American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 11, Episode 4 - Black Out - full transcript

As darkness consumes the city, evil takes root in the unlikeliest of places...

Help me!

Help me!

Help me!


Help... me!






Hey, hey, what's
going on with you?

What is it?


They're everywhere.

Fleas? You brought home fleas.

Where the fuck did
you get fleas?!

You think you got those from me?

Patrick, yes, I absolutely
got them from you.

You're covered in them.

I-I'll go to the pharmacy, okay?

I'll get you some cream. Let me handle this.

Gino, please, please,
let me look at this.

I did not survive
yesterday for this.

ANNOUNCER: 86 degrees and climbing

toward a midday high of 105.

It's shaping up to be the
hottest day of the year.

Oh, well, great.

"At the scene, one Village
resident called for action.

"'Seven people
died in that fire.

"'No one is saying
that it was arson.

"It was. I saw it happen, '
said witness Adam Carpenter.

"'Maybe we should set
some fires of our own

"until something
is done about it.'

By Cranston Short."

Who the hell is Cranston Short?

New friend.

- Different tactic.
- Adam,

if you're gonna use a pen name,
you can't also quote yourself

in the same article.
It's not ethical.


Fuck ethical.

Seven people are
dead, Gino. Murdered.

Do you know what it smells
like when someone is burning

to death, what
that smells like?!

Actually, I do.

So put that in the story.

Put your name on it.

Stop hiding.

I worry this isn't
gonna do anything.

I-I feel like we're...

preaching to empty seats with
these personal stories, Gino.

Stop being a coward.

Make some noise.
People will listen.

- Is that it?
- Oh, Ms. Pizazz,

I have been coming
here to watch you

- for almost ten years, and I am s...
- You're a fan. I get it.

And I so appreciate it.

You are also hired.


Weekends, midnight to closing.

Don't be late.

Thank you.

Now get off my stage.

You, too.

- I got eyes in the back of my head, you know.
- Oh, sorry.

I was... I was just waiting
till you had a free moment.

My time is precious. Why do
you think I hired a swing?

I'm Gino Barelli. I work
with The New York Native.

Well, I'm not buying
any more half-page ads

in any more half-assed
gay rags, my friend.

I'm not here to
sell you anything.

I just wanted to ask
you a few questions.

Well, my businesses
have a rule...

No press, no prying eyes.

As far as the rest of
the world is concerned,

- this place does not exist.
- Well,

then you just inspired a
new spotlight in The Native.

I'm calling it...

"False Friend."

As in false friend
to our readers,

the customers that
you bleed dry.

- Excuse me?
- One of the young men

who disappeared
was last seen here.

And as far as I can tell,

nobody's done anything about it.

So I figure that
people need to know

just how little you care.


Do you even know
about this business?

Do you know who
protects this business?

I have no idea. But I do
wonder what they're gonna think

about the money drying up.

Missing kids means empty seats.

And so does bad press.

Huh, I have nothing
to say to you.

Oh. Perfect quote.

Thank you. "She takes
our money and she runs.

"Nothing to add,
nothing to contribute.

"Take, yes.

Give, never."


We need help. We need you.

I get it. I'm Sicilian.

And you?


Hard head.

I was the grand marshal at
the Pride Parade back in '71.

Two mules and a wagon.

But I was on that wagon.

On it ever since.

I've spent decades
in this dungeon.

Quite a comedown from
the dressing rooms

of the Plymouth Theatre.

Four flights up,

and every summer

the Shuberts made us
bring in our own fans.

I had three dressers quit on me.

You gays have a weak
constitution, you know that?

No shit.

What do you want?

An interview?



speak on the goddamn record.

I'm not sure it'll help.

How do you know?

Something strange is
happening to this community,

to our community.

Don't you think I know that?

Kids used to come in
here for a sing-along

and-and a daisy chain.

Now? Much darker.

We have an ambulance
roll up once a month,

and I have to call in
a favor to get one.

It frightens me, this change.

This you can quote me on.

I am a concerned business owner,

and I am bothered

that no one is investigating
these disappearances.

I say to the police
who service this area,

do more.

Help us.

How many more people
have to be gone

before someone does something?

Why are we way over here in
the Ninth Precinct?

