American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 10, Episode 6 - Winter Kills - full transcript

Ursula devises a sinister plan. The Gardners write their final act.

- hey, tony, where you headed?

- I hear the white
perch are schooled up.

Maybe look for some mackerel
the east end of the canal.

- Be careful when
you head out, okay?

There's another big storm
headed in due south.

It's messing with
the tides. See you.

- Thanks.

I think we hit something.

oh, shit.

- next order of business:

The home at 29 commercial

is requesting permission
to change their shingles

from our traditional
"simply white"

to "mountain peak white."

- can we see the samples?

- Have you lost your mind?

- It's a scandal that
you would even ask.

- Why don't you just
paint them orange?

- motion denied.

Next order of business:

Jim levy, the
owner of mchenry's,

is requesting a 16-inch easement

into the neighbor's green area

so he can have expanded
outdoor dining.

I believe mr. Levy is
present to make his case.

- Thank you, madam.

As most of you know,
I opened mchenry's

as sister restaurant

to my flagship mchenry's in
davis square, somerville.

- Can it, levy. You're
wasting your time.

- Excuse me?
- Well,

first of all, your name is levy.

I don't know where you get off

owning not one but
two irish pubs.

That's called cultural
appropriation, sweetheart.

Second of all, you
have terrible taste.

And not just in your footwear.

My friend mitch wilson

lives in the house next
to your restaurant.

He has exquisite taste.

And the last thing we need

are your cheap plastic
tables and chairs

soiling his hydrangea bushes.

- motion denied.

- But...
- Denied.

- Come on, he's be...
- Denied.

Finally, trooper remy
of the mass state police

would like a moment
to speak to the group.

- chairwoman, council,
I'm trooper jan remy.

I was sent by the state police
to run the investigation

into your murdered chief.

- I thought the chief
was just missing?

- She was,

until a fisherman ran over
her body in the harbor.

and something you
all may not know

is that the chief
was investigating

a series of murders.

They all followed
the same m.O...

Throat slashed with
severe uneven wounds,

and a draining of almost
all of the victim's blood.

I just examined the chief's body

and observed the exact
same wound pattern.

- Boat propeller could
have chewed her up.

- Lotta sharks in the
water at this time.

- Which is why need to
stop protecting the seals.

- I don't mind the sharks

as long as they're only
killing yankee fans.

- I'm sorry, but
this isn't funny.

A law enforcement
officer was murdered

by what appears to
be a serial killer.

- Do you have proof that
these cases are related?

Right? Dna?

- Not yet.

- I just don't know why
we would make a big fuss

when we don't even know
if there's a problem.

- Your chief was
brutally murdered

and thrown in the harbor.

I'd say that's a problem.

- I mean, do we even
know she was murdered?

- Maybe she went
for a night swim.

- In her uniform?

And many of these murders
occurred miles from the ocean.

Do you think the sharks
and the boat propellers

somehow came on land to
kill all these people?

- Look, trooper.

We really appreciate what
you're trying to do here.

Mass state police are a
wonderful organization

full of fine men and women.

- Absolutely.
- Hear, hear.

but these are
wintertime problems.

- What does that mean?
- It means strange things

happen down the
cape in the winter.

Everyone knows it.

Us full-timers just accept it

as the price of living
in such a special place.

But by the time
spring rolls around,

you'll see it all
just magically stops.

And the worst problem we have?

Uh, traffic on route 6,

a bad sunburn,

and too much butter
on a lobster roll.

- so you're saying I
should just let this go?

- We're saying that
everyone in this room

depends upon the summer
to pay for the winter.

We are saying

that if you start making
noise about this stuff,

maybe the papers in
boston will pick it up,

and then the new york rags,

and then suddenly,
all of those city-folk

who drive down for
the weekend in July

to spend all of that
sweet city money

get spooked and
decide that maybe

the berkshires, or newport,

or... god forbid... The
hamptons are just as nice.

But not worth all the
trouble and the worry.

- The gays might stop coming.

- you're all hiding something.

You know something.

- We know what's best
for this community.

we know what's best for you.

- I was sent by the
state of massachusetts

to come down here and find
out what's been going on,

and that's what I'm gonna do.

Impeding an
investigation is a crime.

And they don't
serve lobster rolls

in walpole state prison.

- don't worry.

I'll take care of it.

- look,

we have been extremely
patient and understanding

about this whole
business with the pills

and the blood drinking.

I mean, the pales
recede into the woods

during the summer,

and you gluttons
don't feed on anybody

who actual matters in this town.

