American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Monsters Among Us - full transcript

After their mother's murder, conjoined twins Bette and Dot are hired by struggling freak show owner Elsa Mars.

Dear Diary,

It was a Saturday,
the 3rd of September,

that the world as I had known
was forever doomed.

The shadows that had
sheltered me were banished

by the blinding light
of scrutiny.

I knew I was about to enter
the gates of Hell.

But like the inescapable
pull of gravity,

there was nothing
I could do about it.

♪ Doo-da-doo, doo-da-doo ♪

♪ Doo-da-doo-a-loo-a-loo,

Mrs. Tattler?

Mrs. Tattler,
it's Bill Palmer.

Your milkman.

Mrs. Tattler?

Oh, sweet Jesus!

Straight to the operating suite!

One bladder.

Three kidneys--

two on the left and
one on the right.


Are you writing this down?

Yes, Doctor.

Four lungs.

Two hearts

with a shared
circulatory system.

"The victim, 63-year old

"Eudora Tattler, was thought

"by neighbors
to have lived alone.

"The unfortunate creature
discovered at the crime scene,

"who witnesses are describing
as 'monstrously deformed,'

may be a relation,
sources say."

I don't blame the old lady
for keeping it hidden.

If I gave birth
to something like that,

I'd drown it
in the bathtub first thing.

Penny, that's terrible.

You better not let Miss Kilgreen

hear you talking like that.

Or catch you wearing
red lips on the floor.

She's already got it in for you.

I have rounds.

Can I help you?

I have come to visit
my poor ailing aunt.

But... I have trouble
navigating your halls.

Um, you're not supposed to smoke

in this wing, ma'am.

Oh, it's fine.

It's Lucky Strike.
It's good for you.


Have one.

Go ahead.

Go ahead, try it.

So, tell me,

my peppermint angel.

I could not help
but see a police officer

sitting outside
one of the doors.

Yeah. That's on account
of what's in there.

And what is in there?

I read in the papers
that something quite

extraordinary was
brought in here.


I guess to the bumpkins
in this town maybe.

I take it you're not fond

of the sleepy little hamlet
of Jupiter.

So, to fill the idle hours,
you volunteer here?

Hell, my mom made me.

It was this or reform school.

Oh... you are young

and full of life.

You should not be surrounded by

death and disease.

Life is to be lived.

You said it, sister.


I know what a girl
like you needs.

"Fraulein Elsa's
Cabinet of Curiosities."

What is it?

Only by entering

will you learn its secrets.

Whoa, miss.

You don't want to go
in there, believe me.

Will I find a monster?

That's what the papers
are saying, Officer Pipes.

Papers ain't lying.

All the more reason to allow in

just a touch of human kindness.

Don't you agree?


I don't know you.

What pretty girls you are.

And so fortunate

to have a sister.

You will need something
to wear when you leave here.

I will be honest.

It was quite eerie out there.

At your farmhouse.

Violence lingers in the air...

Why is she being so nice to us?

She wants something.

You know they called you

dim-witted in the newspapers,

because you don't speak.

But someone reads.

And my intuition tells me

it wasn't your dear
departed mom.

Betty Grable is my favorite.

There's a bit
of Betty about you.

Sensual lips.

That sassy smile.

I've had a long,
complicated love affair

with show business
myself, you know?

Have you ever met Betty?

Our paths nearly crossed.

But fate intervened.

When we lived in Alabama,

I saw her in Tin Pan Alley.

Shut up! What's wrong with you?


Let's have a look
at you, lefty, hmm?

You're no Betty Grable.


you do remind one
of Jean Arthur.

Have you ever had a boyfriend?

Either of you?

I must confess:

One of your doctors...

shared your X-ray reports
with me.

It says you have

two hearts.

But... only one

reproductive system.

Complicated, no?

Ah, tell me.

Has anyone tasted

your cherry pie?

Oh, dear God--
she's a psycho pervert!

She's down to earth is all.

So, you're virgins?

Sad for you.

But do you at least

pleasure yourselves?

She never wants that.

I hate you.

If I touch myself,

she closes her eyes and pretends
she doesn't feel anything.

She told me she leaves her body.

I think she's lying.

I think she likes it.

Oh, shut your
disgusting mouth, you slut!

And you...

get out of this room.


You rest now.

But I'll be back.

I never give up on a friend.

Meine liebchen.

No, no, no. Don't stop.

Come on, I want to do it.

