American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 13 - Curtain Call - full transcript

Dandy oversteps the mark as the new owner of the freak show and most of the company, all fed up with his antics, quit. His response is exactly what you would expect: he goes out and kills everyone in sight. Some survive however and plan their own unique revenge on the erstwhile showman. Meanwhile, Elsa arrives in Los Angeles but doesn't quite get the reception she had hoped for. She perseveres however and soon realizes her dream. Happiness however proves to be elusive.

(Paul) Yeah,
you want to put it up

a couple of inches
on your side, love.

(vehicle approaching)

(vehicle approaching)

You really think

anyone's gonna pay to see
this rich nancy sing show tunes?

I wouldn't.

He gives me the creeps.

He keeps wanting
to spoon-feed me,

and then making
these weird airplane noises.

We should just leave,
all of us, join a new show.

Penny, do you really think

if there wasn't another option,
some other freak show out there,

I wouldn't take you away

in an instant?

There's nowhere to go.

Our world is dying,

This is the end
of the line.

But we've got to eat,

and that kid's got money
pouring out of his ears.

I say we let him
keep feeding us

until that lemon
runs out of juice.

(Dandy) No, no, no!

Turn it off!

I told you
a million trillion times,

the blue light

is for "Night and Day."

Blue symbolizes night.

For "Anything Goes,"

I need the magenta light

to accentuate
my spirited rendition.


I'm surrounded
by amateurs.

Ah, flipper boy!

You're back.

Did you hang the banner
in clear view for all to see?

Yes, sir,
just as instructed.

Good, good.

How many tickets
have we sold?

Um, well,

as of this time, none...

quite yet.

You haven't sold
a single ticket?

Well, we only put
out the banner

half an hour ago.

The town hasn't gotten wind
of your new act.

I don't understand.

You must have done
something wrong.

Sir, this is quite

You haven't got
a lot of experience

in this sort of thing,
but you'll see.

You think you're so smart.

You don't know anything,
you stupid freak.

He's only trying to help.

Oh, shut up,
you ugly cow.

No one cares

what you think,

any of you.

I'm in charge here,
and I say it's your fault.


no one's
coming to the show

because you are boring.

The town has had their fill

of your mediocre


The thrill is gone.

You're yesterday's news.

Audiences want

a new type of freak.

Something different.

Maybe I need to give you all
some new, startling look.

I think a pair of horns

would be quite
attractive on you.

Don't you touch her.

This is my show!
I'll do whatever I want!

That's is, mister.


You hurt me.

I was willing to eat shit
to keep this place going,

but I'd rather starve
than listen to your whiny voice

one more time.

No one wants

to see some
pretentious prick

prancing around on the stage,

and no one gives a shit
about bloody Cole Porter.

- Hey.
- You think you're special.

Your mum probably told you
all your life.

Well, I've got news for you.

I've heard you sing,
and you're not special.

You're rubbish.

Even worse,

you're boring.


And we don't trade
in boring.

We're freaks.

You'll never be one of us,

and you don't own us.

(spitting, grunts)

We quit.

♪ ♪

American Horror Story S04E13
"Curtain Call"

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio

(music playing over P.A.)


Elsa Mars

to see Mr. Henry V. Gable.

Ms. Mars, Mr. Gable
is the president

of the World
Broadcasting Network.

He is overseeing over
12 weekly hours of programming,

not including the news.

He only sees people
by appointment, and today,

like yesterday
and the day before,

you don't have one.

Look, my darling,

I have some new headshots.

Why don't you leave me
the picture

and a contact number,

and I'll be sure
he calls you

as soon as
he sees them.


I'll wait.

(footsteps departing)

(lighter clicks)

(indistinct chattering)

(door closing)

♪ ♪

(door opens)

(footsteps approaching)

♪ ♪

(music switches off)

What is this, huh?

Where is Mr. Gable?

I did not see him
pass through.

and I would know him

from his picture
in the trades.

He went out the back
to avoid you.

And you let me sit here,

like a fool, all day?

What kind
of a place is this?


If you ask me,

change your act.

Marlene did it better.


(fighting gasps and grunts)

(door opens)

(door opens)

Let go of me!

Leave her be.

I need to see him!

- Leave her be!
- No!

What is going on?

This crazy German broad
has been coming in

all week to see Mr. Gable
without an appointment.

She finally lost it.

- (Elsa crying)
- What is your name?

My name is Elsa Mars.

I'm Michael Beck.