- And we don't feed
past memorial day.

- Yes. The system has held.

It's a symbiosis.

You get the freedom
and the quiet

to write and kill,
and we get to brag

about having artists make
their winter home out here.

It adds to the charm.

But this winter has been
completely out of control.

I mean, you killed the chief.

If that isn't the worst example
of shitting where you eat,

I don't know what is.

- It's not us. It's
the hollywood people.

They ruin everything.
- It's true.

- Belle and I are
people of the letters.

Literature, the stage... These
are art forms that demand

a degree of decorum and
restraint from their purveyors.

These fucking hollywood
people have no decency.

- And no self-control.

That beast of a man gave
the pills to his child.

It makes you think that maybe
some of that qanon business

about them being
satanic baby-killers

is based in some fact.

- All I know is I told you two
to get rid of him days ago.

- I've been very busy.
I'm on a deadline.

- Yeah, well, so are we.

The council asked me
to convey a message:

"get rid of the
troublemakers, or all of you

are suddenly gonna find yourself

going into some very
annoying zoning issues,

including painting
all of the curbs

in front of your houses red

and declaring all of your
domiciles as historic landmarks

which means that
even to change a bulb

will take a six-week
approval process.

you know, I stopped burger
king from opening in this town.

I can stop you too.

- so what's the plan?

- so what do you think?

- Well...

I think you should
kill yourself.

Because you will never
write anything this good...

No one will. No one has.

- Good, I'm glad you like it.

I'm kind of proud of it.
- This is really it, harry.

I mean, this is
your masterpiece.

It's your "moby dick,"

your "romeo and juliet,"
your "godfather."

- thanks, I know.

Which is why I need to
make a family announcement.

Now that spring is coming,

and I've written basically
five years' worth of stuff

since we've been here...

we're done.

- Done with what?

- With the pills.

It's been a fun ride,

but it's time to get
off this crazy train.

- You mean until
next winter, right?

- I mean for good.

- So now that you're done
with your masterpiece,

we all have to stop?

- It's not like that.
- It's exactly like that.

You're being selfish.
- I'm being a father.

- All of a sudden?
- Don't say that.

After everything I've done
for you this winter...

Bringing you thermoses of blood,

not grounding you for life

for giving your mother a
pill and condemning her

to the misery of
those pale people.

- That wasn't just for me.

You did all of that for you too!

tell him he's wrong.

Tell him that we can't stop,
that we don't have to stop.

That we're better
than everybody else.

That no one else matters
but people like us.

- Well, there is some
truth to that, sweetheart.

There's a lot of truth.

Harry, you don't take
your foot off the gas

just as you're pulling
out into the lead.

- I don't want to
have to kill anymore.

I just want to raise
you and enjoy the fruits

of what we've
accomplished this year

and maybe over time get
some of my soul back.

- Yeah, it doesn't work
that way, bubbulah.

Once you sell your
soul, it's gone.

- I don't want to believe that.

- Because you're framing
it as a bad thing,

but it is not. It's freedom.

Why have a conscience
or a moral code anymore?

You're above all of that.

This is what success
feels like, harry,

it feels like superiority.

- alma, I believe in you.

You are better at
playing your violin

than most of us will
ever be at anything.

And now I can be
home all the time

with no distractions
to support your dreams.

I can just be a dad to
you and your brother.

We can do this the right way.

You just have to trust me.

- okay.

- I love you so much, honey.

- I love you too, daddy.

- insane brainz memory boost.

- It's supposed to
be cutting edge.

- I guess it's because
"brains" is spelled with a z

instead of an s.

I feel the boost already.

- you really think
vitamins are gonna make up

for the black pills?
- I didn't say that.

I just think the transition's
gonna be hard for us,

and it can't hurt
to be as healthy...

- what?
- I thought I saw her.

- dad, you
gotta let her go.

she's not some stray cat
that shows up on your porch.

You're talking
about your mother.

That's your mother out there.
- She isn't anything anymore.

She's not even a person.

- Whoever it was is gone.

- Dad?

Did someone break in?

kay, you throw
another number out.

I'm gonna fly out
there and kick you

in the fucking face.
- Ursula!

- Hang on. What?

- The kitchen door... It
looks like someone broke in.

- Broke in?

Francis, I have
to call you back.

- I know good help
is hard to find,

but you really should look into

a new babysitter.

in the meantime, I've
taken it on myself

to look after the
little bundle of joy.

