American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 10, Episode 5 - Gaslight - full transcript

Harry struggles to keep Alma under control. Doris is pushed past her limits.

Yes, push, push.
That's a good push.

We're almost there.

One more, one more, one more.

You can do it.
- I'm tired.

- You can do it.
- I can't.

- I'm right here.

- Come on, doris.
- One more when you're ready.

- deep breath.

- yes, yes, yes.


It's a boy.

- daddy, would you like to?

- yeah, yeah.

Let's see if I remember
how to do this.

Kay, ah... oh.

- It's okay, that's
supposed to happen.

- Is he okay?
- Yup.

- He's okay?

- He's beautiful.
- He's okay.

- He's perfect,

- he's okay.

Are we okay?

- we're more than okay.

From now on, we're
gonna be great.

- I'm just gonna close my eyes.

Just for a second.

- Okay.

- hi.

- how do you feel?

- Dead.

- not quite.

[baby coos[

- I don't understand
what you're doing here.

- Ursula was in town

to walk me through some
offers that came in

and she... Stuck
around to help.

- I want to hold him.
- Careful.

- Yes, please. Thank you.

This is the longest
I've held something

that wasn't a
cocktail or a grudge.

- careful.

- There you go.

- hi.

- guess we better
think of a name, hmm?

- Wait, wh...

what am I doing here?

No, we're not... We're
not supposed to be here.

We're not supposed to be here.

I'm supposed to...
Be in hyannis.

You're supposed
to be in new york.

- We agreed that...
- Hey, alma.

Why don't you come downstairs
with auntie ursula,

help me make a
stiff drink, okay?

Come on.

- Listen, honey, the
doctors were worried

you could develop
postpartum hemorrhaging.

You need to be someplace
where there's people around

and you can be watched 24 hours.

- No, but we...

This place. We decided that...

- listen, in two or three weeks,

you'll be out of the woods
and we can talk about

what to do next.

But right now,
there's no arguing.

This is what's best
for you and the baby.

- hey.

- You're safe here.

We all are.

I promise.


- In the flesh.

- Whose flesh, mickey?

- Need a lift?

- There we go. All right.

- hey, give me the
bag. Give me the bag.

Come on, I'm a
gentleman. Come on.

- You look really
ridiculous, mickey.

- There we go.

- so, uh, where you headed?

Race point.
- Race point?

You're not gonna, like,
walk into the surf

or something stupid
like that, are you?

- Actually, I'm gonna paint it.

- so what do you think?

It's the closest thing
there is to the mach 5.

- mach 5?

- Speed racer's car.

This, the ford gtl,

it's the closest real-world
equivalent to it.

I had the studio
lease it for me.

Research purposes.

- So you got the movie.

- The movie?

The movie's just
chips and salsa, baby.

The studio's planning a whole

"speed racer" expanded universe.

Movies, tv shows, video games,

a theme park.

And guess who they
want behind the wheel.

- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.

Man, a minute ago,
all I had was a habit

and a bad case of crabs.

- now I have my own universe.

- Congrats.

- You know, um,

we're gonna need a lot
of really good artists

to design all this stuff.

- mm-hmm.

You could be one of 'em.

Like, look, the writers'
room's out in la,

and I've been
thinking this through.

All right, check this
out. Here's the plan.

You and me, place
in the palisades,

parties, premiers, power couple.

All them hollywood p words.

I mean, shit, we could be
running that town by christmas.

I mean, come on, what's
not great about that?

- The price of
admission, that's what.

- You can make
anything sound shitty

when you concentrate
on the negative, karen.

- Pull over.

Pull over. I want to get out!

- Come on.
- I want to get out.

Pull over.

Good luck in your universe.


- shh, it's okay.

It's okay, little one.

I'm here.

It's okay, baby.


It's okay.

Oh, my god!


- alma!

- What?

- What the fuck is
the matter with you?

That's your brother.


I'm talking to you.

- I didn't hurt him, daddy.

- You were feeding off him.