You'll have to ask Marzara.

Fifth floor.

No elevator.

Oh, my God.

Come on, Mulcahey. Keep up.

Let go of me!

Why are you arresting me, huh?

I didn't do that
to him.

What the fuck are you doing?!

Let me stay with my friend!

Please let me stay
with my friend.

Please get your
fucking hands off me!

I didn't do that to him. Fuck.

I didn't do anything.

Let me go. Please let me go.

I'd take as many breaths
as you can right now, boys.

It gets worse.



Jesus, that is awful.

In here, gentlemen.

M.E. got here right
before you did.

Victim... male, late 20s.

Something's off.

Time of death?

Dead a while now. A few days?

But the heat's not
making this any easier.

Decomposing fast.


- Never seen anything like this.
- Huh.

Doesn't add up.

And see these contusions?

Massive venous bleeds.

Looks like blunt force trauma.

Responding officer found some
punk on top of the body, crying.

What, you think
he's the suspect?

Well, you're looking for a
killer with changing methods.

He could be bored.

You got blunt force trauma.

You got flesh wounds
around the neck.

Yeah, that wound
around the neck...

There's not much blood
there. Postmortem?

Normally I'd say so. But
with the tissue like this...

See these sores?

This degree of infection
on the dermis...

That and the decay are
gonna disguise your answers.

We can't rule anything out.

- Hmm.
- I need to run a complete autopsy.

Window was
open when we came in.

Leads right out to
the fire escape.

- Someone come through there?
- No.

No, the f-floor's dirty.

There'd be footprints that
show up all the way along here.

You need to ask that man you
arrested about the open window.

But, uh, he's not a suspect.

I met him.

Pretty confident he wouldn't
beat a man to death.

He's not a criminal.

They were blow buddies?


Crime of passion?


Well, you're saying you
know the guy, Detective.

So, what exactly is this?

Because you told me
to be on high alert

for a serial killer, and I-I'm
looking at another gay corpse

with suspicious circumstances.

How long on a
complete turnaround?

- Autopsy?
- Uh-huh.

Two weeks.

Okay. We wait.

We wait.

My best guess on
that wound there...

Cat out there in the
hallway ran out of food.

I'm unsure about
everything else, but, uh...

you can let the
guy in custody go.

That I can.

Yes, sir, Detective Read.


- I-I can't take this smell anymore.
- Yeah.

We need to transfer
this body to the morgue.

Yeah, I'm, uh...

I'm-I'm gonna stick
around for a bit longer.

I'll, uh...

I'll meet you outside, okay?


It's me.

I, uh...

Yeah, we might have
another victim.

You're home.

Long night.

Glad it's over.

What the fuck happened to you?

There was a fire.

At the Ascension. I'm fine.


- Don't.
- Checking to see if I can taste anyone on you.


Sam. Get off!

You cannot treat me like that!

- Like what?
- Like...

some piece of ass you
tie up for two days.

I mean, what the hell, Sam?

Do you know that there's a kid
running around out there saying

that you held him captive?

And beat him up?

- In some dungeon?
- Jesus Christ, Theo.

What, some horny twink
gets drunk and goes for it

and wakes up the next
morning wishing he hasn't.

What? You've been there.

So you don't deny it, then?

What do you want from me, huh?

I-I give you everything.

I bring you everything.
Theo, for Christ's sake,

we let each other fuck
whoever we want to.

And now you're gonna make me
feel like it's disgusting?

Because you have
gone over the edge!

You are dark.

It happened so slowly. I
just didn't realize it.

But there is weird shit
going on out there, Sam,

and I keep hearing your
name around all of it.

Anybody who doesn't
have what we have

is gonna want to
bring the castle down.

What is it that you want?

What is it you want?

First, it was silver... trays
and teapots and carving sets.

Then you got tired of all that,
so you moved on to photographs.

And then... the
men in the photographs.

Men you could collect.

And then dispose of.

I'm a collector. I
like pretty things.

You don't?

I want simple.

I've got a chance
at something good.

With someone good.

You are good.

You are so good at getting me...

all riled up...

so that I need you again.

So what do you want?

New set of rules?

Your terms?

It's fine.

