪

♪ And voices full
of happy cheer ♪

♪ Bringing all the good luck
and health ♪

♪ You'd ever wish yourself... ♪

I am so sorry, ladies.

Maybe we should eat.

Should we call the police?


It's okay.


Am I interrupting?

My, that dress is a magical color.

What is that, periwinkle?

Lana Lobell calls it
"Spanish Sky."

That's remarkable.

I'm sorry.

My car just broke down.

Would you mind if I came in
and borrowed your telephone

to call the auto club?

I'm happy to pay you
for the call.

Nonsense. Come in.

Thank you.

Dot, look.

Our diaries.

I have so missed my writing.

I thought you would.

So I brought some
of your things,

and, well, some of mine,

to make the place
seem more homey.

How long do you expect us
to stay here?

Oh, not for long.

Just until the doctor arrives.

Well, I don't understand.

He's gonna operate on us here?

Oh, God.

Oh, no, I can't.

- No!
- I can't.

No. I took those girls in.

I promised to protect them.

And now what? Murder?

I love my monsters.

- I truly do.
- Of course you do.

A heart as passionate as you,
to give so much on the stage...

cannot help but feel empathy
for God's cast-offs.

In fact,

I came
to the same conclusion myself.

What conclusion?

I realized you were right
all along.

The best way to send
those girls off in style

is to give them
exactly what they want.

So I made a few calls
to Hollywood.

To Hollywood?

I was, uh, chummy with
Greer Garson's dermatologist.

She happens to be close
personal friends

with a Chicago doctor,

this guy who separated
the twins.

I called him up
on the telephone.

You called him?

If the twins are separated,

they can be
no more trouble to you.

It's a win-win-win.

We go off to California.

The girls can stay here to live
their two separate lives.

What's this table doing here?

This is for
the initial examination.

The actual surgery will
take place in the hospital.

Dr. Sugar is seeing to all
the arrangements now.

It's all very...


Uh, you'll be transported there
under cover of night,

of course.

How much is this gonna cost us?

Not a penny.
Since he worked

with the Brodie twins,

Dr. Sugar is fascinated
by your case.

One of those twins died.

That's true,
but Dr. Sugar assured me

that that casualty was due
to a very rare infection,

and he's now perfected
his technique.

So we both can live.

Well, just imagine it, Bette.

You can go to the movies
any time you want.

Sing along to the radio
and dance all night.

With one leg.
I explained to Dr. Sugar

that you each had
your own heart and lungs.

He said there's no reason

why you can't be split
down the middle.

Bette, enough!

After all these years together,
I want my freedom.

A chance at love

like a normal woman.

How can you not understand that?


No, I won't.

I won't do it.

It's barbaric.

They'll anesthetize you girls,

so you won't feel a thing.

Your sister's right.

You need your own lives.

I have to go
to the train station.

Our good doctor should
be arriving any minute.

Honey, I thought we agreed

to these parties if your friends
don't block the driveway

with their cars.

I had to park halfway down
the street, for Christ's sake.



I knew you'd come back.

I've been to the cops, Dandy.

I've asked them for help
in finding my mother.


I killed your mother.



Is this hers?

Is this my mother's blood?

Oh, no, no, no.
We buried her weeks ago.

Mother and I.

Recently, I killed her as well,

and that's when I discovered
the power of bathing in blood.

This is fresh blood
from some lovely ladies

I killed earlier today.

Pay attention, Regina!

I cannot begin to tell you

how it felt.

The kind of control

over their lives.

Their trust,

their fear,

their pain, their confusion.

I believe I am living
my destiny.

I'm finally happy.


Oh, good for you.

They're not.

My mother isn't.

Take a bath with me, Regina.

Like when we were little.

I have so many questions
for you.

Like, when did you know?

You must have had a sense,
at least,

that I was destined to be...


I am a god.

A god who has chosen

to walk among men.

I have no interest
in killing you.

You are the only one
in this house worth a damn.

Stop acting so scared of me!

Get in the tub!

I want to go.

I want to leave now.

I decide when you leave here.

I thought you were
my special family.

But you are just

a hideous, predictable


It's going to be lonely.

I should've anticipated that.

I'll get used to it.

Get out.


Before I decide
to kill you, too!

I'm above the law!

Beyond the law!

