American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Dark Cousin - full transcript

Sister Mary Eunice is terrified to discover a dark angel has descended on Briarcliff. Kit makes a bold move to be reunited with Grace.

I went to see Lilies of
the Field last night.

(gasps) I'm reading
the book right now.

Sidney Poitier's performance
was... fabulous.

I'm right at the part where he's
starting to build the chapel.

Oh, I won't ruin it for you, then.

Good morning.

Good morning, Sister.

She's burning up.

(quietly): Oh!


Grace? Grace?


Should I call Dr. Arden?

That butcher? He's the one
who did this to her.

- Should I call an ambulance?
- She'll be dead

before it gets here.

(low, distorted panting)

(echoing): I can't
stop the bleeding.

She's turning blue.

(whispers): I'm ready.

She's not breathing.


(gasping breaths)

We almost lost you, Grace.

You should have let me go.

♪ ♪

Doing a little afternoon
gardening, Doctor?

Just repotting
this salvia divinorum.

It's not thriving as it should,

and I'm determined
to revive it.

And I have every confidence...

you will.

I worry less for your plants
than I do for your patients.

But... I mean,

since you appear
to be all thumbs,

surely one of them is green.

- I beg your pardon?
- The French girl, Grace,

she nearly died this
morning because of you.

What... are you talking about?

The sterilization that
Sister Jude ordered...

you botched it, Arthur.

She's been hemorrhaging.


The nurses have stabilized her
for now, but if she

takes another turn, I might have
to send her to a real hospital.

Or let her bleed out.

Which I suppose is
the real... alternative.

We can't really afford to
let the outside world

get a look at your
handiwork, now, can we?

I performed
no sterilization, Sister.

Oh, Arthur,

you're back to your old tricks.

All of her girl parts
have been scooped out.

I must say I don't care much

for your insinuations,
or your tone.

As the head of this
institution, I demand

to be spoken to with at least
a modicum of respect!

That's rich... Arthur.

You really think
you're in charge?

You touch me again...

you will die.


I hope this clarifies the
chain of command, Arthur.

♪ Holy Ghost ♪

♪ Creator blest ♪

♪ And in our hearts... ♪

You know what you need to do.

You know it in your heart.

Time to be brave and do
the right thing and don't blow

your one chance.

Somebody's got to be the hero,
so why not you,

for once in your
miserable life?!

You know you're nothing
but a filthy drunk!

You never did nothing
for nobody!

Here's your chance
to do something!

Shut up! Shut the hell up!

I warned you about
your dirty mouth.

That wasn't to you, Sister.

I was talking
to the voices in my head.

They get real loud sometimes.

Cursing won't help
silence anything.

You're right, Sister.

So what's it gonna be,

a life of pure shit or a legacy

of a brave, heroic soldier?


You know, Sister...

these slices look
a little uneven.

What are you talking about, Miles?
They look fine.

I think there's
something wrong with the slicer.

Let me take a look at it.

I'm real good with machines.


(whirring growing louder)

You know what you need to do!

For once
in your miserable life...

(voice continues shouting

(whirring loudly)


We got the bleeding stopped,
but he's gonna need stitches...

a lot of 'em.

Oh, Sister Mary Eunice,
I'm so sorry!

Sister Jude's gonna be
very angry with me!

What the hell's that
supposed to mean?

SISTER EUNICE: It's a name.

- Don't look like English.
- It's not.

It's ancient Aramaic.

Miles... that name on the wall,

how do you know it?


Is that what it is?

(whispers): I don't know.

I can't even read it.

Why would I write it?

(whispers): Did you summon her?

Summon who?

We should get him
stitched, Sister.


Once that's accomplished,
put him in isolation.

We don't reward this
kind of behavior.

Have this wall
scrubbed at once!

FRANK: Careful not
to open them stitches.

You all right, Miles?

I don't want to be here no more.

It's just for one night, Miles.

I don't mean this room, Frank.

I mean this world.

(door closes)

(low grunting)

(low gasp, pants)

Who are you?

You know who I am, Miles...
you summoned me.

I did?

I'm here to help you,
if that's what you want.

(low grunting, panting)

(whispers): Help me.

(low, pained grunting)

Shall I kiss you, Miles?

Shall I kiss you...

and make this all go away?

(whispers): Yes.

♪ ♪

Who's there?

Who dares look upon Shachath?

Show yourself.

♪ ♪

You did what you had to do;
Now leave.

What are you that
you can look upon me?

I'm just a simple nun.

A nun, perhaps...

but not so simple.

Something else resides in you.

One like me... but fallen.


I'm no cousin of yours.

Now leave this place;
You're not wanted here.

I was invited, unlike you.