Or do you really
want to leave me again?

You're scaring me.

You think I might
kill you one day?

Yeah, I think you've
got it in you.

You think I'm, what,

going around to dank bars,

slitting throats?

You really think
I'm capable of that?


No, no, no. You-You've...

You got me, baby.

You figured me out.

Turn me in.

This is fucking absurd.

Studio gone.

Career over. Gallery?

Forget about it.

This is 911.

What's your emergency?


This is 911. Can you hear me?

Fuck you!

They're saying on the radio
the grid might max out.

Gonna have to brown
out certain areas

or the whole thing will go down.

I might go home.

What's this for?

You know Hans?

I don't know Hans.

Hans is dead.

Not even 30 years old.


decomposing in his bed.

Was he murdered?

He was found alone
in his apartment

with giant contusions
all over his body.

What do you think?

Hey, what's going on with
you today? Are you okay?

No, I'm not okay!

Calm down, Gino, please.

You know what? I'm
so fucking sick

of everybody telling
me to calm down,

to not cause a panic.

We're being picked
off one by one.

Why isn't every gay man in
this city scared shitless?

No one cares.

- I care.
- Not enough.

When the fuck are
you gonna step up?

Start treating this
like an emergency

because it is.

Once you're dead, it's too late.

You were right.

Sam is no good for me.

I left him.

We're done.

I wanted to apologize to you.

I was so arrogant.

I just, I didn't
want to hear it.

About Sam.

Look, I can't stop
thinking about you.

And, uh...

and I know it's way
too hot for all this.

I just needed to show up.

And-and tell you that.

Want to come up
for a sip of water?


I do.

Somewhere to be?


I got to get going.

I'll walk you out.

Okay, asshole...

Uh, excuse
me, who's an asshole?

- Did you break a nail?
- Morris?

Listen, did your lights go out?

Yeah. Just now.

So behind.

They went out here
over ten minutes ago.

There's gonna be a legendary
blackout party at The Warehouse.

Everyone's going there
to wait it out together.

Tell anyone you can think of,
but things move fast, chicken,

so loosen your girdle
and get moving.

Wait, Morris...

- Read?
- Mm-hmm?


Catch you at a bad time?

No, sir, whatever you need.

What I need, Detective,

is some cooperation.
That call this morning?

- The dead guy?
- Mm-hmm.

So, uh, here's the thing.

This nosy prick Gino Barelli.

He keeps writing about
our every move...

Every move we make...
And I'm getting

a lot of heat from the
commissioner on these leaks.

Sensitive information in an
open investigation like this?

It makes me very upset
that someone at the station

is sharing secrets with
some newspaper for queers.

Yeah, I-I wish I
could help you, sir.

You have any idea
who it could be?

Are you accusing
me of something?

Because I don't think a
police officer's personal life

is official police business.

It is absolutely my business

if you're leaking confidential
information to the press.

I'm a decorated officer.

I'm a detective who
actually solves crimes.

You know that.

I am proud to carry this badge.

And I'm grateful for what
it lets me do for others.

And, yeah, Captain Marzara.

I am a gay policeman.

Nothing about who I am

stops me from doing what I do.

Jesus Christ.

Better get out there.

What the hell are
you doing here?

This will be fast.
I found something.

And I knew that you would
want to see it right away.

What would make you think that?

'Cause you shouldn't have to go
through what I've been through.

This is really bold. What
if Patrick were here?

I called the station.

I know he's working a double.

I'm not a dum-dum, Gino.

It has been made
very clear to me

that I don't even
know who Patrick is.

And I am just
getting very scared

that he is involved in
something really bad.

Okay, it's what you've been
writing about in your paper.

You know, maybe he's gotten
sucked into something.

Maybe he got
recruited, you know?

He can be very susceptible.

Why are you laughing?

It's not funny!

This is very serious.

There was, there was a
masked man in leather

running around Central
Park, assaulting people.

Isn't that what you wrote about?

Barbara, please go home.

I-I don't feel well.

- I'm trying to help you.
- No, no, what you're trying to do,

is to drive a wedge
between Patrick and me.

This is not a secret.

We have been very
clear about this.

Okay, then I guess I'll
just call the police.

