American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - Magical Thinking - full transcript

After Dot's has her heart is broken by Jimmy, the twins decide the time has come for them to find a lover. They take an immediate interest in a new arrival, traveling salesman Chester, who also fancies himself a magician and a ventriloquist. Elsa takes him on as a bookkeeper but it's clear that Chester has serious problems, especially with his ventriloquist's doll which seems to have a life of his own. When Dandy learns that Chester and the twins are lovers, he pays the young man a visit. Jimmy meanwhile takes Stanley up on his offer but pays a far higher price than he expected. Desiree and Maggie return from the museum and Dell now has to face the consequences of his actions.

I don't have anything of value to give you,
Mr. Spencer.

I might have an idea
how to raise the funds.

I've been around
long enough to know

that there are two sides
to show business.

Through my
Hollywood connections,

I know of a certain collector

who's fascinated
with freak shows.

Now, this...

person is willing
to pay a lot of money

for memorabilia connected to...

your business.

I have nothing from the show.
I have nothing.

You have your hands.

What are you talking about?

Your claw.

Under glass,

this would be a fascinating
conversation piece.

This could bring in enough money

to hire a good lawyer.

He can get you out
of this jail cell.

You want to cut off my hands?

Just the left one.

Are you crazy?!

I can't.

I'll take my chances
with a public defender.

Don't you get it?

You're not getting out
of here alive.

I heard what happened
the last time

one of your freaks
got locked up.

What was his name... Meep?

You drink this.

I'll take care of the rest.

Oh, don't be an idiot.

Just take this...

and give yourself
a chance to live.

If I walk out of here...

you're on your own.


I got a very sick prisoner in here.

He's got to get to the
hospital right away.

I've got strict orders
from Colquitt.

- He stays in the cell.
- No.

No, no, no.

A cell is where you're
going to end up

if he dies in there
on your watch.

This is a medical emergency.

I will bring

the full fury of the law

down upon your head

if I don't get an ambulance now!

You sure got here fast.

I was in the neighborhood.

Don't worry, Jimmy,

you're in my hands now.

Where am I?

County hospital.

Cops are ready to take you back

as soon as the doctor
says you're stable.

Should be in the next day or so.

Can... Help...

Can you get me something
for the pain?

I don't think so.

My friend Myrna
was at that Tupperware party.

Dear diary,

I've heard Miss Elsa say,
on many an occasion,

that her freaks are the bravest,

most honest people on Earth.

These last nightmarish months
have revealed the powerful,

unexpected truth in those words.

With every reason
to hide themselves away,

bitter and self-pitying,
they do the opposite.

They are, in fact, the most
joyous people on Earth.

The reason?

They believe
in absolute pleasure.

The very thing we've been
taught to deny ourselves

our whole lives.

Today I declare us to be free.

I've gone back to our
comfortable mousey brown.

I don't need to be different

My sister is all I need now.

And I'm all she needs.

Loving Jimmy has left Dot's
heart in a thousand pieces.

Believing in Dandy as my savior

was an exercise in foolishness.

Hello, loves.

I hear he and Penny do it
with the contortionist.

We are where we belong.

This place, these people,
are our world,

and it is like a banquet,

full of delicious possibilities.

But our top priority is sex.

Hard to believe,
but my romantic Bette

has never heard of an orgasm.

We will pick someone
we both find appealing

and get on with it.

I said kiss me, not lick me.

But I am French.

He's not the one, Dot.

Thank you, Toulouse,
that's enough for today.

So this has been
my last entry, Diary.

We have no need for secrets.

There is nothing to hide
from one another any longer.

Don't be
scared, she won't bite you.


They're friendly,
easy to care for,

and they go with anything.

The perfect accessory
for any lady.

What's happening over here?

I thought we had
rehearsal scheduled.

Hello, girls. This is Chester.

He's just been showing us
some of his wares.

Just he's a salesman.

A traveling salesman?

You know what
they say about them.

Well, I traveled here, anyway.

From down Georgia way.

That's where I raise
these beauties.

You have a lizard farm?


Have a hothouse back home.

They do love the heat

and a fresh cricket
every now and again.


they don't ask for much.


they're beautiful.

I think they just want
to be loved.