We can't afford a baby.

Well, I stole two rubbers

from Drucker's because

I just can't get enough of you.

I have something for you, too.

It's in my car.

Stay here.



who are you?

Oh, oh.

Oh, for me.

Oh, okay.

Thank you.

What-what happened
to the rest of your mask?

Who the hell is this?
Wait, y-you didn't hire him?







♪ Look good
in your short shorts ♪

♪ Down at the beach ♪

♪ I really go for your tan ♪

♪ Down at the beach ♪

♪ Well, now,
let's get down and dirty... ♪

♪ Down at the beach... ♪

Clipping coupons?

It's a review
for Stage Fright.

Dietrich's new film.

Clearly Mr. Hitchcock
had some kind of mental break

when he cast her
in this picture.

Look, look at all of them.


This one is from
The Garden of Allah,

calling her box office poison.

They paid her $200,000

to take a hot shit
on that movie.

I-I don't get
to the movies much.



I'm serious.

I'm serious.

I'm serious,
I'm not kidding, okay?

I can ride a motor bike like the


What are you doing after work?

I can take you,

if you're lucky.

Done deal.

We'll go around the block
a couple times.

A couple times?

That'd be fun.

Maybe you come
check out my place.

Why don't you just take me home?

Home? Yeah, that's great.

Fancy meeting you here.

I can't seem to get
this thing to work.

Would you try?

Is this your mom?

Hit the road, toots.

You selfish good-for-nothing!

I find us

this place that can be a home,

where we can expand our show,

build an audience,

become a destination,

and you would risk it all
for some floozy?

I heard what the landlord said.

They don't want us here anymore.

You're living
in your own dream, Elsa.

Now, be careful with these,
Ma Petite.

I only have two pair left.

Okay, Miss Elsa.

They're so pretty.
They are so pretty,

just like you.

Now, fold for Mama.

Where were we, Herr Haddonfield?

No offense, Miss Elsa, but I
lost four toes to frostbite

in the Ardennes
in the winter of '44.

It's Mr. Haddonfield,
not "Herr."

You Americans are so sensitive.

You won the war.

I'm going to need you
and your troupe

to vacate the field.
But you gave us a year's lease!

We've barely been here
two months!

No one's been coming
to your shows, Miss Elsa.

Yes, but I'm scouting new acts.

There's a change in the air.

I admire your spirit,
Miss Elsa, I do,

but there's a revival coming
down from Georgia next week...

preacher wants to plant
his tent right here.

And he pays in advance.

In cash.


If it were up to me, I'd...

My wife doesn't like having
the freaks staying in the field.

She's having nightmares.

My monsters wouldn't hurt a fly!

So pretty, huh?

Made in Belgium.

Just for me.

You know,

Mr. Haddonfield...

you were our savior.

I think I have
a bottle of Schnapps.

Perhaps you would like
to come in and see

the inside of a star's palace?


I still can't figure out

how you got another month
out of him.

Mind your business.

What, do you think
all your charm

is going to make that girl blind

to your deformities?


What happens when she sees you?

All of you?

You know where
you're going to end up.

Where they send
indigent freaks--

the state mad house.

And what about your mother?


You want her to die drooling
in some hideous asylum?

We both know that's probably
where she's headed anyway...

where we're all headed.

It's over, Elsa!

You're wrong!

Things are going to change.

I have a plan.

You mind closing
out your check now?

I'm going on break.

Oh, darling,

it's on the house.

Stars never pay.

It was once a day.

Now it's only once a week.

Once a week?

I'm lucky if it happens
once a year.

It's a wonder Eddie Jr.
was conceived at all.

Every Thursday night
at 9:00 p.m.,

he turns on Dragnet and
climbs on top of me.

He hasn't been the same
since Korea.

♪ Just like a torch, you set
the soul within me burning ♪

♪ I must go on ♪

♪ I'm on this road
of no returning ♪

♪ And though it burns me
and it turns me into ashes ♪

♪ My whole world crashes ♪
It's your turn, Myrna.

♪ Without your kiss of fire... ♪

Where did you... find it?

I took in that new
roadside attraction.

Wandered into an empty tent,

and the real show began.

Oh, don't be afraid.

Oh, you'll be so relaxed after.

♪ If I'm a slave,
then it's a slave I want to be ♪

♪ Don't pity me ♪
Gather round, ladies!

♪ Don't pity me... ♪
Now, I'm not much of a public speaker,

but this new product
is a lifesaver

for the American housewife.

