American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Coat Hanger - full transcript

The Monsignor takes on an unlikely convert. Lana secures a new piece of evidence that can exonerate Kit. Arden witnesses a miraculous return.

Please, have a seat, Mr. Morgan.

Do you mind if I call you John?


And how did you come to find me, Johnny?

I saw your ad in one of those magazines
they have in the mail.

The PennySaver.

You probably saw my smoking cessation ad.

Guaranteed results or your money back?

I don't smoke.

Well, you certainly don't look like
you need to lose any weight.

Your ad said something
about curbing compulsions.


I've found posthypnotic suggestion...

to be one of the most powerful weapons
in a therapist's arsenal.

I wanna stop. I really do.

If I have to go on medication, whatever...

I'm willing to try.

Tell me about the behavior
you wanna curtail.

- Start from the beginning.
- I always, uh...

had these impulses,
you know, even as a kid.

First time I tried it, it was scary...

but felt amazing.

My whole body came alive.

When my foster family saw the evidence,
they kicked me out.

I bounced from house to house
until I learned how to hide it.

It's a shame so many people
have such a negative reaction...

to something so natural.

Was that the first time
you touched yourself?


I skinned a cat.

It was already dead.

So, you went around finding dead animals?

Yeah. First couple of times.

Then I learned that killing them...

was just as good, even better.

And this compulsion followed you
into your adult life?

No. I don't harm animals anymore.

I haven't since I was a teenager.

Did you know that killing animals...

is a predictor for psychopaths?

I learned that in prison.
Armed robbery.

But it got me thinking.

What made me the way I am?

Who were my real parents?

Well, I had a computer at the joint...

and I didn't have nothing but time, so...

Mr. Morgan, you know, I...
I may not be qualified to help you.

No, you have to help me, Doctor.

I don't know what to do,
because those thoughts haven't stopped.

If anything, they've gotten harder to
ignore since I found out who I am.

And what do those thoughts tell you to do?

They tell me to retrace my roots.

So I'm renting the house
where my father lived.

They also tell me to hurt women.

But not just hurt them.

Skin them.

Like the cats.

- [Screaming]
- Stop moving.

[Screaming Continues]

Shut up! This is delicate work.

I didn't have the same skills
as my father.

I didn't get the medical training.
I made a mess.

- You think it's too late?
- It's never too late to turn yourself in.

No, to go to medical school.
I'll never live up to him.

That's why I want it to stop.

You see, my name isn't Morgan.

It's Thredson.

I'm the son of Bloody Face.


You wanted a word with Miss Winters?

What did I tell you about knocking?

Oh, it won't happen again, Sister.

Have a seat.

Your Jude imitation is spot on.

For a moment there,
I thought you might cane her.

Mm-hmm. Awfully sassy
for a girl in your condition.

What condition is that?

Well, the good news is...

you seem to have conquered
your sexual perversion.

The bad news is...

the rabbit died.

If I were my Aunt Celeste...

I would offer you a Drano margarita.

- A what?
- You add half a cup of Drano...

for every two weeks
you've been pregnant to a margarita.

It's what she gave
my slutty cousin Molly...

when she got preggers by Billy Porter.

I'm pregnant?

So, are we still sticking
to the whole rapist story?

It's interesting you haven't mentioned
Dr. Thredson once since you came in here.

Are we starting to get sweet on him,
now that we're carrying his child?

Actually, the whole rape thing...

must have been some kind of hallucination
from the car crash...

when I... I hit my head.

Well, whoever the daddy is...

there's a little life
growing inside of you.

I can't keep this baby.

I can't have this baby inside me.

You can have this baby,
and you will have this baby.

This is an insane asylum.
People hump like bunnies here.

You're hardly our first unwed mother.

Most of the babies,
they... they are born a little... ooh-hoo!

So our staff is very experienced
at calming them...

and preparing them for relocation...

to St. Ursula's Home for Lost Children.

You're worse than Jude. You're a sadist.

Calm down, Mommy...

or it's going to be
a very long nine months.

And we don't wanna have
to restrain you, do we?

- May I go?
- Of course.

[Bell Tolling]

You're awake. I'm so relieved.

Oh, Monsignor.


No, no, no. You mustn't move.

You've been injured, I'm afraid. Shh.

- What happened?
- You don't remember?


You killed a man, God rest his soul.

I had no choice. I was defending myself.

He tried to murder me... and worse.

You've become unhinged. That's clear.

I blame myself.
I should have seen it sooner.


The pressures of running this place
were too much for you.


You've grown paranoid,
seeking conspiracy...

and now Frank McCann is dead.

What did you say?

Kindly speak up.

[Lee] I saw the nun, Sister Jude,
attack Frank McCann.

It was horrible.

And then what happened?

I made sure the other inmates were secure...

and then alerted Dr. Arden to the situation.

