American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 11, Episode 6 - The Body - full transcript

A chilling event from Patrick's past returns to haunt him. Gino and Henry are determined to uncover it at any cost.

- Ow!
- What?

Something bit me.

Am I bleeding?

Shit, you're right.

Great. What the fuck was that?

No, no, that can't be real.

That's got to be left over
from Halloween or something.

dr. Wells.

There are two gentlemen
here to see you.

You know,
I really should be

questioning her alone.

Spare me the "I'm a cop
and you're not" lecture.

Well, I'm more than just a
cop, gino, I'm a detective.

You're a detective,
I'm a reporter.

We're both investigators, okay?

So, easy.

hello, I'm dr. Hannah
wells. How may I help you?

Hey, I'm detective read.
This is my friend gino,

-gino barelli. Downtown native.
-From the, uh, downtown native. That's...

like to talk to you about

the blood samples you took

the night of the
ascension bar firebombing.


we're not interested in
why you took those samples,

okay, or whatever research
you're conducting here,

but it's very possible
you took the blood

of someone we're looking for.

I'm afraid I can't
talk about that.

- My research is confidential.
- You must've heard about

the most recent murders
of gay men in this city.

Of course.

So, we feel that the killer

was at st. Vincent's that night,

and if you took his blood,
you might have his name

- and information.
- I'm sorry,

I wish I could help you.

Why don't you just

take a moment to look
through your records.

I'm sure it won't
take that long.

My time isn't the issue.

I'd be betraying
patient confidentiality.

Yeah, I understand.

Nobody needs to know what
we're talking about here.

Okay? And given the stakes,

it's very likely you
could be saving lives.

And you wouldn't be aiding
and abetting a murderer.

We're done here.

This man preys
on the gay community.

He butchers them.
He cuts them up.

He slices off their heads,

- their hands...
- This isn't an official

investigation, is it?

- What are you talking about?
- Detectives usually

don't travel around
with reporters.

The police in this city

don't give a shit
about dead gay men,

so we're looking into
this as private citizens.

This is the man

we're looking for.
Do you recognize him?

That mark... have you
had it checked out?

I've seen similar discolorations

in several of my patients.

- Let me see.
- Gino.

It's just... It's a bug bite.

If you
two are partners,

you both might want
to get checked out.

I've only been
seeing it in gay men.

Uh, all right, can we just
stick to the subject here?

There's a killer at large.

I've made myself clear.
No one cares more

about the well-being of
your community than I do,

and if you go about the proper
channels to obtain a warrant,

I'd be happy to comply.

In the meantime,

consider making an
appointment for a checkup.


- Yeah?
- I just got a call

from the administrator

over at st. Vincent's.
Said you were down there

flashing a sketch of
the mai tai killer.

Yeah, just following up on
some questions I still have.

Well, we told them that we were
done with all the interviews.

They're starting to
worry if we think

the killer might be
one of their staff.

Then they're idiots 'cause
I didn't imply that at all.

I don't have to explain
my moves to you, mulcahey.

Go back to your desk,

carry on making ignorant gay
cracks behind my back, okay?

you know what?

For somebody who always
seems to have the answers,

you don't know jack shit.

detective read.

Detective, my name
is frankie del rios.

I live out on fire island.

Okay. What can I do for you?

I was gonna call the
regular island police,

but we heard from a
friend of a friend

that you're different.
That you're one of us.

Anyways, my friend and I,

we found something on
the beach, detective.

It's a body. It's been
there for a while.

Oh, and this guy is wearing
a black leather mask.

- A leather mask?
- Yeah.

It's on the north
shore, behind the house

at 4 seafront drive.

Have you told anyone about this?

You're the first
person I called.

Okay, good.

Listen to me very carefully.

Keep this to
yourself, understood?

Easy, easy, easy. It's a
sculpture you're uncrating,

not a frigidaire.

You know, you two
should thank me.