(softly) Previously
Michael Beckenbauer.

Hollywood's funny
about German surnames.

They are afraid
you are a Nazi?




(sighs) Mr. Michael Beck...

yours is the first...

kind face I've seen in months.

What do you do here?

Junior Vice President
of Casting.




(humming softly)

(continues humming)

We need to talk
about our last week's pay.



(humming continues)


(footsteps approaching)

(humming continues)

(cocking gun)


(radio playing distantly)

(humming continues)

(popcorn popping)

(radio continues playing)



(humming continues)

(clang, cries out)



(humming resumes)






(door closes)

(footsteps approaching)

(door creaks, bangs on wall)

(quiet gasping)

(yells angrily)

(yells angrily)

(slow footsteps)

(yelling, grunting)



(sighs heavily)

(door creaks, thuds)

(yells angrily)

(yells angrily)


(muffled whimpering)

(muffled) Oh,
please, Dandy...

(sobbing) Oh,
please, no...

No, no, no...

(rapid, anxious gasping)

Come with me.

(crickets chirping)





Anybody home?


(echoing) No!


(sobs quietly)

Oh, God...



(gentle melody plays on harp)

♪ ♪

(flute joins in)

(Father Kelly) Do you,
Bette Tattler,

take Dandy Mott to be your
lawful wedded husband?

My faithful partner in life...

and my one, true love.

(Dandy) In sickness
and in health,

in joy and sorrow,

through the good times
and the bad,

till death do us part.

(Father Kelly) Uh, you may
kiss the bride.


Mrs. Mott.

Who could ever
have imagined it?

Are you happy for
your sister, Dot?

Of course.

I'd hate for you to feel
like a third wheel.

Especially on
our wedding night.

Bette and I
have talked about this.

We both agree you should
have your privacy.

It's an old trick, I've been
doing it since we were little.

I just leave my body.

Well, I'd like to think

you'd want to join us,
from time to time...

in our revels.

Do bear in mind, Dot,
I can...

get very nasty if
my manhood is compromised.

A stallion demands a certain
respect from all his mares.

First things first.

We have prepared
a gorgeous wedding feast

of all of your favorites.

The housekeeper we hired,
she's a French-trained cook.

(both giggling)

I do believe I am the
luckiest man alive right now.

And I, the luckiest woman.

(Bette) To my new...

wonderful husband.

To our wonderful
new husband.


We are going to have
the most splendid life, girls.

You'll see.

And on
our honeymoon safari,

I'll hunt the biggest cats
and skin them up for rugs.

Maybe our children will
romp around on them someday.

How many children are you
proposing, Mr. Mott?

A whole lot of 'em.


I've always found babies
to be so boring,

but freak babies... oh...

Do you think we might even make
a three-headed girl?

We can certainly try.

Every day,
up in the playroom,

we'll put on
our very own freak show!

(glass thuds)

(glass shattering)

(groans, sighs)

(echoing) Are you feeling
all right, Dandy?

(gasps) The excitement seems to have
gone straight to my head.

(echoing) Well,
don't get too excited.

We're just getting started.

Maid, you're
very poorly trained.

You're not allowed to sit
at the table with us.

I ain't no maid.
(tearing off outfit)

(tearing off outfit)

Mm, ring any bells?

I know we all
look alike to you.

What's going on?

night's been cancelled.

You've been had.

(Bette) Did you
honestly think,

for one second,
that we'd lay with you,

in your bed,
after you massacred

our entire family?

But I was going to...

give you
everything I have!

We don't want
your blood money.


you said you loved me.

You promised,
till death do us part!

Your death can't come
soon enough.


but I believed you.

My sister is truly
a great actress.

Bette Davis
couldn't have given

a more convincing

(Dandy gasps)

You put something
in my bubbly.

(gunshot, Dandy screams)

That's mine!

Sit down, Dandy.

Sit down!


(Desiree) I think it's time
for the next course.



how did you get
in my house?

I had some help.

Oh, Dandy,
how wonderful.

Thank you.

Of course.

(Dandy) Um...

extra caviar.

That's Bette's.

- Dandy...
- Hmm?

Where are
our beverages?

Drat, the lemonade.

Be right back with it.

What is this?

You're finally gonna be
a part of the show.

The goddamn star attraction.

Night-night, Dandy.

(water dripping)

(head thumps)

Let me out of here!


I do not like
confined spaces!

(Desiree) Don't you know
where you are, baby?

This is Hardeen

Houdini's famous
escape tank.