To belong.

I do believe this young man's
making eyes at you.

Maybe that's why
they want to blend in.

That is a very
interesting hobby.

The doctors said I needed
to do something to

calm my nerves after the war.

They seem to do the trick.

You were in the war?
Yes, ma'am.

Normandy Beach.

Wounded, so they tell me.

But better off than most
of the other fellas,

'cause, well, here I am.


Got a metal plate in my head,

I never go out
in a thunderstorm.

And what brings you
to Florida, Chester?

You do.

Well, your troupe, I mean.

When I heard tell of it,
I had to come see for myself.

You've heard of us?

Of course.

A bona fide freak show?

Heck, I-I didn't think
there were any left.

I mean, I'd seen
some of the sideshows

that travel with
the larger outfits.

But they're mostly hokum.

I did bird-dog
a couple of them.

I even auditioned for Ringling
Bros. and Barnum & Bailey once.

But I guess I didn't
have what it takes.

You have an act?

not much. I...

like to think I do
a little magic.

Thought I'd be good
for the stage,

but then they told me
to disappear.


I think he's wonderful.

He's very handsome.

He could be the one.

So, who's interested?

Let's just hope that war wound

didn't break anything important.

I went to the jail to visit you.

They sent me here.

What kind of trouble did you...

Did the cops do this?

They can't go away with butchering you.

I sold them.

Can you believe that's a thing?

Selling your hands?

Richard Spencer,
that Hollywood guy.

He's going to get me a lawyer,

a good one, but I needed cash
for the retainer.

So he said there was a guy

who'd pay good money for them.

You shouldn't have
trusted that guy.

I didn't even know you knew him.

He's just one of those
Hollywood types.

He promised me

he was only going
to take one of them.

Why do you figure
he took them both?

Because he's a lying prick.

No, he's not!

I got to believe he's not.

He's the only person who came in

showing me any kind of hope.

I was guaranteed
to die in that cell

or take a chance
and bet my hands

that he can get me out.

Do you mind?

Some of them
prosthetics they got

nowadays-- pretty good.

Uh... I knew this guy who
lost both of his hands

at Guadalcanal.
He was a cook

at a fancy place in Asbury
Park. He had these two

hooks, and he could, uh,

he could chop and dice and mix--

all that normal cook shit.

Hey, you know what
I was thinking about doing

after I get this
all straightened out?

I'm gonna see if I can
buy the show from Elsa.

She's leaving, right?
So I figured she'd sell it to me

for cheap-- keep it
in the family and all that.

I'll go in on that with you.

Toledo and Son Freak Show.

Hey, you know what I don't get.

How come you don't got the lobster claws?

Because you are looking at the black sheep
of the Toledo family.

My dad and my two
brothers, they had it.

The Famed Toledo
Lobster Claw Clan.

Meanwhile, I'd bring
my father a beer

and I was so nervous,
my hands would tremble

and I'd drop it
half the time, and he'd say,

"Five good fingers
and you can't even

"hold on to a bottle of suds.

Maybe I should just bite
'em off one at a time."

Imagine that--

being a freak for being normal.

I took one look
at those claws...

I ran away from you
as fast as I could.

I'm almost 50 years old,

and I'm feeding my son
for the first time.

Miss Mars...

perhaps you

would be interested
in the Chinese Linking Rings.

Three solid steel rings.



All three linked.

Please stop. Just stop.

We are...

a freak show, not a magic show.

You understand?

I do understand, ma'am.

I'm sorry
to have wasted your time.

I've just always dreamt
of being a professional magician

since I was a wee boy.

You have no idea how tough it is
to come by those jobs.

I'm mostly just an ordinary Joe.

Unless you count my Marjorie.

And who is Marjorie?


A dummy.

Shh. She doesn't much care
for that word.

N-Now, Marjorie,

this is a potential employer, so, uh...

please try to make a good impression.

I always do.
You're the real dummy.

You'll screw this up
like everything else.

Seems like someone's
woken up on the wrong side

of the bed.

Wrong side of the crate.

Ow! Ow!

Marjorie, that's not...

She's such a kidder.

She's actually my best friend.

I don't know what
I'd do without her.