Your tiny, little worldviews
are about to expand

just by looking at it.

gently, gently.


Hello, sam. It's patrick.

We have a problem.

Oh, wonderful.
Just when I thought

I was running short on those.

No, I'm serious. Two
guys found a body.

On fire island.

So, what are we doing out here?

Why aren't we
meeting at the club?

Front page.

Fifth article this
month by this guy,

shitting on the police.
He's stirring things up.

And it's not just the fruits,

regular people are
starting to talk.

No offense.

So, what do we care?

We're not the police.

But some of the
police are with us.

Look, we need them to
get certain things done,

you understand?
They're our friends.

- You know how this works.
- Sure, angelo.

And now some of our friends

have asked us to take
care of this problem.

Quiet things down.

Is that really necessary?

when the boss says
it's necessary,

then it's fucking necessary.

- Right.
- This falls on you.

Look, we don't care how you
do it, but no showboating.

We don't want anything
found. Just, uh...

Disappear this guy,

make sure he's written
his last fucking article.

Oh, gino.

- Where are you going?
- They found a body.

Think it might be related
to the mai tai killer

on fire island.

Fire island? Why did...
Why are they calling you?

Apparently, I'm the only cop

gay enough to care.

- Okay, well, I'll come with you.
- No.

- No.
- No?

No. I-I don't want to make
a whole scene of this.

It's not my jurisdiction.

I got to tread lightly.

I'm... Confused. This is...

So, you're gonna
spend the night?

Uh... I don't know.

Hopefully not.

I'll call.

are you fucking someone?

My life is complicated
enough right now

without a jealous partner.

Please don't be
that person, gino.

- hello, gino.
- Jesus!

how'd you get in here?

Well, you left the door open
when you ran down the stairs.

You know, you're
better than this, gino.

Young men are a waste of time.

Oh, sure, they're
fun in bed, but...

It never lasts.

What the fuck are you
doing in my apartment?

you know,

the men who run this town...

Not the politicians, but the
ones with the real power...

They need people like me

to be their eyes and their ears,

watch the books,

that sort of thing.

You know, or worse.

I'm not just a barfly.

- You're a fucking hit man?
- That term

is gauche.

These men are unhappy

with what you've been
writing in the native.

It's bringing the
wrong kind of attention

to their establishments, it's
affecting the bottom line.

It has to stop.

Or else...

I'm gonna have to do something

I really don't want to do

to that pretty
little face of yours.

Who are you really
working for, henry?

You get rid of me...

You're only helping the killer.

Ugh! This obsession

is unhealthy, gino.
Get rid of it.

He's already moved on to fire
island. They found a new body.

Fire island?

Are you patrick?

Is he a cop, too?

- I'm tom, this is freddy.
- Frankie.


Can we see your badge, please?

Sorry, I just figure
there's probably

some kind of criminal
exposure for finding a body

and not reporting
it to the cops.

And the finger cut me.

Do you think I could get some
sort of disease from that?

No. I wouldn't worry about it.

Come on, we'll show
you where the body is.

We're cops. We can find it.

You can go.

- Uh...
- Leave.

This is a crime scene now.

And if either of you fuckers

- tell anybody about...
- All right.

Thank you for your
services, gentlemen.

For your own security,

we need to keep this
between us, okay?


god, I miss it here.

I think this is the
only place I ever felt

- truly relaxed.
- That's probably a result

of the drugs, sam.

What were we
thinking, burying him

in a shallow sand dune, patrick?

Yet again...

Probably the drugs.

so, what do we do?

We dig more.

The remains we scattered
ought to be around here.

We need to get those
remains in our bag

and bury them somewhere safe.

Safe? Wh-what is safe

- for a rotting twink, patrick?
- You know what, sam,

I haven't really thought
about that yet, okay?

Just get digging.
This poor kid

deserved way more than this.

But you
killed him anyway.

