American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Head - full transcript

Cordelia's attacker is revealed. Fiona looks to form an alliance with Marie Laveau. Nan learns a disturbing truth about Luke's past.

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Yeah. With a little milk and sugar.
My daddy let me try it on my first hunting trip.

You get a little older,
we'll add a little hooch in there.

That will really keep us warm.


There's nothing to be nervous about.


Keep your hands steady.
Just like we practiced on the range.

I just...

I don't wanna miss.

Well, then you won't.

I was the same way
when I was your age.

Worse, even.

I couldn't keep my breakfast down.

Ruined my shirt.

Damn near ruined everything.

Here you go.

We've been hunters
for generations.

You'll be fine, son.

Yes. Ha, ha.


Shh, shh.

You stay here.

I'll flush her out through the brush.
You be ready.

You'll get a clean shot.




Put her down!

Please. No.



Put her down.

No. No, please.

Do it! Put her down!

Please. Please don't.

Put her down!


Do it!




I'm sorry. I'm-- I'm sorry.
No mercy.

Never forget what they are.

Delores Davis, when is the last time
I had your head in my chair? Ha-ha-ha.


We need to talk.

You and I ain't got nothing to say
to each other.

Take your skinny ass
and that filthy thing and get out.

You don't wanna talk to me? Fine.

Then give what's in this box
a wash and set, huh?

Yes, Marie.

Get Mrs. Davis started for me, will you?
Yeah. Mm-hm.

I won't be long.


Jesus Christ.

This better be good.
I got six more heads waiting for me up front.

That one you can keep.

Heh. What makes
you think I want it?

You the one dug it up.

For information, that was all.

Then Why'd you keep her around?

She amused me.

Hmm. You thought you could use her
as a bargaining chip.

What'd she say? I can't hear.

You shut up.

I came here to talk terms.



You think it's so easy. Stroll in here
and expect we gonna fix this truce?

Oh, to hell with the truce.

What I'm looking for is an alliance.

Your tribe, my coven, joined.

Are you insane?

Oh. What the head said. Ha-ha-ha.

I told you to shut up.

You can't make a deal with a darkie.

You can't trust them as far as you can spit.

It's like I told the governor-- Unh.

Shut up.
Now, we need to stop this petty quarreling.

We've got bigger problems
than what goes on between us.

Last night, outside our academy...

...witch hunters.

How many dead?
None dead.

They missed.

Hmm. Too bad.

This concerns you and your people
as much as it does mine.

Don't concern me a bit.

Witch hunters is white women's worry.

You're making a mistake.

I can live with that.

Not too sure about you, though.

That's good work, that wig.

But it's a wig.

What kind of cancer you got?


Come down here because you weak.

Can't protect your own
and expect me to do it for you.

You're kidding yourself...

...if you think that after they're done with us,
they're not coming after you.

I'll fret about that when the time come.

Right after I pop the champagne.

Take this filthy thing
out back and burn it.

I don't ever wanna see it again.

You neither.
Sweet release.

At long last.

Goddamn it.

Could people please not move things?

Some of us are blind!
Here it is, Delia. Let me help you.

Oh-- Let me do it. It's my mess.


Delia, there's a--

I need to say something,
or I'll simply explode.

I need to know for certain
that you don't think I did this to you.

I remember the first day
Fiona dropped you off here.

You were like a baby bird
pushed too soon from the nest.

Do you remember what you asked me?

Will you be my mother now?

I've always loved you like a daughter.

Wrap your arms around me, dear girl.

Use your power of sight, and you'll see
that I could not have done this terrible thing.


I won't.

I don't need magic
to tell me what I already know.

I know you would never hurt me.

I never doubted you for a second.

And I told my mother that.

My mother set you up.

My blindness gave me real vision,
but it's of no use to me now.

Not when there are witch hunters
right outside our door.


...if I could pluck my own eyes out
of my head and give them to you, I would.

I know.

DAVID: Hank.

DAVID: Good to see you.
I thought you were in Europe.

Had a flare-up with the Cromwell Coven
in North Hampton.