(pounding on wall)

Can't we just
cut his balls off?

We're carny folk.

It's gotta be theatrical.

It's what Ma
would've wanted.

(Desiree) Once you're in...

the only way out
is to escape.

(Jimmy) You wanted to be
the star of the show...

here's your chance,
big shot.

I'm not an escape artist.

I'm a song-and-dance man!

You're a murderer!

You killed our family...

Shot 'em dead
in the dirt.

were good people!

I'm good people, too!

I was just doing
what God

put me on
this earth to do.

You ca... You...
You can't punish a man

for fulfilling his purpose!

Please... Please...

my darlings...

I forgive you
for all of this.

Marriage is hard,
but I love you.

Please just let
me out of here,

and let's go home.


I want to go home.

(Dot) Well, you're about
to go home.

Right down to hell.

Bette, you of all people
know my heart.

I hate you.

I hate you!

For taking my friends
from me!

I felt so blessed
to finally have friends.

And you took them all.

(Desiree) A lot of freaks
died on these cursed grounds.

Some by
your hand and some not.

A man came
through here

and started putting our kind
in glass jars.

Filled up a museum
with our kind.

Saw it with
my own eyes!

That's where you think
freaks belong...

Powerless, behind glass,
a human car crash

to stare at and remind
you how lucky you are.

(knob creaks)

Well, maybe that's true.

Maybe that's all we are, but let
me tell you this, pretty boy.

You may look like a
motion picture dreamboat,

but you are the biggest freak
of them all.

(knob creaks)



I'll give you money.

I have so much money.

Assholes like you think
you can get away with anything.

But I can't die!

You see, I'm immortal!

You are going to die!

We sentence you and your
whole rotten world to death.

Look at us.

We will always win,

because we'll always defend
each other to the death.

You want to know why? Because
we have no one else to turn to.

The freaks shall inherit
the earth.




(yelling continues)




I hate you!

I hate you! I hate you!
I hate you! I hate you!



(muffled yelling)

Heck of a show.

That boy

is a star.

(movie projector clicking)
(fanfare playing)

(announcer) Every little girl
dreams of becoming

a Hollywood star,
and now thanks to

the Hollywood Chamber of
Commerce, the ones that make it

to the top will have
their names etched

into the very streets
of this magical town.

Welcome to the newly created
Hollywood Walk of Fame

in Los Angeles, California.

Today, we're honoring
the Queen of Friday Night,

Miss Elsa Mars...
winner of three Emmy awards

for her groundbreaking variety
show "The Elsa Mars Hour",

a program which has
bravely expanded the notion

of what television can be.

And we mustn't forget
she's a recording star

with three gold albums
honoring her German heritage:

"Ich Bin Elsa Mars",
"Du Bist Mein Baby",

and her holiday favorite,
"Merry Christmas, Knuddelmaus".

Of course, no woman's life
would be complete

without a wonderful man
by her side:

her husband and longtime
manager Michael Beck,

whom she married
in a private ceremony

at her palatial home
in Beverly Hills.

There are Elsa's
beloved spaniels,

Showbiz and Box Office...
a gift from Michael.

With all her many honors,
Elsa Mars can now add a star,

on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.

(fanfare ends)

I adore being the star
of "The Elsa Mars Hour".

I mean, who wouldn't love
having their own TV show,

surrounded by such talent?

Especially my own
real-life cowboy

and personal manager,

Michael "Mr. Hollywood" Beck.

But being a television star
is a lot of hard work.

So is wrangling
that star. (chuckles)

And that's why we drink
Campfire Gold instant coffee.



herding cattle
isn't the only hard work...


(bell rings)

This is shite! This is shite!

Pure shite!

Where are the
writers? Huh?

The writers! Are you hiding?

I shouldn't blame you...

(Michael) Darling,
it's a coffee commercial.

Just say the damn words
and move on?

First of all,
this coffee tastes

like piss.

But why would you
paint me

as some dumb,
headstrong animal

that my husband
has to wrangle?


I mean, where
is the charm?

Now, go work on it
for a while!

I'll be in my dressing room.


(door opens)
(Michael) Knock knock, darling.

There's someone
to see you.

Naughty you, demeaning your
wife in front of the world.

Was that amusing
for you?

We're working hard
to try and find

that'll please you.

In the meantime,
remember Judy Manners?

VP of publicity
for the network?

She wants to discuss promotion
for the Halloween show.

You're joking, aren't you?