Because I'm sure the boys at
the station will be very curious

to know what Patrick gets
up to on his days off.

All right, we're done here.

You're harassing us... fuck!

In case you hadn't
noticed, I am, um...

unraveling a little bit, okay?

Can you see that?

I don't even know
what I think anymore.

I mean, I don't even know if
I think Patrick's a killer.

But I do know that I see
so much of myself in you.

Don't make the same
mistake that I did.

Ask him.

Ask him to tell you the truth.

You'd have to be an octopus
to man that switchboard.

It's gonna be a
long night. Coffee?


Sixth Precinct.

Ah, Detective Read?


I know you've been
looking for me.

I have my ways of
knowing these things.

I'm tired of having
to hunt in bars

that smell like piss and come.

But tonight?

No streetlamps.

No lights.

I can kill in the open.

Will I ever feel
this free again?

How do you know who I am?

We saw each other
at the hospital.

And I've seen you around.

In the shadows.

Why don't you let anyone
see that handsome face?

You turn them around so fast
and push them away right after.

Why is that?

Are you afraid of
getting caught?

I know how that feels.

No more hiding.

You served, didn't you?

Where was that, huh?

Was that Vietnam, Korea?

We're around the same age,

if that's what you want
to know, Detective.

Government put a gun in my
hand and taught me to kill.

And they took it away once
I taught myself how to love.

Why are you killing us?

People only pay attention
to lives when they're lost.

Not when they're living.

It takes so many bodies.

I'm making it all go faster.

A reckoning.

An honoring of people
like you and me.

- I'm not like you.
- We'll see.

I want to give your reporter
friend something to write about.

Something memorable.

He's impressive.

Good luck finding me in
the dark park, Detective.

Who was that?

That... was a lead.

A big one.

Where are we going?

Central Park.


Get in.

I'm surprised you got
in the car, really.

But don't worry, Adam. I won't
lock you up in some dungeon.

Majed will drop you
wherever you were headed

after our little chat.

I never wanted to get in the way

of whatever you
two have going on.

I made that clear to him.

- Truly.
- We have our lines.

And Theo decided to cross them.

I arranged things so
that Theo could exist.

To become Theo Graves,
to remain Theo Graves.

It's in his interests.

It's in your interests.

That, too, so you'll
understand when I say

that I need you

out of the picture.

And I'm happy to ask,
what will that take?

Are you trying to pay me off?

You can stop the car.

You heard him.

What you're actually
in conflict with, Adam,

is much more complicated.

Theo is at constant battle
with his own boredom.

He will grow bored of you.

He'll come back to me.

He always does.

Come back to what?


Stay on the radio.

Channel two.

Mulcahey, I need backup.

Mulcahey, can you read me?

I said I need backup.

Fuck. Mulcahey!

NYPD! Freeze! Don't move!



- Freeze! Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

It's me! It's me!

Jesus, Patrick. I
heard a gunshot.

- What the hell's happened?
- The kid was right.

There's a fucking lunatic
in a harness out here.

- Keep moving.
- What about that gunshot?

Probably just a bottle rocket.

People getting their
rocks off in the dark.

Wake up.

Wake up. Wake up.

It's not safe.

Bunch of goddamn animals.

Wake up!

What do you think you're doing?

Reckless little boys.

- Wake up!
- What is this?

Is this some kind of
performance piece?

Hey, asshole, next
time, half a pill!

It's not safe.

- Wake up!
- Enough!

Do not come into
my space and start

- moralizing, Daniel.
- How dare you, Cameron?

- It is not safe.
- How dare I what?

Every impulse we're
following is good!

- Good? It's good?
- He just had too much.

You're fucking in the dark.

And Hans is dead!

Hans is dead?

I found him.

And I called the fucking cops.

And all they would
do is blame it on me

or his fucking little cat!

Hans got sick!

He got sick,

and none of us went
to check on him.

And now he is dead.

Are you sick, huh? Am I sick?

- Are we all sick?
- Daniel, this isn't the time.

This is
exactly the time.

This man has seen something.

It's happening. And
it's not going away.

- Who the fuck are you?
- Look, people...

are dying.

Okay? We are getting
picked off one by one.