- It was just a sip.

It's true about baby's blood.

It's almost as good as the pill.

This is locatelli
caprice in d major,

one of the hardest
pieces in the world.

A guy in russia
actually killed himself

because he couldn't play it.

- You don't feed
off your brother.

You don't touch him.
Do you understand me?

- I understand!

- I am trying to keep
this family together

under very difficult

Your mother saw you last night.

- I still don't understand
why you keep her around.

We don't need her,
especially now.

- Stop saying that.

- We're trying to be
great at something, daddy.

People like her just
wanna get through the day.

Have breakfast, go
shopping, check facebook.

We want to live deep.

- it doesn't matter.

If you ever even think about

doing something like that again,

you will never see another pill.

- oh, there she is.

- Where's the baby?
- Right there.

Looked like you were
having some wild dreams.

- Dreams?

- Oh, yeah, something about

alma eating the baby.

Here's some miso soup.


- I was dreaming about alma?

No, I saw alma. I saw alma.

I saw...

I saw alma. That was real.

That wasn't...

That was real. I
know the difference

between what is
real and a dream!

- Well, maybe,

but anesthesia has
a really long tail,

and that shit stays in
your system for weeks.

My point is things
are gonna feel

just a little off for a while,

but don't get worked up.

You know?

Soon as you get back
to civilization,

get yourself a good
colonic, and it'll just

clear everything right up.

- When will that be, ursula?

It's not safe here.

- Sure, it is.

As soon as harry finishes
writing his new script.

- New script?

What about the script
that he was finishing

when I went into the hospital?

- Oh, sweetheart...

uh, I don't think you understand

what I've been able to pull
off these last few weeks

regarding your husband's career.

Harry is currently in
an orbit all his own.

He's got a greenlit
movie at warners,

he's got two series
ready to go at netflix,

and this big rewrite
he's working on

for the next "avatar."

- mm-mm.

No, it doesn't make sense.

I don't understand.
Harry is not...

Harry isn't that kind of writer.

- Whoa, be careful.

You're gonna start sounding
like an unsupportive wife.

- Mm.

No, that's not what I mean.

I just...

Harry has never
been that prolific.

- Maybe there's something
in the water out here...

Which you should probably
drink a little more of,

considering that redecorating
you're doing downstairs.

It doesn't even really matter,

'cause now you can
just live off harry

and lunch with all the other
ladies at the polo lounge,

'cause men love that.

I'll grab that.

- What? No, I'm not finished.

- Oh, well, you should be.

Girl to girl,

you should really think about
dropping that baby weight

quick as you can.

I will leave you alone to
feed that little muffin.

Oh, and when it comes
to harry, if I were you,

I would be on my best
behavior for a while.

- mommy?

You surprised me.

- Daddy wanted me to
bring you your pills.

- are you okay, mommy?

- I had a dream about you.

- Was it a good
dream or a bad dream?

- It was a bad dream.

- Maybe the pills will
make the bad dream go away.

- harry?

- He's working right now, mommy.

He told me he wants
you to take the pills.

- harry?

Harry? Harry?


What is this?

What is this?

- I have no idea. Where
did that come from?

- From her.

She gave it to me with
all these other pills.

She wants to poison me!

She wants to kill me and...

Drink the baby's blood, harry.

- I've seen this
before. It's postpartum.

The hormones make
new moms go crazy.

Sometimes they
even hurt the baby.

She needs to be sedated again.

- No! No, I am not crazy!

I'm not crazy! I
know what I saw.

I know what I saw.

Harry, look. Look at his leg.

There are... There are
bite marks on the...

Look, look. Look
at the bite marks.

There are bite marks.
There are bite...

- that's just from
the little baby lojack

that they put on the
infants in the hospital.

This lazy nurse
totally scraped him

when she took it off.

I... I gave her hell,

but I think it's gonna be fine.

- Stop lying to me!

- Yes, daddy.
Stop lying to her.

I want her to take the pill
so she can be one of us.

- one of us?