Nothing a few silver bullets
couldn't take care of.

Hmm. Corporation keeps you busy now
that he's made you the official right hand.

I know you were hoping to be named,
but your father has other plans, Hank.

Right. Am I still in the will? Heh.

You'll always be his son.
Come on. He's ready for you.

No, thanks. Never acquired a taste for it.

Hmm. Well, I'll get right to it.

We're not happy with your progress
in New Orleans.

David tells me you're no longer
living at the academy.

A lot of things have happened.

Some of them out of my control.

Allying yourself with Marie Laveau,
the voodoo queen...

...that was out of your control?

I took some initiative. I had a plan to bring
them down, the witches and the voodoos.

You don't take initiative, Hank.

You follow orders.

Your only job is to gather intelligence.

You don't get your hands dirty.

You're the man on the inside.

That's why you're married
to Cordelia Goode.

HANK: Yes, Father, I-- I just thought--
Don't think.

You'll just end up
getting somebody killed.

I thought that was the point.

I'm much more capable
than you think.

You're referring to the fire starter
you terminated in Baton Rouge?

I found a witch, killed her,
then got rid of the body.

In a hotel room.

You used a credit card.
It could have been traced to The Corporation.

I had to send David down there
to clean up after you.

An innocent desk clerk and a maid
lost their lives...

...because you were sloppy.

Hank, you need to understand, your father's
not only the head of The Corporation...

...he's the CEO
of a major financial institution.

Liberals in Washington
are looking for an excuse... sic the FEC on companies
like Delphi.

Your recklessness
puts everything we've worked for at risk.

I thought we were still witch hunters.

The hunt isn't only about the kill.

A good hunter stalks his prey with care
and only strikes when the time is right.

We need you back inside that house.

May be a problem.

Somebody blinded Cordelia.
An unknown attacker threw acid in her face.

Not unknown. We authorized that.

We wanted to make sure she needed you.

You disfigured my wife?

Your wife? Heh.

Tell me you don't actually
have feelings for her.

Tell me, son!
You haven't forgotten what she is?

What you are?

I'm part of a sacred order.

A soldier in a shadow war.

A war that has been raging
since before the time of Salem.

We are a brotherhood pledged in blood,
dedicated to stamping out...

...the pestilence of witchery
on the North American continent.


Don't think I don't appreciate
the sacrifices you've made.

I know how confusing it can be... pretend to love someone
who's your enemy.

But you can never
lose yourself to the lie...

...because someday...

...she will have to be put down.

What a marvelous invention.

So clever.

So before we move on
to our lobster bouquetière...

...a little melon ball palate cleanser.
Ha, ha.

Remember back in the day, Pembie?

We'd always be served a palate cleanser
at Sunday supper.

Such a sensible tradition.
Nobody bothers anymore.

Now, Myrtle, Pembie and I were just saying,
in addition to how thrilling it was... get your phone call, we--

We've just had such terrible regrets
about the whole misunderstanding.

And we cannot
get over your skin.

No burn scars.
You look younger than ever.

We-- We've got to hear
all about this Misty Day...

...and her magical mud.

Should we be looking into it?

Selling it, perhaps?

Oh, my God. Ha-ha-ha.

You miss the point, darling.
Swamp mud is a metaphor, her metaphor.

She's a sophisticated witch
with extraordinary gifts...

...hiding out as a hippie swamp rat.

From humble hillbilly stock,
she's been a witch since birth...

...her power and humanity separating her
from everyone around her.

In fact, those around her
have tried endlessly to destroy her... order to mask
their own evil purposes.

Yet she rose from the ashes
stronger than ever, more fully realized.

A living testament
to the greater ideals of our coven.

Power, compassion and uniqueness.

We are lucky to have found her,
and she us.

It resonates with my own story,
doesn't it?

Myrtle, I want to toast you for your spirit of--



Forgiveness, you say?

Forgiveness is and always will be
the high road, the preferred road.

Would that we had such luxury.

Oh, Quentin.

Not to worry.

It's just a bit of
monkshood in your balls.

Causes temporary paralysis.

"Human Statue Syndrome," we call it.

