American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - The Seven Wonders - full transcript

Zoe, Madison, Misty and Queenie undergo the test of the Seven Wonders, seven magical challenges that will determine the coven's next Supreme.


So long ago

Certain place, certain time

You touched my hand

On the way
On the way down to Emmeline

But if our paths never crass

Well, you know I'm sorry but

If I live to see me seven wonders

I'll make a path to the rainbow's end

I'll never live to match the beauty again

The rainbows end

So it's hard to find

Someone with that kind of intensity

You touched my hand, I played it cool

And you reached out your hand to me

But if our paths never crass

Well, you know I'm sorry but

If I live to see me seven wonders

I'll make a path to the rainbow's end

I'll never live to match the beauty again

The rainbows end

So long ago

It's a certain time, it's a certain place

You touched my hand and you smiled

All the way back you held out your hand

If I hope and if I pray

Ooh, well, it might work out someday

If I live to see me seven wonders

I'll make a path to the rainbow's end

I'll never live to match the beauty again

Good luck, girls.

If I live to see me seven wonders

I'll make a path back

I'll never live to see that beauty
That beauty

That same, same beauty again

Oh, if I live to see

MYRTLE: The great Leonardo da Vinci,
who I'm certain was a warlock...

...although it's never been proven... his masterpiece The Last Supper...

...depicted grilled eels, bread and wine
on the table.

I've chosen caviar from the Caspian Sea...

...served on blinis...

...along with champagne... fitting stand-ins
as we partake of our own last supper.

For one of you, a last moment
of freedom and anonymity...

...before assuming the supremacy.

For any one of you others,
possibly a last meal.

Since the beginning of this coven, it has
been every outgoing Supreme's duty... identify her successor.

Which Fiona not only
neglected to do...

...she actually tried to
kill her successor.

So we are doing something never done
in our history.

We are going to give all four of you
the chance to prove yourselves.

Only one of you will succeed.

To quote the Bible, loosely:

When I was a child, I spoke like a child...

...I understood like a child,
I thought like a child.

But when I became a woman,
I put aside childish things.

Childhood is over, my girls.

Put aside fears, reservations
and petty things.

Kick ass tomorrow.

The seven wonders.

Usually we move from easiest to hardest.

But since we're breaking
with tradition this year...

...let's begin with my personal favorite.


What if I can't do it?

Then you're not the Supreme.

And you can go back to your swamp.

Misty, you're first.


I did it. I did it.

Almost sounds like you want it.
It's not about want.

You either are or you aren't a Supreme.

Maybe I am.



Madison, obviously this is your bailiwick.

Whatever that means.

Last but not least, Zoe.


Commonly only known to the public
as mind control.

It's a tricky little craft.

When properly exercised, can
bend the strongest of wills to your desire.

Now, let's see which of you fillies
has really got the stuff.

Stare all you want, flower child.

Nobody controls my mind but me.

Oh, shit.

Knock it off!
This is fun.


No hard feelings about...

Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

Ow! Ow!


He's not part of this.
He is now.

Well done.
I'm not done.

Now, lick it.



That's enough. Let's move on.

Having fun yet?

Yeah, it's a real party.

The descent into the netherworld
will be your next test.

Getting to hell will be simple
for girls of your talents.

It's the getting back, darlings,
that is the challenge.

If your soul hasn't returned to your body
by sunup, you'll die.

What do you think it'll be like?

I was hoping to never find out.

Girls, you may begin.



You're the first to return.

Damn. I saw the same people
in the same line for the same chicken.


It was horrible.
I was stuck on a network musical.

It was a live version
of The Sound of Music.

I wasn't even the lead.

I was Liesl.


What happened to you?
Kyle and I kept breaking up.

On a loop.

He said he didn't love me.

Over and over. Over and over.

It's okay, it's okay...

...I'm right here.

I'm right here, it's okay.

Are we all back?

Everyone but Misty.


Freak. You're a freak.

Mr. Kringley, she did it again.

KRINGLEY: Where's the dissection frog?
There, she brought it back to life.

Shut up, Bobby. She snuck a live one in
to trick you, but the trick's on her.

Pick up the scalpel.
No, don't make me.

If you won't dissect a dead frog,
then you will dissect a live one.

No, I don't wanna kill a living thing.

You kill it
or I'll have a talk with your parents.




Mr. Kringley, she did it again.

You won't dissect a dead frog...'ll dissect a live one.
No, you can't make me kill a living thing.


Mr. Kringley.
If you won't dissect a dead frog, you'll...


If you won't dissect a dead frog, you'll...
MISTY: No, no!

If you won't dissect a dead frog,
dissect a live one.

She's stuck.