Yes, well...

you and your little friend
are very charming, but, uh...

it's a shame we don't have
any openings at the moment.

Look, well, it...

Might it be possible for me

to sell my chameleons
before the shows?

I-I insist on splitting
the profit with you 50-50.

No one wants to buy
baby lizards.

Well, ac-actually,
that's not true, ma'am.

In, uh... in Macon I made...

I-I made 15 bucks in one night
and-and 20 bucks the next.


Hmm, so many numbers.

So you are good with math?

Yes, ma'am.


You know, uh,

perhaps if you were willing

to help out
with our bookkeeping...

...I could let you,
uh, warm up the crowd.


I'm... I'm speechless.

Did you hear that, Marjorie?

Miss Elsa said

we can stay.

Miss Elsa...

I am a simple man,

but I have been
to hell and back.


have given me
and Marjorie a place.

A purpose.

A family.

This is it.

This is our chance.

How come I'm not on the bill?

Marjorie, I'm not
even on the bill.

It's just gonna say "magic act."

You let her
take advantage of you.

You groveled. It was sad.

Don't talk to me like that.

It's not nice!

And don't pout.

Don't I always take care of you?


I thought I heard voices.

I'm just rehearsing.


Might want to go easy
on that rouge.

You look like you just marched
out of The Nutcracker Suite.


Where does this one go?
I told you,

furs and gowns go in this trunk,

and the costumes in that trunk.


What? Eve, Eve.

Does that look like
a costume to you?

Well, truthfully,

sometimes it's hard
to know with you.

You know, I'm going to miss

that sharp tongue
of yours, my darling.

Where is he?

Where is who?

Your Hollywood hotshot, Spencer.

I'm gonna kill him.

What are you babbling about?

His hands.

Jimmy cut off his hands
to pay for an attorney.

They bring him back
to prison tomorrow.


How can he defend himself

if he doesn't have his hands?

You have to get him
out of there.

Do you hear me? You have
to get him out of there.


You lied to Jimmy.

About that night you
came into my caravan.

You told him you wanted
to put an act together.

Look, lady, I'm sorry about
all that mess-- I really am--

But I can't go round
deal with you right now.



I think we should put that act together,

Strong Man and Strong Woman.

I'm talking about Jimmy.

I want to help.

Come with me.



Do come in.

I have the most exciting news.

Elsa told us-- she's going to
let you do your magic act.


And I cannot

thank you enough
for vouching for me.

I got you two

a little something.


Go on.

Open it up.

Oh, it's so charming.

Thank you.

Oh. I almost forgot
the best part.

Miss Elsa sent me
to the storage tent,

gave me permission

to rummage through some
of the old props.

You will never guess
what I discovered.

Wow. What a trove of wonders.

Mostly junk, you ask me.

What's this?

This is all Dell's crap.

I bet he nicked this

when he was working with
that Hardeen Houdini.

Chinese water torture.

Which, for me,
is five minutes with Dell.

A genuine Goldin's Sawing Box.

That's a trick box
magicians use to...

to saw a lady in half.

It's still in good shape, too.

We don't want
to be sawed in half.

Not anymore.
No, no, it's a classic illusion.

I pull a volunteer
out of the audience,

only it's actually a plant.

Her head and feet are exposed

so that the audience
can see the real deal.

I spin the box around and that's when
the trick happens.

You see, your contortionist
has to pull

her entire body
up into the first half

of the box
before I saw the rest in half.

Why are you telling us all this?

You're ruining the surprise.

Because my assistants
need to know all my secrets.

Magic is all about
distracting an audience.

And what better distraction
than you two?


Because we're freaks?

No... No.

Because you're beautiful.

You listen to me carefully.

When I first saw you two,
I was...

so taken.

And not just by your beauty.

I don't know how to explain it.

It was like...

like I was seeing old friends.

It was like I was coming home.

Do you really think
we're beautiful?

Why do you think I chose you?

All magician's assistants
have to be beautiful.

That's tradition.


you'll divert the audience

while I use
my sleight of hand...

And now the fun begins.

I seem to be stuck on something.





Shall we?

One, two, three.


He really seems taken with us.

He does.

It's magical.

Get up, Darling.