I am the law!

You mad at me?

I'm not dim, you know.

Everyone thinks
you're the smart one,

'cause you're so practical,

but I pay attention.

I know they can't
separate us fully.

One of us can survive
that surgery, not both.

That's not true.

They've learned so much
from the Brodie case.

Oh, please, Dot.

Please stop lying to me.

I am so tired of this life
of ours, Bette.

This infinite

intolerable arranged marriage.

Aren't you tired of it?

And I don't want you dead.

I don't.

I just never dreamed
it might be possible

for one of us to live
a normal life.

Mother refused to buy us
lace-up shoes

'cause she insisted we would
never be able to tie them.

But we spent hours
working it out

till we finally cracked it.

Same with needlepoint.

There was nothing
we could not work through

when we put our heads together.

No one can
understand our burden.

You and I have endured a life

that would've driven
most people mad,

but to me,
it's been a gift, really.

We've been given the opportunity

to really love another person.

To love them as
you love yourself.

And love...

is about sacrifice.

It's answering the question

how much would you give

for the health and happiness

of the one you love?

I have the same longings as you.

Same dreams of a normal life.

You could never
survive without me.

I know.

I would like to think I could.

But I don't think I could
actually stand being alone.

And we're not bad people.

We're good people, good girls,

and we've seen
so much suffering.

We deserve a chance.

And I know now

that neither of us can have that

if we stay like this.

I would rather, one of us,
truly live...

than both of us
withering away together.

What are you saying?

Just that any man

would be lucky to have you.

And the Tattler sisters
will not be defeated.

And if it comes to it...

...if they had to make a choice,
during surgery,

that only
one of us would live...

...I want to give my life
to you, sister.

I want to give

my life so you can have one.

I love you, Bette.

I love you, Dot.

Going someplace?

It's none of your business.

Oh... oh, you're wrong.

Everything you do from
here on out is my business.

You weren't thinking
of heading back

to the, uh, High Noon, were you?

Word is that pretty
little hustler of yours...

he ain't coming back.

Some-Something's happened
to Andrew?

You know that for a fact?

Forget about Andy.

He's just gone.

He forgot about you
a long time ago.

So pull yourself together.

You're acting like a man
who's guilty of something.

Yeah, that's better.

Can't have you
going around half-cocked.


I'm never half-cocked.


Holy shit.

See? See?

You forgot about Andy already.

Why, you're...

You're a freak.

You should see it when it's angry.

Want to touch it?

You're disgusting.

No, no... if that's
what you want...

Go on...

It'll be our s...
your secret shame.

It'll be my secret shame.

It's fun...

to have secrets...

...isn't it, Dell?

Sign it.

Some strong man.


You come here
to talk me out of it.

You can't.

I made up my mind.

Talk you out of it?

Hell, I'm here to watch.

Go on, do it.


I am a coward.

Just can't take
the shame of it no more...


what I am.

A freak.

As it turns out, yeah.

I swear to Christ, Ethel, I don't know
how you and the others manage it.

We manage it because we have to.

We wear our shame
on the outside.

There's no hiding it.

It's just who we are.

Now, you...

you carry your shame
on the inside.

You keep it trapped in there.

It eats away at you,

feeding on you
like a living thing,

till there's nothing
left but the rot.

I've been fighting it
for so long.

I just don't have
any fight left in me.

You never were strong, Dell,

no matter how much
weight you could lift,

or how many steel bars
you could bend.

You always been weak.

Step up on that chair.

This ain't gonna take much.

You're gonna let the weight
of your body do the work.

Step up to that rope
and get it done.

Oh, Dell...


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry...

Hello, Doctor.

Ah, not yet, not yet.

Pleasure comes first
from anticipation.

Deh, deh, deh...

All right, let's run
through this again.

Dr. Sugar, tell me the names
of your most famous patients.


Shit, I forgot.

Brodie. Okay.

I wrote it in the first line
of the first page:

Two boys, one name, Brodie.

Okay, just... let's just,
let's keep this simple.

There's only one line
you really have to land.

We've learned a lot since
the... Brady case--

Brodie case...

and I feel confident
that the separation

will be a success
for the both of you.


I don't really have
to cut them, do I?

No! No one's going
to be cutting into anyone.

We're just going to be
putting them to sleep.