Don't worry, he'll
be safe and sound

and snug as a bug.

But if you aren't at
my house by sunset,

that will change.

Ps: Make sure you bring
the string plucker.

This needs to be
a family meeting.

Sincerely, belle.

- eli's gone.

She took him.
- Who took him?

- Belle. You didn't
hear anything?

- Well, I heard a bonk
or two, but I figured

he was just moving
around in his crib.

- Newborns don't move
around in their crib.

- Well, what do
you want me to say?

I've been on the phone nonstop.

I mean, fincher,
cuarón, nolan...

They all want to work with you.

- Why would she do this to eli?

- There's only one
reason I can think of.

Belle's had it in
for us ever since

she found out you
were taking the pills.

what this is about.

She thinks we've
crossed the line.

- You mean she wants to kill us?

- She won't be alone.

Austin will be there.

God knows who else.

We'll never come
out of there alive.

we can't call the police or...

Everything will come out.

- We gotta go get eli, dad.

- I can't risk losing you too.

- You read the note.

She wants both of us
or she'll kill him.

I'm not scared.

I took out a police
chief, remember?

Plus, we have ursula.

- She's right.

You need to go to
belle's and face them.

But not with me. I'm
not going with you.

- chicken-shit little bitch.

- I am digging deep in my soul

to find the small
sliver of goodness

that will allow me to
overlook what you just said.

Hear me out.

- hello?


I know you're out here!

I know that you can hear me!

just hope you have enough
brain cells left to understand.


- look, I know this sucks, okay?

I know you got a raw deal.

But you are not monsters.

You're a bunch of
laurence fishburnes.

fishburne turned
down "pulp fiction"

because his agent told him he'd
be working with john travolta...

A has-been.

Now, look, you all
made a very bad call,

but it is not the
end of the story.

Fishburne went on to beat out
sam jackson for "the matrix."

- the moral of the
story is that sometimes

there are second chances.

and that's what I'm
here to offer you...

A second chance.

there's a new pill

with a new formula.

Not only is it more
potent than the last pill,

but it has no side effects.

It might actually undo
what happened to you.

You have to understand...

You can be cured.

You don't have to
live this way anymore.

I am not the enemy.

Okay? The people
who took that pill

and didn't end up like
you... They're the enemy.

They're all laughing at you.

- every success they have

is a slap in your face.

- care for some
baby charcuterie?

I hear it's delicious.

Pull in the reigns, daddy!

come on. Come on.

- Okay, okay, okay.

- kay,
good. Much obliged.

- What do you want?

- harry!

- belle,

whatever you're
thinking of doing,

just let me take my
kids and leave town.

I swear, you will never
hear from us again.

- until your supply
of pills runs out.

- No, we're off the pills.

We're never taking them again.

I just want to go
back to my old life.

- sure you do.

- Listen, I just finished
writing something

and it's gonna be huge.

I don't need the pills
anymore. It's the truth.

- You forget you're
talking to a fellow writer.

Uh... correction:

Novelists are writers.

Screenwriters are more
like creative typists.

- really,

all we are is
professional liars.

And the truth is
whatever we decide it is.

But lucky for us,

the tasting party is
just getting started.

- Don't hurt him!
- Ahh!

- I promise he
won't feel a thing.

But you, on the other hand,

are going to feel it profoundly.

- Can't say we didn't
give you a chance, harry.

We tried to be welcoming.

P-town is a welcoming place.

But you fucked it up.

- Dad.

- It's my fault, really.

I should have seen how
this was going to pan out.

I mean, is there anything

hollywood hasn't
fucked up in the end?

More often than not,
whatever came out of there

finished in a pool
of its own piss.

whether it be marilyn
or even fitzgerald.

I mean, even back
in the early 1900s

when the silent
pictures were coming out

and the film people were
moving to hollywood,

the locals didn't
want them there.

They called film people
"movies" because they were all

moving around and
causing trouble.

It was a term of disdain.

The locals back, they
were right and so are we.

But unlike them,

we're going to
clean up this town!

- go, come on!

come on.


- shit.

- well,

that went better than expected.

Was touch and go
there for a sec.

I wasn't sure I was
getting through to them.

But in the end, they bought
it hook, line, and sinker.

- thank you.

Now tell me how the
fuck you did that.

- Well, sometimes it's best

not to ask how the
sausage is made.

Just know that I
would do anything

for my favorite client.

- All that wasted talent.

- oh, here, I'll do it.

He's fine. He's fine.

See? Shh.