If you're very quiet,
you can hear a burp.

You hear that?

That is the patented
seal of freshness.

And it comes in all these
wonderful colors.

These lovely pastels

like I know y'all love to wear.

♪ Your kiss of fire... ♪

Don't worry... I don't bite.

♪ If I'm a slave, then it's
a slave I want to be ♪

Come here, baby.

♪ Give me your lips ♪

♪ The lips you only
let me borrow ♪

♪ Love me tonight and let
the devil take tomorrow ♪

♪ I know that I must have
your kiss ♪

♪ Although it dooms me ♪

♪ Love, it consumes me ♪

Oh, yes...

♪ Your kiss ♪

Oh, yes!

♪ Of fire. ♪

Oh, yes.

Oh... oh, yes!

What do you suppose the police

will ask us when they come?

They'll want to hear
about everything what happened.

You know, we didn't
really see much.

Let me do the talking.

What did you see?

Tell me
about your terrible tragedy.

It was a robbery gone bad.

I'm sure the man was enraged

when he found we had
nothing to steal.

It was a moonless night.

Bette was asleep,

but something woke me.

I heard footsteps.

So you saw just that one man?

He had on a fedora.

A black fedora,

and he reeked of Aqua Velva.

Stop talking.

It was terrible.

First he strangled Mama

with her own necklace
while she was doing needlepoint.

Shut up, Bette!

Very interesting.

That would make
a terrifying movie.

If it hadn't already been done.

What are you talking about?

The original Gaslight.

"Strangled by her own necklace

while she was doing

Bette, if you are going to talk,

make sure what
comes out of your mouth

is more than just
a regurgitated plot.

She knows.

And, Dot,

even I am aware
that your mother died

two days before you were found
with fresh wounds.

You two should try harder to get

your story straight...

before the coppers show up.

We interrupt this program

to bring you breaking news.

Jupiter Police have confirmed
the identity of the two bodies

found murdered in their home

in the quiet enclave
of Bridgewater.

Jeffrey and Mildred Bachman
had been dead

for at least a week
before neighbors

made the horrific discovery.

Neighbors described
the brutal scene as,

and I quote, "a blood bath."

Corey Bachman,
the couple's eight-year-old son,

remains missing.

This recent discovery,

the killing of Troy Miller and
the abduction of Bonnie Lipton,

along with the death
of Eudora Tattler,

bring to four the number
of shocking murders

that have terrified
the residents

of our peaceful hamlet
in the past two weeks.

Although police have
not yet confirmed a connection,

the grim fact that
a similar weapon was involved

in all four killings
leads this reporter

to conclude a single maniac
is preying

upon the citizens
of Jupiter township.

One can only hope that,
when justice comes,

it will be swift and final.


Hey, come here.


We should both eat.

There you go, take that.

Don't worry.

Somebody will find us.

Your parents are never going
to stop looking for you.

I think he killed my parents.

Oh, clown, you're...

you're so talented.

Please, release us,
so we can tell the world.



I like this one.

It's trashy. Drop it.

You're so mean.

We have to go.

Go where, meine liebe?

I went to the hospital.

They said you had disappeared
into the shadows.

I saw men there
asking about you.


We're not afraid of the police.


Have you seen the papers?

A spree,

they are calling it.

A murderous tear started by...


But it isn't true.

"Old Sparky."

That's what they call
the electric chair

at Florida State Prison.

Even if only one of you
is found guilty,

the other one will go
with her to the chair.


they separate you first.

Leave her alone.


Trying to protect your sister?

You couldn't protect
your mother.

Singin' in
the Rain is playing

at the Majestic in West Palm.

Please take us, Mother.

We can sneak in after it starts.

It'll be dark.

No one will see us.


I won't have any more
of this foolishness.

What do you think
would become of our lives

if people round here learned
what lived on this farm?

What are our lives now?

It's a prison.

You're too young to remember
what happened in Alabama.

Why we had to leave
in the dead of night.

I want to see the movie.

I want to see it now!

In glorious Technicolor.

I said that's enough!

You can't keep us here.

It's not right.

It's not right!

She didn't know
what she was doing.

No, but you did. You could have
stopped her, and you didn't.

Bette, what have you done?

- It's not right!
- Bette!

It's not right!

You are both guilty.

Perhaps you even more so, Dot.

After all, wasn't it you

who then stabbed your sister?

