American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Bullseye - full transcript

Elsa prepares for her television show by bringing out a new act. Meanwhile, Paul pursues romance and the twins settle in to their new home.

Take it to the big tent.

Fate. Destiny. Luck.

The prisons of man.

People pass the time, enjoying
the choices life provides--

coffee or tea, right or left.

As if it matters.

We are all just
spinning on the wheel.

There is but one way
to keep off the wheel.

It's not youth.


It's not beauty or true love.

I know how to stay
off the wheel.

I control my fate.

I have survived because I know

one must be willing
to destroy anyone, anything,

even the things you love,
to keep the gods in check.

What in the hell did you
bring that old thing out for?

I was a master of the
wheel in my youth.

We used to strap a carny up here

and William Tell
an apple right off his head.

Are we working this

back into the show?

Oh, no, darling.


It's going to be

my second act mainstay.

Well, I hope you're not planning
on leaving too soon.

With the twins gone

and if you go, I mean,

there's not gonna be
much show left.

It was selfish of them to leave.

Well, everybody's just
worried about them.

Well, tell them to stop.

I take that ungrateful
hydra dress shopping,

and the second I turn my back

to buy a slip,

they sneak out the back.

Truth is, the stage isn't
for everybody, you know.

And tell our monsters

that the only thing
they should be thinking about

is how grateful they are to me

for saying yes
to this television show.

In a couple of months,

I will have you all, every one
of you, brought out to join me.

Oh, they are grateful.

I mean, it's your birthday week.

They're out there

working on your presents.

And I'm gonna make you the best
damn cake you ever had.


Now, go on, leave me.

I need to practice.

Okay, you're the boss, Elsa.

Yes, I am.

I like Dora better.

Well, hindsight is 20/20, dear.

Look under the dome;
I bought you a present.


What are these for?

You're a young man with
a young man's needs.

Inbreeding has caused
enough pain in this family.

We don't need to muddy
the waters any further

with whatever curse led
to those girls' affliction.

I would never violate
those girls.

I love them.

I didn't think I could feel love
until I met them.

My heart was lost.

And it took a woman
with the vision of four eyes

to find it,

and the love of two hearts
to give it back to me.

What do you think?

Are you going to escort them
to cotillion?

I will not allow you

to isolate us from the world
because of some new fetish.

Because they're freaks?!

So am I, Mother!

When I'm with them,
I feel normal.


There comes a time
in every mother's life...

...when she must give up her son
to another woman.

I'm going to marry
those girls, Mother.

We're going to be together


(Elsa gasps)

Oh, Ethel.

Oh, you have outdone yourself.

They say all the movie stars
use Westmore.

You got to have the best

on your big trip
out to Hollywood.


Well, come on, step lively.

Supposed to be a party.

Who's next?

What have we here?



Paul, you cheeky bastard.


What can this be?


I will keep you warm, Miss Elsa.

Oh, liebchen!

Liebchen, liebchen, liebchen.


My very own hot water bottle
to cuddle with at night.




What's the matter?

Why such long faces?

This is just the beginning

of our glorious week
of festivities.

Why so gloomy?

We miss the twins.

Did they say anything
before they took off

about why they wanted to leave?

PAUL: Maybe we should
go search for them.

They might be lost or...


Enough about the twins.

I will have no more of this!

We bring them in,

give them a home, a family,

and how do they repay us?

By disappearing into the night.

So, no more about the twins!

Do you hear me?!

Now, I demand that you start
having fun this instant.

Or I'll put one of you
up against that wheel.

♪ ♪

Oh, no.

No, no.

Not you, too, mit the long face.

Who, me?

Perhaps you are sad
that I'm leaving?

Don't lie to me, liebchen.

Are you falling a
little in love?


Well, don't.

We don't do that, you and I.

Does anyone know about us?

Of course not.

They all assume when
I sneak into your tent at night

that I'm putting a mint
on your pillow.



How sweet.

You know...

perhaps you could
come out there with me.

I mean, before the others, huh?