- Why didn't you call the police?
- There wasn't time.

It was, if you'll pardon
the expression, bedlam.

Sister Jude was on a rampage.

She'd already killed Frank McCann,
taken Lee Emerson hostage...

and locked herself in her old office.

I can't say any of this
came as a surprise to me.

She'd been showing
signs of instability for some time.

She seemed to be taking on the delusions
of some of the patients here.

She accused Dr. Arden of being a Nazi.

She came to me...

convinced that her young prot?g?,
Sister Mary Eunice...

was possessed by the devil.

When I informed her I would be
removing her from her position here...

she became inconsolable.

[Sister Mary Eunice] She threatened me
with the same straight-edge razor...

that she used to murder Frank McCann.

She smelled of liquor and... cigarettes.

We had her escorted off the property.

I-I-I should have called the police then.
I just...

I never for a moment thought something
like this could happen.

I saw her do it. I saw Sister Jude...

murder Frank McCann in cold blood...

and then try to do the same to me.

Isn't it true that you yourself were
responsible for the death of 18 people?

Well, sir, the state
found me not responsible...

which is why they put me in here.

But yes...

Oh, yes, I am responsible.
I know that now.

I've had time to reflect upon my crimes.

Your Honor, Christmas '62
was a very bad time for me.

And the only solace I have
is knowing that...

because of what I did...

there are 18 more people in heaven.

That's a unique perspective,
Mr. Emerson.

Well, I do know, sir,
that no matter what...

I-I can't... hate Sister Jude
for what she did to me.

But I can try to forgive her...

and I can carry on on my own
personal road to true redemption...

so that one day when I enter
the gates of heaven...

I can apologize personally
to each of those 18 people...

that I sent there before me.


Court magistrate has determined...

that you will live out the remainder
of your days here at Briarcliff.

You will, of course, be stripped
of your clerical standing.

No longer will you be a sister
of the Holy Catholic Church.

You are once again...

Miss Judy Martin... patient.

No, you can't do this to me!

You did it to yourself.

Come back here, you son of a bitch!
Come back here!

Oh! It's a setup!

God help me!


Apparently, she had quite
the secret inner life.

Oh, Sister. [Chuckles]
You... startled me.

I'm just packing up her things...

so they can be donated to the poor.

I was as shocked as you are
when I first saw this.

I wonder who she was fancying
when she wore it.

Of course none of this is of our concern.

We had a dream together, you know.

She told me.
She said you wanted to be pope.

Those things were said in confidence.

You know what I said to her
when she told me your dream?

I said, "Rome is where that man belongs."

She was so happy...

when you said you wanted her
on that journey with you...

like a girl who just received
a marriage proposal.

I can't help but wonder
if I'd been paying closer attention...

could this tragedy have been averted?

Oh, Monsignor, as she herself would say...

"No time for navel gazing.

Too much to be done."

You've had to focus on your own goals.

"There is no other goal
than to save souls."

She also said that.

Of course.

I know I, uh... I can't begin to fill...

the shoes of the Sister Jude
we all knew and loved.

But let me say... I'm here to serve you.

I wanna help you save souls...

all the way to Rome.

[Door Buzzes]

[Patient Wailing]

[Thunder Rumbling]

Get away from me!
Get away from me! No!

I demand to speak to someone!

Now, now, Sister Jude,
you mustn't behave so.

She's no sister no more.
She's no queen of the castle neither.

She's just a naughty patient.

- Now, do as you're told. Take these pills.
- No!

Or I'll have to
force 'em down your gullet.


You cut me again,
and I'll call Frank in here.

Oh, but I can't, because you already
clipped Frank but good.

No! That's a lie!
Get off of me! Get off of me!

- [Shrieking]
- What's all this fuss then?

That's quite enough.

Timothy, please.

Why don't you go and find
some other tasks for the moment.

- Yes, Monsignor.
- Of course, Father.


Well, I was hoping you
might be up for a visitor...

but I see that
our adjustment period continues.

No. No.

Monsignor, please.

Don't go.

Are you sure?

I'm better now.

What's he doing here?

Lee... has something
he would like to say to you...


I think you'll find it more medicinal...

than any pill.



I forgive you.

- You forgive me.
- I do.

[Sister Jude]
Make it tight, Frank.

Make it tight. I like it tight.
Just ask Sister Chastity.

I'll deal with Sister Chastity.

You might start by
picking a new name for her.

[Chuckles, Grunts]

You know, I thought
by allowing you time...

in the general population...

that it would have had
a civilizing effect on you...

but clearly, I was wrong, Mr. Emerson.

So you'll spend
the next couple days here...

reflecting on your behavior.

How can I reflect with my hands tied down?

- You're disgusting.
- We all got our crosses to bear.