Oh, jesus, I think
this kid is actually

bringing out my
maternal instinct.

I hope there's a pill for that.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah.

- you were so brave.
- So were you, dad.

- We're gonna be all right.

We're gonna get through this
and go back to our old life

and be happy... the three of us.

- I'm sorry, dad,

but it's just gonna
be the two of us.

- what?
- I gotta be the greatest.

I can't let you stop me.

- I don't think I'll
ever get used to that.

- It's a loss.

He could have been
the next sorkin.

fucking tragic.

so it looks like the
new pill really works.

- Actually, they were
old pills that I rejected

'cause they caused
some strange behavior.

Made the users
turn on each other.

On these poor fools, it
made then turn on anyone

using and talented.

- Hmm, explains why they
didn't come after me.

- You really think
the state trooper's

gonna believe this story?

That he killed all of them?

- Well, it's gonna
take a little dressing,

a little finessing,

but a strung-out
hollywood writer

under pressure and doing
drugs going all manson?

I think that's a
story I can sell.

But that can wait.

First, we set you
up in la la land

so you can start
cranking out your pills.

There's a whole city
bursting with talent

just waiting to shell
out for a boost.

- Do you mind?

I don't like people
watching me while I eat.

- yeah?

- hey.

- hey!

- show me your hands!

- Get back!
- Hands up!

- Get back!
- Hands up!

- this is the fifth
police officer

who has been killed
by fellow officers

after attacking
what appears to be

random victims in the street.

We have learned that
each of the dead officers

are well-known members of
what police reform activists

call the bad apple list,

which is an unofficial database

of lapd officers with
multiple race-based complaints

filed against them.

- Thank you, miranda. More
on this story at 10:00.

- You shouldn't be
messing with police.

- I'm sorry, didn't
you kill and eat a cop?

- That was out of necessity.

- What I'm doing is
out of necessity too.

Every one of those pricks

had no business
protecting and serving.

Racist, sadistic garbage.

- What if they find out that
they're all on your pills?

- They won't. And if they do,

they won't know what it is.

It's a proprietary formula,

which means the only
people that know about it

are me and the military scum
who paid for me to develop it.

And they're not giving up
their top security clearance

to help some local detectives

figure out what happened
to a bunch of shitty cops.


I don't need money anymore.

Ursula's taking care of that
with her big client list.

I have nothing left to
prove as a scientist.

I think I'll start giving
back to my community.

Do some public service.

For me, that means id'ing
the worst cops in the city,

sneaking them a little
bit of my magic medicine,

and sitting back and smiling

as they slowly lose their shit
and get what they deserve.

Now stop sassing me and
practice your violin.

You're all of five years old
trying to tell me how to be.

- I'm nine.
- You wanna make it to ten?

- I know she is a
first-time creator.

I know she was driving
for uber eats a month ago.

But this is what I do, kevin.

I find geniuses and
genius ain't cheap.

So either you up
your offer by a lot,

or if you prefer, you
can just suck my dick.

where's eli?

- With the nanny.
How was your day?

- Oh, god, I'm destroyed.

I've been trolling starbucks
all day handing out pills

to anyone with a laptop
with a script on it.

- That the most efficient
use of your time?

- Who has time to read
submissions and talk to agents

about who they
think is talented?

I mean, we like this lifestyle.

If we wanna keep it up,

we've gotta be in
the volume business.

- You're creating a
lot of pale people.

Especially pushing
pills at a starbucks.

No self-respecting writer
writes at a starbucks.

- So what? If
they're talentless,

they're useless anyway.

- That's my girl.

- I can't believe you
turned out so well

being raised by harry and
that glass of warm oat milk.

How's the practicing?

- Good. I'm ready.

- I know you're gonna
get it, sweetheart.

- I could use something to
eat before I go, though.

- Oh, I picked up a hustler

from that donut shop on
santa monica and highland.

He's out in the pool house.

You look adorable.

Proud of you.

- Oh, did you get donuts?
- Of course I did.

- oh.

Not what I was expecting.

- Me neither.
But I'll take it.

- take a seat.

All right, it's down
to the two of you.

So just sit tight so
the team can chat.

Won't be too long.

Though, to be honest,

you're making it a
very hard choice.

You're both wonderful.

- So...

How long have you been playing?

And don't say,
"since I was a kid."

- I'm better than you.

- Excuse me?

- I said I'm better than you.

- Did you listen to my audition?

- No.

I didn't have to. I know
I'm better than you.

I'm better than everyone.

wow, you are something else.

