American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Burn, Witch. Burn! - full transcript

Zoe reveals a new power during the zombie army siege. Meanwhile, Fiona exacts revenge on Myrtle when an attack leaves Cordelia blinded.

(waltz playing)
(glasses clink)

Ah, Governor and Mrs. Roman,

you honor our home
with your presence.

May I present my son,


And this is my oldest,



My, my, Jacques,

what a suave fellow you are.

But I wonder
if you're brave enough

to visit my Chamber of Horrors.

Mother, I doubt that Jacques

is interested.

I might find the courage
if the lovely Borquita

was by my side.

I fairly swoon

when I see the moment of terror

on a handsome face.

Makes me feel young again.


This way.

Can you guess
what's in the bowl?

(squishing sounds)

Madame LaLaurie,

it must have taken you all
afternoon to peel these grapes.



Would you care to try

your hand at the next surprise?

I'll give you a hint.

They're long

and... wet and...

very slippery.

(squishing sounds)

I'd... venture to guess
a string of sausages?

(man screams)

(screams, grunts)


Oh, you're not man enough

for my Borquita,

much less my Chamber of Horrors.


I'll never have a husband.

Not with Mother around.

She's horrible.

To us and the slaves.

Who would ever suspect foul play

from the grieving daughters
of their beloved mother's

untimely death?

You are wicked, Borquita.

The only question is how.

(door opens)

Y'all gonna miss the entire party

if you sit up here chattering
like little birds.

Come on downstairs now
and be festive,

my darlings.

Dessert is about to be served.

(door closes)

My dear,

the guests have been asking
after you.

Send me Bastien
and two strong slaves.

Don't ponder, Louis.

Just do it!

(crickets chirping)

(floorboards creaking softly)





(Borquita panting, crying)

(men grunting)

(Borquita screaming)

Break her leg if you must.


We were never
gonna do anything.

It was just silly talk.

It's because of my love
for your plain faces

that you can still draw breath.

Be good, little birds,

and I'll set you
free in a year.

A year?

Just in time
for next Hallows' Eve. Ooh...

And you, ringleader

of the feebleminded,

you've earned a special present.

On Christmas morning,

I'm gonna stuff
your conniving mouth

full of shit.



No! (sobs)
No! No! No!


It's too late now

even to light the bonfires
of protection.

All hell has opened up
on our doorstep.

QUEENIE: You guys,
did you get a load

of what's going on outside?

(echoing scream)

(distorted wailing)


CORDELIA (distorted):
I need my mother!


Let me see your face!

It's burning!
Oh, my God! Someone call an ambulance!

My God! Somebody help us!

Let me see!
I have to see!

Let me see it!



(indistinct radio transmissions)

Are you
Mrs. Foxx's mother?

What did they do to her?

Her eyes looked like marbles.

Our best guess is someone threw
sulfuric acid on her.

I've only seen burns like this
in industrial accidents.

It burned
through the optic nerves.

I'm no...

debutante, Doctor.
So just tell me.

Is she blind or not?

The ocular structure's intact,

we couldn't save her eyesight.

You... What are you saying?

What are you telling me?

I'm sorry.

What are you telling me?

Huh? You piece of shit!

I want to talk to a doctor!

(crying): No.
Should I call the cops?

No, it's all right.
I'm sorry.


What are they?

They're dead.

I can't hear them.

Everyone get away
from the windows.

Come on! And kill the lights.

Um, I think

they know we're home.
Close the drapes.

We need Fiona.
You guys, it's a prank.

They're not even doing anything.

It's her voice mail.

I don't know. Maybe we should call the cops.

Fiona wouldn't like it,
and I'd be more scared of her

than those things outside.

Oh, shit.

You shouldn't be out of bed.

Tell it to the Army
of Darkness.

This is crazy.

I can handle a bunch
of neighborhood kids.

Okay, you had your fun.

You spooked a houseful
of girls. Time to go.

Come on, buddy.



Come on. Get moving.

(gate creaks)

Dude, your prosthetics
look awesome.

(snaps fingers)

Oh, man.


(low growling)






Come on.

We got to help Luke!