You do know how to please me.

Are you able to drive?

I imagine I could learn.

Of course...

when I have a-a
normal suitor,

you could simply pretend
you are my chauffeur.

Which, of course, you would be.

I'm flattered that you would
even give me a passing thought.

Go away now.

Oh, but before you do...

bring me my... my
cuddle, my darling.

Sleep well, Miss Elsa.



Oh, Ma Petite.

(whispers): Je t'aime
plus que les autres.

(laughs softly)


♪ ♪

You've pricked yourself
climbing up the trellis,

my poor thing.

It's worth it to have
your hand on my face.

Mm, you smell so good.

Venetian Romance.

My favorite perfume.

(chuckles softly)


Don't you want me, Paul?

I want you more than you know.

You're the softest,
sweetest thing.

Like the roses
in my mum's garden.

So why don't we make love?
You didn't have any trouble

when there were
lots of people watching.

It was different that night.

I'm in love with you now.

You make me feel like
when I was young,

before life stole my innocence.

Before we make love, I want
you to know me-- as a man,

not just a lover.

I've got so much more to offer.

(pounding on door)

Who are you talking to?

Why is this damn door locked?

Because I was sick of
living like a prisoner,

you barging in here any time
you like, day or night.

Heard you talking to someone.

I was listening to the radio.

Don't play
the indignant card with me.

You about put your mother to
the loony bin when you ran off.

And now this last little stunt
where you disappeared again.

Coming home, looking like
something the cat dragged in.

That will not happen again while
you are living under my roof!

Okay, I'm not deaf.

Can I go to sleep now?

I'm your pop.

Just doing my job.

Making sure
my little girl is safe.

BETTE: Dear Diary,
"happiness" is too small a word

to describe how I feel.

The shades of gray
that was my world

has turned incandescent
with color,

so bright I can see them
with my eyes closed.

The horizon appears
unlimited to me now,

as if I was a bird in flight.

Am I a fool, or has love
opened my heart?

Hello, ladies.

Look what I have for you.

You must be famished.

I didn't know
what you would wanted,

so I had Cook make

one of... everything.

(gasps): Oh.
What's that?


Beluga from Siberia.

I've heard of caviar.

It's outrageously expensive.
DOT: Bette.

It's slimy fish eggs.


Nothing is too good
for my girls.

Have a taste.

Go ahead.




You can have it with every meal.

BETTE: Dot warned me about men
and their sexual appetites,

but her fears
have proven unfounded.

Dandy is a gentleman
through and through.


I've never felt this way before.

When he is near, my heart races
so rapidly I fear I will faint.

Could it be
that I've finally found

the person I can't live without?


Dear Diary,

what manner of servitude
my sister and I

have found ourselves in
is not certain.

I trust you girls
have everything you need.

I was hoping we could
go back and retrieve

some personal items
from our tent.

GLORIA: (laughs)
That won't be necessary.

You've seen the last
of that horrid place.

Make a list.

We'll replace everything you had

with something brand-new.

You can have
anything you want, Dot.


I'll make sure of it.

DOT: We haven't been beaten,
nor are we bound by chains.

I have to wonder though
what dark intentions await.

Here's something in the news
that might be of interest.

They performed the first
surgery separating

Siamese twins.

What does it say?

"The 15-month-old
Brodie twins

"are in separate cots for the
first time in their lives.

"A 12-hour,
40-minute operation

"severed the tissue, nerve cords

and blood vessels
that joined them."


Aren't they cute?

DOT: And suddenly it was
clear why we were here.

They're adorable.

The lifetime it would take

for me to save the money
for the surgery?

Dandy had it at his fingertips.

(doorbell jingles)


(chuckles softly)

It's Dorothy.

I go by my full name
now that half of me is gone.

Yeah, I heard about the surgery.

I am so sorry for your loss.

I'm not.

Dale Carnegie said, "If you
have a lemon, make a lemonade."

With Dandy's easy money,

this gilded cage
may finally set me free.

Thank you.
Thank you.