I'm a prodigy too.

Graduated juilliard
when I was 16.

You're new to this game,

but what you'll start to realize

is that there are lots of us.

Most of the players in the big
philharmonics were prodigies.

It's not as big a deal once
you meet others like you.

- There are no others like me.

- I guess that's true,

but you think
that's a good thing.

It's actually why you're
not going to get this job.

if you get first chair,
it's a huge story.

"today show," "people" magazine,

"60 minutes" maybe, if
it's a slow news month.

You're a novelty.
A distraction.

Audiences will come to see you

and get bummed out if
you're not featured.

It's bad for morale.

Makes it impossible
to play anything

that doesn't have a violin solo.

It becomes a freakshow.

we play classical music.

We are as square as we can be.

you're the bearded
fucking lady, kid.


- where'd rory go?

- He said he was going out
back to have a cigarette.

- talent rises,

but it is nothing without craft.

That's why you need
the story prism.

the story prism is
hard like a diamond.

It takes commitment.

You. Stand up.

You look confused.

- I still don't understand
the difference between

the primal defense co-tagonist

or the shadow-trickster

Why does it have to
be so complicated?

- Because drama is life
and life is complicated.

Now get the fuck out.

He'll never amount to anything.

He's never gonna
write a screenplay

that gleams like a
diamond. And full refund.

He's gonna need
every penny he's got.

- Screw you.

now for the rest of
us, I have a surprise.

I told you when you
finished my seminar

you would walk out of
this building changed.

Well, get ready to meet someone.

Her client, the
late harry gardener,

just swept the awards season.

And in the last six months,

other clients have
barnstormed this town.

They're launching
projects all over

broadcast and streaming.

It's an unprecedented
winning streak.

Ursula khan.

- thank you. Thank you.

- a writer once said,
"writing is easy.

Just sit at your desk,
open a vein, and bleed."

now, we've all heard
that quote, right?

And it's been attributed
to a lot of people.

But whoever did say it
didn't know the half.

If you want the brass ring,

you better be wearing
brass knuckles.

Greatness comes with a price.

And you just have
to ask yourself,

how much do you want it?

Are you ready to bleed?

are you? All: Yes!

- I'd like all of you to reach
under your seats right now.

Don't be shy.

There's a little something
special under there.

now, it looks like a pill,

but it's not.

It's the key to
condos in malibu,

to dinner meetings
with charlize,

to reservations
at the tower bar.

Tell yourself it's a vitamin.

A sugar pill placebo
packed with satan.

just don't say no.

- Wait.

I'm sorry, you didn't
tell me about this.

Is this a stimulant?

Because good writers
don't need that.

I don't need that.

I'm sorry, we'll
take a quick break...

- shut the fuck up, you hack.

You teach a screenwriting class.

Have you ever sold
a fucking script?

- Yes.
- One.

A failed orion stallone
flick back in '88?

You know nothing.

I know something.

Would you all
rather listen to me

or this sad, fraudulent typist?

All: You.

- Everything you've
heard is bullshit.

reality isn't the choice
between the blue pill

and the red pill.

It's the black pill.

This pill.

My special vitamin
brain sauce stimulant

with zero risk and
maximum upside.

I'm gonna tell you a little
something about success

that is the bedrock
of this dirty business

that no one else wants to admit.

It's just one swallow away.

Spit or swallow...
The choice is yours.

now, as it's going down,

that tingling that you feel?

It's not the pill

and it isn't that food truck
burrito you had for lunch

and it isn't nerves.

It's the future taking hold.

Your future.

- it looks like the
streets are running red

with blood and metaphors.

At least all of those
no-talent monsters

are taking their pain
out in a real way.

Being great is hard.

The rest of us
just don't get it.

We drive ourselves
crazy with envy

longing for just a taste
of the delicious madness

of the creative mind.

But the truth is,

most people aren't willing
to put in the work.

They focus on the success,
the notoriety, the wealth

that their great piece
of art will bring.

But the journey
there is tedious.

And those that achieve greatness

only do so because they
are fucked up enough

to push through the
pain and failure

it takes to reach
your potential.

At least with these pills
the world can find out

if you're any good.

- sorry, baby.

Shh, don't cry.

We're gonna move on
to another place,

create another drug...

Maybe one that will make
you and I live forever.

mommy's here.

She's on top of it.

- to be told we are talented,

isn't that all we ever want?

the truth is, history will
only remember a handful of us,

but at least now

we're leveling
the playing field.