QUEENIE: The front
door's no good.

We're completely surrounded.

If we can't go out, we'll go up.

We have to get away
from all these windows.


(door unlocks)

Are you crazy?

My daughters are out there.

Your daughters are dead!
You want to be dead, too?

'Tis a consummation devoutly
to be wished.

Come on.

Queenie, do you think
you can make it up to the attic?

Spalding's room-- We can
barricade ourselves inside.

Fine. Then pick a room!

Okay? Just get upstairs! Go!




(Nan grunts)
(groans) Aah! Nan!

Save yourself. Go.

I'm not leaving you here.

Cordelia's car. Come on!



(Nan screams)


What are they?
What do they want?


(quiet mechanical beeping
and whooshing)

(electrical buzzing)


(beep, door clicks open)

(electrical buzzing continues)

(wheels squeaking)

(loud, metallic clattering,

(distant shouting)

(Fiona gasps)

You didn't throw that acid,
but you might as well have.

(Fiona gasps)

(man breaths loudly)

WOMAN (over P.A.):
Code blue NICU, bed five.

Code blue NICU, bed five.

(loud beep over P.A. system)

MAN (over P.A.):
Team to ICU...

(continues indistinctly)

(woman crying)

(woman screams, sobs)


(crying continues)

Stillborn, or did it die after?


Is it a girl or a boy?

They didn't tell me.

She's a girl.

Who are you?

What are you doing?


No, I don't want
to look at her!

(crying): No, I don't
want to look at her.

Come on, hold her.

Hold her. She's your daughter.

You have to keep them close

so they feel safe.

Now talk to her.

I don't understand.

Why are you doing this?

My baby is dead.

No, no, no, no.

Come on, talk to her.


Tell her... "I love you more
than the whole world."

Come on.

Say it to her.

I love you more than
the whole world.

You're the most beautiful baby.

Tell her how beautiful she is.

Please. I can't... do this.

Tell her how beautiful she is.

You're so beautiful.

Tell her.

You're beautiful.

Now say, "I'll never leave you."

I'll... I'll never leave you.

I'll be your mother...

until you die.

Tell her.

I'll be your mother

until the day you die.

Tell her again.

I'll be your mother

until you die.

(gasps, baby cries quietly)

What's happening?

She's breathing!

(baby cries)

She's breathing!

(woman cries,
baby cries)

(cries echoing)

LUKE (groans):

(Luke gasps)

(growling, Nan screams,
Luke whimpers)

(guttural breathing)

(Nan screams)

(loud clanging)

Hey! Get away from there!

Over here, you rotting
pieces of shit!

Come on! Come on!

That's it. Come on, yeah.

Come on, come to mama.
(low growling)

(loud growling)

Oh, shit!
(loud growling)


(low growling continues)

(loud thudding on door)

(loud rattling
and thudding on door)

You're not fine,

and you're my responsibility.
You never should have been

allowed out of this
bed. You! Butler!

See she stays put.
I'm going downstairs

and get some ice.
And get me a Coke!

(door closes)

(scratching sound)

Who's there?




My daughter!


My child.




(low, raspy breathing)

What has she done to you?


What have I done to you?

(raspy breathing)


there must be... something

still inside you

that... that...
knows the mother

who bore you.

Come back to me, child.

I would make amends.


You do know me.




(loud thudding and rattling
on door)

(loud rattling
and squeaking)

QUEENIE: She should
have been back already.

Go see what's keeping her?

(door opens)

(blow lands, male groan,


What is that?


(Spalding gasping)


Oh, shit.

(banging on door,
Queenie gasping)








(LaLaurie and Queenie panting)

Holy shit, you killed it.

She had a monster for a mother.

This last act...

was the only kindness
I ever did for her.




I think I'm bleeding out.

I won't let you.


(zombies groaning)

(both grunting)


I'm sorry.

(chain saw revving)

Get him inside, go!

(chain saw motor dies)


Be in your nature.




I don't know what that was,

but they got some real power
in that witch house now.


(panting sharply)

Well, look
who finally showed up.

I've been driving all night
from Lake Charles.