You were punishing her.

Not for her crime,

but for your own.

What do you want?

To save you.


To save you.

Save you.

Of course.

Dear Diary,

it was the glorious
third of September

when I was finally freed
from the shadows.

The future had
never seemed brighter.

Let's hope they start bringing
in some paying customers, huh?

Dear Diary,

I have seen my future.

It is pink and wrapped in silk.

I never thought my escape from
darkness could be so complete.

I found myself in the middle
of a movie star's palace.

Elsa's tent is
the epitome of glamour.

There is only one law here--

the bigger the star,
the bigger the tent.

Glorious freedom.

For the first time in my life,

I dare to imagine myself
surrounded by beauty.

Dear Diary,

my soul plumbs
new depths of despair.

I long for the quiet
of the farm.

The warmth of my bed,

the smell of flowers
outside my window.

I'm surrounded
by a cesspool of activity.

No words can do justice

to the depravity
that permeates the grounds.

A creature they call
"Meep the Geek" chews off

the heads of living things
for sport and amusement,

darkening further
the edges of my nightmares.

Hey, don't be scared.

Meep just got a little excited.

It's not every day he comes
across two beauties in one body.

Hi. I'm Jimmy.

Jimmy Darling.

Though even
in the darkest of night...

...the promise of dawn beckons.

Perhaps worst of all is
a bearded lady named Ethel,

who serves as Elsa's henchwoman,

the sasquatch champion of law
and order in this hellish sty.

You heard me right, Diary.

A lady with a beard.

She won't let me eat.

Stop this foolishness, Dot.

You need your strength
to perform.

I'm gonna sit here

and watch you eat
that entire bowl.

And you--

if you try to stop her,

I'm gonna slap your ass silly
into next week,

swear to God.

You ungrateful little bitch.

After all Elsa's done for you.

She rescues the wretched and
unloved and gives them a home.

That's what she did for you.

That's what she did for me.

She did?

I'd fallen on hard times,

developed a taste
for rye whiskey.

And I wound up
in the drunk tank.

That's where Elsa found me.

She reunited me with my boy.

Best of all, she put me
back on the stage.

Where I belong.

It's your turn now.

You're gonna be big stars.

You're gonna pack that tent,
night after night.

The hell we will.

We're nobody's trained monkey.

Don't you get it?

This place is as good
as it gets for folks like us.

It's the bitter end.

But we take care of each other.

That's why Elsa
brought you here--

be our headline act.

Good God Almighty,
I hope you got talent.

Right now, you're
our only hope we got.

So eat up!

Up two inches
on your side, Evie.

Okeydokey, but we're
out in the sticks.

And this sign is rinky-dink.

You think everything's

I don't like this, Jimmy.

I don't like this at all.

Cops already been
snooping around once.

And now you say they're
looking for these two?

Should we really be
putting up a banner?

Whole thing gives me an itch.

What if we get raided?

You're not worried?

Why should I be?

I survived the Stasi.

I think I can deal
with the simpletons

of the Jupiter
Police Department.

I'll tell them the twins
have been with us a month.

It was only when they went back

to check on their darling mother

that they were attacked.

You worry about the banner,

I'll take care
of everything else.

I really hope Elsa knows
what she's doing.

You got to look
on the sunny side.

It's the freaks. It's
the freaks. It's the freaks.





Come say it to my face!


I tell you, sometimes
I can't take it.

The way they look at us.
The way they treat us.

It ain't right.

That's showbiz.

Would you like
some help with that?

Not on your life.

I'm glad to see you taking time
to enjoy yourself.

You spoil me, my darling.

I got to get the hell out of
here. This place is a snake pit!

I got to get back to my life,
my family, my church, my people!

The opium does that to you.

Leaves you in a cranky mood

when you smoke too much.

But I agree.

You should go home now,
before you become addicted.

Ethel, will you fetch
her candy striper uniform?

We even washed it for you.

Remember, when you leave here,

you say nothing
about your time with us.

Are you nuts?

I was drugged, ravaged.

Everyone needs to know
what goes on out here--

the real freak show!

Oh, no, my darling.

You are confused.

You liked it here with us.



You loved it.

Do you see anyone

being ravaged

or tortured against her will?


Looks to me like a young woman

who is taking her own pleasure

for the very first time.

I liked it.

I liked it.

I can still feel them.

All over me.

Inside me.

Now, now.

There's nothing
to be ashamed of.

I'm gonna tell.