Five are dead at the
hands of a serial killer,

but there are many more
that we can't explain.

Something's got to change.

We should be thanking him.

He's telling us the truth.

Because none of us are ready
for what's coming next.

- What is coming next?
- I don't know.

But we need to organize.

We will pick a night this week.

And the next week and
the week after that.

Until we know what
we're up against.

That's what we can do.



Oh, hey.

You're home.

Why are you sitting in the dark?


I did it, Gino.

The captain knows who I am now.

I came out.

I mean...

I didn't tell him
everything, obviously.


Yeah, you know, I...

we have
to be careful here.


What's this, Patrick?

- Where'd you get that?
- Does it matter?

It's yours.

You know it.

You bought it.

You hid it so no
one could find it.

Not the woman you married.


whatever I am to you.

You are everything to me, Gino.

All evidence to the contrary.

So, since you're in
a truth-telling mode,

come out to me.

Tell me, tell me,
tell me all of it.

Or leave.

Now's the time.


I've been with other guys.

A lot.

I don't know who they are.

There's no names ever.

- Where?
- Different places.

Never where we sleep.


- Ah.
- After it happens,

it's like it never happened,
I leave it all behind.

- Why?
- Why?

Because I've always had to.

You know, but this...

this, right now, you and me,

this is what I need.

Okay? This-this-this other thing

is a compulsion. It'll stop.

- It's not gonna stop, Patrick.
- Yes, it will.


It's not gonna stop.

Look, I don't actually
care if you're out there

getting laid. I can do the same.

We can have a shared agreement.

But, no, you don't want that.

Because it's the lie

that actually gets you off.

And you love that lie

more than you can love me.

That is simply not true.

It's a relief, really.

This all makes sense now.

The... quiet

around this fucking place.

It's not quiet.

It's shame.

Can't you see how
much I've changed?

How much I'm changing,
how much I can change

since I met you.

I left my wife.

I have come out at work.

Today. That happened today.

I came out in the New
York Police Department.

But why? Why, Patrick?

'Cause you only tell the truth

when you're about to be caught.

That, that's shame.

And I...

I can't...

I can't have it in my life.

It's choking me!

It's choking me.

There's this
tightness in my heart.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa! What's going on?!

I'll call an ambulance...

You know,

I really hate that we're
cutting through here like this.

No, it's like walking
through a bakery.

Even if you don't take a bite,

you still get the
sights and smells.

Jesus Christ, they'll
never be enough for you.

- What the f...?
- No, no, no, no, no, no.

-We need to follow him.
-Follow him? Are you fucking kidding me?

Yes, yes, this could be the
guy on all those flyers.

We'll call the police tomorrow

and see what they
do in-fucking-stead.

What if this is the
guy that killed Hans?



What happened?

You collapsed and passed out.

You've been in and out, but, uh,

the, uh, the doctors
have been great.

You're awake.

Mr. Barelli, I'm Dr. Sandoval.

Good to see you up.

Uh, we're running some
tests, but my thinking is,

this fever can only be
something bacterial.

When you were out, I found
an enlarged lymph node

in one of your armpits.

I-I have to ask.

- Do you live with any cats?
- No.

We don't have cats, why?

What's happened to you,
with the flea bites,

well, they're the hallmarks
of Cat Scratch Fever.

I've started you on antibiotics.

We're gonna keep you right
here where I can see you.

I don't want that fever
spiking back up to 102.


There's power on up there.

- Where are we going?
- To see what apartment he lives in.

There are two of
us and one of him.

Whoop, almost missed you.

Six, please.

You guys just move in?

No, we're visiting a friend.


I have some matches.

I don't really
like small spaces.

Am I safe in here?

I rode in a tank in Vietnam.

Now, that was a small,
dangerous space.

You're a veteran.
Where are you from?

I don't hear an
accent, and I have

a pretty good ear
for these things.

I'm not from anywhere special.

There's really no
point in doing that.

What, are you
afraid of the dark?

Oh, you're smelling
my groceries.

I buy meat that's maybe

a day or two past expiration.

It's cheaper and
it's perfectly fine.

I'm sorry.

I lied to you.

I don't know why I did that.

I hate to lie.

Especially since you
know what's in my bag.