(doorbell jingles)

Good day to you, sir.

A bottle of lady's
perfume, if you please.

Venetian Romance, it's called.

We're out.

Well, what's that there
on the shelf behind you?

Oh. That Venetian Romance.




I could find only one
medium stiff-bristled faux

bone-handled lady's

I require two.

Your selection
is woefully lacking.

I could check around back.

Do so at once.

I know you.

You and your mum.

You tried to buy out the house.

You're part of that freak show.

Well, can't say
we were very impressed

with the quality
of the presentation.

We will not be returning.

Seemed to me you liked
it plenty at the time.

You tried to buy the Tattler
sisters, as I recall.

I'm sure I don't know
what you're talking about.

Now please don't
speak to me any further.

Is this freak
bothering you, sir?

Yes, as a matter of fact, he is.

He tried to pick my pockets.

That's a laugh.

Get out.

We don't sell to thieves.

If I was a thief, I would have
taken it, wouldn't I?

Get out or I'll call the cops.

Go ahead. I've got my rights.

You're not even American.

I have the right
to refuse service.

And I'm refusing to serve you.

This place is overpriced anyway.

I'm going to take my
business to Woolworth's.

They've got ice cream.

Good show tonight.

Yeah. The gate was
a little lighter than usual.

People were coming
to see those twins.

Nothing we can
do about that now.

It doesn't bother you-- the
way they just wandered off?

I guess they were
never really happy here.

I ran into that weirdo
at the drugstore.

You know, that rich kid

who bought the house out
a few weeks ago?

He was buying two
of all these girly things.

Makeup, brushes.

What are you saying?

Well, think about it
for a second.

Elsa hated them from
the minute they got here

for taking her spotlight away.

They go, and she's
right back in it.

That Hollywood guy
wants her again.

You shut your mouth!

Elsa has a dark heart, sure,

but she saved every one of us,
including me,

you, and Bette and Dot.

You know your problem?

You can pass.

And when no one's pretending,

all the bullshit and the
noise just drops away.

From your position, Elsa looks
like our guardian angel.

But from where I'm sitting,
I see a jealous broad

near the end of the line
who'd kill anyone or anything

that got in the way of
her one last shot at it.

Oh, thank you, Dandy.

This is the perfect shade.


"Siamese twin,

"separated, dies alone.

"Roger Lee Brodie, the larger
of the conjoined twins

separated by a surgery hailed as
a medical miracle, has died."

But one survived.

Rodney is still alive.
It's a blessing.

It's an abomination.

Science should never
subvert the will of God.

Is that what you think we are?

God's will or God's cruel joke?

What's gotten into you?

We are what we are,

and no amount of wishful
thinking is gonna change that.

My arm, your leg.

Where do you end and I begin?

Don't you realize by now
that we are always

going to share everything?

My thoughts are my own, sister.

You like secrets,
don't you, Dot?

I noticed your diary
is always locked.

My diary is my sanctuary.

My one private place.

And Bette and I have made a pact

never to read
what the other has written.

We should have
no confidences between us.

Let's make a deal.

I'll tell you a secret
if you tell me one.

I'll start.

Remember the murders?

The clown killer.

The abducted children.

I was there.

I killed the clown.

I saved those kids.


The girl, too.

No, Jimmy would never
lie about that.

You're the true hero.

Lobster Boy was unconscious.

Ask him yourself.

I told you a secret;
now you tell me yours.


What do you mean, no?

I mean... no.

We had a deal.
Tell me your secret. Now.

You're making me angry, Dot.

What's the matter with you?

Tell him something. Anything.

He lied about Jimmy.

I did not.

I did not lie, you bitch!

I don't like this game anymore!

You're not playing by the rules!


Anybody see you come out here?

No. Everyone's
either asleep

or drunk or in some
drug-induced haze.

So what's the scoop?

The twins are gone for sure.

Nobody knows exactly where.

Elsa claims they left town.

That's bullshit.

Twin girls don't
get a bus ticket out of town

without somebody noticing.