They're depraved monsters!

I'll tell you who
the monsters are!

The people outside this tent!

In your town,
in all these little towns.

Housewives pinched
with bitterness,

stupefied with boredom
as they doze off

in front of their
laundry detergent commercials,

and dream of strange,
erotic pleasures.

They have no souls.

My monsters, the ones
you call depraved,

they are the beautiful,
heroic ones.

They offer their oddity
to the world.

They provide a laugh,
or a fright,

to people in need
of entertainment.

Everyone is living

the life they chose.

But you...

you undoubtedly...

will be one of those
soulless monsters.

Perhaps you already are.

Miss Elsa, Miss Elsa!

A chauffeur in a big car came

and bought out
the whole show tonight!


What did your
Fraulein Elsa tell you?

I knew it would work.

That banner is bringing them in.

Those twins, they are
going to save us.

You see, peppermint girl?

Everything works out.

Looks like my pipe
will stay nice and full

should you hear a siren's call.

$18, that's all?

One of them
finished so fast,

I felt bad charging
at normal price.

Well, nice doesn't
pay the bills.

Nobody saw you leave, did they?


Left through the back door.

Mama, I'm tired of leaving
through back doors,

like a common criminal.

We deserve a better life.

We all do.

We could leave this place.

Absolutely not.

Elsa's doing the best she can.

Times are tough.

Thanks to Red Skelton
and Lucille Ball,

folks are getting
their jollies at home now.

We got to stick together.

These are our people.

Our people are
a bunch of drunks.

Carnies drown their sorrows

in a little hooch-- so what?

So what?! They have programs
for people like that now.

Support groups.

I can get them help.
A clean start.

We can get out of this dump.

You watch your mouth.
I've had it!

I want out!

There's got to be a place
somewhere, anywhere!

We could buy a tract
of land on the cheap.

We could plant crops,
live off the land.

What, so now you're Moses
leading the Israelites?

Well, why not?
I want a normal life.

There is no normal
for us, Jimmy.

You want to be a hero,
you go talk to those twins.

Make 'em eat.

Make 'em like it here.

But no flipper action.


No, get away.

Get away, get away!

No, get away,
get away, get away!

What's going on here?

I gotta thank you.

That sign you freaks put up

helped me find
my two main suspects.

Bette and Dot Tattler,

you're under arrest for murder.

That hurts.
It's too tight.

Now, just hold on
a second, Detective.

Bette and Dot are victims, too.

They were stabbed themselves.

Is that why they ran
from the hospital?

Their mother died days
before they were attacked,

and there was no sign of any
forced entry at the house.

Way I see it,
they murdered their mother,

and then they tried
to cover it up.

Wouldn't surprise me
if they were involved

with the killing at the lake
and the Bachman murder.

You're telling lies.

So that's it? Case closed?
Look at 'em. They're monsters.

Jury's gonna have
no problem seeing that.

Don't call them monsters.

I call a spade a spade.

Now, you should
get out of my way.

I can't let you take them.

And who's gonna stop me?

You and your miscreants?

Come tomorrow morning,
my boys are gonna come over here

and run you out of town.

There is no place
in Jupiter for freaks.

Don't call us freaks!

I'll call you whatever the hell

I want to, you freak...

You saved us.

And you're gonna save us.

Do you like your seat, Dandy?

They're all my seats.

I could sit anywhere I like.

Yes, you can.

I like the one you're in.


How's that?


The seat's warm.

Mother made it toasty for you.

Can you see okay, darling?

There's nothing to see.

Where are the freaks?

I'm getting bored.

I don't like this, Mother.

Remember what
Dr. Peterson said.

If you allow yourself
to become agitated,

that nasty rash will come back.

You don't want that, do you?

Places, everyone!

Pepper, Salty, move your asses!

Come on!


On in five, darling.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Everything you've heard is true.

All that has been
advertised is here,

under this tent.



A plethora of

the strange, the weird,

the bizarre, the unusual!

From jungles untamed

to forests enchanted.

From the Dark Continent

to the spice-laden lands
of India.

Astounding mistakes of nature

are gathered here

for your amusement
and edification.

What you're about to see

will astound your very senses

and harrow...

yes, harrow your souls.

And tonight,
for the first time anywhere,

the Spectacular Siamese Sisters.

But amidst the terrifying
and the tragic...

a voice... and beauty.