It's a four-hour drive...

I don't have
to defend myself to you.

Why don't you go sleep it off?

I'm here now.

You can stop pretending
you actually care about her.

Now, I may not have been the
mother she needed me to be,

but I can smell the
bullshit in your pockets

even if she can't.

I begged her not to marry you.

You're a loser, running around

your whole life chasing
after penny jobs, huh?

You're one step up from the men

who stand in front
of Home Depot.

At least I come home to her.

I've never just abandoned her.

'Cause you know she is
the best you'll ever have.

Thank Christ you
couldn't knock her up.

Can you imagine her
with an infant now

after you run off
because you can't take

the pressures of a blind wife?


Oh, boy, here come
the crocodile tears.

No, Fiona, no,
you will not do this to us.

She hates you.

You hear that,
you piece of shit?

I love her and she knows it.

You are the one
that doesn't belong here.

You are the one
that needs to go away!

I don't care who it is,

but one of you is leaving

or I'm calling security.

You have 15 minutes with her,

and then I'll be back and you

will disappear.

You can go on your own

or my way.

I don't care which.

Although I'd prefer the latter.

I'm here, baby.

Can you feel me?

I don't care
what they did to you.

I promise

I'm never going away.

I love you so much.


(Kaylee gasping)

Fire purges and purifies,

scatters our enemies
to the wind.

What blows away

need not be explained.

Okay, I think that's
the last of them.

This is nasty.

Maybe we should get
more cedar chips

to mask the smell.

How's Luke?

Still asleep in my bed.

We have to get him
out of the house.

He's not well enough yet.

Well, he can't stay here.

He can and he will.

No sense rushing him back

to his Holy Roller mother
till he recovers.

She'd only call the cops anyhow.

Thank you.

I like a witch

who knows how to fight.

You've done this coven

a great service, Zoe,

I won't forget it.

Go on.

Those are my daughters.

The day they were born,

I sent such hopes
and dreams to heaven.

This is how it ends--

in flames and decay.

They deserved a better mother
than I could ever hope to be.


I know the feeling.

Perhaps our shared
tragedies will...

bring us closer together.

I doubt it.

You are, after all, the maid.

Time to deal with the rest
of the trash, I see.

Fiona Goode,

you stand before this council
accused of gross neglect,

malfeasance, and a
willful disregard

for the well-being
of this coven.

Since you arrived here, this
house has been under attack

from outside forces.

A young witch remains missing.

The headmistress of this
academy-- your own daughter--

lies blinded in a hospital.

Given the seriousness
of these events

and after careful

it is the grim duty
of this council

to demand your immediate,

unconditional abdication

as Supreme of this coven.

It's nothing personal.

And given that the new Supreme

has not shown herself yet?

Until such time,
the coven shall fall

under the stewardship
of this council.

How convenient.

She couldn't inherit

the Supremacy,

so she has enlisted her lapdogs

to help steal it.

I beg your pardon.

Oh, yes, you will beg,

but you will not be pardoned,

Myrtle Snow,
not for what you have done.

What does she mean?

It's a trick, a gambit.

She's desperate.

Well, it's not going to work,

not this time.

This council's decision
is unanimous and final.

We will not sit here
and listen to...

You will sit!


And you will listen.

Now, it's true

this coven has been under
attack but not from outside--

from inside.

Our enemy hides in plain sight.

Walks freely among us unseen.

Our enemy has a face
and I have seen this face.

This face has a name.

Myrtle Snow.

Outrageous lies.

Did you think that
by destroying my daughter,

you could destroy me?

How dare you accuse me
of attacking Cordelia?

I've been more of a
mother to that girl

than you have ever been.

You latched on to my daughter

the minute I passed her
into your care

because you could
never have one.

I never had children because I
dedicated my life to this coven.

The love you had

for this coven and my daughter

has been eclipsed

by the hatred you have of me.

Will you listen to her?

Next she'll be accusing
me of murdering

Madison Montgomery.

Well, you were here
in New Orleans--

at the time
of her disappearance, I mean.

What is she talking about?

I told you,
she's trying to confuse you.