It's called euthanasia.

Trust me, they'll
drift off peacefully.

It's like putting down
a sad puppy

who's been hit by a car.

We're doing these girls
a kindness.

But I like puppies.

Of course you do,
you sweet, innocent boy.

Now, get over here
and suck my cock.

Oh... oh, oh, oh, oh...



You brought a guest.

This is the police, Dandy.

I've told them everything

and now you're gonna pay.

Detective Colquitt, Jupiter PD.

Mr. Mott, this young lady
has made some serious accusations.

You mind answering some questions?

Come in.

I have nothing to hide.

My mother taught me
the importance of decorum.

Offering an aperitif

is the first duty

of a gracious host.

And where is your mother?

You killed her, and you
killed my mother, too.

We can put all this to rest,
sir, if your mother

would just come down and
show us she's alive and well.

I already told you,

they're dead.

Just let the man talk.

Believe it or not,

Regina and I grew up together.

We were childhood best friends,


until the summer I turned nine

and became aware of the
difference in our stations.

But even though
we've grown apart,

I've never known Regina to lie.

So... if she says I killed them,

then they must be dead.

I told you.

He's a maniac.

Who knows how many
people he's killed?

You're gonna fry for
your crimes, Dandy.

But what she didn't tell you,
Detective Colquitt,

is the absolute conviction

that I'm going
to get away with it.

The Mott family owns
the biggest brands

of frozen foods across America.

You'd be surprised
how much money can be made

one block of spinach at a time.

So, including this estate

and the house in Montauk

and the stocks and bonds held
in trust from my grandfather,

the fortune left to me

could easily sustain
a small country.

But more importantly,

I've been imbued with the light.

I have seen the face of God,

and he is looking at me

from the mirror.

I can think of nothing
that can stop me now.

You should stop talking, sir.

You're digging yourself a hole.

I have a better idea.

You dig a hole.

For her.

You work for me, and I will
pay you $1 million.


You got a shovel?

What are you doing?

Did Elsa put you up to this?

Put it back!

Where it was!

I said put it back!


I'll do it myself.


Leave me alone!


What are you doing here?

Where you been?

We were about to do
something horrible.

Not we.

Me. I was.

I thought I knew what was best.

But I was wrong.

I thought the only way

I could be happy...

the only way
I could feel whole...

was to be separated
from my sister.

I thought Bette was the problem.

But she wasn't.

It was me.

My sweet...

sweet sister is
the purest part of my soul.

We're a family.

We belong together

and I know that now.


even family leaves.

Nothing stays.

I was so terribly sorry
to hear about your mother.

You're in such pain.

I can feel it.

But you're not alone.

And you never have
to be alone again.

What do you mean?

Jimmy Darling...

I have loved you

since the first moment
I set eyes on you.

You were warm

and you were kind.

And you looked right at me.

You didn't flinch,

not even a bit.

And in that moment,

I felt I could face anything

with you by my side.

You are the only man for me.

'Cause you're like us.


but special.

Let me take your pain away.

Replace it with love.


I don't know what to say.


uh, how do you feel
about all this?

I support Dot.

And Dot wants you.


well, it's your body, too.

I can give you privacy.

Close my eyes

and disappear for a while.

We could make you
so happy, Jimmy.

Not many men can boast

of a blonde and
a brunette for a wife.

Well, didn't you like it?

Two souls, two mouths,

devoted only to you.

To pleasing you.

It could be that way always.

I care about you.

Both of you.

But I can't.

The truth is...

...I'm in love
with someone else.

She's a very lucky girl.

We have to go.

What the hell do you want?

Jimmy Darling,
you're under arrest...


...for the murders
of Sylvia Mills,

Myrna Austen,

Joanne Gallagher...


Wait, what?

Wait, I don't even know
any of those ladies.

We have evidence.

You left your glove

at the crime scene, Lobster Boy.

What kind of sicko goes after
a bunch of sweet housewives

just looking to buy
some Tupperware?

Wait, wait, wait,
you got it all wrong.

I didn't...
I didn't do anything!

No, he has been here
all day with me!

You need to back up.
This has to be...

- Back up!
- Hey!

Do not touch her!

You can't take him!
He didn't do anything!

I didn't do anything! Come on!



I didn't do nothing!