Henry, wh... Who
the fuck is this?

Hello, sam. I brought him.

He wanted to know
about the killer.

I just left out the part that
the killer was his boyfriend.

The fuck is going
on here, patrick?

It's not what you think, gino.

- All right, tell him.
- Go home, gino.

I'll talk about this
when I get back. This has

nothing to do with you.
You are not a part of this.

But the three of you are?

What is this, some
sort of murder cult?

did you kill barbara?

No, we did not fucking kill
barbara. I didn't kill anybody.

This was a mistake, okay?
This was a freak accident,

a horrible thing that
shouldn't have happened.

But you're gonna want
to hear all about it.

It's quite the heck of a story.

Although I'm not sure
it's gonna end up

in the pages of the native.

This is sam's house.


I met sam the first time I
ever came to fire island.

Party's this way.


Sam scooped me up,

fresh off the ferry,

and that's when I met billy.

Billy was his name.

I was married to barbara,
but I lied to her.

I told her I was
working on a stakeout,

but I went to the island
so I could be myself.

Billy was fresh off the bus.
I can't remember where from,

but one of those places
that kept him bottled up.

he was this firecracker

of energy and joy.

I was from new york,

but that night I might
as well have been

from akron or tulsa

or wherever billy was from.

I was letting myself go.

Sam gave us coke.

It was the first
time for both of us.

but they loved it.

My parties were the place to be.

No fatties, no femmes.

It was gay woodstock
every weekend.

now what?

Now we need someone
to volunteer.

For what?

To be the special one.

I'll do it.

let's make him feel special.

-you like that, don't you? Yeah, you do.

He's gonna like that, too.


Patrick, stop.


Patrick, stop it!

- Hey, stop. Stop.
- What?

hey. Hey.


Oh, my
god. No, no, no.

- No, no, no, no, no. Oh, shit.
- Oh, my god.


- Patrick, stop.
- Come on, come on.

- Stop it, patrick.
- Come on, come on!

stop it!

Oh, fuck.
Oh, come on, come on.


Why the fuck are you
pulling a gun on me?!

So you would stop giving
cpr to a dead kid.

- Oh, my god, we have to call the police.
- Fuck the cops.

I am a cop!

- Oh, shit.
- You're a fucking cop?

You're a fucking cop?!

- Why the fuck didn't you tell me that?
- We can't go to the police.

Why the fuck didn't
you tell me that?!

My body's full of
fucking drugs. I...

This poor kid, this
poor fucking kid.

What have we done
to this poor kid?

Oh, my god.

I don't know. It was
an accident. He-he...

He volunteered for
it. He consented.

- It was...
- No. No.

Not to this.


I know someone who can help us.

He's a, um, um...

A fixer for the mob,
but he's, uh, one of us.

He's-he's called
the velvet touch.

I'm gonna call him.

henry, thank god.



Well, he's not very big.

Thank god you're into
twinks and not bears.

Enough with the jokes,
henry. I need your help.

Of course.

It'll cost you ten grand.

That's fine.

This is my associate.

He's a whiz at
cutting up bodies.

- Is he one of us?
- He's meat

for butchering, just
like the others.

They were criminals.
This is an innocent boy.

Get to work,

or else I'll have
to call your mother

and tell her about
your sexuality.

You don't want to break
her heart, do you?

I can't watch this.

what's your problem?

he's so...


He deserved better.

Someone should have been
watching out for him.


So, is that what you've
been hiding? That's the secret?

- What happened that night?
- Please, just go home.

- Gino, please, you deserve way more than this.
- This is...

Look, I am really sorry

that I forgot my violin for
this perfect little moment,

but we do have a
body to dispose of,

so you want to pitch in or
get the fuck out of here?

No, he's not pitching in, okay?

- Listen to me.
- Well, he's either an accomplice

to the crime or he's
gonna be a whistleblower

to his fag rag. Isn't
that right, gino?

