American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 11, Episode 8 - Fire Island - full transcript

Terrifying events at Fire Island rupture the group and force them to reconsider everything.

God, please. I'll do anything.

I will go to confession,
just make it stop.

If you're
gonna go to confession,

you might want to bring
some food and water.

You're gonna be there awhile.


Does everyone have to
be out here to see this?

It's not a goddamn floor show.

Baby, I don't think
you're the first person

who's gotten seasick
on this thing.

You're right. This isn't
embarrassing at all.

And I wish it was
just being seasick,

but I've been doing
this every morning.

I've definitely got something.

That's weird.

I don't know if it's
weird, but it sucks.

No, it's weird. I...

Hanna left a message on
my answering machine.

She's sick, too.

That's why she can't
come to Fire Island.

Well, Hannah has a good
excuse. She's pregnant.

Yeah, but she's been talking
about this disease going around.

It messes with
your immune system.

Something about T
cells or platelets.

I don't know, but...

She doesn't know if
it's viral or bacterial,

- but it's going around.
- Great.

Well, if something's
going around,

I always seem to get it.

It's just my luck.

Are you talking about what I
think you're talking about?

Might as well open my kimono.

Gonorrhea six times,

chlamydia a handful,

and syphilis twice.

That's my history.

I wasn't asking about it, but,
uh, since we're on the subject,

I thought I had crabs once.

I didn't.

All right, St. Bernadette.

You know, I'm actually looking
forward to being a one-man guy.

I think I can do it.

Since the guy is you.

You just said something sweet.

Now I know you're sick.

What the fuck?

A little thank-you for
ditching the cover story

of the Pride issue, asshole.

Mai tai?

Well, that's good that you
can actually joke about it.

Well, if you can joke about
it, it can't kill you.

Come on, baby.

Okay. That's it.

Oh, Jesus,
that's strong.

To every day always
being like this.

You do realize every
day cannot be like this.

One of us will
have to work soon,

- otherwise we'll starve.
- Yeah.

- We're not gonna starve.
- No?

Mm. Hold on, hold on.

My drink.


It's okay. It's okay, Gino.

Come on, it's okay.

You don't like it when I
touch you anymore, huh?

- No.
- No? Well, no, it's true.

It's been like that for a while.

I just, I don't, I don't
think I'm as over this

- as I thought I was.
- Okay.

Uh, I think you're
shell-shocked, Gino.

And after everything that
you and I have been through,

I think that's totally

I think there's
something wrong with me.


Found another one.

That's-that's-that's not normal.

Yeah, okay, the doctor said
it's a benign growth, so...

Yes, it's found in
older Italian men.

I know.

But you have one.

No, you actually,
you've got two.

I do.

You're not Italian.

Why is this happening to us?

I don't know.

- But the doctor said...
- Yeah, the doctor said, "Take another pill."

The doctor said,
"Try this antibiotic.

It'll go away. They
always go away."

I'm telling you...

There's something inside
me that is... is growing.

It's getting stronger.

It's just instinctual,
but I feel it.

Yeah, I think you
need to see a shrink.

- Wow.
- Gino, everything is going to be fine.

I don't think it's
gonna be fine, actually.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck!


- What?
- You're really doing this, huh?

Really, really gonna fight
on our vacation, huh?

- I'm not fighting.
- No, no.

I'm telling you, yes, we've been
through something traumatic.

- Mm-hmm. Right.
- And I'm still scared.

Fear is an indicator
that something is wrong.

You're a fucking cop.
How do you not know that?

- Just trying to help, Gino.
- No.

What you're trying to
do is to ignore the fact

that something awful
is still out there,

and I'm telling you that it is.

So stick your head
in the fucking sand,

but it's not going away.

- I need to take a walk.
- Yeah. Okay.

Take a walk, Gino.
Take a fucking walk.


You sure you're up for this?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I can't trudge

all the way out to Fire
Island and not go to Tea.

I'll just get a couple
drinks in me, I'll be fine.

So you can flirt
with other guys?


So they can flirt with me.

You know, I don't mind it when
other guys come on to you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Like that.

Who are you?

- Hi.
- Hey.

Um, we were about to
go to the Blue Whale.

- Do you want to join?
- Mm-mm.

Where's Gino?

Fucking Gino.

Everything okay?

No, it's not.

Gino and I are, uh...

You know what? It's fine.

It's gonna be a great weekend.

Uh, do you want us to
give you some space?

- Yeah, we can get a hotel room.
- Nope.

Nope, it's good you're here.

What's Gino
like at work, Adam?

Uh, he's... he's great.

He's great, huh?

Really? He's great?


I mean, he can be kind
of intense sometimes,

but, uh, that's just 'cause
the job is stressful,

you know, with everything
that's been going on.

No, no, no, no.
Gino was intense

before any of this
shit happened.

He's suffering, and I
can't seem to help him.

Yeah, I shouldn't
be telling you this.

You two work together, so...

No, it's fine.

We're all family now.

Family, huh?

That's nice.

Yeah, all right,
you two. Fuck off.

Go enjoy Fire Island, huh?

Are you sure you
don't want to join?

Think a night out
might do you some good.

No, I'm good.

Maybe later.

To Fire Island.

- To the island of fire.
- Absolutely.

Bye, see ya.





I loved you, Patrick.

- I loved you, Patrick.
- Barbara.

I loved you.
I loved you, Patrick.

I loved you.

The road not taken.

I was so hoping to see you
whacking those bushes as you...

climbed Mount Crisco.

The woods...

lovely, dark and deep.

Please leave me alone.

Abandoning me?

After all we've been through.

That's just it...

We've been through it,

it's over,

now go away.

You cannot blame me
for admiring you.

I devoured everything
you wrote at The Native,

which sprung from an
Etruscan passion for life,

for the welfare of others.

I admire that.

Says the hit man.

I knew from the minute
I laid eyes on you

that you were
something different.

All that denim.

You had a... a swagger, even.

You had a stature, a...

a kind of righteousness that
you only see in Western movies.

Oh, you do make me laugh.

Where else can I
find a wit so sharp?

Not here in Dullsville.

Oh, speaking of dull,

I'm so glad you're
coming to your senses

about Officer Friendly.

Your little...

lovers' quarrel gave me hope.

How'd you know about that?

Oh, well, the criminals
who are organized

have kept up on the two of you.

Oh, they know
everything about you...

Where you work, live, play.

You know, you're not
that hard to follow.

Especially with all the
noise you make in your paper.

The heads of the families would
promote any thuggish cousin

just for... shutting you up.

Oh, you're... Is that
supposed to scare me?

I grew up with those boys.

Bring it on!

Gay men!

We never run scared!

That's what makes
us such good spies.

We creep back toward death.

We take bigger risks.

We fuck bigger dicks.

We cheat death and then we
think of a new way to court it,

dancing with any
devil that may pop up.

That's why my bosses allowed
you and Detective Read

to continue with your capers.

You're good for business!

You're bringing some
edge to the rumpus room!

Whatever you're on, you
need to adjust the dosage.

Don't walk away from me!


You don't walk away from me!

What I'm telling you
is that I spared you!

I told them...

that you're valuable!

To them!

But also to me!

What the fuck are
you talking about?

Maybe it is these new opioids,


I float

just being near you.

What else do I need to sacrifice

to prove to you
that I'm a good man?

To prove to you that
I am worthy of you?

Because it's all been leading
to this. Gino Barelli.

Gino. Gino Barelli.

I'm hopelessly,


- in love with you.
- Henry,

you've been through a lot.

- This is the pills talking.
- Gino,

if I can't have you,

then no...


Don't say it.

Then you won't regret it.


You okay?


It just keeps coming in waves.

- What about a ginger ale?
- No,

I'm feeling more
clammy than anything.


maybe we just go
back to the house?

Oh, God.

A night in?

You and me?

What a letdown.

Maybe I teach you
Egyptian Ratscrew.



It's a card game.


we could light up
some of that grass

I saw in your Dopp kit,

settle your stomach and...

go for a naked swim.

It's a full moon.

You want to smoke
a joint with me?

My Adam?

A dope fiend?

Just a dope

looking to get dopey with you.

Bad joke.

But, yeah...

call me relaxed.


I just need a little lie-down.

And then I'm all yours.


I'll settle the tab.


- I forgot my wallet.
- Oh.


Uh, here.

That's not gonna get
you very far, sailor.

I'll be right back.

Hello. Hello, hello, hello.



I will never know
how you do that.

Well, I know how you do that.

I'll just never be able
to do the same thing.

Well, not with that attitude.

Look at you. Brighten up.

You're in Shangri-La.

Mm. Yes.

I did think a change of
scenery would do me...

Oh, who am I kidding?

I came out here because
that Barelli and his cop

- were coming out and...
- You made a play for the town crier?

Bravo. You should be
standing a foot taller.

I'm half a man.


Don't brown your whites, Henry.

So many men on this island are...
What did you say? incomplete.



That's on the inside.

You're lucky you're
out front with yours.

Take confidence in the fact

that someone here wants
exactly what you have.

- Yeah, someone just as deformed?
- Again, Henry,

this is an open-air sex bazaar.

Anyone here can buy or sell

or touch or be touched.

The codes here are cracked,
the revolution won.

You didn't die.

So live.

I want what you're having.

Imagine the hottest guy here.

And don't presume that
you know what he wants.

Assume that he
wants something new

with someone new.

So, should I just ask around?

Let me do the asking.

Would you?

Meet me at the Meat Rack.


Your new boyfriend left you
alone in this piranha pool?

He must really trust you.

I'm not in the mood for
any of your games, Sam.


I don't feel well.


You won. You vanquished me.

Maybe I'm making this
look easy, but...

it hasn't been.

Don't expect any
sympathy from me.

It ended ugly for both of us.

I wouldn't call him ugly.

Sort of suits you in this...

move away from who you were.

Says the checkbook with a dick.

Some kind of truce, Sam.

To new paths.



with grace.

To getting what we deserve.

Goodbye, Sam.

This place

is amazing, Fran.

Yeah, and they're paying me

some major dough.

50 bucks a tarot reading.

Oh, those Pine boys

love an expensive party favor.

Mm. Speaking of...

I brought you some sage.

Please burn this
during your readings.

I don't want you bringing
back any bad energy.

I'm not going that
deep with these boys.

- Huh.
- It's only a party.

Well, don't be out too late,

because we have a
mission ahead of us.

- Ticks. - Ticks.
- The Cherry Grove doc

wants to see us first
thing in the morning.

She said that there's been
50 or so cases just like mine

this summer alone.

She's dying to hear

about Dr. Wells' research.

Has anybody heard
back from Dr. Wells?

I was supposed
to talk to her

this morning, but she
totally flaked on me.

- Mm.
- Well, figures.

Can never trust the establishment.

What was that?

Probably a deer.

They're everywhere on
this side of the island.

I thought they were trying
to wipe out all the deer.

You can't actually
kill all of them.

- Oh, shit, there's a man out there.
- He's probably just

some drunk queen wandering
by from the Meat Rack.

Well, he's got big muscles.

He's got black leather on.

It's kind of freaky.

Go home, man!

We don't have any liquor!

This is Cherry
Grove, dude!

Nothing but lesbians
and early bedtimes here!

Go back to the Pines!

He's gone.

Oh, shit. There's that creepy
Peeping Tom I told you about!

Fuck you, dude.

You're on private property.

Get out of here!

- Fuck you.
- Hey!

Oh, fuck that.

The fuck?



- What the fuck was that?
- That's him!

It's the guy who killed Sully.

What are we gonna do?

We need to call the sheriff.

You shot him in the back
of the head, Patrick.

I don't care.

I don't care.

Wait. Wait!

I want to see his face first.

I want to pull that
fucking mask off

and see his face.

I need to know who he is.

What the fuck?

- Come on, this way.

The psychic's here, boys.

Hey, boys, this is Fran.


Watch your step.

Do you?


Is your intention set?

yeah. Yeah. Sure.




You gotta watch your
back in the Meat Rack.

Come on, I'll show you
where all the choice cuts are hung.

Given what I've gone
through recently,

that kind of talk
does not turn me on.

Fair. I'm sorry. But come on.

I don't... I
don't... I don't know

how I feel about all this.

I mean...

I've confessed my sins,
I've performed my penance.

I'm trying to be a better man.

Henry, get over it.

These men come
here to be defiled.

It's what gets them off.

It would be a selfish sin not
to give them what they want.


You will always be mine.

Is he all right?

This is his fantasy, Henry.

He's so used to
being in control,

he begged me to bring
him out here like this

so he can just surrender
and... receive.

Don't deny him his dream.

Oh, my God.

It's the simple things
that are a challenge

when you lose
something important.

You're a young man,
and you think...

you think you'll be
beautiful forever.


you're all just...

throwing away

what you should be treasuring.

Theo. Theo...

I know you.

I know all of you.

I photographed you.

You will be remembered.