Well, they're not
on the grounds.

Fine, so forget the twins,
for now. But I need a payday.

We got to have something we can
transport-- something easy.


(clicks tongue)

Fresh catch of the day.


Just the lobster claws.

Uh, you, what... you want
to cut off his hands?

Don't be squeamish. We're not
gonna do it while he's alive.


What's this?

These are directions
to the barn I'm renting.

You lure him out there.

You, uh, shake
your pert little bottom,

and I'll be waiting.
I can't.

Why not?

Because he's leaving.
That's perfect.

That way, nobody will ask any
questions when he goes missing.

Stanley, think about
all the blood.

I mean, there'd be so much
to clean up, we'd have to

get rid of a body-- I mean,
there's just too many ways

that could go south.
You got a better idea?

I, uh...

Actually, I do.

You want something easy to transport?

I got just the thing.

And it won't even fight back.

You nice lady.

MAGGIE: It'll be quick, easy,
and nothing for us to clean up.


Got some lungs on her
for such a little thing.

Let me out!

Hey! Hey!

Let me out!


Let me out! Hey!

Ah, ah, ah.


Hey, let me out! Hey!

(muffled grunting)

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

(grunting stops)

MAGGIE: We can shred
some of her clothes,

dump them in the bog.

Everyone will think
some animal got to her.

Boy... you are ruthless.

When I have to be.

♪ ♪

♪ For the days dwindle down ♪

♪ To a precious few ♪

♪ September ♪

♪ November ♪

♪ And these few ♪

♪ Precious days ♪

♪ I'll spend with you ♪

♪ These precious days ♪

♪ I'll spend ♪

♪ With you... ♪

A little culture
for the TV viewers.

God knows they need it.

Well... do you think
they'll like it?

I think they'll love it.

Sleep well.

Wait. You're
not staying?

Um, well, I'm just
a bit dodgy tonight.

I've got a lot on my mind.

I wouldn't want
to disappoint you.

What have you got on your mind,
lover boy, huh?

Come over here.


Just a good night kiss.

You reek of Venetian Romance.

I can't imagine
any of my monsters

wearing perfume.

So tell me...

who are you screwing?

I don't believe, Mum,
that's any of your business.

It's all my business, you prick.

Who are you
to talk to me like that?

Who am I?

Who are you?
That's the real question.

You're certainly
not the fairy queen

you pretend to be--
quite the opposite.

It seems to me that

we're all here to serve

your deceitful and demonic soul!

Now, tell me...
where are those twins?

The truth.
Everyone's talking.


Talking about what?

The general consensus
is that you've done

something nefarious
with those girls!

Sheisse. Pure sheisse.

Go wake them all up.

Wake them up!



No, no, no, no, no!


You ungrateful ingrates!

I rescue you from the squalor

of your miserable existences,

and this is
how you repay me? Huh?

With accusations,
disgusting rumors!

Now, which one of you believes
that I had anything to do

with the disappearance
of those girls? Huh?

Speak up!

But you're not shy

about gossiping
behind my back, are you?

Go ahead, say it!

Say it to my face!

Toulouse, have you forgotten
where I found you? Huh?

Shackled to that chain gang,

chipping away at rocks
with that pathetic

baby pickaxe? Huh?

Have you forgotten

who bribed the guard
to let you out? Who?!

Elsa, you got it all wrong.

You two.

Rotting away in that
shit-smeared orphanage!


Even your sister didn't
want you anymore!

Your family sent you away!

You'd still be lying there
in that urine-soaked mattress,

starving, gnawing on rats

if I hadn't pulled you
into the spotlight.

Look at these.

Look at these!


Shabbily made!


They're all meaningless!

Meaningless! Meaningless!

You should be ashamed.

After everything
that I have done for you, huh?

Everything that
I have sacrificed for us.

(sobs softly)

For our family.

And I still...
have not won your trust.


calm down, please.

Of course we trust you.

Prove it to me!


T-Tell us...

a way.

How can we convince you?

The wheel!