What is she talking
about, harry?

- She's just being cheeky.

- I'm not.

If you take the pill,

you become great at
whatever you're good at.

That's why daddy's
writing all those scripts.

That's why I'm able
to play the paganini.

- is that true?

Is that true?

- Harry.
- Take it, mommy.

And we can be together forever.

You won't mind
drinking the blood.

It's not that bad.

It feels so good to
be great at something.

- It's a miracle, doris.

Every one of your designer
dreams can come true.

You'll be the best in the world.

- Stop it. Stop it!

This is not for her.

- You don't think she's
good enough, daddy?

- well, maybe if she
doesn't have the talent,

she shouldn't take the risk.

- Do you think you're
good enough, mommy?

- doris!

- doris. Honey.

- come home with me.

They can't hurt you as
long as you're with me.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's just me.

I'll explain everything.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Let's go home.

- you're not answering
your burner phone.

You know how irritating that is?

- I'm sorry.

I must have turned it off.

- No worries.

You're lucky I ran
into speed racer,

or I'd really be in a mood.

You've been out
here painting a lot.

- I guess so.

- With nothing to show for it.

You don't like them?
- About as much as I like

the insect smudge
on my windshield.

Actually, I like
the smudge more.

At least something
died to put it there.

On the subject of
small dead things...

I need you to run
an errand for me.


- Oh, maybe you haven't
heard, but the gardeners

just brought home a
little bundle of joy

from the hospital.

I want it.

- Belle.

Please, I...

I can't.

- oh, yeah.

Yeah, they've been
here the whole time.

And not because they love art.

They won't touch you
unless I get in a mood.

- I won't do it.

I'm not gonna help
you kill another baby.

- Lordy, you mean I came

all the way out
here for nothing?

- Sorry.

- Now I am in a mood.

You can feed on anyone.

On anybody.

You don't need a baby.

- Listen to me, monet.

Newborn blood is the
elixir of the gods.

It's pure.

Untouched by a life
of booze and drugs.

- the chemical swill
people call food.

Newborn makes veal
taste like horseshit.

And the longer we stand here,

the less newborn it gets.

So if you do nothing,

just think about trying
to paint something

with both of your eyes missing.

- please.

- so... but you want to be
able to change out the curtains

from season to season,

so the rod needs to
be metal but lighter.

- I don't care.

No fucking way. No.

If you're not gonna make
him an executive producer,

then you gotta give him
a big, fat cut, okay?

Okay, fine, go work
on it. I gotta go.

- What was she thinking?


It's all so pedestrian
pottery barn hell.

And, oh, my god.

These rugs make me want to puke.

- Oh.

- Um, I hope those scissors

are for the curtains you
put up in the powder room.

- Honey.

You're awake.

Why don't you go up
and feed the baby?

Ursula will bring you some soup.

- who is this?

- He's a designer who does
lots of the houses around town.

I asked him to come
help you finish the job.

- I don't need any help.

- no, of course
you don't, my dear.

I've seen your... your boards,

and there are some
lovely choices on there.


Not inspired, but lovely.

So harry was telling us

that you've been going
through a little, um,


- I don't want you to
lose this job, honey.

I know how important
it is for your future.

- ooh, ugh.

- Oh, the sound of the
crying makes you do that.

- go feed the baby.


- you told belle where I was.

- I didn't know it was a secret.

- you know, it's pretty hard
to stay out of your life

when you start
showing up at my door.

- Do you know what
she wants from me?

- She didn't say.

- The gardeners have a new baby.

She wants me to
steal it for her.

- It's her weakness.
- If I don't do it,

she said she'll
tear out my eyes.

- You know, so do it.

- I can't! Not ever again!

I'm scared, mickey.

- Do you want to
be safe from belle?

Right? From everything
and everyone?

The answer's right here.
- Ugh!

- The fuck is wrong with you?

- What the fuck
is wrong with you?

I want to make things right.

For all the times I
did what belle wanted.

I want to go after
the gardener baby.