Do you know why you
seek me out, Cousin?

I don't seek you out.

But you do...
or some part of you.

The part that used to be pure.

The human girl you've
taken hostage sings to me.


O, Heavenly Host,

will you release me?

(sobbing): Can you release me?

Oh, shut up, you stupid sow!

She likes it here.

We like it.

We have work left to do.

So do I.

We'll meet again.

You're grievously ill, Grace.

There's an infection
coursing through your body,

probably caused
by a botched hysterectomy.

I've been accused

of having committed
this savagery.

Both you and I

know it's not the truth.

At this stage, it would

be easier just to let you die,

but I will not be the one
to take the fall for this.

You will require
a strict regimen

of medicines and
round-the-clock care.

But you will live, Grace.

If only
to set the record straight.

(panting and groaning)

Yeah. Yeah.


It's all right.

Everything accurate

as, uh, far as
you can remember?

Yeah, I-I said these things,
but I didn't confess.

It was a headshrinker trick.

Kit, they're going
to play the tape for the jury,

and if I hear what
this says you said...

(laughs) ...I convict.

Did you talk to Grace,
like I told you?

I mean, she can testify
that she just saw Alma.

My wife is not dead,
and it proves I didn't do it.

First of all,

she's a patient
in a mental institution,

so what she saw is not likely
to convince a lot of people.

Second, they tell me
she's real sick.

She might not even
make it to the hearing.

The one way I saw
for you to avoid

the electric chair...

Dr. Thredson took away.

Now, that doesn't mean

(distant, echoing):
That you can't change his mind.

I'm not telling you to lie,

but, uh, if you
started to act up...

maybe we could

build a defense to get
12 people to, uh,

be convinced that, uh...

that you can't tell
the difference

between, uh, right and wrong.




You heard me calling?

(crying): I don't think

I can do this anymore.

(sniffles, cries)


Death would be better.

I used to be scared of it.

But I'm not afraid anymore.

Just let go.

I'm right here with you.


Not yet.



Are you decent?


I think we need to have
a little talk, don't you?

If that's what you want.

It is.

First of all, I want you to know

that I'm not angry.

What happened before was wrong.

It was very wrong,
and I don't blame you.

It was my fault.
Truth is, I probably

shouldn't have brought you
here in the first place.

- What do you mean?
- If there's one thing

you should know about me, Lana,
it's that I'm tenacious.

I don't like to give up.
That kind of

stick-to-itiveness has served
me and my patients very well,

but sometimes it also
prevents me from acknowledging

when I have reached an impasse
like the one

I think we've reached here.

An impasse?


Don't look so frightened, okay?

I don't want to hurt you.

I want this to be as painless
for you as possible,

so I will give you a choice...
I can either cut your throat,

or I can strangle you.

I don't believe in guns.

Oh, God.

Christ, what am I saying?

It doesn't matter how we do it.

We'll put you out.

(quietly): - Please, no.
- You won't feel a thing.

Please, no. No, no.

Please, please. No, no, no. No!

- Please!
- Stop it! Stop...

fighting. (Whimpering)

Stop fighting!

- No!
- In no time at all,

you'll be reunited with Wendy.

You remember Wendy?

Don't you?

(Thredson grunting, muttering)

(Lana gasping)

(grunting) (yelling)


(Lana panting,
Thredson choking)

(Thredson gasping)



(gasping rapidly)





(car approaching)
(tires squealing)



Drive. Go, please.

Please, drive away. Please!

(Lana panting)

(radio playing music
at low volume)

(breathing slows) Thank you.

You saved my life.

You didn't give me much
of a choice.

You jumped in the car.

I'm sorry.

I had to get away from him.

Did you have a fight
with your boyfriend?

What did you do to him?


What makes you think
it was my fault?

He almost killed me.
(wry laugh)

- And he's not my boyfriend.
- Yeah?

Of course it wasn't your fault.

Women are always the victims.

Could you please
just take me to the police?

Oh, is that how it works?

You get into my car, and then
you tell me what to do?

- Please stop the car and let me get out.
- That's right.

That's what you bitches do.
You get out.

You leave; you abandon ship

at the smallest
sign of a storm.

(laughing): What... What
are you going to do?

You gonna get out of a car
going 50 miles an hour?

Be my guest! Go!

- Why are you doing this to me?
- Why did she take

ten years of marriage and
flush it down the toilet?

Why did I catch another man

screwing my wife in my own bed?

I didn't do anything to you.

You brought this on yourself.


Not you.

Not after everything.

I can't take it anymore.

The lies, the betrayal,
the cheating...

it's all going to end.

(gunshot, screaming)

(tires squealing)


(electricity crackling, buzzing)

Try not to move.