I believe it's the nervous system first.

You lose control over your limbs...

...the muscles harden into cement...

...and it feels like ice in your veins.

Then the respiratory system.

Or is it the other way around?
Well, no matter.

It's supposed to be quite terrifying. Is it?

Are you terrified? You should be.

At any rate, I'm not going to kill you.

Well, maybe after dessert.

I put a lot of effort into the key lime pie.

I do love a key lime pie,
even more than an île flottante.

Call me a Philistine. Heh.

Enough chitchat.

You've both wanted to eliminate me for
years so you could dominate the council.

But I was never worried
you'd be hapless enough to try.

Quentin, you're a fatuous fool
and a drunk!

Pembie, you're even worse.

You're weak-willed, boring, and your
fashion faux pas give me nightmares.

I've invited you here not to chastise you
or exact revenge...

...but to help out the coven,
to help out my beloved Cordelia.

Heh. I bet you thought,
"Oh, she left the melon baller in there.

She's growing old and forgetful."

I had a Turkish Angora cat who was born
with one brown eye and one blue.

She was absolutely gorgeous.

Oh, my God. I can see.

CORDELIA: I know you had
the best of intentions...

...but you could've asked me first.

MYRTLE: Delia, does one ask a drowning
man before throwing him a life preserver?

Who let this charcoal briquette back in?

Oh, sweet Jesus.

He gets no credit.

It was I who restored
our beloved Cordelia.

You're not witch enough
to pull off something this delicate.

MYRTLE: Oh, but you're wrong.
I'm more witch now than I ever was...

...and I've got you to thank, Fiona.

Being burned at the stake
was an empowering experience.

There are secrets in the flames,
and I came back with more than a few.

You couldn't find two that matched?


Why do they look so familiar?

The generous donors
wish to remain anonymous.

Well, if she gave you two new eyes,
it's out of guilt for having blinded you.

Hurl your baseless accusations.
They have no power now.

You could still end up in an ashtray,
you know.

You're the one that
should be put to the stake.

You murdered Madison Montgomery.

Well, that's going to be
a hard one to stick, Myrtle.

The girl is not dead.

Not anymore and no thanks to you.

You were the one found guilty
of a capital crime.

I don't care
if you did survive the stake.

I could have you banished.

Permanent exile.
You know what that means, Myrtle.


Paramus, New Jersey,
toxic waste, outlet malls.

Oh. You wouldn't dare.

I could call an emergency meeting
of the council right now.

Good. You call the council.
Good luck.

I hear they're not seeing anyone right now.
Stop it! Stop it right now.

Like it or not, Fiona is your Supreme,
and you need to start treating her like one.

And you, you need to stop
accusing Auntie Myrtle.

We both know she's not the one
who blinded me.

The real danger
is outside these doors, not inside.

I'm tired. I need to lie down.

When the girls get in,
make sure they stay in.

It's dangerous out there.

MYRTLE: Of course, baby bird.
You go rest your new eyes.

We'll see to absolutely everything.


Hug me again.

Of course I will, my darling girl.


My visions.

They're gone.

You can't smoke in here, Madison.

Why don't you go tell someone?

Ugh, sick people
really gross me out.

We've been looking everywhere for you.
Nan, it's time to go.

Cordelia wants us all back.
I need to see Luke.

You haven't seen him yet?
His mother won't let me.

That's bullshit.



Who said you could come in here?

Get out before I call security.

She just wants to see him.
JOAN: Absolutely not.

It's your fault my son is in a coma.

You brought this darkness into my home.

Luke says, "Calm down. Don't have a fit.
Like at the lake last summer?"

When did he tell you that?

You're a liar. Or a lunatic.
No, bitch, she's clairvoyant.

"Regard not them
that have familiar spirits...

...who consort with demons
to be defiled by them."

Nan's not talking to a demon.

She's talking to your son.

I don't believe it.

You're mocking my grief.
Not your grief.

Maybe the outfit.

God works in mysterious ways,
Joanie. Roll with it.

He likes that song,
the one that you sang to him before.

That proves you're a fraud.