- Go after it?
- To save it.

If I don't bring her the baby,

she's just gonna get
someone else to do it.

Or she's gonna take it herself.

I need to make sure she
never gets her hands on it.

- What are you gonna
do with a baby, huh?

Have you thought about that?

- Take care of it.

Raise it.

I'm serious, mickey.

I'm gonna get clean.

I'm gonna make a fresh start.

And being responsible for a baby

will make me be
responsible for myself.

- Yeah, I'm pretty sure it
doesn't work that way, karen.

- I need your help.

I can't do it alone.

I'm afraid I'm
gonna screw it up.

Look, my hands are shaking.

- Why should I help you?

- Because...

Because if you love
me, you'll help me.

And because you need to.

- Oh, I "need" to?
- Yeah.

You need to. You need
to do something good.

You need to remember
what that feels like

before it's too late.


Do this with me, please.


Please, mickey.

- what are we gonna name him?

- I like eli.


- I like eli too.

- You hurt him...

When you did what
you did to him.

I know it wasn't a dream.

- Baby blood works better
than older person blood.

I make myself cry when
I play on baby blood

because it sounds so beautiful.

He's your brother, alma.

Alma, you can't do that to him.

You can't do that to any baby.

- I'm sorry.

I won't do it again, I promise.

I don't want to lose our family.

- I'm scared that
it's already lost.

- not if you become
like daddy and I.

I don't think daddy
thinks you're good enough.

That's why he doesn't
want you to take the pill.

He thinks you'll
become a pale person.

But I believe in you, mommy.

- you do?

I just can't believe that
your father would do this,

that he would bring all
this darkness and horror

into our family.

- But it's not darkness.

It's a beauty and light.

Don't you hear it when I play?

Think about all those people

that are gonna be
touched by daddy's work.

Think of those beautiful
rooms you can design.

Being a little less
afraid of the blood.

Being more afraid
of being mediocre.

You can have it all, mommy.

Just like us.

- It's not okay
to hurt people...

Just to be good at something.

- you get used to the blood.

Forget where it came from.

But that feeling
when you go to work

and that perfection
just pours out of you...

You never get used to that.

It's so wonderful, mommy.

I want it for you.

I love you so much.


- love you, mommy.

So much. So much.

- can we just get takeout?

- I'm sick of takeout.

I want to get out of the
house and get some fresh air.

- And we need some food
that isn't from a container.

We're going stir crazy in there.

- You think it's okay
to leave her here alone?

- Yeah. She's sleeping.
The worst that happens

is she wakes up
and feeds the baby.

- Maybe she'll run away.

- Enough of that.

She's not going anywhere.

Anyway, I took the car keys.

Let's just make it fast.

- shouldn't we check the window?

- No, we have to go
around to the back door.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah, I used to be
a freaking methhead.

You don't think I know how to
break into a goddamn house?

- don't worry.

They won't hurt you
if you're with me.

Come on.



Harry, I don't feel well.


- we can't hurt the mom.

- She's not gonna just
let us take the baby.

- Fine. We can't kill the mom.

Who are you?

- take the baby. I'll
take care of her.

- Who are you?

What are you doing here?

Get away fr... Get
away from my baby.


Oh, you're crazy!

Every one of you
is evil and crazy!

- where are you going?

- Come on!

- Get the baby.

- mickey.

Get me out of here.


- I love you, karen.

I believe in you, karen.

- Why are you saying that?

- I'm gonna have
to leave you here.

- Mickey, please.

Please don't leave me here.

If you leave me,
they'll kill me.

- not if you take this.

- I told you.

I am never taking
one of these things.

- And I told you
I believe in you.

I mean...

We could be together.

- be rich. Famous.



I know you're not gonna
turn out like all them.

Why can't you
believe in yourself

the way I believe in you?

- Because I don't care
if I'm good enough.

Don't you understand that?

I don't want to be like you.

You're not human.

- I'm not.

I guess this is goodbye.

- What?

- I love you, karen.