You'll be in terrible pain.

You've had quite the adventure.

The police said
the car accident

was horrific... I'm afraid
it was fatal for the driver.

But you're safe now.

Back to Briarcliff,
where you belong.

(electricity crackling, buzzing)


Oh, no.

(screaming): Oh, no, no...!

Oh, God.

- I'll call an ambulance.
- No.

Listen, listen.

- What?
- Listen, listen.

Arden did this.

No, no, nun, nun.

What, what?

- What did...?
- A nun...

- A nun.
- A nun...

A nun?!

One of... yours.

Yours... One of... yours.



We have to get you help!


(dials phone)


Operator, get me the police.

Oh, God, no!


(insistent knocking on door)

(insistent knocking continues)

MAN: Judy!

Judy, you alive in there?

Hold on.

Hey... Terry.

Jesus, Judy, I've been

out here knocking
for ten minutes.

Hang on.

Hey, come on in.

Excuse the clutter.

Where were you last night?

- Last night?
- We had a gig at the White Rose.

- Oh...
- You didn't show up.

- We had to go on without a singer.
- Oh, shit.

I-I've, I've been a
little under the weather.

(coughs) I can see that.

Might want to open a window.

It's pretty ripe in here.

How'd it go?

Uh, went great.

Barry called his cousin,

and she got there
by the third set.

What's this?

Just a little something
to tide you over.

You're out of the band, Judy.

What, because of one gig?

It's not just the one gig.

You've been slipping
for a long time.

We all noticed it,
and it got real clear

last night after
Barry's cousin filled in.

(scoffs) Barry's cousin?

What, she's Dinah
Shore all of a sudden?

She don't have to be.

She was on key.

He's been trying to get

his fat cousin in
there for months now.

No, this is a conspiracy.

This is a conspiracy
against me!

I'm sorry.

Wait, hey, what do I have to do?

Come on, Terry.

Come on, man, tell me, just
tell me what I've got to do.

- Stop it.
- Come on.

I can make you feel real good.

- You know, I've always wondered...
- Judy,

- you are embarrassing yourself.
- ...what it felt like with a colored man.

Stop it! You smell of vomit.


There's a card in there,
with a number.

A detective, uh,
wants you to call him.


Yeah, uh, there was
a hit-and-run

couple blocks from the club
last Thursday night.

A little girl got run down,

and cops want to know
if anybody saw anything.

You take care, Judy.

We'll see you around.



NEWS ANNOUNCER: The search continues
tonight for the hit-and-run driver


(music playing)

(tires screeching)


(pipe organ playing
uplifting music)


Excuse me, Miss,
is everything all right?

Are you hurt?


I'm fine.

Everything's fine.

(distant phone ringing)



Who is this?

It's your conscience calling.

Mary Eunice, what have you done?

What have I done?

No, no, no.

The question is...
what have you done?

That dead man
lying on the floor...

he was investigating you,

or so his papers all show.

A 15-year-old
unsolved hit-and-run case.

How did you know about that?

I know everything.

I was in your head, remember?

Lose your place, old man?


Don't even think
about coming back here, Judy.

You might want
to start running now,

though the truth is,

how far do you think
you can get?

Oh, um,

I left a bottle
of, um, Kentucky's.

I think that is for you.

I left something else
there for you, too.

(siren wailing)


(quiet laugh)

You jumped the gun again.

It was a passing thought;

Nothing but a passing thought.

Your song was
different this time...

much more plaintive
and piercing.

Never trust a drunk.

I'm just the little girl
who cried wolf.

Aren't you sick of me yet?

I come when I'm called;
It's what I do, Jude.

I don't judge; I never judge.

What was so different
this time?

Was my song... so different...

the night Casey left me,

the night before our wedding,

when I told him
he'd given me syphilis

and I'd never be able
to have children?

I forgave him.

He just stared at me
like I didn't even exist,

called me a liar and a whore.

All I ever wanted
was my own family,

my own children
to teach and love.

Why didn't I die that night?

You were young;
You still had hope.

And the night I killed a child,

the night I ran over
that little girl in blue,

why not that night?

That was when God revealed
He had a plan for you.

He gave you a calling.

And now He's taken it away.


I've been living
on borrowed time, haven't I?

Sooner or later, He was bound
to figure out...

I never really rose
to His challenge.

I'm still just a...

drunken whore...

and a murderer,

trying to disguise

my darkness under
that miserable black cloth.

You deserve some peace, Jude.

You deserve a peace

befitting your extraordinary,
tireless efforts

to find meaning in this life.

How long can you live

on free coffee
and crackers, Jude?

The winters here are long,

and they're very cold.