Nobody leaves here
until one of you is strapped in

and proves to me

your unadulterated
trust and loyalty.

I will settle for nothing less.

I'll do it.

No. Me.

It should be me.

Try not to miss.

I always miss, darling.

That's the point.

Ladies and gentlemen,

prepare yourselves for
the most death-defying scene.

It takes but a split second

for this knife to travel
from my fingertips

to the edge of the wheel.

A split second...

that separates life from death.

Spin the wheel, Eve.

(wheel creaking)

(others scream)

Now, you may think

that this man's destiny
rests in Miss Elsa's hands.

But fate

is the true master of us all.

(others scream)

And yet...

fate is not unkind.

Reversal of fortune
can be swift.

The pauper can be made king.


Oh, no!

Get him down!

Get him down!
ELSA: Oh, my God! What have I done?!

No, no!
It was an accident!

Oh, God.

No, Evie, don't!

Oh! We need a doctor.

Call a doctor!
I'll see to it.

Take him to the caravan.


(gun cocks)

Don't take another step.

Jesus Christ, Daddy.

A gun?
It's 2:00 in the morning.

You could've been
a goddamn intruder.

Go back to your room.

Or what, you'll shoot me?

Here's the scoop, Dad.

I'm in love, and I'm gonna

go see him right now.

I'm gonna have a life

that means something,
a life with some excitement,

a life that's real.

Not this goddamn
middle-class hell.

You're not going anywhere!

Are you gonna shoot me?

Well, go on then.

(laughs): I'd rather die
right here on this staircase

than live in this house
with you another minute.

(door slams)


The moon is beautiful.


You are beautiful.

Oh... quiet.

Where we go?

There, that barn.
That's where your surprise is.

A pony?

I dream to ride a pony.

(Ma Petite giggling)

We're gonna play a game.

I like games.


I'm gonna put you
in this jar, okay?

Like butterfly?

Yeah. Like a butterfly.


you came back.


I... I'm looking
for Paul.

What's going on?

What happened?


How is the pain, liebchen?

Oh, here.

Here. Have some more.


You know, the irony of it,

I mean, after all
the sturm und drang...

...I don't think that the
spinning wheel act is right

for The Elsa Mars Hour.

I think it is too raw, too
difficult for most viewers.

Don't you agree? Hmm?

You never even called
a doctor, did you?

Oh, how can you say that?

You know that's not true.

But, you know...

...I would not shed a
tear if you were to die.

Not because you're a freak,

but because you betrayed me.

(door opens)
PENNY: Oh, my God!

I knew something had happened
when you didn't come!

Speaking of cheap perfume.


I'm sorry... my love.

Don't speak.
Just... just hold my hand.

How long ago did you call
for the ambulance?

What's taking them so long?


I don't know. They don't
seem to be in any rush.


Really, Ma?

You're making a cake?

Cake was made.

No point in leaving
off the frosting.

Ma, Paul could die.

I said a prayer for him.

Not much else I could do.

What did the doctor say?

The doctor never came.
But Elsa said...

Elsa said a lot of things,
like the twins ran away,

but I'm not so sure,
and neither was Paul.

He tried to tell me,
but I didn't want to hear it.

If Elsa says, the twins ran off,

then the twins ran off.

That's the end of the story.


Jimmy, you in there?

Is it Paul?
No. It's Ma Petite.

Something's happened to her.

What happened?
I don't know.

She wasn't at
breakfast this morning.

She never misses breakfast.
I don't know where she puts it.

I checked her trailer,
but she's not there.

All right, listen,
don't panic, all right?

We're just gonna round up
everybody, okay?

(both laughing)

Where you two been?

We got up before sunrise
and went hunting fireflies.

Suzi made hotcakes.


You two coming?

You guys go ahead.

Fireflies, huh?


Though I think
she'd prefer a pony.

Who wouldn't?


Let's run away together.

If-if we leave now,

we can make it to Pensacola
before dark.

Or south to Miami,
or even the Keys.