Come on.
Where's your spirit of forgiveness?

I reserve it for those
who are truly repentant.

All God's chillun gotta have forgiveness.
Isn't that what your church teaches you?

I'm under no obligation to forgive you.

I'm no priest, and you are no penitent.

I don't need your forgiveness.

And therein lies the journey
to true redemption...

I hope, for both of you.

[Door Closes]

[Door Opens]

- It's me.
- What are you doing here?

- Shit. Did they find him?
- Not yet.

- Are you okay? You look terrible.
- Kit.

- We have to kill him.
- What?

We should've done it
when we had the chance.

They're gonna find him,
and then he'll be free again...

- and we cannot wait for that to happen.
- We're not going to.

Lana, he's the only thing
standing between me and the death house.

We have to get him to confess.

- You know what sodium pentothal is?
- It's truth serum.

[Patient Screams, Faint]

Even if we could get our hands on some...

those confessions are deemed
inadmissible in court.

- It'll never fly.
- I'm desperate.

I don't know why they haven't turned me
into the state police yet.

Maybe because I've seen too much here.

But either way, I need Thredson to talk.

I think I might know how.

[Wheels Rolling]

- [Loud Droning, Buzzing]
- [Electricity Crackling]

[Switch Clicks]


You know how this goes.

You make a sound, I bash your face in.


You'd like to kill me right now, Oliver,
wouldn't you?

This might change your mind.

- What is this?
- It's the ultimate cosmic joke.

You got me pregnant.

I'm gonna be a father.

No, Oliver, you're not gonna be a father.

- Not this time.
- What do you mean?

No. No. Lana, please.

Please. Please don't give him away.

I know what it's like
to be raised in the system.

Oliver, stop!

This monster you planted inside me...

I'm getting rid of it.

And since I'm stuck here,
I'm gonna have to get creative.


Lana, no, please.

This is a mercy killing, Oliver.

No baby should have to grow up
knowing Daddy is Bloody Face.

No. He'll never have to know.

Kit Walker is gonna take
the fall for those crimes.

I promise you, it'll all work out.

Is that how you see it?

Lana. You know me. I can change.

I have great determination,
and now I have reason.


- You gonna be a real stand-up guy now?
- Yes.

You owe me this.

- Hey.
- It's my child too. Please.

You're a sociopath.

You can't be honest with anybody.

I can. I can be honest.
I can. Please help me.

[Gasping, Whimpering]



Donna Burton. Why did you choose her?

I saw her...
at the library a couple of nights.

What did you like about her?

Her skin...

was fuzzy like a peach...

and I wanted to feel it.

So you skinned her alive.


And Allison Riedel?

She was a secretary
in my dentist's office.

I always liked her.

I put her to sleep first,
but she kept talking to me.

I was so confused.

And what about Wendy?

She never loved you.

She locked you away.

[Thredson's Voice]
Her skin was fuzzy like a peach.

- I wanted to feel it.
- [Lana's Voice] So you skinned her alive.

- What...
- Hey.

- And Allison Riedel?
- [Recorder Clicks]

- I think we got it.
- [Lana] Hide that tape.

I'm not finished here.

You bitch.

So it was all an act, huh?
You were never pregnant.

No, that part was true. Was. Sadly.

Your beloved baby died last night.

- [Thunder Crashing]
- [Whimpering]

It started as a trickle.

But within an hour, it was a bloody mess.


- [Thredson] No.
- It really wasn't that bad actually.

God, you're a monster.
You are worse than I am.

Kill an innocent child!

I've got bakery duty later.

And after knife count,
I'm gonna pocket one...

and I'm gonna come back
and slit your throat nice and easy.

I always wanted to know what it was like
inside the mind of a killer.

- Now I know.
- [Groans]

[Door Slams]

Ah, Mr. Walker.
I thought it might be you.

You really shouldn't be wandering
around these halls, you know.

You're not even officially
part of this institution.

However, I'm very glad you're here.

We have so much to talk about.

Apr?s vous, monsieur.

I always keep a bottle
of 18-year-old single malt in my desk...

for special occasions like this.

I think you'll find this
exceptionally smooth.

What are you doing?

- I'm just trying to be friendly.
- Why?

Because I've seen what you've seen.

They were here...
the creatures you told me about.

The little green men.

Except, of course, they're not green,
are they, Mr. Walker?

No, they're obviously
a great deal more powerful...

and technologically advanced than we are.

They're terrifying.

They took Grace.

They took her body
while I was trying to dispose of it.

What would they want with her?

That's what I've been asking myself.

Tell me, Mr. Walker.

Did you have sex with your wife
just before she was taken?

- I've almost forgotten her.
- I'll take that as a yes.

You also had relations with our Grace...

which is why Sister Jude
wanted me to sterilize the two of you.

You're saying it's 'cause of me
that those creatures took them?