We have to help her.

There's nothing we can do.

She has to get back on her own.


Follow my voice.

We are all here waiting for you.


Her time is up.



No, no, no.

No. No.

No, no.

Before we recommence,
I would like to take a moment... remember our fallen sister witch,
Misty Day.

Can we get on with it?
I didn't really know her that well.

You're a stone-cold bitch.

When you play with fire, you get burned.

She's right. Misty’s gone.
There's nothing we can do about it.

All right, then.
Let's get on with finding the new Supreme.

The next task before our candidates
is transmutation.

Tag, you're it.

Now you're it.

Gotcha. No tag-backs.

Tag .

Tag, you're it.
Careful, girls. It's not a game.

It's the best game
and we need a goddamned break.


CORDELIA: Careful, girls.
Can't we just have a little fun?


QUEENIE: Gotcha.
MADISON: You bitch.

Suck it. Ha-ha-ha!



MYRTLE: Dear God. Oh, God.
What is it?

It's our dear Zoe.
KYLE: Help! Somebody help us!

Somebody help us, please. Help! Help!


Vitalum vitalis.

Vitalum vitalis.

Nothing's happening.


Guess who isn't Supreme after all.

I'm sorry.

Queenie, take Kyle into the house.

Madison, the vitalum vitalis.

You want me to bring her back?
Do you think you can?

Oh, I know I can.
Then do it.

Would that make me Supreme?
It would mean we could continue...

...the seven wonders.
Because she'd be back in the game.

Just like you were back in the game
after you were brought back.

Unless you're afraid
you might not really be the Supreme.



She lost, fair and square.

It's not my fault.

Madison, if you refuse this,
then you don't deserve to be Supreme.


What's deserve got to do
with any of this?

You can't disqualify me.
Either I'm Supreme or I'm not.

And obviously, I am.

You know, I'm starting to think
Fiona had the right idea...

...leaving this shit show behind.

I'm thinking very seriously
about doing the same thing.

So either crown me or kiss my ass.

I can feel all their eyes on me.

I failed.

I let this coven fall into ruin.

MYRTLE: Don't be so hard on yourself,
Delia. You did all you could.

Not enough.

If Madison Montgomery really is all that's
left to us, maybe it is better this way.

Maybe we deserve to die out.

I'll confess, I've had similar
dark thoughts.

I was so certain about Misty Day.

Or even our dear Zoe.

She had the makings of a fine leader.


Why did you leave me?

You said you'd never leave me.

Oh, I can't believe she was right.

It was Madison all this time.

My mother was always right.

That's not true.

She was never right about you.

Well, I guess it's different
when it's your own family.

How true is it that a prophet
is never recognized in his own country?

Madison was not born to the Supremacy.

But you, Cordelia... have royal blood in your veins.

What are you saying?

I was a fool not to have realized it earlier...

...seeking all this time in the dust...

...for that which may have been
right before us all along.

I don't understand.

First, you were suppressed by your mother,
then by your own theories.

You have great power, my girl.

Power that has been seeking expression
in these young vessels.

But it's in you.

You must let it out.

You must perform the seven wonders.

You think I could be the next Supreme?

I'd stake your life on it.

I know what you guys are doing.

You want me to finish the seven wonders,
so you're trumping up some competition.

I'm not stupid.

Yes, you are.

Are you ready?




What did you see?

Me, trying to get Fiona's approval
and getting bitch-slapped for it.

Not exactly new.

That's five Wonders accomplished.

Let us move to the sixth.
Divination. Cordelia?

Fine. Okay, I'm back in.

What? it's only fair.

This thing started as a competition.
I say we end it like one.

Divination. Let's rock.

Hidden in this house
are items belonging to former Supremes.

Cordelia, divine in the pebbles
the location...

...of the item which belonged
to Mimi DeLongpre.

Who knew the test came in Braille?

Southwest corner.

Up the stairs. Second door down the hall,
beneath the dresser.

The antique breach
presented to Supreme Mimi DeLongpre...

...on the night of the Great Ascension.

Your turn, hotshot.

Divine for us the location
of the object belonging... Supreme Anna Leigh Leighton,

This is stupid. I'm not doing it.
Because you can't?

Let me show you real power.

Let's go into the greenhouse,
I'll bring Zoe back to life.

Divination first.
We're doing this by the book.

I'm sick of your book.

I have so many powers,
I could tear this room apart...

...until there's nothing left but your little
trinkets, but, no, I have to do this bullshit.



The vase above the fireplace.


The piano. I meant- I meant the piano.
There's something in the thing.

Girl, no.

This is bullshit.

Cordelia did it.

Because the game is rigged, Queenie.
Wake up.