And the whiskey
won't keep you warm.

It just rots your insides.

Peace is so close, Sister.

(whispers): I'm ready.

But I need to do one last thing.

Poor thing.

Maybe we should
call Briarcliff.

At least they could
give her a bed for the night.

(baby crying)

Sorry, she's a fussy
baby, this one.

So you were saying
you were Missy's teacher?

Hank, you bringing that coffee?

I got it, dear.

- Here you go.
- So kind.


I know you have to get to work,

so I'll only take
a minute of your time. I...


you were her teacher, you say?

No, actually...

I'm a nun.

You don't look like a nun.

Honey, they're not
always in their habits.

He's a little old-fashioned.

So, you were her...

Sunday school teacher?

I, uh...

remember her little blue coat.

Oh, yeah.

I bought that for her
'cause she pitched

a full-on fit in the middle
of Filene's basement.

That girl could not take
no for an answer.

Right, Hank?

The truth is,

Mr. and Mrs. Stone...

I came here

to tell you a story about

(door opens)
your daughter, Missy.

And I want...


What a night.

Big bus accident...
three people dead,

everyone else a bloody mess.

- Oh, sweetheart.
- She sleep through the night?

Yeah, only woke up once
around 1:00 a.m.

Here's Mommy.

We keep her when Missy
does the night shift.

Oh, Missy, this is Sister...


what'd you say your name was?

You're Missy?

Little Missy?

With the blue coat?

Who are you?

I'm so confused.

I thought someone ran over you.

I thought you died out there,

on the street.

You mean back then,
when I was a girl?


Oh, forgive me. I, uh...

All these years, I've been...

lighting candles for your soul

and your parents.

You see, I, um...

The accident happened

right about the time
I was thinking of

joining the church.

In fact, it was...

one of the reasons
that led me...

to take the vows.

And recently, I've been
struggling with my faith,

wondering if I really
belong in the church,

and it made me think of you

and your tragedy.

I thought if I came...


And here you are.

Hank struggled, too. Um...

for a long time, he...

he wanted to get revenge
on the bastard who ran her

over, but I told him,

"Hank, our Missy came home
to us with a few"

broken bones. We get to live

with our daughter.

The monster who left her there

"has to live with himself."

No. I won't.
I have to stay awake.

Where is Sister Jude?
I need to speak to Sister Jude.

It's all right!

I'll see to her.

Where's Sister Jude?
I need to speak to Sister Jude.

Sister Jude is no longer
with us.

I'm in charge now.

- You?
- That's right.

- Now, you simply must take...
- No.

You don't understand.

Dr. Thredson...

Dr. Thredson isn't here either.

He's a murderer.

- What?
- He killed Wendy.


My Wendy.

And all the others.

It was him.

It was Thredson.

Right from the start,
it was him.

You have to send for the police.

You have to stop him.

Calm down.

Get back in bed, please,

or I'll be forced to get
Frank to restrain you.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no...

I can't be chained down again.

You don't know what happened.

I know you've been in a very,

very serious
automobile accident,

and you're confused.

I'm not confused!

I am telling you,
Kit Walker is innocent!

Oliver Thredson is Bloody Face.

I love your work, Bloody Face.


He admitted everything to me.

What he does to them.

I believe you.

You do?


Please, Sister,

he cannot know that I am here.

No one knows.

No one knows that you're here.

Now, please, just...
just take these.

You have to go to the police.

All of the evidence
is in his basement.

I understand.

I do.

It's where he kills them.

It's where he violated me.

You're safe now.

How is she?

She's still very confused,
I'm afraid.

She claims that
Dr. Thredson attacked her.

She claims... well...

She insists that Kit
Walker is innocent.

Well, state police got
a different opinion.

Kit Walker escaped custody.

He's a fugitive.

Order on him is shoot on sight.

My gracious.

My child, what are you doing

down here?

Only a day ago you were
at the brink of death.

You should be convalescing.

Didn't you hear?

I'm Dr. Arden's little miracle.

Yet, I open my eyes,
and I'm still at Briarcliff.

Can't say that's much
of an improvement.

You make the best
of what life gives you.

Come, Grace, go to your...

No, please, Sister.

I'm gonna crawl
out of my skin if I have

to lay on that bed again.

When I'm done cleaning up,
you'll have to go.

Actually, you have to go now.

What are you doing here?

I couldn't let you
die here, Grace.

Now come on.

- Help!
- I'm not gonna hurt you.

Help! (Growls)




- Drop it.
- No!

(echoing): - Grace?
- Stay away from her!

Back up or I'll shoot you!

Walker, I'll shoot you.

Put your hands where
I can see them. Back up.

Are you ready for me?


I'm free.