I didn't sing.
I read to him from Deuteronomy.

[WHISPERING] When I was 8.
When he was 8.

When I broke my arm.
When he broke his arm.

"A Closer Walk."

How can you know that?
We told you, she's a mind reader.

We're witches.

Haven't you
figured that out by now?

Come on, Nan.

She doesn't deserve your help.

lam weak

But thou art strong

Jesus, keep me from all wrong

I'll be satisfied as long as I walk

Let me walk close to thee

Just a closer walk with thee

Grant it, Jesus, is my plea

Daily walking close to thee

Let it be, dear Lord

Let it be

When my feeble life is o'er

Time for me will be no more

Guide me safely
Gently o'er

To thy kingdom's shore
To thy shore

Whoo, hoo-hoo-hoo.

You bring nibbles?

I'm starving.

Girl, you ain't got no stomach.

What are you gonna do,
chew it and shit it out of your neck?

Time for some sensitivity training.

What fresh hell is this?

Roots: The Saga of an American Family.

You are gonna watch
all eight hours of it...

...followed by the sequel
Roots: The Next Generation.

Why don't you just throw my head
in that fire pit?

I wanna die. I'm ready.

Believe me, I'd love nothing more than
to melt your ugly face right off your skull...

...but you are ignorant.
You're not leaving this earth...

...until I educate you about
those people you tortured, my people.

[MOUTHS] My people.
So we're gonna have a little film festival.

You're gonna watch Mandingo,
The Color Purple...

...and then my personal favorite, B*A*P*S,
starring Miss Halle Berry.

But first, based on the best-selling novel
by the great black writer Alex Haley... family's epic story
from slavery to freedom.


Oh, God.


No, no, no, not that jungle music.

No, wait a minute.

No, no, no, turn it down.

Oh, Lord. Oh, no.

Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton

Old times there are not forgotten

Look away, look away

Look away, Dixieland


Marie Laveau sends her regards.
What's happening to me?

You're feeling the wrath of broken promises.

Where are the heads of the white witches?
I'm trying.



They die tonight...

...or the next needle I use
will put a hole in your heart.

You understand me?
I understand.



Temptation falls in your path


No hesitation

I didn't know bay leaves had magic in them.
They provide protection.

Asafetida banishes evil.


Oh, wow, that's some stinky shit.
Ha, ha.

Now, you never use this
unless under extreme circumstances.

Looking good.

Kind of woman that'll haunt you

Hey, can I try the incantation this time?
Go for it.


Stronger intent.


Damn. That is so cool.


We make a great team.

Now we need to make some
more of this for everyone.

Go get some more
of that mud back there.

Kind of woman that'll haunt you

You're such an awesome leader,
Miss Cordelia.

I've got so much to learn from you.
Fiona is the leader of this coven.

Is to be in heaven

I know, I know


Well, shit.

I meant to change the locks.

You have your sight back?

On. on, my God.

Did Fiona do this?

Let go of me.

I said, let go.

You're drunk.

Yeah, I needed the courage to come back.

Hey, what do your eyes see?

Can you see my heart?
Can you see it's bleeding?

That I'm living in a hell of regret
and remorse?

That my life has no meaning
without you?

What will it take, Delia?

More than you've got.


HANK: Who's this?
Hey. I'm Misty.


Can we have this
conversation alone, please?

Don't leave, Misty. She and I have
much bigger concerns than this conversation.

I've told you how I feel.

Take your stuff and leave.
No, I'm not going anywhere.

I'm your husband. This is my home.

Not anymore. I've spoken to a lawyer.
I'm filing for divorce.

Oh, that's bullshit!

Listen to me. All I want is to protect you.

I know you don't believe it,
but that's all I've ever wanted to do.

Your shit's in a box in the closet.

Get it and then get out.



Endora, heel.

Good girl.

You got a dog?

Well, one dog moves out, another moves in.
You know, it's the cycle of life.

But you hate animals,
and all other living things.

Well, that's true.

But we needed some protection
around here.

I know that. Why do you think I came back?


Protect? Really? Huh.