You're my muse.

You'll be the heroine in
every story I ever write.

- no.


Please don't.


- please!



Please, I don't wanna die!

Please, I don't
want to die! Please!



- doris?

Oh, my god.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


- honey! Doris!

Look at me!

Can you hear me in there?

Do you know me?


Look at me!

- Harry?


- Oh, my god.
- Harry.

- Honey.


- no!

- honey, no, no.

Why would she take the pill?

- I told her to.

Ursula helped me.

We knew this would happen.

- It was the right thing, harry.

- Don't touch me!

- We didn't need her anymore.

She was going to get in the way.

- Oh, my god.

- oh, I can't believe it.

I can't believe I took
one of those things.

- If you hadn't, you'd be dead.

- Oh, I should have
let them kill me.

Anything is better than this.

Oh, I feel infected.
I feel sick!

- You're not sick.
You're hungry.

You need blood.
You need to feed.

- I'm not gonna
kill anyone, mickey!

- Look, I'll help
you, all right?

It'll be easy. Uh,
we'll find someone easy.

Someone who deserves it.

- How do you know
who deserves it?

- We'll find someone who's
better off dead, okay?

You know this place is
full of those kinda people.

I mean, gosh, they
come here like flies.

- all right, look at me.

You said you wanted
a fresh start.

Here it is, right
here in front of you.

Okay? Like, look, my
offer still stands.

Come back with me to la.

Could be a fresh new voice
in the visual arts scene.

- How do you know what
I'm gonna turn into?

I could become one
of those creatures.

- But you're not one of them.

- okay?

You're talented.
You're a great painter.

You're, like, the
next frankenthaler.

- Oh, god.

Oh, I'm cursed.

I'm cursed!

And so are you!

Don't you see that?

We can never get away from it.

- come here.

Come here.

Come on.

- what's your masterpiece?

- My what?

- Like, if you had
to do one painting.

Something you'd be
remembered for forever.

Your "last supper."
your "starry night."

do you know what it would be?

- Yes.
- Yeah?

- Yes.

- Create that painting.


See what you can do.

You'll be amazed at
what's inside you.

- you'll see.

You'll see it's worth it.

But first...

You have to feed.

- I know I always
said this family

was the most
important thing to me.

- more important than anything.

More important
than... Than my work.

But I think...

- I think I used to say that
because it made me feel better

about how...

Unimpressive my work life was.

I even talked myself
into believing it.

It didn't matter that I
never hit it in hollywood.

I was a family man first.

But I wasn't.

And I should have been
honest with you about that.

I love you.

And I'm so sorry
this has happened.

But the truth is...

Alma and ursula are right.

I've outgrown you.

I know it sounds like a cliché

that we would have broken
up one way or another.

And maybe this way is
actually, in some ways,

less painful for you.

I can't imagine you having
to tolerate seeing me on tv

at all the award shows and...

- and magazines and dating
this starlet or that.

It would have destroyed you.

And think about how
complicated it would have been

for alma and the baby.

- well, I said it before,
and I'll say it again:

Some people have it,
and some people don't.

There is nothing more
tragic, pathetic, and sad

than a person with no talent
trying to make it in the world.

- this is it.

- Oh, really something.

It's almost worth the walk.

Hey, look.

It's like our very own picnic.

Like it was meant to be.

If you want your "starry night,"

you have to feed.

- I know.

- Then you'll see.

We'll be a team.

It'll be you and me.

You want this. I know you do.

Let me help you.

- I think I'm gonna
help us both, mickey.

- where are we going?

- You and I need to
talk to the nice lady

who makes those
wonderful little pills...

The chemist.

- Why?

- Well, I need her to
supply me with enough

so I can start the
most successful

hollywood literary and
talent agency of all time.

- And why do you need me?

- Well, who could resist
a cute-as-a-button kid?

You just give her the big
eyes and the oliver twist,

"please, sir, may I have
some more" bullshit,

and you'll soften her up
for my good, hard sell

right up the ass.