You would accuse us of chicanery?
You bet your bony ass.

I never had a shot
at running this shithole coven.

I didn't even wanna come here.

It's all just some jacked-up version
of Celebrity Rehab. I'm out of here.

Thus endeth your seven wonders.

Oh, no shit, lady.

I'm going back to Hollywood
where people are normal.

And I suggest you change the locks
because when I tell TMZ everything... won't be long before torches,
pitchforks and Molotov cocktails...

...become a real big part of your day.

Peace out!


What do you want, dumb-ass?

You let her die.

Why did you let her die?

L-- Aah!

You know that dark place!

We've both been there!
We both came back. Why?

I did it for us.

I love you. I love you. Please. Please.


You're not that good an actress.


Stop! No!




She'd already started packing.

That's helpful.

No one will wonder where the body went
once we bury her.

Who the hell are you?

The help.

CORDELIA: The hallmark of any rising
Supreme is glowing, radiant health.

--glowing, radiant health.

Behold. The one, true Supreme.

BILL: Since your extraordinary
public statement last month...

...there has been quite a bit of fanfare.
This frank revelation about your cult...

...that's sparked a brouhaha
in the media, and--

Let me clarify that, Bill. We are not a cull.

We don't proselytize.

We have no agenda. We're not recruiting.

Women who identify as witches
are born as such...

...and their abilities,
which we call powers...

...are part of who they are,
part of their DNA, if you will.

BILL: Oh, I see. So in fact, you're saying
that it's not a choice, being a witch.

That's exactly what I'm saying.

There are so many young witches
who have resisted their calling...

...because they're afraid...

...of how they may be perceived,
or what's expected of them.

But there are still hate crimes.
That is true.

But you know, when you hide
in the shadows... are less visible,
you have less protection.

We'll always be targets for the ignorant.

It is what it is.

But we are strong women, Bill.

So, what would you like to say
to all the girls watching and wondering...

...if they might be witches?

Callus, e-mail us
or just come to New Orleans.

There is a home and a family
waiting for you.

I'm so proud of you.

We need to discuss the council.

We've never had young witches
on the council.

And Queenie and Zoe
deserve an elevated role at the school... set them apart. What do you think?

Start by telling them
that being an authority figure requires you... make hard, unpopular decisions
for the greater good.

They've matured so much,
I think they can handle it.

I was talking about you.


You have every chance to be the greatest
Supreme this coven has ever seen.

Delia, I have something to say...

...and your tasteful modesty is
out of fashion, so knock it off.

Thanks to you, we're entering a new era.

You've planted the seeds...

...but in order to reap their harvest,
you have to clear the rot of the past.

Myrtle, you know I love your metaphors,
but I have no idea what you're talking about.

Me. I'm talking about me.

We all know what happens to a witch
who grievously harms another witch.

I hope you're not suggesting...

I'm not suggesting. I'm insisting.

You want to be burned at the stake?


Want has nothing to do with it.
At the start of your glorious reign...

...the last thing you need
is an ABSCAM or Watergate.

I killed and I must pay for it.

Now, before word leaks...

...and you are tainted by my hubris
and actions, however deserved--

Myrtle, stop talking.

I didn't hear this.

I didn't.
Listen to me, child.

Now that you're in charge,
my life's work is fulfilled.

I've made many painful...

...mistakes in my life.

I want my death to have some meaning.


No way.

You were my mother... true mother...

...just as you promised you would be...

...and I can't do this without you.

Stiff upper lip, my dear.

Everything you do or say
ripples through the entire coven.

You cannot be a hypocrite.

I won't stand for it.


You could be my silver spring

Blue-green colors flashin'

I would be your only dream

Your shinin' autumn ocean crashin'

Don't say that she's pretty

And did you say that she loves you?

Baby, I (isn't wanna know

In the absence of the Council,
as reigning Supreme of this coven...

...I hereby decree...

...for the murders
of our sister witch Cecily Pembroke...

...and our colleague Quentin Fleming...

...Myrtle Snow...

...are hereby sentenced to death by fire.

Delia, my sweet daughter...

...I have never been more proud.

Any last words?

Only one.




GIRL: I'm excited. I wanna get in there
and show what I can do.

You gotta check this shit out.

Line's around the block.
Where are we gonna put all these girls?

We'll buy more houses if we have to.

Look at you.
You two are powerful witches...

...with more skills and confidence
at your young age...

...than I had for much of my life.

I need both of you to help me fulfill
the promise of all this coven can be.

A place to protect, develop
and celebrate witches.

You will not only be my right hands,
you will be my council.

What do you say?

I got your back.

And you?
I'd be honored.