We're taking you
back to the can.

Bring him down to the wagon.

You stupid bitch!

You got shot.

Yeah, it hurts like hell.


You never needed an assistant.

We never had a real show before.

This is our chance!

You're constantly twisting
what I say to fit your agenda.

Stop putting words in my mouth!


It's so wonderful

how you throw your
voice like that.

Thank you.
We needed to talk to you

about something.


It's urgent.


Stop, stop, stop.

But we are ready.

And we choose you

to deflower us.

We may be just off the farm,

but we can tell

when a man is flirting with us.

With both of us.

You're the first person

to ever do that.



When I get worked up,
my head aches.

Sit. Settle yourself.

We'll rub your shoulders.

So you would...

involve me?

Oh, yes.

And we've heard it's
many men's fantasy

to be carnal

with two girls at the same time.

Not his!

Shut up.


For Christ's sake,

Chester, I can handle you sitting there
like a dummy,

but that puppet...

Come on, Chester...

Are you going to join us or not?

♪ Live and let live ♪
Alice says it's okay,

as long as you don't touch her.

How fortunate she's

so understanding.


if you're taking
her from behind,

no eye contact,
Chester the molester.


don't tease.

Oh, sweetheart,


I'll feel guilty

if you don't.

♪ Oh, my darling ♪

I'm going to the garage

to work on my magic.

♪ I'm so all alone ♪

I'm going to do some magic

right here, Chester.

I'm going to make
these two fingers


♪ I beg you, darling ♪

♪ To forgive me ♪

♪ And come on home... ♪



How do I know

that this is real and
not just some magic trick?

You don't want me for this.

But you are real,


And we...

are real.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

I'm sorry.

She relaxes me.

Whatever you need.



Ow, ow, ow...



I shoved my lens
through the tent flap.

They were too busy to notice.

Did it appear...


Do they love him?

I don't know.

I hired you
to find out everything.

You're a private dick,
aren't you?

Look, buddy...

who knows what's going through

their jumbled minds?

They're freaks.

Please don't call them that.

They were supposed to be mine.

See there? All nice and comfy.

I'm not going in there.
You can't make me.

I don't like it here.

Well, I'm sorry, Marjorie,

but I do.

And I like those girls.

I... they make me happy.

If you lock me in that crate,

I'll tell.

I'll tell everything.

No, you won't.
I will, too!

You can't hide me away!

♪ Time, they say ♪


♪ Heals a broken heart ♪


Lose something?

♪ But for me
there just is no cure ♪

Where is she?

You are sick in the head,

I'm trying to help you.

What have you done with her?

Do you hear yourself?

You are off your rocker.

Maybe it's that plate
in your head.

You can steal my wife,

but you cannot have her!

Not my Marjorie!

What kind of man
are you, Chester?

You can't get it up
without a doll watching you?

You're the pervert.

People are talking, you know.

They all think you're insane.

The war's been over
for four years,

and you're still
wearing your uniform.

Are you gonna let her
talk to us like that?


We need
to get rid of her.

And the wife.


Yeah, um...

When you can manage

to stop talking to yourself
for five minutes,

Miss Elsa would like
a word with you.

Is everything okay?
You-you look like you're angry.

Us freaks had a whip 'round.

Put together every cent we had.

Tried to buy the show from Elsa.

She said it was a pittance.

Turned us down flat.

She said she had another buyer lined up.

This evening,

we toast a miracle.

Fraulein Elsa's
Cabinet of Curiosities

will belong to you,

Chester Creb,

for the sum of $1,000.

Ah, I couldn't be
a happier man, Elsa.


Here's what you don't
know about me, Liebchen.

I am more than just an artist.

I can spot a good business deal
in the dark with a blindfold on.

It was obvious
when you showed me your ledger

that you were a man of means.

More well-heeled
than you let on.

Which, of course, is the
mark of a true gentleman.

Well, God bless you,
'cause I never dared to dream

that I would find such a perfect
place for myself.

And Marjorie.


So, I have outlined
all the caveats

so that the transition is
smooth and effortless.

No one is to be fired.

All acts remain the same,
performed in their proper order.

That sounds just perfect,
it's perfect.