You weren't already
in town when Madison

went missing, were you?

Surely you would
have told us that.

Who is Jennifer Wooley?

I'm sure I don't know.

Jennifer Wooley

is the Veronica Lake character

in the movie I Married a Witch.

Jennifer Wooley also happens

to be the witless alias

Myrtle used as a resident
at the Chat Noire Motel.

She has been here
all these weeks.

Planning this coup.

She's twisting everything!

So, it's true?

You've been living here
under a false name?

She had to be stopped!

Is that a confession?

What? No!

I confess to nothing!

I don't need a confession.

You have been caught red-handed.

You're hurting me!
I'll do more than hurt you!

I will have justice.

The same acid that disfigured
my daughter did this.

Myrtle Snow...

have you anything to say

in your own defense?

You know what she is.

Who would you believe?

You give us no choice.

Burn the witch.


The decision of this council

is unanimous and final.

No need to bind me.

I shall not resist.

Why would I?

I've been swimming
against the tide

my whole life.

Look where it got me.

I'm used to being an outcast.

The freak.

Until I found my place
in this coven.

I thought I'd come home.

But I was wrong.

I go proudly to the flame.

Go ahead.

Burn me.

("Right Place Wrong Time"
by Dr. John playing)

This is just a joke, right?

We're not actually burning her.

You don't mess with a Supreme.

♪ I was in the right place

♪ But it must've been
the wrong time ♪

♪ I'd have said
the right thing ♪

♪ But I must've used
the wrong line ♪

♪ I was on the right trip

(liquid sloshing)
♪ But it must be the wrong car

♪ Head is in a bad place

♪ And I wonder
what it's good for ♪

♪ I was in the right place

♪ But it must've
been the wrong time ♪

♪ My head is in a bad place

♪ But I'm having
such a good time ♪

♪ I've been running trying
to get hung up in my mind ♪

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ I've got to give myself

♪ A good talking to this time

♪ Just need a little brain
salad surgery ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ I got to cure

♪ My insecurity

♪ And I've been
in the wrong place ♪

♪ But it must've been
the right time ♪

♪ I've been in the right place

♪ But it must've been
the wrong song ♪

♪ I was in the right vein

♪ But it seemed
like the wrong arm ♪

♪ 'Cause I've been
in the right world ♪

♪ But it seems like it's wrong,
wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. ♪

Any last words?

You're all a bunch
of little toads in a pot

that Fiona is slowly
bringing to a boil.

You won't even feel it
until it's too late.

I'd rather burn than boil.


(screaming stops)


Come in.

Queenie, well,
what can I do for you?

You can answer me a question.



Did I help you frame

a guilty woman or
an innocent one?

MYRTLE: She's been leading
this coven to extinction!

We've all said it!

She had to be stopped!

Is that a confession?

What? No!
I confess to nothing!

You don't need to confess.

You've been caught

You're hurting me!

I'll do more than hurt you!

I will have justice!

The same acid that disfigured

my daughter did this!

None of us are innocent,

No one.


When you came to me,
I figure I owed you one

'cause you... you saved my life.

But I thought we were going
to oust her, not roast her.

And now I can't...
I can't close my eyes

without seeing
her burning body.

And the-the smell won't

leave my nose, I just...

I don't think I can do it.

Sit down.

Do what, Queenie?

Live with this.

Now, Queenie.

I can already sense

a change in you.

Your mind is getting stronger.

You've taken
an important first step.

A necessary first step

to fulfill your promise.

And under my tutelage,

my mentorship,

well, you could rise to heights

that you dare not even imagine.

(short laugh)

Even as high

as the next Supreme.

(short laugh)


The Supreme?

Well, why not? I mean...

maybe that's what
this coven needs.

A Supreme of...



Why not me, right?

I'm as much witch as any of these others.

And I am feeling stronger.

More powerful.
Of course you are.


You have to trust me.

Follow my instruction

to the letter

and you'll be fine.


I will.

(classical music playing)
(aerosol can spraying)



(music slowly stops)

(dogs whining)

♪ La-la

♪ La-da-la-da

♪ La-la

♪ La-da-la-da