Should we open the doors now?


Not yet.

Stay here.

There's just one more thing
I need to deal with.

I saw you die.
Look again.

Now that you have real vision.

We had a deal.

It wasn't notarized, it wasn't on paper,
but we had a deal.


You men, with your fragile egos.

We still have a deal, babe.

I'm going to Paris for just a couple days.

Just until Cordelia gets her little dwarves
to perform the seven wonders...

...and I find out who the next Supreme is.

Why? Why would she decide to do that?

Because the old Supreme will be dead.

Or at least that's what she'll think.


But I'm gonna need your help.

I mean, it won't be pleasant for you.

But if you do it right,
I promise you the world.

I'm gonna put something inside you.

Well, a young gypsy girl
tried that on me once...

...I almost hit the ceiling,
I jumped so high.


No. In your brain, sweet boy.

A vision. A memory.

What happens when I wake up
from this vision?

You'll figure it out.

Now drink.

If you're gonna offer me your spit,
I'll take it straight from the spigot.


FIONA: I ruined a perfectly good pair
of Jimmy Chaos.

But I knew you'd get rid of him for me,
once he served his purpose.

Whose blood was it?

A goat's.

I never killed anybody.
Not yet.

But that is what you came here to do.

That was the plan.

Let you do the dirty work.

Identify the Supreme
and then I come in and take her out.

Makes it a little harder
when it turns out to be your own daughter.

Not really.


You didn't come here to kill me.

You were hoping I'd put you out
of your misery, but I don't need to.

You're close.

I doubt you'll make it through the night.

Might make you feel good, though.


Is that why you were always
so awful to me?

Because you knew I was going
to take your power some day?

You took my power
the minute I gave birth to you.

A woman becomes a mother...

...she can't help but see her mortality
in that cherubic little face.

Every time I looked at you,
I saw my own death.

You were a constant reminder...

...of my worst fears.

Oh, and all this time,
I thought you just didn't like me.

It was nothing personal, darling.

I loved you plenty, though.

Just my own way.

Which, I'll admit, had its limitations.

Your fault was you were always looking
for another version of motherhood.


I can feel the power vibrating off of you.

It feels good, doesn't it?

It's mine, you know?

When it came into you, it left me.

The law of conservation of energy.

I have to die for you to truly live.

Crying over me.

Isn't that the ultimate twist?

I'm not crying over you.

I'm crying for me.

You were the monster
in every one of my closets.

A lifetime spent
either trying to prove myself to you...

...get close to you...

...or get away from you.

I'm crying for the girl in me who dies
when you die.

Then kill them both right now, huh?

They both hurt too much.

And when we're finally gone... will fulfill your destiny
and lead this coven.

God knows you'll do a better job of it
than I ever did...

...though you won't look
half as good doing it.

Come on.

For God's sake...

...have mercy on me.

Put me out of my misery.

I hurt everywhere.

You're scared...

...maybe for the first time in your life.

No powers, no magic.

Just a woman facing the inevitable.

A divine being
finally having a human experience.

No one can help you, Mother.

You have to do this alone.

And the only way out is through.

So feel the fear and the pain.

Let it all in...

...and then let it all go.


I don't think we ever hugged.




Oh, sweetness.

You're up. I hope you're hungry.

I brought you some, uh, catfish, I'll fry it up.
Granddaddy's favorite.

Oh, get those goddamn things
out of my face.

Why you always gotta be like this?

Always gotta be like what, huh?

Be like-- What do you mean?

Every morning you wake up and
you act like you don't know where you are.

And then we fight.

I'm tired of fighting.

Every morning?

How long have we been here?

Well, now, you can't put a clock
on eternity.

Oh, no. Jesus Christ.


If you want a stiff one, come over here.

Don't be vulgar.


Maybe you ought to lay off the sauce
for a while.


Drink in the fresh air.


Delia did this.
No, nobody sent you here...

...but you, baby.

We had a deal.

Oh, God.

I can't spend eternity here.

This place... reeks of fish and cat piss.

Oh. What is this?

Knotty pine?

I want Delia.

It's too late for that.
I want my daughter.

No, come on, you're here. You're here.

With me.

Nobody is going anywhere.

I'm in heaven.

So just, uh, relax.
Oh, no.


All right, let's open the doors.

Miss Rubichaux's Academy
for Exceptional Young Ladies."...

...was established
as a premier girls' finishing school in 1790.

Afterwards, it came under
new management.

Our management.

We survived.

Up until now, that's all we've done.

But as I look at your faces...

...all of them beautiful,
all of them perfect...

...I know together
we can do more than survive.

It's our time to thrive.

What's a Supreme?

You're looking at her.