Oh, by the way, are you,
are you planning to ship

all of these beautiful antiques
when you head out west?

No, no.

I think I...

I need a fresh start.

But they're...

a little bit on the feminine
side for you, no?


I was thinking that Marjorie
should have this tent.

Poor dear.

She's been through a lot lately.

We've been on the road
a fair amount.

And she's going...


She is going to be
the headliner.


Marjorie, I have
the most exciting news.

Didn't I say
I would take care of you?



So, Detective,

what false accusation
have you prepared for us now?

Where is he?!

Where's Jimmy Darling?

I know you've got
that asshole holed up

somewhere in this godforsaken place.

Two brave officers are dead.

They got their heads
bashed in tonight.

And when I find him, I'm
gonna string him up myself.

That's a promise.

Well, like you said,

you have to find
him first, right?

Officer, Officer,
thank God you're here.

You have to put out an
all-points bulletin immediately.

My Marjorie has been abducted.

Take your hands off me.

Please, she's just a girl.

She's got brown hair
and the sweetest smile.

She stands about, uh, two and a
half feet tall, fully extended.

She must be so frightened
without me.

Mr. Creb, are you talking
about your puppet?

Yes, that's what I'm saying.

Marjorie is missing.

Get out of my face, wise guy,

before I lock you up, too.

I think Mr. Creb
is just confused.

I'm not...
Why will no one listen to me?

My Marjorie needs me.

I have to go find her.

Move an inch, and I'll put
a bullet in you.

Now, boys,

let's tear this place apart!

Everybody, dig in!



No, no.


Stop hiding.

I know you're just doing it
to punish me.

Looking for someone?

My Marjorie is lost.


No, she's not lost.

She told me she's running away.


Marjorie is very angry with you.

What you did to the twins.

I knew it, it's jealousy.

But sh-she has to know
that this time is different.

They want me to join them.

They included me.

She also said she's telling.

About what happened
to your wife and her friend...


But I didn't do
anything to them.

He murdered them
both in cold blood.

Rumor is-- they
fell in love

when their husbands
went off to war.

Alice's husband
died in Normandy,

and then she moved in with Lucy.

When Chester came home,

well, let's just say
three's a crowd.

Macon Police found the
bodies in the bedroom.

In a note Chester told them
Marjorie did it.

He's been on the lam since.

What a sicko.

Tell me, how did they die?

Oh, my...


Marjorie, no.

They should have let us join in.

We should have been included.

I tried to stop her.

But it was too late.

Are you gonna turn her in?

No, Chester.

I am firmly on your side.

I wouldn't take her
away from you.

She's the only one
you can trust.

I need her to be happy.

I'll let you in on a secret.

She told me where she was going.

Look for her in the big tent.


You can't run away
from me anymore.

You don't know how it makes me
feel when you're gone.

Please, Marjorie,
you have to talk to me.

You're my best friend.

Plus, we own this place now,

so you can have
anything you want.

I want top billing.


And I want to get rid of people
keeping us apart.

But this time you have
to do the dirty work.

What are you talking about?

You're a magician.

You're going to saw
those twins in half.

What are you doing here?

Come with me.

There's something
I have to show you.

Jesus, Desiree.

Sit down, Dell.

We got a lot to talk about.

I'm not gonna talk
about anything

until you put that gun down.

I'm glad you want to talk.

I want to talk to you, too.

No more of your talk.

It's all been bullshit.

Thinking I could shut my eyes
and ears to the truth.

It was one thing when it was
your lying, cheating,

and Homo erectus nonsense.

But no more.

No more bullshit.

Who have you killed
since we got here, Dell?

No one who didn't
have it coming.

Those cops would have killed
Jimmy if I didn't do something.

So you say you
killed those cops?


Who else?

No one.

All I've done for the last
24 hours

is try to set things right.

That's why I came here.

To tell you
I'm a changed man, baby.

I talked to Jimmy.

We made big plans.

For all of us.

Even a baby,
if that's what you want.

You went too far, Dell.

You killed one of your own.

I don't know what
you're talking about.


The truth always reveals itself.



I was being blackmailed.

Say it, Dell.

Who'd you kill?

I killed Ma Petite.



I smothered her.

That's all I needed to hear.