I don't care where we go,
so long as it's together.

Do you really mean it?

Damn right I do.

Just one thing I
have to do first.


Just have your bags packed.



This is the ticket
I was gonna use

to go to Philadelphia tonight.

Had plans
to visit a certain museum.

In fact, I had
called said museum,

long distance, to tell them
a package was arriving.

Wait, let me explain. I...

No, no, no. No. No, no, no.

Let me explain to you.

If your corpse were half
as valuable as Ma Petite,

you'd be soaking in
formaldehyde right now.

Luckily for you, your dead
body isn't worth anything.

The twins are still missing.

All the freaks
are on high alert.

I can't just walk
out of camp with her.

No more excuses.
I'm turning this in,

the cost of which will be
deducted from your share,

for the next train
to Philadelphia.

And we're going back to my plan.

Which is what?

Get Jimmy to the shed.

I'm bringing those lobster
claws to the museum.

Dandy, I brought you snackies!

Go away!

I have RC Cola, too!


Darling, why are you crying?

Don't fret.

I sent the twins
on a constitutional

across the grounds
to get some fresh air.

They'll be back in half an hour.


Is this what has
made you so upset?

It's Dot's.


Read it.

Read it out loud.

I want to hear it out loud
so I know it's real.

"Wednesday. Oh, my God,

"when can we get out
of this dreadful place?

"The house is a palace,
but that man-boy, yuck.

"I've begun to associate
the taste of caviar

"with the pain of listening
to him drone on and on

"about the most boring subjects.

"And I lived my life
a shut-in for 30 years,

"so boring me is not easy to do.

"I suppose I must continue
to tolerate him in order to keep

"collecting enough money
for the surgery.

"He gives me a ten dollar bill

"every time I laugh
at one of his terrible jokes.

"I'd rather die than kiss him.

"Oh, well,

"at least the good news

"about the Brodie Twins
lifts my spirits.

Shame about
the dead one."

Oh, darling.

The other one still adores you,
doesn't she?

I know. Let's give the one who
likes you one of my fox stoles

or a tennis bracelet.

The other one will
be green with envy

and be practically begging
for your affection

in no time at all.

I don't want to buy love!

I wish you could be
inside my body

for one minute to know
what it feels like to be me!

It's like
when I had tuberculosis,

and you took me out
to the Utah desert,

and there was nothing
but dry open space

for hundreds of miles around us.

That is what is inside of me.

Those girls were a cool stream
of glacier water.

My heart bloomed
as they nourished it.

And now it's all gone.

There is nothing left
but the dust

and the scorpions inside of me.

I was never destined
to feel love.


The desert knows no mercy.

Anything you try
to plant out there dies.

I must accept this emptiness

as a blessing, not a curse.

I know why
I was put here, Mother.

My purpose is to bring death.

(doorbell rings)

(doorbell rings twice)

Can I help you?

I'm here to see your son.
I'm a friend of his.

My son has no friends.

Hey, it's Jimmy
from the freak show.

Remember me?

Let him in, Mother.

He's here for the girls.

(door closes)

Bad luck for the birthday girl

not to have a hunk
of her own cake.

(chuckles softly)

And the rest?

They're with Paul.

I think they just don't feel
like celebrating right now.

Of course not.

A family must come together
when tragedy strikes.

And we are the only family
most of us have ever known.

I had a sister once.

She was born
two years before me,

but she died as an infant.

I don't think
my parents ever recovered.

I think I was meant
to heal their pain, but...


...I just reminded them

of what was lost.

I had to create a family.

Everyone here--

they are all my babies.

My special ones.

I love them all.

(chuckles softly)

But you...

You are the sister...

...I never met.

(crying softly)

That's why I saved you

from that hell you were in.

Why don't they know my heart?

You got one in the belly.


Between that
and the twins disappearing,

faith and loyalty

only take people so far.



I'll tell you one thing.

If I ever find out
you were lying

and did wrong by those girls,

I'll kill you
with my own two hands.

Now... make a wish.

I just want to be loved.