They're experimenting...

probably refining some form of eugenics.

I want you to help me to bring them back.

They're studying you, Mr. Walker.

You're obviously valuable to them.

And a good scientist
always protects his subject.

For example,
if your life were threatened...

they would have to act
to preserve their specimen.

What are you saying?

If you were to be brought
to the brink of death...

they would return to reverse the process.

You wanna kill me?

No, Mr. Walker.

I want to almost kill you.

Of course, it would be ideal
if you were to cooperate.

But then I'm not asking
for your permission.

You're a crazy bastard...

but you got my permission.

If there's a chance
I can see Alma again...

I'll do what I have to do.

Well, then, Mr. Walker, prepare to die.

[Switches Clicking]

You are nothing but trouble, lady.
Give me that.

You ain't got the guts to kill no one.

Give me the knife,
and we'll call it a night.

##[Chorus. Spiritual]

Haven't prayed in years, Father.

- How does it feel?
- Strange but good.

Nobody ever gave me this shot...

to rehabilitate myself.

As the figurehead of this institution...

I want all of our patients
to find forgiveness...

and a new purpose...

even you...

in spite of your crimes.

Oh, I want to be saved, Father.

I'm already living in hell.

I don't want to spend eternity there too.

You could be my miracle, Lee.

Do you repent of your sins?

I do.

If I can turn a man like you
towards Christ...

imagine the reforms I could make
on a national scale...

and not just mental health.

Believe me, if I ascend
to the highest ranks of the church...

I won't back down from the fight.

You're quite an ambitious man, Father.

I just want to serve,
and make a real difference in the world.

Do you renounce Satan and all things evil?

I do.

Turn your eyes to Christ, Lee.

Whatever shackles you...

your freedom lives in him.

Praise Jesus.

Do you intend to lead a new life...

putting God first in all things?

I do.

Then I baptize you
in the name of the Father...

Son and the Holy Spirit.

Oh, thank you, Father.
I feel like a new man.

Thank you, Sister.
I just needed to lie down for a bit.

[Door Closes]

[Footsteps Receding]

[Door Closes]

[Door Clangs]

Hello, Oliver.

I'm here to keep my word.

Missing something, Miss Winters?

It was you. You let him out.

You let Bloody Face out. I know you did.

And what have you got here?

[Gasps, Clucks Tongue]

Miss Winters,
I thought we talked about this.

It's too late. It's already done.


[Heart Beating]

Praise God.

Your attempt to murder this precious child
was unsuccessful.

- You couldn't possibly know that.
- Oh, but I do.

And I know something else.

It's a boy.


I think I need another
posthypnotic suggestion, Dr. Gardner.

I ate an entire bucket of chicken
by myself last night.


Dr. Gardner?



##[Woman Singing "Dominique"In French]

[Door Opens]


My God. What did they do to you?

Nothing I didn't do to you.

Give me a cigarette.

Come on, goddamn it.
Give me a cigarette.

I've earned it.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, Lana.

Can I call you Lana?


I'm truly sorry for what I did to you.

What I did... was more than just wrong.

It was immoral.

It was criminal.


I don't expect you to forgive me.

But I'm gonna make it up to you,
I swear it.


I'm gonna get you out of here.

Oh, yeah? Last time someone
said that to me, it didn't go so well.


- You don't trust me?
- No.

I don't trust anyone... or anything.

Yeah, well, I'm gonna earn your trust.

- You think so?
- I do.

Yeah. Things are gonna change around here.


[Record Scratches, Stops]

[Patients Gasping]

- [Whimpers]
- [Patients Chattering]

Well, hot damn.

That pink stuff... that's gonna kill me?

Potassium chloride?

I'll inject this directly
into your heart muscle...

which will cause the heart
to stop beating.

From my experience, it'll take approximately
two to four minutes...

for all the oxygen
in your brain to be depleted...

and then you'll die.

But you can reverse it.
You can bring me back to life.

This syringe contains atropine...

extracted from deadly nightshade.

When I need to revive you...

I'll inject this, along with adrenaline,
into your system.

These two drugs administered
within two minutes after your death...

along with a sharp blow
to your chest with my fist...

will restart the heart.


I don't mind telling you... I'm scared.


I'll admit I'm feeling
slightly apprehensive myself.


Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

What are you mumbling about?

It's the only prayer I can remember.

Just in case.

[Grunts, Exhales]

This is going to hurt.



[Labored Breathing]

[Heartbeat Slowing]

[Heartbeat Stops]

- [Loud Droning]
- [Electricity Crackling]

The baby's full-term. It won't be long.


Who brought you here?

- I thought you were...
- She'll need a room.

I'll look after her.

[Loud Droning]

Oh, God!

- [Gasping]
- [Footsteps Approaching]

Help me.

I'm here.