Ladies and gentlemen,

direct from the cabarets
of prewar Berlin,

the enchantress who holds sway

over all of nature's mistakes:

Elsa Mars.

♪ It's a god-awful
small affair ♪

♪ To the girl
with the mousy hair ♪

♪ But her mommy
is yelling "no" ♪

♪ And her daddy
has told her to go ♪

♪ But her friend
is nowhere to be seen ♪

♪ Now she walks
through her sunken dream ♪

♪ To the seats with
the clearest view ♪

♪ And she's hooked
to the silver screen ♪

♪ But the film is
a saddening bore ♪

♪ For she's lived it
ten times or more ♪

♪ She could spit in
the eyes of fools ♪

♪ As they ask her to focus on ♪

♪ Sailors fighting
in the dance hall ♪

♪ Oh, man ♪

♪ Look at those cavemen go ♪

♪ It's the freakiest show ♪

♪ Is there life on Mars? ♪

♪ But the film is
a saddening bore ♪

♪ 'Cause I wrote it
ten times or more ♪

♪ It's about to be writ again ♪

♪ As I ask you to focus on ♪

♪ Sailors fighting
in the dance hall ♪

♪ Oh, man ♪

♪ Look at those cavemen go ♪

♪ It's the freakiest show ♪

♪ Take a look at the lawman ♪

♪ Beating up the wrong guy ♪

♪ Oh, man ♪

♪ Wonder if he'll ever know ♪

♪ He's in
the best-selling show ♪

♪ Is there life on Mars? ♪

You're not supposed
to be back here.

Care for a cigarette?

I'd love one, thanks.

So... much?

My monsters aren't prostitutes.

You misunderstand.

We don't want to buy anyone
for the night.

We want to buy them.


For one, maybe.

But there are two beauties here.

Okay, $10,000.

Have you any idea

what kind of box office

they'll bring in
over the next year?

They're my headliners.

Let's ask them.

Do you think $10,000

is a fair price for you?

$15,000, and not one penny more.

Unless she grows another head.

We're staying right here.

This is our home.


That's just what
I wanted to hear.

I knew it.

One night in the spotlight,
and you've got the bug.

You're one of us.

You see, we are a
troupe of entertainers.

A family.

And you will not split up
our family.

Come, Dandy.

I need a long, hot bath.

Though nothing will wash away
the ghastly memory

of that infernal caterwauling.

By far the most freakish thing
of all tonight

was your pathetic
attempt at singing.


this lawman was supposed

to protect and serve
the innocent.

But instead, he judged us guilty

before he even set foot
into our camp.

All we've ever wanted

was a place where
we could feel safe

and be just the way we are.

But no one is going
to hand it to us.

We're going to have to rise up

and take it.

- Don't we deserve to be happy?
- Yeah!

When bad things keep
happening to good people,

you start to question
what is right and what is wrong.

Well, I say it's time we make
our own right and wrong.

I say it's wrong
for them to treat us like shit

and kick us around like
the scum of the earth!

They want to call us monsters?

Fine, we'll act like monsters.

From this day on,

if anyone tries
to mess with us--

any of us, 'cause you're
one of us now--

they're going to end up
like this pig.

Let's show 'em what we can do.

To the worms!

You missed dinner, hon.

The gang's over the moon.

Sold-out show

and all tonight.

It's all thanks to you.

You brought those twins here,

hung that banner...

We're in the black.

I know.

But I have a confession to make.

Those girls...

I didn't bring them here for us.

To save us.

I brought them here for myself.

So people would come

and they would see me

and I would finally
become a star.

It's what I've always wanted,
nothing else.

Is it too late for me?

Is it wrong?

Not at all.

You listen here.

You've got a gift.

You deserve the laurels
and the applause

and the shouts
of "encore."

Do you really think so?

I'd bet my hand

you're gonna become
a household name.

I know it.

Oh, Ethel, my darling...

Oh... oh...

you are too good for me.

Go now.

Get some rest.

♪ Auf Wiedersehen ♪

♪ Auf Wiedersehen ♪

♪ We'll meet again ♪

♪ Sweetheart ♪

♪ This lovely day ♪

♪ Has flown my way ♪

♪ The time has come ♪

♪ To part ♪

♪ We'll kiss again ♪

♪ Like this again ♪

♪ Don't let the teardrops ♪

♪ Start ♪

♪ With love that's true ♪

♪ I'll wait for you ♪

♪ Auf Wiedersehen ♪

♪ Sweetheart. ♪