We'd like to do a spread
for "Parade Magazine"...

You two at home,

carving pumpkins,

maybe baking some
pfeffernusse cookies

for the trick-or-treaters.

What my
of a husband

has neglected
to tell you

is there will be
no Halloween show.

I never perform

- on Halloween.
- You're contractually

- obligated to do three specials a year.
- I said

I will not perform
on Halloween.

Darling, they've booked
Andy Williams.

Imagine you two singing

"Autumn Leaves"
in matching pumpkin suits...

America will
lap it up.

(short laugh)

You know,
when I first met him,

he was some
junior so-and-so,

hanging out in the
lobby of the studio.

I made him my manager.

And then...

I made the
colossal mistake

of marrying him.

And now he thinks he
knows better than I

what my audience wants.

I live to serve.

There will be no
Halloween show.

You got that, chickies?

Where are
you going?

I have a
luncheon engagement...

at home.

(door closes)

Tell me... what have you
been doing since Florida?

I'm sorry that I had to run
off the way I did, but...

you know my motto:

always leave them
wanting more.

I left when you left.

Please, let's sit.

- I went to, uh, Nevada.
- Nevada?

- Ah.
- Thank you.

Uh, the army, uh,

they wanted carpenters,
uh, that they could, uh,

use to build villages, uh,

to blow up
with their atomic bombs.

It took us ages
to build these towns

and then... boom!
Gone. In a flash.

- Ridicolo.
- (Elsa chuckles shortly)

Yes, I know
what that's like.

- Elsa.
- Hmm?

I have seen your
star ascend.


(Massimo) If I would have
told you,

as you lay
in my workshop in Berlin...

that all this
was soon to come,

you would have said

that I was mad.
Now look at you.

You have everything
you ever wanted. Huh?

I'm bored.

And I am alone.

All my friends are
on the payroll.

They say yes to
anything I ask

because they know
if they don't,

they will be cast out
of the paradise known as

"The Elsa Mars Hour".

My husband
cheats on me.

I cheat on him.

No, Massimo,

I have always, always,

always been cursed.

First by...

having my dreams
ripped away.

And now I am cursed by
having them all come true.

Oh, you are tired,
uh, exhausted.

That is all.

Eight years ago...

my best friend

made me a birthday cake.

That night,

when she and
I sat over

my candle, my birthday wish

was plain and simple.

I just wanted to be loved.

Little did I know that

every step that I
would take since then

would be one step
further away from

making that wish...

come true.

Let's run away together.

- Yes.
- Like we talked about in the old days.

Do you remember?

We could find an
apartment in Rome

- on the Appian Way.
- (Massimo chuckling)

Refresh my Italian, no?

Get good and fat,
grow old together.


I just...

I need to be with
someone I love.

Um, Elsa,
now I am cursed...

with a dream
that comes too late.

I came to...

to say good-bye.

I, uh...

I have

a disease
in my lungs, uh,

that has gone into my bones.

Uh, they say
that I only have a month.


And then I will be gone.

And now there will be
no one left, huh?



(door opens)
(Michael) Elsa?

(door closes)

Leave me alone,
Michael, I'm drinking.

Hello, Elsa.

(short chuckle)

You should
have called, huh?

I did not know you were bringing
Mr. Gable home with you.

I do hope

the head of the network

didn't come
all the way out here

to talk to me about
the Halloween show, because...

I've made up my mind

and I am not going
to do it.

This isn't about
Halloween, Elsa.



This sounds serious.

Can I get you
a drink, Mr. Gable?

Could definitely
use one.

Now, why don't you tell me
what this is all about?

It seems Hedda Hopper
got her hands

on some eight millimeter films
you shot back in Germany.

The content...
(gun shooting)

How can I put this?

is quite graphic in nature.

I don't know.

Fakes, forgeries?

It's not me.

It looked
a lot like you, Elsa.

- You've seen them?
- (Gable) Just now.

Mr. Chandler over at the "Times"
is a close personal friend.

He gave us
a private screening.

No one's gonna believe
it's not you.

You told me you lost
your legs in a rail accident.

You lied to me?

That's what we do.

We lie to each other.

This whole marriage

is one stinking, stupid,

ugly lie!

I'll pack my things.

Mr. Gable,

we can fix this, right?

I mean...

I mean, everybody
has a price, right?

We tried to reason
with Miss Hopper,

she won't have it.

She's publishing
her article next week.

But that will ruin me.