You know why I got a female attack dog?
Because bitches stick together?


Because females are more loyal and aggressive
when it comes to protecting their families.

Good to see you, Hank.


What is it, girl?

What's in there?


Another goddamn boy. Jesus, these girls.


You have to leave now.

Come on.


You're a miracle, Nan.

I'm not certain
I know how to thank you.

I'm sure this isn't enough...

...but in truth,
nothing could ever be enough.

You've given me a gift
that can never be repaid.

I confess I had dark moments.

The thought of losing my son
shook me to the core.

I questioned my faith in the Almighty.

But you have given me a ray of hope.

Luke says there is a God.

And that he's judging you.

For my lapses of faith?
For what you did to his father.

His father?

God says my father's death
was no accident.

Why does he say that?
Dennis died of anaphylactic shock.

God knows all.

He has shown me the truth.
Joan, I've said all I had to say.

I can't accept that.

Well, you have to.

I wanna be a good father. I--

I still wanna be in Luke's life, but...

We're done.
Maybe one day you'll understand.



God told me you put the bees in the car.

You knew Dad was allergic to bees.


You knew you'd get away with it.
You killed him because he was leaving you.

Dad was in love with Mrs. Martone.



LUKE: She was in your book club.
Wasn't younger or prettier.

She just loved him for who he was.

And that was the last straw.
Last straw.

God says you're going to pay.

You don't speak for my son.

He's been in that bed fighting for his life.

This has all been some dark-sided trick.
You leave us alone.

Get out!


FIONA: My turn.
KYLE: My turn.

Now it's your turn.




Like to play another hand?

Yeah, you just keep dealing
till I win my money back.

And yours too.


What did you do to him?

Well, since none of you girls
can play cards worth a damn...

...I took the liberty of sprucing up your boy.
Just a touch.

You mean you fixed him?
Well, I wouldn't go that far.

I mean, he's not all there,
but he's okay. Heh.

What we need is a guard dog,
one who will attack on command.


Yeah, I kept my eyes shut tight
the entire time, vile Negress.

I didn't see a bit of it. Ha-ha-ha.

I'm not surprised.

You kept your eyes closed
your entire life.

Can't keep your ears closed, though.

Not without no hands to cover them.


What is that heinous caterwauling?
Something my grandma used to listen to.

If this doesn't touch your soul,
you don't have one.

When will my perdition end?

When you learn something.

And before I'd be a slave

You're one stubborn old lady head,
you know?

I gotta go.


Go home to my Lord

And be free

Okay. All right, love.

I know what we gonna do.
Meet me at the wash bowl.


In my shop, when you early, you on time,
and when you on time, you late.

Now, what you been doing upstairs?
Watching TV.

Sit your ass down
and get yourself to work.

That phone ain't
gonna answer itself.

Go home to my Lord

And be free

Oh, freedom



Oh, freedom

Oh, freedom
Oh, oh, Oh, freedom

Over me
Over me, yeah

And before I'd be a slave
Before I'd be a slave

I'll be buried in my grave
Buried in my own grave


And go home

To my Lord

And be free

Oh, freedom

Oh, freedom
Oh, freedom

Oh, freedom


Oh, freedom
Oh, oh, Oh, freedom

Over me
Over me, yeah

And before I'd be a slave
Before I'd be a slave

I'll be buried in my grave
Buried in my own grave

And go home

To my Lord

And be free


Oh, freedom


Oh, freedom
Oh, freedom


Oh, freedom
Oh, oh, Oh, freedom

Over me
Over me, yeah

And before I'd be a slave
Before I'd be a slave

I'll be buried in my grave
Buried in my own grave

And go home

To my Lord

And be free

No more weeping
No more weeping

Don't you know?
No more weeping

No more weeping

No more weeping over me
No more weeping over me

And before
And before I'd be a slave

I'll be buried
I'll be buried in my grave

And go home to my Lord
And go home to my Lord

You murdered Dad.

No, no.


Go back to sleep, baby.

Go back to sleep.

I'll be buried in my grave

I'm going home
And go home to my Lord

And be free

Ripped By mstoll