I can't imagine you taking
a back seat for anyone.

God, please, gino.
What are you doing?

Please, why are you
helping? Just stop.

What are my options, patrick?

I can't call the cops

because of you.

I'm stuck.

Well, at least now we can
give the kid a proper burial,

rustle up a casa
blanca lily or two.

Maybe we can contact
his family so they can

- have some closure.
- We're not contacting anybody.

This is going to
remain a john doe.

Hang on, these
bones, these bones.

There's no cuts.

Whoever did this

dissected the body perfectly.

Huh. I'm not gonna
hire a cleaner

who doesn't know
what he's doing.

What was his name? Who
did you bring that night?

Nothing happened that night,
patrick. You weren't here.

I wasn't here. None of
us are here right now.

You know, the mai tai killer

cuts up his victims in
exactly the same way

that the guy who
has dissected this body has.

I have spent many years

in my career, and I have never
seen cuts like this before,

until these bodies
started arriving.

Well, bravo, mr. Policeman. Why
are we going down this road?

We can't be throwing around
accusations like this,

especially when we're
dealing with the mob.

- What's his name, henry?
- Well...

His name is mr. Whitely.

He's a male nurse,

- and that's all I know.
- You know where he lives?

Well, I could call
him up and ask him.

I mean, maybe he'll
ask us over for tea.

You have no proof
that this is your guy.

I've seen his face.

I can id him.

You take me to him.

What are you
talking about, gino?

He would recognize
you right away.

well, it's amazing
that scooby-doo here

has solved the crime,
but before we all

pile into the mystery
machine, can we please

deal with the issue at hand?

- Henry and I will go on our own.
- Oh, fuck that. Fuck...

Gino, please.

If I had an ounce of integrity,

I'd turn your fucking ass in.

Gino, wait. Wait.

Take this.


If you've
reached this,

I am either unavailable
or at my office.

Please leave a message.


Mr. Whitely. It's henry.

I've got another job for us.

Henry. This really isn't

the best time for me.

well, is it ever a
good time when I call?

The boss has a mess

- he needs us to clean up asap.
- I'm sorry,

but I just can't do that
right now, unfortunately.

Well, you know we really
don't have a choice

in these matters, whitely.

Okay. Where's the location?


I'm afraid I can't
give that to you.

I'll pick you up.

I'll just need an address.

An address?

I'm going to be out and about.

How about we meet at
malty's bar, 9:00 p.M.


See you soon.

he knows something's up.

What are you talking about?

Change of plans.

You're gonna id him.

If he's the mai tai killer,

we take him out, then and there.

absolutely not, henry. No.

I'll lure him from
the bar into the car,

where you'll be waiting in
the back seat with a gun.

- I'm not killing anyone.
- No,

you just hold him at gunpoint.
We'll drive to the docks

and I'll finish him off.

You want to stop these
killings, isn't that right?

Well, moral clarity's
a whole lot easier

when you're sitting
behind a typewriter.

We're doing this, gino,

and we're going it tonight.

Well, that's his buick.

That's good. Looks like
he's inside already.

You do realize that
this is fucking insane, right?


you just duck down
in the back seat,

make sure nobody sees you,

keep your finger on the trigger,

and I will be back in five.

mr. Whitely.


- Thank you for meeting here.
- Mm.

I thought we could catch up
over a drink before we head out.

I'll have a whiskey.

- So, what's the job?
- Oh,

couple of deadbeats
didn't pay their loan.

Demarco is whacking
people over bad loans now?

What happened to a lean?

Maybe it's a big loan.

It's none of my
business, nor yours.

We should get going.

Mind if I use the john first?

You've never needed
my permission.


oh... Oh...

my buddy can't
handle his liquor.

Come on, buddy.

Let's get you home.

Get you to bed, where
you can sleep peacefully.

- Hello?
- Patrick, the killer has henry.

Wh-what? Gino...

I need you.