I'll become... (chuckles lightly)

just some...

bizarre footnote
in Hollywood history.

There's one more thing.


Hopper hired some amateur
sleuth to retrace your steps.

Which led back to
Jupiter, Florida.

Apparently, you ran
a freak show.


For a short time.

It was an act of charity.

I just, uh...

I felt sorry for them.

Sorry? (laughs)

They're all dead.


All of them?

There was
some kind of massacre.

Bodies found
in a mass grave.

I don't know if you read the
fine print in your contract,

but there's a
morals clause.

Obviously, we'll pay
out your contract.

I've changed my mind.

About what?

I will perform
on Halloween.

Why not?


Might as well go out
with a bang.

Places, everyone.

Elsa Mars'
Halloween Spooktacular.

And we are on
in five, four,

three, two...


(David Bowie's "Heroes")

♪ I... ♪

♪ I wish you could swim ♪

♪ Like the dolphins ♪

♪ Like dolphins can swim ♪

♪ Though nothing ♪

♪ Nothing will keep us
together ♪

♪ We can beat them ♪

♪ Forever and ever ♪

♪ Oh, we can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

(Desiree) Boys, hold on
to your daddy's hand.

Hey, hey, come
back here.

Give me your hand.

All right,
give me your hand.

What are you
looking at, wife?

TV we got at home
is just fine.

Everything we got at home
is just fine.

(Jimmy) You got
to give it to her,

the old broad's got guts.

Always did.

♪ Though nothing ♪

♪ Will drive them away ♪

♪ We can be heroes ♪

(Bette) We've got it.

♪ Just for a day ♪

How are my girls

Just fine.

All of us.

♪ I... ♪

♪ I can remember ♪

♪ Standing ♪

I feel like I've seen
this act before.

♪ And the guns ♪

♪ Shot above our head ♪

♪ And we kissed ♪

♪ As though
nothing could fall ♪

♪And the shame ♪

♪ Was on the other side ♪

♪ Oh, we can beat them ♪

♪ Forever and ever ♪

♪ And we could be heroes ♪

No, no, no,
the mist doesn't come up

until the goblin sketch.

What the hell?

Why did she stop singing?

Ever since I heard
your story,

I have not forgotten

the black soul that was once
within my grasp.

Take me now.

This is a suicide.

How deep your pain
must be, my lovely.

I am the biggest
freak of all.

Elsa, what
are you doing?

The day of reckoning
is here.

(Twisted Clown) It hurts,

but only for a moment.


Your place
is not with us.




(curtains flapping)

Welcome, Miss Elsa.

I missed you.

(gasps) Oh!

Ma Petite.

My special one.

Can it really,
really be you?

It really is me.

It is.

Hey, Elsa.

(Paul) You look wonderful
tonight, Elsa.

- It's good to have you back.
- We got married.

(Ethel) I'll take it
from here.

You go get
your face on.

Okay, Miss Ethel.


I don't understand.

Where is this place?


The sins of the living don't
add up to much around here.

In life, we play the parts
we're cast in.

But don't I have to pay?

I mean, don't I have to pay
for my sins?

For all the mistakes
I've made?

Can you imagine
the police showing up

at the Old Globe

and arresting the guy
playing Othello

for murdering Desdemona?

Besides, it's like
you always said,


Stars never pay.

It ain't so bad
around here, you know?

Full house every night.

Family together.

The only
downside has been,

you know, we've been
missing our headliner.

Am I to perform? Now?

Well, what the hell else
are you supposed to do?

You're a terrible friend,
you're a pain-in-the-ass boss,

you can't cook for shit.

(footsteps approaching)

All ready.



(loud, indistinct chatter)


(cymbal crash)
Ladies and gentlemen.

Children of all ages.

You have all looked up
at the night sky

and seen the sparkle
of millions of dead stars.

They flickered out
centuries ago,

and only now does
their light reach our eyes.

But have you
ever wondered

when they were alive
and burning,

which one
shined the brightest?

Well, tonight,
right here on this stage,

I'm gonna give you
an answer to that question.

Tonight, you will see

the brightest and the best

that ever was
and ever will be.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you

Miss Elsa Mars!

(curtain flapping)

(muffled applause)

(muffled applause and whistling)

(whooping, whistling)
(applause and cheering)

(muffled applause)
(cheering and whistling)

(gentle piano intro plays)

(muffled applause continues)


(public sound covered by music)

(applause and whistles resume)

(gasps suddenly)

(sound echoes)

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio